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Moody Bible Institute/ Theological Seminary Faculty lists – Proof that Half of Moody Faculty does not believe or obey the Word of God:

The names with a short bio here are in four categories – Jesuits (Part One), Psychology Jesuits (Part Two), Spiritual Formation Jesuits (Part Two), Ecumenical (not known to be Jesuit) (Part Two). The list involves about half of all faculty (three are/were also Moody Church pastors) at Moody Bible Institute and Theological Seminary. Since we are not getting our information from people at Moody, some faculty positions, status, etc. may be a little out of date.

We have spent many hours doing a thorough study on each of the professors and faculty at MBI. You already know that the education of a young person has a strong influence on the direction of that person's life: their philosophy, their life's message, and the things they try to accomplish. Jesus warned very strongly about false teachers, and Jesus' holy apostles spoke strongly against false teachers. Our research looks closely at the college education of the professors and staff. Many decades ago the Roman Catholic church had meetings about how to destroy MBI and Dwight Moody’s Northfield hometown schools. They were able to destroy Northfield-Mount Hermon a long time ago. They killed someone who seems to have been an honorable Dean at Mount Hermon in 1934 and infiltrated the staff and leadership until they started a complete overthrow of it in 1970 by removing Chapel services and joining the boys and girls on one campus which led to lots more changes. Now Northfield is a shameful enemy of God. The Roman Catholic church had to destroy MBI Chicago at a slower pace for several reasons which should be discussed at another time. We have written a thorough report about their destruction of Northfield-Mount Hermon to which we are providing a link:

> https://www.RestoreMBI.com/Moody-Northfield-Short-Report.htm

> https://www.RestoreMBI.com/Moody-Northfield-Property-Report.htm


Many Christians have never studied the seriousness of shipwrecked faith, also called apostasy. We need to establish God's righteous judgments before we give you lists of MBI leaders and their education. A five year old baby can't be a leader; they have no idea what to do. As a person grows up they learn things that shape their direction; and what they learn moves them to make many choices and decisions. The best years of opportunity for God to reach someone is during the heart of a child. That is why the devil has overthrown the education in America; the devil knows how to ruin people. The devil and his demons have thousands of years of practice at ruining people.


The fall of a person starts with their conscience. Romans 1:18-32 (and many passages of Scripture) explains that God speaks to every person. The more they decide to do evil, the more God opposes their direction and they can't get into the evil they want to do. At a certain point the rebel discovers that God is opposing their evil desires. That is the turning point in their life; either they start learning God's righteousness, or they decide to become evil and reject God. They “suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them...”. They know some important truths about God's right and wrong, but they decide to go wrong “because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God...”. That is when that rebel looks for philosophies that remove God from reality, like evolution or theistic evolution, and their rules for guidance become human-centered psychology without/against God. Psychology has removed any references to the Almighty and All Powerful God who is the Creator of everything.


What happens to an evil rebel? “Their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools”. By rejecting Holy God, they start following lies and fiction. The judgment in Romans 1:18-23 describes what God does with that person who decided to become evil. If they don't become shocked at their foolishness, God finally allows them to charge in the direction they are going toward evil by reducing His involvement/hindrances: “God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves”. Why? Because they “exchanged the truth of God for the lie”. If you haven't studied Romans 1:18-32 lately, please do because that will help you understand what went wrong inside the mind of almost all of the people listed in this document. Almost everyone listed in this document had a turning point to become evil against God; many times those wrong decisions were made in their teenage years. If not in their teen years, then many more were made in their college years. Each one of them discovered that the college they were going to was contradicting what they knew about Holy God, and teaching them anti-God philosophies. But they didn't quit and leave that evil. Instead they stayed there and made sure they got good grades as their conscience became darker and darker. They became evil, but they didn't stop there.


When an evil rebel decides to infiltrate God's work to destroy it from within they stepped into deeper darker evil. That is what we are accusing nearly all of the people we have listed of doing to Moody Bible Institute/Seminary. Maybe some of them can repent, but probably not. If any of them truly repent they will be testifying against the evil they know and participated in. Anything less than actively exposing and opposing evil deeds when they “repent” is only a slick trick; those people are slick tricksters. Now we need to look at the Bible verses describing shipwrecked faith and apostasy. There are so many verses of apostate temple leaders plotting to destroy Jesus. You should study those people to see how apostates behave; what they do to pretend they are good, what they do to get their approval from others like them, and how they plan to attack righteousness to destroy God's ways. But that is not our focus in this report. Don’t get stuck on the Jewish aspect of the example of scribes and Pharisees; look deeper to the root of the temple-ruler’s hearts. They hated Jesus and so their evil comes with predictable actions. It wasn’t a Jewish problem; they are an example of how evil people act inspired by demons.


We already talked about human-centered psychology without/against God. Even if they insert the word God in their text a few times, it doesn't change their systematic philosophy of rejecting Biblical Christianity. Holy God is Creator, He opposes the sins of man, and God is recording everything. The “books were opened” Rev. 20:11-15; “And they were judged, each one according to his works... this is the second death.”


Many of the MBI staff got some of their training from Catholic institutions. The Roman Catholic “Church” in the 1500’s tried to switch from murdering the Christians to attempting to overtake and infiltrate Protestants which has been going on for 5 centuries now. They learned that they must try to sound like Protestants to get any progress. Those Catholic colleges train their students to sound like us and use our words while teaching and leading by example with their Catholic definitions. But they also then teach their students how to disguise their true definitions and intentions (which usually center around gaining power/followers for the Jesuits/Pope and the Roman system of doing things in the world) so they don’t get caught. Holy God described the Roman Catholic “Church” through Paul in 1st Timothy 4:1-3 “The Holy Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron...” The Holy Spirit knew how bad the Roman system would become against the church for more than 17 centuries now and emphasized – “expressly says” – on the future Catholic “Church” problem. Holy God says their religion comes from “deceiving spirits” and their teaching is “doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy”. And the people who are trained in their education are “having their own conscience seared with a hot iron”. We talked about a young person making decisions; many of the people on this list got their training from Roman Catholic institutions. Those schools are known for their false teaching and sexual activities. If any of the persons we listed were a Christian they would have left those colleges. And instead they become accomplices to cover each other’s sins. Each person on this list quickly realized what their Catholic college was like. They noticed the evil teaching; and they noticed the sexual perversion. When they stayed there they accepted themselves becoming evil. Their education made them evil and they knew it, but they didn't leave, they didn't quit. Not only did they stay at those evil colleges but they made sure they got high grades. They didn't leave because their goal was not to please Holy God, but they wanted evil desires. When this report gets noticed, maybe some of them will pretend they are good, but the Word of God convicts their evil deeds.


