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Moody Bible Institute/ Theological Seminary Faculty lists – Proof that Half of Moody Faculty does not believe or obey the Word of God:

The names with a short bio here are in four categories – Jesuits (Part One), Psychology Jesuits (Part Two), Spiritual Formation Jesuits (Part Two), Ecumenical (not known to be Jesuit) (Part Two). The list involves about half of all faculty (three are/were also Moody Church pastors) at Moody Bible Institute and Theological Seminary. Since we are not getting our information from people at Moody, some faculty positions, status, etc. may be a little out of date.

We have spent many hours doing a thorough study on each of the professors and faculty at MBI. You already know that the education of a young person has a strong influence on the direction of that person's life: their philosophy, their life's message, and the things they try to accomplish. Jesus warned very strongly about false teachers, and Jesus' holy apostles spoke strongly against false teachers. Our research looks closely at the college education of the professors and staff. Many decades ago the Roman Catholic church had meetings about how to destroy MBI and Dwight Moody’s Northfield hometown schools. They were able to destroy Northfield-Mount Hermon a long time ago. They killed someone who seems to have been an honorable Dean at Mount Hermon in 1934 and infiltrated the staff and leadership until they started a complete overthrow of it in 1970 by removing Chapel services and joining the boys and girls on one campus which led to lots more changes. Now Northfield is a shameful enemy of God. The Roman Catholic church had to destroy MBI Chicago at a slower pace for several reasons which should be discussed at another time. We have written a thorough report about their destruction of Northfield-Mount Hermon to which we are providing a link:

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Many Christians have never studied the seriousness of shipwrecked faith, also called apostasy. We need to establish God's righteous judgments before we give you lists of MBI leaders and their education. A five year old baby can't be a leader; they have no idea what to do. As a person grows up they learn things that shape their direction; and what they learn moves them to make many choices and decisions. The best years of opportunity for God to reach someone is during the heart of a child. That is why the devil has overthrown the education in America; the devil knows how to ruin people. The devil and his demons have thousands of years of practice at ruining people.


The fall of a person starts with their conscience. Romans 1:18-32 (and many passages of Scripture) explains that God speaks to every person. The more they decide to do evil, the more God opposes their direction and they can't get into the evil they want to do. At a certain point the rebel discovers that God is opposing their evil desires. That is the turning point in their life; either they start learning God's righteousness, or they decide to become evil and reject God. They “suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them...”. They know some important truths about God's right and wrong, but they decide to go wrong “because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God...”. That is when that rebel looks for philosophies that remove God from reality, like evolution or theistic evolution, and their rules for guidance become human-centered psychology without/against God. Psychology has removed any references to the Almighty and All Powerful God who is the Creator of everything.


What happens to an evil rebel? “Their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools”. By rejecting Holy God, they start following lies and fiction. The judgment in Romans 1:18-23 describes what God does with that person who decided to become evil. If they don't become shocked at their foolishness, God finally allows them to charge in the direction they are going toward evil by reducing His involvement/hindrances: “God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves”. Why? Because they “exchanged the truth of God for the lie”. If you haven't studied Romans 1:18-32 lately, please do because that will help you understand what went wrong inside the mind of almost all of the people listed in this document. Almost everyone listed in this document had a turning point to become evil against God; many times those wrong decisions were made in their teenage years. If not in their teen years, then many more were made in their college years. Each one of them discovered that the college they were going to was contradicting what they knew about Holy God, and teaching them anti-God philosophies. But they didn't quit and leave that evil. Instead they stayed there and made sure they got good grades as their conscience became darker and darker. They became evil, but they didn't stop there.


When an evil rebel decides to infiltrate God's work to destroy it from within they stepped into deeper darker evil. That is what we are accusing nearly all of the people we have listed of doing to Moody Bible Institute/Seminary. Maybe some of them can repent, but probably not. If any of them truly repent they will be testifying against the evil they know and participated in. Anything less than actively exposing and opposing evil deeds when they “repent” is only a slick trick; those people are slick tricksters. Now we need to look at the Bible verses describing shipwrecked faith and apostasy. There are so many verses of apostate temple leaders plotting to destroy Jesus. You should study those people to see how apostates behave; what they do to pretend they are good, what they do to get their approval from others like them, and how they plan to attack righteousness to destroy God's ways. But that is not our focus in this report. Don’t get stuck on the Jewish aspect of the example of scribes and Pharisees; look deeper to the root of the temple-ruler’s hearts. They hated Jesus and so their evil comes with predictable actions. It wasn’t a Jewish problem; they are an example of how evil people act inspired by demons.


We already talked about human-centered psychology without/against God. Even if they insert the word God in their text a few times, it doesn't change their systematic philosophy of rejecting Biblical Christianity. Holy God is Creator, He opposes the sins of man, and God is recording everything. The “books were opened” Rev. 20:11-15; “And they were judged, each one according to his works... this is the second death.”


Many of the MBI staff got some of their training from Catholic institutions. The Roman Catholic “Church” in the 1500’s tried to switch from murdering the Christians to attempting to overtake and infiltrate Protestants which has been going on for 5 centuries now. They learned that they must try to sound like Protestants to get any progress. Those Catholic colleges train their students to sound like us and use our words while teaching and leading by example with their Catholic definitions. But they also then teach their students how to disguise their true definitions and intentions (which usually center around gaining power/followers for the Jesuits/Pope and the Roman system of doing things in the world) so they don’t get caught. Holy God described the Roman Catholic “Church” through Paul in 1st Timothy 4:1-3 “The Holy Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron...” The Holy Spirit knew how bad the Roman system would become against the church for more than 17 centuries now and emphasized – “expressly says” – on the future Catholic “Church” problem. Holy God says their religion comes from “deceiving spirits” and their teaching is “doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy”. And the people who are trained in their education are “having their own conscience seared with a hot iron”. We talked about a young person making decisions; many of the people on this list got their training from Roman Catholic institutions. Those schools are known for their false teaching and sexual activities. If any of the persons we listed were a Christian they would have left those colleges. And instead they become accomplices to cover each other’s sins. Each person on this list quickly realized what their Catholic college was like. They noticed the evil teaching; and they noticed the sexual perversion. When they stayed there they accepted themselves becoming evil. Their education made them evil and they knew it, but they didn't leave, they didn't quit. Not only did they stay at those evil colleges but they made sure they got high grades. They didn't leave because their goal was not to please Holy God, but they wanted evil desires. When this report gets noticed, maybe some of them will pretend they are good, but the Word of God convicts their evil deeds.


We have examined enough of the evil education of the Roman Catholic “Church” and human-centered psychology without/against God. Evil people do not openly admit they have become evil. No, we have discovered through the years that they pretty much always pretend to be honest people and “true friends” and messengers of light as described so well in 2nd Corinthians 11:14. So do not be fooled by any of them talking about how good they are. They studied evil because they love evil. Remember that true repentance would require humility and strongly opposing what they once partook in. But most people like this who “repent” just find a different way of expressing the evil in their hearts, since they got caught the other way. We believe the context of 2nd Timothy 3:1-9 is God's instruction about false religious leaders who without exception are “lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God...”. Those evil rebels on this list are like the Bible describes; each person is different – some characteristics show more than other characteristics. The words “lovers of money” doesn't say they are making lots of money at MBI. God is saying that their wayward heart loves money rather than God. That passage also listed different ways they are gratifying their sin nature. Most rebels don't love money as paper or coin money; they love the pleasures of this world that money helps them get. The Word of God is true; don't let their slick explanations trick you to believing they are OK. Maybe they can say something good about their outward actions, but God's Word proves their heart is disobedient, hardened, and seeking to do evil to MBI.


The Word of God teaches even more about those evil rebels in 2nd Peter. “There will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies”. The evil leaders trying to destroy MBI are introducing “destructive heresies” and casting doubt on the truthfulness of God's Word (which has become a pattern of problems in almost all seminaries and Bible institutes). They deny God's authority in their life – “even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.” False teachers decided to love the sins of this world instead of God's righteousness. “And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.” God says those false teachers love “covetousness” – don't over simplify that word, because “covetousness” is more than money. They want to use money to get the pleasures of this sinful world. “By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words”. God's Word says they use “deceptive words”. Their “deceptive words” can be found and caught. Those rebels didn't want the goodness of Holy God; they took the path they are on because they wanted “the corruption that is in the world through lust.” 2nd Peter 1:4.


There are more points in 2nd Peter 2 that describe those who are trying to destroy MBI, but we want to look at the next subject in 2nd Peter 2:18-22. Those leaders trying to take over MBI “speak great swelling words of emptiness”. They are good at picking the right words to entice pride. They also “allure through the lusts of the flesh, through lewdness” God's Word says false teachers use human self-seeking interests and even sensual talk. There are sexual sins being allowed at MBI. The reports we hear fit with what God's Word says about them. The sad part is those evil leaders are hurting some of the students “who have actually escaped from those who live in error.” They are good at words – “they promise them liberty” and freedom, knowledge, and ability to follow Christ honestly in America and in the world, but those evil leaders “are slaves of corruption”. And they want to make the students “slaves of corruption... brought into bondage”. Then Peter gives one of the greatest warnings; “if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning. For it would be better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them.”


We hope Christians will keep sending their Christian sons and daughters to MBI while the overthrow is happening (which God is forcing to turn instead into a restoration process), but they need to make sure their kids are looking for the evil tricks of every one of those false teachers. Read through chapter 2 of 2nd Peter and see how many times God makes it clear that those evil people will be punished. “…for a long time their judgment has not been idle... the Lord knows how... to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment, and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise God's authority... like brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed... and will utterly perish in their own corruption, and will receive the wages of unrighteousness... for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever...” There is also a great promise in there for us to be rescued in the midst of such blatant apostasy and evil – “then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations”.


Jude gives many of the same warnings; he tried very hard to instruct Christians “to contend earnestly for the faith”. God allowed him two sentences on that, but then God directed him to teach that “certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men who turn the grace of God into lewdness and deny the authority of the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.” They creep in unnoticed. Did you see how they snuck in Mark Jobe? It was a three or four stage attack – 1. Jobe joined Erwin Lutzer and Joseph Stowell in the G11 pastors network for training, 2. Jobe spoke 2013 and 2016 at both The Moody Church and Moody Bible Institute’s biggest Conferences, 3. the Jesuit invaders had Jesuit Psychologist Paul Maxwell (who in the past was Teaching Assistant to Dr. Marcus Johnson and Brian Kammerzelt at Moody and to Kevin J. Vanhoozer at Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical as well as having spent a year of doctoral research in religious trauma at Mormon Brigham Young University and University of Utah, member of ) in September 2018 do a tell – a satanic prediction – on what evil things they want to do to MBI. Then they bring in a Mega-apostate to take those actions. Both 2nd Peter and Jude warn that Holy God will judge the fallen angels.


In Jude 1:7 is another reminder that false teachers “have given themselves over to sexual immorality”. God's Word says those false teachers allow and bring in sexual sins. There must be large problems at MBI with sexual sins. A note for those who pray for MBI, you can get powerful answers to prayer when you cry out to God against those sexually perverted MBI staff.


Jude 1:16-19 These are grumblers, complainers, walking according to their own lusts”. Those judgments must be true, because God knows false teachers and describes them. “And they mouth great swelling words, flattering people to gain advantage”. They use flattery to gain approval, and control over the weak. “These are sensual persons, who cause divisions, not having the Holy Spirit.” God says those apostates are the ones who cause division, but they try to accuse those who stand against evil as if they are wrong.


We believe that all of these faculty should be removed from campus. We believe that all of these people are certainly so intent on evil and have made so many demonic agreements that they will continue to destroy spiritual work if left in position. We believe that many of these faculty are so against God that their heart cannot ever find repentance as Judas could not after betraying Jesus (Matthew 27:3-10; John 17:12; Matthew 26:21-25). Anyone from these lists who is able to repent in the future is not going to be able to do so while being friends with the people in this overthrow operation, and it will take many years for that process of repentance to happen but either way they should not be a teacher. God will give His people wisdom to call for repentance among whoever is left after these people are gone and see if there are faculty at Moody who are children of God who are able to receive correction and discipline from God (Hebrews 12 and especially verses 5-17). We should weep over the losses in spiritual work because of hardness of heart and sin and ask God for the chance to purify His family and remove imposters/infiltrators/traitors in a way that will honor His Name again and strengthen the work of Bible study and pro-Jewish (not Kabbalistic or one-world government) Christian community and international gospel work for His glory and for the saving of lost souls. Those faculty who end up finally rejecting this correction are under the judgment of God already (John 3:18-21) – they were never children of God by faith in Jesus (John 10 especially verses 7-14); they are false ministers of light (2 Corinthians 11 especially verses 12-15) who serve the works of the devil and their selfish interests (Jude especially verses 4 and 11-23). They are imposters and deceivers (Matthew 23 especially verses 13-15) who want to control Christians (Galatians 1:7-10; 2:4-6; 3:1-6) and to capture unstable souls (2 Peter especially 2:1-3 and 9 and 12-22) and most especially (their true motivation if they refuse correction) continue giving approval for sins they want to see continue in the world (2 Timothy 3:1-9 and especially notice God’s promise in verse 9 that they will progress no further and their folly will be manifest/shown to all).


The four categories in this report are -

>>  1. Jesuits:

The first list is Jesuits by education and/or by offering authority over “Protestants” and “Evangelicals” to Vatican “Church Fathers” and Popes, Cardinals, or Jesuits as if they were respectable, Christ-honoring spiritual teachers, and/or by leading interfaith dialogue which is directed by the Vatican Jesuits worldwide.

>>   2. Psychologists/Counselors:

The second list is all Psychologists/Counselors at Moody (most of them are also Jesuit educated and we explained above why that happens). The history and philosophy behind “Christian” human-centered psychology without/against God (which filters heavily into counseling as well unfortunately) is built on avoiding calling anything sin, avoiding convicting a patient of intentional acts of sin and their evil heart-motivations which led to it, and treats us sinners as merely victims of an abusive system that they blame God for having created which they believe causes people to seek “natural desires” that God isn’t fulfilling. In other words, it’s all backwards. In addition, psychology is meant to abuse followers of Christ and children and young people who do question people’s motives and thoughts that caused them to commit the sins and abuses. It is even more harsh on people who actually warn others about people who are living in intentional sin (at least protected categories) and who are abusing others or forcing their sin and sin’s consequences onto other people in the process. It also confuses and twists the thoughts of unbelievers who are trying to consider repenting of their evil heart. The end purpose of psychology acts as a network of Gatekeepers who only allow Jesuits and Freemasons into literally all positions of authority nation-wide (spiritual, educational, media, governmental, and all positions of honor as much as possible) in a Protestant nation, which America is. In any Protestant country where the Jesuits operate since the 1500’s, these are the categories they control with an absolute grip and they keep it through partnership with Freemasons who primarily control all business networks (many small businesses and all the way to global corporate level) and religions and almost all churches, mega or small.

>>  3. Jesuits teaching fake Spiritual Formation:

The third list is Jesuits in Spiritual Formation (a system based on the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises written by Jesuit founder Ignatius de Loyola) – which is the Protestant disguise for the Catholic process of education that we described above of producing leaders with the appearance of spiritual maturity, bypassing/rejecting the gospel and maturity process work of the Holy Spirit convicting of sin to reach true maturity having our senses trained to discern good from evil as defined so well in the Scriptures in Hebrews 5:11-14. Instead, the purpose of Spiritual Formation is identical to the purpose of secular atheistic humanism (also known as American satanism) – to produce mature, moralistic, “trust-worthy” people without needing God anywhere in the process. But these people can also pretend to be following Christ (when socially necessary, which false Christian leaders and Jesuits must do) if they are raised from a child to know Christian terminology and have mental knowledge of many aspects of Christian life and doctrine and history from the Bible. (more in William Thrasher bio)

>>  4. Ecumenical partners not known to be Jesuit:

The fourth list is faculty members of ecumenical societies and/or speaking partners and co-authors with known ecumenical leaders, which involves all Jesuit faculty also, so we’ll explain.

The term “ecumenical” is very poorly defined in America – there are three levels of the ecumenical program of the Vatican overthrow of Christianity.

The first step required Rome and their Freemason partners to cause extreme divisiveness and constant church splits and setting up of lists of denominations and creating severe familial and cultural and racial divides additionally to make communication and community weakened until there is seemingly no hope of restoring a collective Christian community without Vatican help. That is step one which happened in America almost from the moment Christians arrived alongside Deists and Freemasons and Episcopalians. It peaked in the late 1900’s.

Step two began on the heels of World War 2 – keeping the common people divided and ignorant while creating ultra-secret partnerships between the Freemasons and Jesuits who led the Seminaries and large churches in each city. Then they slowly began to increase the level of involvement to include some denominations who were similar enough to cooperate without too many questions and some denominations began to change in similar directions or were doing community outreach in similar venues which brought them to working together. Then they created contemporary Christian music to bring the younger generations together, since the youth didn’t even understand why there would be any need to separate from someone who claims to be a Christian or why there would be a need for doctrinal contending for the faith. At the same time, top leaders of Evangelicals and conservative denominations began partnering in Ecumenical Associations supposedly with the purpose of putting aside differences and figuring out the true doctrine of the Scriptures so the church could be one again, but that was not their intention – they wanted the divides among the people still.

Step three requires bowing to the Vatican authorities (they prefer voluntarily, but this experiment has been done MANY times and usually requires use of force which restarts the cycle in some ways) and partnering with their Jesuit networks toward one-world religious power for the anti-christ system. When this whole experiment began in the 1500’s, it was determined that pro-life and pro-truth had to be essential elements of ecumenical partnerships and of Jesuit leadership, since the Vatican/Holy Roman Empire has a well-established history of mass-murder and of suppressing the truth and hiding/destroying the Scriptures or refusing to translate into common languages so the common people could not learn it. Thus the uniting factors between Catholics and ecumenical leaders are propaganda that sounds Pro-Life and Pro-Biblical-Marriage and Pro-Bible and Pro-Missions and Pro-Gospel and Pro-Theology, etc. Now that we explain this, perhaps you will start to notice how many Catholics are lead these topics in media and church, such as these Catholics in the Pro-Life movement: Frank Pavone (Priests For Life and President of ecumenical Pro-Life Religious Council which includes Protestant “conservatives” like James Dobson and “evangelical” Lutherans, Presbyterians, Anglicans, etc), Abby Johnson (movie – Unplanned), Norma McCorvey (Roe in Roe v. Wade case who later became a Catholic pro-life leader), Right to Life (Catholic), March for Life (Largely Catholic-led), Hobby Lobby (Jesuit), Roma Downey/Mark Burnett (Catholic self-proclaimed mystic – meaning Jesuit) and many others.

Step four is a partnership between all “denominations” – by which they mean all of the world’s false religions in context of world “peace” under the Vatican Roman program. That is the work of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Parliament of World Religions, Interfaith Chaplains, FEMA-trained clergy (to use Quran, Talmud, etc in crisis to calm people), all Free-Masonry networks are interfaith and bow down at every altar, Jesuits act as the directors of this networking internationally (for centuries have been merging Catholic doctrine with the nearest false religions in each country), Bill Gates funded Interfaith Hospitality Networks now called Family Promise (for future control of dissenters in new world society), etc.


1. Jesuits: Please try to grasp how destructive to faith each of these persons are. They studied at evil colleges and they promote evil programs.

Name [@ Jesuit education; ecumenical partnerships]

- Education:

- Name: and Faculty Position at Moody



Jonathan Armstrong [@ known Jesuit Fordham University; By his own admission is a leader in ecumenical Jesuit-led dialogue with leaders from 21 countries since 2011 for theological education __ Director of Moody’s Center for Global Theological Education (known as C-GATE) as a project of Vatican II Council Lausanne Consultation overthrow of Global Theological Education __ Director of Aqueduct Project through agreement between Moody’s Bryan O’Neal and several Lausanne interfaith directors (more in Bryan O’Neal bio) __ Armstrong was Research Assistant to Jesuit CIA agent Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J., who is nephew of CIA/OSS Director Allen Dulles who partnered with Harriman Brothers and Prescott Bush (George W.’s grandfather) in funding the Nazi war machine, stealing from Jewish families, hiding criminal activity, and smuggling out Nazis after World War 2 __ Besides the Ph.D., Avery Dulles helped Armstrong also get a special Grant from Fordham University to University of Erlanger-Nuremburg in the heart of Nazi history and a second special Grant for further study at Jesuit-led Oxford University Wycliffe Hall where Armstrong became a full-time theology faculty member in the year or two before coming to Moody Bible __ Possibly the connection that brought Jesuit C. S. Lewis Institute (partner of Ravi Zacharias’ program in Oxford Wycliffe Hall) and/or that brought Catholic Thomas Aquinas College to Moody’s Northfield, MA; Thomas Aquinas was the 13th Century Dominican Patristics scholar who wrote thick volumes of Catholic “church” history to assist cornering separatists and true Christians under Vatican authority permanently


__ Probably brought the Kern Foundation/Jesuit-founded Acton Institute/Oikonomia Network connections to Moody Chicago which are led by Sajan Mathews (see Mathews bio); we say this because Armstrong’s mentor Dulles was a known contributor in Acton Institute’s research/writings __ Personally mentored by World Council of Churches partner Wesley Granberg-Michaelson who is involved in Reformed-Catholic interfaith dialogue to conquer Protestant Evangelicals for Rome/Pope – which is what Reformed scholars like R. C. Sproul and John Gerstner used Thomas Aquinas doctrines for __ Armstrong’s education is identical to Jesuit agent Erwin Lutzer who obtained the level of doctorate at Loyola but avoided his dissertation so as to not get caught as a full Jesuit. But Lutzer’s partnerships with Franciscan Jesuit Father Dimitri Sala and other prominent Jesuits and the books he has written have fully completed him as one of the worst Jesuits in our country. Lutzer preaches “unity” with the Catholic Church as the escape from the anti-christ program which Lutzer and Armstrong both know is just an attempt to make true Christians complicit with all of the horrible oppressive murderous history of the Vatican power and Inquisitions and Crusades including the Nazis who were largely Jesuit and Catholic which Jesuit Lutzer cleverly avoids mentioning. This is why Armstrong is tasked with altering Moody’s international missions efforts through this Center for Global Theological Education project and his Aqueduct Project – to attempt to ensnare Moody’s missionaries into partnering with the Vatican for world dominance __ There is so much to say on Armstrong’s connections - see more in full bio]

- Education: Cornerstone University (current President is Jesuit Joseph Stowell), Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity, and MA, Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) in “Church History” at openly Jesuit Fordham University (in New York – Jesuit Donald Trump is also an alumnus).

