Moody’s NMH School Compared to Moody’s MBI

If you haven’t read our research on the prominent MBI staff/faculty, their education, and their Jesuit marching orders, see links below. The second important article shows who C. S. Lewis Study Center & Catholic Thomas Aquinas College represent in Jesuit discussions.

Moody Jesuit faculty bios with internet research links

Thorough Northfield property report

Short Northfield property report

Bios of Jesuit faculty at Moody Bible Institute/Theological Seminary


Point-by-point comparison of identical problems caused by Jesuits at Dwight Moody’s Schools in Northfield Mount Hermon, Massachusetts compared to Moody’s Chicago Bible Institute.

Dwight Moody worked diligently to build Schools to teach the Bible and life-principles and gospel work. The spiritual vandalism that the Jesuits did to Northfield and Mount Hermon is being repeated against the Chicago Moody Bible Institute and Seminary. This is a comparison of identical results of assaults made by Jesuits against the schools in Massachusetts first starting in the 1930’s and now being duplicated in Chicago starting in the 1980’s. If we don’t learn and understand the lessons of this Jesuit attack at Northfield, it is set to duplicate identically in Chicago. All of the pieces and subcultures and corrupt leadership and Jesuits are already in place at Moody Bible Institute, which we intend to show by this report and the related reports on individual Jesuit Faculty bios and the Short Report on Northfield problems. A thorough knowledge of this partial demolition of Dwight Moody’s gospel work in Northfield will allow us to fully catch the operations of these Jesuits who have invaded and are destroying Moody Bible Institute and Theological Seminary. This is what Jesuits do to Protestant evangelistic work – they replace it with Aquinas and C. S. Lewis and other scoffers/atheists who sound like Christian scholars but who are leading students toward following the United Nations agendas.


Northfield/Mount Hermon School (NMH) after 140 years is almost empty of gospel interests and now is centered around multi-cultural new world order projects including three actual United Nations Model student partnerships. The leadership of the school is a Board of Trustees guided solely by global corporate business interests, an interfaith student council and interfaith chaplain, Jesuit and secular faculty (very few Christians left), and Jesuit psychologists and non-Christian student advisors. Their student groups boast of anti-God religiosity such as an Atheist/Secular Humanist Student Group, a Gender-Sexuality Alliance (Gay-Straight Alliance), F-Word (Feminist) Student Club, Mindfulness Meditation, and Pokemon training (Japanese Pocket-monsters). Other evils at the school are self-injury and sexual harassment/assault, drugs/drinking (Marijuana, Tobacco, Alcohol, and literally selling Ritalin), ivy-league partnerships for secular music/arts/sports programs, pride-centered elite education, and bully culture hostilities. And now the school shares Moody’s property with two Catholic-led schools following Thomas Aquinas Jesuit ideology to force Protestant churches under the Pope’s authority with the Catholic “Church” again.


Moody Bible Institute (which should be called Chicago Bible Institute as Moody called it) after 133 years is invaded by Jesuit handlers and Jesuit leadership from the President and throughout. MBI students are redirected from gospel work into theology debates toward ecumenical and interfaith dialogue strategies, and social programs that avoid preaching against sin and preaching the gospel. This Jesuit attack is overseen by Jesuit Interfaith Chaplain Erwin Lutzer and by a vast partnership with multiple Jesuit institutions (Loyola, DePaul, Wheaton, Gonzaga, Marquette) who have crept into MBI top leadership and faculty and legal team and also share students with MBI. Now MBI Jesuits under guidance of (new President) Mark Jobe’s Lausanne training are involved in strategies to use the entire of Chicago as a new world order Lausanne experiment for global cities and global secular society which would assist Catholics toward the Pope’s authority over all nations. MBI’s leadership consists of a Board of Trustees guided solely by global “ministry”/ corporate business interests who cover the evil deeds of Jesuit and Interfaith and Ecumenical faculty who do not believe and obey the Bible with the added mental bully threat of about a dozen (or more) Jesuit psychologists and social workers. There is an increasingly secular/scoffing student body who are protected by instructors who are intentionally anointing/honoring students who are unbelieving, scoffing, prideful young people who are not seeking God’s heart in gospel work. MBI faculty also tolerates an underground homosexual/immoral student and RA network since 1980’s and faculty are willfully assisting the weakening/dissolving of Christian community accountability regarding immoral/crass conversation and music and lifestyle. Education programs are focused on pride-centered elite education and there is a rising hostility by faculty and students against Christians as well as other problems like self-injury and racial and sexual harassment. They reject many Christians applications and they choose scoffer students that they hope will help ruin the Christian ministries.


This should not be descriptions of two schools that Dwight L. Moody built. They have no right to usurp authority over Moody’s life or over these schools that were built for Christian education, not for all of their global anti-christ agendas. We need to pray and we need to get the information out far and wide (shout their secrets from the rooftops) until enough Christians understand that infiltrators and United Nations “change agents” are pretending to represent Christ while secretly welcoming and teaching such worldly sin-centered filth and false religion instead. All of that is Jesuit spiritual vandalism and hostility against God and against the Christian families and community that Moody built. Are there any Christian parents who would send their son or daughter to a school like that? Probably not. There is absolutely no way Moody’s name should be attached to so much evil. Christians need to work together to get rid of that leadership and take back Northfield from the devil, or else get Moody’s name removed from the school. But what will happen if Moody Bible Institute becomes exactly like this? What will be left of Dwight’s work for Scriptural education? Some of you still think that Moody isn’t under this threat of Jesuit overthrow. So let’s look at the same elements that we see destroyed Northfield that are in existence on Moody Bible Institute campus. All of these elements at MBI are worse than can be shown on paper, because these are only the admitted examples – the rest are hiding in the hearts and plans of people on campus who haven’t found a way to fulfill them yet because too many Christians would quickly disagree and get them removed. Please, friends, let’s become very clear about what is happening to Dwight Moody’s work of evangelism so we can partner to kick out the Jesuits and be able to remain non-Catholic and pro-Bible.


Categories for Comparison:

Selling/Distributing Half Its Property

Famously Corrupt Long-time Chairman

Interfaith Chaplain

Ecumenical Jesuit Top Faculty/Leadership

United Nations Level of Partnerships

Catholic/Jesuit Partners

Corrupt Board of Trustees

Jesuit Legal Team

Jesuit Psychologists with anti-christ philosophy/Unhelpful Student Advisors

Sexual Harrasment/Homosexuality/Etc

Unbiblical Level of Feminism

Interfaith Dialogue

Prominent and Unhelpful Families

Prominently Unhelpful Alumni

Study Abroad Networks Making New World Order Students



Prestigious Education/Approval From Men Rather Than God

Love of the World/Self rather than Love of God


Point-by-point comparison of identical problems caused by Jesuits at Dwight Moody’s Schools in Northfield Mount Hermon, Massachusetts compared to Moody’s Chicago Bible Institute.

If you love MBI, please look at what you can do and share what you know and pray for those who are speaking out.

>>> Moody Northfield/Mount Hermon School (NMH)

>>> Moody Bible Institute/Moody Theological Seminary (MBI/MTS)


1   >>> [NMH Selling/Distributing Half Its Property] In 1867, Dwight Moody built the YMCA Farwell building for the Christian community to fellowship in. Moody was Chicago director of YMCA and his friend John Farwell donated the expensive land on which it was built. But four months later it burned completely to the ground. Moody went to work quickly acquiring the necessary funds to rebuild. Four years later, it was much worse. When the Great Fire of Chicago happened in 1871, Dwight Moody and everyone were meeting that Sunday night for church at Farwell Building, singing hymns when fire engines and bells became louder than the singing. Moody lost everything in that second fire that destroyed much in Chicago. As for Moody - his home and literally everything in it, and the Illinois Street Church and the Farwell building were all completely burned. Ira Sankey nearly died caught in the high-winds inferno that swept through the city destroying 3.3 square miles of Chicago and killing at least 300 people. According to his son’s book, Moody learned an important lesson – not to put off preaching the gospel until the next week. That night was the fifth of a six-part series where Moody talked on the life of Christ – the sixth week that never came specifically was about His death and resurrection through which Moody intended to preach the gospel. This time, Moody realized it was personal; we believe based on Moody’s preaching against Freemasons that he suspected them. It wasn’t until years later that Moody corresponded with Charles Chiniquy who told him the dark history of Catholic Jesuit power – information that answered his questions but may have also led to an untimely death (possibly by secret poisoning which is one of the methods named in the official Jesuit oath). But at the time of the fires, Moody could not have known who his real enemy was. And that crime of the Chicago Fire was never brought to justice; it was blamed on Mrs. O’Leary’s cow as legend (which she denied explicitly) and generally everyone knew that was not true. The evidence then and new evidence in 2018 indicates that it was the work of Jesuits. This report intends a strong case showing Jesuit guilt in so many crimes.


