MBI Scandal List 2022




Hello Moody alumni and family, we need you. Those who are being abused need you. These scandals are piling up, and Mark Jobe and his whole team of leaders are not only ignoring these scandals and the financial crimes, but they are covering them up and adding to them. We need you to press for changes. If you don’t, Moody is crashing and will get sold off and destroyed, just like the Jesuits did to Northfield Bible School and Seminary. Please speak up. Please help. Please share and get the word out. Thank you ~ The Restore MBI team


>>Here is the list of scandals and crimes the current MBI leadership is covering up and adding to:

August 28, 2006

Snafu puts focus on dorm



 (Seemingly) May 2017

Anonymous Letter from MBI (Moody) Alumni (with encouragement from MBI staff)



November 29, 2017

Anonymous Letter from MBI (Moody) staff trying to publicly address problems



January 4, 2018

Moody Bible Institute Facing Unprecedented Crisis. Please Pray!



January 9, 2018

A Luxury Suite, Questionable Loan to Officer, & Gambling: The Disturbing Truth About Leadership at MBI



January 10, 2018

Moody Bible President and COO Both Resign, Provost Retires



February 2018

Unresolved Problems at Moody that are leading them to a crash



March 2018

Problems at Moody – Jenkins



October 18, 2020

Petition Alleging Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse at Moody Bible Institute Garners 1,700 Signatures



October 19, 2020

Petition Alleging Cover-up of Sexual Abuse at Moody Bible Institute Garners 2,200 Signatures



October 19, 2020

Moody Bible Institute Hit With a Petition Which Claims Institutional Cover-up of Sexual Abuse



October 20, 2020

MBI Announces Independent Investigation into Allegations it Mishandled Sex Abuse Cases



November 3, 2020

MBI Dean Accused of Mishandling Sex Abuse Cases Takes Early Retirement



November 8, 2020

Moody Bible Institute rocked by allegations it mishandled sex misconduct claims; one leader resigns, another on leave



February 22, 2021

Victims of alleged sexual misconduct at Moody Bible Institute feel left in the dark


February 23, 2021

Moody Provost Heading Investigation Expresses Regret for Endorsing Pastor with History of Sex Abuse



February 25, 2021

Sexual violence survivors say Moody Bible Institute still isn’t taking their claims seriously 



May 1, 2021

Moody President Seminar on Crisis Management “Tone-Deaf,” Moody Abuse Survivor Says



May 21, 2021

Investigation Finds “Unsuccessful” Sex Abuse Reporting System at Moody & “Pervasive Distrust”



May 24, 2021

Moody sex abuse reporting system 'unsuccessful,' causes 'pervasive distrust': investigation



May 26, 2021

Responding to sexual abuse at Moody



May 30, 2021

Moody Bible Institute ‘ill-equipped’ to investigate sexual misconduct, independent probe finds



> June 9, 2021

Jenkins Hall Sold for 44 Million (as part of a coverup and scattering to prevent scandals getting caught)



> August 31, 2021

Mark Jobe (Jesuit) enforces evil and illegal governor non-binding “executive order”, forcibly vaccinated all students. Those who got the vax will now have nerve issues heart issues, organ issues, and possibly/probably be sterilized for life, and some will sadly likely die young. Your body = your health = your choice. How many crimes and scandals is Mark Jobe guilty of? When will the Moody alumni stand up and tell him to stop?



> May 18, 2022

We again heard eyewitness testimony, and witnessed some of it, that the MBI faculty is continuing to let the MBI students get drunk and immoral at least on graduation nights. Why? This must stop. Please help.


Thanks for Watching and Praying,

The RestoreMBI team