We have examined enough of the evil education of the Roman Catholic “Church” and human-centered psychology without/against God. Evil people do not openly admit they have become evil. No, we have discovered through the years that they pretty much always pretend to be honest people and “true friends” and messengers of light as described so well in 2nd Corinthians 11:14. So do not be fooled by any of them talking about how good they are. They studied evil because they love evil. Remember that true repentance would require humility and strongly opposing what they once partook in. But most people like this who “repent” just find a different way of expressing the evil in their hearts, since they got caught the other way. We believe the context of 2nd Timothy 3:1-9 is God's instruction about false religious leaders who without exception are “lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God...”. Those evil rebels on this list are like the Bible describes; each person is different – some characteristics show more than other characteristics. The words “lovers of money” doesn't say they are making lots of money at MBI. God is saying that their wayward heart loves money rather than God. That passage also listed different ways they are gratifying their sin nature. Most rebels don't love money as paper or coin money; they love the pleasures of this world that money helps them get. The Word of God is true; don't let their slick explanations trick you to believing they are OK. Maybe they can say something good about their outward actions, but God's Word proves their heart is disobedient, hardened, and seeking to do evil to MBI.


The Word of God teaches even more about those evil rebels in 2nd Peter. “There will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies”. The evil leaders trying to destroy MBI are introducing “destructive heresies” and casting doubt on the truthfulness of God's Word (which has become a pattern of problems in almost all seminaries and Bible institutes). They deny God's authority in their life – “even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.” False teachers decided to love the sins of this world instead of God's righteousness. “And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.” God says those false teachers love “covetousness” – don't over simplify that word, because “covetousness” is more than money. They want to use money to get the pleasures of this sinful world. “By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words”. God's Word says they use “deceptive words”. Their “deceptive words” can be found and caught. Those rebels didn't want the goodness of Holy God; they took the path they are on because they wanted “the corruption that is in the world through lust.” 2nd Peter 1:4.


There are more points in 2nd Peter 2 that describe those who are trying to destroy MBI, but we want to look at the next subject in 2nd Peter 2:18-22. Those leaders trying to take over MBI “speak great swelling words of emptiness”. They are good at picking the right words to entice pride. They also “allure through the lusts of the flesh, through lewdness” God's Word says false teachers use human self-seeking interests and even sensual talk. There are sexual sins being allowed at MBI. The reports we hear fit with what God's Word says about them. The sad part is those evil leaders are hurting some of the students “who have actually escaped from those who live in error.” They are good at words – “they promise them liberty” and freedom, knowledge, and ability to follow Christ honestly in America and in the world, but those evil leaders “are slaves of corruption”. And they want to make the students “slaves of corruption... brought into bondage”. Then Peter gives one of the greatest warnings; “if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning. For it would be better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them.”


We hope Christians will keep sending their Christian sons and daughters to MBI while the overthrow is happening (which God is forcing to turn instead into a restoration process), but they need to make sure their kids are looking for the evil tricks of every one of those false teachers. Read through chapter 2 of 2nd Peter and see how many times God makes it clear that those evil people will be punished. “…for a long time their judgment has not been idle... the Lord knows how... to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment, and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise God's authority... like brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed... and will utterly perish in their own corruption, and will receive the wages of unrighteousness... for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever...” There is also a great promise in there for us to be rescued in the midst of such blatant apostasy and evil – “then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations”.


Jude gives many of the same warnings; he tried very hard to instruct Christians “to contend earnestly for the faith”. God allowed him two sentences on that, but then God directed him to teach that “certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men who turn the grace of God into lewdness and deny the authority of the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.” They creep in unnoticed. Did you see how they snuck in Mark Jobe? It was a three or four stage attack – 1. Jobe joined Erwin Lutzer and Joseph Stowell in the G11 pastors network for training, 2. Jobe spoke 2013 and 2016 at both The Moody Church and Moody Bible Institute’s biggest Conferences, 3. the Jesuit invaders had Jesuit Psychologist Paul Maxwell (who in the past was Teaching Assistant to Dr. Marcus Johnson and Brian Kammerzelt at Moody and to Kevin J. Vanhoozer at Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical as well as having spent a year of doctoral research in religious trauma at Mormon Brigham Young University and University of Utah, member of ) in September 2018 do a tell – a satanic prediction – on what evil things they want to do to MBI. Then they bring in a Mega-apostate to take those actions. Both 2nd Peter and Jude warn that Holy God will judge the fallen angels.


In Jude 1:7 is another reminder that false teachers “have given themselves over to sexual immorality”. God's Word says those false teachers allow and bring in sexual sins. There must be large problems at MBI with sexual sins. A note for those who pray for MBI, you can get powerful answers to prayer when you cry out to God against those sexually perverted MBI staff.


Jude 1:16-19 These are grumblers, complainers, walking according to their own lusts”. Those judgments must be true, because God knows false teachers and describes them. “And they mouth great swelling words, flattering people to gain advantage”. They use flattery to gain approval, and control over the weak. “These are sensual persons, who cause divisions, not having the Holy Spirit.” God says those apostates are the ones who cause division, but they try to accuse those who stand against evil as if they are wrong.


We believe that all of these faculty should be removed from campus. We believe that all of these people are certainly so intent on evil and have made so many demonic agreements that they will continue to destroy spiritual work if left in position. We believe that many of these faculty are so against God that their heart cannot ever find repentance as Judas could not after betraying Jesus (Matthew 27:3-10; John 17:12; Matthew 26:21-25). Anyone from these lists who is able to repent in the future is not going to be able to do so while being friends with the people in this overthrow operation, and it will take many years for that process of repentance to happen but either way they should not be a teacher. God will give His people wisdom to call for repentance among whoever is left after these people are gone and see if there are faculty at Moody who are children of God who are able to receive correction and discipline from God (Hebrews 12 and especially verses 5-17). We should weep over the losses in spiritual work because of hardness of heart and sin and ask God for the chance to purify His family and remove imposters/infiltrators/traitors in a way that will honor His Name again and strengthen the work of Bible study and pro-Jewish (not Kabbalistic or one-world government) Christian community and international gospel work for His glory and for the saving of lost souls. Those faculty who end up finally rejecting this correction are under the judgment of God already (John 3:18-21) – they were never children of God by faith in Jesus (John 10 especially verses 7-14); they are false ministers of light (2 Corinthians 11 especially verses 12-15) who serve the works of the devil and their selfish interests (Jude especially verses 4 and 11-23). They are imposters and deceivers (Matthew 23 especially verses 13-15) who want to control Christians (Galatians 1:7-10; 2:4-6; 3:1-6) and to capture unstable souls (2 Peter especially 2:1-3 and 9 and 12-22) and most especially (their true motivation if they refuse correction) continue giving approval for sins they want to see continue in the world (2 Timothy 3:1-9 and especially notice God’s promise in verse 9 that they will progress no further and their folly will be manifest/shown to all).


The four categories in this report are -

>>  1. Jesuits:

The first list is Jesuits by education and/or by offering authority over “Protestants” and “Evangelicals” to Vatican “Church Fathers” and Popes, Cardinals, or Jesuits as if they were respectable, Christ-honoring spiritual teachers, and/or by leading interfaith dialogue which is directed by the Vatican Jesuits worldwide.