So Moody set out to focus on evangelism meetings in the U.S. and in the United Kingdom. Within ten years of the second fire, that unsettling reality of a hidden-hand threatening him caused Moody to re-settle in his own boyhood hometown of Northfield Massachusetts which led to the creating of three schools there. One was a boys school, one a girls seminary, and the third intended to be a life-skills, business, and Bible training school. When Moody passed away, his will left the schools in the care of his two sons Will and Paul and his son in law A. P. Fitt and his nephew Ambert, but after a few decades a plot was in play to take Moody’s school for elite business instead of for solidly educating and helping poor families. After the 1934 assassination of the Mount Hermon headmaster, the school took a direction toward ivy-league business training which also led to decreased morality. Then in 1971, the Mount Hermon School for boys and Northfield Seminary for girls integrated into one school Northfield Mount Hermon School (NMH). In 2004, the Board of Trustees decided to consolidate further by choosing to cut the numbers of students accepted by half. The Jesuits who run NMH openly decided to shut down half of the school and give away one of the two campuses to the Jesuit Hobby Lobby family in 2009. This will be important when we look at what is happening in Chicago – remember that they intentionally cut student numbers and then gave fellow Jesuits half of the property. The historic Moody home and similar buildings are being used by The Moody Center as a sort of historic relic to Moody’s faith (which is distorted even further by the Charismatic scoffers that are using the building) and the rest of campus was given to C. S. Lewis Study Center and largely (3/4 of the buildings) to Thomas Aquinas (Catholic) College. The Moody Center is promoting this new partnership as a (Jesuit-style) Body, Mind, and Spirit Retreat Center with the Catholic college as the “Mind” (they literally say this in their promotion) of the project. Thomas Aquinas was the 13th century Dominican Catholic Patristics expert in using the teachings of all of the “Church Fathers” to entice/force separatists and true believers in Christ back under “Holy” Roman authority. After the 1500’s, this became the work of Jesuits and the Paulist Fathers. It is a hidden war against Protestants that continues against anyone who rejects the authority of the Pope as their leader.

1   >>> [MBI/MTS Selling/Distributing Half Its Property] It is actually premeditated that the Jesuits would choose to do this both in Northfield and in Chicago. In Northfield, they openly chose to consolidate Northfield Mount Hermon school by cutting half of the number of students – a decision that was made in 2004. And they gave away the entire Northfield half of the campus to fellow Jesuits. In Chicago, Mark Jobe, Gregg Quiggle, and Mark Wagner are working to promote the idea of selling half of Moody’s property to make up for losses caused by Jesuit destruction of Moody Chicago reputation and by expensive redirecting of funds for their Jesuit global projects such as the Chapman Global Media Center. We agree whole-heartedly with Julie Roys’ assessment that the student numbers dropped in direct proportion to the spiritual and moral decay of leadership/faculty. And they in turn rejected the most honorable applicants to instead allow luke-warm seekers and scoffing rebels who were like themselves. This spiritual vandalism at Moody is a direct result of the Jesuit leadership and faculty infiltrating and then taking over since 1980, which is the same time that a homosexual community began to network on campus. One evidence for that fact is a student review forum discussion where people involved in homosexuality are talking about the culture and methods by which they hid their activities while they were students at Moody in the 1980’s. In other words, faculty and Jesuits intentionally covered sinful activities of students to make it uncomfortable for Christian students to attend Moody – the culture began to allow crude joking and bullying and wrong behavior as long as it was hidden though partially known. Well, guess what is happening now that student numbers have dropped more than the half – now they want to sell more than half of the property. Is that a coincidence? Definitely not. We believe this was the intended result all along – crushing both of Moody’s gospel work training centers with a culture of interfaith work, Catholic partners, and immoral and evil student and faculty and leadership behaviors in order to discredit Protestant evangelists. Then the Chapman Center (funding partly by Gary Chapman who rejected God’s truth in favor of a sin-ignoring and God-ignoring psychology religion) is an attempt to broadcast the condition of this anti-christ culture around the world through ecumenical and interfaith programming as if Moody has lost its faith – in order to discourage and conquer the missionaries out there under the Jesuits. The real reason that the Jesuit program took off in the 1980’s is that in 1978, Erwin Lutzer had just completed his Doctor of Jesuit Philosophy training at openly-Jesuit Loyola University (though he avoided his dissertation in hopes of not getting caught being a Jesuit). This inspired newly installed Pope John Paul II (who became Pope that same year) to come to Chicago (1978 or 1979) and “bless” which was secretly to curse Moody property from the corner of Chicago Avenue and N. Lasalle Boulevard (where the LifeWay bookstore is that they just shut down this year) to claim this as his territory. They knew that they had a worthy Jesuit master in The Moody Church who could cover for a whole fleet of Jesuits taking over at the Bible Institute, so the Pope pretended to use witchcraft to claim territory that he knows was dedicated to Gospel Work by Dwight Moody and so many Christians. That is why and how much the Jesuits hate Moody Bible Institute because of the community that are friends of Dwight Moody (who is very much alive in heaven). They see Chicago as their territory as we show in minute.


So back to discussing the sale of more than half of Moody’s property. The purpose of this is to limit the resources available to the Protestant community that tries to resist the Jesuit overthrow – which they apparently knew would happen in some shape or form. It is interesting to see what they want to sell. The primary targets for sale are dorm housing and parking. That would allow Moody Jesuits to undo more requirements on student culture/behavior since students would not be living on campus and therefore their personal, private conduct cannot be seen before giving Moody’s accrediting approval to their future ministry. Removing athletics from campus would send students to secular gyms, and the Media/Publishing/Shipping is being reorganized around the Chapman Center and many students probably would not even be able to park on Moody property if Jesuits get their wish. So the buildings that are up for sale are Jenkins Residence Hall, Dryer Residence Hall, Solheim Athletic Center, Moon Building (old Moody Publishers now in Chapman Global Media Center) and two other buildings used for Distribution and Mailing, Soccer Field, and four parking lots. The consulting company (RedGate) obtained by Board Secretary Mark Wagner is a secular organization which advises Rockefeller University of Chicago, Skull-and-Bones/Jesuit-led Johns Hopkins U., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Boston University. Why has Moody obtained this kind of advice? Because Moody’s Board of Trustees and Jesuit leaders do not care about ministry. They say they are focused on money while secretly their job as Jesuits is destroying Moody’s platform to speak in the world.


Mark Jobe specifically was selected for leadership over this project because of his friendship with Catholic Jesuit-trained Alderman Burke whose role as an alderman includes zoning issues etc. So Burke helped Moody with the zoning changes they are obtaining to make the property interesting for sale, and you can be sure that any property that Moody sells would be sold to Jesuit friends of Burke and Mark Jobe to play keep-away from the Christians and be hostile neighbors. Jobe does not care even slightly about Moody. That is the real reason why in his inaugural speech, he said that D. L. Moody got saved in 1985 which is not even remotely similar to the actual year of 1854 when Moody accepted salvation in the shoe shop. That was a Jesuit “tell” to the secret scoffers/atheists who are students at Moody not to worry about his plans because he is not going to snitch on them because he doesn’t care about the history of the Moody family. Politicians do this kind of thing all the time. It was not accidental, in our opinion. This is also the reason Jobe has to remind himself every morning how thankful he is for Moody by looking at the archway after being so frustrated about the parking situation and trying not to scratch his fancy car (he literally said that). This is also why Jobe focused on business statistics in his speech: 45,000 alumni, 133 years, Moody preaching to 100 Million people, doubling “impact” by the year 2030 reaching 20 Million and with 6,000 in marketplace roles, and so grateful that all of this “has been entrusted to me”, and 22 acres of which he wants to sell 10 acres. The purpose of this is to steal resources from the honest evangelicals and into Jesuit projects for when, by God’s grace, we are able to put a stop to this Jesuit take-over. In other words, they anticipate a full push-back against this Jesuit operation, and they want a weakened push-back from Moody’s evangelical family whenever it happens. Jobe says he is “praying for a double portion” like Elijah; and like Erwin Lutzer in 1978, Jobe says he was placed here “for such a time as this” by the Jesuit rulers of Chicago. And it is the Provincial Jesuit over Chicago-Detroit region of Jesuit command who was recently placed as President of the entire U.S. Jesuit Conference.


The reason Jobe was placed at Moody to build the Oikonomia Network and “community impact” is because he believes in the 7 Mountain Dominionism of Francis Schaeffer (L’Abri in Switzerland), Loren Cunningham (Youth With a Mission), and Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ) that is distilled down into the Oikonomia Network. He learned this from Global City Lauanne training at Bakke Graduate University and was personally mentored by Lausanne Director of Large Cities Ray Bakke himself. In 2013, Moody received a special grant from Kern Foundation to establish the Faith, Work, and Economics program directed by Sajan Mathews. Their partners include Oikonomia Network, Tommy Lee’s Resource Global for business mentoring, Bilderberg-think-tank American Enterprise Institute, Acton Institute founded by Jesuit Paulist Fathers, Billy Graham’s Christianity Today International, Lausanne-partner - The Gospel Coalition, most major evangelical seminaries and Seattle Pacific University who hosts the John Perkins’ Center (CCDA and Lausanne America founder). Two other major partners are David Kotter who is Dean of Theology at Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute host of the Western Conservative Summit where Grace To You’s John MacArthur stumped for the Donald Trump campaign 2016 (Jesuit Trump spoke also at this event), and finally Art Lindsley of the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. Lindsley previously was Director of C. S. Lewis Institute (the one taking up residence in Moody’s Northfield hometown). And way back in the 1970’s, Lindsley was director of R. C. Sproul’s Ligonier Valley Study Center which was an American L’Abri following Jesuit Kingdom-dominionism of Francis Schaeffer/Bill Bright/Loren Cunningham in the Swiss heart of United Nations power. The purpose of Oikonomia Network is to collect all Freemason/Jesuit-led Protestant power to control the four largest sectors of society on behalf of the Vatican – 1. all Church-life, 2. all Home-life, 3. all Business, and 4. all Government to be directed/guided by Vatican directives and Jesuit control grids. That is a simplified program of Kingdom Dominionism built on seven mountains/spheres (notice the anti-christ reference there) that Schaeffer explained as 1. all Religion, 2. all Family, 3. all Education, 4. all Government, 5. all Media, 6. all Arts and Entertainment, 7. all Business. This is why Mark Jobe promotes himself as helping God’s “Kingdom Come: Unleashing Heaven on Earth” and calls Christ “King Jesus” by which he approves the Pope’s purpose of forcing God’s Kingdom and then handing it off to the anti-christ and pretending that he is the return of Christ. It could seem far-fetched if you have no idea what Jesuits do conquering Protestants and unbelievers for the Pope. So let’s learn this lesson well so we can kick out the infiltrators/usurpers and remain non-Catholic and pro-Bible.