- Jonathan Armstrong is Moody Bible Institute Director of Center for Global Theological Education trying to spread his evil philosophy as far as possible. Armstrong is/was Associate Professor of Bible/Theology at MBI Spokane.


While at Fordham, Armstrong was personal Research Assistant to Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J. (S.J. is Society of Jesuits – not Society of Jesus as they call themselves), son of Eisenhower Secretary of State John Foster Dulles whose brother Allen Dulles guided European espionage during World War 2. What that means is that Armstrong studied under the highest level of satanic agent in the world – Dulles being both at the top of secret intelligence of world history and the highest level of Jesuit satanism for the Pope. According to Nazism Researcher/Lawyer John Loftus, the Dulles family and their banking partners (including Prescott Bush – father of George H. W. Bush) were involved in Vatican networks hiding Nazi crimes, smuggling Nazis out of Germany and partnering with Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Harriman Brothers international banking interests as well as funding the Nazi war regime and manufacturing, stealing of personal belongings of Jewish families in Europe, and Arab Muslim Brotherhood oil interests which all still secretly control American politics in various ways after more than seven decades. Through Jonathan Armstrong, they are now attempting to get Moody Global networks involved in and therefore potentially blamed for participation with the one-world government take-over. That takeover is led by the International Monetary Fund (we call International Murder Fund), the “Neo-Conservative” mafia syndicate, and Doug Burleigh’s Jesuit satanic “family” network in New York and Washington, D.C. that together direct the United Nations bully system and one-world government strategies through partnership with the international “Intelligence” Agencies and think-tanks.


Jonathan is a Jesuit trained at openly Jesuit Fordham University with a Master and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) almost identical to what Jesuit Dr. Erwin Lutzer did at openly Jesuit Loyola University. The only difference is that Lutzer tried to disguise his Jesuit leadership by avoiding completing the dissertation after he completed all of the other requirements for his PhD. Lutzer’s life work has exponentially completed that dissertation requirement to becoming a Jesuit. Lutzer is from a German family and clearly has high-level Nazi friends and beliefs since he blames God for Hitler’s Nazi Reich in his book Hitler’s Cross (and also in his book God’s Devil: The Incredible Story of How Satan’s Rebellion Serves God’s Purposes). In that book Lutzer also completely rewrites the WW2 story without Jesuit involvement at all which was difficult to do since Lutzer is a highly educated Jesuit who also knows Jesuit WW2 history. Lutzer knows some amount of the facts that Catholics leaders (including Hitler himself) of Nazi Germany were also deep in satanic orders and Jesuit training. That Jesuit Catholic network includes Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler (Head/Founder of Nazi SS Gestapo built intricately on the Jesuit order’s principles and nephew of known Jesuit Canon at the Court of Bavaria), Benito Mussolini (who made a pact with Hitler and also with Roman Catholic Pope to make Vatican City an independent self-governing City-State in the world), Father Staempfle (mind/author behind Mein Kampf), Pope Pius XI, Monsignor Kass (Kaas), Monsignor Eugenio Pacelli (future Pope Pius XII who was Vatican Secretary of State as of 1933 and signed the Reichskoncordat with Adolf Hitler), Vatican Prelate Giovanni Montini (future Pope Paul VI who was present also when the Reichkoncordat was signed), Right Reverend Franz Von Papen (member of German Zentrum Catholic Party for twenty years as Pope Pius X’s appointed Papal Chamberlain and later Vice-Chancellor when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany), and Jesuits in France (National Catholic Foundation and Catholic Action), Austria (Jesuit Chancellor Dr. Schussnigg and Vienna’s Archbishop-Cardinal Innitzer), Croatia (Jesuits there committed mass-genocide which is well-documented), Belgium, United States (Father Coughlin and Father Walsh), and Polish Jesuits were all partnering together. Much of this information can be found in Edmond Paris’ book The Secret History of the Jesuits reprinted in English by Jack Chick of Chick Publications. Lutzer - being a Jesuit - definitely knows some amount of this information since he is considered an expert on the occult history/planning behind the Nazi Reich.


This is what Avery Dulles wanted Jonathan Armstrong to be educated in and then the Jesuit network decided to have their new agent Armstrong operate his global networks and his reactionary efforts among Lutzer’s already assembled and highly connected Jesuit network in Chicago. Only with time will we find the real reason for this elite Jesuit focus on Chicago and on Moody’s spiritual family. Jonathan Armstrong’s doctoral grant to study at University of Erlanger-Nuremburg in Bavaria, Germany (heart of World War 2 and Nazi/Hitler history) tells you his level of role in the international discussions right along the lines of what Erwin Lutzer has already been doing with his books and sermons and partnerships. Lutzer’s partnerships involve Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala, John Armstrong (Wheaton professor of evangelism and not known to be related to Jonathan), G11 Gatekeepers Pastors network (of which new Moody President Jesuit Mark Jobe was a member) and so many others. Armstrong says (in an article) that he has been actively involved in ecumenical relationships with leaders from 21 countries since 2011. One of Armstrong’s personal advisors/mentors (through Aqueduct Project) is Wesley Granberg-Michaelson who was General Secretary of Reformed Church in America for seventeen years and has worked with the World Council of Churches and the Global Christian Forum (in partnership with the Pontifical/Papal Councils and World Evangelical Alliance etc).


In 2016, Moody’s top leadership consisting of Jonathan Armstrong, then-President Paul Nyquist, Moody Spokane campus Dean (who is a Jesuit) Dr. Jack Lewis, and Professor Timothy Sisk attended the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers in Thailand where Nyquist spoke. Armstrong and Lewis led round-table discussions with almost 200 Presidents of Theological Seminaries at the event. Armstrong then wanted to bring this ecumenical seminary partnership to America and thus became director of Aqueduct Project after planning conversations between his boss Bryan O’Neal (Moody VP/Dean of Moody Distance Learning) and several prominent Lausanne leaders from the Congress like Brad Smith of Bakke Graduate U., Manfred Kohl of Lausanne, Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary, Ramesh Richard general convener of the Global Proclamation Congress (more in Bryan O’Neal bio). The mission of Aqueduct Project is to provide access to “quality” theological education for every interested person across the planet under Lausanne leadership. This is the next level of progression from the 2012 (and 2014) Lausanne Consultation on Global Theological Education (and a follow-up to the 2010 CapeTown Lausanne III) held at Rockefeller-funded Jesuit-partner (of Boston College) Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, which consulted 63 seminary presidents from 31 countries. The Consultation was led by Dr. Tim Tennant (Chairman of Lausanne Theological Working Group and President of Methodist Asbury Theological), Dr. Chris Wright of John Stott Ministries), Rev. S. Doug Birdsall (Executive Chair of Lausanne Movement), Dr. Darrell Bock (Dallas Theological Seminary and one of six leaders with Jonathan Armstrong on Project Aqueduct), Dr. David Sang-Bok Kim (Chairman of World Evangelical Alliance), Dr. Ashish Chrispal (Overseas Council), Dr. Don Sweeting (son of 16-year Preisdent/Chancellor of Moody Bible Institute George Sweeting and himself the President of Orlando Reformed Theological Seminary), Dr. Mark Bailey (President Dallas Theological Seminary), and Dr. Mark Chan (Trinity Theol. in Singapore). Armstrong has taught at Theological Seminaries in London, Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia (reorganized Jesuit state following WW2 genocide against Serbs in Yugoslavia), Nairobi (capital of Kenya whose President and leaders are Jesuit), and Nigeria. Armstrong in his classes at Moody Spokane in one year had 56 “visiting” professors participating/ teaching from sixteen countries via live web-link in his classroom.


This background in Armstrong’s mentorship strategies via global networking is almost identical James Spencer’s (more in James Spencer bio) Northfield Mission Center project which aims to become the “epicenter” for ministry training for pastors and lay-leaders. Doesn’t that sound like what Dwight Moody would have wanted? But it’s not even close to respectable leadership. That’s so deceptive and evil, isn’t it? Jonathan Armstrong is a partner and gatekeeper and network organizer in the reinventing of The Moody Center for top-level Ecumenical and Jesuit operations in partnership with the C. S. Lewis Study Center (built on Aquinas doctrines that Jesuit R. C. Sproul made famous again) and the Thomas Aquinas (literally Catholic) College which are the two new residents on Moody’s property in Northfield, MA. Armstrong’s mentor Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J. was awarded the Saint Thomas Aquinas Medallion from this very school (Thomas Aquinas College) that is placing an East Coast campus on Moody’s property. Cardinal Dulles has also taught at openly Jesuit Campion Hall at Church of England’s Oxford University, UK, while Armstrong later was a full member of the Theology Faculty at Oxford’s Wycliffe Hall (2007-2008) just before being asked to come to MBI. This is where Armstrong met Ravi Zacharias’ Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics faculty who are hosted in Wycliffe Hall at Oxford (Church of England) University. RZIM (Ravi Zacharias Ministry) partners are the biggest endorsers of (and Guinness and Alister McGrath also lecture for) the C. S. Lewis Institute which is setting up their Study Center on another part of Moody’s property in Northfield Massachusetts. We believe Armstrong and/or Chris Brooks were among the contacts that brought C. S. Lewis Institute and perhaps Thomas Aquinas College to Northfield property and convincing MBI to receive Kern/Acton Institute Faith, Work, and Economics program (more in Sajan Mathews bio).


Armstrong has personally interviewed Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, C. S. Lewis lecturer Alister McGrath of RZIM Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and Devin Rose of St. Joseph’s Vanguard (who in concert with Julie Roys and Gregg Quiggle has tried to open the possibility of Catholics being considered as born-again evangelicals – more in Quiggle bio). Armstrong was homeschooled and his father is Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Hospital which is in operating partnership with openly Jesuit Mercy Health – a member of the Catholic Trinity Health system. There is little doubt that Alan taught his son to hate true Christians like a disease, which is how most elite Psychologists and Jesuits (such as Cardinal Dulles) view faith in Christ.



James Spencer [@ Jesuit-led Harvard University and @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Vice President of MBI and a prominent spokesperson/cover-up agent for the Jesuit overthrow during the shutting down of Moody Spokane campus and cutting of 1/3 of Moody full-time faculty __ Spencer was Dean of Moody Distance Learning which was handed to Bryan O’Neal so O’Neal could partner both with James Spencer in his new Jesuit retreat Northfield Mission Center project and with Jonathan Armstrong in C-GATE and the Aqueduct Project for Vatican overthrow of Global Theological Education __ Spencer is now Moody Online Director of Strategic Development for new Northfield Mission Center project as an interfaith Jesuit “Body, Mind, and Spirit Retreat Center” which actually claims Catholic Thomas Aquinas College as its “Mind” (in The Moody Center promo for the new NMC project). This is important because Thomas Aquinas is the scholar used by Reformed Evangelical scholars to undo the Reformation to force us back under Rome/Vatican authorities. Jesuit Erwin Lutzer, former pastor of The Moody Church, calls this partnership with two Catholic-led Thomas Aquinas inspired institutions – C. S. Lewis Center and Catholic Thomas Aquinas College – “Standing Where D. L. Moody Stood and Reviving His Legacy”, which he knows is not even slightly true – but is spoken as a true Jesuit who “evangelizes” by forcing people back under the Pope


__ Spencer is a mentor with Tommy Lee’s Resource Global – a partner of Kern/ Acton Faith, Work, and Economics program (more in Sajan Mathews bio) __ Commission on Accreditation member with Bryan O’Neal for Association of Biblical Higher Education which is requiring Jesuit Spiritual Formation to be taught at MBI (more in William Thrasher bio) __ Spncer is adjunct faculty at Right on Mission led by Jesuit Harvard United Nations “global Change Agent” Sarah Sumner (that is what she calls herself) who is former staff at Bill Hybel’s Willow Creek __ Partner in the cover-up of sale of half of Moody’s Chicago property which includes Residence Halls – Spencer said that a shortage of residence dorms was the cause of so few students being selected to Moody Bible Institute (see more in Northfield Short Report point #9 or Moody NMH MBI Comparison point #1) __ There is so much more to say about Spencer’s partnerships as well as about the C. S. Lewis Distinguished Fellows – see more in full bio]

-  Education: Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) Jesuit-led Trinity International, MA Jesuit-led Wheaton College, a MDiv from Moody Theol., and certificate from Jesuit-led Harvard Institute for Education Management.

- James Spencer was Vice-President and Dean of MBI Distance Learning (online and non-traditional learning) since 2012, then was Vice-President and Dean of Moody Bible Institute (2016).


Spencer is a Mentor with Tommy Lee’s Resource Global alongside other Moody Professors and friends – Jesuit John Fuder (who is Dean of Global Cohorts for Resource Global and is Moody’s ecumenical Lausanne network organizer and gatekeeper), Moody Seminary Jesuit Psychologist Deborah Gorton, Park Community Church’s Donna Crum (Moody mega-church-plant where Fuder is also Director of City Engagement and where James Spencer’s family attends), and Christine Gorz of the Moody family as well as Dale Gifford – Chairman of the Greater Chicago National Christian Foundation which is the foundation that directed the land give-away at Moody’s Northfield school. Global Resources founder and President Tommy Lee (who was special assistant to Moody President Michael J. Easley for community relations) is a representative of the Kern Foundation and Acton Institute partnership in Faith, Work, and Economics at Moody where Lee was a student and is now a teacher/mentor/partner (more in Sajan Mathews and John Fuder bios).


Spencer is a member of the Commission on Accreditation of the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) along with Moody Dean of Students Tim Arens who has been ABHE’s Consultant/Evaluator for twenty-five years. So Spencer and Arens are the ones responsible for forcing MBI under ABHE’s new requirement for a Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree.  Spencer is an associate consultant of Enrollment with Ruffalo Noel-Levitz on adult online and higher education whose President is graduate of Harvard Business School and whose Executive Director of the Board is former CEO of Pearson North America – a British owned Education Publisher and Consultant to Schools. Spencer is an adjunct faculty member of Right on Mission whose other faculty and advisors include Hugh Ross (scoffer against God’s Biblical creation account), Nancy Grisham (Billy Graham Center-Wheaton), Mark Galli (Christianity Today), David Merrill (Jesuit spiritual formation professor at Talbot Theol.), Lisa Orimoto ( Higher Ground Intnl.), and Halee Scott (Denver Seminary). Founder and President Sarah Sumner’s stated purpose is “an entity that serves as ‘mission control’ for a Reformational-like theological revolution” – which means that she wants a reversal of the Reformation by joining with Jesuit theological education leadership. Sumner is former staff at Willow Creek Community Church of Bill and Lynn Hybels and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity as well as certificate as Global Change Agent from Kennedy School of Government at Jesuit-led Harvard University.


As VP at MBI for two years, Spencer worked directly with Jesuits Jack Lewis (Spokane founding partner) and Gregg Quiggle (MBI official historian on the life of D. L. Moody) on how traditional education can be transferred into online and digital/video formats. Spencer’s course on Genesis was also required for Moody’s Study Abroad program (under Quiggle) for studies in Britain or Ireland. Spencer is now Director of Strategic Development of online programs and courses and engagement of pastors and lay leaders for The Moody Center Online and for the new Northfield Mission Center (NMC) project in Northfield, Massachusetts. This is the result of D. L. Moody’s family property being donated to The Moody Center in partnership with Moody’s great grandson David Powell. And this project will be in partnership with the new residents on Moody’s Northfield property which are Thomas Aquinas (Catholic) College and C. S. Lewis Study Center who received the property for free from the reduced Moody Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) school. If you haven’t read our report on the Interfaith network and CFR and United Nations level of spiritual destruction of Moody’s NMH school, we will provide the link here:

> https://www.RestoreMBI.com/Moody-NMH-MBI-Comparison.htm

> https://www.RestoreMBI.com/Moody-Northfield-Short-Report.htm


The Moody Center is advertising this new partnership at Moody’s Northfield as a Body, Mind, and Spirit Retreat Center where Thomas Aquinas (Catholic) College represents the Mind, the relaxation of recreation represents the Body, and the online and in-person pastor and lay-leader theology conversations and mentorships represent the Spirit. That is literally what they say on their own website. So literally the Catholics are the Mind of this operation through the Thomas Aquinas Spiritual Formation Jesuits making this a secret Jesuit Retreat Center in honor of… not Dwight Moody, that’s for sure. It is interesting that James Spencer was chosen to lead this project, considering that he was the prominent Vice President spokesperson involved in the public relations campaign cover-up regarding shutting down the Moody Spokane campus and cutting faculty at Moody Chicago campus. It should be obvious that Dwight Moody would not have wanted to give property for free to a Catholic college built on Thomas Aquinas doctrinal forced re-merger under the Vatican authorities (if he knew who Jesuits are and were here to make that decision), much less the interfaith complexities and new world order training that are happening at his Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) school, (Interfaith Chaplain Lee-Ellen Strawn, Interfaith Student Council, and Model United Nations partnerships as well as Muslim, Meditation, Atheist, and Campion Catholic student groups).


But let’s talk for a minute about the C. S. Lewis partners. Among the Distinguished Fellows of the C. S. Lewis Institute are four Roman Catholic converts from Anglican or Reformed backgrounds (including foreign missionary Elizabeth Elliot’s brother Thomas Howard as well as openly-Jesuit Boston College Professor Peter Kreeft), a Knight Commander in the Order of the British Empire, somewhere between two and eight Jesuits (including famed Jesuit Spiritual Formation Professor Dallas Willard – now deceased), four Church of England representatives/priests, at least three teachers of Thomas Aquinas doctrine, Os Guinness who is a fifty-year leader in Billy Graham’s Jesuit Lausanne Movement (Vatican II project) and is teacher at Ravi Zacharias’ Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and George Marsden who was honored with the Mark O. Hatfield Leadership Award which is top leadership of the satanic Family/Fellowship Foundation in Washington D.C. for teaching world leaders how to act as if they were mature Christian leaders trying to dominate the world under a “Christ-like” one-world government, which is actually just the anti-christ new world order program and is not even slightly Christian in nature.


Dr. Erwin Lutzer - former pastor of The Moody Church who is on the Board of Directors for The Moody Center and led this new partnership with C. S. Lewis Study Center and Thomas Aquinas College at Northfield, MA says this partnership is like “Standing Where D. L. Moody Stood and Reviving His Legacy”. Nope, not even slightly true, Mr. Lutzer. Catholics cannot have authority over gospel work as partners with the spirit of anti-christ already at work.



Sajan Mathews [@ ecumenical Prairie Graduate School and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School __ Elder in Brethren Church __ Moody Theological Seminary Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of Moody Bible’s Kern/Acton Institute Faith, Work, and Economics studies. Their partners include Oikonomia Network, Tommy Lee’s Resource Global for business mentoring, Bilderberg-think-tank American Enterprise Institute, Acton Institute founded by Jesuit Paulist Fathers, Billy Graham’s Christianity Today International, Lausanne-partner - The Gospel Coalition, most major evangelical seminaries and Seattle Pacific University who hosts the John Perkins’ Center (CCDA and Lausanne America founder), David Kotter who is Dean of Theology at Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute host of the Western Conservative Summit where Grace To You’s John MacArthur stumped for the Donald Trump campaign (Trump spoke also at this event), and finally Art Lindsley of the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics who previously was Director of C. S. Lewis Institute and R. C. Sproul’s Ligonier Valley Study Center which was an American L’Abri following Jesuit Kingdom-dominionism of Francis Schaeffer/Bill Bright/Loren Cunningham in the Swiss heart of United Nations power


__ The purpose of Oikonomia Network is to collect all Freemason/Jesuit-led Protestant power to control the four largest sectors of society on behalf of the Vatican – 1. all Church-life, 2. all Home-life, 3. all Business, and 4. all Government to be directed/guided by Vatican directives and Jesuit control grids __ That is a simplified program of Kingdom Dominionism built on seven mountains/spheres (notice the anti-christ reference there) that Schaeffer explained as 1. all Religion, 2. all Family, 3. all Education, 4. all Government, 5. all Media, 6. all Arts and Entertainment, 7. all Business __ This is why Mark Jobe promotes himself as helping God’s “Kingdom Come: Unleashing Heaven on Earth” and calls Christ “King Jesus” by which he approves the Pope’s purpose of forcing God’s Kingdom and then handing it off to the anti-christ and pretending that he is the return of Christ. They want our whole lives, our whole country and our whole future for the Pope and the Jesuit murderers/crusaders toward anti-christ new world order, so let’s learn this lesson well so we can kick out the infiltrators/usurpers and remain non-Catholic and pro-Bible __ more about Oikonomia Network and F,W,E in full bio]

- Education: prestigious, historic University of Madras in India, as well as ecumenical Prairie Graduate School, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity. Prairie Graduate school hosts Anglicans, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Evangelical Free Church, Anabaptist, Wesleyan, and Reformed leadership. Ralph Winter – President of the U.S. Center for World Missions – is a graduate of Prairie Graduate.

- Sajan Mathews is Professor of Systematic Theology at MBI/MTS as well as Program Director of the Faith, Work, and Economics (FW&E) Initiative with a grant from Kern Foundation.

-“Brother Mathews” is Evangelist and Elder of New Life Bible Chapel and his wife “Sister Grace Mathews” was Spiritual Integration Lab facilitator for women’s studies at Moody Theological Seminary and is now Coordinator for the Student Wives Fellowship at MBI since 2010. Both Sajan and Grace Mathews have spoken at the Indian Brethren Families Conference.


Sajan Mathews is Professor of the Faith, Work, and Economics program at Moody with a grant from Kern Foundation. Kern Foundation partners are the directors of the Oikonomia Network which intends to bring all private, business, church, and government life under control of the ecumenical Jesuit-led Faith Communities (New World Order). Another partner is Acton Institute founded by Jesuit Paulist Fathers (first Catholic community ever built in America) for ecumenical networking and “evangelizing” for the Pope. Chris Brooks, Dean of Michigan campus of Moody Theol. is a Kern/Acton Institute Fellow (more in Chris Brooks bio). Other partners of Kern Foundation include Billy Graham’s Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, American Enterprise Institute (whose Resident Fellow Richard Perle was on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group – if you don’t know what that is, you will need to), C. S. Lewis Institute, and Seattle Pacific University. To be clear, this is a VERY large Jesuit ecumenical network led by the Paulist Fathers with programs at Yale University, Beeson Divinity (Rockefeller funded), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement, Fuller Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Oikonomia Network main offices in partnership with The Gospel Coalition main offices which are also there), Asbury Methodist Seminary, Talbot School of Theology, and the Wesleyan Church and many others.