>>   2. Psychologists/Counselors:

The second list is all Psychologists/Counselors at Moody (most of them are also Jesuit educated and we explained above why that happens). The history and philosophy behind “Christian” human-centered psychology without/against God (which filters heavily into counseling as well unfortunately) is built on avoiding calling anything sin, avoiding convicting a patient of intentional acts of sin and their evil heart-motivations which led to it, and treats us sinners as merely victims of an abusive system that they blame God for having created which they believe causes people to seek “natural desires” that God isn’t fulfilling. In other words, it’s all backwards. In addition, psychology is meant to abuse followers of Christ and children and young people who do question people’s motives and thoughts that caused them to commit the sins and abuses. It is even more harsh on people who actually warn others about people who are living in intentional sin (at least protected categories) and who are abusing others or forcing their sin and sin’s consequences onto other people in the process. It also confuses and twists the thoughts of unbelievers who are trying to consider repenting of their evil heart. The end purpose of psychology acts as a network of Gatekeepers who only allow Jesuits and Freemasons into literally all positions of authority nation-wide (spiritual, educational, media, governmental, and all positions of honor as much as possible) in a Protestant nation, which America is. In any Protestant country where the Jesuits operate since the 1500’s, these are the categories they control with an absolute grip and they keep it through partnership with Freemasons who primarily control all business networks (many small businesses and all the way to global corporate level) and religions and almost all churches, mega or small.

>>  3. Jesuits teaching fake Spiritual Formation:

The third list is Jesuits in Spiritual Formation (a system based on the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises written by Jesuit founder Ignatius de Loyola) – which is the Protestant disguise for the Catholic process of education that we described above of producing leaders with the appearance of spiritual maturity, bypassing/rejecting the gospel and maturity process work of the Holy Spirit convicting of sin to reach true maturity having our senses trained to discern good from evil as defined so well in the Scriptures in Hebrews 5:11-14. Instead, the purpose of Spiritual Formation is identical to the purpose of secular atheistic humanism (also known as American satanism) – to produce mature, moralistic, “trust-worthy” people without needing God anywhere in the process. But these people can also pretend to be following Christ (when socially necessary, which false Christian leaders and Jesuits must do) if they are raised from a child to know Christian terminology and have mental knowledge of many aspects of Christian life and doctrine and history from the Bible. (more in William Thrasher bio)

>>  4. Ecumenical partners not known to be Jesuit:

The fourth list is faculty members of ecumenical societies and/or speaking partners and co-authors with known ecumenical leaders, which involves Jesuit faculty also, so we’ll explain.

The term “ecumenical” is very poorly defined in America – there are three levels of the ecumenical program of the Vatican overthrow of Christianity.

The first step required Rome and their Freemason partners to cause extreme divisiveness and constant church splits and setting up of lists of denominations and creating severe familial and cultural and racial divides additionally to make communication and community weakened until there is seemingly no hope of restoring a collective Christian community without Vatican help. That is step one which happened in America almost from the moment Christians arrived alongside Deists and Freemasons and Episcopalians. It peaked in the late 1900’s.

Step two began on the heels of World War 2 – keeping the common people divided and ignorant while creating ultra-secret partnerships between the Freemasons and Jesuits who led the Seminaries and large churches in each city. Then they slowly began to increase the level of involvement to include some denominations who were similar enough to cooperate without too many questions and some denominations began to change in similar directions or were doing community outreach in similar venues which brought them to working together. Then they created contemporary Christian music to bring the younger generations together, since the youth didn’t even understand why there would be any need to separate from someone who claims to be a Christian or why there would be a need for doctrinal contending for the faith. At the same time, top leaders of Evangelicals and conservative denominations began partnering in Ecumenical Associations supposedly with the purpose of putting aside differences and figuring out the true doctrine of the Scriptures so the church could be one again, but that was not their intention – they wanted the divides among the people still.

Step three requires bowing to the Vatican authorities (they prefer voluntarily, but this experiment has been done MANY times and usually requires use of force which restarts the cycle in some ways) and partnering with their Jesuit networks toward one-world religious power for the anti-christ system. When this whole experiment began in the 1500’s, it was determined that pro-life and pro-truth had to be essential elements of ecumenical partnerships and of Jesuit leadership, since the Vatican/Holy Roman Empire has a well-established history of mass-murder and of suppressing the truth and hiding/destroying the Scriptures or refusing to translate into common languages so the common people could not learn it. Thus the uniting factors between Catholics and ecumenical leaders are propaganda that sounds Pro-Life and Pro-Biblical-Marriage and Pro-Bible and Pro-Missions and Pro-Gospel and Pro-Theology, etc. Now that we explain this, perhaps you will start to notice how many Catholics are lead these topics in media and church, such as these Catholics in the Pro-Life movement: Frank Pavone (Priests For Life and President of ecumenical Pro-Life Religious Council which includes Protestant “conservatives” like James Dobson and “evangelical” Lutherans, Presbyterians, Anglicans, etc), Abby Johnson (movie – Unplanned), Norma McCorvey (Roe in Roe v. Wade case who later became a Catholic pro-life leader), Right to Life (Catholic), March for Life (Largely Catholic-led), Hobby Lobby (Jesuit), Roma Downey/Mark Burnett (Catholic self-proclaimed mystic – meaning Jesuit) and many others.

Step four is a partnership between all “denominations” – by which they mean all of the world’s false religions in context of world “peace” under the Vatican Roman program. That is the work of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Parliament of World Religions, Interfaith Chaplains, FEMA-trained clergy (to use Quran, Talmud, etc in crisis to calm people), all Free-Masonry networks are interfaith and bow down at every altar, Jesuits act as the directors of this networking internationally (for centuries have been merging Catholic doctrine with the nearest false religions in each country), Bill Gates funded Interfaith Hospitality Networks now called Family Promise (for future control of dissenters in new world society), etc.


2. Jesuit Psychologists:

Name [Jesuit education; ecumenical partnerships]

- Education:

- Name: and Faculty Position at Moody



James M. Wood [M.S., Psy.S., and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-partnered University of Detroit; Member of four societies - American Association of Christian Counselors, Christian Association for Psychological Studies, American Psychological Association, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists __ Former staff psychologist at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Hospital – a Reformed Church in America network where Moody Center for Global Theological Education Director Jonathan Armstrong’s father is Vice President and Chief Medical Officer]

-- Education: Wayne State University and a triple graduate (MS, PsyS, PhD) with a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy and Specialist Degree in Jesuit Psychology from Jesuit-led University of Detroit.

-- James Wood is Associate Professor of (Jesuit) Psychology at MTS.

-- Wood is a Licensed Jesuit Psychologist.


Wood taught Marriage and Family at L’viv Bible College in Ukraine through SEND International.



John Restum [M.A. and Psy.D. in Jesuit Psychology from Jesuit-partner George Fox University and @ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary __ Partner in mental health and clinical consultation for the staffs of Detroit Police and Wayne County Sheriff Departments who are Jesuit-led (more in Chris Brooks bio). This partnership is also part of the interfaith chaplaincy initiatives being pushed in the prison reform __ Advisor to Amazing Grace Counseling Outreach since when they were his students; they openly support LGBTQIA+ community and are involved in the LGBTQ Center of South Bend. ]

-- Education: Western Michigan University, William Tyndale College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Master (MA) and Doctorate (PsyD) in Jesuit Psychology from ecumenical and Jesuit-partner George Fox University.

-- Restum is Associate Academic Dean at Moody Theological Seminary Michigan campus under Moody Academic Dean Chris Brooks.

-- Restum is a Licensed Clinical (Jesuit) Psychologist.




Scott Robinowitz

-- Education: Master of Social Work (MSW) from known Jesuit Loyola University.