Simply put, if you want to know who ultimately runs things in a Protestant country (and in the world in regard to religious life) – look at Rome/Vatican City and her Jesuit partners, and all the so-called “world” or “global” or “united” organizations, and see who they control and partner with. It’s a huge tangled web of lies, false promises, and ruthless tactics and methods to get and maintain control of the world. Jesus called them out in Revelation 2 and 3 in many ways. But the other key problem with their lie is they are messing with Scripture. The Jesuits and false teachers who preach this false gospel are changing God’s Word to allegories and symbols and stories, because the 7 mountains are (in context) actually just the 7 world empires that rose to fight God from the time just after the flood to the end of this sinful earth. Revelation 17:9-11 “Here is the mind which has wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits. There are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time. And the beast that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven, and is going to perdition.” Revelation 17:9-11 Those seven empires starting from just after the flood until the anti-christ kingdom are these: 1) Nimrod/Tower of Babel, 2) Egyptian, 3) Assyrian, 4) Babylonian/Chaldean, 5) Medo-Persian, 6) Greek, 7) Roman, and 8) (which is of the seven and will be ruled by the man of perdition) Revived Roman Empire. At the time this prophecy was given, the Greek Empire was still fully active, and the Roman Empire though successful in some regions had not fully become a world-wide empire. That is why the text says one is – the Greek Empire still influenced most language and culture around the world, though the Roman Empire was replacing it but had not yet fully come. The Roman Empire reached its height in 117 A.D. and then morphed forms into the Holy Roman Empire which morphed into Colonialism and Jesuit Empire which will become the Revived Roman Empire – of the seventh original Roman Empire. So by writing the Seven Mountain Dominionism methodology Schaeffer, Bright, and Cunningham were literally telling us that this is the anti-christ Kingdom Dominionism built by the Roman Empire system reviving in attempt to blame Christians rather than Scoffers and Atheists for the evils of the anti-christ’s kingdom – thereby blaming God for the anti-christ. This is precisely what Erwin Lutzer does in his book Hitler’s Cross – he makes the anti-christ as if chosen and protected by God’s authority and choosing. That is Jesuit work – blame God for their evils. And there is plenty more evidence of these men being satanists if you look them up. Just this year, Cunningham called the Holy Spirit “the Great Virus that takes over all the other viruses.” They literally see faith in Jesus as a mind-virus – something that is only admitted usually by openly hostile atheists like Richard Dawkins. But this is the thought-processes of the Jesuits also as these three men are. They know the devil is caught as their father of lies and is going to be judged, but they prefer his system. So this is their best attempt to support it as long as possible in desperate interest that their rising phoenix (satan) will fulfill their hope out of the ashes of Tribulation and survive God’s judgment.


This is how Mark Jobe knows that his placement is “for such a time as this” – to build the anti-christ’s kingdom out of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago which has taken forty years since Jesuit Lutzer first started. The Jesuits feel they must do this before the Christians notice them and kick them out of the Christian institutions that Jesuits want to blame for the rise of the anti-christ – seven Mountain Dominionism. If that isn’t enough to convince you that this whole “financial crisis” is a Jesuit scam and reverse psy-ops, then consider two major details about the Jesuit history of destroying Chicago. Mark Jobe’s friend Alderman Edward Burke attended a Jesuit high school founded by Archbishop James Quigley who in 1903 said, “Within twenty years this country is going to rule the world. Kings and Emperors will soon pass away and the democracy of the United States will take their place… When the United States rules the world, the Catholic Church will rule the world… Nothing can stand against the Church. I’d like to see the politician who would try to rule against the Church in Chicago. His reign would be short indeed.” That is a veiled threat against anyone who would oppose their plan – a plan which Donald Trump is defending with very similar assertions – minus the ruling the world on behalf of the Catholic Church part. But make no mistake, Trump is full Jesuit trained at Fordham University in New York and at Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania – both high-powered openly Jesuit institutions. And the Vatican has an openly Jesuit Pope right now, so you know this is a coordinated effort, since Jesuits are acquiring heads of state positions all around the world. By the way, Edward Burke also served as tax attorney to Donald Trump in the past.


Another intriguing fact about Edward Burke’s relationship with Moody is that he and his wife were taught at Jesuit DePaul University School of Law. DePaul, while Catholic, does not openly admit to being Jesuit, but the truth is that it was founded by a secret Jesuit order from Paris – the headquarters of the Jesuits – and is built on the rules of the Jesuit order – they admit that much. The reason this is important is that Edward Burke is the longest standing Alderman in Chicago since 1969 (the same year Moody Bible acquired Rosalie De Rosset) second in power of influence only to the Mayor with whom Mark Jobe is also partnering (we have picture proof in the banner at the top of this report). Edward succeeded his father Joseph Burke who was the long-time Alderman there before him. Burke is also Dean of the Chicago City Council. And Burke’s wife is Justice Anne Burke of the Supreme Court of Illinois. Moody Bible Institute’s Jesuit Legal Team consists of General Counsel Janet A. Stiven and Assistant General Counsel Ryan June. Ryan has his Juris Doctorate from Jesuit Loyola University and Stiven has her Juris Doctorate from DePaul – both with high honors and leadership roles in the Law Journal etc. (see more in topic of Jesuit Legal Team below) So the deck is stacked against the Protestants on this conversation in Chicago and at Moody.


We would like to add one more piece to the discussion that hopefully will open your thoughts to the reality of Jesuit hostility against the gospel preached by Dwight Moody because they will not submit to the Pope. We are confident that the 1867 burning of Farwell building to the ground and the Great Fire in Chicago 1871 were done by Jesuits to destroy the Christian community that God allowed Moody to begin to collect in Chicago. The Catholics saw this city as their territory and determined that it would not escape from their grip. Before you question our assertions, hear our evidence. The crime was never brought to justice, it was blamed on a fabled cow owned by Mrs. O’Leary (who flatly denies the charge) and it became legend along with other strange theories because it was obvious to the people at the time that this was not the honest truth. In 2018, this same Jesuit Knights-of-Columbus Alderman Edward Burke decided to write a resolution clearing Catherine O’Leary’s cow saying that she was blamed because people disliked Irish Catholics (trying to play Jesuits as victims of Protestant bullying). In the resolution, he explained that “reliable evidence” suggested her neighbor Mr. Sullivan accidentally knocked over the lantern with his pipe while trying to steal milk for a nearby party. Oh sure, that sounds totally believable 150 years later. While the facts Burke lists do not indicate foul-play, the fact that the story was held intentionally wrong for so long and now is being rectified by a senior Jesuit voice does. What most people do not know is that the Vatican and Jesuits keep intensive records on everything so as to not lose grip of power – they micromanage everything they think they own. So his sources are mostly likely Jesuit records, never allowed in court of law perhaps even, and would have probably been highly incriminating in the presence of other smaller details that also were not allowed in court records at the time. Burke says Sullivan had a bad rap sheet of criminal misdeeds. So why were the Jesuits covering for him for so long until now? We believe it is an expression of the power of Jesuits (only to those who recognize the symbols of power) that they are able to hide even the worst imaginable criminal deeds – so that no one would dare to oppose the current Jesuit take-over of Moody and other aspects of Chicago life (Police pre-crime evil experimenting, LGBTQ agenda, interfaith multi-community-head experimenting, piled-deep racial tension psy-ops against the people, gun violence that they are directing against gang-members and citizens for national agendas, weather-modification experimenting, water-supply poisoning, destroying food production, etc.) The fact that Burke would change the record of the cause of the Chicago Fire now shows that they hear our voices opposed to Vatican rule over our U.S. Government and Protestant Churches and Moody Bible Institute. The Chicago Fire killed at least 300 people and burned more than 3.3 square miles of the city. That is a serious crime.


Can you see it now? This land sale, and the “financial crisis”, and the cutting of 1/3 of Moody’s full-time faculty last year, and the shutting down of the Spokane campus and Pasadena extension studies, and the cutting of the music department and deleting the Jewish studies department, and the building of Chapman Global Center, and the shutting down of The Moody Standard student newspaper to block information getting out, and getting rid of Music Thru The Night with Mike Kellogg and removing Mark Elfstrand, Dave Mitchell, and Monte Larrick from the Morning Show within a four month span in 2014 and Julie Roys of Up For Debate in early 2018, and installing two Provosts whose job is to be spiritual watchmen and they don’t even believe the Bible, and the bribes and gifts and loans that Jerry B. Jenkins and Paul Nyquist and others are in question for, and the cutting faculty that Ed Cannon was called into question for, and the hostile culture at Moody campus against the faculty and Christian students (as told by Jean Penfound and anonymous faculty and students) – all of this is because the whole agenda is to destroy Moody’s community. It’s not an attempt to revive/save a dying Christian community. It is exactly what it looks like. What is really happening is a reverse-engineered psychological attack that allows our enemies who hate the gospel (Jesuit agents of the Pope) to be the heroes while they do exactly the result they planned from the attack – crushing the Moody Christian community. This is how Freemasons and Jesuits pretty much always work. The Freemasons (who serve under the Jesuits) operate on the motto – Ordu Ab Chao, which means order out of chaos. They create the chaos, then they get to come in as the heroes to save what is left and make a new order out of it. Are you thinking “New World Order”? Because you should be. If you apply this principle to just about any “urgent” political agenda or urgent situation that feels like it is against Christians and/or “lower-class” citizens, you will find this hidden hand of Jesuits and Freemasons working behind it. And it would absolutely stun you to know how frequently this happens.


