Proving God right [and “scholars” as liars]


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, and friends,


Have you ever wondered just how much we can trust the Bible? If you have ever heard a professor or teacher teach about history or science, you have heard them cast doubt and question onto the full trustworthiness of God’s testimony of history, science, as well as all spiritual topics (sin, repentance, Jesus, judgment, grace…) What those teachers did to you probably left you questioning how much you can actually trust God’s Word, correct? They probably left you sort of thinking: how much of the truth is God really telling? That is a devious spiritual attack, and it happens a lot, usually from spiritual leaders we think we can trust. And, that is just one of many of satan’s echoes of his lies to Eve in the Garden of Eden – Did God really say? Can God really be trusted? (Genesis 3).... satan repeats those lies on a constant endless loop to anyone and everyone.


We (the RestoreMBI team), along with fellow citizen journalists, have found for years that it’s a pretty sure thing that you will have to (or need to) learn history. The pagan “learning” system is run by satan's team and they want to teach you the false or the slightly altered “facts”, so you can’t figure it out. Their approach is more along the lines of “it happened. We’re not sure why. But, because it did, this happened next…” In doing so, they hide the information you need. But God has put in His Word enough pieces to catch them in their lies, correct history, and be a righteous judge to stop the next wave of attacks from satan’s minions. Thanks to God’s Word (the Bible), you *can* figure it out. However, quite sadly, some of the human problem is in the fact that many people don’t *want* to study it. But since sin and satan’s destructive plans just repeat (Eccl 1:9; John 10:10), we all need to be proactive in this. We are sure you will need to learn history – either by you intentionally plugging away at it, asking God’s help and guidance along the way, or dangerously up-close when satan’s team tries to re-enact history. Even the pagan scholars admit history is written by the “victors” [or ruthless conquerors], and that those who don’t know history are bound to see it repeat before their eyes. This is very true. Our suggestion is that you study history from God’s perspective as carefully as you can, instead of entertaining yourself with the demonic distractions and sinful desires of this pagan world. Remember, #ItTakesATeam


But did you know that you (yes you!) can prove God right. And no you don’t need to be a scholar or expert in “science” or “history” to do so. Yep, that would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? Well, did you realize that Bible gives us the only 100% honest history of many events that you will ever find? And, did you also realize that you can always use God’s Word to double-check *everyone* else… yes, we said everyone. That would really strengthen your faith in God and His Word, would it not?


What you are about to see is a review of history and details that are part of on-going research by this team (RestoreMBI) where we are a part of a larger group of younger and older peasant/citizen journalists and historians, who are actively working to re-piece history together – not from the perspective of the ruthless rulers of satan (we have other articles that explain that in more detail), but from the 100% honest accounting of God Himself, through human writers. This article will look incomplete, because it is, but it will show a start of how you too can use the Bible to double-check all “history” classes, shows, etc, and everything else in life.


We two main focuses in this article, 1) showing you that we can accurately prove, from God’s Bible, that this earth is less than 6,000 years and to say more than that is to be inventing a devilish lie and myth – like the lying mythology of evolution, or the mythology about other “dimensions”, etc. And secondly, 2) helping you realize that the ancient people were *not* ape-men, as the “theistic evolution” lies and myths would lead you to believe. God was the One who created the first Hebrew alphabet – language, text, symbols, and verbal communication. That fact by itself disproves the lying mythology of evolution and the lies of modern historians who pretend that we evolved and eventually formed a language from the demonic peoples of either Phoenicians or Egyptians.




Part 1 - Counting the dates from Adam to Jesus

First off, let’s look at the dates and times from Scripture that we do have – from Adam to Jesus. We pull from many passages that have genealogy information, and other dates and years. Here are just a few: Genesis 1-3, Genesis 5, Genesis 6, Genesis 10, Genesis 11, Genesis 25, 1Chronicles 2, 2Samuel 5:4-5, Luke 3, etc. If you want to see what passage we used for some dates, just ask:


Some history background:

So, let’s start by reviewing the genealogies from Adam until Christ. Some numbers we can’t easily place because Scripture gives us a lot of details in some places, and not in others. But historic records can fill in the rest quite easily, with the guides that Scripture does give us. Please also let us mention that we are intentionally using the year 4000BC as the start date. 4000 years BC to the incarnation of Jesus the Christ and then about 2000 years after Jesus gives us an earth of about 6000 years. The problem is that this earth is not quite 6000 years old. How do we know this? There are many reasons, from God’s foundation of the 6-day week with the 7th day of rest (Genesis, Hebrews, Daniel 9:26-27, 1Thessalonians 4, 2Thessalonians 2:3,7; The Book of Revelation). Remember, God set man’s number as being 6 (antichrist being the worst man = 666, Rev 13:18), and the Millennial reign of Jesus, the 1000 years as explained in the Old and New Testaments in much detail (Isaiah 11; Isaiah 9:7; Isaiah 65; Revelation 20). That is the short list of proofs.


But the problem for us in placing an exact date is that the literal 7-year Tribulation (Dan 9:27; Revelation) wraps up the 6000 years, and we don’t know the day or the hour (Matthew 24:36). So, we (RestoreMBI team) are noting that the earth is *almost* 6000 years. The reason we are not using some other date is because we are trying to show people what we all can know many things from God’s recordings in His Word (the Bible), and we are not making up some “new doctrine”. The earth is, in fact, almost 6000 years old, so these numbers, from God’s own Word, will help you realize that you can stand on God’s Word, rightly interpreted and in-context, on every single detail. That confidence will help you to sort through the myriad of satan’s lies which he is constantly inventing new ones in addition to repeating the old ones.


If you ever take a deeper look at Joseph’s genealogy in Matthew 1 Mary’s genealogy in Luke 3, you will quickly notice that something is very different. What happened is the Messianic lineage changed because the actions of some descendants of David (in addition to his own public sins). After King David appointed Solomon (whom he had by adultery with Bathsheba), the lineages of Joseph and Mary split. The reason for this is because King Solomon’s descendant Jehoiakim was so exceedingly evil and leading many Jewish/Hebrew people into deep satanic practices and sins, that God cursed his lineage and said that this man would be childless and never have a son on David’s throne again (Jeremiah 22:30). That is just one of at least a few reasons Jesus’ lineage came through another line. Jesus has always existed, but when He put on flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:1-14), Jesus had chosen an honorable lady from David’s honorable son Nathan, not Solomon. So, Joseph (Jesus’ earthly step-dad for a short time) was from the lineage of David through the kings of Israel/Judah, but Mary’s (his earthly mom) is through David’s son Nathan.


It is hard to find most of the years of the lives of Nathan’s descendants, but history helps us fill in much of the time-frame from then on to the time of Jesus’ incarnation/appearance in human form. Matthew 1 lists Joseph’s genealogy, while Luke 3 lists Mary’s genealogy. We started with God’s Word (the Bible). Then we checked with other info. For instance, the core of the oldest coral reef (by counting its rings/layers), the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, is 4500 years old. The oldest sycamore tree is in Israel and its core shows (by counting the rings/layers), again, about 4500 years. Meaning, about 4500 years ago was when God flooded the earth during the lifetime of Noah. Then we did, thirdly, compare these numbers to the seemingly careful number of Vatican archbishop James Ussher, and a few others historians with less information.


Please also realize that those who say 6000 to 10000 years are implying death before the “ very good” creation by God… including the lies and myths of Lilith, etc. They are flat-out lying. Reject them. Hold to God’s Word. Sadly, some “creation ministries” allow satan’s lies of 6000 to 10000 years to confuse people. We rebuke them for that. We intend to write more articles proving the myths counterfeit God and twist facts to try to blame God for satan’s evil plots, not the other way around.


BC = Before Christ; AC = After Christ’s coming


Biblical dates and times from Adam to Jesus


Age w/children; age at death

BC/AC [earth total = 6000 yrs]

Adam (Garden of Eden)

130 yrs old; 930 total years

almost 4000BC, about 6000 yrs


105 yrs old; 912 total years

Born around 3870 BC


90 yrs old; 905 total years

Born around 3765 BC


70 yrs old; 910 total years

Born around 3675 BC


65 yrs old; 895 total years

Born around 3605 BC


162 yrs old; 962 total years

Born around 3540 BC


65 yrs old; 365 yrs: God took him

Born around 3378 BC


187 yrs old; 969 total years

Born around 3313 BC


182 yrs old; 777 total years

Born around 3126 BC


500 yrs old; 950 total years

Born around 2944 BC


100 yrs old; 600 total years

Born around 2444 BC

Global Flood

year Methuselah died; Gen 7:6

2344 BC; about 4300 years ago


35 yrs old; 438 total years

Born around 2344 BC


30 yrs old; 433 total years

Born around 2309 BC


34 yrs old; 464 total years

Born around 2279 BC


30 yrs old; 239 total years

Born around 2245 BC


32 yrs old; 239 total years

Born around 2215 BC


30 yrs old; 230 total years

Born around 2183 BC


20 yrs old; 219 total years

Born around 2153 BC


70 yrs old; 205 total years

Born around 2133 BC


100 yrs old; 175 total years

Born around 2063 BC


60 yrs old; 180 total years

Born around 1963 BC


147 total years

Born around 1903 BC

Jacob/Israel in Egypt

130 years from Isaac to Egypt

Around 1833

















Contemporary of Moses (Ex 6:23)

Aaron married his sister

Israel: slaves in Egypt

430 yrs in Egypt; 400 as slaves

Ended around 1403 BC

God giving Law

In wilderness

Around the year 1403

God initiates the Tabernacle

Build by Moses and Israelites based on blueprint in Heaven


Around year 1401

Israel wanders 40 in wilderness

40 years of wandering because they rejected God’s commands


Around 1361

God creates the country of Israel: Israel enters Promised Land

Jensen seems to do pretty well, but Ussher reduces info. For instance, he reduced 400 slavery years down to 215.

Around 1321;

Jensen: 1373;
Ussher: 1451














second king of Israel

Jensen: 1011 BC; Ussher 1045 BC



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy


Mt1:12; Luke 3:27

Joseph & Mary genealogy;


Mt1:12; Luke 3:27

””; Jensen: 536 BC;

Ussher 530s BC



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy



Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy

Joseph (step-dad) + Mary


Luke 2, Mary’s genealogy


roughly year 0, splitting BC/AC

Jensen: 5 BC Ussher: 0,

about 2000 yrs ago





Part 2 – Correcting the “historians”

Let’s talk about “history experts”. Have you ever heard of the name of a famous “historian” named James Ussher? He is most known for his “Annals of the world” and also for this large map/timeline of history and for his other writings on history. He was born on January 4th 1581 in the city of Dublin, Ireland, and was also known well in London, England. A quick read of a detailed biography of him shows that he was quickly and quietly trained to be Jesuit and yet pretended to be a “Protestant” leader, as Jesuit John Calvin did. You can easily see his actions contradicted his anti-Vatican sounding words, when you notice that he was good friends with all of the masons and hierarchy of “church” leadership in both Ireland and England. But, you can also catch him in his own writings too.


Did you notice, above, where Ussher directly contradicted God’s recording of history? If you missed it, please allow us to elaborate. In Genesis 11, God is very clear that Terah (Abram’s dad) had Abraham at the age of 70. But Ussher pretends that Terah didn’t have Abram until he was 130. That’s a difference of 60 years.


But it gets worse. God told Abraham and Moses directly that the people of Israel would be slaves in Egypt for 400 years, with 30 years of peace before that = 430 years. But Vatican/Jesuit “archbishop” James Ussher reduces the slavery down to “215 years” (direct quote). But his trickery is a bit more slick than that. Jesuit Ussher reduces the whole time of Joseph in Egypt, then his family joins him and through the time of Moses – from the Biblical 430 down to 215 total years. That is a loss of 215  years. Obviously Vatican-Jesuit Ussher is not taking God’s Word as 100% true – he felt it needed to “updated”. That is why you need to double-check your historians, because some of them are lying in the details. In contrast, Irving Jensen and others get a bit closer to what seems like a literal interpretation of the Bible.


Another recent example is a few “creation” films that came out in the last 2 to 3 years. One example is the supposed documentary “Is Genesis History” by the dishonest Del Tackett, which had some good content, mixed with the Jesuit mythology-lies of “theistic evolution”. One of those myths is to include those “scholars” who pretend the earth is more than 6000 years. That lie sneaks itself into a lot of “creation” teachings.


Another film that was the “Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy” by Timothy Mahoney that is (quite sadly) promoted by Ken Ham’s “Answers in Genesis” and the Eric Hovind’s “Creation Today” team. Mahoney’s film pretends that the human race didn’t have a written language until around 1200BC and 1000BC, and it credits the Phoenicians and/or the Egyptians for it. Mahoney comes along and tries to move the time of Moses closer to 1100BC or 1200BC (which is still 200 to 300 years late). But Mahoney leaves the lie intact that humans didn’t have a written alphabet until the 1200s BC. Why is that such a problem? Good question. The reason is, because, quite simply, that lie/mythology flatly calls God a liar. You see, when God created man, He also explained that they had enough communication skills to not only speak in clear words and sentences, but the grasp of language enough to name all of the animals – and that was a lot more than we have today, because it included the “dinosaurs” which the Bible simply calls dragons. So, in Genesis 2, God shows very clearly that God had Adam name the animals. Additionally, God met with Adam (and then with both Adam and Eve) in the cool of the evening, every evening, and carefully and patiently taught them – even somewhat after the willful fall into sin. The language was written and spoken in Genesis 1 and 2. You also see that in the fact that Moses had the written records to write the Book of Genesis. The language was created by God and given to man in Genesis 1, not almost 3000 years later, when they supposedly “learned it” from satanists and demon-inspired pagans such as the Phoenicians or the Egyptians. That is the lie that Mahoney was trying to leave intact, while pretending to “correct” history. As you can see, with just 2 examples, we have to double-check our leaders. Sometimes they are accidentally wrong. Sometimes it’s by crafty stealth and they hope they won’t get caught. Each person’s motive will show when they are confronted (with boldness and grace) to correct their error, or be shown to be hard-hearted in sin and love of worldliness and the praises of pagan-living men.


As we noted when we started this article, we noted that this is an on-going article. As you can see, we have only started the subject. Now, it’s your turn. Take what you have hear and keep exploring! Remember, in any subject, it is going to take a team of God-fearing Bible-loving followers of Jesus to keep carving through the generations of lies. #ItTakesATeam


So, why does this matter? Well, in addition to the previous points, the more history you study, the more you will need to be studying your Bible to rightly discern and correct it. For instance, many people don’t realize how the pagan authorities quote and reference mythologies (of all types) as they are explaining their agendas. Catching them pushing mythologies helps you catch them lying at other things too. And God’s Word the Bible is able to help you catch – all of them – one piece at a time.


Thanks for reading and joining the conversations! Please consider sharing with others – the information is free.


~ Watching, Preaching, Praying,

The RestoreMBI team