-- Scott Robinson is Moody Head Coach for Men’s Basketball

-- Robinowitz is a (Jesuit) Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist. Robinowitz utilizes narrative approach as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance Commitment, mindfulness and positive psychology. Robinowitz led a Young Life basketball ministry for three years.



Nancy Kane

-- Education: University of Illinois and Jesuit-led Gestalt Institute of Chicago.

-- Nancy Kane wrote the (Jesuit) Christian Spiritual Formation curriculum for the Moody Bible Institute.

-- Kane is a Licensed Clinical Practical Counselor.



Roslyn Jordan

-- Education: Jesuit-led Trinity International University and a Jesuit Spiritual Formation and Discipleship degree from Moody Theological Seminary taught by William Thrasher and Eric Moore.

-- Roslyn Jordan is a counselor at the MTS Counseling Center and before that worked in Moody Publishers Marketing Department. Roslyn Jordan is the sister of Michael Jordan (professional basketball player).



John Trent [Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry at MTS; inventor of “Christian” stereotypes by which to psychologize people; Professor at Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary; member of three societies - American Association of Christian Counselors, the Christian Association for (Jesuit) Psychological Studies, and the American Marriage and Family Ministry __ Tent has been a speaker at Promise Keepers and to corporate leaders of Walt Disney Corp, Universal Studios, Interstate Battery, Chick-fil-a, 2005 Young Presidents’ Organization Conference in D.C., West Point Military Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Restaurant Leadership Conference, and many others.]

-- Education: Texas Christian University, Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary, and North Central Texas Federation of Colleges and Universities, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Texas Women’s University.

-- John Trent was the First Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy at the Moody Theological Seminary before Deborah Gorton.


Young Presidents’ Organization members have included Charles R, Schwab of Charles Schwab Corp, Christie Hefner of Playboy Enterprises, Robert Wood Johnson II of Johnson and Johnson, and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. Trent has been a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Phoenix Seminary, Barclay College, and Lancaster Bible College. He is supposed inventor of “Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, Beaver” way of psychologizing people. Trent has membership in the. Trent has won seventeen medallions from the ECPA for his books. Trent has also pastored at two churches in Arizona and Texas and partnered with Gary Smalley in Family Life Today.



Deborah Gorton [M.A., Ph.D. in Jesuit Psychology from Rockefeller-funded Jesuit-led Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of (Jesuit) Psychology; Very full list of psychological specialties to control people with __ Mentor with Tommy Lee’s Resource Global (more in John Fuder bio and Sajan Mathews bio)]

-- Education: Master of Arts and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (M.A. and Ph.D.) specifically on the topic of Jesuit Psychology from Rockefeller-funded Jesuit/Freemason ecumenical Fuller Theological Graduate School of (Jesuit) Psychology.

-- Deborah Gorton is the newly appointed Gary Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy following John Trent. Gorton is also Associate Professor and Program Head for the M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) at Moody Theological Seminary and is director of Moody’s Counseling Center. Her variety of specialties also cover pretty much every topic. 



Rick Manabat [@Jesuit-led Trinity International University and in Mental Health and Psychology @ Jesuit DePaul University; Manager at MTS Counseling Center __ Sex-addiction therapist __ Member of one society – American Association for Christian Counselors __ Manabat was a Therapist on staff at ecumenical and Jesuit-led Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago. ]

-- Education: Trinity International University in Mental Health Counseling, and Jesuit Psychology from Jesuit DePaul University (whose founding is by a secret Jesuit order from Paris where Jesuits got started, and is designed on the rules of the Jesuits).

-- Rick Manabat is Moody Theological Seminary Counseling Center Manager under Dr. Deborah Gorton.

-- Manabat is a certified sex-addiction therapist mentored under Patrick Carnes, is certified in Prepare and Enrich marital counseling and Level One Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Manabat is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.



Andrew Schmutzer [Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Ph.D. from Jesuit-led Trinity International University; Writer and contributor to a number of articles, thesis, and journals on Jesuit Spiritual Formation and included Paul Maxwell as a contributor. Paul Maxwell gave the prediction of needing what Mark Jobe was then appointed to fulfill as a self-fulfilling prophecy for the Jesuits __ Member of five ecumenical societies __ Speaker on MK, PK abuse topics with Wm. Paul Young (author of books - The Shack, Eve, and Lies We believe about God) and Boz Tchividjian (grandson of Billy Graham who is Professor of Law at Interfaith Liberty University and Executive Director of GRACE which is pretending to be a Jesuit champion dealing with church sex-abuse scandals) as well as other prominent Jesuits like Elaine Heath of John Perkins Center at Seattle Pacific University __ Attends Wheaton Bible Church whose pastor is Lon Allison who is Honorary Director of Billy Graham Center at Wheaton and long-time board member at National Association of Evangelicals and Billy Graham’s Christianity Today International __ Co-edited ecumenical Psalms edition with prominent ecumenical contributors __ Led panel discussion at Evangelical Theological Society where he is a member – with Jesuit Loyola Professor of Philosphy Dr. Moser]

-- Education: Dallas Theological and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Trinity International University.

-- Andrew Schmutzer is Professor of Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute.


Schmutzer is a contributor to Edification: Journal of the Society for Christian (Jesuit) Psychology and is a member of the society. Schmutzer is a member of Society of Biblical Literature, Institute of Biblical Research, and Christian Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland. Schmutzer and David Howard Jr. edited The Psalms: Language For All Seasons of the Soul with contributors Jesuit Walter Kaiser (Rockefeller’s Gordon-Conwell Theological), Jesuit John Piper (Ecumenical Jesuit known for his book Desiring God), Robert Chisholm Jr. (Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological), Tremper Longman (Westminster Theological and Westmont College), C. Hassell Bullock (Wheaton College and former President of Evangelical Theological Society), Jesuit Daniel Estes (Spiritual Formation and Bible professor at Cedarville University), Willem GanGemeren (Trinity Evangelical Divinity), Allen P. Ross (Rockefeller-built Beeson Divinity School), and Jesuit Mark Futato (Academic Dean Reformed Theological Seminary and MA. And PhD. graduate of Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.).



Ashley Schmutzer [Jesuit-led Wheaton College]

-- Education: Wheaton Graduate School

-- Schmutzer is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.



Jill White [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College in Jesuit Psychology and @ Jesuit DePaul University; Staff advisor to The Moody Standard which is the Student Newspaper that was recently shut down. Since Jill was faculty advisor to The Moody Standard we have strong reasons to believe (Jesuit DePaul Juris-Doctor Janet Stiven as Moody’s General Counsel of the legal team at MBI, for one example) that Jill is playing the controlled opposition to shutting it down knowing that it is her role to pretend to help the students while really just helping implement the decision of the higher Jesuits. ]

-- Education: Wheaton College BA in Jesuit Psychology and Jesuit DePaul University whose founding is by a Jesuit order from Paris where the Jesuits got started and is designed on the rules of the Jesuits.



Mary Hendrickson

-- Mary Hendrickson is Assistant Professor of Pre-Counseling and Human Services at Moody under Jesuit Michael Milco.

-- Hendrickson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.


Hendrickson was Assistant Director of Admissions for the Masters of Arts in Counseling degree at North Park University where her husband Craig Hendrickson also served as Athletic Chaplain and College Life Director. North Park organized the Confessing Faculty ecumenical statement of which Craig is a signer.