Adding another high-level Jesuit network is Faith, Work, and Economics partner Reverend Dr. Art Lindsley who is the Vice President of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics. Until a few years ago, Lindsley served as President and Senior Fellow of the C. S. Lewis Institute since 1987. Lindsley was also Director of Educational Ministries at the Ligonier Valley Study Center founded by R. C. Sproul in partnership with Jesuit 7 Mountain Dominionist Francis Schaeffer and his L’Abri Fellowship because Ligonier was intended to be the American L’Abri. Schaeffer’s L’Abri is in Switzerland within a half-hour of Lausanne Movement headquarters (Vatican II partnership) and within an hour from Geneva’s International Red Cross who oversaw the aftermath of World War 2 and where the 2nd largest United Nations offices in the world are, and which was home of the League of Nations.


The first speaker at the Moody Theological Seminary’s Faith, Work, and Economics Lecture series was Seattle Pacific University Provost Dr. Jeff Van Duzer. Seattle Pacific hosts the John Perkins Center. Perkins is founder of Christian Community Development Association (CCDA – more in John Fuder bio) which is a partner with Mark Jobe’s New Life Centers to try to establish anti-Christian and Jesuit control over diverse communities toward new world order. Perkins was also co-founder of the Lausanne headquarters in America called the Mission America Council co-founded with Bill Bright and Billy Graham. Seattle Pacific also partners with Seattle Promise which is the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Bill and Melinda Gates and United Way and Rockefeller Foundation. Seattle Pacific also hosts many Roman Catholic faculty as well as Greek Orthodox, Baptist, Free Methodist (founding organization).



Chris Brooks [@ Jesuit-led Biola University and @ Jesuit-led Harvard University; Brooks is an Acton Institute Fellow – founded by the Jesuit order of Catholic Paulist Fathers - which is a partner with Faith, Work, and Economics program at Moody Theological Seminary; To explain how powerful the Paulist Fathers are – they were the first Catholic community ever placed in America in the 1700s because they tried to sound Protestant and were in charge of interfaith relationships before the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity existed; even now they lead pro-life, theological, and interfaith dialogue constantly in religious settings and through their media wing The Broken Halo with Dave Dwyer; the goal of Acton Institute is to write apologetic arguments for the open partnerships between “free-market” global corporations and the networks of inter-religious dialogue to improve global “democracy” __ Brooks is Executive Pastor of Evangel Ministries/Woodside Bible Church after being mentored his whole life by Senior Pastors George Bogle/Doug Schmidt who are top Jesuit leadership in Detroit. Detroit is a powerful Jesuit hub with two Jesuit high-schools, one Jesuit college – University of Detroit-Mercy, a former Chief of Police/Deputy Mayor who is a Jesuit Father, and a special Jesuit church because they already infiltrated all of the others, so the extra Jesuits needed their own Jesuit church. In fact, the former Jesuit Provincial over Chicago-Detroit district of Jesuit command is now President of the entire U.S. Jesuit Conference (more in John Restum bio) __ Brooks is a ministry partner of Jesuit ecumenical Detroit ministry networks such as inner-city trouble youth ecumenical program and community action/prayer programs __ Faculty of Summit Ministries along with Josh McDowell and Moody’s Christopher Yuan, Winfred Neely, and Matt Heard (who was a Moody Pastor of Singles/Evangelism then founded Moody’s sister mega-weed “church” Park Community and now is Lead Pastor in place of Joel Hunter who is a partner and friend of John Fuder’s friend Noel Castellanos – see more in John Fuder bio) __ Lecturer for interfaith spokesperson Ravi Zacharias in his Urban Ministries & in the Centurions Program of Chuck Colson __ Co-director of Detroit Council of 50 and Evangelical Pastors Network (that is what they call it) with Doug Schmidt __ Possibly the connection that brought Jesuit C. S. Lewis Institute to Moody’s Northfield, MA and possibly is the connection that brought Kern Foundation/Acton Institute to Moody Chicago, since he is a fellow of the Acton Institute __ (Re)Founder of Detroit Bible College after collapse of William Tyndale College]

- Education: MA Biola (Bible Institute of Los Angeles) University, additional certificates from Ravi Zacharias’ Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), Harvard Institute for Management and Leadership in Education.

- Chris Brooks is Moody Theological Seminary Dean of Michigan campus.


Brooks is currently working on a Doctorate in Theology and Economics from Asbury (Methodist) Theological Seminary. Brooks grew up his whole life at Evangel Ministries in Detroit where in 2000, he became Executive Pastor and in 2004, Senior Pastor Bogle handed off the position to Brooks as he retired to Pastor Emeritus. So Brooks’ mentor is Evangel Ministries founder, George Bogle. The Bogles in 1967 led the “Evangel Prayer Time” radio ministry and in 1970 became the top leaders of the Detroit branch of the Jesus Movement and founded the Houses of Prayer in Detroit (at least two large ones) and a number of communal houses for homeless, mentally ill, and drug addicts. George Bogle’s influence in Jesuit-led City of Detroit is so large that he is recipient of Spirit of Detroit award from the Detroit City Council, a Joint Resolution #306 of the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives to reflect “the high esteem in which he is held by the Michigan Legislature”, and two “Mayoral Proclamations”. This is a first wave (Jesus Movement) of what is being done now by Interfaith Hospitality Networks funded by Bill Gates.


In 2013, Brooks became Dean of the Michigan campus of Moody Theological Seminary. Brooks Assistant Dean is Jesuit Psychologist John Restum who works with the mental health departments of Wayne County Jails and as clinical consultant to the Jesuit-led University of Detroit Police and Wayne County Sheriff’s Departments who are actively engaged in new Interfaith Chaplaincy programs. Brooks has also been invited to the “Evangelical” partnership breakfast by Shepherding the Next Generation with Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon’s general invitation but with no indication as to whether Brooks attended or not. Isaiah McKinnon, retired Detroit Chief of Police who then served as Deputy Mayor of Detroit is openly Jesuit and on faculty now at openly-Jesuit University of Detroit Mercy from which he is an alumnus. Detroit hosts two Jesuit high schools (University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Loyola High School – named after the Jesuit founder), the openly-Jesuit University of Detroit Mercy campus, and even a Sts. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church because there are so many Jesuits in Detroit that they need their own church because they already infiltrated and overran everything else.


Chris Brooks has been a popular radio host (Equipped) in Detroit since 2005 and also in 2005 became Founder (or re-founder) of Detroit Bible Institute after the collapse of William Tyndale College. Brooks is a member of faculty at Summit Ministries whose other faculty include Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell, Ryan Dobson, Matt Heard 1980’s Evangelism and Singles Pastor at Moody Church who founded Park Community Church and now is Lead Pastor at Joel Hunter’s Northland Church in Orlando, Christopher Yuan of MBI, Francis Beckwith – former President of Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) converted to Roman Catholic, Jennifer Marshall – Vice President of Heritage Foundation (if you don’t know who Heritage Foundation is, you will need to), Frank Turek, Scott Klusendorf, Glenn Stanton, Clay Jones, Haley Halverson, J. Warner Wallace, Jay W. Richards, Jeff Myers, Jenna Ellis, Jeremy Tedesco, John Stonestreet (Chuck Colson partner), Kevin Bywater, Mark Mittelberg, Warren Cole Smith.


In 2010, Doug Schmidt of Woodside Bible Church (giant mega-church with fourteen campuses, but still less than Mark Jobe’s New Life Community Church) established the Evangelical Pastors Network (EPN) in Detroit after years of collaboration with area pastors. The Keynote Speaker for the inaugural event of Evangelical Pastors Network was H. B. London cousin of Jesuit Psychologist James Dobson and Vice-President of Ministry Outreach/Pastoral Ministries at Focus on the Family who also previously was Point Loma Nazarene University (partner with Theosophical Society in Point Loma) Board of Trustees, as well as member of the Steering Committee of Jesuit spiritualist Richard Foster’s Renovaré, and speaker at Freemason/Jesuit Robert Schuller’s Institute. A month later, Ed Dobson spoke to EPN; Dobson (not related to James Dobson) was Lieutenant in Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority and Dean of ecumenical and Jesuit-led Liberty University, and was mentor to Rob Bell whom his son Kent joined on pastoral staff at Mars Hill. Ravi Zacharias spoke to the EPN later in 2010. In 2012, Chris Brooks and Doug Schmidt along with nearly 400 other churches participated in the Everyone A Chance To Hear (EACH) initiative and associated Detroit Prayer Walk eventually leading Brooks and Schmidt to work together on the leadership team of EACH. Schmidt has also contributed to Jesuit Warren Bird’s Leadership Network resources (of which Mark Jobe’s friends Ed Stetzer and Ferguson brothers are also long-time partner and/or Board of Directors). The OCCA faculty from which Brooks obtained an academic certificate is Ravi Zacharias’ International Ministries leaders as well as U. Oxford Fellow John Lennox, University of Oxford Reverend (Anglican Priest) Professor of Science and Religion Alister McGrath, and Fifty-year Anglican / Jesuit Lausanne Movement leader Dr. Os Guiness.


Just recently in May 2019, Chris Brooks became Senior Pastor of Woodside Bible Church as Doug Schmidt has just retired. They are both working together on what they are calling a Council of Fifty (Pastors) in Detroit. We could not locate a list of pastors involved in either network – Council of Fifty or Evangelical Pastors Network. Brooks is lecturer for Urban Outreach of Ravi Zacharias ministries and Centurions Program of Chuck Colson. We just have to end this profile because it could just keep going on with all of his Jesuit and ecumenical associations, but we have to give one last major piece which we explain more fully in the Sajan Mathews bio. Chris Brooks is a Kern Acton Institute Fellow – an organization which was founded by a Jesuit Catholic Priest and Paulist Father for the purpose of uniting all business, government, and politics under the power of the Roman Catholic Church and its too-powerful Jesuit networks who direct the Freemason partnerships over all medium and large businesses in every town and city in the United States. This organization is working with many major Protestant Seminary Presidents (David Dockery of TEDS, Al Mohler of SBTS, Mark Jobe at Moody) through the Oikonomia Network to bring about one giant network of power over the lives of Americans to the Roman Pontiff. That, along with everything else, makes Brooks a Jesuit. We believe Brooks and/or Jonathan Armstrong were the contacts that brought C. S. Lewis Institute and perhaps Thomas Aquinas College to Northfield property and convincing MBI to receive Kern/Acton Institute Faith, Work, and Economics program.



John Fuder [@ ecumenical Prairie Graduate School and @ Pepperdine University and @ Jesuit-led Biola University; Fuder is Dean of Global Cohorts for Tommy Lee’s business mentorship program called Resource Global. Lee is a partner with Moody’s Kern Foundation Faith, Work, & Economics which is a Roman Catholic attempt to conquer American Protestant freedoms through Jesuit leadership over all aspects of human life; Fuder is a top interfaith community organizer in Chicago with Vatican II Council’s program called Lausanne Movement; Fuder’s Jesuit co-authors and partners are Phil Miglioratti, Tony Danhelka, Joseph Stowell, Gene Crum, John Perkins’ Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) leaders, Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade leaders, and World Vision Canada __ Miglioratti was director of Erwin Lutzer and Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala’s Pastor Network called G11 Gatekeepers and has served as Chief Operating Officer of Lausanne’s Mission America Council (now called Table Coalition under Nick Hall – see more in Winfred Neely bio) as well as Co-Chair of the interfaith program called Chicago Explore God 2019 that was used in more than 800 churches (see more in our Chicago-Explore-God-report or in our Northfield-Short-Report point #1) __  John Perkins and Bill Bright were co-founders of the Lausanne Mission America Council with Billy Graham in 1995; Perkins also founded the Christian Community Development Association which is a sister organization to Mark Jobe’s New Life Centers (see more in our Mark Jobe report)


__ Fuder’s books and networking is endorsed by Steve Roa of U. S. Center for World Missions whose founder Ralph Winters is also a graduate of Prairie Graduate as is Moody’s Sajan Mathews who leads Moody’s Faith Work and Economics __ Fuder’s students who are fans call him the modern D. L. Moody based only on Fuder’s community networking and social programs though he does not preach against sin or organize events to share the gospel or equip others to understand and teach the Bible on practical every-day life __ Fuder attended (and his book was a resource for) the 2010 Lausanne III Cape Town Commitment which was the third Lausanne covenant since the original in 1974 (the second was in Manila, Philippines 1989) __ Fuder has co-authored two books with Obama advisor Noel Castellanos, a close friend of Obama’s spiritual advisor Joel Hunter who was disgraced by welcoming LGBTQ into Northland Church and then appointed as the new lead pastor his long-time friend in the Orlando spiritual mafia Matt Heard, who is a former Moody Church Singles/Evangelism Pastor; Castellanos was a long-time board member and then President of John Perkins’ Christian Community Development Association to control inner-city social ministries with Vatican Lausanne agendas; this is exactly the same work that John Fuder does __ Fuder is founder of Pray Chicago and Together Chicago which are two ecumenical and interfaith religious programs to assist the Catholics and Jesuits in controlling all of Chicago’s churches also through Miglioratti’s Pastors Network and Tommy Lee’s Resource Global and World Vision, which holds the highest status of United Nations consultation world-wide __ With all of these notably ecumenical and interfaith partners, how is John Fuder still a professor at Moody, much less being called a modern D. L. Moody?]

- Education: Prairie Bible College (more in Sajan Mathews bio), MA in Religion from Pepperdine U., and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Biola University.

- John Fuder was Professor of Urban Evangelism Studies at Moody Theological Seminary and now is adjunct Professor.


Fuder is 2005 author/organizer of A Heart For The City. Fuder’s friends and contributors on the project include Jesuit Ray Bakke (Chancellor Bakke Graduate University who mentored Mark Jobe after Bakke was Lausanne Senior Associate for Large Cities globally); former Moody President Joseph Stowell (President of Cornerstone U.), Wayne L. Gordon (co-founder of John Perkins’ CCDA), Glen Kehrein (CCDA founding Board Member), Rev. Dr. Noel Castellanos (President of CCDA and friend of Joel Hunter from Orlando), Milton Massie and Marc Henkel (Executive Dir. Bill Bright’s Cru Inner City), Michael Allen (co-founder of Chicago Together and former Moody Church Assistant Pastor), Dr. Michael Rydelnik (Moody Professor), Rev. Dr. Dwight Perry (North Park U. and former MBI Professor). See our article on Mark Jobe Extended to see the whole network together. Fuder’s book was endorsed by Steve Roa, Director of Strategic Partnerships at U. S. Center for (Jesuit) World Missions (U.S. CWM) built on Theosophical Society Headquarters in Point Loma and the hidden structure of missions strategy control over all world missions under Vatican’s Lausanne network (completed network since 1975). It was built in partnership with Billy Graham and Campus Crusade and works largely through Rockefeller-built Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and Wycliffe International Associates who partner with State Department neighbors and members, Department of Homeland Security offices on site, and National Security Agency officials either on-site or in a large underground base nearby.


John Fuder is also friends with Erwin Lutzer’s fellow Jesuit friends Phil Miglioratti (Lausanne LC2C pilot coordinator as well as COO of Lausanne Mission America Council and Co-chair of interfaith project ExploreGod Chicago 2019) and Tony Danhelka who helped Fuder organize the Chicago Pastors Network. Fuder in 2014 became founder of Pray Chicago built on this network and two years later Together Chicago (he founded in 2016) whose team includes Michael Allen, Jim Perry (Chairman of School Board of Archdiocese of Chicago), Dr. Phil Ryken (President Wheaton College), Ray Carter (intern at Willow Creek, later Senior Pastor of Park Community Church, which is Moody Church’s mega-church-plant founded by Matt Heard), C. Jeffrey Wright (CEO of Urban Ministries Inc.), Dr. John Schlichtman (Associate Professor at Jesuit DePaul U.), Richard Grimm (Trinity International U.), Debbie Birkey (Calvary Memorial Church), Dr. Noah Toly (Wheaton College), Rev. John Dennis (Holy Trinity Church), Alvin Bibbs (Willow Creek Church), and Felecia Thompson (Exec. Dir. For World Vision’s Chicagoland operation).


In 2009, John Fuder and Jesuit Noel Castellanos (President of John Perkins’ CCDA – Perkins is a long-time friend of John MacArthur of Grace To You) co-authored A Heart For The Community for which Jesuit John Perkins wrote the Foreword. John Fuder is signer on at least one ecumenical statement on immigration. Fuder and friends also partner with Love Family Christian Foundation who sponsors and/or hosts ecumenical events with Fuder and former COO of  Mission America Council of Lausanne Movement Phil Miglioratti and National ecumenical Pastors Network organizer Tony Danhelka and with Dr. Gene Crum of Jesuit-led Judson University who hosts the Community Prayer Breakfast and whose adjunct faculty includes Karen Love of the Love Family.


Fuder is speaker and Dean of Global Cohorts for Resource Global (previously he was Director of Justice and Compassion Ministries) whose other speakers include K. J. Johnson (Director, C. S. Lewis Institute – the same Jesuit institution which just set up a Study Center on Moody’s Northfield hometown campus), David Iglesias (Wheaton Center for Faith, Politics, Economics), Kevin Nguyen (Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church), Alec Hill (InterVarsity), Jackson Crum (Moody mega-church-plant Park Community Church), Harry Kraemer (Professor, Kellogg School of Management), Crawford Loritts (Vice-Chairman of Board at Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade – Cru), Darrell Bock (Dallas Theological and leader in Jonathan Armstrong’s Aqueduct Project and C-GATE), Katherine Leary Alsdorf (City to City Center for Faith and Work), Greg Jao (InterVarsity), Bethany Hoang (International Justice Mission).


John Fuder attended the 2010 (Jesuit) Lausanne III in Cape Town South Africa partnered with Jesuit-led World Evangelical Alliance and John Fuder’s book A Heart For The City is listed among the Resources behind The 2010 Cape Town Commitment. The U.S. Council of Reference for Lausanne at the time was Billy Graham, Dr. John Stott, Dr. Miriam Adenay (Seattle Pacific U. where John Perkins established his Perkins Center), Dr. Leith Anderson (Moody alumnus and recipient of Honorary Doctorate and President since 2006 of National Association of Evangelicals), Dr. Bryan Chappell, Dr. Loren Cunningham (Jesuit YWAM Founder and originator of 7 Mountain Dominionism), Jim Daly (President of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family), Steve Douglass (President of Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade), Dr. Ken Fong, Dr. Timothy George (Chairman of Baptist World Alliance and Dean of Rockefeller-funded Beeson Divinity), Dr. Os Guinness (Anglican Jesuit lecturer for the C. S. Lewis Institute), Dr. Gary Haugen (International Justice Mission), Dr. Dean Hirsch (World Vision International), Dr. Tim Keller (Vice-President and Co-founder of The Gospel Coalition), Dr. Duane Litfin (then-President of Wheaton College), Hugh Maclellan, Dr. Jesse Miranda (Evangelical Christian Leadership Alliance), Dr. Richard Mouw (Fuller Theological Seminary).


In 2015, Fuder toured several cities speaking with Dr. Don Moore – National Church Ambassador for World Vision Canada. World Vision International is the only United Nations Non-Governmental Organization with General Consultative Status around the world on any subject it wants to address. With all of these partnerships, how is John Fuder still a Professor at Moody Theological Seminary?



Ashish Varma [M.A. and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Varma’s assistant Amar Peterman attended Interfaith Youth Core’s Leadership Institute with his approval __ Peterman learned that all of the world’s religions were already working together to solve the world’s problems and was surprised that Evangelical Christians had the audacity to avoid “helping” by choosing to boycott interfaith work. Obviously Peterman is ignoring the fact that false religions were created to allow sins and evils that Creator God was not condoning. So this “togetherness” is really just avoidance of real truths that would solve problems and instead they double the contradictions and evil power-struggles __ Varma teaching at Moody and having his assistant involved in Interfaith Dialogue carries out Erwin Lutzer’s purpose started in Parliament of World Religions 1993 “Unite or Perish” to try to force the Moody Christian family into interfaith partnerships led by Catholics/Jesuits to save the world from global problems that are caused/maintained by the Catholics/Jesuits who then want to be the solution to the very problems they forced


__ Varma was raised Hindu and is still very likely a closet Henotheistic Hindu based on his life and teaching – we thought this even before we knew about Amar Peterman __ Ashish Varma views his teaching to his students as interfaith dialogue based on his own words in his introduction to his students where he says “What really excites me about training the next generation of ministry leaders is the opportunity to creatively wrestle while being faithful with where the church has come from as we engage in new possibilities in the world” – by which he means training interfaith “community” leaders over a new world order __ This also makes sense with why Varma initially said he could not sign the Chicago Biblical inerrancy statement and did not agree with a “correspondence view of truth” until an unnamed Jesuit faculty friend such as Bryan O’Neal explained to him a way of thinking about it that allowed him to say he could agree to sign it (see more in Bryan O’Neal bio and John Jelinek bio) __ Varma is also possibly the unnamed Moody Distance Learning Professor who personally believes that Adam and Eve had soul-less brutish ape-like predecessors whom Cain married – otherwise perhaps it was David Rim who was caught and removed already __ David Rim and Ashish Varma were the two professors that Julie Roys and Rich Weber named in the original questions about faculty who did not believe the Bible]

- Education: MA and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-led Wheaton College.

- Ashish Varma is Moody Professor of Theology (Philosophy, Systematic Theology, and Apologetics) at Moody Bible Institute with Amar Peterman as his assistant. Timothy Heyward and Amar Peterman are the Moody students who  connected with Interfaith Student Council and are hoping to raise awareness of the need for Interfaith cooperation to solve the world’s problems caused by the abuses and lack of moral truth of the very same networks with Jesuit and Roman Catholic guidance world-wide since the 1500’s. This is following Jesuit Erwin Lutzer’s example in attending the 1993 Parliament of World Religions whose theme was “Unite or Perish”, because satanists increase/maintain the world’s problems to discredit God as being unwilling or unable to help (pretending that God does not exist or else is the source of evil – something that Jesuit Lutzer also promotes in his expose about Hitler) until the world agrees that God seems as bankrupt as all of man’s false religions.


Varma was raised in a Hindu family, and he speaks very much like a closet Hindu and his parents who are Hindu celebrate his achievements in Christian leadership. Based on Ashish Varma’s introduction to his students in a video interview on Moody faculty page, Varma seems to look at his theology classes as Interfaith Dialogue with his students. We had this impression even before we knew about his assistant Amar Peterman. In his introduction to his students, Varma says this, “What really excites me about training the next generation of ministry leaders is the opportunity to creatively wrestle while being faithful with where the church has come from as we engage in new possibilities in the world.”


Hinduism has many diverse branches of beliefs – one predominant belief of secular Hinduism is called Henotheism – that you can focus on one particular “god” while still believing in the existence or possibility of many or all of the other gods. In this way, many Hindus do not repent of following false gods, they simply add Jesus to the mix and/or even focus on their interpretation of Him.


Varma spoke at the Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture in 2017. Varma has signed onto at least one ecumenical leadership statement on the subject of racism. And Varma is in question as having been the Moody Distance Learning professor who admits to not believing in Biblical Creation account as discovered in a email exchange with a student who posted anonymously and without naming the professor. Varma has spoken openly that he does not believe in a correspondence view of Scripture and therefore said initially that he could not agree with the Chicago Biblical inerrancy statement.



Rosalie De Rosset [@ ecumenical Bryan College where her parents were on faculty/staff and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical and M.A. in English at Northeastern Illinois University and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy of Language, Literacy, and Rhetoric from University of Illinois at Chicago; Rosalie De Rosset is a bigger problem than the Christians think she is – like a queen hornet trying to establish a hive – Rosset has the longest term as faculty member @ Moody Bible Institute – since 1969, which shows that she is the most consistent partner in Erwin Lutzer’s Jesuit take-over at Moody. Rosset has seen all of the steps along the way since back when Lutzer was still going through Jesuit philosophy training at Loyola University and before he was a pastor at The Moody Church. And Rosset knows all the secrets of MBI/MTS faculty/ leadership/ students through the decades and she hides the truth of the Jesuit attacks and sins and crimes with the skills of European royalty/ Jesuit Mothers like the satanist Queen Elizabeth II does for her Anglican Jesuit kingdom that has partnered for centuries in the Vatican’s modern Crusades (Jesuit operations through colonialism and sharing Freemason enlightenment only to the leaders who will partner with them) until the sun never set on Britain’s “kingdom” which it has ruled on behalf of Rome – a kingdom which secretly still includes America. For example, Queen Elizabeth’s personal Jesuit Chaplain John Stott was co-founder of Lausanne International with Billy Graham to control international missions under the Vatican operatives. On a local scale in the Moody Bible family, Rosalie’s role has been to weave stories and social networks on campus that make the Catholic Jesuit attack seem like unintended consequences or even just coincidences which has somehow worked since the Jesuits were never really caught and removed by the alumni and friends of the Moody evangelical community until now it is just starting to come to light.


__ This is the truth behind why Lutzer stepped down from The Moody Church – his Jesuits are now getting caught (which he must avoid at all costs) and he is pledged to serve a higher international Jesuit role in the threats they are making against the United States and our Christian missionary work if we refuse to submit to Roman Catholic authority in control of our government. Rosset has served the Jesuits almost perfectly in guarding all of Erwin Lutzer’s friends around campus __ Now Pamela MacRae is being personally mentored this year by Jill Briscoe – who is a 40-year Jesuit partner of Billy Graham on his trustee boards etc – in order to take Rosset’s role when it comes time that she must retire __ Rosset is a Gifted For Leadership writer and Editorial Advisor for Billy Graham’s Christianity Today


__ If it wasn’t clear that Rosset has top-level Jesuit social/public relations director status at Moody based on her education alone, it is certainly clear when you see all of the Jesuits and Jesuit-partners that she recommends and reprints __ Rosset is Senior Editor for Moody Classics which includes her re-prints of Jesuit Catholic priest Henri Nouwen and pre-Jesuit Catholic Fathers Thomas A. Kempis and St. Augustine. Thomas Kempis laid the groundwork for the Spiritual Exercises so that Jesuit order’s founder Ignatius Loyola studied his writings consistently in designing his governing and philosophies which then inspired Heinrich Himmler (nephew of a prominent Jesuit Canon at the Court of Bavaria) to found the Nazi Gestapo based on these principles of the Jesuit order __ St. Augustine laid the ground-work for Islam to take over in Africa and the Middle East by spreading hostility against the Jewish people and by organizing international Catholic councils to argue which doctrines would best control the regions. Muhammad, the founder of Islam 180 years later, studied St. Augustine’s writings and was personally mentored by Catholic priests and married the wealthy merchant cousin of one of those priests __ Henri Nouwen was trained by Jesuits in the Hague (Netherlands seat of government which now houses the International Criminal Court), then became scholar-in-residence at the Pope’s Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy, and was a Fellow at the Ecumenical Institute and served as professor also at Notre Dame and at Jesuit-led Universities Yale and Harvard. Nouwen is lauded for his frequent speaking to Anglican and Evangelical audiences evangelizing for the Pope, which is exactly what Jesuits do in peace-time in any Protestant country __ Rosset also recommends works by other prominent Jesuit spokespeople such as Eric Metaxas, C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, J. I. Packer, Os Guinness, James Dobson, and Chuck Colson. In summation, Rosalie De Rosset is an expert spokesperson for the Jesuit take-over of Moody and America and she is skilled as a cover-up agent and United Nations Change Agent]

- Education: ecumenical (William Jennings) Bryan College, Northeastern Illinois State University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

- Rosalie De Rosset has just celebrated 50 years at Moody Bible Institute since 1969 as Professor of Literature, English, and Homiletics. Literature is a broad path to every evil fiction and teaching in world history.


Rosalie De Rosset has been at MBI since 1969 teaching English/Literature which seems harmless enough until you realize that her skills include - language skills, pattern of creating double-meanings (which is a clever form of lying), deceptive misguidance/misdirection, alluring people toward older forms of sin that seem less harmful but are more deceptively enticing to trap people, and skills in creating whole stories/explanations for how problems on campus were caused and then “solved”. These skills are learned through historic knowledge of what works to deceive an entire population and keep mysteries and secrets hidden for centuries. In other words, these are the biggest tricks and verbal cover devices/disguises used by the Jesuits for the worst crimes ever committed in the history of the world - wars, central banking, colonialism, coup d’état, genocide, racial conflicts, all of the world’s false religions, a variety of pseudo-sciences, legends, myths, superstitions, etc to abuse the common populace. Further, it is a very noticeable pattern in America for corrupting of churches/organizations to have a prominent woman who is very socially connected in the background. Her role is to know all of the secrets of pretty much every person in the entire organization/network to polish those secrets into a good-sounding story for good public relations. To accomplish that, the woman has the mental capacity to weave all of those stories and all of the past and current problems into a one giant congruent story that makes those problems seem innocuous or as logical/unsurprising results of uncontrollable coincidences. By her stories, everyone within the organization knows how to express the stories in a way that does not expose the crimes/sins of previous or current leaders. In other words, these women operate as a caring mother who knows everyone’s personal secrets and still “loves” them more deeply than anyone. But she literally does that for everyone and is skilled at excusing all sins and crimes and putting them aside to be ignored which is the furthest point away from actual love. We are quite confident that this is Rosalie’s role at Moody and that she is almost reaching the point of wanting to retire which is why Pamela MacRae is being mentored for the role by Jill Briscoe.


 Most people would not recognize that this is an elite Jesuit practice if you do not read about the operations of Catholic Jesuits, but that is precisely how the Jesuits operate among all of the world governments and leadership of all Protestant organizations for centuries. Jesuits are weaving one giant world story that excuses all their crimes and sins (abuses necessary to their program of world totalitarian control for the Pope) supposedly to bring about world “peace” which will then become a one-world government system of forced one-world religion and government. Far too many people during the Tribulation (and the days leading up to it) will trust it because they want to think that avoiding painful or difficult truths is unconditional “love” and “peace”. But mass-deception and avoidance is not love or peaceful in its result. Then, as the Scripture says, when they declare ‘Peace, peace’, then instead they bring sudden destruction because their lies are too heavy to keep the truth hidden and they never cared about most of the people who follow them anyway. They only care about what they want. This is how the international Nazis work (led by the Pope’s Jesuits) and they are just starting to pull the ropes tighter around their international bundle of lies, because they are starting to get caught and their lies are coming apart in some places. We are about to show that Rosset understands the Pre-Jesuit era knowledge as well as the more modern tactics of secret Jesuits.


Rosset is a Gifted For Leadership writer and editorial advisor for Jesuit Billy Graham’s Christianity Today magazine. Rosset’s book Unseduced and Unshaken: The Place of Dignity in a Woman’s Choices is her collection of her best writings and teachings for her women students. She includes three friends who contribute a chapter or two each: Pamela MacRae, Dr. Marcus Johnson’s wife Stacie and Jesuit Loyola Psychologist Linda R. Haines. This book is also endorsed by Jill Briscoe (mentor to Pam MacRae and twenty year board of directors for Christianity Today and for ecumenical National Association of Evangelical’s World Relief – more in Pam MacRae bio) and Carolyn Custis James (Founder of Synergy Women’s Network which is partnered with ecumenical MissioAlliance whose Board of Director Co-Chairs are National Association of Evangelicals and Christian Community Development Association top leadership).


Rosset has edited/reprinted many books for the Moody Classics series which push ecumenical teachings and/or Jesuit spirituality including The Confessions of St. Augustine and a reprint of The Imitation of Christ by pre-Jesuit Thomas A Kempis – each with her Introduction. 1) Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the Jesuits) studied Thomas A. Kempis’ writings consistently in his process of forming the Jesuit order spiritual exercises. 2) Mohammad, the founder of Islam studied the writings of St. Augustine, since Augustine framed the discussions for the appearance of Islam in the Africa/Middle East region by his work through ecumenical gatherings and creating tensions against the Jewish people with the religious “Christian” sects/cults. Mohammad was also personally trained by multiple Catholic Priests and one elite former Catholic priest (he also married the man’s wealthy niece), so that he knew how to shape this new religion as an agent for war in the region (and all the way to Europe) against the Jews.


Rosset also recommends Henri Nouwen’s books such as Genesee Diary. Roman Catholic priest Henry Nouwen was trained to be a Jesuit and supposedly changed his mind, then was ordained a Roman Catholic priest of Utrecht, Netherlands, was scholar-in-residence at Pontifical North American College (you have to be a secret Jesuit to hold that position) in Rome, Italy, was a Fellow at Ecumenical Institute (again, you have to be a Jesuit to fit in there) at Collegeville, Minnesota, was visiting professor at University of Notre Dame and Professor of Pastoral Theological at Jesuit-led Yale Divinity and part-time at Jesuit-led Harvard Divinity, and spoke frequently to Anglican and Evangelical audiences (evangelizing for the Pope which is the official work of a Jesuit “evangelist” in peace time in any “Protestant” country). Nouwen studied with the Jesuits at The Hague, the government seat of the Netherlands. Nouwen is known for his books on Spiritual Exercises and Spiritual Formation which come from Jesuit founder Ignatius Loyola. It is formation of spiritual thought for new world order agents who do not have the Spirit of God to teach them but they want to act like the most mature Christians who ever lived. Rosset also recommends books by other secret Jesuits or Jesuit-partners Eric Metaxas, Chuck Colson, James Dobson, Os Guinness, C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, J. I. Packer, etc.


Rosset’s parents were both on faculty/staff at William Jennings Bryan College (now Bryan College). William Jennings Bryan was the con-man placed in the nationally-heard Scopes Trial as an “expert” witness in an already solved case to reinvent the discussion against fundamentalist Christians as being anti-science. Bryan did this in partnership with William Randolph Hearst’s international media network. Hearst is the media mogul in the late 1940’s who told Los Angeles media to “puff Graham” (Billy Graham) in the newspapers. This partnership with Hearst and the Hollywood network made Graham an instant success as an internationally agent for the Jesuit agendas of Vatican II. Graham went on to build the Lausanne Movement starting in Berlin in 1966 toward taking all of “Christian” denominations back under the Roman Catholic Church.



Brian Kammerzelt [@ Jesuit-led Trinity International University; Former Professor of Media and Society at known Jesuit Loyola University __ Self-proclaimed “Romance” expert who allows all types of sexual sins and talk other than assault __ Chair of Communications at MBI and a dangerously skilled Jesuit Psychologist who diligently avoids calling anything sin and promotes human-centered philosophy for success/self-preservation as the focus of most of his work __ Believes in interfaith cooperation for a nation built on shared morality since he says religion is the foundation of morality – meaning new world order. The plan for the new order is to reject separation of personal and public life in attempt to make an openly religious bully system to enforce “morality” except that each religion has its own “morality” to enforce in its segregated region or group. Those groups are led by interfaith leaders who can partner with other faiths in implementing new religious rules/ social changes/ carbon-tax rules/ health-eugenics rules/ segregating rules/ digital data and security rules/ police abuses/ and so many other United Nations-appointed hypocritical rules they intend to keep making and imposing worse still until they control literally everything about a person’s life __ Legacy Chicago Minister with specialty emphasis on his Jesuit theology of communications and interfaith culture __ Contributing author to Charisma Magazine’s younger partner Relevant Magazine __ Signer on at least one ecumenical statement on the Clean Air Act and Mercury air pollution __ Spoke at Chapel at Jesuit-run Judson University


__ Kammerzelt says in his articles that he has always been a confidante to many friends after they have been in immoral situations, but mostly only admits to knowing stories involving friends who were assaulted. Kammerzelt also says he was the friend of a popular guy in school who assaulted other youth and was sentenced to juvenile detention. Kammerzelt says he didn’t know that was happening but that he and the friend always went together places to meet girls and that people questioned him because of it. We assume that Kammerzelt’s telling of these stories is his way of inviting victims of assault and remorseful students who were involved in immoral activity as well as “snitches” to come talk to him, because he will know how to cover-up sins and protect the rebellion and minimize the information to “help” them and be a “friend” to them. This is an interesting choice of leadership positioning on campus since there has been an undercurrent/ underground network (doing their worst activities off-campus mostly) of homosexuality and immoral activities present at Moody campus since at least the early 1980’s with a secret approval from the leadership. There are also clear testimonies of Moody students who are offended by the crude joking and conversations etc that are happening around campus frequently. We are convinced that Kammerzelt knows these activities and “helps” hide them as a “friend” to those who confess to him or tell him their concerns. This is the true work of a old-school Jesuit confessor (in Europe or among royalty) – who receives confessions on behalf of the Catholic Church and then doles out methods of penance and absolution; they are known from history to be very disgusting. Kammerzelt’s promoting/enticing students into sexual sins is a strong tool of the devil to ruin Moody Bible institute; sexually perverted Bible teachers are strongly condemned in 2 Peter 2 and Jude __ Kammerzelt is a second-tier Jesuit partner to collect data for Rosset, and there are definitely other professors who fill this role also]

- Education: Computer Information Systems B.S. from Bradley University, M.A. from Trinity International University.

- Brian Kammerzelt is Chair and Assistant Professor of Communications at MBI.


Kammerzelt presents himself as the “romance” (in which he includes a lot of sensuality) and social expert on Moody campus, which means that he is also aware of and guards the secrets of sensual behavior and sexual activity that should not be happening at a Christian institute because children of God do not engage in such activities outside of marriage. But Kammerzelt has only been there since 2008, and there are clear accounts of these immoral student networks on campus since the 1980’s. So there are no doubt several other professors who have led these efforts to hide the sins of unbelieving youth who come through Moody programs and have no respect for God and little interest or no good interest in doing “ministry”. These faculty, especially Kammerzelt operate to collect data back to Rosalie De Rosset to make sure nothing gets too far or to make sure it doesn’t get caught by someone who would disagree with the behavior. (more in Rosalie De Rosset bio)


Kammerzelt was a leader of the Moody Global Partner training conference in Africa whose attendees were from 22 countries and which was held in Nairobi Kenya where the President and many of his leadership are Jesuits. Kammerzelt is a signer on the 2011 Evangelical Call to Stop Poisoning of the Unborn which is a complete and intentional distraction from the larger causes of air pollution and mercury poisoning through chemtrail geo-engineering spray and dangerous vaccines.


Kammerzelt spoke last year at Jesuit-led Judson University for their Chapel. Judson U. hosts the annual World Leaders Forum – speakers have included prominent Jesuits and Neo-Con politicians George W. Bush (Skull and Bones and prominent Nazi family), Tony Blair (former British Prime Minister and has spent two decades as a top British/European Union Representative to force Israel into dangerous treaties), Condoleeza Rice (former Secretary of State who constantly harassed Israel on behalf of Nazi Bush’s “Road Map to Peace”), Newt Gingrich (prominent Jesuit founder of “Contract with America” and whose wife Callista is a highly-trained Jesuit and is Jesuit Donald Trump’s current Ambassador to Vatican/Rome, Eric Metaxas (Jesuit partner with Jesuit Paulist Father’s Media rep. Dave Dwyer and Jesuit Peter Kreeft  and National Prayer Breakfast and Kirk Cameron and prominent follower of Deitrich Bonhoeffer who built the pre-cursor to World Council of Churches), Caroline Kennedy (daughter of Catholic John F. Kennedy and recent U.S. Ambassador to Japan under Barack Obama). Judson University also hosts the community Prayer Breakfast which is a subsidiary of the Washington D.C. satanic “Family”/Fellowship/C-street gang. Judson faculty also includes Karen Love whose family (Love Family) are Chicago directors/organizers of the largest ecumenical networks (more in John Fuder bio).



Gregg Quiggle [Jesuit myth-maker and “Official Historian” for Moody Bible Institute on the Life of Dwight Lyman Moody; Quiggle is B.A. Jesuit Psychologist from Jesuit-led Wheaton, also has M.A. from both Jesuit-led Wheaton and openly Jesuit Marquette University in Church/Theological History __ Quiggle believes that Vatican II and the Jesuit-led Charismatic movement (founded in Rome in 1906) were helpful for dialogue between Catholic and Protestant leaders. It works for them that both movements confuse God’s truth __ Quiggle promotes/lauds Billy Graham’s and John Stott’s Lausanne movement as if it were based on Dwight Moody’s example of ministering in England/Scotland with Anglican ministers. But actually Stott was personal Anglican Jesuit Chaplain to the highest satanist in Britain – Queen Elizabeth II and Billy Graham was personal friend of Pope John Paul II (who called him sincerely his “brother”) since 1977 when Bill Bright and Billy Graham partnered in Krakow with then Archbishop Karol Wojtyla and Graham filled his pulpit on the day that Wojtyla was appointed Pope John Paul II


__ Quiggle likes to serve as fake Protestant opposition in media and debates with Jesuits/Catholic “evangelists” in order to give them a voice on Protestant Evangelical platforms to open the door to interfaith dialogue as Erwin Lutzer is doing. “Evangelists” from the Roman Catholic religion are just preaching forced submission to the Pope. One example of this is with Julie Roys’ former show at Moody called Up For Debate in which she welcomed Devin Rose of St. Joseph’s Vanguard one time where Quiggle and Roys hesitantly agreed that his speech sounds almost Evangelical “born-again” __ Jesuit Quiggle pretends – just as Jesuit Erwin Lutzer is also doing – that St. Thomas Aquinas-inspired C. S. Lewis Institute (which is led by Roman Catholics and many Jesuits, Anglicans, and partners of Lausanne, Rockefellers, and satanic Fellowship Foundation in D.C.) on Moody property restores Moody’s Biblical foundation there __ Considers Carl F. H. Henry to be a hero and was glad to meet his son Congressman Paul Henry who recommended that Quiggle teach an apologetics course at Moody open to the public


__ In Quiggle’s Ph.D., he makes a word-smith’s effort to reshape Moody’s work as a social program rather than just gospel preaching for example he states that Moody “never fully embraced the Calvanistic goal of a righteous republic” and “Thus from Moody’s perspective, political or structural reforms divorced from evangelism were ultimately doomed to fail”. In another example, rather than recognize that Moody got his theology from the Bible and talking with God, Quiggle suggest Moody’s theology came from personal circumstances, experiences, and temperament. Quiggle also quotes authors who frame Moody’s social views as if discussions about industrialization, immigration, and urbanization were against the gospel and that Moody’s purpose of ministry was reactionary to socio-economics. We are absolutely confident that Moody’s focus was on the gospel and ministry perhaps to a neglect of some social topics, but to frame him as reactionary or pridefully self-centered or ignorant is quite hurtful. And certainly, Moody was not agreeable to building a false kingdom on earth as if it were for God – as the Catholics and Jesuits like Quiggle pretend it is.]

- Education: Jesuit Psychology (BA) Wheaton College and an MA from both Wheaton College and openly-Jesuit Marquette University in Church and Theological History. Quiggle earned a PhD at Open University in U.K. with a Doctoral Thesis on the subject of Dwight Moody’s Urban Social Vision which he sees closer to Mark Jobe’s and Lausanne’s vision which is nothing like D. L. Moody’s actual gospel work.


- Gregg Quiggle is Professor of Theology and Dean of Moody Study Abroad program. Quiggle has taught at Moody Bible for 32 years.


- Gregg Quiggle is the Official Historian and spokesperson on the life of D. L. Moody for MBI for example in the book A Legacy of Preaching which includes Catholic “Fathers” - St, Augustine and St. Francis of Assisi, Jesuit founder of the first attempt at World Council of Churches Deitrich Bonhoeffer, Four Square Pentecostal founder Aimee Semple McPherson, Catholic-led Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell, and Jesuit 33 degree Freemason “Evangelist” Billy Graham and Anglican Chaplain/advisor to Queen Elizabeth II Mr. John Stott CBE who are both founders of the Jesuit Lausanne Movement for Vatican II Council partnership (Moody’s Jonathan Armstrong also contributed a chapter on the life of Ephrem the Syrian Deacon and mystic hymnographer who wrote against heresies).


Quiggle also believes that Vatican II and the Jesuit-led Charismatic movement were helpful for dialogue between Catholic and Protestant leaders. It works for them that both movements confuse God’s truth. Quiggle makes clever attempts in Moody media (for example with Julie Roys Up For Debate with Devon Rose of St. Joseph’s Vanguard – trying to sound like born-again evangelical Catholics) to allow Jesuit Catholics to be considered as preachers of the true gospel and like Protestant Evangelicals. Jesuits are the “evangelists” or “evangelicals” of Catholicism, but they proselytize for the Pope and try to discredit true believers just as what Jesuit Gregg Quiggle is doing to Moody Bible Institute and D. L. Moody – as we want to show from more media of Gregg Quiggle. They do not preach Jesus, but Quiggle wants to give them a media platform to sound like they do. Quiggle play/acts out the lines of Martin Luther in his interviews to sound like he stands firmly on the Bible as his authority for doctrine rather than on “Church” traditions in his conversations with Jesuit and Catholic leaders who want to destroy true faith in Jesus in favor of political world government schemes. Quiggle, as expert on the life of D. L. Moody, knowingly, willfully tells lies and pretends that the arrival of the Catholic and Jesuit-led C. S. Lewis Study Center (more in James Spencer bio) on Moody’s hometown Northfield property means a restoring of the faith and teaching of Dwight Moody which Quiggle says will honor Moody’s legacy of supposedly uniting liberal and conservative strands of Christianity together in teaching theology. Quiggle pretends that D. L. Moody set the example for ecumenical partnerships across the Atlantic that set the precedent for the Lausanne Movement partnership between Billy Graham (Free-mason and Jesuit “evangelist” for ecumenical unity under Roman Catholics and close personal friend of Pope John Paul II) and John Stott (Anglican Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II and principal author of the Jesuit Lausanne Covenant – Stott is also a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire).


Quiggle in the Introductory Abstract to his Ph.D. dissertation on the Urban Social Vision of D. L. Moody states that Moody “never fully embraced the Calvinistic goal of a righteous republic”, which indicates that Quiggle does promote religious state government such as the one run by Calvin in Geneva which became the basis for all of the Democracies and International Unions and United Nations. They think they are “moral” while not having to be God-honoring though they deceptively suggest they honor God also. Quiggle goes on next to say that “Thus, from Moody’s perspective political or structural reforms divorced from evangelism were ultimately doomed to fail”. But we are confident that Moody would never support a world-wide “righteous republic” led by the Vatican, so Quiggle is overlaying thoughts that Moody wasn’t thinking. Moody just wanted a Christian community that could train believers to live among the world in a way that is pleasing to God (in their work ethics and lifestyle) and also seeks to save lost souls with the best Bible-centered heart and doctrine as much as possible. Quiggle wants to super-impose his own interests on Moody’s work. Quiggle does this further by comparing Moody with Finney who was knowingly creating many false converts (and admits this in his last years), which Moody was not doing. Quiggle further ascribes Moody’s beliefs as seeking pietistic means to reform society, where again we are convinced that Quiggle is super-imposing his own belief. Quiggle also psychoanalyzes Moody’s theology and ignore that Moody’s theology was based on Bible and talking with God to get answers. But Quiggle suggests Moody’s theology was based on personal circumstances, experiences, and temperament. Quiggle quotes other authors who suggest that Moody saw industrialization, immigration, and urbanization as threats to the gospel and that Moody’s purpose of ministry was reactionary to socioeconomics, which we are certain is a lie. But he does admit that Moody did not focus on preaching about social topics, but Quiggle like the author he quotes seem to think that this was a failure on Moody’s part to result in real revival throughout the world as if Moody was a pawn in a world political movement, which Moody certainly did not see his ministry this way. In the midst of all of Quiggle’s social drama about middle-class politics and popularism and societal needs, Quiggle does admit that Lyle Dorsett read 1,800 of Moody’s personal documents before writing his biography A Passion For Souls: The Life of D. L. Moody, in which he showed clearly that Moody was conflicted within himself about how to achieve the gospel work, rather than the pretense that Moody was following socioeconomic agendas. Certainly Moody did have a lot of Freemasons, Catholics, Anglicans, Calvinists, and people of other political persuasions trying to misdirect his efforts.


Sometime around 1990, Gregg Quiggle met Congressman Paul Henry who he said is “the son of one of my heroes Dr. Carl Henry”. Congressman Henry convinced Quiggle to try to start Moody summer apologetics courses for non-Moody students, which Quiggle attempted to do in 2011 (Moody Summer Studies which didn’t seem to last) on the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of the Institute. Carl F. H. Henry was the founder of many ecumenical programs with Billy Graham and Harold Ockenga, because they didn’t know which one(s) would work to force Protestants under the Vatican. Out of Henry’s relationship with Harold Ockenga and Billy Graham (who had funding available from Rockefellers when he had a good plan), they hoped to start giant “Christian” training centers (particularly Crusade University which failed) for their newly assertive “neo-evangelical” philosophies that they hoped could bring the political power over government and over the popular agendas of the American people into their hands toward broad ecumenical goals – under the Vatican. By the way, this is the concept behind the new partnership between the C. S. Lewis Institute and The Moody Northfield Mission Center (led by Moody’s James Spencer) in cooperation with The Moody Center for Global Theological Education (led by Moody’s Jonathan Armstrong). Though the Crusade University failed (notice the name - Crusade), all of the other initiatives that Carl F. H. Henry and his friends thought up are still in use. For example, ecumenical seminary partnerships for research and library collections like the Chicago Area Theological Library Association (more in Daniel and Amy Koehler bio); ecumenical think-tanks to confront liberal social agendas like the National Association of Evangelicals and the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the SBC; ecumenical scholars fellowships like the C. S. Lewis Institute and the Evangelical Theological Society, and finally giant ecumenical “Christian” super-universities like Liberty University and Grand Canyon University to educate in secular fields of work from a “Christian” view-point.


Gregg’s parents were long-time missionaries with SEND International and later members of College Church at Wheaton College campus. Quiggle has spoken at Calvary Memorial Church about Church history. Quiggle (in a forum arranged by Moody’s Jesuit-Master Jonathan Armstrong) has debated Baptism and Communion with Todd E. Johnson (Fuller Theological Seminary faculty and former faculty of North Park Seminary and openly Jesuit Loyola University), John R. Stephenson (Professor at Concordia Lutheran Seminary and graduate of Jesuit-led Oxford and Cambridge), and Gordon T. Smith (President of Ambrose University College merger of Christian and Missionary Alliance with Church of the Nazarene). Quiggle promoted Phil and Vicki Epperson’s (of Stone Church – Assembly of God) road trip to pray at the state’s capitals as like itinerant preaching like D. L. Moody or Billy Graham or Assembly of God preachers.



Bryan O’Neal [M.A., Ph.D. @ Purdue University; Associate Provost which is a role that puts him in charge of the spiritual foundation and Biblical accuracy of the entire of Moody Bible Institute teaching, but as we show here, he does not believe God’s Word and even defends Muslim’s beliefs as an equal voice to historic Christian theology on knowledge of God’s thinking __ Replaced James Spencer as Dean of Moody Distance Learning so that Spencer could work on the Northfield Mission project; nominated Jonathan Armstrong to be future Director of Aqueduct Project in the planning (Dallas Gathering) conversations with Brad Smith of Bakke Graduate University (Ray Bakke mentors Mark Jobe) and Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological and Manfred Kohl who is a leader of Lausanne Movement since before the 1966 Berlin event started the international project __ Debater with prominent Atheist Dan Barker at Loyola University and Unitarian Universalist platforms in Chicago and Florida


 __ Debates also with Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn articles – in which O’Neal particularly stated in 2014 discussion that the flood could be “figurative or mythical”. The primary reasons O’Neal gave for why he couldn’t agree that it is mythical is that it would raise the question of why would Christians tell stories to scare people into good behavior and secondly because he says Jesus and New Testament writers “seem to regard it as historical”. At a late point in the email exchanges, O’Neal answers Zorn’s question about whether God knew “that his first iteration of mankind would go so wrong that he’d have to summarily destroy… life on earth?” O’Neal’s response is “Yes. At least I think so. I think the large majority of historic and contemporary Christian theology agrees with me, but I recognize that there is a minority voice in opposition. And of course, I don’t speak for Jews and Muslims who also confess the accuracy of the Biblical text.” This was still touted by Moody staff as a strong defense of the Bible being the inerrant, inspired Word of God


__ O’Neal does not believe the Word of God to be infallible and given and preserved to us by God, and he covers for so many other faculty who think similarly saying that the accusations about MBI allowing faculty members who deny the authority of the Word of God are “false. All of our faculty affirm inerrancy annually when they sign their annual contract. It’s explicit… There is no drift. It is always possible that an individual within an institution does drift or lean, and then that has to be examined and corrected.” __ So O’Neal gets all faculty to sign the inerrancy statement by which all faculty who do not believe in God’s Word are found lying to the Holy Spirit __ But then just to be sure this lie sounds believable, O’Neal co-wrote Standing Firm: The Doctrinal Commitments of Moody Bible Institute with John Jelinek who is Interim Provost __ They also added an additional factor to confuse everything by now requiring faculty to sign onto the ecumenical Jesuit-written Chicago Biblical inerrancy statement which O’Neal said is only one definition of inerrancy which is an admission that he is allowing faculty their personal loopholes __ It is very telling that O’Neal could consider Muslims as defenders of the “accuracy of the Biblical text”. That tells us everything we need to know, since the Quran actually rewrites the flood account and also the creation account in at least three ways (besides many other passages of Scripture that it rewrites). The Quran says that God told Noah to take more than the eight named. And regarding Creation, the Quran says God used a sexual element in the making of Adam; the Quran created a lie about God requiring all the angels to bow before Adam and that the angel “Iblis” disobeyed (a lie which was adopted by Kabbalah Judaism), and that God creates all souls and introduces Himself to them up there and makes them swear that they know who He is and that they understand that He will judge them in the after-life before He places them into a body on earth. Furthermore, in dozens of places, the Quran accuses the Jews and Christians (meaning Catholics) of changing the Scriptures to serve their own interests (and so the Quran retells the story with their alteration from the True God-given Scriptures), thereby repudiating the accuracy of the Biblical Text – contrary to what O’Neal has said. If that doesn’t do enough to show O’Neal to be an interfaith spiritual overseer (provost), there’s probably plenty more to see or hear


__ Former Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Evangelical Theological Society Midwest and has networked in ecumenical conversations with Jesuits such as from Loyola __ Presbyterian Church planter and friend of Mid-America Reformed Seminary staff Alan Strange __ Member of 2019-2023 Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education, nominated by James Spencer (more in James Spencer bio) – this is the accreditation program requiring Jesuit Spiritual Formation to be taught at Moody Bible Institute __ There is actually far more on all of this in the full bio with the quotes from the very long conversations etc.]

- Education: Master and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Purdue University.

- Bryan O’Neal is former Moody Professor of Philosophy then Vice President/Dean of Moody Distance Learning, and is now Vice President and Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Assessment as well as faculty development and educational innovation.


O’Neal is actively involved in the leadership of the Midwest region of the Evangelical Theological Society along with Moody’s Laurie Norris. Bryan was a Presbyterian church-planter in Indianapolis and is active (even preaching) in a Presbyterian church that is close to the leadership of Mid-America Reformed Seminary’s Dr. Alan Strange. September 2013, O’Neal debated the existence of God with Freedom From Religion Foundation spokesperson Dan Barker at an event hosted by the Center for Inquiry in Tallahassee whose co-sponsors included Ratio Christi, Freethinkers’ Forum, Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee, Humanists of Florida Association. O’Neal also debated Dan Barker in December 2013 on Jesuit Loyola University LakeShore campus sponsored by the Loyola U. Secular Student Alliance (Dan Barker is SSA Speakers Bureau most requested speaker)and the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Chicago. The purpose of events like this is to make friendships and open doors between Loyola’s students and Moody’s students besides the obvious of opening doors to atheistic doubts and skepticism that usually is not well-enough answered to warn Christians how to identify the real tricks. The moderator of the debate was Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn a long-time friend of Bryan O’Neal since when O’Neal was a correspondent for Eric Zorn’s or Chicago Tribune’s articles. Zorn has been a columnist for Chicago Tribune since 1986 and started their first blog column in 2003 called “Change of Subject”.


O’Neal discussed the 2014 movie Noah produced by prominent Kabbalist (elite gnostic Freemason Judaism) mystic who is now known for putting Kabbalah in his films such as Pi, The Fountain, and mother! besides his other strange films. In the Noah film, Aronofsky clearly references the Zohar (text of Kabbalah), Watchers (from both Kabbalah and from the gnostic false Book of Enoch – not written by Enoch, but stole one phrase from the Biblical letter of Jude for its psuedepigraphic fake verification), psychology (scoffers who try to make God and Noah to sound like psychopaths or something similar), Tubal-Cain as the antagonist/infiltrator (from Free-Mason/Kabbalah stories which make Tubal-Cain a hero against God), and a lengthy list of other accusations and myths and distortions that make God the devil and turn the devil into a false “god” as all mystery religions throughout history have always done. So O’Neal took up this conversation with Eric Zorn who is a skeptic/agnostic against the Bible, but O’Neal does not address any of these evils in the film at all.


The tragic part of this situation is that O’Neal does not even defend God or the Bible. We will quote him directly from the conversation with Eric Zorn, so you can see why it is tragic:

O’Neal: “I take the biblical flood account historically. But even if the story is figurative or mythical, the point of its inclusion in Scripture is to teach us something about God and his character – or us and our character.” [so he is willing to pretend that it could be figurative or mythical]

O’Neal: “But perhaps God is indeed just and wise and righteous.” [not a defense of God’s justice from someone who knows God, but rather a suggestion that maybe God was right somehow in a way that hasn’t been discovered yet]

O’Neal: “Again, we’re assuming that our moral sense is correct.” [again including himself in the opinion that God was unjust in worldwide judgment through the flood]

O’Neal: “Though you’ve repeatedly offered me the “escape hatch” of writing off the flood account as mythical, I’ve not done so because (1) it wouldn’t satisfy the critics anyway – the next objection would be that it is just as deplorable to use “scary stories” to control people, and (2), it would expose me to all sorts of other criticism, such as the fact that Jesus and some of the New Testament writers appeal to the Noah story and seem to regard it as historical.” [Wow! So his number one reason for not calling the Bible a myth is because it wouldn’t satisfy critics who see the Bible as stories to threaten people away from Hell and his number two reason is exactly the criticism he should be receiving for not believing that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God]

O’Neal: “The common approach is to read the entire Bible atomistically, as a jumble of stories collected together, independent and suitable as “stand-alone” narratives or morality tales. This is a completely misguided approach, and certainly not how the original author and hearers (or readers) of the Genesis account would have come to this text. Historically, the book of Genesis is part of the family history of the nation of Israel; the first eleven chapters (which include the flood account) are not intended as history for its own sake, but primarily serve to set the scene for the introduction of the main human protagonists – Abraham and his descendents.” [as if the Bible were a story with protagonists and scenes and not historical account directly from God for our benefit of knowing/trust]

O’Neal: “As a professional philosopher, I’m a bit thin-skinned on charges of critical and logical inconsistency…” [yep, not a Bible believer/teacher, but a philosopher]

O’Neal: “Now on to the questions you raise: ‘At the time of creation did God know that his first iteration of mankind would go so wrong that he’d have to summarily destroy… life on Earth?’ Yes. At least, I think so. I think the large majority of historic and contemporary Christian theology agrees with me, but I recognize that there is a minority voice in opposition. And of course, I don’t speak for Jews and Muslims who also confess the accuracy of the Biblical text.”


No, Mr. O’Neal, you also don’t speak for the followers of Christ who know and trust God’s account of Creation and His manners of how to deal with the extreme wickedness (murder/immorality/idolatry/sorcery/constant lying and myth-making and abusive networking dominance) that was being passed on quickly to each successive generation as God told us will happen again in its final world-wide phases as recorded in the Book of Revelation during the Tribulation and at the conclusion of the 1,000 year reign of Christ, which you are apparently unsure whether God could know this information about the future rebellion of mankind. And you don’t speak for the Bible either; you clearly speak as an “expert” Jesuit philosopher who does not know God but has to pretend to in order to control us toward one-world religious partnerships with Kabbalists (Jewish mystics) and Muslims under the Vatican. However, this conversation was used by Colson Fellow Dr. Bill Brown (and others) to suggest that the horrible movie Noah is useful for dialogue between secularists/atheists/scoffers and Christians. No, it pretty much has only generated conversations like this one – not much useful in the way of understanding God better or becoming honest about the cruel effects of cumulative sin choices toward an anti-christ kingdom.


World Magazine article on January 17, 2018 and published in the February 3rd issue states this about O’Neal’s response to questions of anti-Biblical professors: “Moody VP and theology professor Bryan O’Neal said any claims that MBI allows faculty members to abandon Biblical inerrancy are [quoting O’Neal now] ‘false. All of our faculty affirm inerrancy annually when they sign their annual contract. It’s explicit… There is no drift. It is always possible that an individual within an institution does drift or lean, and then that has to be examined and corrected.’ ” [end both quotes] In a joint official statement on January 23, 2018 Greg Thornton and John Jelinek with Moody Trustee Chairman Randy Fairfax said flatly, “there is no corruption, or any illegal or unethical activity taking place at Moody.” So now we know why O’Neal was selected to be Associate Provost at MBI and why it was decided that he should co-write Standing Firm: The Doctrinal Commitments of Moody Bible Institute in 2019 with Moody Theological Seminary Provost John Jelinek. O’Neal has managed to maintain an image of believing the Bible while denying its truth at the same time. And O’Neal has served Moody Jesuits many times in covering for their unbelief and sabotage.



Bryan Litfin [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological and @ University of Virginia; Son of Duane Litfin, a popular former President of Wheaton College who is a close partner with Moody in conferences and community events. Duane has Jesuit Doctorates from Purdue University (where we got Bryan O’Neal from) and Jesuit-led Oxford University in Britain. Duane was previously a Professor at Free-mason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary after being a student there in classes with Jesuit Erwin Lutzer who mentored him in Homiletics class of Dr. Haddon Robinson. Both Duane and Bryan Litfin were contributors to Proclaiming Jesus: Essays on the Centrality of Christ in the Church in Honor of Joseph M. Stowell (who was also a student at the time of Lutzer and Litfin at DTS and knew them a little and Stowell has also served on the Board of Trustees for Wheaton College)


__ Bryan Litfin is a “Protestant Patristics Scholar” which is the study of almost entirely Catholic Church Fathers. Litfin is author of Getting To Know The Church Fathers 2007 book for Evangelicals to accept and get used to the “authority” of Catholic Church Fathers, though he avoids the history that shows all of the deadly threats and torture, Inquisitions and heresy hunts, and constant oppression. By doing this, Litfin joins his hand in the interfaith dialogue that the Roman Catholic Church is leading as he tries to convince Protestants that most of our beliefs from the Bible are held in common with the Vatican authorities. But he knows quite well that the Vatican adjusts/adapts to whatever religion it is trying to infiltrate and control for worse plans of the devil. The Scripture clearly says that it should be no surprise that the devil’s worst partners pretend to be the best angels of light/truth/honesty, since that is what the devil himself does. In this book Litfin says (for example) “We are small figures inevitably carried forward by the weight of the holy catholic church, whose sails are filled by the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit”


__ Litfin was the professional host of the “Evangelical and Catholic Ecumenical Dialogue” on Moody Bible campus in 2013 with Erwin Lutzer’s close friend John Armstrong from Wheaton College and Jesuit Father Robert Barron – a Thomas Aquinas Catholic scholar __ Litfin is a member of The Gospel Coalition which is a Lausanne Vatican II partner __ Litfin was inspired to write religious fiction by Catholic J. R. R. Tolkien (among other similar Jesuit inspirations) who is one of the most subtly anti-semitic and anti-christ voices speaking for satan that has ever been accepted by “Christians” as harmless fiction as he entirely rewrote the prophecies of Ezekiel and Revelation to make the anti-christ a hero]

- Education: Dallas Theological Seminary and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) in ancient church history at University of Virginia.

- Bryan Litfin is Professor of Theology at MBI


He is known as a first-rate Patristics Scholar, meaning an expert in Church “Fathers” who partnered in the corruption and persecution of the real church of Jesus by carrying on bullyish leadership competitions (Nicolaitan-type leadership) and assisting the “credibility” of the “Catholic Church”. Bryan takes a whole new approach to trying to convince Protestants that all truth came from the same stream of “church fathers”. Jesuit Erwin Lutzer calls Litfin’s 2007 book Getting To Know The Church Fathers: An Evangelical Introduction – a “treasure”. Bryan follows Thomas Aquinas’ attempt to coordinate all “Church” leaders’ messages together into one big giant ugly universal (Catholic) “Church” history. Litfin tries to convince Protestants that most of what we believe, we hold in common with the Catholic authorities also.


In 2013, Litfin along with Jesuit John Armstrong (Adjunct Professor of Evangelism at Wheaton, not to be confused with Moody Global Center’s Jonathan Armstrong), and Jesuit Father Robert Barron presented a discussion at Moody Bible Institute called the “Evangelical and Catholic Ecumenical Dialogue”. John Armstrong who is a forty-year friend of Lutzer helped the partnership of Erwin Lutzer and Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala in collecting a “Pastors” leadership network in Chicago which led to the recent promotion of interfaith curriculum Explore God Chicago used in more than 800 Evangelical churches in Chicago. This same group probably also helped convince Amar Peterman and Timothy Heyward to attend Youth Core’s Interfaith Leadership Institute in August of last year (2018). Litfin is a member of The Gospel Coalition. For writing fiction (he is writing The Chiveis Trilogy with first book called “The Sword”) Litfin says his inspiration comes from The Lord of the Rings (Catholic J. R. R. Tolkien), Byzantium (and other works by Stephen Lawhead) and specifically Litfin says The Name of the Rose (by Umberto Eco), and A Canticle for Leibowitz (about a - Jesuit - Saint Isaac Leibowitz who helps rebuild the Post-Apocalyptic World – written by Walter M. Miller). This last inspiration is interesting in light of Cardinal Francis George’s statement about Jesuits being the heroes who rebuild the shards of broken civilization (more in Michael McDuffee bio).



Marcus Johnson [@ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ Jesuit-partnered University of Toronto; Deacon of The Episcopal Church of the Church of England __ Apologist for Roman Catholic dogmas/emphases, Catholic Catechism, Vatican II Council rewrites, and for using historical narrative to shape most disagreements between the Pope and true Christians as old and unnecessary __ Laying the ground-work for interfaith dialogue __ Writes arguments to shape future interfaith dialogue with Vatican __ Johnson liberally quotes from Thomas Torrance who was an organizer for World Council of Churches and Reformed-Catholic dialogue __ Theologian friend with many people who are artificially changing the conversation for Jesuit Roman Catholic benefit to sneak in among us pretending that the Catholic “Church” really did change their heart of unbelief and antagonism toward Christians __ Marcus was raised Roman Catholic, then transitioned to Lutheran then settled in The Episcopal Church – of The Church of England and is a Episcopal Deacon etc. __ Johnson has spoken at events alongside Episcopal scholars including his church’s Rector Amy Peeler who is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Jesuit-led Wheaton College


__ Marcus Johnson writing on behalf of the Calvin Theological Journal wrote a review of the book Is The Reformation Over? By Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom in which they argue that the theological differences have reduced between the Catholic Church and Reformed Protestants and no longer involve discussions of how to be saved, but only relate to how the church functions. In Johnson’s review, he says, “Noll and Nystrom have provided a clear, cogent, and evenhanded presentation of their topic, particularly to be commended for its attention to the historical circumstances that shape religious antagonism… This book is recommended as an admirable example of a well-balanced, reasonable, historically sensitive, and sympathetic call for ecumenical engagement and appreciation.” In other words, Johnson believes it is time to figure out how to reverse the Reformation, as we will show through his other writings and endorsements and partnerships.