Let us learn these lessons well and very clearly, so we can remain pro-Bible and non-Catholic. Do not take vengeance against the Jesuits – that is the Lord’s right only, because we are all guilty sinners who needed His grace and sacrifice for our sins too. But God has put this Moody Christian community in exactly the right place to judge the evil deeds of the Jesuits and remove them from authority over Jesus’ disciples across the country and around the world. There is a reason the Jesuits are suddenly hunting – apparently they know that if the information from Moody’s missionary partners about Catholic activities around the world were to be combined with the history of Jesuits against Dwight Moody and this forty-year overthrow of MBI – apparently all of that together would be enough to prosecute them and discredit their program in the world which would hamper the new world order. But the information between the two groups (MBI and foreign missionaries) is being blocked by men like Wayne Pederson (former Moody Radio manager, now on Board of ECFA and President of Far East Broadcasting which was similarly destroyed by Ed Cannon), Doug Hastings (Board of Trustees for NRB, as General Manager assisted the cover-up of reasons for moving Moody Radio into a Global Media Center and now is promoted to Vice-President), and Ed Cannon (who cut so many Moody faculty and programs in the past under Stowell and was removed, so he went to Far East Broadcasting to do the same damage there). Pray diligently with each topic and stay humble and seek God’s wisdom, not man’s advice. And may God give us the grace to be free finally from the oppression of the Roman Catholics who have always tormented His people. We should pave this path to a clear gospel for the sake of our Jewish brethren who are also equally oppressed by the false gospel and Crusades and partnerships of the Vatican with cruel governments who have always hated, slandered, and murdered the Jewish people even if they pretend they are respecting Jerusalem by (sort-of) finally moving the embassy.


2   >>> [NMH Famously Corrupt Long-time Chairman] Chairman of the Board of Trustees until recently is William R. Rhodes – Chairman of CitiCorp/ CitiGroup who is also a Council of Foreign Relations member (the think-tank network that directs all international secret intelligence agencies) and is global economic advisor in merging the world’s economies for one-world government. Rhodes is a prominent spokesperson at G20 Summits which are networks appointed by the International Monetary (Murder) Fund to control global commerce toward New World Order one-world government.

2   >>> [MBI/MTS Famously Corrupt Long-time Chairman] Chairman of the Board of Trustees until recently is Jerry B. Jenkins – owner of Jenkins Entertainment with his son Dallas who was Executive Director for Vertical Church Media at James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel. Jerry Jenkins is a close friend and partner in the blatant, willful sins and abuses that James MacDonald is becoming known for. Jerry Jenkins is the influential voice and manipulator who broke down Moody Bible Institute’s rules on gambling, smoking, and drinking etc. Jenkins led the board through the time of faculty cuts and moral and financial decay at Moody and through the process of accepting federal funding and attempted secularization toward becoming a liberal arts college. Jerry Jenkins is founder of Christian Writers Guild and famous author of Left Behind series with Tim LaHaye who was the founder of the Council for National Policy, an elite international think-tank on a similar level religiously to what the international think-tank Council on Foreign Relations is politically.



3   >>> [NMH Interfaith Chaplain] Interfaith Chaplain Lee-Ellen Strawn who advises the NMH Interfaith Student Council and teaches Quran and Buddhist “enlightenment” and faith in Christ as all the same moralistic human-made religion for controlling people to learn to do good for their neighbors. Strawn is a graduate of Jesuit-led Harvard University in World Religions, has a Jesuit Doctorate from Yonsei U. in South Korea, and is ordained in both United Church of Christ and United Methodist denominations.

3   >>> [MBI/MTS Interfaith Chaplain] Jesuit Chaplain Erwin Lutzer partners closely with Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala and a giant ecumenical fellowship of people behind the scenes. Lutzer attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 1993 whose theme was “Unite or Perish”, to set an example for interfaith dialogue which is now being picked up by Amar Peterman and Timothy Heyward now that it is more acceptable at Moody to do so. In 2013 edition of Moody’s Today in the Word, it was suggested by Lisa Ann Cockrel that even D. L. Moody attended the Parliament of World Religions in 1893 and gathered many preachers to attend, rather than boycotting it. But in fact, Moody did boycott the event and refused to go because to do so would suggest that all religions are the same. Actually, Moody was so stirred by the fact that so many false religions were going to represent themselves in his city that Moody gathered many preachers and set up a large tent and rented churches and theaters to have Christians preaching to the guests in Chicago. The attempted deception by Lutzer and Cockrel comes in the fact that the Parliament of Religions was one small gathering amidst the world’s largest venue of technology, horticulture, history, and entertainment called the 1893 World Columbian Exposition or simply World’s Fair. But when 100 years later, it was tried again to have a Parliament of World Religions in Chicago, Lutzer not only attended but chided Christian leaders for poorly representing. Lutzer said this deceptively by complaining of poor representation knowing full well that Christians boycotted the event, which Lutzer then acknowledged. Of course, Lutzer played the role expected of him if he were to attend by asking people whether they had a Savior who could atone for all of their sins. But the real damage is done; Lutzer intentionally opened the door for more future participation and that is all that was truly intended by his attendance and media conversations afterward.


Besides this Parliament event, Lutzer is always involved in Interfaith Dialogue as a Jesuit Catholic among Protestants. Catholics always conform into the likeness of whatever religion or group they want to infiltrate and control in every country around the world and redirect everyone toward the devil’s plans. Lutzer and his friends such as Mark Jobe and Ed Stetzer and Phil Miglioratti (who was Co-Chair of the project) promoted the interfaith Chicago Explore God curriculum this year (2019) in more than 800 churches across Chicago – that is how powerful Lutzer’s Jesuit friends are already. Quoting from our Report on ExploreGod2019: In Chicago, from January 13 through February 24, 2019, more than 800 “churches” coordinated sermon series and Bible studies with the Explore God (also written as XG) Chicago 2019 project. The stated purpose is to introduce answers for skeptical people outside the churches and for “seekers” inside the churches to help them feel welcome in church (is that Biblical?). But let’s actually look at the content. Would you be accepting of your church teaching that people get to decide whether God exists? Or that God may be a man-made theory to explain unknowable reality? Or that God is not a “kind” God according to C. S. Lewis? Or that Muhammed received revelation from God, or that the Big Bang proves that God exists, or that you can’t really trust the Bible to be useful for personal health, or that disagreeing with Roman Catholic leadership is equivalent to disregarding Jesus’ prayer that we would be in unity? Or that the earlier books of the Bible are less historically accurate and can only be believed by faith depending on who you trust, or that God is just waiting to receive everyone as a son or daughter after a brief apology for past wrongs and hurt feelings, or that Protestants center their attention to a pastor whereas Catholics center their attention to Jesus (in the blasphemous Eucharist blessed by a false priesthood) or that Muslims worship the same God but perhaps without knowing quite what they worship as the Samaritans were doing?


Even more interesting is the network that is promoting this agenda toward one world religious unity thinking in the Protestant churches. They include the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, Mission America Council Lausanne Movement (Vatican 2 partner since 1966), Moody Church and Moody Global Media, Awana, Navigators, Luis Palau, Outreach, etc. This network of 800 churches is built on the efforts of Father Dimitri Sala, a Franciscan Catholic who since about 2008 is deceitfully bringing one world religious unity in Chicago under the Jesuit (para-military psychological operations – inquisitions/ crusades) network of Pope Francis. His network of friends in Chicago includes James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel, Bill Hybels of Willow Creek, Erwin Lutzer and Joseph Stowell of Moody Church and Moody Bible Institute for example.

We recommend that you also see several of our profiles of other Jesuit faculty who are involved in Interfaith networking at Moody – Jonathan Armstrong, James Spencer, Sajan Mathews, Chris Brooks, John Fuder, Ashish Varma, Gregg Quiggle, Bryan O’Neal, Bryan Litfin, Marcus Johnson, Jack Lewis, Daniel and Amy Koehler, Samuel Naaman, Sanjay Merchant, Tim Sigler (former faculty), Michael Wechsler, Tim Sisk, Eugene Mayhew, and several others who are directly partnering with Jesuits or got Jesuit training. These are men whom Lutzer covered for as they entered Moody Bible – knowing full-well what level of Jesuit training and interfaith thinking they have. And definitely also have a look at the reports on Erwin Lutzer promoting the Catholic “church” and partnering with Jesuits and have a look for more information about Lutzer in the bios of Jonathan Armstrong, James Spencer, Ashish Varma, Gregg Quiggle, Bryan Litfin, Tim Sigler, and Michael Milco. You can find these bios in the MBI Jesuit Faculty reports we have linked above.


So now we have Peterman and Heyward directly partnering in awareness of interfaith cooperation at Moody Bible Institute with support of Ashish Varma and other inter-religious representatives on faculty. Lutzer has been so dishonest also about his hero Billy Graham who is one of the highest interfaith organizers within so called American Christianity. Graham would even direct decision cards of false converts at his crusades back to their false religious leadership even if they were Catholic or Orthodox and to pretty much every evil, corrupt mega-church, and we are convinced that in his work around the world, he would have and/or probably did send decision cards back to Chabad Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and every other false religion. Graham is also listed in the Free-Masons Bible as a 33 degree mason which is obvious by his religious persuasions. At Billy Graham’s passing, Lutzer gave high accolades to his fellow Jesuit Billy who partnered directly with the highest level of Jesuits and Popes and interfaith partnerships since the 1940’s. Graham was a friend of Pope John Paul II when he was still an archbishop in Krakow and the Pope called Graham a real brother. Lutzer said there were no scandals in Graham’s life and that Graham was genuinely humble and focused on Christ. The truth is that Lutzer knows very well that Billy Graham believed and declared clearly that many people around the world who just lived according to the best light (moral law) they had in their false religion and though they didn’t know Jesus, Graham said they would be in heaven. That is the truth of interfaith dialogue – it is a complete rejection of Christ and that is Lutzer’s hero. So Lutzer is truly willing to be an interfaith chaplain working for the devil and the Roman Catholics; he does not believe in Christ.


