Where did the MBI music program go? Why was it Reduced? We think we know why…




Hello brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow prayer partners,


We have been puzzled; as we are sure some of you have been too, as to why the MBI music program was reduced. As we all noticed in the letter from the unnamed staff members, the music program at the Chicago Moody base was reduced by half – (just short of) half of the faculty in the music department were let go or fired. You can find that for yourself here:


So, we have been asking the question for months, amongst ourselves, why? Why would the corrupt MBI top-leadership reduce one of their biggest draws and a very helpful part of Moody? We think we finally found our answer – and we’re sure that you will be concerned too.


First, let’s look at the power of Christian music. Have you ever listened to a Christian song and decided to get closer to God? How about old hymns or maybe new hymns? Many Christians have pledged their life to live for the Lord because of a song that puts God’s holiness and goodness in a right perspective, and it puts the world’s pleasures as empty and down below the priorities of life and eternity. Those hymns and Christian songs were a turning point for you and many other Christians; that explains why the devil is trying to destroy church music, reducing it to be simple fluff. And that explains what is happening to the Christian music on the radio. Sometime when you are looking for a blessing, try to write a list of the best of those great Christian songs and gather those tunes on an MP3 or your favorite music player and reminisce your promises to God. Christian music is good, but please don’t stay in the milk because you need the strong food of God’s Word more than you need milk. Hebrews 6 says it this way: “Therefore leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ, let us go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from sinful deeds and of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, of laying on of hands, of resurrection of the dead and of eternal judgment.” (Hebrews 6:1-2)


Now let’s look at the opposite music; the devil’s music has so many different styles. The devil’s musicians seem to have lots of talent. Some songs are so slick and smooth you hardly realize what the song is trying to do to you. There is a strange shift in America, to see so many young people saying “hail satan” and making the hand signals. It is also strange to see how many youth know satanic symbols. Most of that evil influence comes from the music they listen to. We all can see that some of the angels that were given the best music talents from God before they rejected God, now use their talents for evil music. So the devil is actively promoting his music and opposing Christian music in America, and there are not many Christians actively speaking out against them.


Have you noticed that the modern version of “Christian music” has reduced Almighty, All-Powerful, Holy Holy, Holy, God down to: ‘Jesus wants to be your friend’? And many of those songs reduce your ‘holy, obedient Christian life’ down to songs that say Jesus’ Name. Many new songs compliment God’s power but they omit the message of Romans 12:1-2 that we must “… present ourselves as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God… and do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” (Romans 12:1-2) Don’t forget that when a person compliments or praises God but doesn’t obey Him, it’s just empty flattery that God rejects.


So how does it work that Christians who start off wanting to sing songs for God end up singing empty fluff? The RestoreMBI team has talked with some of the music artists who could write good music and found out from them that the corporation and industry leaders also currently run the music industries – including the “Christian” music industry. These pagan leaders intentionally blackball those who quote the Bible and Jesus’ teachings in their music. That means that there are some honorable Christian music artists who are being blackballed by false Christian leaders who run the “Christian” music industry. If you look closely at the lives of those who control the Christian music of today, you find that they live in spiritual darkness; like Michael W. Smith (a clever closet satanist), Toby McKeehan and Chris Tomlin (modern ecumenical false teachers), and the Gaithers (masonry family). People like that are trying to inspire outright rebellion against God, just like satan is doing. The problem is that they are determining who can get a record label and who cannot, they will not produce honest Christian music. We have heard examples of where they insult Christian lyrics and discourage musicians who try to write Biblical music.


This report explains why the devil is attacking the music education at MBI also. The devil is attacking Christian music nationwide and this has been going on for decades. Please pray and/or speak up, and try to get the problem reversed. We need more people who have a heart for God and His Word and His Holy Holy Holy character to write music and use it to lead others closer to God – whether the devil’s system lets them get much notice or not. You can always put your music online for free. That is more like giving to God, instead of trying to make money on the music God gave you for free.


Will you join us in working to help MBI and other places across the US to reverse the problem of infiltrators who are stifling honest Christian music? Reject and cast out the leaders who are trying to corrupt or water down the Christian music.


Thank you,

~ Watching, Preaching, Praying

The team at RestoreMBI.com