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Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow prayer partners, and RestoreMBI team, December 2022


>> In this report, we have to talk about sexual topics that Julie is promoting wrongly. <<
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Our team needs to correct the record publicly and clearly. We fell for a trick acted out by a lady Jesuit. We started watching Julie Roys and her team several years ago when she was fired by Moody Bible Institute (MBI) in 2018. We believed her story that she was trying to restore Moody Bible Institute with leadership and professors who believe in Biblical inerrancy and honest financial and social practices. But she abandoned MBI and does not want to restore it. Now we know that this was a trick of a lady Jesuit playing a dual role to continue the work of destroying the work of the gospel from the inside, pretending to be one of our “Protestant leaders”. And yet, she is working against the gospel of Jesus and against those who oppose the Roman Catholic Empire (aka, Catholic cult). Julie’s fellow “whistleblower” partner in early 2018 at MBI was Rich Weber who has a PhD at the openly Jesuit Marquette University. We just hoped that wasn’t a sign of a secret agenda that we now know it is.

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In Julie’s book released in 2017, she promotes several Catholic scholars who are experts in Thomas Aquinas (Thomist) doctrine (to unite all worldwide “Christian” authorities under Roman Catholicism via Inquisitions when necessary), for example. And it is Thomist scholars who have taken over the Moody Bible campus and also Moody’s Northfield Schools as we have shown thoroughly in our articles at RestoreMBI.com, which we started in early 2018 to explain this problem. In Julie’s book, she also recommends a healing program based on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius de Loyola, the founder of the Roman Catholic Jesuits. Again, we hoped it didn’t mean what it seemed to, since Julie wrote about many problems in the churches that we are trying to bring to attention also.

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We have tried quite a number of ways to help Julie understand what she encountered at Moody Bible Institute with the Roman Catholic Jesuits trying to subjugate Moody Church and MBI under the Roman Catholic authorities. But Julie’s education is at Northwestern University and at Wheaton College, which is Billy Graham’s alma mater. And she does not listen very well to criticism of Billy Graham’s network. Our team has carefully researched the Jesuit workings of John MacArthur of Grace to You, Billy Graham and his Lausanne Movement, and Joel Hunter who was Barack Obama’s religious advisor. We wrote and posted our research about how evil each of them are, in about a couple dozen reports. Julie and Neal and their team are aware of our findings, and she seemed to vaguely quote a few of them. And we have communicated our Biblical concerns and these warnings to Julie. And for some reason, Julie’s team has ignored us, and has cleverly found one reason or another to write softer criticisms of these false teachers or worse: even to give approval of them, trying to make them look much better than they are, ignoring God’s condemnation on these evil men. In too many of these articles, Julie’s team is not serving Jesus and not trying to restore Jesus’ Church; they are doing the opposite by supporting the Jesuits and their men who are crashing Jesus’ church.

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Now let’s talk briefly about one of the speakers at Julie’s RESTORE conferences in Chicago. At this last conference (2022) and at next year’s conference, Julie has Lori Anne Thompson speaking. Julie’s team compelled the audience to treat Lori Anne as a hero for speaking up against the demonic, immoral, and abusive men who we all know are running too many “Christian” organizations like Ravi Zacharias’ “ministries”. But that still does not excuse Lori Anne’s behavior which can be shown from her own testimony. And this testimony is in articles written by Julie Roys herself on Julie’s own page. Lori Anne claims to have been groomed into sexual activity with Ravi by thinking that it was an “intimate fatherly friendship” in her life. But the testimony shows that Lori Anne was 39 or 40 years old (“thirty years” younger than Ravi) and was not physically present with Ravi for him to have been able to coerce her by threats, nor does Lori Anne claim that he threatened her into committing these sexual acts (phone conversations, pictures, texting). And yet when Lori Anne was fifteen years old, she ran away from home rather than deal with more sexual harassment or violence from her father who was a convicted pedophile just re-released from prison. Lori Anne admits that the first nude pictures she sent to Ravi were sent in response to his requesting a picture of her in “night clothes” around the time of his 70th birthday. To this request, she did not give a resounding “No!” Instead she told him that she doesn’t wear “night clothes” at night and was somehow convinced to send him a picture wearing nothing – to a “spiritual father”. She did not run away from Ravi at 40 years old like she did run from her dad at 15 years old – we clearly are not getting honesty from Lori Anne, yet. The continuing pattern of sexting and nude pictures really had started before when Ravi had set a pattern of convincing Lori Anne to send a picture of herself each time they talked on the phone, so he could lust over her. This went on for at least six months prior to the nude picture, so Lori Anne understood this pattern and did not stop it.

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The abuses of Ravi as a spiritual “father” were after the spiritual abuses of another “pastor” who acted as a spiritual “father” to her. So she was not unfamiliar with clergy abuse (deceptively got Brad and Lori Anne to make financial investments in his personal interest) and in fact, had a recent and strong example of it (sometime shortly before she met Ravi in 2014) – being “shunned, vilified, and publicly humiliated by the cleric and church community” at that previous church. So Lori Anne was not unfamiliar with deceptive ways of clergy abuse and the damage it causes. In October 2015, Lori Anne says she began to question Ravi’s motives for the relationship via email. Ravi’s response should have alarmed Lori six months before Ravi’s 70th birthday (around March 26, 2016 when the first nude pictures were sent). At this point in 2015, Ravi “confessed his love” by requiring secretive messaging on email and saying that his marriage was “more of a business partnership” and that “he was profoundly alone”. And Lori Anne’s sister says that Lori Anne must have thought “This is what love is”? But it is ridiculous to say that Lori Anne still thought it was “fatherly friendship” with Ravi’s request six months after this “confession”. Lori Anne’s open letter titled “A Letter to You the Man” states that Ravi’s hands were “reaching, rubbing, ripping, stealing, grabbing, robbing, raping, taking…” and that “A father’s lap was to be safe…” and “They took my clothes”. But that is not what happened with Ravi. She took off her clothes, she took those pictures of herself, and her hands sent them to Ravi. There was no physical assault or threat of it from Ravi to require her to do these things.

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After their activities were ended finally with the help of counselors, Lori Anne was suicidal and had to face her husband with the reality of what happened. Eventually, Brad would join Lori Anne in having their lawyer demand a $5 Million quiet settlement from Ravi so that Brad and Lori Anne would sign a non-disclosure agreement to not talk about Ravi’s behaviors, so everyone could avoid a “protracted and public litigation” process. “ ‘As Lori Anne and I found out more about predation and grooming and the amount of victims that predators have . . . we knew we had a moral responsibility, or a godly responsibility, before the Lord, not to do nothing,’ Brad said.” And so this is how they determined to stop future abuse?

> Source: https://julieroys.com/ravi-zacharias-extortionists-evidence-indicates-otherwise/


But in fact, Lori Anne is not a follower of Jesus as evidenced by her own words. Here are two quotes: “Many survivors of childhood abuse have a profound spiritual wound and questions about God, myself not withstanding.” “I knew the world to be an unsafe place before I met Ravi Zacharias — but I yet had hope that there were some safe and sacred spaces. I no longer live with that hope. I trusted him. I trusted Christendom. That trust is irreparably and catastrophically shattered. I yet believe Christ, even if he be not true, as he is the highest ethic I can find.

Preach the gospel to Lori Anne, if you want to, but realize that she is pretty hardened in her sexual sins and defense of them. Either way, don’t let her pretend to speak as a so-called “Christian” leader. She doesn’t know the Bible or the Jesus of the Bible, which she makes very plain in many different quotes. She isn’t saved, and only pretends to be.

> Source: https://loriannethompson.com/2021/02/08/lori-anne-thompson-victim-impact-statement/


But because Brad and Lori Anne were one of the major supporters of UCB Canada (Canada’s largest Christian broadcasting network), they have been received as Christians. And Billy Graham’s grandson, Boz Tchividjian, wants to make sure it stays that way (serving as their lawyer), as he does for other Christians who are being accused of sexual assault and misconduct. Because Boz and his grandfather, Billy Graham, need at least half of what Julie Roys calls “the American Evangelical Industrial Complex” to join back with the Catholic Church, so as to discredit all opponents of the Roman Catholic Empire. And Julie (who wrote those three articles about Lori Anne’s sexual activity with Ravi and therefore knows exactly what happened) received Boz Tchividjian’s endorsement of her RESTORE conference. So instead of pastors and evangelists and prophets correcting problems at churches, Lori Anne preached that one or two psychologists, Registered Psychologist not just Certified, should be in charge of every church. But that would not have stopped what happened between Ravi and Lori Anne in secret emails and Blackberry Messenger texts.

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The only way forward is to recognize that the past wave of leadership of “ministries” (represented by men like Ravi Zacharias) and the future wave of leadership of “ministries” (represented by Lori Anne’s psychologist lawyer Boz Tchividjian) both want to dismantle Jesus’ Church. Both groups of false leadership of “churches” are led by Roman Catholic Jesuits for the dismantling of true Christianity. Both groups want to press the authority of unbelievers over the Church to change its structure and purpose. And both are willing to have “Christianity” crumble in America if it would lead to a completed Roman Catholic empire again. Graham and Roys and Tchividjian and Lori Anne do not believe in Jesus’ kingdom; they believe in a human kingdom led by Jesuit agents.

> Source: https://julieroys.com/ravi-zacharias-sexting-predator/


There are no Bible verses to defend the pictures Lori sent of her own choices, but there are many Bible verses that condemn sensuality. Every time you see sexual sins in Scripture the Bible also shows us that demons were involved, because demons are very sensual. Why would Ravi do what he did? Why would Lori Ann do what she did? He used to like sensuality (he is in Hell now), and she must still like sensuality. Ravi Z. and Lori Anne were sinning against God. Surprising to some, the psychologists allowed Lori Ann to call Ravi Z. the “f***” word from stage three times. No one stopped her or corrected her publicly for it. All of that is failed leadership of Julie and her team. And, in case you missed it, Julie is in full approval of Lori Anne’s schemes and in full approval of hyper-feminism schemes, which she has made very obvious by Julie having Lori Anne speak at next year’s “Restore” 2023 conference, even against the pleas and reasoning of many of her current followers.


We know Ravi Z. was evil. About 15 years ago one of our team stood next to him for 20 minutes at a conference because I was concerned about his sinful lifestyle. Ravi Z. was so hardened against God that there was no way to have a meaningful conversation with him. After about 20 minutes of effort, we walked away. Many people know that Ravi Z. is in flames forever. He made his secret choices, never repenting, and died in those judgments.


The 2022 “Restore” conference was talking to people they call pastors, and at least 3 speakers claimed to teach the Bible. One speaker explained his “new gospel”. He focused on the Hebrew word “tov” which means “good”. That speaker explained how he went to all of the leaders of his church privately to get them to agree with his new gospel, and he told us his church accepted his new version of Christianity.


The conference did not take a tone of condemnation on false pastors who are sensual and like porn (committing adultery in their minds and hearts). And even worse, some of the psychologists we talked to at lunch and heard in conversations actually defended pastors in porn. If you know a pastor who likes porn, read him 2 Peter 2 and Jude, and if he cares about God, he will throw away his porn forever. If he doesn’t throw away his porn, God's Word condemns him as an apostate for whom there is no more repentance available. Stay away from them as evil and demonic, because they are. There is no mention in Scripture of any hope for them spiritually only torment in the Lake of Fire forever. But for some reason those speakers, demonic psychologists, offer a tolerant and sympathetic view of sensual pastors. Their excusing of sins proves them liars and condemns them.


At the conference, the psychologists were preaching the point of view that Churches need to accept demonic-psychologists on each church staff. The sick humor in their suggestion is to pretend psychologists have higher morals, so they can be pretend to be a healthy influence over a Church. No that is impossible because psychologists do not know the gospel and they reject most of the Bible, so they do not worship Jesus. Psychology is a demonic religion, and a study of opinions that is controlled by demons. It seems obvious to us that this is an attempt by Jesuits and FEMA to attack the honest Churches, but that was not said or explained to the audience, either. There is no value if a demon allows their psychologist to say the word Jesus. All of psychology ignores Holy God, and sin, and God's consequences on sins. When they throw out most of God's truths, the only thing left is lies and false info and clever excuses for sins.


Surprising to all of us, Julie was not there because she had to withdraw from her own conference last Feb. 2022. Why you ask? Because she was getting questioned by those who read her book advocating hyper-feminism and sexual sins among Christians and realized she needed to step down for that conference. What all were her motivations for that? We don’t know yet. In Julie’s book, she tells about her almost having a sexual affair with a high school girl. Julie also explained that she had brought Sarah onto her band singing worship music, and then it became more than just fellow band members. And we quote: “I thank God my relationship with Sarah never developed into anything physical.” Did she just admit to participating in other sexual sins back in her college days or whenever she got her Jesuit training? Julie referred to young Sarah as: “… like a vacuum cleaner, and I was like a piece of lint – unsuspecting, powerless, and consumed. I wasn’t the only straight person who ever got sucked into her emotional vortex.

> Source: https://www.amazon.com/Redeeming-Feminine-Soul-Surprising-Womanhood/dp/0718087798


updated-RestoreMBI-logo.jpgBe aware that Julie is ready to put on another conference this June. This next plan is worse than before. Now they are featuring Lori Ann as a speaker. But why would Julie do that if she is a Christian? If we have any friends that can get to the conference an hour west of Chicago (Illinois), please think about it. Find Judson University on your map, to see if that is workable for you. We know we are not invited because of this announcement. If you plan to go, please keep your negative opinions a secret before you go, but take notes of your concerns and share them afterwards. You do not want to have any headaches before the conference. If you go, please write notes of the anti-Biblical things you hear there, and after the conference please share your notes with us and others.


servant of Christ,

the RestoreMBI team