Additionally, Samuel Naaman who is Professor of Intercultural Studies is President of South Asian Friendship Center (SAFC) – a community organization that besides its “Christian” format is being used for shaping Chicago’s interfaith hospitality networks. Naaman’s SAFC Director of Hindu Ministries since 2007 is Anil Yesudas who has been organizing interfaith dialogue networks between Hindus and Christians since well before 2004, and has performed regular dialogue at Kalamazoo Hindu Temple and Vivekananda Retreat Center at least as recently as 2010. Naaman’s SAFC also partners with Jesuit-led Wheaton campus College Church and Lon Allison’s Wheaton Bible Church. Lon Allison is Honorary Director of Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, long-time board member of National Association of Evangelicals, and board member of Billy Graham’s Christianity Today International.


There are so many more examples of interfaith work that Lutzer helped get into Moody Bible Institute. Have a look at the Jesuit faculty profiles we named to see the rest.


4   >>> [NMH Ecumenical Jesuit Top Faculty/Leadership] Approximately 15 current faculty who are Jesuit-trained and/or Jesuit-partnered: Susan Kennedy (Fordham), Rachael Abernethy (U.Penn.), Camryn Crocker (U.Penn), David Dowdy (Wheaton and Advisor to League of Catholic Students and Religion and Secularity Group), Mark Koyama (Yale), Nathaniel Hemphill (Yale and Dartmouth), Peter Masteller (Harvard), Hugh Silbaugh (Harvard), Lori Veilleux (Brown), Gorgui Diaw (Cheikh Anta Diop U and Advisor to the Muslim Student Association), Peter Jenkins (Northwestern and U of Chicago and Director of College Counseling), Jing Liu (Regent U.), Margaret Donnelly (College of William and Mary and Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher), Margaret Eisenhauer (St. John’s College), Meredith Durkee (St. Lawrence).

4   >>> [MBI/MTS Ecumenical Jesuit Top Faculty/Leadership] Approximately 44 current faculty who are Jesuit-trained and/or Jesuit-partnered. The following are the names of Jesuit and Ecumenical top leadership and faculty – listing Jesuit education first then partnerships/associations – for better profile with research links for each faculty member see our recommended articles at the top of this report: Jonathan Armstrong (Fordham and personally mentored by elite Jesuit Cardinal Avery Dulles and is the Jesuit Director of Moody’s international ecumenical partnership, the Center for Global Theological Education), James Spencer (Wheaton and Harvard and partner with Global Resources and Right on Mission and now with Thomas Aquinas Catholic College and with C. S. Lewis Institute), Sajan Mathews (Prairie Graduate and is Director of Jesuit-project Faith, Work and Economics with Acton Institute and Kern Family Foundation and Oikonomia Network), Chris Brooks (Harvard and Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and Jesuit-Catholic Acton Institute Fellow and faculty at Summit Ministries and Detroit Ecumenical Pastors networks), John Fuder (Prairie Bible and PhD at Biola and organizer with Lausanne top leaders Ray Bakke and Phil Miglioratti and Noel Castellanos and Dr. Gene Crum and leadership of dozens of other ecumenical partnerships), Ashish Varma (Wheaton and mentor to Amar Peterman into interfaith dialogue and most definitely secret observer of Henotheistic Hinduism and teaching interfaith and anti-Biblical ideology), Rosalie De Rosset (Bryan College and Trinity Evang. and promotes Jesuits and Spiritual Formation books and directs propaganda to hide all of the problems/ corruption/ evil on campus from public image), Brian Kammerzelt (romance “expert” and Jesuit student personal consultant/advisor to covers sins among the students), Gregg Quiggle (Marquette and Wheaton and partner in interfaith dialogue with other Jesuits and always trying to slightly alter the life of D. L. Moody – as he is MBI’s official historian on the life of Moody – to attempt to make Moody sound like an early ecumenical Jesuit partner), Bryan O’Neal (Purdue and Evangelical Theol. Society and ABHE Commission and does not believe the Bible and covers for many other faculty who do not believe the Bible), Bryan Litfin (U. Virginia and Catholic Church Father expert and partner with Jesuit Father Robert Barron and Jesuit John Armstrong of Wheaton in pushing Moody into Interfaith dialogue with the Catholic Vatican as Lutzer already led the way for with Father Dimiti Sala OFM and John Armstrong and the rest of the G11 Pastors Network), Marcus Johnson (U. Toronto and Roman-Catholic interfaith dialogue leader in so many ways), John Jelinek (Dallas Theol. and member of three ecumenical societies and Barnabas Group partner and Jesuit partner in cover-ups at Moody), Jack Lewis (Gonzaga and Dallas Theol. and leader of Moody’s Jesuit networks in Spokane), Winfred Neely (Wheaton and Trinity Evang. and U. of Bristol and former teaching pastor of CCDA partner Lawndale Community Church), Samuel Naaman (Asbury Theol. and ecumenical Asian Center for Theol. Studies and ecumenical Chongshin U. and past partner with Franklin Graham’s Operation Christmas Child and Operation Mobilization and is now President of Asian Friendship Center for interfaith dialogue), Sanjay Merchant (Claremont Graduate and interfaith dialogue leader with Catholics and Mormons and Buddhists), Tim Sigler (not current faculty; Trinity International and member of four ecumenical societies and partner in Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism with Erwin Lutzer and his church), Michael Wechsler (U of Chicago and Rutgers and Trinity International and partner in Interfaith historical discussions), Eric Redmond (Liberty University and Dallas Theol. and pastor Calvary Memorial and signed the Reforming Catholic Confession), Kirk Baker (Gordon-Conwell in Jesuit Spiritual Formation and Elder at Calvary Memorial before being now a Pastor at The Moody Church), Michael Milco (Loyola and Wheaton and Trinity Evang. and business partner with a DePaul Psychologist and former 13 year pastor at The Moody Church), Daniel Cameron (U of Aberdeen and Trinity Evang. and admirer of World Council of Churches organizer Thomas Torrance and ordained by The Moody Church), Tim Sisk (Fuller Theol. and Dallas Theol. and partner in ecumenical Jesuit-led Global Proclamation Congress for Pastors and partner lecturer in Jesuit courses with Michael Goheen and Dan Fanning and C. Gordon Olsen), Dennis Fledderjohann (Loyola), John Clark (U. Toronto and partner in Roman Catholic interfaith dialogue with Marcus Johnson), Michael Vanlaningham (not current faculty; Talbot Theol. and Trinity Evang. and Theologian in Residence covering for Jesuit James MacDonald of the G11 pastors network with Erwin Lutzer and Joseph Stowell), Michael Rydelnik (Trinity Evang. and Dallas Theol. and faculty at Talbot, Dallas Theol. and Trinity Inter. and member of ecumenical Jesuit-led Alliance For The Peace Of Jerusalem and Research Scholar for Our Daily Bread Ministries), Eugene Mayhew (U. Detroit and Dallas Theol. and partner with Jesuits such as Luis Palau and Qumran excavators and Send International and Gary Habermas and Chuck Swindoll), Laurie Norris (Wheaton and Dallas Theol. member of two ecumenical societies), Earnest Gray (Wheaton and member of two ecumenical societies), Junias Venugopal (not current faculty; now Dean at Wheaton College and past Dean of Bill Bright’s Cru established Asia Graduate School of Theology and board of ecumenical Woodstock School in India and Vice President at Columbia International and graduate of Trinity International and Dallas Theol.), Randall Dattoli (Loyola), Ronald Sauer (U. Manchester), Mary Martin (Judson U.), Rappazini (Gonzaga and Gordon-Conwell), Larry Davidhizar (Loyola and Dallas Theological), David Rim (not current faculty; Loyola and Trinity Evang. and Dallas Theol. and no longer on faculty), Michael McDuffee (Wheaton and Kabbalistic Brandeis), Benjamin Wilson (Cambridge and Talbot Theol. and has written for Catholic Biblical Quarterly and member of two ecumenical societies).


Spiritual Formation Jesuits: William Thrasher (Auburn and Dallas Theol. and mentor to Mark Jobe’s close friend John Palmieri and writer of MTS Jesuit Spiritual Formation course), Tim Arens (Consultant/Evaluator for twenty-five years for the Association for Biblical Higher Education which is requiring Moody to teach Jesuit Spiritual Formation), John Koessler (not current faculty; Trinity International and follower of Thomas Aquinas and Josef Pieper and co-authored and speaks with Jesuits), Bob MacRae (Trinity Evang. and Bethel Seminary and promotes many Jesuits in Spiritual Formation), Pamela MacRae (Trinity Evang. and Bethel Seminary and mentoring under Jesuit Jill Briscoe, a long-time partner of Billy Graham), Timothy Downey (graduate of Master of Religious Education and ecumenical PACT certified coach), Eric Moore (Western Seminary and Dallas Theol. and Send International and teaches Jesuit Spiritual Formation at MTS), Daniel Green (Trinity Evang. and Dallas Theol. and teaches Jesuit Spiritual Formation and member of two ecumenical societies).


Ecumenical faculty though not necessarily Jesuit-minded: Carol Anderson (Wycliffe executive director of personnel in Papau New Guinea), Kyeong Sook Park (Wheaton, Trinity Evang. and Biola), Mary Cloutier (Trinity Evang. and member of two ecumenical societies or leadership networks), Craig Hendrickson (Fuller Theol. and coach with National Association of Evangelical President Leith Anderson’s Arrow Leadership Program and Church Resource Ministries), Tim Stafford (Northwestern and ecumenical partner in music production), Andy Pflederer (Trinity Evang. and Dallas Theol. and member of two ecumenical societies), Christopher Yuan (Wheaton and Bethel Seminary and faculty at Summit Ministries), Desiree Hassler (Gordon College and sings for Lyric Opera of Chicago), Heather Shalley (Olivet Nazarene and was a committee member of Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators), Ryan Cook (Grand Rapids Theol. and Asbury Theol. and member of one ecumenical society), Jim Conrad (moved to Moody Spokane Aviation based on advice from Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade network), Clive Craigen (signer of three ecumenical statements and now former faculty), Myron Kauk (Westminster and Talbot Theol. and has taught for Liberty University and member of three ecumenical societies and former faculty), Stephen Clark (partner with Rockefeller Summer Institute of Linguistics and College Church at Wheaton and former faculty), Wesley McClure (Liberty University and signer of the Reforming Catholic Confession and former faculty), John Goodrich (U Durham and Talbot Theol. and member of four ecumenical societies),


5   >>> [NMH United Nations Level of Partnerships] United Nations 3 Model Conferences: 1) in openly Jesuit Georgetown campus in Qatar (where Islamic-Christian Interfaith Dialogue takes place in the World Islamic Forum and Qatar also hosts the U. S. CentComm Headquarters of international military partnership, 2) Ivy League Conference which meets at openly Jesuit-led University of Pennsylvania which hosts the Jesuit Wharton School of Business and 3) Greek Conference which meets in Athens, Greece.

5   >>> [MBI/MTS United Nations Level of Partnerships] Six or seven United Nations level of projects for students to venture into that are active at MBI/MTS. Jonathan Armstrong is leading the Moody Center for Global Theological Education under Bryan O’Neal’s protection and verbal partnership agreements with top Lausanne partners/leaders. The Faith, Work, and Economics Oikonomia Network at Moody led by Sajan Mathews and Tommy Lee is a network of global corporate leaders combined with religious, political, and family influencers toward a New World Order actualization in the U.S. with intent to distribute this program around the world through the Lausanne and Catholic networks (see more detail in Point #1 on land sale and Mark Jobe’s plans and in Sajan Mathews full faculty bio). Similarly, Mark Jobe’s partnerships with top Lausanne leaders are designing plans for reaching/controlling under-privileged citizens in the global metro-plexes like in Chicago through community-based control grids powered by Roman Catholics and United Nations level of projects which would then be replicated in similarly difficult or uncooperative cities/regions of the world. Both of these are mentorship programs for lay leaders and students to encounter United Nations level of “community” rebuilding. A third similar project though not directly for Moody students, is James Spencer’s Northfield Mission Center which will be a mentorship program via internet and with prominent theologians and spiritual leaders toward global partnering with the Catholic Jesuit network. Similarly, students are introduced to U.N. Non-Governmental Organization partnerships through Study Abroad programs and Practical Christian Ministries. Gregg Quiggle and his colleagues are introducing students to these redirected orders through the Study Abroad Programs in the Middle East and Europe etc. and Mark Jobe’s Lausanne new world order programs will work primarily through the PCM’s it seems. And lastly, Moody Global Media is being transitioned to become a voice for this propaganda machine to try to discourage world missions and redirect energy and funding toward United Nations projects and Global Theological ecumenical power over churches and ministry world-wide centering that power through America under the authority (secretly) of the Vatican and Pope and Jesuits.



6   >>> [NMH Catholic/Jesuit Partners] Catholic and Jesuit partnerships: St. Edmund Campion League of Catholic Students and now land partnership with Thomas Aquinas Catholic College and C. S. Lewis Institute Study Center with The Moody Center ecumenical project, which are all three built on Thomas Aquinas doctrines that Jesuit R. C. Sproul made famous again. Aquinas built a mega-volume of synthesis of all of the Catholic “Church” Fathers throughout history which effectively set the ground-work for all ecumenical dialogue being controlled by the Roman Catholic Church and its Jesuit “evangelists”.

6   >>> [MBI/MTS Catholic/Jesuit Partners] Moody Bible Institute’s partnership in the Ecumenical and openly Jesuit Chicago Area Theological Library Association (CATLA). The representatives at Moody Bible are Daniel and Amy Koehler who are mostly working with Wheaton for archives on the life of Moody etc, but obviously there are other exchanges happening that we don’t hear about. Jesuit members of CATLA are: Loyola U., DePaul U., Wheaton College and Billy Graham Center, and Roosevelt University. Then there are the Rockefeller-built Universities of Chicago and Northwestern and adjoining United Library, etc. In Spokane there was a direct partnership with Gonzaga U. for both student transfers and library sharing. MBI also shares students readily with Loyola U. for a long time now. For example Kim Clark who is Jesuit psychologist trained at Loyola and has diploma in Christian education at Moody and now lives with his gay partner and is a full-time teacher at Jesuit DePaul and writes documentaries on ethics and poverty.



7   >>> [NMH Corrupt Board of Trustees] Corrupt Board of Trustees or who have been around long enough that they are a willing participant in the corruption of the school, such as: William Rhodes (former CEO of CitiGroup), J. Richard Munro (CEO of Time Inc.), Stephen Gauster (Juris Doctorate from Harvard), Mariah Calagione (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery), Lauren Hoken (Northwestern grad and eight years on trustee board), Caroline Niederman (UPenn graduate with eight years on Board and Secretary of the Board), David Steinberg (Harvard graduate and nine years on board and Treasurer of the Board), Roberta Taggart (Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Jesuit Georgetown U.), Audrie Kubie (graduate 1968 and parent of two graduates and on the Board), Sumita Ambasta (Xavier Labor Relations Institute – the Jesuit management school based in India), etc.

7   >>> [MBI/MTS Corrupt Board of Trustees] Paul H. Johnson is chairman emeritus of the Board of Trustees and is directly involved in stopping the investigations into false doctrine, corrupt business dealings, bribes, evil partnerships, unbelieving faculty, and all other aspects of the Jesuit take-over. Now we know why. Johnson served forty years in top leadership of the Christian Business Men’s National Committee and traveled to more than forty countries and throughout the United States in leadership roles in the organization. This organization is known for its partnership with the satanic “Family” Fellowship Foundation of Abram Vereide since the 1940’s – they are the original to what is now the Oikonomia Network and Faith, Work, and Economics initiative, but Vereide’s organization is entirely caught in partnerships with dictators, Nazis, spy networks, and so many corrupt and evil partnerships with leaders from around the world in religion and politics (including Popes). They are the network that organized The CoMission outreach to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union (as well as the rehabilitation of Nazi government officials to rule Germany after WW2) on which team Johnson served as Chairman of the Arrangements Committee. This is the network and project that also introduced Johnson to Bruce Wilkinson (who served 5 years as chairman of the entire project and worked with Bill Bright’s Jesus Film project in Russia before that), so that Johnson served as Treasurer/Chairman (and is now Chairman Emeritus) of Wilkinson’s Walk Thru The Bible. Johnson is a real-estate developer from Michigan who directed large construction projects for fifty-one years. He has also served leadership in his church and on the boards of Maranatha Bible and Winona Lake Conferences.


Rick Warren (the other Rick Warren as he calls himself) is an influential speaker since the early days of Ron Blue’s Kingdom Advisors which came out of a partnership with Larry Burkett of Crown Financial. Warren is also on the Advisory Board for the Ron Blue Institute at Indiana Wesleyan University and a Board member at Faithful Servants Care Center.


There is also an interesting history of mismanagement of money and dangerous investment strategies etc with Paul Johnson for his family’s personal foundation, with Rick Warren through his company


James Meeks – original member/Gatekeeper in the G11 Pastors Network – with Jesuit Erwin Lutzer and Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala and James MacDonald and Bill Hybels and later Mark Jobe. Meeks is friend and spiritual consultant to Barack Obama (including while he was president) since they were partner Illinois Senators and then Obama campaigned with Meeks’ church and Meeks spoke in an ad for Obama when he ran for U.S. Senate. Meeks also served Obama’s Presidential exploratory committee and then as super-delegate to the Democratic Convention when Obama became President. Meeks served as Executive Vice-President and named successor for Jesse Jackson until Jackson negotiated settlement with his mistress and child in the early 2000’s, and Meeks has served more than twenty years on Board of Directors for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Similarly, Meeks was advisor/friend to R. Kelly during his indictment for more than twenty child sexual assault charges and even brought him to participate in the Church’s kindergarten graduation (the same day that he bailed out of jail with $750,000) which violated the court order to avoid communication with children outside of family.


Mark Wagner is Industry Advisor to and proud graduate of openly Jesuit Wharton School of Business at secretly Jesuit-run University of Pennsylvania. Jesuit Donald Trump is also a graduate of Wharton. Wagner is also a partner/collaborator with Donald Trump for “charity” (before Trump pretended to become President) when Wagner was President of Walgreens Boots Alliance.


Christopher “Kit” Dennison is also a graduate of openly Jesuit Wharton School of Business.


Thomas Fortson is former CEO of Promise Keepers and he and his wife were speakers for Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade and their Family Life Today for fifteen years and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Religious Broadcasters. Before Fortson’s religious positions, he held corporate positions in Administration and Vice President at General Motors and Edwards Baking Company respectively. Fortson is now President of Transformed Men which seems to do men’s and pastor’s conferences in the Caribbean and Africa and the U.S. Fortson is Assistant Secretary of Moody’s Board.


Dr. Juliana Slattery (recent Board member) is a clinical psychologist trained by Biola University and Wheaton College and Florida Institute of Technology. She was co-host of Focus on the Family broadcast with President Jim Daly 2010-2012. She is a regular contributor to Today’s Christian Woman an outreach of Billy Graham’s Christianity Today.



8   >>> [NMH Jesuit Legal Team] Stephen W. Gauster (J.D. Harvard Law School), Donald G. Glascoff (Vice-Chair of the Board and J.D. Cornell University); Tiffani R. Brown (J.D. New York University), etc.

8   >>> [MBI/MTS Jesuit Legal Team] Moody’s Vice President as General Counsel: Moody’s current (since 2014) VP/General Counsel is Janet A. Stiven who has her Jesuit Juris Doctorate from Jesuit DePaul University College of Law. DePaul was founded by a secret Jesuit order from Paris (which is Jesuit headquarters since its founding in the 1500’s) that is designed on the rules of the Jesuits. Stiven has also served as an editor for the DePaul Law Review and active financial donor to DePaul (as recently as 2015 or 2016) and was Leading Lawyer member of Dykema Gossett PLLC for twenty-eight years. Moody’s current Assistant General Counsel (since 2015) is Ryan June who has his Jesuit Juris Doctorate from Jesuit Loyola University School of Law where he also served as Managing Editor of the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal and a member of The Leadership Circle network for Loyola graduates (2015). June served as President of the Christian Legal Society and served as a White House Intern. June also has a B.A. from Jesuit-led Wheaton in Political Science and Business/Economics. Prior to becoming Assistant Counsel, June worked for Winston and Strawn LLC which is the oldest law firm in Chicago and one of the largest law firms in the world; another employee of Winston and Strawn by the name of Jorgen M. Rehn has also served as Moody adjunct faculty. Ryan June’s family are active members of The Moody Church. Before Stiven, Moody’s General Counsel (since 2011 and before that was Assistant General Counsel) was Elizabeth Brown who has her Jesuit Juris Doctorate from Rockefeller University of Chicago. Before Elizabeth Brown, Stephen Oakley was Moody’s General Counsel from 2009-2011. Oakley has his Juris Doctorate from John Marshall Law School and a certificate in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University. After graduating from Moody Theological Seminary in 2008, Oakley retired from being five-year partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson which was founded on LaSalle Blvd in 1934 by Joseph Hinshaw and James Culberson Oakley who was referred to Hinshaw by Clarence Darrow – famed ACLU lawyer of the Scopes trial. Hinshaw and Culbertson has close partnerships with Dean of Loyola School of Law and the Dean of DePaul School of Law and a managing partner who serves Loyola’s Board of Governors as well as many honored, doctorate graduates and members of the Law Review and even adjunct professors from both schools. For example, another of Hinshaw and Culbertson’s partner lawyers is D. L. Morriss who is a member of Arloa Sutter’s Breakthrough Ministries and was a law clerk with the DePaul University Office of General Counsel while obtaining his Jesuit Juris Doctorate from Jesuit DePaul University and he also has a degree in Jesuit Psychology from Jesuit-led Wheaton College. Stephen Oakley later served as first and only legal representative for Compassion International as General Counsel and then as vice president of legal services starting 2011. Oakley is now founder of Oakley Global Consulting and is Trusted Partner of Legal, Risk Management and Compliance for Slingshot Group. Slingshot is an organization focused on coaching leadership teams and filling leadership positions in local ministries and churches. Their Vice president has directed teams with Franklin Graham’s Samaritans Purse, Bill Hybels’ Willow Creek Church and Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. From 1998-2008, Moody’s General Counsel was Bob Gunter who has his Juris Doctorate from University of Washington School of Law held in the William H. Gates Hall funded by Microsoft Founder and Eugenicist Bill Gates’ father William Gates Sr. Gunter also served as Elder and teacher at The Moody Church and is now Pastor for Families and Stewardship since 2008 and teaches Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.


Moody’s Vice Presidents of Human Resources: Moody’s current VP of Human Resources is Debbie Zelinski who is graduate of Rockefeller Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a member (active/former??) of Willow Creek Community Church. Before Zelinski, Moody’s Vice President of Corporate Projects and Human Resources was Lloyd R. Dodson who led the initiative for rules change on alcohol, tobacco, and gambling in partnership with the Chair of the Board of Trustees Jerry B. Jenkins and President Paul Nyquist in one of many attempts to change the atmosphere on campus to permit sin and therefore a wider audience. Dodson is a member of the Wheaton Bible Church whose senior pastor is Lon Allison – honorary director of Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, long-time board member of National Association of Evangelicals, and board member of Billy Graham’s Christianity Today International.



9   >>> [NMH Jesuit Psychologists with anti-christ philosophy/Unhelpful Student Advisors] Dean of Students Nicole Hager and other faculty who are advisers to the children and adding the divisive and selfish sinful desires of this world into these children’s thoughts: Gorgui Diaw, Aviel Valenzuela, Audrey Kubie, David Dowdy, Gregory Leeds, Margaret Donnelly, Peter Jenkins, Sandra Messer, Hugh Silbaugh, Jennifer Keator, Mark Koyama, Peter Masteller, Russell Powell, Lori Veilleux

9   >>> [MBI/MTS Jesuit Psychologists with anti-christ philosophy/ Unhelpful Student Advisors] Jesuit (satanic humanism) psychologists: James Wood (U Detroit), John Restum (George Fox U. and Dallas Theol. and partner with Jesuit Detroit Police Department), Scott Robinowitz (Loyola and mindfulness), Nancy Kane (Gestalt Institute and writer of MBI’s Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree), Roslyn Jordan (graduate of MTS Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree), John Trent (corporate speaker to Jesuit business networks), Deborah Gorton (Fuller Theol. and mentor in Resource Global), Rick Manabat (DePaul), Andrew Schmutzer (Trinity International and Dallas Theol. and spoke alongside W. Paul Young and Boz Tchividjian and John Perkins’ Center director Elaine Heath and partnership with other Jesuits and membership in three ecumenical societies), M. Ashley Schmutzer (Wheaton), Jill White (DePaul and Wheaton and helped shut down Moody Standard while pretending to disagree – in our opinion), Mary Hendrickson (assistant to Milco), Steve Brasel (Wheaton), Holly Porter (specializes in Spiritual Formation), Valencia Wiggins (Wheaton and membership in three ecumenical societies), Gayla Gates (DePaul), Elizabeth Smith (Trinity International), Freddy Tung, Patty Vander Sande (Wheaton), Rosanna Sierr-Sweich (Divine Mercy U.).



10   >>> [NMH Sexual Harrasment/Homosexuality/Etc] Known sexual harassment and date-rape and propaganda to force homosexuality among children with the campus’ Gay Straight Alliance (called Gender Sexuality Alliance).

10   >>> [MBI/MTS Sexual Harrasment/Homosexuality/Etc] Immoral activity and dorm relationships and frequent conversations/joking in crude and harassing and sensual ways and an underground homosexual community since 1982 that helps students disguise and hide their activities off-campus. And the removal of the ban on faculty involvement in smoking and alcohol also is because there are some students involved in or susceptible to these behaviors and many faculty were already engaged in these behaviors secretly for a long time. There is only one way that could be happening – professors and resident assistants who are involved in covering sins among the students. Also there are others who knew this is happening among students and faculty and were not removing it or monitoring it when it is discovered. We will name several faculty who pretty much have to know that this is going on. Many of those who are known to have identified with Jesuit thinking by getting a degree from them (especially Master or Doctorate in Jesuit philosophy) – Jesuits are the most immoral people you would ever imagine and they act like Catholic priests receiving confessions all the time from the worst type of people who they need for their conniving work. So they are the most skilled at lying to cover their schemes but also to cover the most disgusting and dark sins in people’s lives. Their job is to collect all of the gossip data and make a good story out of it for positive public relations, but their other job is to pass on (to higher Jesuit Fathers) the pertinent information they obtain about how to discredit the Christian community and how to threaten true Christians who become bold in preaching against sin. Life-long patterns of lying make these people a partner to dark sins and evils all too often (for example: that is how the homosexual community operates because they are the most skilled at lying about their secret sins for so many years which is what led them into worse sins in their teenage years or shortly after). There are a few faculty we want to notice who we believe fill a role in this Jesuit gossip ring at Moody. Rosalie De Rosset – language and literature experts push garbage constantly and are masters at using double-meanings to cover the worst lies and evil. And Rosset has been there since 1969 – it is a very common pattern across the country in corrupting “Christian” communities and churches that there is one long-time ruling woman behind the scenes who knows all the secrets of everyone. Her job is to guard their secrets and protect them to assist the over-all public image, and she therefore knows how to destroy individuals who might become whistleblowers because she knows their secrets. We are confident that this describes Rosset (see more in her bio in Jesuit Faculty bios). Brian Kammerzelt – ecumenical Legacy Chicago speaker and considers himself the “romance” expert on campus which means that he knows about sexual activities that should not be happening at a Christian campus. We would question some of the faculty in music who are pushing sinful music and immoral conversation and thoughts or at least identifying with students who secretly enjoy those things. The same principle applies in arts and culture often. Deborah Gorton and Rick Manabat who both “specialize” in various sexual topics – Manabat in Sexual addiction mentored directly by leading “expert” Patrick Carnes. Provosts – if they are not watchful and are instead casual about some sins, they are likely casual about sexual sins. These problems always start at the top of the leadership and faculty long before it became a pattern to hide the sins of the students. Most likely Clive Craigen did and Bob MacRae does cover for these sexual activities among students (and anyone who teaches very young students) because their classes are full of novices in the faith who have not dedicated their heart to serve Christ, and many of them have not repented of sin and should not be training for ministry. That means many of these students are blind but they want to be leaders in a church only as a business career which we have seen many of our friends do. But these are the students in Moody’s classes by the choices of the Moody leadership who specifically reject applicants who are serious about pursuing ministry and are repenting of sin and learning to teach and do ministry. We have clear testimony that they readily accept any young person who thinks they want to be a Youth Pastor. And we also have clear testimony from alumni that Moody rejects growing Christians who just want to study to be lay-leaders and knowledgeable Christian community partners. But I also know this is true first-hand because many years ago my brother and I are two of those applicants who got rejected. And we gave clear proof of our Christian life in our application.



11   >>> [NMH Unbiblical Level of Feminism] F-Word Student Club which “promotes feminism and gender equity/equality”, but also very likely goes beyond that toward divisive and abusive treatment against boys as the problem of society and obviously is promoting an “anything-goes” atmosphere of multi-gendered nonsense.

11   >>> [MBI/MTS Unbiblical Level of Feminism] Men and women who are trying to introduce younger women into the pastorate, since women are not allowed to become a teacher or senior leader in the church without it being through a godly partnership with their husband.  Sometimes it also takes the form of just seeking larger social authority of ministries and churches by using sin-tolerating psychology to bully men who are ignorant of some social difficulties rather than helping them. Obviously some who are counseling are not trying to reverse/destroy the authority role God established in men and are just trying to repair relationships without knowing how to confront the sin problems that are at the root. But many counselors are doing exactly that (damaging God’s healthy format for the church) and some are doing so passively, not understanding the end result of women ruling where godly and blameless men should be in the oversight of the church. There will and can be exceptions but it’s the intentional overthrow of men in leadership that we are discussing here. Women can and should lead other women and children and be strong assistants (mostly to their husbands)to men as equal in knowledge and authority of the Scriptures and work of the Spirit, but that is not what is behind the agenda of putting women in the pastorate all too often. We cannot confirm, but we are suspicious of Mark Jobe, Christopher Yuan, Clive Craigen, Bryan Litfin, Ashish Varma, Rosalie De Rosset, Jill Briscoe, Bob and Pam MacRae, Craig and Mary Hendrickson, Laurie Norris, Deborah Gorton, Nancy Kane, Juliana Slattery, Heather Shalley.



12   >>> [NMH Interfaith Dialogue] Interfaith Student Council; Mindfulness Meditation; Muslim Students Association; St. Edmond Campion League of Catholic Students; Atheist/Secular Humanist Student Group; Pokemon Trainers Association; etc.

12   >>> [MBI/MTS Interfaith Dialogue] There are so many Roman Catholic and Jesuit faculty that it would almost seem like Moody is a Roman Catholic school, but in reality it is just deeply surrounded for the purpose of Roman Catholic interfaith dialogue toward complete but subtle control of Moody. Specifically, Bryan Litfin hosted the “Evangelical and Catholic Ecumenical Dialogue” at Moody campus in 2013. Former Roman Catholic Marcus Johnson writes books and essays to define the boundaries of Roman Catholic-Protestant interfaith dialogue. Samuel Naaman’s South Asian Friendship Center has a Director of Hindu Ministries who is also a director and founder of interfaith groups in Kalamazoo and Chicago. Ashish Varma does a similar work between his students and Hinduism and other Eastern and New-Age religious philosophy as well as encouraging his Teaching Assistant Amar Peterman and his friend Timothy Heyward to attend the Interfaith Youth Core’s Leadership Institute. Moody’s Aletheia Student Group is for relationships between Mormons and Evangelicals which could be or become the same thing. If students talk about their upbringing, that is very different than inviting/incentivizing students and/or leaders who are established in their false religions and calling upon them to teach their false doctrines to ministry students.



13   >>> [NMH Prominent and Unhelpful Families] Families who were prominent and had many family members attend and had membership in corrupt organizations and corrupt friendships while in leadership or influence at Northfield Mount Hermon school while it was being corrupted over a long period of time (not all of the families named below are proven to be corrupt families since we are just researching at a distance with no personal knowledge and lack plenty of their family history obviously, but the discussion needs to be had), such as:

William Batty Jr. Family, Thomas Elder Sr. Family, Tom Draper Family, Stephen Cole Family, Jennifer Williams Family, Hugh McKean Family, Bill Compton Family, Margaret Sieck Family, Lowell Underwood Family, Barbara Clough Family, Edmond Meany Family, Richard Unsworth Family, David Parker Family, Carroll Rikert Family, John Alden Family

13   >>> [MBI/MTS Prominent and Unhelpful Families] George Sweeting Family, John Jelinek Family, Duane Litfin Family,



14   >>> [NMH Prominently Unhelpful Alumni] Prominent Alumni from NMH who corrupt Moody’s reputation though not necessarily with that intent:

Valerie Jarrett (Chicago diplomat and Barack Obama’s mentor and top advisor)

Edward Said (Palestinian professor and scholar and member of Palestinian National Council and co-founder of Al-Mubadara with Mustafa Barghouti)

J. Richard Munro (CEO of Time Inc.)

14   >>> [MBI/MTS Prominently Unhelpful Alumni] Prominent Alumni from Moody Bible Institute who are corrupting Dwight Moody’s reputation:
Don Sweeting (President of Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando)

Leith Anderson (President of National Association of Evangelicals)

David A. R. White (Producer and co-founder of PureFlix)

Bart Ehrman (Atheist Scholar at University North Carolina Chapel Hill)

Jerry B. Jenkins (Left Behind)

Troy Perry (Metropolitan Community Church and proponent for LGBT community)

Gary Chapman ( The 5 Love Languages psychologist)

Raymond Joseph (Haiti Ambassador to U.S. and organizer in aftermath of earthquake military take-over of Haiti)

Bascom Lakin (Baptist mega-church pastor who mentored Jerry Falwell)

Robert A. Cook (President of The King’s College, National Association of Evangelicals, and National Religious Broadcasters

Brandan Robertson (LGBT activist and Pastor of progressive false “church”)

Frank Bartleman (eyewitness and author on the Azusa Street Revival)

Wess Stafford (Compassion International)



15   >>> [NMH Study Abroad Networks Making New World Order Students] Global Ambassadors Program/ Study Abroad Programs in Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Spain and Morocco, New Zealand, U.S. Southwest as well as China, France, and Uruguay Language and Culture Immersion programs, Belize Music, Culture, and Service or Belize Healthcare, Development and Service programs, and special opportunity programs in Ghana, New Zealand, and Norway.

15   >>> [MBI/MTS Study Abroad Networks Making New World Order Students] Jonathan Armstrong is leading the Center for Global Theological Education (C-Gate) at Moody which intends to partner with ecumenical networks around the world for theological training. James Spencer is directing a similar new initiative at the Moody Northfield Mission Center for online and mentoring education programs which will engage the international communities in some ways. Gregg Quiggle is Dean of Study Abroad Programs which include studying the life of scoffer/Jesuit C. S. Lewis in England/Ireland; studying German culture and churches in German and Switzerland; studying early church and European Reformation history in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland; studying in cross-cultural contexts via Moody partner schools around the world in the International Studies Program; studying Greek and Biblical culture in Turkey, Italy and Greece; studying Bible history in Israel; or studying Paul’s travels while in a boat. Moody works in partnership with Rockefeller-built Summer Institute of Linguistics for Applied Linguistics training.



16   >>> [NMH Drugs/Drinking] Known drug/drinking problems such as a Ritalin-market, smoking tobacco and marijuana, drinking alcohol and other abuses started all the way back in the 1950’s on campus.

16   >>> [MBI/MTS Drugs/Drinking] Because of the rules change brought by friends of Jerry B. Jenkins, there is reduced accountability now on faculty regarding drinking, tobacco, and gambling which assists faculty covering for students who are doing the same. In truth, the reason for the rule change is because many faculty (and some students) were already secretly pursuing these activities and the Jesuit network didn’t want to lose their partners, so they changed the rules as they always do for their own benefit and not for the benefit of the school or students. We are not hearing any information on other addictive lifestyles on campus, but it is clear that it exists based on these factors and other indicators such as self-injury (next topic).



17   >>> [NMH Self-Injury] Based on the Eight School Association Student Body Survey (of which Northfield Mount Hermon is a member and had their students participate in the survey), there is a small percentage of students who engage in self-harm.

17   >>> [MBI/MTS Self-Injury] Surprisingly, there are many students who are into cutting themselves (usually surface cuts on wrists, etc.) at Moody. Based on a report shared in the Moody Standard student newspaper (in 2013), Marquette found that 17% of college students (in 2006) had a history of cutting/self-injury and talked with four Moody students in order to alert about this problem, so they could get counseling. In the report, Holly Porter who is a counselor at Moody said there was a noticeable increase of Moody students dealing with self-injury/cutting in the previous five to seven years. A lot of youth who were raised in highly hypocritical and abusive homes start these habits as a relief of tension; sadly, it is a common trend in America.



18   >>> [NMH Prestigious Education/Approval From Men Rather Than God] Pride in prestigious education such as at Cornell University and Brown University as well as sending a good number of students to Yale, Harvard, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, etc.

18   >>> [MBI/MTS Prestigious Education/Approval From Men Rather Than God] Moody requires faculty to have impressive degrees and consider it prestigious to be a graduate of Jesuit institutions and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Anglican Universities etc. Moody leadership also promotes membership in various societies such as the Evangelical Theological Society.



19   >>> [NMH Love of the World/Self rather than Love of God] For many decades a culture of removing godly music and conversation and love of the truth and replacing it with divisive sins and the world’s music and conversation that promotes every kind of evil. The Rhodes Art Center built in 2008 and some of the various student groups are there to expand this purpose, but the pattern started decades ago.

19   >>> [MBI/MTS Love of the World/Self rather than Love of God] They are reducing the faculty in the Music Department and increasing psychology on campus. They are accepting Federal Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants and Free Application for Federal Student Aid and Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans. For the last twenty years, they are leaning heavily toward becoming a liberal arts college instead of a Bible institute.