__ Johnson and Clark begin their book with their inspiration from John Williamson Nevin. John Nevin is the close colleague and defender of Philip Schaff in their Mercersburg Theology who agreed with Roman Catholic doctrines such as infant baptism (as a step toward salvation), “spiritual real participation” presence of Christ consumed with the sacraments (as taught by St. Augustine and Martin Luther, though not a belief in substance change of the sacraments), the principle of church authority given to Peter to be expressed through a Federal or Confederate Union of “Christian” denominations (though he didn’t quite agree to Papal succession from Peter), and a mystic union between Christ and all His followers toward a Catholic human kingdom (though he supposedly didn’t believe that flesh and blood could inherit the kingdom of God). Philip Schaff spoke at the 1893 Parliament of World Religions promoting these teachings from a Protestant Presbyterian point of view in hopes of reuniting with the Catholic Church if Pope Leo XIII would reverse papal infallibility. In fact, Schaff was an early endorser promoting voice for the Parliament of World Religions which General Committee was Chaired by fellow Presbyterian John Henry Barrows of First Presbyterian Church in Chicago.


__ There are many interesting aspects of this Parliament. First of all, D. L. Moody refused to attend the Parliament because to do so would suggest that all religions are approximately the same and can walk together toward world solutions because they are agreed. Dwight Moody instead acquired as many preachers of the gospel as he could find to preach to the guests of the World’s Columbian Exhibition (Chicago World’s Fair), among which the Parliament of World Religions was included as one of many congresses/events. So Moody saw all of this false religion being preached to Chicago and saw the need to preach the true gospel. But Schaff not only attended and spoke at the Parliament but was also a promoter of the event and spent time with the Catholic delegates etc. ]

- Education: Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-partnered U. Toronto School of Theology (University of St. Michael’s College) whose partner graduate school Regis College is the theological study center for Society of Jesuits in Canada. Moody Professor John Clark also graduated along with Marcus Johnson at University of St. Michael’s College.

- Marcus Johnson is MBI Assistant Professor of Theology whose Teaching Assistant in 2009-2010 Paul C. Maxwell (who was also teaching assistant to Brian Kammerzelt) made the September 2018 statement/prediction to pave the way for Dr. Mark Jobe being presented as the champion to rescue Moody Bible Institute.


Marcus co-authored a book with Moody Professor John Clark titled The Incarnation of God: The Mystery of the Gospel as the Foundation of Evangelical Theology. John Clark and Johnson are friends and graduated together at University of Toronto and collaborate in writing reviews and debating theology in similar forums on Reformed and Calvinistic doctrines etc. Their book was endorsed by Joel Scandrett (Director of the Robert E. Webber Center of the Episcopal Trinity School for Ministry), Donald Fairbairn (Distinguished Professor of Early Christianity at Jesuit-led, Jesuit partnered Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), and Paul Metzger (Founder/Director of The Institute for Cultural Engagement at Multnomah Biblical Seminary which was a partner/founder of what became Moody Spokane campus with Jesuit Dr. Jack Lewis and is closely related to Billy Graham’s networks because Graham’s fifty-year friend Luis Palau is a graduate and on Board of Trustees at Multnomah). In their book, Clark and Johnson promote the ideas of John Williamson Nevin and Thomas Torrance trying to draw close lines of agreement between Protestant Reformed doctrines to historic Catholic dogmas toward Kingdom Dominionism (conquering ideologically on behalf of the Vatican to prepare for the kingdom of “Christ”).


This is not well known, but part of the task of defining beliefs this way is to eventually have narrowed lists of differences between religions for the sake of further inter-religious dialogue beyond just cooperation with the Vatican. Based on his writings, Marcus Johnson is definitely trying to set the boundaries toward a dialogue with the Roman Catholic system, but his work also will likely be used in discussions especially with Islam and Kabbalah in future interfaith dialogue (see more in Moody-Northfield-Short-Report Point #1). Another interesting aspect of this World’s Columbian Exposition is that one of the carpenters/contractors for the event was Elias Disney, the father of Walt Disney. These connections led Walt to become an early member of the DeMolay children’s Freemason training at the founding chapter in Kansas City, MO before joining the elite Rosicrucian/ Theosophical utopian networks in Los Angeles and built/settled in three houses all within one mile of Manly P. Hall’s Philosophical Research Society and Library. Hall was the celebrity expert occultist in Los Angeles in the 1920-1930’s on Rosicrucian/ Freemason/ Illuminati ideology. He was the exact same age as Walt Disney and was writing his mythical stories about occult history which definitely played a role in Disney’s Los Angeles networks and mythical imagination and they likely knew each other secretly. But the Chicago World’s Fair and many other World’s Fairs also served as inspiration for much of what Walt Disney built for the theme parks of a progressive successful world without God’s influence as much as possible. Additionally, it is interesting to note that Walt Disney’s camera director Robert Broughton who worked with him for 45 years also served as a camera/film director for the OSS (pre-CIA) and Allen Dulles (more in Jonathan Armstrong bio) during the four years of World War 2 and afterward Dulles and various CIA projects influenced and/or partnered in a great deal of Disney’s propaganda and films and secret Freemason operations.


The other interesting source that Marcus Johnson and John Clark rely on is Thomas Torrance who was an organizer for the World Council of Churches and for the Reformed-Roman Catholic Study Commission on Eucharist etc. Torrance also led the way for the historic agreement on the Trinity between the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and Eastern Orthodox Church in 1991. Many of Torrance’s children and grandchildren are prominent theologians in Church of Scotland and his grandson Iain also followed his footsteps in being Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Alan Torrance and Dr. Andrew Torrance founded the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology at St. Mary’s College of the University of St. Andrews which was originally founded to preserve the Catholic teachings against the Reformed movement. This is the same college which hosts The Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics which is promoted by Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu, Islamic History Professor Carole Hillenbrand, and Catholic Professor George P. Smith among many others. MBI Professor and Moody Church youth pastor Daniel Cameron is a member of this fellowship and has written for Billy Graham’s Christianity Today on the life and teachings of Torrance.


Marcus Johnson also promotes Thomas Torrance’s writings in Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ edited by Robert Walker. Johnson’s books have been endorsed by J. I Packer, Bryan Litfin, and Myk Habets among many others. Johnson was contributor to Evangelical Calvinism and Evangelical Calvinism II edited by Myk Habets and Bobby Grow. Myk Habets has served as co-Vice-President and is on the Editorial Board (for their Journal) for the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship


Johnson was raised Roman Catholic and then joined The Episcopal Church (member of the Church of England). Johnson attends St. Marks Episcopal Church in Geneva where he has been confirmed and serves as chalice-bearer, Scripture-reader, and acolyte and then was mentored to become a Deacon of the larger Episcopal Church.  Johnson spoke at the 2017 Trinity School for Ministry President’s Conference (Episcopal Seminary) along with Dr. Amy Peeler (Assistant Professor of New Testament at Jesuit-led Wheaton College), and Rev. Dr. Mark Tusken who are rector and assistant rector of St. Mark’s in Geneva. Trinity School former Dean Rev. Justyn Terry is now the Academic Dean at Wycliffe Hall Oxford where Jonathan Armstrong served as full-time theological faculty previously and which houses Ravi Zacharias’ Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics who are the biggest promoters (and share speaking faculty) of C. S. Lewis Institute (which is setting up a Study Center on Moody’s hometown Northfield campus.



John Jelinek [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary; Provost which is a role that puts him in charge of the spiritual foundation and Biblical accuracy of the entire of Moody Bible Institute teaching, but as we show here, he does not believe God’s Word __ President of Michigan Theological Seminary before its merger with Moody Theological Seminary in 2011 __ His assistant Randall Dattoli is a Jesuit __ Member of three ecumenical societies – International Society of Christian Apologetics founded by Jesuit Norman Geisler, Evangelical Theological Society (of course), and Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics __ Jelinek has written on Catholic-Orthodox ecumenical dialogue __ Partner since the beginning in Moody’s Kern Foundation/Acton Institute Faith, Work, and Economics program and partnered with Barnabas Group strategy session on how to “improve” the program run by Sajan Mathews (see Mathew bio) __ Former faculty of Alaska Bible College, a partner of the Intnl. Society of Christian Apologetics of which Jelinek is a member __ Friend of and spokesperson for every new incoming Jesuit at Moody Bible such as Deborah Gorton and Chris Brooks __ Spokesperson in the cover-up of scandals and questions, having recently said “there is no corruption or illegal or unethical activity”, but then co-wrote Standing Firm: The Doctrinal Commitments of Moody Bible Institute with Bryan O’Neal; Son Micah Jelinek is a pastor and is Branch Librarian at Moody Theological Seminary campus in Michigan]

- Education: is graduate of William Tyndale College (now Detroit Bible College), Theological Seminary, and Grace Theological Seminary.

- John Jelinek is Dean of Moody Theological Seminary and was ten year President of Michigan Theological Seminary before the merger with Moody Theological Seminary in 2011.


Jelinek has written about the progress of Catholic-Orthodox Reconciliation. Jelinek is former Professor of Bible at Baptist Bible College and Seminary and at Alaska Bible College who has hosted the International Society of Christian Apologetics conference. In 2013, Jelinek spoke highly of Jesuit Chris Brooks as the Dean of the Michigan campus. Jelinek has also praised other incoming leaders such as Jesuit Psychologist Deborah Gorton and Dr. Heather Shalley (new head of student enrollment).


Jelinek was participant in the cover-up of scandals and questions in the recent dismissal of so many faculty members, notably Jelinek agreed with Rich Weber to have the Provost’s Cabinet investigate, but then said that it was not helpful to argue point-by-point the recent allegations of liberal shift at Moody Bible Institute and said “We want to respond positively to it”, meaning that his followers should ignore all negatives. Then the joint official statement January 23 from new interim President and Provost Greg Thornton and John Jelinek with Moody Trustee Chairman Randy Fairfax said flatly, “there is no corruption, or any illegal or unethical activity taking place at Moody.” Jelinek then co-wrote Standing Firm: The Doctrinal Commitments of Moody Bible Institute in 2019 with Vice-President and Associate Provost Bryan O’Neal (more in Bryan O’Neal bio).



Jack Lewis [Spokane campus teacher before it was a Moody campus – when it was Inland Empire School of the Bible __ Lewis serves as Dean for the Spokane Moody campus __ Lewis is a Jesuit with a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosphy from and is a long-time partner of known Jesuit Gonzaga University located only a few blocks from campus __ Lewis is also a graduate of Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary. Inland Empire School of the Bible founded by Greater Spokane Association of Evangelicals in partnership with Multnomah School of the Bible __ Lewis is likely the contact or is close friends with the contact that brought about a library partnership between openly Jesuit Gonzaga University and Whitworth University and Moody – Spokane as still listed on Moody’s website under Other Library Catalogs __ Other programs at Spokane campus over which Lewis is Dean include partnership with National Association of Evangelicals’ World Relief and Red Cross __ Lewis was three-year Dean of The Global Proclamation Academy in concert with Freemason-led Dallas Theological Seminary for Global Theological Education which led to the partnership between Jonathan Armstrong and Bryan O’Neal in Aqueduct Project with DTS and Lausanne leaders (more in Jonathan Armstrong bio and Bryan O’Neal bio). There is a lot more to be said about Lewis’ friends and connections in Spokane and their effect on Moody.]

- Education: ThM Dallas Theol., Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit Gonzaga U.

- Jack Lewis is Moody Bible Institute Campus Dean in Spokane and Professor of Biblical Studies.



Daniel and Amy Koehler [Representatives at Moody to the ecumenical Jesuit-led Chicago Area Theological Library Association; Moody Archives Researchers __ Amy is Moody Distance Learning Librarian]

They are also both involved in the Moody partnership of Crowell Library with the Chicago Area Theological Library Association (CATLA) which you can see on Moody Bible Institute Other Library Catalogues. There are likely other librarians doing this networking, since there are One of the Koehler’s specific tasks (that they are allowed to tell us about) is working with Jesuit Billy Graham Center Archives to digitalize all of D. L. Moody’s history for online readability. But the purpose/founding of this program is an ecumenical library sharing program for students to access wide sources of information. It is one of the major programs set by Carl F. H. Henry and Harold Ockenga for establishing secret leadership partnerships with top Jesuit networks toward rejoining all American Protestant education under the Roman Catholic Vatican propaganda pathways. The Members of the CATLA are (Jesuit-led) Wheaton College and (Jesuit) Billy Graham Center, (Jesuit) DePaul University, (Rockefeller) University of Chicago, (Jesuit) Loyola University, (Rockefeller) Northwestern University/United Library, Roosevelt University (all six of these first ones are Jesuit-led and/or Rockefeller built/funded), Chicago Public Library, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Harold Washington College, McCormick Theological Seminary (Presbyterian partner with Jesuit DePaul U. and Lutheran Seminary and Rockefeller University of Chicago), (Jesuit-led) Trinity International University, University of Illinois Chicago, North Park University (John Fuder’s friend and former Moody Professor of Bible Dwight Perry is President), and Newberry Library. Moody also partners with the British Library which is the largest national library in the world. Moody partners with the UNESCO-tasked ecumenical association of European national Theological Library organizations (BETH).


Moody even partners with Universitat Tubingen in Germany whose most notable Catholic representative is Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) raised in a prominent Catholic family, joined Hitler’s Youth and anti-aircraft Nazi military forces, then was mentored by anti-Jewish Cardinal Faulhaber who spent time at Hitler’s private mountain retreat nearby in Obersalzburg and in 1936 proclaimed Hitler as God’s authority for Catholic establishment against the Jews of the world. Ratzinger became Chair of Dogmatic Theology for Catholic Seminary of the University of Tubingen before advising in the Vatican II council and later becoming Pope Benedict XVI. Another prominent Catholic alumnus of Universitat Tubingen is Walter Kasper, a Catholic Cardinal who is a very close advisor to the current Jesuit Pope Francis who also served as President of the Pontifical (Papal) Council for Promoting Christian Unity (meaning to force all Protestants under Vatican authority by hook or by crook as is always the procedure and satanic oath of the Jesuits and the Dominicans before them through the Office of Holy Inquisition). For example, as an attempt to scam the Protestants into seeing Vatican power as if they suddenly had a change of heart and are now tolerating true Christians, Kasper and Pope Francis are considering allowing married priests to serve in special circumstances where that may be required, since they do not consider celibacy to be an unalterable Catholic dogma. Obviously, the people’s logical distrust of the pattern of sexual immorality and crimes of equal-opportunity-offender priests (including some percentage who have also assaulted children) could be one such cause for granting priests to be married in attempt to change the appearance of the Catholic Church. Another reason could be that they know that 1 Timothy 4:3 marks them as the false church who has specifically forbidden marriage for so many of their monks, priests, nuns, etc by voluntary oaths with the devil through trickery. Other notable alumnus of Universitat Tubingen include Georg Hegel (German atheistic Philosopher known for his Hegelian Dialectic to dissolve all social norms into a lowest common denominator), Horst Kohler (former Director of Rothschild-built International Monetary Fund and later President of Germany), Kurt Kiesinger (former Chancellor of Germany), Martin Bangemann (ten-year European Union Commissioner), Kurt Gerstein (SS officer and Head of Technical Disinfection Services at Institute for Hygeine – Eugenics – of the Waffen SS), Deitrich Bonhoeffer (who founded the precursor to the World Council of Churches), Karl Barth (founder/leader of Vatican’s controlled faux-Protestant opposition to Hitler through the Confessing Church), Konrad Raiser (former Secretary General of the World Council of Churches), Johann Eck (director of Inquisitions against Protestants in Europe and notable Catholic opponent to Martin Luther), Klaus Topfer (United Nations Under-Secretary General), Jurgen Stark (Executive Committee of the Rothschild-build European Central Bank), and so many other high-level new world order agents. If we did a similar list of notable alumni from the other institutions on our American side, you would be shocked as we are that these are partners with Dwight Moody’s school for any reason, certainly not for educational materials to students who don’t understand the propaganda systems.


Now let’s come back to Chicago and talk specifically about the founding of the Chicago Area Theological Library Association (CATLA). CATLA started with planning in 1960’s and three other programs, the Association of Chicago Theological Schools and the Librarians’ Council of the Chicago Cluster of Theological Schools established in 1970  and the Chicago Theological Institute established 1969 partnering secretly together attempting to connect Roman Catholic, Jewish, Catholic Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant Christian networks of sharing information. This program was sponsored by the Lilly Endowment which is known for funding research in dangerous psychological experiments and utopian societies like the Shakertown Pleasant Hill Kentucky and their psych drug experimenting and New Harmony/State of Indiana program and inter-faith hospitality partnerships of United Way as well as ecumenical forced programs such as the Association of Theological Schools and other Rockefeller Brothers partnerships since 1964. In 1980-1981, the Association of Theological Schools (Rockefeller built agency which accredits Moody Theological Seminary and is requiring Jesuit Spiritual Formation which is written/taught by William Thrasher) used their accreditation visit to partner with Chicago Cluster of Theological Schools study to figure out how to require the schools to work together. This same year, the Chicago Jesuit School of Theology dissolved to give way to strengthening Loyola U. and the Jesuits refocused on St. Louis University (an official Jesuit institution founded in 1818) and partnered more closely with the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley as well as Jesuit Loyola University and their Arrupe House Jesuit Community (Retreat House) which in May of this year (2019) graduated its inaugural class (from 2015 with four year degrees) of the world’s first Jesuit Community College for a less-expensive Jesuit education to entice a broader audience to participate in Jesuit games against Chicago (since non-Catholics and even uninitiated poorer Catholics are not aware of how evil and cruel and hidden the global conquer tactics of Jesuits are and just tend to follow what they are told). The result of all of this is intended to slant information (by hiding past aggressions/abuses against true Christians and divisive splits to conquer all churches and forcing/mass-distribution of new groups of blatant and intentional false doctrines rather than repenting of them) toward ecumenical agreements by intentionally ignoring false doctrines and focusing on similarity of doctrines only.



Doug Hastings [not faculty – Moody Radio Vice-President __ Serving at least two terms as Board of Directors at National Religious Broadcasters (notice admittedly ecumenical Religious and not Christian Broadcasters, because there are so many large cults and Freemason voices in the mix). NRB is recently caught having lied about their financial condition and using the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA was founded by Billy Graham’s network of friends) to hide its dishonesty and corruption. It was such a scandal that it required ECFA President Dan Busby to resign just a few days ago __ The 75th Anniversary of NRB held in 2019 in Anaheim, CA was an ecumenical interfaith party which welcomed such strange speakers together as John MacArthur (Grace To You and Master’s Seminary), Rick and Kay Warren (Purpose Driven false gospel), Roma Downey and Mark Burnett (Roman Catholic mystics who wrote the Bible Miniseries and are in leadership of the Roman Catholic Shrine in Washington D.C. called the Museum of the Bible), Bobby Schuller (grandson of Robert Schuller), Greg Laurie (Harvest International who is trying to revive the Jesus Movement), Kirk Cameron (Left Behind and Saving Christmas), Alex Kendrick (Sherwood films like Fireproof), Tony Evans and his daughter Priscilla Shirer, Charles Stanley (In Touch), Mike Huckabee (Arkansas Baptist Governor assisting the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership with Mexico and Canada) – needless to say some of these people would have serious credibility issues with their followers if it were known they were all working together (which they are, but they can’t let you understand that), so some changed plans (such as John MacArthur of course). But Hastings has no problem supporting the Jesuits’ conglomerate of religious broadcasters and giving and receiving awards at their event.]

- Education: graduate of Columbia College

- Doug Hastings is Vice President of Moody Radio after serving as General Manager assisting the move to the newly built Chapman Global Media Center. 


All of this comes on the heels of partnering with Jesuit Greg Thornton for decades in Moody Media. Additionally, his wife Nancy Hastings is Executive Director of the Moody Alumni Association, which means that she is tightly controlling what information gets to alumni while honoring and partnering with the Jesuits who are overthrowing Moody Bible Institute. Doug Hastings has serves the Board of Directors of the National Religious Broadcasters Association in partnership with Michael D. Little and Gordon Robertson (Israel representative and Son of Pat Robertson whose father Absalom helped build the satanic Family/Fellowship in Washington D. C. now led by Doug Burleigh), Robert Jeffress (Jesuit advisor to Jesuit “President” Donald Trump), Jesuit Richard Land – SBC’s President of Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission and partner of Jesuit Norman Geisler and Freemason W. A. Criswell as well as interfaith negotiator), Rich Bott II (Council for National Policy – the “Christian” Council on Foreign Relations), Edward Atsinger and Stuart Epperson (CEO and Chairman for Salem Media Group), Ted Baehr (who convinces Christians to watch the devil’s propaganda in movies as entertainment), Dr. Paul Virts (former COO of Jesuit Michael Youssef’s Leading the Way), and Wes Ward and Doug Shaw (who partner with both Moody and giant ecumenical Jesuit networks like Wycliffe Associates, Gideon’s International, Five Q, and FamilyLife Today), Bob Lepine (Sr. Vice President of FamilyLife Today a ministry of Campus Crusade).


In 2019, Doug Hastings participated in the grand 75 year anniversary of NRB whose speakers were supposed to include the broad scope of ecumenical relationships such as John MacArthur, Charles Stanley, Kirk Cameron, Alex Kendrick (movie-maker), Rick and Kay Warren (Purpose Driven), Roma Downey (self-proclaimed Catholic mystic and influential partner of the Vatican Museum Shrine called the Museum of the Bible in Washington D. C.), Mark Burnett (Roma’s husband), Bobby Schuller (Robert Schuller’s grandson), and Greg Laurie. Many of these leaders changed plans so as to not be discredited in this scandal. But Doug Hastings, on behalf of Moody Radio of Chicago, received NRB’s Station of the Year Award and Doug presented the Bob Neff Award to Pastor Colin Smith.



Winfred Neely [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and in progress of an advanced Research Ph.D. at the old Jesuit-hub at University of Bristol __ Neely served as Teaching Pastor at Lawndale Community which is the church that co-founded the Christian Community Development Association with John Perkins – a sister organization to Mark Jobe’s New Life Centers (see more in our Mark Jobe report). Perkins is also co-founder of the Vatican’s Lausanne Movement Mission America Council with Bill Bright and Billy Graham – all three were mentored personally by Jack MacArthur and Henrietta Mears who co-founded the Hollywood Christian Club that made Billy Graham famous. John Perkins was actually mentored and funded by John MacArthur’s (of Grace To You and Master’s Seminary) dad Jack MacArthur as well as by Billy Graham in the civil rights’ leadership and in Freemason lodges which is where John MacArthur admits he and Perkins were on the night that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated (in the NAACP office located there). Billy Graham was a 33 degree Mason according to an old printed edition of the Free-mason Bible and Graham was personal friend to Pope John Paul II since when Bill Bright and Graham worked together in Krakow where Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) was resident Cardinal. Graham even filled Wojtyla’s pulpit the week that he became Pope. And John MacArthur is proud fifth generation “pastor” and boasts of his great grandfather Fullerton who was a Rosicrucian Grand Master Mason in Prince Edward Island. MacArthur also boasts of being a cousin of General Douglas MacArthur who was also a 33 degree Mason and Shriner. Even after all of Billy Graham’s talk about people just following the best light they have in their false religion and still getting into heaven without knowing Christ, John MacArthur still defended his family friend saying, “He preaches the true gospel”


__ Neely was invited to speak or did speak at the Lausanne Conference in the National Mall, D.C. called Together 2016 __ Neely has spoken at conferences recently alongside John MacArthur, Al Mohler (MacArthur’s Baptist friend), Charlie Dates, Paul Nyquist (Moody President), Jack Hayford (life-long friend of John MacArthur who is a Four-Square Gospel preacher), and at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and also in their Distinguished Ockenga Preaching Series __ Neely wrote a book called How To Overcome Worry which he promoted on the official Jesuit-order Paulist Fathers media called The Broken Halo with Father Dave Dwyer __ Neely commented on one of Julie Roys blogs about scandals of leadership and decided to cover for Paul Nyquist and COO Steve Mogck during the “financial crisis” which really is just the visible effects of the Jesuit take-over __ Neely is now a leader in professional media training with Theovision International and HCJB Global and Wycliffe Translators in several countries]

- Education: Trinity College, Wheaton College Graduate School, D.Min. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity and working toward an advanced research Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Bristol.

- Winfred Neely is Professor of Pastoral Studies at MBI.


Neely was set to speak at The Gathering – Together 2016 Mission America Coalition event, but we can’t confirm if he did. Other speakers at the conference were Nick Hall (President of Mission America Coalition), James Robison (ecumenical organizer for Pope Francis), Leith Anderson (President of National Association of Evangelicals), Anne Graham Lotz (daughter of Billy Graham), Bishop Ray Sutton (Presiding Bishop of Reformed Episcopal Church), Dr. Richard Land (interfaith Baptist leader), Bishop Harry Jackson (on religious advisory board to Donald Trump), Sammy Rodriguez (National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference), Ronnie Floyd (National Day of Prayer), Max Lucado (author), Jonathan Falwell (son of Jerry Falwell and pastor at Thomas Road Baptist), Dr. Jack Graham (also religious advisor to Trump), Benham brothers (sons of Flip Benham of Operation Save America), Kay Arthur (Precept Ministries), Greg Laurie (attempting to restart the Jesus Movement), Crawford Loritts (Vice-Chairman of the Board at Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade).  


Winfred Neely was one of the leaders who prayed for interim President Jesuit Greg Thornton during Founder’s Week in the midst of all of the turmoil of early 2018. At the same time a week or two before, Neely took to Julie Roys’ blog to comment that Paul Nyquist showed “good leadership and the courage to make hard decisions” in contradiction to the facts of the situation.


Neely recommends Richard Foster’s The Celebration of Discipline who pushes “contemplative prayer” of the Jesuits and highly promotes Thomas Merton who adopted Sufism, Buddhism, Hinduism into his prayer practices. Winfred Neely’s book How To Overcome Worry: Experiencing the Peace of God in Every Situation gave him wide attention and approval from Paul Nyquist to Dr. Crawford Lorritts. It also got Neely onto The Busted Halo Show with Father Dave Dwyer of The Paulist Fathers media (the same organization that founded the Acton Institute mentioned in the Chris Brooks bio).


Neely was Church-planting pastor of Living Hope Community Church. Neely was a missionary to Senegal for nine years. Neely was a leader of the Moody Global Partner training conference in Africa whose attendees were from 22 countries and which was held in Nairobi Kenya where the President and many of his leadership are Jesuits. This new Global Training Partnership was established with TheoVision International a ministry partner of HCJB Global (now called Reach Beyond or World Radio Missionary Fellowship). HCJB was the first world-wide missionary broadcasting ministry and is headquartered in Colorado Springs alongside Ted Haggard’s (National Association of Evangelicals) and James Dobson’s (Focus on the Family) mega-networks and Summit Ministries (more in Chris Brooks bio).  HCJB Global current President Wayne Pederson was previously Vice-President of Moody Broadcasting. The first Global Training Program was held in Bulgaria in partnership with National Religious Broadcasters (partnership because of Doug Hastings probably) and Charles Stanley’s In Touch Ministries – attendees from Moody included Collin Lambert, Bruce Everhart, Jon Gauger, Chris Segard, Adam Grandy, Julie Roys, Jennifer Epperson, and Tim Downey.








Samuel Naaman [@ ecumenical Jesuit Chongshin University and Bachelor in Social Work (Psychology) from University of Sind and @ Asbury Theological Seminary and @ ecumenical Asian Center for Theology; Worked for Franklin Graham’s Operation Christmas Child in Pakistan __ Graham’s Pakistan network saw interfaith potential in Naaman and sent him to South Korea for theological training then for a Doctorate in Missions. However, most missions leadership at the doctoral level are focused not on gospel work, but on interfaith dialogue which almost sounds the same except that it focuses on AGREEMENT with LEADERS of other faiths rather than sharing the gospel to the actual people in other religions/countries who have not had the chance to hear the gospel) __ Naaman was Professor of World Missions and Evangelism which title has now been changed to Professor of Intercultural Studies – do you see the difference? Now they are being more honest about what he really does.


__ As further solid evidence of Naaman’s interfaith work, we noticed the partnerships and activities of his leaders in the South Asian Friendship Center (SAFC). Naaman is President of SAFC – a community organization that besides its “Christian” format to reach the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh (combination of Hindu/Muslim) neighbors is also being used for shaping Chicago’s interfaith leaders __ Chris Castaldo, Naaman’s friend who spoke at the 2016 SAFC annual banquet has for seventeen years led at College Church on Wheaton College campus and as director of Wheaton College Ministry of Gospel Renewal at the Billy Graham Center devoted to “equipping evangelicals for constructive engagement with Catholic friends and loved ones” as a former Catholic himself. Castaldo has authored in three books about Catholics completing the Reformation and reuniting as One Catholic Church, as well as many writings in popular publications like Billy Graham’s Chrsitianity Today and Lausanne-partner The Gospel Coalition. Castaldo also co-authored in a book with Francis Beckwith (Catholic former President of Evangelical Theological Society), Brad S. Gregory (Roman Catholic), Lyle Dorsett (Anglican), Wilbur Ellsworth (Eastern Orthodox), and Dr. Robert Plummer from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The book was endorsed by Bryan Litfin (who led the Catholic dialogue on Moody campus) and Mark Noll (friend of Marcus Johnson who believes the disagreements between Protestants and Catholics are not on salvation issues, but only on right of authority in the church – see more in Marcus Johnson bio). Another book written about what divides and united Catholics with Protestants was endorsed by Ed Stetzer (Pastor at Moody Church), Gerald Hiestand (CPT Fellowships – see more in Eric Redmond bio), and Bryan Litfin. Castaldo’s book called Holy Ground: Walking With Jesus As a Former Catholic was endorsed by even more prominent voices including Norm Geisler, J. I. Packer, Lon Allison, Kevin DeYoung, and Philip Ryken (Wheaton President).


Further into leadership of Interfaith partnerships, Naaman’s SAFC Director of Hindu Ministries since 2007 is Anil Yesudas who has been organizing interfaith dialogue networks between Hindus and Christians since well before 2004, and has performed regular (weekly or bi-weekly or even more often sometimes) dialogue at Kalamazoo Hindu Temple and Vivekananda Retreat Center at least as recently as 2010. It is pretty much impossible that he didn’t know something of the problems Yesudas was creating since Yesudas refers to Christ as Lord Shri Jesus which is the Hindu sacred word for receiving purity and power from deities and denotes their connection to the Mother Goddess. It is doubtful that Naaman never bothered to know what activities Yesudas was leading especially since he was born in Pakistan with a sizeable Hindu population


__ Additionally, there is clear testimony from someone who was frequently involved (or worked) at the center that Naaman has shut down much of the regular activities and has moved the center and is just using his new center actitivities as a fund-raising gimick. There is no open-daily Christian hospitality center anymore like the coffee-house used to be and now the only events are scheduled meetups at the new location. They reduced the tutoring from 45 children to 6 or 7, and Naaman moved to a new home away from the community. Obviously, with any gospel preacher there would be a possibility that he was loudly rejected and chased away by the people of false religions. But that is not what is happening here, since Naaman was attracting and training interfaith leaders and even the activities before sound like worldly parties to attract the people of the world and not so much about gospel or ministry. But at least there was apparently ministry before. Naaman has either gotten caught by the Christians in his interfaith networking or else was getting caught for something else and decided to scale back. __ Naaman partners with Jesuit-led Wheaton campus College Church and Lon Allison’s Wheaton Bible Church (more in Andrew Schmutzer bio)]

- Education: University of Sind, ecumenical Chongshin University, Asbury (Methodist) Theological Seminary. Master of Divinity (M.Div.) graduate of ecumenical Asian Center for Theological Studies (Asia United Theological University). Chongshin University (Pyongyang Theological Seminary) was involved in the Korean Federal Council of Churches ecumenical leadership and the coercing pastors and Christians to bow to Shinto temples in Korea under Japanese occupation pre-World War II.

- Samuel Naaman is MBI Professor of Intercultural Studies.


There is more to be known about Naaman’s path from Pakistan where he grew up to somehow ending up in Korea and Philippines for education – both schools are closely connected to Billy and Ruth Graham’s (Ruth went to Pyongyang Foreign School) history and partnerships. The Asian Center for Theological Studies is founding partner of Asia Theological Association at the 1968 Asia-Pacific Congress of Evangelism held in Singapore as a follow up to Billy Graham’s original Lausanne Council in Berlin Germany in 1966 before the actual 1974 Lausanne Committee was founded in Lausanne Switzerland. The 1968 Congress of Evangelism’s Co-Chairman was Sydney Anglican Bishop Jack Dain OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) who then in 1974-1976 was Chairman of Lausanne Continuation Committee as well as other roles in Lausanne until retirement in 1978, the same year the Asia Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization was established. Manila, Philippines hosted the second world-wide Lausanne Council in 1989 in Manila, Philippines. The network in Manila is so connected with Lausanne that they became the host network for the second official world-wide conference in 1989 in Manila, Philippines (the third was in South Africa in 2010). This event in Manila started Luis Bush and his partnerships with Wycliffe Translators who have situated several of their world headquarters in nearby Singapore where the 1968 Congress held (more in William Thrasher bio). Additionally, the Asia Theological Association is the Asian sponsor of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education under the World Evangelical Alliance and further is a partner of the American Association of Biblical Higher Education on which Moody Bible Institute has at least five influential consultants, members and commission members – James Spencer, Tim Arens, Bryan O’Neal, Larry Davidhizer, and Dennis Fledderjohann. Naaman was born in Pakistan and later worked with Franklin Graham’s Operation Christmas Child there as well as Operation Mobilization (whose founder is a Moody graduate).


The South Asian Friendship Center’s Director of Hindu Ministries Anil Yesudas is founder of a number of interfaith dialogue groups in Kalamazoo, Chicago, etc. Yesudas on his 2004 website lists his purpose to help people “be prepared for Hindu-Christian Dialogue”. The first method involves Christians attending Hindu Temples and engaging in “Silent Observation (Internal Dialogue)”, the second step involves “Small Groups of approximately 10 Hindus and 10 Christians”, the third step says that the “External Hindu-Christian Dialogue… is not a platform where any form of worship service, either Christian or Hindu, would take place”. Yesudas refers to his Hindu Christ as Lord Shri Jesus – Shri is the Hindu sacred word used in prayers and invocations for receiving purity and power from gods and goddesses and denotes their connection to the Mother Goddess. Part of this involves “Christocentric Satsangs” (Sanskrit Chants) which Yesudas performed regularly for audiences in the Kalamazoo Hindu Temple from 2004 to 2009 in the Vivekananda Retreat Monastery from 2008 to 2010. Swami Vivekananda’s followers founded the Chicago Society at the Masonic Temple in 1930 (which later moved to other sites before the current retreat location) after they accumulated enough following from when Vivekananda spoke at the Parliament of World Religions (more in Marcus Johnson bio).  


The Friendship Center gives Campus Crusade’s Jesus Film to crowds at both the India and Pakistan Independence Day celebrations in Chicago. They have been a partner ministry with College Church of Wheaton College and host their annual banquet there and Wheaton Bible Church (more in Andrew Schmutzer bio). Other partners include Faith Fellowship Church and Christ Church Oak Hill.



Sanjay Merchant [@ Jesuit-led Biola University and @ Biola’s Jesuit-led Talbot School of Theology and @ Jesuit-led Claremont Graduage University; Merchant has taught at least one class on Understanding (Jesuit) Spiritual Formation in a church __ Merchant has written on and participated/taught in many Interfaith discussions with Mormons, Buddhists, Muslims, Roman Catholics at the University of Southern California Muslim Student Association, at Brigham Young University (top Mormon school in Utah), the 2011 Interfaith Series at Grand Canyon University, the 2010 Dialogue between Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism, as well as two of the annual meetings of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology __ One of Merchant’s specialty topics of study is Thomas Aquinas doctrines (see more in Jonathan Armstrong bio) __ Merchant is a member of four ecumenical societies – Evangelical Theological Society, Evangelical Philosophical Society, College Theology Society, Canadian Evangelical Theological Association and also member of the interfaith American Academy of Religion]

-- Education: Biola University and Talbot School of Theology as well as a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University School of Religion. Claremont hosts the Peter Drucker School of Management. Drucker was a leader of the Mega-church and Community Church movements which was carried on by Rick Warren and Leadership Network etc.

-- Sanjay Merchant is Associate Professor of Theology at MBI


Sanjay has also taught at least one class on Understanding (Jesuit) Spiritual Formation in a church in California. His specific areas of study involve Trinitarian theology, Thomas Aquinas and John Calvin, 17th and 18th Century Philosophy and 20th Century Theology. Sanjay served three years as Instructor of Philosophy at Grand Canyon University. Merchant has debated James Croft at an event sponsored by Campus Crusade. Merchant has also discussed Atheism on Billy Graham’s show Decision Today back in 1999.


Merchant has participated in many interfaith discussions such as at University of Southern California Muslim Student Association and in 2010, Cardinal Francis George’s (Archbishop Emeritus of Chicago) dialogue with Mormon leaders at Brigham Young University and 2011 Interfaith Series at Grand Canyon University and 2010 Dialogue between Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism hosted by the Jewish Family and Children’s Services.



Tim Sigler [former faculty; Education @ Jesuit-led Trinity International University; Taught at John MacArthur’s Masters College IBEX program __ Scholar-in-Residence of Christian Jew Foundation Ministries __ Member/Partner with Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). Sigler’s Church – where Sigler is an Elder – hosted the LCJE Conference in 2014 at Billy Graham Center in Wheaton. Sigler was a contributor with this same network of Lausanne on Randall Price’s What Should We Think About Israel?: Separating Fact From Fiction in the Middle East Conflict. Contributors included Walter Kaiser (former President of Rockefeller-built Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), David Brickner (graduate of Fuller Theological School of World Missions and founder of Jews for Jesus), Michael Brown (Brownsville Revival leader and visiting professor at Fuller Theological School of World Missions), Mitch Glaser (Chosen People Ministries, a partner of Charles Feinberg), Meno Kalisher (Friends of Israel Institute of Biblical Studies), Justin Kron (founding coordinator of the Kesher Forum), Michael Vlach (Jesuit John MacArthur’s Master’s Seminary), Paul Wilkinson (International School of Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem), John Piper (Desiring God and Bethlehem College and Seminary), Randall Price (Research Professor of Biblical and Judaic Studies at Liberty University, board of Friends of Israel, 20 year archeologist in Israel), Jim Melnick (President of Friends of Russian Jewry and former U.S. Department of Defense Russian Affairs analyst), and Tuvya Zeretsky (founding member of Jews for Jesus and President of the International Coordinating Committee of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism)


__ Sigler is speaking partner with Jesuit Erwin Lutzer at various events including this year at Sigler’s new home as Dean of Shepherd’s Theological Seminary in Raleigh, NC for the Shepherds 360 Conference 2019 and the Summer Series at Colonial Baptist Church which founded Shepherd’s Theological Seminary with John MacArthur’s network of friends (more about MacArthur in Sajan Mathews and Winfred Neely bio) __ Member of four ecumenical societies – the Evangelical Theological Society (of course), the Society of Biblical Literature, the Near East Archeological Society, and the American Schools of Oriental Research (of which John MacArthur’s mentor Charles Feinberg was member)]

-- Education: Triple graduate of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary, earned a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Jesuit-led Trinity International University, and a M.S. in Higher Education from Grace College and Seminary.

-- Tim Sigler was Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Studies and is new Provost and Dean of Shepherd’s Theological Seminary.


Sigler is visiting faculty at Israel College of the Bible and the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. Sigler taught for the Master’s College (John MacArthur) IBEX program. Sigler is scholar-in-residence at Christian Jew Foundation (inspired by Charles Feinberg who personally mentored John MacArthur) Ministries whose President Gary Hedrick is North American Coordinator for the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism. Sigler developed Moody’s SALAAM (Studying Arabic Language And Arab Ministry) with studies in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Israel.


Sigler is/was an elder at Olive Tree Congregation in Chicago. Sigler’s courses have won the ACCESS Course of the Year Award sponsored by Billy Graham’s Christianity Today International. Sigler is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Society of Biblical Literature, the Near East Archeological Society, and the American Schools of Oriental Research. Sigler has participated in the Mishkan Forum of the Pasche Institute of Jewish Studies at Criswell College (founded by high-level Freemason W. A. Criswell who was friend of Billy Graham and welcomed Graham’s life-long membership at his church). Sigler is speaking alongside Erwin Lutzer at the Summer Series 2019 at Colonial Baptist Church (which founded Shepherd’s Theological Seminary) and at the Shepherd’s 360 Conference 2019 (other speakers include Rebecca Lutzer, Al Mohler, Bruce Ware, Thom Rainer, David Gibbs III, Bob Whitney, Hal Hays, Alex Strauch, Richard Bargas, Rob Styler, Eric Bargerhuff, and others.




Michael Wechsler [@ Rutgers University and @ Jesuit-led Trinity International University and Ph.D. @ Rockefeller-built University of Chicago with F. M. Cross Doctoral Fellowship __ Member of Society for Judaeo-Arabic Studies __ Member of advisory board for Mormon BYU initiative __ Partner in interfaith history research, particularly with Kabbalah Judaism]

-- Education: prestigious Rutgers University, Trinity International University, and with a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) in Near Eastern Judaica/Judaeo-Arabic literature cum laude from Rockefeller-built Jesuit-led University of Chicago with a F. M. Cross Doctoral Fellowship.

-- Michael Wechsler also briefly was Adjunct Instructor of Old Testament studies at Jesuit-led Trinity International University. Then in 2001, Wechsler became Professor of Bible at MBI.


Wechsler is member since 2006 of the Society for Judaeo-Arabic Studies (Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv). Wechsler’s language skills are impressive with useful abilities in a dozen languages and dialects of old languages. Wechsler has served an advisory board position for the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative at Brigham Young (Mormon) University and Judaeo-Islamica Series  at Cordoba University since 2013. Wechsler is co-editor of Karaite Texts and Studies with Meira Polliack of Tel-Aviv University since 2007. And Wechsler was Principal Investigator since 2012 of the books of Judges and Esther for The Textual History of the Ethiopic Old Testament Project. Wechsler’s lengthy lists of articles and literary contributions on these subjects are equally impressive but also put Wechsler in a position of Inter-faith dialogue on many levels.



Eric Redmond [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Interfaith Jesuit-led Liberty University __ Ten-year Council member of The Gospel Coalition which is a Lausanne partner __ Calvary Memorial Church Pastor __ Signed onto Reforming Catholic Confession __ Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) member __ Center For Pastor Theologians (CPT) Fellowship and contributor to Becoming A Pastor Theologian written by Calvary Memorial Senior Pastors (one former, one current) Todd Wilson and Gerald Hiestand __ Calvary Memorial Church had Louis Talbot as its first pastor who was Youth For Christ leadership that built Billy Graham’s national network and founder of Talbot Theological Seminary. Billy Graham spoke the commencement address of Calvary’s new church and Ray Pritchard (sixteen year pastor at Calvary) is calling for a new Billy Graham to rise up]

-- Education: Washington Bible College, Dallas Theological, and Ph.D. from Ecumenical Jesuit Liberty University.

-- Eric Redmond is Association Professor of Bible at Moody Theological Seminary.


Redmond is a member of the St. Augustine Fellowship of the Center For Pastor Theologians.

Redmond is Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries at Calvary Memorial Church and his wife Pam Redmond is Director of Women’s Ministries. Previously, Redmond served as Senior Pastor of Reformation Alive Baptist Church, and Bible Professor in Residence at New Canaan Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Redmond has served various executive roles in Southern Baptist Convention and their National African American Fellowship.



Kirk Baker [Doctorate in Jesuit Spiritual Formation from Jesuit-led Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary __ Pastor at The Moody Church after being an Elder at Calvary Memorial Church and leader in ADELPHOI young-adults ministry (more in Eric Redmond bio)]

-- Education: University of New Brunswick, MABS from Moody, and Doctorate in Jesuit Spiritual Formation from Jesuit-led Gordon-Conwell Theological.

-- Kirk Baker is Moody Bible Institute Professor of Applied Theology and Church Ministry for nineteen years and has taught in India, Vietnam, Middle East, and Canada.

-- Baker now serves Pastoral Staff at Moody Church since a year ago (July 2018).

Baker was an Elder at Calvary Memorial Church (more in Eric Redmond bio) and served as leader of the young-adults ministry ADELPHOI. Baker also preached there a couple of times in 2011, 2012. Two staff pastors are alumni of Moody, and Moody Professor Eric Redmond serves as Pastor of Preaching, Teaching, and Care since 2015.



Michael Milco [@ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and MSW and PhD from known Jesuit Loyola University; 13-year Pastor at The Moody Church __ Business partner with Jesuit Jenny Conviser as Staff Therapist]

-- Education: Trinity College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity, Wheaton, and double graduate with Master in (Jesuit) Social Work (MSW) and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) in Social Work from openly Jesuit Loyola University.

-- Michael Milco was pastor at The Moody Church since before he was a Professor at MBI – thirteen years as Pastor of Families and Small Groups under protection of Loyola Jesuit Pastor Erwin Lutzer who perhaps is the one recommending that Milco go to Loyola.

-- Milco is MBI Professor of Human Services and Pre-Counseling.

-- Milco is a licensed relational (Jesuit) Psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical (Jesuit) Social Worker.

Milco is (Jesuit) Staff Therapist at Ascend Consultation in Health Care, whose founder Jenny Conviser directs the Sports Psychology Services at Jesuit DePaul University (whose founding is by a secret Jesuit order that is designed on the rules of the Jesuits and is from Paris which is Jesuit headquarters since its founding in the 1500’s). Milco’s book Ethical Dilemmas in Church Leadership is recommended by Jesuits.



Daniel Cameron [@ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Ph.D. @ University of Aberdeen; Ordained by and pastoral resident and Youth Leader at The Moody Church __ Writer/ Representative/ Proponent for Thomas Torrance Theological Fellowship whose leader was an organizer for World Council of Churches and Reformed-Catholic dialogue as R. C. Sproul laid the pieces for using Thomas Aquinas doctrine to reverse the Reformation and unite all under the Catholic “Church” __ Cameron wrote Flesh and Blood with foreword by Dr. Myk Habets, dean of faculty at Carey Graduate School who is also member of at least seven ecumenical societies including the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship of which Cameron is a member.]

-- Education: Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Ph.D. graduate (Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy) of Systematic Theology at Scottish Anglican University of Aberdeen.

-- Daniel Cameron is Adjunct Professor of Theology at MBI.

-- Cameron is ordained by and is Youth Minister at The Moody Church.

Cameron is an adjunct instructor at Trinity Christian College and has served as a Spiritual Life Coordinator for a Christian school in Chicago. Thomas Forsyth Torrance who was an organizer for the World Council of Churches and Reformed-Roman Catholic Study Commission on Eucharist etc (more in Marcus Johnson bio). Daniel Cameron has written for Billy Graham’s Christianity Today and also wrote his book Flesh and Blood on the life and/or teachings of Thomas Torrance.



Tim Sisk [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Fuller Theological Seminary; developed curriculum with Interfaith Professors from Liberty University and Calvin Theological Seminary __ One of those professors Michael Goheen teaches on Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism as part of the course along with how to properly study world religions.]

-- Education: graduate of Tennessee Temple University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-led Fuller Theological Seminary.

-- Tim Sisk is Chair and Professor of World Missions and Evangelism and Intercultural Studies Professor at Moody Bible Institute.


Sisk is pastor of Faith Fellowship Church. Sisk joined Lewis, Nyquist, and Armstrong at the Global Proclamation Congress (more in Jonathan Armstrong bio). Sisk was involved in church planting and teaching theology in Japan and Bolivia for fourteen years. Sisk has taught courses in world missions in partnership with Dr. Michael W. Goheen of Calvin Theological Seminary (as well as Trinity Western University and Regent College), Dr. Don Fanning of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (also former dean of Word of Life Argentina Bible Institute), and C. Gordon Olsen founder of Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students and adjunct professor at Liberty University (also former professor at Northeastern Bible College). This is all more clearly significant when you know that Don Fanning helped plant churches in some of the oldest and strongest Jesuit-run countries Columbia, Argentina (one of world’s highest level networks of hidden Nazis from Germany; from which Jesuit Pope Francis was chosen) and Paraguay (site of Nazi Bush family 100K acre hide-away Chaco Region in Jesuit country that offers unconditional immunity to world leaders) and teaches among his topics the history of Roman Catholic missions, ecumenism, and how to locate information in the Vatican II Council alongside other topics of Orthodox Catholic histories and Globalization and Global Christianity. Goheen teaches on Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism as part of the course along with how to properly study world religions. It’s no wonder this course is lauded by Greg H. Parsons of the U.S. Center for World Mission (more on U.S. CWM in John Fuder bio).



Dennis Fledderjohann [@ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ known Jesuit Loyola University; Director of General Education at MBI through eyes of Doctor of Jesuit Curriculum and Instruction __ ABHE member __ Fledderjohann co-authored a thesis on the life of Herman Harrell Horne with Purushotham Burgula, a graduate student at Talbot Theological who was also studying Christian Education and Jesuit Spiritual Formation.]

-- Education: Toccoa Falls College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity, McCormick Theological, and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from openly Jesuit Loyola University.

-- Dennis Fledderjohann is Professor of Educational Ministries at MBI and his Doctorate of Jesuit Philosophy from Jesuit Loyola U. is in the subjects of Curriculum and Instruction – so he really is acting as a Jesuit in this capacity for sure.

Fledderjohann has pastored at Baptist and Presbyterian Churches and was seemingly raised in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and went to their Toccoa Falls College. Fledderjohann has taught for Greek Bible College. Fledderjohann is an author for inductive bible study methods for Leadership Resources and an author for the Biblical Higher Education Journal of the Association for Biblical Higher Education.



John Clark [@ Free-mason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-partnered University of Toronto and is a Presidents’ Circle donor to University of Toronto __ Co-author with Marcus Johnson on The Incarnation of God attempting to redefine Catholic and Protestant doctrines as nearly the same __ Signer on the Reforming Catholic Confession]

-- Education: Spring Arbor University, ThM Dallas Theological Seminary, Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-partner Toronto School of Theology University of St. Michaels.

-- John Clark is Assocate Professor of Theology

Marcus co-authored a book with John Clark titled The Incarnation of God: The Mystery of the Gospel as the Foundation of Evangelical Theology which was endorsed by Joel Scandrett, Donald Fairbairn, and Paul Metzger (more in Marcus Johnson bio).



Michael Vanlaningham [former faculty; M.Div. @ Jesuit-led Talbot Theological Seminary and PhD @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Theologian in Residence at James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel trying to cover for the G11 Pastor friend of Erwin Lutzer, Joseph Stowell, Mark Jobe, and Jerry Jenkins  Vanlaningham is on staff at James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel as Theologian in Residence. Vanlaningham recently preached a sermon at Harvest Bible Chapel where he taught that forgiveness requires four promises: “I promise I will not dwell on this incident”, “I promise I will not bring up this incident and use it against you”, “I promise I will not talk to others about this incident”, and “I promise I will not allow this incident to destroy our relationship” __ Vanlaningham has written articles for John MacArthur’s The Master’s Seminary Journal __ Co-editor of The Moody Bible Commentary with Michael Rydelnik and chose to include Catholic and U.N. leader John Hart to write the Gospel of John and Letter from James commentaries]

-- Education: Biola’s Talbot School of Theology and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

-- Michael Vanlaningham was Professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute.


There was a lot more said also that should be looked into considering what has already come out about the leadership at Harvest Bible Chapel as far as sexual harassment and threats etc.


Vanlaninham organized the writing of The Moody Bible Commentary with Michael Rydelnik which includes authors John Hart, Tim Sigler, Eugene Mayhew, and Charles Dyer. (more in Tim Sigler and Eugene Mayhew bios). John Hart’s specialties involve ethics discussions especially in regard to land and water conservation, which has taken him around the world to present or represent. Vanlaningham and Rydelnik Hart was member of the International Indian Treaty Council delegation to the United Nations Human Rights’ Commission in 1987, 1990. Hart attended the United Nations Earth Summit and was invited to observe the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples. Hart wrote the draft of Pope John Paul II’s Iowa homily on land stewardship. Hart is involved in the development and dissemination of the Earth Charter. Hart was the Project Writer for the Canadian Catholic Bishops’ letter Columbia River Watershed: Caring For Creation and The Common Good. Hart was editor and principal writer for Midwestern Catholic Bishops’ Strangers and Guests: Toward Community in the Heartland. Contributor Charles Dyer spent twenty years on faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary and even Executive Vice-President under Jesuit Chuck Swindoll before being Provost at Moody Bible Institute. Dyer is a licensed tour guide to Israel and around the Middle East and was twice an invited guest of Saddam Hussein’s government in Iraq. Dyer has served the Commission and Board of Directors at ABHE that is requiring Jesuit Spiritual Formation at Moody.


Michael Rydelnik [@ Free-mason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ Azusa Pacific University; Adjunct faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary and at Pasche Institute of Freemason Criswell College and at Talbot School of Theology, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School __ Director of Jewish Studies department at Moody for twenty-five years and has now been shown to be Director in the attempted dismantling of that department __ Rydelnik is a member of the organizing committee of the Alliance For The Peace Of Jerusalem alongside Jesuit Joel Rosenberg (known for predictions of 9/11 six months before it happened presumably because he is friends with those who planned it), Jason Elam (current liaison of Illuminations – think Illuminati – at the Vatican Shrine called the Museum of the Bible), Samuel Rodriguez of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (influential interfaith leader), Helene Dallaire (Director of Messianic Judaism Programs at emergent and ecumenical Denver Seminary), Dr. Darrell Bock (executive director of Jesuit Howard Hendricks’ Center Cultural Engagement and Jonathan Armstrong’s partner in Aqueduct Project and C-GATE), and several others affiliated with Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological. Rydelnik has also spoken at conferences alongside Joel Rosenberg, Dr. John Feinberg (son of Charles Feinberg who personally mentored John MacArthur), Dr. Mitch Glaser (Chosen People Ministries), Dr. Barry Leventhal (of Jesuit Norman Geisler’s Southern Evangelical Seminary) and others __ Rydelnik was a founding member of Olive Tree Congregation and ten-year member of Chosen People Ministries]

-- Education: Azusa Pacific University, Dallas Theological, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

-- Michael Rydelnik was Professor of Jewish Studies and is now MBI Professor of Intercultural Studies.


Rydelnik serves on adjunct faculty at Dallas Theological, Pasche Institute, Talbot School of Theol., and Trinity Evangelical Divinity in addition to Moody Bible Institute. Rydelnik is Research Scholar for RBC Ministries (now called Our Daily Bread Ministries) of Mart DeHaan’s family. Rydelnik was an Old Testament Translator for the Holman Christian Standard Bible. Rydelnik organized the writing of The Moody Bible Commentary with Michael Vanlaningham (more in Michael Vanlaningham bio).



Eugene Mayhew [@ Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit University of Detroit; member of Evangelical Theological Society __ Contributor to Jesuit Luis Palau Study Bible. Luis Palau is intimate friend of the current Jesuit Pope Jorge Bergoglio – both are from Argentina __ Mayhew was a partner in Jesuit-led Qumran Excavation with University of North Carolina (Colleagues of famous Moody-atheist-grad Bart Ehrman) and Tel Qasile finding Philistine temples __ Missionary with ecumenical SEND International and an instructor at Alaska Bible College (more in John Jelinek bio) and on Board of Directors for Encouragement Inc. __ Author for Swindoll Leadership Library at the request of Jesuit Swindoll __ Co-authored with Gary Habermas of University of Detroit alumnus who is Professor at Interfaith Liberty University]

-- Education: Detroit Bible College (William Tyndale College), Dallas Theological Seminary, Grace Theological Seminary, and has done post-graduate study at Jesuit University of Detroit, and American Institute in Jerusalem.

-- Eugene Mayhew is Professor of Old Testament and Semitic (Hebrew, Aramaic, Jewish etc.) Languages at MTS.      

Mayhew is author of The Forgotten Blessing as requested by Chuck Swindoll for his Swindoll Leadership Library. Mayhew was editor of Shalom: Essays in Honor of Charles H. Shaw of William Tyndale College. Contributors included Henry Holloman and Gary Habermas. Henry Holloman was faculty of Talbot Theological including Chair of Department of Theology and Chair of Student Welfare Committee. Holloman served various leadership roles with Association for Theological Schools and Evangelical Theological Society. Gary Habermas is Liberty University Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Theology and is a graduate of Jesuit University of Detroit.



Laurie Norris [@ Cedarville U. and @ Free-mason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theol, PhD @ Jesuit-led Wheaton; Chair at Evangelical Theological Society Midwest as ecumenical networker with Jesuits __ Member of ecumenical CPT Fellowship]

-- Education: Cedarville University and Dallas Theological and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Wheaton College.

-- Laurie Norris teaches Spiritual Formation and Homiletics at MBI.

Norris is a member of the St. Augustine Fellowship of the Center For Pastor Theologians. Norris wrote a Chapter for Becoming a Pastor Theologian for this Fellowship (more in Eric Redmond bio). Norris is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and has served as Chair of the Midwest Region and arranged a panel discussion between Moody’s Andrew Schmutzer and a Wheaton Professor Dr. Marc Cortez and Jesuit Loyola Professor Dr. Paul Moser who is Chair of Philosophy and republished the Essays of Hugh Ross Mackintosh Moderator of General Assembly Church of Scotland whose best known student was Thomas Torrance (later Moderator of General Assembly Church of Scotland) who was a leader/organizer in interfaith dialogue and World Council of Churches.



Ernest Gray Jr. [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor __ Member of Evangelical Theological Society and Center for Pastor Theologians Fellowship (more in Eric Redmond bio)]

-- Education: Jesuit-led Wheaton and McMaster Divinity College.

-- Ernest Gray is Assistant Professor of Bible at MBI.

Gray is a licensed pastor with Christian and Missionary Alliance and a member of Evangelical Theological Society. Gray is a member of the St. Peter Fellowship of the Center for Pastor Theologians.



Junias Venugopal [former Provost of MTS; Education @ Free-mason and @ Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity International University; Associate Dean and Professor of Evangelism and Leadership at Jesuit-led Wheaton College __ Former Dean of Asia Graduate School of Theology founded by Campus Crusade staff in Philippines; Former VP of Educational Affairs @ Columbia International University]

-- Education: Birla Institute in India, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Trinity International University.

-- Junias Venugopal former Provost and Dean of Education at MTS.


Venugopal is now Associate Dean of the School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership and Associate Professor of Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton College. Previously, Junias served as vice-president for educational affairs at Columbia International University. Junias has served on the board of Woodstock School in India, one of the most prominent high schools in South Asia whose corporate sponsors include American Soybean Association, Coca Cola India, Methodist Church in India, International Ventures and Travel India, and Winterline Foundation. Junias has served for four years as Dean for Asia Graduate School of Theology founded by Campus Crusade for Christ leadership under the principles of Bill Bright’s Institute of Biblical Studies later called International School of Theology that is directed by the U.S. Campus Ministry. One of the former deans of the school who seemed to have led Junias to the position is Robert Ferris (whom Junias commends his books and teaching) is Professor Emeritus and Associate Provost at Columbia International University, a former missionary scholar in residence at Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, and a missionary with SEND International as well as a graduate of Wheaton and Denver Seminary. The Journal of Asian Mission of the Asia Graduate School of Theology



Randall Dattoli [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and @ known Jesuit Loyola University; wrote history of Wheaton College]

-- Education: Triton College, AB, MA at Wheaton Graduate School and MEd, Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) at openly Jesuit Loyola University.

-- Randall Dattoli is Assistant to John Jelinek - Vice-President, Dean of Moody Theological Seminary.

Dattoli wrote a signature book on the history of Jesuit-led Wheaton College in 1980 called The Wheaton Graduate School (1936-1971): its history and contributions.



Ron Sauer [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ known Jesuit U. of Manchester]

-- Education: Mississippi College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit University of Manchester (their chaplains are entirely Jesuit).

-- Ron Sauer is Professor of Bible at MBI.

Sauer has also mentored Andrew Dulski who now through the efforts of Family Life (a ministry of Campus Crusade), Paul Tripp’s What Did You Expect Conference, and the Love and Respect Conference is now a marriage counselor. Sauer also preaches often at the International Community Evangelical Free Church.



Mary Martin [@ Jesuit-led Judson University; Author for Wheaton Academy Press __ Promotes a John Maxwell team-member (from which Team Mark Jobe received the 2018 Top 10 Transformational Leadership Award)]

-- Education: Baptist Bible College, Philadelphia Biblical University, and Jesuit-run Judson University (who hosts the annual World Leaders Forum – speakers have included George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Condoleeza Rice, Newt Gingrich, Eric Metaxas, Caroline Kennedy). (more in Brian Kammerzelt bio)

-- Mary Martin is newly appointed Chair of Education and Counseling; Professor of Christian School Education; and Program Head of Educational Ministries at MBI


Martin promotes Wendy Mattner who is a member of John Maxwell’s team. Martin is an author for Wheaton Academy Press whose president has taught leadership to teams at Cru, New Tribes, Wycliffe, SIL, JAARS, AWANA, The National College Board, and others.



Chris Rappazini [@ Jesuit-led Rockefeller-built Gordon-Conwell and PhD @ known Jesuit Gonzaga University near Moody Spokane campus in Washington state __ Wrote his doctorate on Dr. Haddon Robinson __ On Board of Directors for ecumenical – Evangelical Homiletics Society]

-- Education: University of Edinburgh, Jesuit-led Rockefeller-built Gordon Conwell Theological, and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy at openly Jesuit Gonzaga University who partners with Moody Bible Institute’s library. Rappazini’s doctorate at Gonzaga is on Dr. Haddon Robinson who was nineteen year professor at Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary, twelve year President of very ecumenical and emergent Denver Seminary as well as Harold Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Rockefeller-built Gordon-Conwell Seminary in Boston who partners with openly Jesuit Boston College.

-- Chris Rappazini is Assistant Professor of Applied Theology and Church Ministries and Program Head of 5-year BA/MA Pastoral Studies at MBI/MTS



Larry Davidhizar [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ known Jesuit Loyola University; Association of Biblical Higher Education member and is Consultant, Evaluator, and trained Team Chair of the Higher Learning Commission]

-- Education: University of Houston, Dallas Theological and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from openly Jesuit Loyola University.

-- Larry Davidhizar is Vice-President and Associate Provost of Faculty at MBI

Davidhizar is member of the Higher Learning Commission and the Association for Biblical Higher Education, which are two of Moody’s top Accreditation Associations. The Association for Biblical Higher Education is one of the two requiring Moody to have a Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree.



David Tae-kyung Rim [@ former faculty and @ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ known Jesuit Loyola University; Rim is also possibly the unnamed Moody Distance Learning Professor who personally believes that Adam and Eve had soul-less brutish ape-like predecessors whom Cain married – otherwise perhaps it was Ashish Varma who is still on faculty __ David Rim and Ashish Varma were the two professors that Julie Roys and Rich Weber named in the original questions about faculty who did not believe the Bible]

-- Education: Carnegie-Mellon University, Dallas Theological, and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity and was working on his MA in Jesuit Philosophy at openly Jesuit Loyola University.

-- David Rim was Professor of Theology and Philosophy and Apologetics for fifteen years at MBI.


David Rim may have been the Moody Distance Learning Professor who forces evolution into the Genesis Creation Account (more in Ashish Varma bio). David Rim seems to have no longer been Professor at Moody shortly after this, but it may have been a cover for Ashish Varma if he is the one who believes this. According to Richard Weber, David Rim (and Ashish also) indicated that he could not agree with the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, but later supposedly could sign to the “mandatory portions of the statement”.



Michael McDuffee [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and M.A. & Ph.D. from Kabbalist/Jesuit-led Brandeis University]

-- Education: University of New Hampshire, M.A. from Wheaton and M.A. and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Kabbalistic Jesuit-led Brandeis University.

-- Michael McDuffee is former Professor of Theology at Moody Bible Institute and Theological Seminary since 1994 (retired May 2018).

McDuffee considers Chicago Cardinal Francis George to be among “major leaders of the American Church”. Francis George is of the order of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, a secret Jesuit order founded in France, whose founder was assistant to Pope Pius VII while he was imprisoned by Napoleon Bonaparte. Interestingly, McDuffee quotes as inspirational Francis George’s statement about his Jesuit intentions for America that will cause his successor Jesuit to be put in prison and his successor Jesuit to be put to death, while his successor Jesuit will be considered a hero in the rebuilding of society “picking up the shards of broken civilization”.



Christopher Yuan [@ ecumenical Bethel Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Has spoken at Jesuit-led Yale University __ Faculty at Summit Ministries (more in Chris Brooks bio) __ Legacy Chicago Minister – as is Brian Kammerzelt]

-- Education: Wheaton College, and Bethel Seminary which is the Baptist Seminary founded as the Swedish Baptist Theological studies at Rockefeller-founded University of Chicago.

-- Christopher Yuan is Bible Professor at MBI.

Yuan has written for Christianity Today (Billy Graham’s magazine), has spoken at Yale University, and alongside Rosaria who authors for both The Gospel Coalition and Family Life – a ministry of Campus Crusade.



Benjamin Wilson [@ Jesuit-led Cambridge University and @ Jesuit-led Biola Talbot School of Theology; member of two societies – Evangelical Theological Society (and has presented at ETS) and Society of Biblical Literature and has written for Catholic Biblical Quarterly]

-- Education: Ph.D. graduate (Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy) of Cambridge University who partners closely with both Anglican and Roman Catholic institutions and keeper of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Jesuits. Wilson has his Master’s degrees from Talbot Theological.

-- Benjamin Wilson is MBI Assistant Professor of Bible.



John Goodrich [@ Jesuit-led Biola Talbot School of Theology and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led University of Durham; member of four ecumenical societies – Evangelical Theological Society, Society of Biblical Literature, Institute for Biblical Research and Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research]

-- Education: Talbot School of Theology and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Anglican/Jesuit-led University of Durham.

-- John Goodrich is Associate Professor of Bible; Program Head at MBI



If you haven’t read our research on the point-by-point comparison of identical problems caused by Jesuits at Moody’s schools in Northfield Mount Hermon and in Chicago @ Moody Bible Institute, see link below. The second important article there shows who C. S. Lewis Study Center and Catholic Thomas Aquinas College represent in the discussion.





For short faculty bios with links you can look at that show our evidence about each faculty member: