“The Chosen” Lies: 
the Short List


Quick facts on “The Chosen” TV series and lies they tell:

One citizen-journalist makes a very useful observation. They said that the whole purpose of “The Chosen” series, it would seem, is to water down the common person’s understanding about Jesus and the Bible. Jesus explains Himself very clearly telling us all we need to know in the Bible, God’s Word. But “the Chosen” presents a false Jesus. Instead of the Jesus of the Bible who added a body to Himself and who is the Messiah/Lamb of God -- the Catholic cult and “the Chosen” team wants to make everyone who watches “The Chosen” more Catholic in belief, which is spiritually dangerous and deadly. And you will notice they did it in a way where they found every gap and gray area in the common-person’s understanding of Jesus and Jewish cities, customs, manners, practices, teaching, etc, and they blurred them with clearly satanic nuances and deep-rooted satanic anti-Jew messages and false “facts”.

Starting notes:

“Jesus” actor, Jonathan Roumie, Catholic knighthood (meaning “Knights of Columbus”)

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Roumie is also a good friend of Jesuit “pope” “Francis”, another of very few clues that Roumie is a Jesuit.

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Dallas Jenkins loves adding to God’s Word, and apparently also loves quoting the Book of Mormon, but bold-face lies about it, as he and his dad, Jerry B. Jenkins, do a lot of.

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1 assistant producers, of “The Chosen” is an active devout Mormon (“latter day saints”). His name is: Derral Eves.

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Several of the actors on “The Chosen” actively practice the lies and false teachings of the lying “New Age” movement.


> You can find more things that expose the lies of the cult of Rome in these 3 Bible studies:





Biblical critique of “The Chosen: Book 1, I Have Called You By Name” published by Broadstreet Publishing and Focus on the Family, written by Jerry Jenkins and his son Dallas Jenkins. Jerry starts with his book with this statement:

“Note: The Chosen was created by lovers of and believers in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. While we have imagined some backstories for the Bible’s accounts of Jesus Christ, we take seriously the warning against adding to or taking away from the gospel itself. We have combined or condensed some locations and timelines and have invented some characters and dialogue to flesh out how the stories of Jesus and his followers might have looked.

“Our intention is that all biblical and historical content, as well as the artistic imagination, wholly support the truth and purpose of the Scriptures. Our deepest desire is that you would delve into the New Testament gospels for yourself and discover Jesus.”

>> That is one colossal lie with many sub-lies. Jerry says so many lies that you literally cannot count them.


Reference/quote 1: page 23 -- False miracle of “Shimon”

Reference/quote 2: pages 30-31, also page 39 -- pretending Jews are dangerous and violent. Also giving false names to slander Jews

Reference/quote 3: pages 27-28 -- satanic imaginary fiction about Mary of Magdala

Reference/quote 4: page 31, 33 -- “perverse jokes”

Reference/quote 5: pages 33, 40 -- Jerry and Dallas are very fond of painting the errors and unethical evil practices of Rome onto the Jews.

Reference/quote 6: pages 46 to 48 -- false account of an exorcism

Reference/quote 7: pages 46-48, 61-63, 67 -- “the Chosen” pretends that the Jews had the rowdiest brothels and bars/pubs in all of Rome. That’s a flat out lie.

Reference/quote 8: Another example is to pretend that “nothing” good comes out of Galilee

Reference/quote 9:

* Peter:

- fist fights (pgs 42-43) – 100% lies,

- working on the Sabbath (page 44) – more lies

- gambling and in debt because of it (page 42-43) – more lies

- a known regular liar (pgs 85-87) – more lies

- a regular drunkard (page 86) – more lies

- a betrayer (page 87) – more lies

* Jesus:

- weird false Jesus (pgs 106, 110)

- putting a false gospel in the mouth of their “Jesus” (pgs 119-125)

- depicting their false Jesus as a “happy frivolous giving guy”, including pretending that Jesus had to start with teaching children first to get an audience… (and more) (page 125)

- their false “Jesus” affirms the repetitious “prayers” of the so-called Jewish “prayer book” that didn’t exist for at least a few hundred years… nope, just more lies. (pgs 114, 118). Remember, Jesus Himself taught us not to do what the Vatican cult has done with their horrible translation of the disciples prayer found in Matthew 6:5-21.

* James and John: they portray them as kids in the TV series and book… pretending they are uncontrollable teenagers… really?

* Matthew: pages 134, 159, etc, as we mentioned before, the book and TV series depict Matthew as “autistic”, which is completely impossible based on what we know from Scripture about him… and it bringing a modern problem of aluminum and other heavy metals in the brain and putting it back into a past culture that it doesn’t even apply to.

- they also pretend Matthew was being paid by Rome to spy on the disciples as he followed them. Nope – just more lies.

* Mary, the Magdalene, pages 74-75, 104-107

- No, Jesus did NOT go alone to Mary’s house for Mary’s supposed “first Shabbat” and then let her lead the Sabbath dinner without any explanation…

* John the Baptizer, (from TV series) “He sounds almost as crazy as you do.Actual quote.


Reference/quote 10: page 142 -- God was not 100% silent for 400 years

Reference quote 11: page 147 -- Really? Nicodemus interrogates John the Baptizer?

Reference/quote 12: page 155. Etc -- They completely scramble what Scripture explains plainly how Peter, Andrew, James and John meet Jesus.

Reference/quote 13: page 163 -- Jerry and Dallas contradicted key details in the scene of Jesus at the Temple at the age of 12. Read it for yourself to correct the lies, in Luke 2.

Reference/quote 14: page 163 -- Same scene, they also pretend that Jesus actually did something wrong there… and yet Scripture shows them as liars

Reference/quote 15: page 180 -- The false “Jesus” here is supposedly overly praising his earthly “mom”, which Jesus never did.

Reference/quote 16: pages 182-201 -- Wedding in Cana. Completely scrambled on many points, including lots of wine-making, drinking and being drunk jokes and nuances.

Reference/quote 17: page 192, 198, 205 -- A very satanic addition to Jesus’ supposed work, pretending that Jesus was a “stonemason”, yes, they used that word to pretend that not only were the “Jews” responsible for the Catholic masonry guild that built the Catholic cult cathedrals.

Reference/quote 18: page 195 -- Jesus saves the party? Really? *sigh* Just no. To think and say this is to ignore what Jesus taught and what Scripture show that He said at “parties”. See for example: Matthew 9:9-13, Mark 2:13-17, Luke 5:27-32, Luke 11, Luke 14, Luke 15, Luke 19:1-10. See also Luke 16:19-31.

Reference/quote 19: page 199 -- The Jenkins completely contradict how God says this event goes. Don’t be like the Jenkins family. They pretend they can alter God’s Word and put words in God’s mouth that He did not say and get away it. Don’t be like them. To see how Jesus handled the Wedding of Cana, see John 2.

Reference/quote 20: page 201 -- The Jenkins family regularly reduces their “Jesus” in his activities and words to same as the common worldly pagan. That’s a different “Jesus” who is neither real, nor can save.

Reference/quote 21: page 201 -- Blatant intentional blasphemy pretending Jesus “cannot” heal Andrew’s feet and teach him how to dance like the pagan world… It’s just blasphemy and really doesn’t make any sense, but they wanted to mock Jesus, so they put in here.

Reference/quote 22: page 205 -- In a book supposedly about “Jewish” culture, the Catholic cult liars and Jenkins family wanted to reference pagan “gods” and pretend that was normal conversation in Jewish culture… but it was not…

Reference/quote 23: page 222 -- They have their pretend “Jesus” saying to Mary, of the town of Magdala, that Jesus’ earthly stepdad was “in Heaven”. But God’s Word is very plain, even Jesus Himself, that those who died before He went to the cross, were in the Paradise section in the heart of the earth (Luke 16:19-31, Matthew 12:40). The real Jesus spoke some about Heaven, but a lot more about Hell (center of the earth, next to Paradise, divided by a fixed gulf between). Jesus would not have gotten confused… but yes, Rome and the Jenkins family are trying to confuse you…


So, that is the short list of intentional lies and blasphemies of the Jenkins family. Maybe we should call this Jenkins twisted paraphrase on the Bible and gospels. We have seen clips and 2 full shows, and we have read the book of the first season. We’re eye-witnesses of Jenkin’s lies. “The Chosen” is neither accurate, nor truthful, nor helpful.


If you want to believe in a false version of Jesus that the Catholic cult loves and promotes… that’s what the show is. It’s a so-called “Christian soap-opera” about Jesus…. There are literally more errors, but way too many to write about and publish.


Reference/quote 24: page 245

In chapter 66 (yes, you read that right), Jerry and Dallas happily throw every “logical” insult at God and Jesus that they can think of, falsely accusations against God coming from their evil hearts.
> Why is God killing His people? (He isn’t. Sin kills. The soul lives forever – in flames or God’s presence)

> Why is God so impatient? (He isn’t. True love has boundaries)

> Why is God having Moses make a “pagan” symbol for worship? (He didn’t.  The devil has made it into a pagan symbol afterwards.)


 As we said previously: too many lies to count. We have only answered most of the main ones, with Scripture that they hope you won’t read and catch their lies. Jerry and Dallas hate the clean and purifying fear of the Lord. So because they hate what is good and love what is evil, they try to blame and falsely accuse God. That’s why Jerry and his friends changed rules at Moody to allow smoking, gambling and drinking among the staff – because he and his friends were guilty, and they didn’t want consequences. But those consequences haven’t yet fully caught up to the whole Jenkins family. But now you know. And now you can warn others.


You can read the quotes, find the verse references, and longer notes and explanations in our 12 page short-report here:


~ The RestoreMBI team