Steve Brasel [Jesuit-led Wheaton in Clinical Psychology; leader of ReNew Partnerships’ Ethnic Diversity Survey to force Moody to accept a broader scope of individuals (these programs are not for expanding ethnic diversity – they are for expanding ideological and religious diversity) not for spiritual education but for cultural appropriateness and destroying the spiritual foundations of D. L. Moody’s education strategies.]

-- Education: Wheaton College in Clinical (Jesuit) Psychology.

-- Steve Brasel is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and teaches Introduction to (Jesuit) Psychology Specialties.



Holly (Hart) Porter

-- Education: Adler School of Professional Psychology.

-- Holly Porter specializes in Jesuit Spiritual Formation and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and teaches Jesuit Psychology and Counseling.



Valencia Wiggins [Walden University and Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Counselor at Wheaton College; Board of Directors for ecumenical and Jesuit-led Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago; Active member of three societies - American (Jesuit) Psychology Association, American Counseling Assocation, and American Association of Christian Counselors __ Wiggins spoke at the Christian Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland 2018 August Member brunch.]

-- Education: Walden University and Wheaton Graduate School.

-- Valencia Wiggins is a clinical Jesuit Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor at Jesuit-led Wheaton College.



Gayla Gates

-- Education: Jesuit DePaul University and Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

-- Gayla Gates is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and teaches Jesuit Psychology and Counseling.



Elizabeth Smith

-- Education: Indiana University and Jesuit-led Trinity International U.

-- Elizabeth Smith is Program Head and Associate Professor of Children and Family Ministry at Moody Bible Institute.

-- Smith is Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.



Amy Baker

-- Education: ecumenical Taylor (Methodist) University and Asbury (Methodist) Theological Seminary.

-- Amy Baker is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.



Dr. Freddy Tung

-- Education: Jesuit-partner University of Wisconsin – Madison, and has a doctorate in Jesuit Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

-- Freddy Tung is a Licensed Clinical (Jesuit) Psychologist.



Patty Vander Sande

-- Education: is a graduate of Jesuit-led Wheaton Graduate School.

-- Patty Vander Sande is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Wheaton Graduate School Collquium Instructor.





Rosanna Sierra-Sweich

-- Education: Northeastern Illinois University in Family Community Counseling and gained additional Complex Trauma certification from Divine Mercy University, a Catholic Jesuit-led psychology university in Arlington, VA. Sierra-Sweich is certified in Couples and Family Counseling and in Level One Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.

-- Rosanna Sierra-Sweich is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.



Barbara Hill

-- Education: (Baptist) Luther Rice University. Hill has worked with Christine Caine’s A21 Campaign and Naomi’s House (Human Trafficking victims program of Moody Church). Hill also shares articles to Relevant Magazine and Christine Caine’s Propel Women. Hill is trained in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Didactical Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.

-- Barbara Hill is editorial advisor to Moody Theological Counseling Center.

Hill is a Nationally Certified Counselor.



Debralyn Bryant

-- Debralyn Bryant is Editorial Advisor to Moody Theological Counseling Center.



Moody Bible Institute Counseling Services also hosts several graduate student interns every year who are supervised by Moody’s Professional Counseling staff, which is no doubt a part of how Moody acquired so many psychologists on campus.





3. Jesuits in Spiritual Formation:

Name [Jesuit education; ecumenical partnerships]

- Education:

- Name: and Faculty Position at Moody



William Thrasher [@ Freemason-founded Auburn University and @ Free-mason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary; Professor of Spiritual Formation at Moody Theological Seminary __ Thrasher is mentor to Mark Jobe’s best pastor friend John Palmieri since when Jobe and Palmieri were in Culbertson Hall together __ Thrasher is endorsed by a long list of high Ecumenical and Jesuit influencers such as Jesuit G11 Gatekeeper Joseph Stowell, Nancy Leigh DeMoss (close friend of Moody leaders whose brother Mark DeMoss was 11-year Chief of Staff to Jesuit Jerry Falwell as well as 25-year Board of Directors for Interfaith Liberty University and then served as spokesperson for the Billy Graham library and Evangelistic Association), John Palmieri (Mark Jobe’s pastor/partner/friend), Vicki Anderson (assistant to John Piper who is leading everyone back to Rome and is on U.S. Council of Lausanne Movement), both Heather and Stephen Olford (Billy Graham’s personal confidant of whom Graham said “the man who most influenced my ministry”), Luis Bush (coined the 10/40 Window of evangelistic efforts, Fuller Theol School of World Missions partner with U. S. Center for World Missions, former International Director of AD2000 and Beyond, a sister organization with Lausanne Movement and World Evangelical Alliance and is now facilitator of Transform World Connections with its international headquarters three miles from Wycliffe Global Associates headquarters in the miniature country of Singapore), J. I. Packer (Anglican Lausanne member Theologian and Executive Editor of Billy Graham’s Christianity Today), Lyle Dorsett (Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism at Rockefeller-funded Beeson Divinity), Paul House (Beeson Divinity), Don Currin (Paul Washer’s HeartCry Missionary Society Eastern European Coordinator), Kevin Howells (Park Community Church Pastor of Small Groups), Peter Grant (Alumni Board at MBI and Charter member of American Association of Christian Counselors and grant recipient of Lilly Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program), and Moody leaders  Paul Nyquist (former President), Wayne Hopkins (Dean and Professor Emeritus), Charlie Dyer (Bible Professor at Large), Paul Enns (author of Moody Handbook of Theology), Chris Fabry (award-winning Moody Radio host), Richard Yook (Board of Trustees), Paul H. Johnson (Chairman Emeritus of Board), John Jelinek (VP, Academic Dean and Provost at MTS), John Fuder (Urban Studies and Dean of Global Cohorts for Tommy Lee’s Resource Global), Bryan Litfin (Jesuit Catholic Fathers scholar), Dan Green (Master of Divinity Program MTS), George Mosher (Registrar at MBI), Brian Tucker (former Professor of New Testament). ]

-- Education: Mason-founded Auburn University, and two degrees from Free-mason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary.

-- William Thrasher is Professor of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship for Moody Theological and on faculty since 1980.


Most people would not recognize “spiritual formation” as meaning that he is a Jesuit, but if you look at the sources, it is closely related and often directly admits to promoting Jesuit founder Ignatius Loyola and his “Spiritual Exercises”. There are plenty of sources to find the history and structure of spiritual exercises. Thenarrowingpath.com and regent.edu and the document A History of Spiritual Formation in Evangelical Theological Education all seem to do a skilled job of explaining the problems or else the history of it if you don’t know where to start looking. Interestingly, Jesuit training in the form of Spiritual Formation is now required by both of Moody’s associations of accreditation – Association of Theological Schools (Rockefeller-founded) and Association for Biblical Higher Education.


Thrasher is author of Putting God Back In The Holidays as if God was ever involved in state holidays who have their roots in pagan and idolatrous traditions combined by the Roman Catholic system, which Thrasher promotes through mystic experience and spiritual formation disciplines as a way of following God for those who do not know Him. Thrasher made a similar attempt with his book God As He Wants You To Know Him.



Tim Arens [@ Azusa Pacific University; Consultant Evaluator for 25 years for Association of Biblical Higher Education where Assoc. Provost Bryan O’Neal and Northfield Jesuit Mission Center’s James Spencer are both on the Commission on Accreditation. This is one of the two Moody Accreditors that require the Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree so Arens and Spencer should have warned Moody to get out of ABHE, but they aren’t, so they are responsible for walking Moody into that trap and are complicit with teaching students to be Jesuits __ Executive member of Association for Christians in Student Development __ In 2011, Arens had Moody students observe the National Day of Prayer which now is accompanied by anti-christ psychologist Shirley Dobson’s Task Force (led by Ronnie Floyd of Donald Trump’s spiritual advisory board) to give initiatives and national prayer networks directives through the program.]

- Education: Grace College, Ball State University, and Azusa Pacific University.

- Tim Arens is MBI/MTS Vice-President and Dean of Student Life at Moody Bible Institute in charge of student development, counseling, etc. Arens is member of the Moody campus Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment Team (BETA).

The Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree at Moody Bible Institute was written by psychologist Nancy Kane.

Arens has been a member of the Association for Christians in Student Development for more than thirty years and has served the executive committee as editor and President and advisor to the Finance Team. Arens was also awarded the ACSD Boender Award in 2010. Arens interviewed with the Exploring College Ministry group on behalf of Moody. Arens also represented Moody to A Guidebook of Promising Practices: Facilitating College Students’ Spiritual Development 2011.



John Koessler [former faculty; Jesuit-led Trinity Intntl. U.; follower of Catholic Thomas Aquinas and Catholic Josef Pieper doctrines; partner with Billy Graham network leaders; has spoken at C. S. Lewis Institute __ Follower of Jesuit spirituality in Thomas Aquinas (Catholic scholar of “Church” Fathers) and Josef Pieper (German Catholic philosopher) and longs for a rejoining of the Catholic Church “sacred mysteries” and “scent of holiness” in unity with the Protestant Church “consistently positive” “hope of the cross” and “chipper” “business”-like approach to ministry __ In 2000, Koessler co-authored How To Preach A Sermon/Biblical Preaching with Haddon Robinson (former twelve-year president of ecumenical and emergent Denver Seminary and nineteen year faculty at Dallas Theological and ecumenicist Harold John Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Biblical Preaching at Billy-Graham-built Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) and Steven Albrecht (Jesuit-trained at openly Jesuit Creighton University and a web team leader at Moody Bible Institute) __ Koessler has spoken for the C. S. Lewis Institute in 2018 at Delta Farm; the same institution that is setting up a Study Center on Moody Northfield campus. ]

- Education: Wayne State University, two degrees from Biblical Seminary, and a doctorate from Jesuit-led Trinity International University.

- John Koessler was Chair and Professor of Pastoral Studies Department at Moody Bible Institute (retired May 2018).


After getting a degree in psychology in college, Koessler went to Biblical Theological Seminary whose founders were Jack W. Murray and Allan MacRae who mentored men like Francis A. Schaeffer, Joseph T. Bayly and Vernon C. Grounds. Koessler’s book The Radical Pursuit of Rest is foreworded by Mark Galli Presbyterian pastor turned Anglican who is Editor-in-Chief of Billy Graham’s Christianity Today. Koessler was 2013 recipient of the Moody Faculty Citation Award. Koessler’s book Folly, Grace, and Power: The Mysterious Act of Preaching was foreworded by Bryan Chapell, partner in Billy Graham’s crusades and missions in China.






Bob MacRae [@ ecumenical Bethel Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Teacher of Jesuit Spiritual Formation to Youth Ministry graduates __ Promotes Jesuit Catholic Henri Nouwen (more in Rosalie De Rosset bio) and Jesuit-founder Howard Hendricks at Dallas Theological Seminary and Contemplative Prayer Jesuit Larry Crabb and several other Jesuit spiritualists]

- Education: Bethel Theological Seminary and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity. Bethel Seminary is the Baptist Seminary founded as the Swedish Baptist Theological studies at Rockefeller-founded University of Chicago.

- Bob MacRae was Professor in Educational Ministries and is now MBI Professor of Youth Ministry Program Head.


MacRae’s The Essence Of The Life Of A Teacher (part of Teaching The Next Generations: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching Christian Formation – meaning Jesuit Spiritual Formation) is full of Jesuit Spiritual Formation recommendations and quotes. MacRae includes Jesuit Larry Crabb (contemplative prayer expert), James C. Wilhoit and Leland Ryken who teach Jesuit Spiritual Formation, Jesuit Howard Hendricks who built the Dallas Theological Seminary Jesuit network starting in 1986, quotes “veteran disciplemakers” and Jesuit Spiritual Formation teachers Richard Dunn and Jana Sundene. His conclusion offers four sources for further study which include Jesuit Howard Hendricks, Jesuit Catholic Priest Henri Nouwen, and Ecumenical and Emergent Denver Seminary Chancellor Gordon McDonald. Howard Hendricks mentored and guided Jesuit Erwin Lutzer to go to Loyola University along with the advice of a Moody Professor and Hendricks guided Joseph Stowell and Lutzer to be prepared to join the Jesuit partnership with Father Dimitri Sala by their time studying under him.


Bob and Pamela MacRae are friends of Greg Speck who is speaking for Family Life Today by Dennis Rainey (a ministry of Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade) and is President of Youth Ministry International (YMI) which was founded by Dr. Randy Smith in partnership with Jerry Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church pastoral team. Jason Schonfelder (Executive Pastor), Dr. Dave Adams (Professor of Pastoral Leadership), and Dr. Bob Miller from Thomas Road and/or Liberty University are on the Board of Directors. At the time, Dr. Adams was Senior Youth Pastor at Thomas Road and YMI founder Dr. Randy Smith was Senior High Pastor at Thomas Road. Smith was for twelve years, the Associate Director of the International Center for Youth Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has taught at ecumenical and Jesuit-led Liberty University, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary, Grace Bible College, Lexington Baptist College, Boyce College.



Pamela MacRae [ecumenical Bethel Theological Seminary and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Mentored by Jill Briscoe who is prominent Billy Graham partner since his Crusade there in 1979 and spent twenty years on Board of Directors for Billy Graham’s CT as well as NAE World Relief and WEC Intnl. and a regular speaker at Graham’s Cove Retreat Center __ This mentorship is so MacRae can take on Rosalie De Rosset’s role as the Jesuit queen hornet on campus whenever Rosset has to retire (more in Rosset bio)]

- Education: Bethel Theological Seminary and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity. Bethel Seminary is the Baptist Seminary founded as the Swedish Baptist Theological studies at Rockefeller-founded University of Chicago.

- Pamela MacRae is MBI Professor of Ministry to Women – Program Head and Professor of Ministry to Victims of Sexual Exploitation.


MacRae is being personally mentored by Jill Briscoe who served on the Board of Directors for twenty years for Billy Graham’s Christianity Today and two ecumenical and Jesuit-led National Association of Evangelical partners World Relief Corp of the NAE and WEC International. Jill’s husband Stuart Briscoe was Senior Pastor at Mega-church in Milwaukee Elmbrook Church since 1970. At the 1979 Milwaukee Billy Graham Crusade, Stuart Briscoe was Vice-Chairman for the Crusade and Jill Briscoe was Women’s Prayer Chairman. Stuart and Jill regularly speak at Billy Graham’s The Cove Retreat Center near Asheville, North Carolina right next to Lifeway’s Ridgecrest Retreat Center. In 1995, Stuart and Jill Briscoe spoke at James Dobson’s International Congress on the Family and in 1992 and 1996 at the National Association of Evangelicals Conference. Stuart also wrote for Promise Keeper’s Men of Integrity magazine. Jill also spoke at a 1989 missions conference in Massachusetts alongside Billy Kim (Vice-President of United Nations NGO Baptist World Alliance) and Jesuit Ray Bakke of Bakke Graduate School and Lausanne leadership and mentor to Moody Bible’s current Jesuit President Mark Jobe.



Timothy Downey [Jesuit Master of Arts in Religious Education; PACT Certified Coach, writer for LeaderTreks Youth Ministry]

- Education: University of Memphis and Mid-America Baptist Seminary with a Master of Religious Education – a relatively new degree given by Jesuit schools U of Toronto, Loyola, Liberty U., Newman Theological College, Unification Theological Seminary (Unification Church), etc.

- Timothy Downey is MBI Associate Professor of Youth Ministry under Bob MacRae with focus on discipleship and leadership.


When Mark Jobe was brought in as the new President of Moody, Pam MacRae and Tim Downey represented the faculty in welcoming Jobe along with Philip Ryken, President of Wheaton College and Scott Grzesiak co-founder of GRIP Outreach for Youth, and Nancy Hastings executive director of the Moody Alumni Association. Downey and his wife Kaye serve the leadership of Christ Community Church where Kaye is Human Resources Director and at least five of the pastoral staff are graduates of Moody and they also recommend William Thrasher’s Jesuit Spiritual Formation training to their small bible study groups with Thrasher’s book God As He Wants You To Know Him. Downey is a writer for LeaderTreks Youth Ministry. Downey is a PACT Certified Coach for Youth Pastors to be trained in ecumenical networking and modeling the life of Christianity. Downey recommends Mission Launch (MissionExcell curriculum) for preparation for international missions. Mission Excell’s founders are in leadership at Downey’s Church Christ Community Church as Outreach Team Captain and international Impact Director. They are members of and mentored by Dwight Marable’s Mission International who is partner with Vineyard Church pastor in Illinois Jim Egli and Dwight was mentored under Donald McGavran founding Dean of Fuller Theological School of World Mission. Downey participated in the first Global Training Program with TheoVision and HCJB Global which was held in Bulgaria in partnership with National Religious Broadcasters and Charles Stanley’s In Touch Ministries – other attendees from Moody included Collin Lambert, Bruce Everhart, Jon Gauger, Chris Segard, Adam Grandy, Julie Roys, Jennifer Epperson, and Brian Kammerzelt.



Eric Moore [@ Free-mason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ ecumenical and emergent Western Seminary; assistant to Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree with William Thrasher __ Council Member of SEND International and member of Evangelical Theological Society]

- Education: Michigan State, University of Michigan, Dallas Theological, and Western Seminary.

- Eric Moore is MTS Assistant Professor to William Thrasher in the Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree.

Moore serves on the U.S. Council of SEND International. Moore is pastor and co-founder of Tree of Life Bible Fellowship Church. Moore is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society.



Daniel Green [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Doctorate from Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Green is Moody’s Master of Divinity Program Professor and focuses on Jesuit Spiritual Formation __ Member of two ecumenical societies – Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Homiletics Society]

- Education: Michigan State University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and a doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

- Daniel Green is Professor of Master of Divinity Program at MTS and focuses on homiletics, biblical theology and Jesuit spiritual formation.

Green has taught short-term courses at Asian Theological Seminary in the Philippines founded by SEND International, which works in partnership with the Asia Theological Association and Bakke Graduate University (where Mark Jobe went for studies mentored by Ray Bakke). Bakke was Lausanne Committee Director of Global Cities. Green also taught at Evangelical Bible College (South Africa), Union Bible Institute (South Africa), and Sydney Institute of Biblical Studies (Australia).






4. Ecumenical, Maybe Jesuit:

Name [Jesuit education; ecumenical partnerships]

- Education:

- Name: and Faculty Position at Moody



Carol Anderson [Wycliffe executive director of personnel in Papau New Guinea – Wycliffe controls ALL MISSIONS regulations world-wide in partnership with State Department, National Security Agency, and Department of Homeland Security at their facilities and overseas __ Faculty of Great Northern University made up of faculty from the old Moody Spokane campus that got shut down]

- Education: Azusa Pacific University and Eastern Washington University.

- Carol Anderson is Intercultural Studies Professor at Moody Spokane.

Anderson and her husband served 34 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papau New Guinea serving top executive and director of personnel positions. Anderson is also on faculty at Great Northern University whose faculty are previous Moody Spokane leadership.



Kyeong Sook Park [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and Jesuit-led Biola University and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity edited by ecumenical leader Robert Priest]

- Education: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea, MA Wheaton Graduate School, Doctorate in Missiology from Jesuit-led Biola University, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity edited by Robert J. Priest (President of Evangelical Missiological Society and and American Society of Missiology, a member of the American Anthropological Association, and graduate of UC Berkeley and University of Chicago).

- Kyeong Sook Park is Professor of World Missions and Evangelism at MBI and is now Professor of Intercultural Studies.



Mary Cloutier [PhD Jesuit-led Trinity Evang.; twenty-year missionary worker with Christian and Missionary Alliance and taught at L’Institute Biblique de Bethel; member of American Society of Missiology; Board Member of TEAM]

- Education: University of Wisconsin-Stout; M.Div. at Alliance Theological Seminary; Trinity Evangelical Divinity with a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy.

- Mary Cloutier is Professor of Intercultural Studies at MBI

Cloutier served twenty years with Christian and Missionary Alliance and served two terms as professor of L’Institute Biblique de Bethel. Cloutier is a new member of the American Society of Missiology. Cloutier is Board Member of The Evangelical Alliance Mission – A Global Alliance of Churches and Missionaries.



Craig Hendrickson [Th.M., Ph.D. and is Adjunct faculty at Rockefeller-funded Jesuit-led Fuller Theological Seminary, also faculty at North Park University __ Coach with Arrow Leadership Program founded by Moody alumnus and National Association of Evangelicals President Leith Anderson]

- Education: Master in Theology and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Rockefeller-funded ecumenical Fuller Theological Seminary where he also serves as adjunct faculty.

- Craig Hendrickson is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies at MBI and Evangelism and Discipleship Program Head. Hendrickson and his wife also serve on faculty at North Park University where John Fuder partner and former Moody Professor Dwight Perry is President.


Hendrickson is a leadership partner and trainer coach with Arrow Leadership Program and Church Resource Ministries whose founder is Leith Anderson, President of National Association of Evangelicals and whose Vice President Rick Franklin served in senior executive positions with Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade. Previously, Hendrickson has served as a district leader of the Free Methodist Church. Hendrickson is a signer on at least one ecumenical leadership statement on human rights/freedoms.



Tim Stafford [Rockefeller-built Northwestern U.; producer with musicians who are partners with Billy Graham, Willow Creek Church, Word of Life, and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School]

- Education: Northwestern University.

- Tim Stafford is on Music Ministry Staff at The Moody Church since 2001.

- Stafford is Professor of Music Ministries since 2008 and adjunct faculty in MBI Sacred Music Department.

Stafford produced an album with John Innes (keyboardist for Billy Graham Association and Charles Stanley/First Baptist Atlanta), Marianne Kim (keyboardist for Moody Church, Willow Creek Church, and Christ Church), Scott Griffin (Pianist and Music Coordinator for Moody Church who is touring with another Moody music student and a duo who have played with Bill Gaither, Maranatha Bible Conference, Word of Life campuses, and the Crystal Cathedral), and Dr. Paul Satre who is Professor of Music at Jesuit-led Trinity International University. Stafford played at Moody Founder’s Week 2013 along with Shane and Shane, Meredith Andrews, the Butlers, and musical ensembles from Moody Bible Institute.



Andy Pflederer [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; member of two ecumenical societies – Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Missiological Society __ Speaker for Frontier Ventures Perspectives Course in IL, which is Frontier Ventures in Point Loma (theosophical headquarters), CA – formerly called the U.S. Center For World Mission (see more in William Thrasher bio) __ Fellowship of Evangelical Churches International Ministries partner and missionary __ Attended and spoke at the Dallas Gathering planning session for the Lausanne-project Moody’s Global Center for Theological Education led by Jonathan Armstrong and Bryan O’Neal (more in their bios)]

- Education: Dallas Theological and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

- Andy Pflederer is Chair and Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies at MTS.

Pflederer has served in missions in Albania for the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches International Ministries, spoke at their conference in 2009, and seems to have other family members involved. Pflederer also has pastored Eureka Bible Church and taught at the Albanian Bible Institute.



Desiree Hassler [Bynam Fellow at Jesuit-partner Gordon College; full-time opera singer]

- Education: University of Illinois and has served on the faculty of University of Illinois and Eastern Illinois University in addition to being a Bynam Fellow at Gordon College (partner of Jesuit Boston College).

- Desiree Hassler is Adjunct Instructor in Voice at MBI. Hassler also joined in the leading of the ecumenical gathering for giving a Tunisian scroll to Moody Bible Institute through Paul Nyquist.

- Hassler sings full-time chorus for the Lyric Opera of Chicago.



Heather Shalley [Olivet Nazarene University; former Finance Director at Valley Forge Military Academy and Assembly of God-affiliated Valley Forge Christian College; committee member for Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators for Pennsylvania and Illinois]

- Education: Cappella U. and Olivet Nazarene University.

- Heather Shalley is Vice President and Dean of Student Enrollment Services; Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Moody Bible Institute.

Shalley has spoken at the National American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals Conference. Previously Shalley served short-term roles in Finance at Valley Forge Military Academy and College and Assembly of God affiliated Valley Forge Christian College; the latter was involved in a lawsuit in the Supreme Court in 1982 for receiving free property from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare – lawsuit brought by the Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Shalley has also been a committee member for the Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators for Pennsylvania and Illinois. The purpose of choosing someone like this for admissions at Moody is to secularize and bring government funding more into Moody’s financial strategy of choosing students as explained last year by Paul Maxwell who gave the self-fulfilling prophecy for Moody leadership that they then fulfilled in their already-planned choice of Mark Jobe.



Ryan Cook [Asbury Theological Seminary and Member of Evangelical Theological Society]

- Education: Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and Asbury (Methodist) Theological Seminary.

- Ryan Cook is Assistant Professor of Bible at MBI; Program Head MA Biblical Studies




Jim Conrad

- Education: Ohio University and Moody Aviation Spokane to which he was directed by Campus Crusade.

- Jim Conrad is newly appointed Moody Aviation Program Manager



Clive Craigen [former faculty; professor of Intercultural Studies as described anonymously in complaint letter by graduate which was posted on BrokenTwig about the chaos of leadership at Moody]

- Education: Grace College and Northeast Illinois University and has served as a career missionary in Chicago for the Grace Brethren North American Missions.

- Clive Craigen was Associate Professor of World Missions in Urban Ministry and Program Head until May 2019.


Clive Craigen is the Professor described by the anonymous student from Moody whose letter was posted by BrokenTwig – the description shows his disinterest in the Gospel of Jesus or discipleship toward Christ and mostly his interest in his own reputation and modern divisive, social discussions. Craigen and his wife has also partnered with National Organization for Marriage who partners include Jesuits (Knights of Columbus), Roman Catholics, Mormons, Opus Dei, and Focus on the Family (a United Nations partner led by James Dobson who is a eugenicist trained in Theosophical ideas from the Nazarene University on Point Loma, CA – headquarters of the Theosophical Cult). Craigen is a signer on three major ecumenical statements on immigration, human rights/freedoms, and on cultural divides. Craigen has been a leader in the World Missions conferences at Moody whose speakers have included Tom Lin of Intervarsity and Urbana Student Missions, Yolanda Fields of Breakthrough Urban Ministries, Rev. Jamie Taylor great, great grandson of Hudson Taylor.



Myron Kauk [former faculty; Education @ Jesuit-led Biola Talbot School of Theology and Westminster Seminary; faculty at interfaith Liberty University __ Member of three ecumenical Societies – Evangelical Theological Society, Society of Biblical Literature, and World Bible Translation Center]

- Education: Talbot School of Theology and Westminster Seminary.

- Myron Kauk was involved in distance-learning at Moody Bible Institute, as well as for Liberty University and Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary.



Stephen Clark [former faculty; Education @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Teaches Summer Institute of Linguistics Applied Language Skills __ Stephen and Dawn are partners with Rockefeller-built Summer Institute of Linguistics work in Papau New Guinea which is literally a focused Rockefeller project on how to control Aborigines people and how to convince other people that they might be less-evolved ancestors – which is disgusting horrible ideology. The Clarks should be exposing that criminal evil of the Rockefellers rather than partnering with it __ Members/staff of College Church on campus at Wheaton University]

- Education: Wheaton College and Universities of Kansas and North Dakota.

- Before retiring in 2019, Stephen Clark taught applied linguistics in the Missions Department at MBI since 1996.


Before that, Stephen and Dawn Clark worked with the Rockefeller-built Summer Institute of Linguistics for the Sio language in Papau New Guinea whose people are being studied for devious purposes by elite world powers and by the Rockefeller family members themselves. Stephen and Dawn are part of College Church on Wheaton University campus where Dawn is Director of Disability Ministry.



Wesley McClure [former faculty; Education @ interfaith Liberty University and Signer on Reforming Catholic Confession]     

- Education: Liberty University

- Wesley McClure served as Dean of Students at MTS and now is Admissions Director at Hargrave Military Academy.

McClure signed at least one ecumenical statement called The Reforming Catholic Confession.



If you haven’t read our research on the point-by-point comparison of identical problems caused by Jesuits at Moody’s schools in Northfield Mount Hermon and in Chicago @ Moody Bible Institute, see link below. The second important article there shows who C. S. Lewis Study Center and Catholic Thomas Aquinas College represent in the discussion.





For short faculty bios with links you can look at that show our evidence about each faculty member: