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[This report here is part of Part 7 of the “Project to Restore Moody Bible Institute to its Roots and Foundation”. This seventh part looks at several leaders and seeks to inform Moody family, alumni, faculty, donors and prayer partners and to warn them about leaders who show by pattern as not believing the Bible and working against it. If you missed the previous parts, you can find them here: ]


We at FEDBP are saddened to have to write this Report & Bibliography on Erwin Lutzer. We have listened to Moody Radio many times over many years, hearing both “Running to Win” and Sunday morning sermons from The Moody Church. As we have gained an understanding over the last fifteen years about corrupt leaders of churches, we slowly became aware of Jesuits. Several years ago when we encountered the fact that Erwin Lutzer got a M.A. from Loyola University – a prominent Jesuit school named after the founder of the Jesuits. We noticed that he didn’t preach about sin and obedience, so we saw that those two thinkings go together. Below we show a lot more reasons why his Jesuit training is a primary factor in the current overthrow of Moody’s top leadership.

As we are about to show you, we have discovered that Lutzer is not only a Jesuit in his ideology, but is also a very prominent Jesuit leader in their program for Chicago and in the world. His acting part is to be a pretend conservative voice who believes that whereas Christians are absolutely different from the lying and proud false religion of Catholics, they must unite their efforts together to stop the anti-christ from destroying the church. To that end, Lutzer has made friendships with a deceptive Franciscan monk (Father Dimitri Sala) and a variety of other similarly corrupt “pastors” in Chicago and around the world, while joining networks of communication and leadership with people like Luis Palau who is a good friend of the current Jesuit Pope. Erwin admires completely the work of Billy Graham and others who are leading toward one-world religious unity (of ALL religions) since 1946, and has the highest regard for men like Bonhoeffer and Niemoller who created the building blocks of the World Council of Churches, World Evangelical Alliance, and Lausanne movement which Billy Graham became the prominent director of. Lutzer is proud of his Jesuit education, though secretly, most of the time. Lutzer has been a strong barrier protecting the Jesuits and Free-masons he has helped to sneak into the Moody Bible Institute and Moody Church for more than 36 years.

Here are links that show Erwin Lutzer’s short bio as a speaker at conferences
and accompanying his sermons on various websites. Each one shows his M.A. in Philosophy from Loyola.

The reason we are sharing that list of links is just so that Lutzer cannot remove this part of his history from public notice. He already removed this information from seven other sources. That is a cover-up. What those sites do not contain is the information that Lutzer went beyond the M.A. in Philosophy to complete all of the necessary requirements for a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Loyola. By Lutzer’s own admission, he simply didn’t complete the dissertation even though he qualified in every other way. So Lutzer spent this many years acquiring a doctorate level of Jesuit philosophy knowledge. Jesuits, as we have learned over the last fifteen years, are the military wing of the Catholic “church” to force all religions under the Pope and destroy whatever won’t work with them. In America, they have entirely represented themselves as the evangelistic, proselytizing branch of the Catholic “church”. But if you do any research into their history, it is seriously violent and treacherous. Their oath is one of the clearest indicators of that. Here is a link to that Jesuit oath and our other explanations of who Jesuits are. We cannot prove that Mr. Lutzer is a Jesuit. We can prove that he has had years of Jesuit training, and that he agrees almost entirely with their philosophy.
Please keep in mind that 95% of Jesuits never reveal their allegiance or oath to the Vatican and pope. Here’s a short quote from the lengthy Jesuit oath.

… I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus. 


"In confirmation of which, I hereby dedicate my life, my soul and all my corporal powers, and with this dagger which I now receive, I will subscribe my name written in my own blood, in testimony thereof; and should I prove false or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the Militia of the Pope cut off my hands and my feet, and my throat from ear to ear, my belly opened and sulphur burned therein, with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth and my soul be tortured by demons in an eternal hell forever!...

> Source link:


You can find out more here information about the Jesuits in our article on Jesuits at Moody campus.

Problems at Moody – Jesuits

Whereas there are some sources who pretend to discredit that oath as being fake, it can easily be understood as part of the cover-up if you do research. Usually that suggestion of fraud is based on one man’s research (Father T. E. Bridgett who wrote “Blunders and Forgeries”) a couple hundred years after the original source (Robert Ware, son of James Ware, who wrote “Foxes and Firebrands” based on his father’s information). Many liars will also try to discredit Jack Chick and his booklets when given the chance, or suggest that the source of the oath is based in the Library of Congress (where it is recorded in an old lawsuit). But those who downplay the importance of this are ignored dozens of books that show the oath, activities and false teachings of the Jesuits. So now you can go to the source of the discussion and discover the truth instead of all of the red herrings discussions.




Or you can also just read up on what Jesuits do (from books in the above link or others like them) and you will discover the same principles quoted in the oath actually being put to use to conquer entire countries and control other groups of Christians and Jews who refused to be part of the Catholic “church”. Or you can just research the inquisitions and crusades which show the nature of the Catholic leadership a different way. There’s plenty more ways to discover why Jesuits operate the way they do, and we recommend that method of learning as far less surprising than waiting until they introduce their next orchestrated event to show who they are.


In this video, you will find Erwin Lutzer’s explaining his path to becoming pastor at Moody Church – recorded in 2013, Lutzer explains his story from a child, through his education, to meeting his wife, Rebecca.

Listen carefully to how he met Rebecca and to his explanation of how he decided to go to Winnipeg Bible College, Dallas Theological and further to Loyola University. Lutzer believes it was God’s divine plan to have him get a degree at Winnipeg, so he could go to Dallas. Of course, he won’t actually tell the real reason that he believes so strongly about his role in this powerful free-mason network at Dallas Theological. He leaves it to be assumed that he just wouldn’t have become a pastor of Moody Church if he hadn’t gone to Winnipeg, which then allowed him to go to Dallas, which was the required network to get him in as pastor at Moody. That is significant considering that Lutzer then talks about going to Loyola like it was a good thing, but that it just got interrupted by something better (looking toward becoming pastor of Moody Church who would not have accepted him if Loyola was celebrating his doctorate in their philosophy). In this video, he admits that he has a doctorate-in-philosophy level of knowledge among the Jesuits without actually obtaining the degree.

Even worse, notice that it was actually a Moody Bible Institute professor sometime during or before 1970 who told Lutzer to go to Loyola University! We know this year based on his becoming pastor of Edgewater Baptist Church who he says was okay with him studying at Loyola and that they would bring him on as pastor (1970-1977 and help fund his studies toward “ministry”. That means that this Jesuit infiltration of MBI has been going on more than ten years before Erwin Lutzer became a “pastor” at Moody Memorial Church. Notice the fact that Edgewater Baptist Church was perfectly okay with covering for Lutzer while he got his Jesuit education from 1970 until sometime around 1977/1978 (this date is assumed based on a four year Masters of Philosophy degree followed by another four years of doctorate work in philosophy at Loyola).

We would also like you to notice from this video of Lutzer telling his story, that there was a sneaky hand-off to Lutzer to become the pastor at Moody Church. Anyone who has watched multiple overthrows of churches or has seen one corrupt pastor hand off to another has seen these methods of slow introduction into leadership. Lutzer says that he and Rebecca felt that God was asking them to leave Edgewater Baptist Church, which is false because his family was actually being redirected by his handlers in the conservative leadership toward becoming a pastor of Moody Church. So they did leave and the church gave them a farewell party. The very next Sunday, Lutzer is without a church and wanted to go to Circle Church, but Rebecca recommended they go to Moody Church where Lutzer was already a friend of Warren Wiersbe. As Lutzer walked into the lobby of Moody Church that morning Wiersbe says he is sick and going home and asks Lutzer to preach. So Lutzer says that the first time he visited Moody Church, he preached… For those who don’t know secret powerful hand-offs among Freemasons who are in power over the churches, this is what it looks like. They bring them to visit and introduce them to the inner workings and tell them the secrets of how to appease everyone in the church to keep it stable and progressing in the direction that they want it to go. Three years later, Lutzer is the new senior pastor and it gets presented as God’s will, because there were such mysterious guiding principles that seem like they could only be God’s hand guiding it. Well, most people aren’t paying attention to the hidden hand – Free-masonry and Jesuits.

Whereas Lutzer has not been directly part of faculty of MBI, he has exerted more influence over 36 years of being pastor than any of the professors he helped to sneak their way into the school. But now they are carrying out his original mission that started in the early 1980’s. Now his disciples from Loyola are in many important faculty positions at Moody Bible Institute. You will also hear his high respect for elite Free-mason (33rd) Billy Graham in this video.





This next article is a letter sent to Lighthouse Trails Research who checks into psychology taking over various parts of churches, denominations, and para-church organizations. It includes the video above, along with helpful description.

Letter to the Editor: Concerns About Erwin Lutzer

August 4, 2016 by Lighthouse Trails Editors

LTRP Note: Christian leaders are giving a pass to Roman Catholicism and the Jesuits. After reading this letter to the editor, we cannot help but wonder how many other Christian leaders have attended Jesuit schools and could this be a reason so many of them are accepting of contemplative spirituality and Catholicism in general? One thing is for sure, popular Christian leaders who have attended Jesuit schools and who promote contemplative figures are influencing others to do the same.

Dear Lighthouse Trails: wanted to let you know that I happened to listen to an online YouTube message from Erwin Lutzer yesterday that was an overview of his life.1 Well, I was shocked to hear him say he went to Loyola University!!!! [see YouTube link below; also:]. It was after his graduation from Dallas Seminary, but still, he did not offer an apology for not knowing he should stay out of Catholicism back when he was young, no, he said it just as if it was a good university to go to!!! I was stunned, as I had always thought Moody Bible was separate from Catholicism, and the very name of Loyola screams Jesuit Catholicism, the worst of the worst of Catholicism! Anyway, I thought it might be worth noting in your articles about how Moody Bible Institute is going Contemplative, and it may help you to maybe understand why his response to your warning e-mails to him was to love all of the brethren. That’s because he obviously feels the Catholics are our brethren. Also if you listen to the link I’ve provided below with that message, you will hear him say that Billy Graham was his hero when he was young, and he still brags about getting 20 minutes of private time with the famous preacher, (at which I said under my breath, every important person in the world gets 20 minutes with Billy Graham, whether they be Democrat or Republican, immoral or moral, Communist or the Pope, Billy Graham has met with and approved of all of them as God’s children.) and so Erwin Lutzer has obviously ignored the fact that Billy Graham sent people back to their Catholic churches after they made a confession for Christ at his crusades and that he has been [one of] the most instrumental preacher in getting the ecumenical movement on its fast path.

Thank you for standing for truth and for being a resource for us all who are wondering “what is happening to our preachers today and the institutions we trusted such as Moody Bible?” Your articles gave me the support I needed to realize I am not alone in being disturbed about Erwin Lutzer’s stance on things and that I need to stick with older preachers who were separate from Catholicism.

God bless,




From this information, we found that Erwin Lutzer is also on the board of references of this next Chicago-land ministry “Entrusted Ministries” alongside Joseph Stowell and Luis Palau.  Luis Palau is said to be the Billy Graham of South America and has been a friend of Billy Graham for more than fifty-five years. Luis Palau is also a personal friend of the current openly Jesuit pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) from Argentina which is where Luis is from also. This is very concerning, simply because it shows how much the satanic network trusts Erwin Lutzer and wants him to be a representative of the church among them. We follow that link from Entrusted with articles showing Luis Palau’s interests briefly so you can understand that he is not a friend of true faith.


Entrusted Board Of References

Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor
The Moody Church

Dr. Joseph Stowell, President
Cornerstone University

Luis Palau, International Christian Evangelist


Here is a Luis Palau interview talking about his friendship with the current openly Jesuit Pope in the Vatican:

“Argentine native and international evangelist Luis Palau considers Jorge Bergoglio, the newly elected Pope Francis, a personal friend. So, Palau says, he was especially excited yesterday to hear that Catholic cardinals had selected Bergoglio, the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, to replace Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI after his resignation.

“CT spoke with Palau, who offered his perspective on Pope Francis both as an evangelist and as Bergoglio's personal friend. (CT has also gathered reactions from evangelical leaders in the United States and Argentina.)

CT: “What was your reaction when you heard that Bergoglio had been selected as pope?

Palau: “It was exciting because of Argentina, because of his personality, and because of his openness toward evangelical Christians. I got kind of emotional, simply having known him.

“He came in second to Pope Benedict XVI in the last election and pulled out of the vote voluntarily, because he thought, 'We shouldn't be doing this, vote after vote.' I said to him when I saw him afterward, 'What a pity! I thought I would be able to say I know the pope as my friend.' I said he'd probably get elected the next time, but he said, 'No, I'm too old.'

“It was a total surprise [yesterday], because I also thought he was past the age. Since last time he didn't win, I figured he wouldn't win this time. But here we go: He got elected. He's not too old…”

> Source:


Here is another related group that Luis Palau was directing with Pope Francis (who gave an address to the assembly) in an attempt to bring us “back” to “fellowship” with Rome’s authority called Reset 2016. The reset literally is a “repair” or “reversal” of the Reformation. This event was also related to the Pulse night club shooting here in Orlando for which they kept the flag at half staff until after this event took place. It was cut short because of heat, but really as subliminal messaging that America was not yet ready for a reset (reversal of the Reformation). Lacey Sturm and Lecrae who partnered with Billy Graham for his final message on the cross were there representing Billy Graham.


“Confirmed speakers and artists include: Hillsong United, Kari JobeFrancis Chan, LecraeNick Hall, Passion, Crowder, Kirk FranklinRavi ZachariasJeremy CampAndy MineoMichael W. SmithLauren DaigleChristine CaineMark BattersonMatthew WestJo SaxtonMike Kelsey, Casting Crowns, John K. Jenkins, Sr.Josh McDowellLaurel BunkerLuis Palau, Tedashii, Tasha CobbsLacey SturmYork Moore, Trip Lee, Sammy RodriguezRonnie FloydReid SaundersBob LenzJose ZayasJennie AllenNabeel QureshiAnn Voskamp, KB, Christine D'ClarioMatt MaherSammy WanyonyiLindsey NoblesAmena Brown, and Josh Brewer; with a special message from His Holiness, Pope Francis.”

> Source:




These next three ministries are all part of one parent organization called “Life Action Ministries” which directs also “Revive Our Hearts” and “OneCry” outreaches. What we noticed here are the influential leaders in the “Christian” network who Lutzer wants to partner with. First of all, here is Erwin Lutzer’s endorsement of One Cry revivals tour after he hosted one at Moody Church:

“Pastors on Life Action - Dr Erwin Lutzer”


So Lutzer and Moody Church and Moody Global Media promote this “revival” organization. But look at who else is supporting and promoting this “revival” being led by these three ministries who are under Life Action Ministries.
When you see this many influential names backing a particular organization, it is worth watching. These are not people we would be able to partner with, but Lutzer does. Their partners include the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptists, Chuck Colson Center, National Day of Prayer, Billy Graham Evangelical Association, Luis Palau, Joel Rosenberg, James Robison, Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine, Greg Thornton, Ed Cannon.

Here are the names that these three “ministries” have as partners:


OneCry Partners



Moody Radio
Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc.
Sherwood Pictures
Revive Our Hearts
American Family Radio
International Mission Board
Colson Center
National Day of Prayer



Luis Palau
Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Michael Catt
Meredith Andrews
Dr. Erwin Lutzer
Joel Rosenberg

James Robison

> Source:



Endorsements for ReviveOurHearts

“…Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

Dennis Rainey, FamilyLife Today

Mary Kassian, Girls Gone Wise

Dannah Gresh, Pure Freedom

Bob Lepine, FamilyLife Today…

> Source:


Advisory Board of Revive Our Hearts

> Source:



So Billy Graham’s organization promotes this “revival”. Billy Graham is Erwin Lutzer’s hero, so it makes sense that he would want to partner in whatever Billy Graham is promoting as the next wave of “revival”. Everyone who is a Christian should be quite aware of who Billy Graham is in his undermining the Christian faith toward one-world religion. Here are some of our links to show who he is, if you are unfamiliar.







There is plenty more to show you about the psychologists and other fake “Christian” leaders in those Life Action Ministry endorsement lists, but particularly, I want to notice James Robison who is leading America back to Rome almost as much as Billy Graham was.

James Robison is the leader of the charismatic, word-of-faith, and also hidden Fellowship networks’ attempts to help bridge relationships to the pope while openly praising the pope and trying to reverse the Reformation. Here are some of the piles of information on James’ partly hidden/partly open efforts.
















Ed Cannon and Greg Thornton are among those endorsing Life Action “revivals”, so we want you to be aware of their influence on Moody since they also share in this with Lutzer and Billy Graham and Luis Palau and James Robison. Here are some examples (in the following links) of Ed Cannon’s corporate philosophy of downsizing, cuts, and lay-offs for “efficiency” after working for top leadership of Standard Oil/Amoco/BP. And now he brings this expertise to MBI’s board of trustees. This is especially concerning because of major cuts of faculty at MBI and what he did to Far East Broadcasting Company before this (as explained by Cannon in the article in two parts). Besides being on the Board of Trustees at Moody Bible Institute alongside Jesuit-trained Greg Thornton who he helped get to be Interim President, Cannon is also on the advisory board of Revive Our Hearts Ministries alongside Greg Thornton.

After Mr. Cannon’s information links, there are two links of our research on Mr. Greg Thornton.












As far as Lutzer’s respect and communication with Billy Graham – here are two further links that show Erwin Lutzer speaking at Billy Graham’s Retreat Center – the Cove.


The Inheritance of the Redeemed

with Erwin Lutzer, September 5-7, 2018

> Source:


“Where is God in Natural Disasters?

By BGEA   •   April 30, 2014

In this interview with Dr. Erwin Lutzer, originally published in the wake of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, the pastor and author answers questions about God’s role in natural disasters. On May 27-29, 2014, Dr. Lutzer will hold a seminar at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove. He’ll be discussing “the hidden realities of God’s invisible world.” Seminar-only tickets are still available, but The Cove’s two inns are full.

> Source:

This second link above for the speaking seminar is based on the book that Erwin Lutzer wrote in 2012 for which Franklin Graham wrote the Foreword.

“An Act of God?: Answers to Tough Questions about God's Role in Natural Disasters Paperback – January 1, 2012

by Erwin W. Lutzer  (Author), Franklin Graham (Foreword)”

> Source:



Speaking of books, here is our Part 1 of the book report on Erwin
Lutzer’s Book Review of Hitler’s Cross: How the Cross Was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda


In this book review you will see that Lutzer’s hatred toward God is a lot like Hitler’s philosophy.
We expect to add two other parts to that book report as we have time, but Part 1 is a pretty good start to understanding who Erwin Lutzer is by his own words in a way that he doesn’t admit often. After you see what Lutzer is saying in that book, it will make perfect sense seeing his partnership with Father Dimitri Sala for reuniting the Catholic “Church” with all other American “Christian” leadership networks combined into what Lutzer calls “the one universal, Catholic church”. Father Sala is the author of the book The Stained Glass Curtain: Crossing the Evangelical-Catholic Divide to Find Our Common Heritage. Erwin Lutzer has been intentionally hiding his friendship with “Father” Dimitri Sala who initiated the G11 Pastors Network. Lutzer has had friendships and/or participated with this group since 2004, so this is a significant influence on Moody Church’s networks of friendships in Chicago.

Here is (the following several articles) what we found out about Lutzer’s friendship with Father Sala starting in the first three quotes with their mutual friend John H. Armstrong – adjunct professor of Evangelism at Wheaton. The third of those quotes is John Armstrong himself explaining that he has had a “deep friendship” with Lutzer since the early 1970’s. The fourth and fifth quotes are Dimitri Sala’s friendship with John Armstrong along with his recognition of Erwin Lutzer as a friend, followed by his “prestige” of being a Franciscan monk. We are having to do this because Lutzer is secretive about his partnerships. So we are finding his friends who will explain it for us. We found out that John Armstrong was an influential director of a pastors’ network that Lutzer was part of. So we will start with some information about John Armstrong.

“John is a member of several fellowships and societies, including the World Reformed Fellowship, the Karl Barth Society, the John Calvin Society and the Abraham Lincoln Forum.”
> Source:

Dr. Ray Pritchard says:

“For several years John led a pastor's group that included Erwin Lutzer, Colin Smith, Wilbur Ellsworth, Mateen Elass, Pat Peglow, and several others from time to time. We met quarterly, ostensibly to discuss some book we had all read, but mostly to tell stories, get caught up and laugh a lot.”
> Source:

A Life Well-Lived: On the death of Erwin Lutzer’s Father

“… Since I was a young pastor in my early twenties Erwin Lutzer and I have shared a deep friendship. This has led to many wonderful times of conversation, ministry and prayer. Erwin's dad and mom are both over 100 years of age. This in itself is a remarkable fact but then his dad and mom are two rather amazing people. Erwin's dad finally passed away this week at the ripe old age of 106! Since I have heard so much about Erwin's dad for most of my adult life I thought it only right to share Erwin's account of his dad and his passing with all my readers. (If course, I have Erwin's permission to share this story with you. I also ask you to pray for him in light of this loss.)

“Here is Erwin's brief account of his dad's amazing life and his death this week…”

> Source:


This is John Armstrong’s endorsement and slick intro for Dimitri Sala:

“… Fr. Dimitri Sala, a good friend and Catholic priest, has written what I believe to be a wonderful book: The Stained Glass Curtain: Crossing the Evangelical-Catholic Divide to Find Our Common Heritage (Lake Mary, Florida: Creation House, 2010). I would challenge any open-minded Catholic or evangelical reader to buy and read his book if they doubt that a priest can explain the gospel in a way that is entirely faithful to Catholic teaching and evangelical belief. Fr. Sala writes about what has happened to so many of us over the last few decades…”

> Source:



Even though Erwin Lutzer won’t admit the friendship with Dimitri Sala, Mr. Sala gladly notes his friendship with Erwin Lutzer, for his audience.


In his book titled “The Stained Glass Curtain: Crossing the Evangelical-Catholic Divide to Find Our Common Heritage” by Father Dimitri Sala says on page 71:
“… As my friend Dr. Erwin Lutzer pointed out in one of his books, what they believed to be true, that this was an ordinary bottle of medicine, in this case actually wasn’t. As a matter of fact, their misinformation produced an effect exactly opposite of what they expected: what they thought would help them, actually killed them…”


Copyright © 2010 Fr. Dimitri Sala, OFM Proudly powered by The Kingdom Helpers

> Source:


Ordo Fratrum Minorum: Franciscan Friars

The Order of Friars Minor (OFM) or Franciscan Friars, founded by St. Francis of Assisi, give themselves totally to God in obedience, poverty, and chastity.

> Source:



Franciscan Friar Dimitri Sala is a Catholic priest involved full-time in evangelical preaching and apostolic ministry, combined with a life of prayer. Presently based in Chicago, he provides spiritual covering and direction for a network of ministries who have a special burden to evangelize Catholics, and for other Christians who have asked him to be their apostolic covering. Through his involvement in Harvest Evangelism since 2006, he has been used to facilitate Ecumenical reconciliation, and has drawn his network ministries further into Transformation. Father Dimitri has a heart for unity in the body of Christ which has led him to involvement with international efforts of reconciliation between Evangelical Protestants and Catholics. His book, The Stained Glass Curtain, is the product of these many years of “Crossing the Evangelical-Catholic Divide to Find Our Common Heritage”

> Source:

The following article link seems to be a careful and accurate reply to the deception of Dimitri Sala. We hope that anyone who knows Catholic doctrine and is willing to give us their assessment also of this, will help promote it and or caution us on any mistakes. But it seems pretty solid based on our knowledge of the differences of Old Catholic dogma to the new sneakier method of infiltrating world religion.




We would like to discuss one more significant topic related to Erwin Lutzer’s ecumenical connections. That is his network of “pastor” friends in the Chicago area. It includes Bill Hybels, James Meeks (who is on the board of trustees at MBI), James MacDonald (trouble-making friend of Jerry Jenkins), Mark Jobe (who speaks at conferences at MBI), Joseph Stowell, and several other influential “Christian” leaders in Chicagoland as they call it. Here are those links and descriptions of the “gatekeepers” as they call them. This group of G11 “pastors” was built based on Father Dimitri Sala’s suggestions. The first article is written by Tony Danhelka who did the calling and work to organize the group of “pastors”. The second article is Dave Ferguson explaining his introduction to the group. The third article is the actual invitation that went to these various “pastors”, which also shows that at the time, Lutzer was on the Summit Leadership Team. And then we have Lutzer’s brief comments about the group in the fourth quote.

“… It was Monday February 16, 2004. My wife Donna had just left to run an errand. I hung up the phone at about 11:55AM. It had been an encouraging “Spirit led” conversation about God’s heart for Spiritual awakening over Chicagoland. I had been talking with Father Dimitri Sala who is an charismatic itinerate Catholic priest and Evangelist in Chicago. He, Donna and I previously had some good conversations about prayer, evangelism and revival for Chicago. Today he had challenged me to try to set up a meeting with Apostle John Eckhardt of Crusaders ministries to discuss a strategic prayer strategy for Chicagoland.


“It had been my custom on Mondays to fast and pray for Fox Valley pastors over the noon hour. As I walked to my place of prayer near my office I had a wonderful sense of God’s presence prompted by the phone call with Father Sala. Then I heard the words in my heart…. “Tony, it is time to call some of the primary influential pastors of Chicagoland together.” I prayed, Lord who would these primary influencers be. A series of names flooded into my mind. They were names of pastors that Donna and I had met in large group settings before, but only a few of them would have known us personally.


“I wrote down the names to share them with Donna… Carlton Arthurs, John Eckhardt, Bill Hybels, Erwin Lutzer, James Mac Donald, James Meeks, Mark Jobe and Joseph Stowell. After writing the names down, I had a bit of a symbolic burning bush experience. I said, “God why would any of these pastors listen to me? Why are you calling me to do this instead of some other City Reacher in Chicago? Would these charismatic and none-charismatic Evangelical leaders of large churches and networks of churches come together across such diverse lines?” It was as if God was saying to me… “Yes, they will come into Unity under my Headship, not necessarily conformity with each other, but unity concerning the essentials.” After some time of struggle I conceded that I would talk to Donna about our being willing to write and phone each of these pastors and try to meet with them to cast the vision of their getting together.


(Editor’s Note: he thinks that demon is God’s voice speaking)


“Quarterly Meetings:

“They have met quarterly since the beginning. Many have had private lunches together repenting of differences and getting to know each other. They have been rotating to each others facilities to have a tour and see the neighborhoods. The Silent Partners have become a Task Force of the Gatekeepers Senior Associates. The Task Force meets with the Gatekeepers for lunch and then discuss ways they can best support what the Gatekeepers want to do together. The Gatekeepers have decided to bond together as friends before they do some greater works together in the arenas of united prayer, blessing the city and caring for the poor and needy. After a tour of the facility and lunch with the Task Force they separate into a private room to discuss mutual issues of being a large church pastor, racism, homelessness, poverty and other related issues. The Gatekeepers have met with Tony and the Task Force with Donna and Phil…

Conclusion: Every Pastor a Gatekeeper!...

> Source:


Dave Ferguson’s post:

Published March 18, 2007

A couple years ago Tony Danhelka pulled together a group of eight key spiritual leaders in Chicago and called them Gatekeepers.  In the group was Bill HybelsErwin LutzerJames MeeksJames McDonaldMark JobeJohn EckhardtCarlton Arthurs and Wilfredo DeJesus

.  This group initially got quite a bit of press but has been pretty low-key since then.  3 months ago I got a call from my friend Mark Jobe, who is a part of this group telling me that they would like me to join them.  Being a leader and getting the opportunity to connect with guys of this caliber was too good to pass up.  I told him to count me in.

Friday was the first time I met with these guys.  We met at Crusaders Church and will continue to meet once a quarter with the next meeting at CCC.  I don’t feel at liberty to say everything that we talked about.  They probably don’t know I have a blog and would kick me out if I started publishing minutes from our meetings!  However I will say this:  at the first meeting I was impressed with their humility, their desire to learn and their passion for the church and God’s Kingdom. As you are reading this I would love to have you pray for this group.  The potential of this group to do something significant in the city of Chicago for Jesus is staggering!...

> Source:


Invitation: Chicagoland Quarterly Pastors Prayer Summit

Date:     June 6, 2000 : 11am to 1pm

               Location: TLN (TV 38) Headquarters (1-312-433-3838)

               38 South Peoria, Chicago, IL 60607


“Who: Pastors & ministers, Men & women

“The recent three day prayer summit in April is still fresh on many of our minds. We have heard many positive comments from both the men and women participants of the simultaneous summits.

Come and join us! We are welcoming both men and women who are in Christian ministry throughout Chicagoland to join us for two hours of prayer.

“The group has decided to meet at the TV38 “Total Living Network” Headquarters which is just 2 blocks west of Halsted and Madison in Chicago.  There is easy access from the Eisenhower and only four to six block walk from the Northwestern & Union Stations.

“We continue to gather to pray for Chicagoland. This is an interdenominational, cross-cultural, Pastoral prayer initiative. Come in the name of Jesus with your unique expression of prayer for the church, seekers, poor, needy and disenfranchised of our city.

“Bring a neighboring pastor or Chicagoland ministry friend. Lets invest two hours worshiping the Lord in prayer.

Warmly in Christ,

The Summit Leadership Team:

Chris Barnes, Phillita Carney, Mike Berry,

Cheryl Dorsey,  Kirk Brantner,  Claudia Dunne,

Tony Danhelka, Susanne Marder, Lou Diaz,

Sheila Straka,  John Ericson,  Felecia Thompson,

Dallas Gordon, Vicky Wauterlek, Doug Harsch,

Erwin Lutzer,  Phil Miglioratti, Roger Thomas…



Church Executive interview with Erwin Lutzer

September 1, 2009

You meet with a group of area pastors called G-11. What is that about?

“There are a number of us pastors, who get together four times a year, and it began as the G8, and it may grow even beyond G11. But it includes people like Bill Hybels, James McDonald and James Meeks.

“This has forged friendships between us. For example, I travel in circles where Bill Hybels is often criticized, but because I know Bill and I know his heart, whenever that happens, I tell people that although I do not agree with some of the things Bill does, I know his fervent desire is to spread the Gospel. As a result he has a great passion to see people come to know Christ as their Savior and we always need to keep that in context.

“Friendship brings about less suspicion, more trust, and an understanding that each of us has a context; each of us has our limitations and our strengths. A sense of acceptance develops when you actually know people rather than just speak against them when you don’t know them personally…

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After you have read our Part one of the report on Erwin Lutzer’s book Hitler’s Cross or if you are already familiar with the training of FEMA clergy, we hope you can also understand why we are concerned about Lutzer’s role in these discussions about Islam and the persecuted church with people like Joel Rosenberg who also endorses OneCry outreach along with Erwin Lutzer, Billy Graham, Luis Palau, James Robison, Greg Thornton, and Ed Cannon.

Inside the Middle East Crisis – Finding peace in a troubled world October 1-2, 2010 Chicago

Joel Rosenberg
New York Times Best-Selling Author

Erwin Lutzer
Senior Pastor of Moody Church

Charlie Dyer
VP of Education at Moody Bible Institute

Tass Saada
Former Fatah fighter under Yasser Arafat

Michael Zinn
Director, Chosen People Ministries Israel


Michael Rydelnik
Professor Jewish Studies at Moody Bible Institute

Mitch Glaser
President of Chosen People Ministries

Steve Wiggins
Worship Leader at Harvest Christian Fellowship

Mark Elfstrand
Host of The Morning Ride on Moody Radio

The eyes of the world are focused on the events in the Middle East-the epicenter of the dramatic events that are shaping our world and impacting our future.

The Inside the Middle East Crisis Conference was held at The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois beginning Friday evening, October 1st and continuing all day on Saturday, October 2nd. This conference aimed to raise the awareness of the Jewish and Christian communities in Chicago to the spiritual challenges we are facing today in the Middle East, and to provide a new perspective for understanding the situation based upon Scripture.

Access to the conference messages is free!

> Source:


Knowing what we know about Lutzer’s attempt to help America repeat the Nazi conundrum, we also thought it was strange and concerning that Lutzer’s book was being passed around to Missouri legislators at this event. Missouri is known to have a large number of German families who have emigrated to America over time, so this would particularly command their attention as a scare tactic.


Dr. Erwin Lutzer was a recent guest speaker in the “Show Me Your Glory Lord” event centered in the Rotunda of the Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Mo.  This recording was made just before that visit on March 30, 2016.  Joan Hendrick and I were among those very  much impacted during that time by having special time with Pastor Lutzer and his wife Rebecca

Many Missouri legislators joined in the experience. Several days before his arrival, SMYGL Chairman Sue Stoltz ordered and distributed to every Missouri Senator and Representative a copy of one of Pastor Lutzer’s books: When A Nation Forgets God: Seven Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany.   Certainly it was very timely gift for the needs of our state and nation today.

> Source:



Here is Lutzer receiving the Bob Neff award for his show Running to Win which was inspired by Bob Neff.

“… A reception in Dr. Lutzer’s honor was held by Moody Radio during the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orland, Fla., on Wednesday, March 1.

“I receive this award as a tribute to Bob,” said Dr. Lutzer, “but most of all for the glory of God, who has given me the privilege of sharing His Word with so many through our partnership with Moody Radio.”

“He added, “Receiving the Robert Neff Award is deeply appreciated, but it is also a humbling experience. When Bob Neff encouraged me to launch Running to Win, he also helped me understand the many challenges of a daily program. His humility and vision for what radio could accomplish, and his subsequent ability to suffer well, still inspire me today.”

> Source:


It is interesting to see the sites chosen for Lutzer’s Reformation tour, knowing his love for uniting “one universal Catholic church” together again. Many of these sites are also celebrated by Anglicans (whose leaders are Free-masons and closet Jesuits) and Jesuits who know the history behind the struggles or dramas that took place at some of these locations. And why would he love to see the Palaces and Oxford (who partners with Jesuits) and Parliament in England except for his attachment to the Anglican (Free-mason or often Jesuit) efforts to sustain a “Protestant” position that is almost fully compatible with the Catholic Church.


The Dr. Lutzer Shares the History of John Knox
and Mary Queen of Scots – 
Listen Now!

The price starts at $4,699 per person, based on double occupancy. The tour includes superior hotels for the duration; most meals (as noted in itinerary); most tips; leadership and teachings by Dr. Erwin Lutzer; expert guides throughout; all sightseeing entrance fees and visits as noted and all ground transportation. There is an optional air program which can be added for only $1,060 from Chicago per person, or $1,019 from New York/JFK. See brochure for more details.

June 1 Depart home airport

June 2 London Heathrow, welcome dinner, overnight London

June 3 River Thames lunch cruise, Hampton Palace, overnight London

June 4 Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral, Oxford

June 5 Coventry, Coventry Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Stratford, Doncaster, York, York Minster, overnight York

June 6 Scottish Uplands, Firth of Forth, Edinburgh

June 7 Edinburgh, St. Giles Cathedral, John Knox House, Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyrood, Carrubbers Close Mission, Golden Mile, overnight Edinburgh

June 8 St. Andrews Fortress, St. Andrews Cathedral and University

June 9 Linlithgow Palace, St. Michael’s Parish Church, Stirling, Church of the Holy Rude, Trossachs and Loch Lomond Park

June 10 Loch Lomond, Hogback Stone at St. Kessog Church, Glasgow

June 11 Flights home from Glasgow



May 30 Depart home airport

May 31 London Heathrow, welcome dinner, overnight London

June 1 Orientation, drive by the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, free afternoon to explore

June 2 Free day, explore the museums of London or enjoy the incredible shopping areas

> Source:



Here are two quotes in which Lutzer is promoting an unbiblical approach to the creation account in Genesis. Hebrews 11:3,6 say that believing in God’s account of Creation is an essential element of salvation faith. Erwin Lutzer is not a Christian and he approves doubters and scoffers in so many ways. Old earth (partially creation/partially evolution) theories always include disagreeing with God’s actual 6-day work which we have recorded in Genesis 1-3.


Page 160 of Erwin Lutzer’s 7 Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible

Needless to say, the earth was not created 4004 BC as the study notes in one Bible affirm. Many of us hold to a “young earth” but since the Bible does not tell us when God created the heavens and the earth, we must respect those who believe that the earth is much older than some creationists have believed…


Page 113 of Hitler’s Cross
We have already learned that he borrowed the swastika from Guido von List, but it originated in India, where it has been revered for eight thousand years.


These evidences prove that Erwin Lutzer is a problem for the Christian community and that Erwin Lutzer should not be trusted for any more leadership decisions at Moody Bible Institute or Moody Church. However, don’t forget that Lutzer is only one player in a very coordinated team of evil players to get Moody Bible Institute under the Pope or else destroy it. If they have to go to destroy mode, they will still likely try to keep their media programs going in order to distribute bad literature and resources to their international missionaries. It is surprising to see how long Erwin Lutzer has been there without all of this being noticed enough to be responded to by removing him from leadership. The church and the institute (MBI) need to understand who he is and recognize the damage he has done, before the leaven sets in through the whole family at Moody.

Will you join us? Will you help us get the word out so that the honest employees can get the corruption fixed and Moody Bible Institute can be restored to its roots and foundation? Please share this everywhere you can. We would like to see a correction to the massive lay-offs of professors and a restoring of a low-cost missions training that D. L. Moody took as his personal interest to grow for the body of Christ around the world. It’s going to take a team – and yes, that includes you. Also, consider writing us – we’d be glad to pray and help as much as we can.


Watching, Preaching, Praying,

servants of Christ,

The team at