Erwin Lutzer is a Jesuit Nazi – Short Report


Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to marry...”(1 Timothy 4:1-3a)


That is an exact description of Catholic Jesuit priests and teachers. Billy Graham was an evil ecumenical leader to bring the “Protestant” churches under the Pope. We know why the Billy Graham library would be selling Erwin Lutzer’s The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent. Lutzer is a protégé of Billy Graham and both are Jesuit Doctors of Catholic Law. But why would Friends of Israel be selling Lutzer’s book Hitler’s Cross? We thought Ralph Gower’s (recommended by John MacArthur of Grace To You) anti-Israel propaganda was bad which is why we wrote a report on it; but Lutzer’s anti-Israel propaganda is far worse. Why are our Christian Israeli brothers and sisters or Messianic believers not writing this indictment against a Nazi in our midst? They know Israeli history and struggles for survival better than we do, presumably. Are they all infiltrated by closet satanists who stifle human responses to known needs of their brothers of Israel? Is that why they have not responded? How can we help Christian ministries stop supporting Nazis and Jesuits who are leading much of the leadership partnerships between Israel and America right now? How can we stop a Jesuit-led war against our Muslim neighbors in America turning our land into a death zone and detention center for Christians and Israelis and those Muslims who are interested in Christianity and are uncooperative with the Jesuit partnership between the extremists of Islam, Kabbalah, and Catholicism? How can we stop the Jesuit war-machine that wants to make a Middle East Holocaust/Armageddon right now (before the rapture and before the Tribulation in attempt to discredit God’s foreknowledge) by generating hostility against rogue states who have not yet submitted to the international monetary (murder) fund program? This is one way to how you do it – you write point-by-point reports on the bad fruit of a well-known bad tree who is creating the “moral necessity” motives for war.


That word reich is best translated as ‘empire’ or ‘kingdom’. To the German ear it has almost a sacred tone. How well I remember my parents, German-speaking people who emigrated to Canada, teaching us the Lord’s Prayer: Dein Reich komme, dein Wille geshehe… For the Nazis that word reich would come to express the mystical and eternal German kingdom.” (Hitler’s Cross Page 24) It’s like when young satanists come up to us and ask us if we’ve hailed satan today. “…we have all the power we need to do God’s will, but we do not have absolute power over our enemy. We cannot demolish his kingdom; we cannot prescribe the boundaries of his power.” (Hitler’s Cross Page 66) As you will discover, Lutzer’s assaults against God just keep going. When Lutzer says the words “our enemy”, he is talking about God. He says “we cannot demolish his kingdom” and “we cannot prescribe the boundaries of his power.” Which is why he has to explain that you don’t just stand idly and say “This is the will of God” because otherwise it would be obvious that his followers are a Jesuit and want the evil to happen, so they have to pretend to fight the devil alongside us who suffer under his plans. R. C. Sproul, when he wrote the foreword to God’s Devil said this exact same thing. “It is the best treatment of the person and work of the enemy I have ever read.” Sproul, being at the heights of doctrinal “knowledge” and mythic subtlety, is intentionally using the title from a book about God. “The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit” by R. A. Torrey.


Talk to Jewish people today, and many of them will tell you that there are no advantages to being chosen. The non-chosen, for all of their trials, have appeared to be more blessed. The chosen appear to be the cursed. With the honor of being singled out by God for blessing has come centuries of tears and persecution. And, as we shall see, there is more to come.” (Hitler’s Cross Page 100) Why does Lutzer agree with the Pope’s trying to take authority over Israel calling it the “Holy Land” as if Islam and the Catholic Pope both have a right to the land rather than Israel? ”SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT   Let’s back up for a moment and get some historical context: In the seventh century, Muslim invaders entered the Holy Land unprovoked to capture Christian lands. First they conquered Syria. Then, because the Holy Land was largely unprotected, the Muslim forces were able to capture it without much resistance.” (Shadow Crescent Page 101) Why does Lutzer agree with usurper Jesuit Nazi Donald Trump giving away part of Jerusalem to Saudi Arabia and splitting Jerusalem in three parts? “I say this not because I believe that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, but to call attention to the fact that even the greatest political and religious power in all human history will be headed up by one who is entirely opposed to truth.” (Shadow Crescent Page 144) Obviously, that could be read as saying he does not believe Antichrist will be Muslim, but read it again and read these books and you will discover Lutzer meant it the second way it could be interpreted “I believe that the Antichrist will be a Muslim”. Lutzer believes Israel and Islam with be equally to blame for Antichrist. “My preference is to believe that while the church will be raptured before the tribulation begins, there will be a remnant (primarily Jews) who will be saved during the tribulation period… Satan can no longer accuse those who have been acquitted by God, thanks to the sacrifice of Christ. Every just accusation is now silenced.” (God’s Devil Page 214-217) Lutzer believes the Catholic “church” is the only “church” that should be allowed to survive. “We discussed various ways Christians could respond. Then I said, ‘I guess we will also have to prepare the next generation for martyrdom… we will have to teach them how to die for the faith.’ Sam then pointed his finger at me and said, ‘That is exactly what God has called you to do. Train your people to become martyrs!’” (Shadow Crescent Page 164) Lutzer believes it is his “call” to prepare American Christians and Hebrews for martyrdom because he knows we won’t participate in leadership-level InterMyth Dialogue with Islam to find the lowest common denominator between the two in A Common Word Between Us. So Lutzer is preaching the second half of the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions (which he attended) theme “Unite or Perish”. The Muslim repeat of the Nazi conundrum can only operate because Nazi Jesuits control the information. Abuse thrives only with the ignorance of its victims who do not know how to get help from others who should help. And so as we figure out the Nazi Jesuit program, the solution is actually pretty simple to start – denounce all Jesuit Nazi propaganda as loudly as possible and kick out the Jesuits out of our community. The next phases are more about rebuilding community and calling out all of the evil myths we can find.


And this time, the Jesuits are disguising themselves as Muslims to conquer Protestant America back under Rome. It was the Catholic “church” that helped Muhammad make up Islam, not Gabriel. At least two Catholic priests mentored Muhammad. And it was St. Augustine who arranged all of the pieces in the Middle East and Africa through Pontifical Councils for the rise of an opposition to Rome that could oppress the Hebrews where Rome could not reach. And Muslims revere visions of “Gabriel” (supposedly gave the Quran “revelations”) and “Mary” (through Fatima whose prophecy was a Catholic attack on Russia). They both have prayer beads. They both “worship” around an idol in the center of their courtyard (Vatican City). They both include many satanic mystery religion ideas much the same as Catholics and Kabbalah. They are both a counterfeit “kingdom of God”. They both oppress and attack Israelis (Holy Wars). They both conquer land and impose their empire as a political ideology hiding behind religion to protect them (Holy Roman Empire). They both have a “conservative” side and a “mystic/satanic” side (like Catholics versus Jesuits). They alter the Scriptures given to us by God (Quran and Catholic Vatinus B and Sinaticus A manuscripts among so many). They hide truth from common people by means of foreign language (Arabic and Latin). They both have priests (Imams) who control the politics/laws and public information levels. They both infiltrate by stealth satanic planning into Christian and Israeli networks to divide and conquer (like Jesuits) as well as to destroy from within. Muslims respect the Pope and will not conquer cathedrals or territory they are not allowed to as we show also from Lutzer’s own words in regard to Constantinople. And Muslims partner with and share secrets between their local leaderships historically. Even during Caliphates, Muslims had a dhimma pact with Catholics in their territories to be higher class citizens wherever their territory existed as Lutzer also explains. There are so many similarities we have not even touched. But you get the point. And most importantly, Muslims will not recognize people who have faith in Jesus nor Israelis among their people and will not allow their records to even show the existence of Christians or Israelis in their midst, since they consider themselves over both – as the replacement to both. ”When Lina Joy, a Malay woman, wanted to have her conversion to Christianity recognized by the Malaysian courts, the Arabic media network Al-Jazeera suggested that ‘if Malaysia allows conversions to Christianity this could trigger off “mass conversions” from Islam.’ No doubt it would! After several years of legal battles, Lina Joy was denied her request that she be identified as a Christian on her ID card.” (Shadow Crescent Page 72) “Islam regards itself as the most complete and final religion, with Christianity and Judaism in its early roots. After all, Abraham is regarded as the father of all three major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Muslims believe that Judaism and Christianity had been abrogated and had become corrupted, and that if these religions were purified, all Jews and Christians would become Muslims. Muhammad himself taught that Abraham was actually a Muslim rather than a Jew (Sura 3:67). In the Quran, it is said the disciples identified themselves as Muslims (Sura 3:52; 5:111). Because Islam would ultimately triumph over all other religions (Sura 48:28), and it had superseded Judaism and Christianity, ‘it would no longer be acceptable for Jews – or Christians – to follow their old religion; they had to acknowledge Muhammad, and become Muslims too, like everyone else.’ A question I have often pondered is this: Why has Islam been able to obliterate the church in a way that Communism has not?  (Shadow Crescent Page 68)


Notice that last line where Erwin Lutzer actually thinks Islam does supersede faith in Jesus. The Pope does the same thing historically trying to wipe us out and delete us from Europe…    …and now America. The Jesuit Catholic operation with Muslim Brotherhood in America is quite literally an Inquisition. The Holy Office of Inquisition was inherited from the Dominican order to the Jesuit order. And now they are bringing the Inquisition to America which is not even Catholic. But they have so many Jesuits and Catholics in power in America now by infiltration that they intend to wipe us out of America or force us to be Catholic and have the world believe that non-Catholic “Christianity” disappeared. Specifically, Chicago is their first target because of Dwight Moody’s community friends and so they are already infiltrating The Moody Church with Muslims as Lutzer explains his baptizing of “converts” who do not want their name known as being Christian, and they are overthrowing Moody Bible Institute with Jesuits to become Catholic. They believe that would wipe out Dwight Moody’s gospel work. They aren’t very honest! There are far more Christians and Hebrews in Chicago than there are Jesuits, so they have no authority to do this, because God recognizes the Christians authority. They already deeply damaged Moody’s hometown schools in Northfield-Mount Hermon as our reports shows of Muslims Student Association, and Interfaith Council and chaplain, and United Nations student programs with Qatar and Jesuit Georgetown University and Catholic Thomas Aquinas College and Thomas Aquinas-based C. S. Lewis Institute sharing their property now along with so many similar problems.


Notice the upside-down cross on the Pope’s chair as we show in our banner for this article. It’s made to be a sword – meaning “In Hoc Signo Vinces” or “In This Sign Conquer” from Constantine in the 300s AD and the Crusades and Holy Wars. That exact phrase is still written on the Knights Templar logo and the “IHS" on the Jesuit logo up there shows they are conquering “In Hoc Signo”. The Pope has turned the cross upside down to push for a “crown” by means of conquering while using reverse victimhood and martyrdom as a disguise. Lutzer accuses Jesus for that “confusion of swords”. Lutzer says somewhere in one of his books that God knows we must suffer before we can reign with Jesus and that there can be no crown without a cross. But Lutzer secretly means an upside down cross – a sword. And by “suffer”, Lutzer means reverse victimhood – Jesuits killing and then Jesuits playing the victim as they did in World War 2. We did not explain as much of this reverse victimhood as we would like to, so you will have to look it up for yourself, but Lutzer discusses both Nazis and Muslims playing reverse victimhood as a distraction from fact that the Catholics reverse victimhood also – but it sounds along the lines of “Don’t you feel sorry for us rulers having to figure out how to settle all of the troubles you peasants have”. And Lutzer and Jesuits want to feel they are “victims” of God’s standards of right and wrong that keep them in check and limit much of their catastrophic abuses.”Because he sees only individual catastrophes he no longer sees the basic, cardinal catastrophe behind them all.’” (Hitler’s Cross Page 196 – quoting Helmut Thielicke) That is an admission of guilt that it is the Jesuit General operating with the Pope to play “god” and “the devil” and sending orders through the Cardinals. But Helmut Thielicke was trying to blame God if you see the rest of the quote. You might find it helpful to see our articles on these other related topics: Erwin Lutzer Profile, Jesuit Erwin Lutzer’s Reunited “Church” to Stop the Final Reich (Part 1), and God’s Holy Mountain.


This report below is based on thorough reading of three books by Erwin Lutzer which we dog-eared and marked on as we read through and then again. There are no words to describe the hurt and tears at moments when we figured out some of what was being said by Lutzer. We already knew his Jesuit background before reading, which is why we bought the books. But it is just beyond what we are used to. And that’s saying something because we’ve talked to many “atheists” and skeptics on the streets of America and online trying to share the gospel with them. So prepare yourself, if you are a Christian. It is not fun at all to read it, let alone to notice the connotations we realized were throughout. We reduced all of the many marked quotes down to specifically the most obviously wrong ones. And when we say wrong – we mean making God the brains behind “the devil” and making the study of the devil “theology” – stuff that was fairly obvious. And then came the task of assembling them in some pattern of thought that showed Lutzer’s barely hidden messages that point to extreme chaos and overthrow of The Moody Church by Muslims along with all of the city of Chicago and all of America with this dangerous Jesuit program. They need this program to turn the world upside down and have the devil be “god” and God be “the devil”. But Lutzer has disguised his evil thoughts as political commentary, because we realized by the time we reached our final argument that Lutzer sees the Roman Catholic system as “god” and anarchy and many other political systems as “the devil”. And Lutzer wants to hide behind politics to disguise his hate speech against Christians, literally threatening that we all die under Islam in America.


We knew we needed God’s Devil because R. C. Sproul’s dangerous network is right next to us down in Orlando which we have called Retarded Theological Seminary for a long time. Even if you were a graduate of RTS and had a good experience, you would understand what we mean if you encountered what we’ve seen and heard. They work so ridiculously hard to make up lies that sound truthful in order to make a name for themselves. And Sproul is a partner with Joel Hunter who we know about quite thoroughly at a close distance. The current Moody Church “pastor” Ed Stetzer even sat in Joel Hunter’s classes there and more recently in 2008 co-taught with Joel there. And when Joel Hunter was disgraced because he chose to welcome the homosexual network to act “Christian” in his “church”, it was a former Moody Church evangelism and singles pastor who replaced him – Matt Heard. The purchase of Hitler’s Cross (which was the first book we got of Lutzer’s) was more of an interest in what Lutzer thought the direction of the church was. We had no idea he would say that God is a battleship that can’t be taken down by a peashooter. So when we wrote that report, it was overwhelming and had too many diverse topics to put in one report.


And finally, The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent is just startling to the senses. It is so perverse in its retelling of history, in its commanding the martyrdom concept over Christians, in its preaching of Islam constantly while straining to draw sly comparisons to Jesus’ followers as “extremists” to open the way for more future slander to be built on top of it in the years to come. The foreword was written by Samuel Naaman who we know to be involved in interreligious dialogue with Muslims and Hindus. But the Insider Movement of Islam was really telling, because this is exactly what Naaman’s Hindu ministries director Anil Yesudas has been involved in this reshaping of Hindu culture to create Hindu Christians, so that it made sense that Naaman and Lutzer also partner with reshaping Muslim culture to create Muslim Christians as Lutzer explains on page 123. The other half of that movement called Crislam was made popular by Rick Warren through A Common Word Between Us, which says that Muslims and Christians love “God” and love their neighbor as the starting grounds for dialogue/partnership. Joel Hunter in Orlando takes this to a new level with United Nations partnerships for New World Order (for example FEMA clergy “interfaith” chaplains in prisons) and with Council on American Islamic Relations for shariah law and with interreligious dialogue in Doha, Qatar with the headquarters of U.S. CentComm, etc.


IMPORTANT WARNINGS #1 When you first read these books of Erwin Lutzer, your first response in your brain is to think that there’s no way a “pastor” would say these kinds of things, so you think you misunderstood what he said. We have studied these three books thoroughly, this really is what he is saying which is why Lutzer had to leave The Moody Church because he was getting caught for all of this. Obviously, when you see our article title, it could seem “easier” to some of you to assume that we are taking Lutzer’s words out of context. But if you care about your neighbors and friends and family, and if you are learning to care for all the people of the world (rather than American selfish comforts) – read his books for yourself and do the research to see for yourself. The three books are – Hitler’s Cross: How the Cross Was Used to Promote The Nazi Agenda, God’s Devil: The Incredible Story of How Satan’s Rebellion Serves God’s Purposes, and The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent: An Informed Response to Islam’s War With Christianity.

IMPORTANT WARNINGS #2 When you see what we are showing about Erwin Lutzer, warn all of your friends who have heard about him. Or share this report with them. We all want him to be rejected and ostracized from the church, so he quits selling books and evil lies and giving speeches to recruit more false “pastors”. To any unbelievers who may read this: Do not dare do any harm to Erwin Lutzer or any other Jesuits or Nazis based on what we are exposing here. We are speaking to followers of Alex Jones and his militia, Jesuits, Anti-fascism (Antifa), Pre-crime investigators, False flag actors/activists, Psychologists, Communists, White Supremacy, CIA, DHS, FEMA, military police, Black Robed Regiment, etc. We believe that God will judge these Jesuits in the spiritual discussions in God’s court in Heaven and then expose the facts on earth to help silence their evil and catch whatever crimes have already been committed – which are many. And we believe that as righteous judges find a voice in America (not through the Jesuit-controlled legal system but mostly through preaching the Word of God and Truth/Jesus), God will reshape American government which is ruled by the people through a Constitution (it is not ruled by the usurper Nazi Corporate “neo-conservative” criminal oligarchy) to bring justice based on real evidence of crimes committed. Then justice will not be based on personal opinion or based on past criminal deeds done by the same organization or based on membership or statements alone as if to know thoughts and judge by “pre-crime” investigations. You can see this principle another way - this is the real reason why the devil has not yet been judged in the Lake of Fire yet – because people have not finished the indictments against the devil and the case is not clearly settled on all categories that must be brought about him before the Great White Throne judgment of God. But Lutzer already knows this, so it is just excuses for evil when he says God should have already judged the devil. God gave the authority over earth to man – that is where we need to work together to find what is right and judge what is evil – all of it, or it keeps coming back. God doesn’t want that and you and I don’t want that. Or do you? You need to repent of sin and give your life to Jesus and learn to fear God’s judgment before you will be able to understand spiritual discussions like this. To believers who may read this: As always, the elite rulers would love to just do a carefully controlled military tribunal and pardon or give immunity to many of the minds behind this evil program. Let us study well, so that we know how to investigate well and prove who are the criminals rather than hope it will all turn out justly as all of America’s legal system from Supreme Court on down is currently controlled by Jesuits. Lutzer knows this quite well, which is why he encourages his readers to join it. Lutzer also knows that history and education are “written by the victor” which is in Rome and writes through her Jesuits, so he encourages his readers to join that also.

IMPORTANT WARNINGS #3 Many conclusions Lutzer makes are evil. We have tried our best to refute the evil lies along the way. And we start with powerful Scriptures to guard your heart before you start into reading this demonic propaganda. You have been warned; this information and conversation is very evil and involves some of the deepest works and plans of satan against God. It contains fierce and disturbing accusations against God, Israel, and honest followers of Jesus Christ. These are messages you would only expect from well-known atheists like Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens. But in truth, these men were quoting the rhetoric and philosophy of the Jesuits who hold the deepest secrets and mystery religions and rewritten history to dominate the world under a revived Roman Empire.


Let your love for God be without hypocrisy if you join in exposing Erwin Lutzer’s lies.

“Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.” (Romans 12:9) Until Christians give full attention to godly community-building and resisting the devil’s interests in our life, we are not able to catch the visible signs of hypocrisy in others. And when we reach that point of dealing with sins in our own life to then see hypocrisy in others, we have to work to turn our heart away from even the deception and traps of this world so that we see clearly to help our brother remove a speck from his eye. And when we see this clearly, we can see who is a brother and who is not based on the fruit of their life and be able to insist on repentance or else know that they must be turned out of the church as an unbeliever who refuses to obey Christ (Matthew 18:17). And then there are problems we need to see that are way beyond this to where a false teacher has spent his entire life in “Christian” pulpits promoting the devil’s work while convincing everyone that he is the wisest of “Christians”. No doubt many have caught Erwin Lutzer’s hypocrisy and sin, but we wish more Christians at Moody Church had written clear rebukes of his doctrines from demons by now. No doubt there are believers who caught many of these things which is why Lutzer had to leave, to step up to his higher assignment in the Jesuit program to overthrow America and the international gospel work being done through our country. This one is going to hurt as it gets pulled out of the church, because it was allowed to establish more roots than many. And we pray that our brothers and sisters who know the voice of Jesus will hear well and go point-by-point to rip out the weeds in your own thoughts, so that we are all producing good fruit and clearing Christ’s name of such horrible blasphemy. Bad fruit is not hard to recognize, but Christians are far too reluctant to point out a bad tree and warn people to stay away.


Stopping the Jesuits’ false American “Tribulation”.

So this is how God will hopefully allow us to stop the false Tribulation they have planned for America under Muslim and Jesuit mafia , promoting their magic tricks and eugenics. If you write indictments against Nazis you can find who are master-minding this operation and leading Christians to fall for World War 3. If you expose the extremists who always turn honest people against one another as the elite powers keep secretly gaining control over the world’s resources and economics. When you expose the military operations and partnerships being done in secret to create psychological operations that then turn into a World War 3. When you connect genuinely kind people with their neighbors toward friendly community in spite of vast disagreements and differences of lifestyle choices, for the sake of reaching them for the gospel, and for the sake of rebuilding networks who can watch for terrorists who are trying to incite war on American soil, or trying to incite global war. When you expose the eugenics and slow-death programs of the elites and United Nations being forced on the people – where the Nazi “human hygiene” and “population reduction” programs are already all in place in the Nazi-run medical systems. The murder medical hospitals which are ever-increasing in size, money, and power. You expose their work of creating world-wide famine through destroying crops with chemtrails and extreme weather modification, and through genetic modification of foods to make them harmful or even deadly, and they are dismantling of the farm communities, under agri-business power-house mega-corporations so they can determine whether food will be produced and whether it will be sent to a particular region during war-time. We should all stop these Jesuit evil deeds, and stop them from pretending we are in the Tribulation.


We should all expose the Federal Emergency Management Agency training pastors through the Billy Graham Cove Retreat center to use the Quran, Talmud, and Bible (which Lutzer does) to calm the masses in times of crisis, so the people will be compliant with government orders. Lutzer is one of those FEMA clergy preparing all Christians to die as martyrs under a Muslim take-over of America. We should all expose the Freemason and Jesuit and Catholic take-over of nearly every Christian leadership position nation-wide or even world-wide in their attempt to destroy the Christian opposition to the Anti-Christ program being built under Vatican networks world-wide. There are no doubt many more similar tasks that must be done as well before this false Tribulation is shut down. And God has many who are doing these tasks even many who have not yet believed in Christ, but their conscience and heart are not content with the evils they are being asked to participate in. But only a Christian community expressing the love of Christ and the gospel and clearly pointing to each work of the devil and lies of the devil. Faithful Christians are able to stop the hateful threats of secret Jesuits causing confusion in our country.


Being faithful requires diligent spiritual growth by faith. We recommend that you prepare yourself before continuing by reading these Scriptures.

It takes one piece at a time being faithful with what God has given us. Ephesians 5:11-17; 1 John 2:12-20; James 1:12-18; John 16:5-14; 1 Peter 4:1-3a; Jude 1:10-25; Acts 2:43-47; 2 Peter 1:1-12; Ephesians 6:10-20; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6; Revelation 3:15-20; Hebrews 13:1-3; 1 John 1:1-4.

If you are going to read Lutzer’s books that cleverly promote Jesuits and anti-Israel propaganda, we sincerely suggest that you spend time in prayer and Bible study and make sure your heart is close to be able to hear God’s voice as you try to determine right from wrong while reading his books.


Important religious history and use of language

Jesuits: The Jesuits have accumulated the most sinister of anti-God accusations and myths all throughout history into this Vatican religious order, the “Society of Jesus”. These myths were collected largely from Pergamum, Turkey which for centuries was the seat of Satan’s mystery religions that had been built up since the tower of Babel (even Jesus called it Satan’s throne in his letter addressed to them) and from Alexandria, Egypt which was a Greek center of philosophy and an early think-tank of “Jewish”, Eastern, and “Christian” mystics. But when the Jesuit order began they went world-wide and recorded and preserved every single false religion they could locate and incorporated it in their database to control. Their strategy as the highest satanic order in the world is to find a way to accuse God and God’s people for literally every evil in existence on planet earth. And secondly, to create the disguises for the worst evil-doers in the world to make it seem like they have clean motives and honest facts and programs; it is motive-laundering. Jesuits are known to always be the experts to absolve any king or royalty from the worst crimes every committed. This is the real mafia power of the world, which is why the Jesuits have literally been condemned and banished from more than fifty countries and major cities since their founding in 1534. They are the paramilitary wing of the Catholic “Church” to bring the whole world into submission under the Pope and anti-christ world government.


Nazism/Fascism: Nazism/Fascism particularly sums up so many of these Jesuit agendas. It is the reverse of morality but it is designed to act like collective human morality all supposedly following their best understanding of “God” while really being a “bad guy” totalitarian dictatorship that seems to represent God for everyone to hate on. That repulsion to the Fascist extreme legalism/over-regulation of every micro-detail about life creates an automatic rebellion against the evils/hypocrisy of the false “God” or “church” that is thought to be the basis for the oppressive over-regulation (such as the Roman Catholic or Baptist “church) as an excuse for why turning against “God” is a “moral necessity”. In other words, they want you to think God is cruel and impossible to please so you will rebel in every way possible – they know this especially works on young people. So this system is used to indicate for future world government as to why there must be a system that is not built on the harsh and contradicting fundamental rules of Catholicism, Judaism (the modern Kabbalist reinvention not the Old Testament Judaism), or Islam. Furthermore, Fascism is an imaginary political extremism created to highlight an equally imaginary opposite that supposedly represents the devil’s program – Communism. No doubt someone will pick apart this description, but for Christians, this is really important to understand and it is not inaccurate to reality of how it is implemented.


Communism/Atheism: Communism is supposed to be an extreme form of atheism though God points out accurately that there is not a single person on earth who does not know about Him through His built in attributes in nature and in our conscience. But they actually pretend there is such a thing as “not knowing whether God exists”. The purpose of this belief is to form a collective inhuman non-morality and trying to control humans without any moral guidance at all supposedly following their best understanding of “lack of God” while really being a “bad guy” totalitarian dictatorship that seems to represent the devil for everyone to hate on. That repulsion to the Communist extreme sabotage/uncaring nature of every micro-detail agitated by sneaky spying, deception, and hostile networking creates an automatic rebellion against the evils/hypocrisy of the “not God” system trying to act like there is a “god” in the form of the devil. This is then used as an excuse to why there must be a form of morality that is a collective belief in doing good for your neighbor with incentives to do so. This description is not grounded in our experience since we have not grown up around Communism, but we know the spiritual basis behind the idea and see how it gets used.


Argument #1: Erwin Lutzer is a Jesuit. Jesuits were the Nazis.

Erwin Lutzer is a Jesuit as evidenced by his admission to completing a doctorate in philosophy with the Jesuits at Loyola which dissertation was completed in these three books Hitler’s Cross, God’s Devil, and The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent. This is why Erwin Lutzer was presented an honorary doctor of law degree from Jesuit-led Simon Greenleaf School of Law. Simon Greenleaf School of Law which was previously attached to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School led by Kabbalist Freemason Jesuit Charles Feinberg’s two sons John and Paul.


Jesuits are Nazis as the engineers of the World War 2 Nazi crisis, the Nazi propagandists, the Nazi training program, the “anti-Nazi” cover-up agents and espionage networks, the Nazi and Ustashi murderers, the Jesuit heads of states for redistricting, the Jesuit and Nazi designers of the concordats and treaty which produced the United Nations and Nazi “rehabilitation” programs, etc. Most Americans never realized that all of those programs were Jesuits. Hitler’s Vice-chancellor later who later became the Pope’s secret chamberlain and Berlin’s Catholic nuncio Monsignor Pacelli – these two arranged the ReichskonkordatPacelli shortly became Pope Pius XII. The Vatican’s Monsignor Tiso provided Aushwitz’s first gas chambers and crematoria furnaces. Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the SS, Gestapo, and German police forces was nephew of the Jesuit Canon in the Court of Bavaria. The younger Himmler had the Jesuit General Count Halke von Ledochowski’s assisting in designing the Nazi SS and his uncle Jesuit Father Himmler served as one of its superior officers. Furthermore, most of the top posts of the Nazi SS Central Security Service were Catholic Jesuit priests in SS uniform which is why Cardinal Ratzinger and many other Catholic leaders were members/officers. Ratzinger, you may recall, is the disgraced Pope Benedict XVI who was involved in covering up child-abuse scandals and also his history was found out partially. But he was replaced by Jesuit Pope Francis from the network of Argentinian Jesuits that also produced Billy Graham’s 50-year friend and partner Luis Palau who is a friend and partner of Erwin Lutzer on board of directors with Erwin and other similar cooperation. This Argentinian network also hid Adolf Eichmann who designed the “Final Solution” to kill and scatter as many Hebrews out of Europe as possible. It was the Zentrum Catholic party that largely put Hitler into office in the first place. Cardinal Suhard archbishop of France was personally thanked by Pope Piux XII for his role during the occupation. Jesuit Father Michael Coughlin provided the American Nazi propaganda on the radio in New York.


Mein Kampf was written by Jesuit Father Staempfle and given to Rudolf Hess and Adolf Hitler in jail. The Pope’s Secretary of State advised Jesuit Archbishop Stepinac of Croatia and Slovenia in 1942 “to establish more cordial and sincere relations with the ‘Oustachi’ authorities” and the Pope’s personal Jesuit friend R. P. Marcone represented in Zagreb and photographed himself with Ante Pavelitch who delivered to Italy the mass of valuables stolen from the more than 500,000 massacred and 300,000 deported Serbians and Jews removed to create the Catholic state of Croatia. Cardinal Innitzer, Archbishop in Austria signed “Und Heil Hitler” with his own hand and urged the Catholic Youth to prepare to merge with Germany and the Chancellor of Austria was Jesuit Monsignor Seipel. Hitler’s partner in crime Benito Mussolini of Italy signed the Lateran Treaty with the Vatican to create its own sovereign City-State no longer under Italian government. Father Tacchi Venturi was Secretary of the Jesuits as well as Mussolini’s confessor. Otto von Bismark, the Chancellor of Germany during the First World War was the first Protestant ever honored with the “Order of Christ” from the Catholic “Church”, and the Pope himself recommended to the Zentrum Catholic party to support Bismark’s military endeaveors. The Jesuit order has been expelled more than fifty-six times from major countries and a few smaller ones since their founding in Spain in 1534. (Information largely referenced from The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris written around 1960 in French and translated in 1975 by Jack Chick Publications.

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Argument #2: Jesuits are ultra-Montanists - “universalists” – “post-millennialists” – “kingdom-dominionists”. Jesuits rule Christendom – the Roman Catholic networks as a counterfeit “kingdom of God”. Nazis also pretended to build a counterfeit “kingdom of God”. Lutzer quotes someone saying that Islam is “really a political ideology that uses religion to protect and support it.” (Shadow Crescent Page 140) By this, Lutzer admits that he knows the Vatican is a political ideology that uses religion to protect and support it.

(God’s Devil Page 155); (God’s Devil Page 23); (God’s Devil Page 215); (Shadow Crescent Page 90); (Hitler’s Cross Page 218); (Hitler’s Cross Page 77); (Hitler’s Cross page 169)

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Argument #3: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer says the devil’s counterfeit “kingdom of God” plans are really God’s plans. Lutzer says God does not care about the gospel saving people from sins. Therefore, Lutzer attempts to make “God” responsible for the Nazi program. Lutzer wants to believe that if “God” is evil, everything is permissible. Lutzer’s “God” is the devil.

(God’s Devil Page 36); (God’s Devil Page 124); (God’s Devil Page 42); (Hitler’s Cross Page 196); (God’s Devil Pages 156-158); (God’s Devil Page 127); (God’s Devil Page 126); (God’s Devil Page 128); (God’s Devil Page 44-45); (God’s Devil Page 213); (Shadow Crescent Page 129); (Hitler’s Cross Page 44); (God’s Devil Page 51); (Hitler’s Cross Page 66); (God’s Devil Page 65); (God’s Devil Page 66); (God’s Devil Page 63); (God’s Devil Page 56); (God’s Devil Page 35); (God’s Devil Page 53); (Hitler’s Cross Page 69)

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Argument #4: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer calls to prepare the American “Protestant Church” to die in “martyrdom” under Islam. Lutzer avoids preaching the gospel at many important points. Lutzer instead defends the Pope and Roman Catholic counterfeit “kingdom of God” as the Jesuit oath says. Lutzer quotes other people to say that the non-Catholics are like the “useless servant who is thrown into the darkness” by Jesus and that they are the “false church of Antichrist”.

(Shadow Crescent Page 164); (God’s Devil Page 62); (God’s Devil Page 85-86); (God’s Devil Page 161-162); (Shadow Crescent Page 25-26); (Shadow Crescent Page 45); (Shadow Crescent Page 110); (Shadow Crescent Page 111); (Shadow Crescent page 115); (Shadow Crescent Page 15-16)

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Important religious history and use of language

Anti-Semitism: Anti-Semitism is said to be secret or even open media-propaganda level of hostility against Jews/Israel. This is a Freemason and Jesuit trick wording. Anti-Shemitism refers back to Shem, Ham, and Japheth whose families scattered across the world after their languages were all mixed up at the Tower of Babel which was the first attempt at world-government which quickly was ruled by cruel oppressors. After they scattered, Europe was almost entirely dwelled by descendants of Shem until some of the later empires and other factors caused some slow migration of other peoples. Anti-Shemitism is not anti-Israel as it sounds, since Israel was only one branch of the descendants of Eber (Hebrews). Israel was the name given to Jacob when God chose to carry on the lineage of his family to become a great nation for righteousness and truth and justice and prophecy in the earth from God Himself. Israel was the eleventh generation after Shem. Fun fact that is also helpful for understanding this: did you know that the genealogies in Genesis 11:10-26 and Abraham’s and Isaac’s years until Jacob was born can be added together to exactly 452 years. We have such exact history because Israelis have preserved it for us. So you can see how many generations and how much time passed before Israel was one branch of this family and it is extremely deceptive to suggest that this family Israel who lived in the Middle East until well after the Babylonian Empire (around 700 A.D. they went into captivity in Assyria and Babylon in the Middle East still) could now somehow represent all of Europe’s descendants of Shem. So Antisemitism is actually equivalent to saying anti-European with a sadistic bent on figuring out how it could be possible to blame Israel – God’s chosen people – for quite literally all of the world’s evils through European Colonialism over the whole world, slavery against many in Africa, Asia, and South and Central America and Crusades and wars for empire-building, etc. You get the point. These were the works of the Holy Roman Empire and its kings, and it is wrong to blame Israelis or Christians for these crimes since this empire oppressed or dominated over both groups for most of those centuries right up to the present (though secretly now under the Vatican II). Even Islam created among the Arabs (who are rebellious brothers of Israel through Esau and Ishmael – brothers of Jacob and Isaac) was designed by the Vatican for Vatican opposition to Israel. And they get rolled in under the term Anti-Shemitism also because they are descendants of Shem also, and then they intermarried with rebellious families from Ham who built and ruled Babel.


What is not the real problem?

The world hates being dominated by foreigners and “Europeans”/ “Shemites” seem to occupy much of the most recent methods of perpetuating it. The term Anti-Semitism sounds simple enough because it has been used long enough, loud enough, and often enough that the people believe it. But it is a Nazi lie; and that lesson was difficult to figure out and is going to be painful to unwork. But even the Nazi part of that is a lie, since Germans are one of the larger families in Europe that are not from Shem, but from Ham apparently. Don’t start hating on Hamites now; that won’t help answer the real source of these lies.  Germans were the most non-Catholic and pro-Israel favorable territory in Europe sometimes, so that is why they were chosen as the seat of the Holy Roman Empire to dominate that region. So it is unfair to blame them for the very recent attack against Jews as a stand-alone problem. I guess we should add Italians into the discussion too since Rome is in Italy and we could be accused of being anti-Italian. We will just say that, again, Italy was the center of Roman Empire and therefore attracted powerful bullies from around the world and Italians were only one part of that though they now pretend that every Pope is always Italian as if that were the problem. So now they put in an Argentinian/Spanish Jesuit Pope Francis and Pope Benedict is apparently German (served as an SS officer). It is not an Italian problem either. It’s not an Arab or Muslim problem either; they can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus as many are. It is possible that some are even Israeli. And even many Muslims themselves are not hostile to Israel and are really just frustrated with the oppression of their own system and don’t want to be targeted by America for “nation rebuilding” – as if Americans have the solutions. While secretly America is just establishing “democracy” oligarchies across the world that can be controlled by the United Nations and International Monetary (Murder) Fund controlling/ directing all resources including “human resources” subtly. It is not even a “white” supremacy problem, since even “whiteness” is a lie since it is melanin levels partly based on genetics and mostly based on location to the equator. Furthermore, living in the “North” does not make you an oppressor or treat those in the “South” or who are “Black” or darker toned as an “other”. These are all distractions from the real problem (other than the oligarchies subject). We really hope you all can see this clearly now or sometime quickly in the near future. Even Erwin Lutzer and American Jesuits are not the majority of the real problem though they are definitely participants in it.


The real problem: The real problem is the accumulation of satanic myths that have been used throughout history to conquer and dominate over the peoples of the world – having been accumulated in one place – in the vault of the Vatican in Rome. They hold the “key to every family and every heart” as Lutzer says of “god” but really meaning the Vatican. That is the real problem; the ability to use world history against the victims again and again which Lutzer says is because demons accumulate family history by focusing one demon per family. But that is only one-quarter of the problem combined with the historic records of how to repeat these evils is only half of the problem. The other half of the problem is the ability for criminals to use governments and spiritual “moral” justifications to act as bullies over humans – which many refer to as the marriage of Church and State or “theocracy” which should actually be called “Pope-crazy”. They control the information and every time truth comes out it disappears shortly thereafter, because they run the show. And they distract with lies and oppressive economics and abusive social problems against the actual heartful God-fearing caring people who would normally be allowed to keep them under watchful eye and use words of Truth to correct evil where we see it. They are the gang-stalking network. They do not have honest leadership and any oversight committee would be looking too closely and would not see what the real problem is.


The solution: Even non-believers assist the process of truth because they hate being dominated always by evil. But when the leaders of Truth by Jesus’ ordination are confused or blocked out from knowing what the problems are or from being allowed to assist, then problems accumulate. Christians have been distracted and sent into new denominations or parachurch efforts or overseas in tightly-controlled mission organizations every single time God raises one up – which is still partly good since the gospel is getting out but it is so seriously muddied that it is difficult to make progress. All of this effort is really so that Christians don’t look at the larger picture of the strategies being employed by the devil. This is what failed in the country of Germany. The Jesuits collapsed the program in on everyone before Christians reached a level of information about what was happening. The information available was difficult to decipher and perhaps there were not Christians who were diligent and pure enough in their lifestyle to understand quickly enough. That takes a community, so they had to intentionally keep us divided and confused and distracted on all of the wrong problems so there could be no collective community of Israelis and true followers of Christ building community together toward what is right. The devil fears that level of knowledge which is why he used the Roman Empire/ Vatican to suppress knowledge for so many centuries until the Bible was printed in a language other than Latin and in words understandable and learned by the poor citizens without oversight by priests who wanted it only to be interpreted how they allowed. And he especially fears that level of knowledge combined with respected community setting a right example as the nation of Israel has been at times throughout history. The Muslim repeat of the Nazi conundrum can only operate because Nazi Jesuits control the information. Abuse thrives only with the ignorance of its victims who do not know how to get help from others who should help. And so as we figure out the Nazi Jesuit program, the solution is actually pretty simple to start – denounce all Jesuit Nazi propaganda as loudly as possible and kick out the Jesuits. The next phases are more hidden.


Now to the subject of Jesuits: Most of the blame goes on the designers of that program – the inheritors of the Holy Office of the Inquisition – the Society of Jesuits in Paris, France founded in Spain spread throughout South America and partnered through Italy with every government world-wide even if only silently. The World War 2 program was planned well in advance since before World War 1 was enacted, and was arranged to scare Israelis and Christians throughout the world and threaten anyone who would help them. But actually both sides were funded by Rothschilds as elite royalty family working for the Vatican and of course again claiming to be “Jews”. Even after World War 2, the Hegelian Dialectic continued attempting to bring the world into a two-party system toward eventually maybe a one-world party system. The ongoing “Cold War” between “Dictatorships” and “Democracy” and between “Atheism” and “Judeo-Christianity” is actually just the enactment of a 1960s agreement that America and Russia would act as opposing military powers to then require demilitarization of all other countries and force them under one-world central banking/economics. The only network powerful enough to pull this off is Rome; and if you search World War 2 history you will discover giant strategies of the Vatican to become a city-state-power (Lateran Treaty) and to recapture Russia and all of Europe in one sweep. Rome even partnered with Hitler directly in the Reichskonkordat and by having Pope John XXIII’s future secret chamberlain Right Reverend Franz Von Papen become Hitler’s Vice-Chancellor – besides dozens of other similar partnerships. German Nazism acted as a “victim” of a pre-planned economic oppression by the Rothschilds (Sabbataean Vatican agents) who led European central banking and helped cause the world-wide economic depression in 1929 that made Hitler’s recovery strategy a heroic national sensation. Rothschilds banking also funded both Allied and Axis war machines in World War 2 if you research that history. Their Rockefeller partners in America (including George W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott) captured massive wealth in the process also through many disturbing avenues and then America absorbed and adopted the Nazi strategy at an extraordinarily slow implementation scale so as to not be noticed. But this plan was already in the works since 1913 in American and through the eugenics and Nazi culture among the elites in America, but then America actually brought many Nazis over after their reputations were “cleared”. And thus they carefully scraped the sectors of information and ideologies into neat piles that could be controlled by world empires each hiding the secret facts from the other that would unlock the prison box of controlled thoughts.


Jesuits, not Jews, control Russia: The Vatican prophesied ahead of time in 1942 that they would regain control over Russia in World War 2 a fact which Pope Pius XII verified in 1951. They used the Fatima prophecy (spread around the world as Notre Dame through the Holy Cross Order) that the Russian Orthodox “Christianity” would join the European battle and sabotage their own country into cruel dictatorships. Jesuits played the devil and “god” side of the equation tactfully using Communism versus Nazism and blaming communism somehow on Israel since supposedly Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were “Jews”. And Hitler blamed his need to rescue Germany on Jews through a dozen different accusations. Russia’s monarchy was closely inter-related with other royalty in Britain and Germany. So it was easy to get them to play the games that all royalty does. All sides are controlled by the Vatican though they would like to pretend to only control the “democracy” side and blame “communism” on the Bolshevik “Jews”. It was Jesuits claiming to be Jews who overthrew Russian power to create the Communist world dominator opposite America’s Nazi “democracy” international programs to eventually force the entire world into a “Two-State Solution” and then a “One World Government” under and Antichrist against Israel.


Jesuits are against Israel: Anti-“Semitism” of the Nazis pretended to stand opposite from “Zionism” as the two supposed imperialistic powers of the world attempting to make Jews out to be conniving master-minds of totalitarian “democracy” used as oligarchy. They did this to re-label the longing of all Israelis to return again to their homeland starting in the mid-1800s into a supposedly dark plot to conquer the world through demographics and economics and religious domination. The reason for this is that they understand that the reconnection in Israel means that God’s righteousness is going to set up a kingdom on earth, which they can’t stand the thought of and refuse to be ruled by Jesus. Therefore they are laying the thought-processes that they think could lead people back out of Christ’s kingdom after He establishes it in Jerusalem. But the lawless men who support rebellion and sin and evil against God also want to rule the earth, so the devil will still set up his false kingdom even before God will be able to establish His Kingdom. That will be this Jesuit Catholic revived Roman Empire as prophesied by God’s prophet Daniel.


Argument #5: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer reinvents the Holocaust as God’s judgment against Israel. Lutzer says the reason God could kill an innocent Jesus on behalf of guilty sinners is because Jesus was not innocent. Lutzer says the reason “God” is so dangerous is because he hides behind satan as a person would catch a mouse by hiding and use a mouse trap. Lutzer calls Israel the land of “Hades”. Lutzer makes God responsible for the Tribulation as yet another “final holocaust”. Hitler believed “Providence” agreed with his evils against Jews. Lutzer agrees that “Providence” was God an entire 41 times in sixteen pages. Lutzer makes God a Nazi. Lutzer protests liberal theologians saying “the God of the Old Testament was a cruel God whereas the God of the New is loving and kind and would never send anyone to Hell” by saying “Just look at the Holocaust!” Lutzer makes abortion in America into a Holocaust that should be “stopped” by “Christians”. There is an important reason a Jesuit would do this – prominent Jesuit Catholics are pretending to lead the “pro-life” political movement in attempt to sound pro-life like us to cover their ridiculously long track record of mass-murder, Inquisitions, and Crusades. It is one of the last few tricks they hope could drag us back to Rome. Lucifer sold his soul to be “god” on earth.

(Hitler’s Cross Page 124); (Hitler’s Cross Page 125); (God’s Devil Page 109); (Hitler’s Cross Pages 48 and 68; See all of 48-71); (Shadow Crescent Page 92); (God’s Devil Page 118); (God’s Devil Page 190); (God’s Devil Page 181); (God’s Devil Page 51-52); (Shadow Crescent Page 76-77); (Shadow Crescent Page 86); (Shadow Crescent Page 88); (Shadow Crescent Page 92-93); (Shadow Crescent Page 91); (Shadow Crescent Page 89); (Shadow Crescent Page 90); (Shadow Crescent Page 143-144); (God’s Devil Page 24); (Hitler’s Cross Page 120)

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Argument #6: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer tries to assist the improving/ repainting of Martin Luther’s and Lutheran church’s reputations explaining away part of their anti-Israel hate speech and Freemason clergy pledge to Hitler. Lutzer knows that the Lutheran Freemasons follow Jesuit orders. Lutzer says non-Catholics are vulnerable to Islam. Lutzer blames all non-Catholics for this weakness as if we are all descendant from Martin Luther’s Reformation. Lutzer tries to make non-Catholics the illegitimate side of the “church”. Lutzer tries to make non-Catholics more guilty for the Holocaust than even the Nazis, SS, Gestapo. If by “church” he meant Jesuits, it would have been correct, but Lutzer shows beyond escape and beyond repair that he chooses to do anything necessary to cover for Jesuits.

(Hitler’s Cross Page 63-65); (Hitler’s Cross Page 155-157); (Hitler’s Cross Page 106); (Shadow Crescent Page 103); (Shadow Crescent Page 71); (Hitler’s Cross Page 109); (Hitler’s Cross Page 136); (Shadow Crescent Page 17); (Shadow Crescent Page 36); (Shadow Crescent Page 142); (Hitler’s Cross Page 243)

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Argument #7: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer tries to repaint the reputation of the Knights Templar, Pope, and Catholic Crusaders in “Holy Wars” attacks on the “Holy Land” Jerusalem and Israel calling it “Christian lands”. Lutzer says Heinrich Himmler followed the Teutonic Knights’ strategies and communicated with a dead German King for the founding of the SS, Gestapo, and German police when actually it was Jesuit exercises and partnership with the Jesuit General Ledochowski which Lutzer hides. Lutzer tries to blame Jesus and Peter – as if he were the first Pope – for the confusion behind the use of the sword to defend the counterfeit “kingdom of God”. Notice the upside-down cross on the Pope’s chair as we show in our banner for this article. It’s made to be a sword – meaning “In Hoc Signo Vinces” or “In This Sign Conquer”. That exact phrase is still written on the Knights Templar logo and the “IHS" on the Jesuit logo up there shows they are conquering “In Hoc Signo”. The Pope has turned the cross upside down to push for a “crown” by means of conquering. Lutzer accuses Jesus for that “confusion of swords”. Lutzer says somewhere in one of his books that God knows we must suffer before we can reign with Jesus and that there can be no crown without a cross. But Lutzer secretly means an unpside down cross – a sword. And by “suffer”, Lutzer means reverse victimhood – Jesuits killing and then Jesuits playing the victim as they did in World War 2.Lutzer tries to make Jesus guilty for the Crusades and thereby for World War 2 and for Islam. Lutzer calls the Quran “the word, or sword, of Islam” pointing to the “sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God”. Lutzer calls God the “cardinal catastrophe behind them all” to blame all of the Pope’s Crusades and Inquisitions on Jesus. Lutzer tries to make the Quran equal to the Bible.

(Shadow Crescent Page 101-103); (Shadow Cross Page 192); (all Quotes from Shadow Crescent Page 101-103); (Hitler’s Cross Page 114); (Information from Page 68 of The Secret History of the Jesuits); (Hitler’s Cross Page 196 – quoting Helmut Thielicke)

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Argument #8: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer makes multiple “millions of years” and “8,000 years” and “ages past” type of references to support evolution-theory. This supports the Nazi Aryan blood-race theories. Lutzer blames God for creating the lie that man can be “god” – the super-race lie of Freemason Kabbalah and Nazi Aryans. Lutzer quotes a Jewish man Heinrich Heine’s prophecy about Thor crushing the “Church” cathedrals as if Hitler was the fulfillment of their “true prophecy” which was actually given to this man by the plans of the Jesuits knowing what they wanted to do with Germany one hundred years after this prophecy was given – remember the Holy Roman Empire had been there since Christmas Day in the year 800 A.D. so obviously they were eager to reestablish there. Lutzer says “Christians” in Asia Minor and Europe could not stop Islam from conquering them. Lutzer says the Austrians dealt Muslims their first defeat. Lutzer makes the Aryan Nazi “god” sound greater than God. Lutzer says the cross is a symbol of death “and could never be confused with a swastika, which was a symbol of man’s quest for life.” (Hitler’s Cross Page 232) At the start of his chapter on “Anti-Semitism”, Lutzer quotes Adolf Hitler saying the Jews had become like “gods” and therefore he felt no responsibility if he used the worst of nature’s evolution and “survival of the fittest” savage rules to defeat them. This is how Lutzer starts a discussion about anti-“Semitism”?

(God’s Devil Page 236); (God’s Devil Page 31); (God’s Devil Page 45); (God’s Devil Page 64); (God’s Devil Page 196); (Hitler’s Cross Page 113); (Shadow Crescent Page 91); (God’s Devil Page 97); Hebrews 4:1-10; Revelation 20:4; Luke 22:27-30; (God’s Devil Page 214); (God’s Devil Page 57); (God’s Devil Page 58); (God’s Devil Page 78); (God’s Devil Page 56); (God’s Devil Page 59-60); (God’s Devil Page 31); (God’s Devil Page 189); (God’s Devil Page 34); (God’s Devil Page 53); (God’s Devil Page 75) ; (God’s Devil Page 80) ; (God’s Devil Page 80) ;  (God’s Devil Page 213); (Hitler’s Cross page 73)“; (Hitler’s Cross Page 73-74); (Hitler’s Cross Page 81); (Hitler’s Cross Page 82); (Shadow Crescent Page 146); (Hitler’s Page 232); (Hitler’s Cross Page 19); (Hitler’s Cross Page 97); (Hitler’s Cross Page 97); (Hitler’s Cross Page 63); (Hitler’s Cross Page 88)

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Argument #9: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer is blaming “globalism”, “enlightenment”, “democracy”, “atheism”, “bankers”, “messiah-complex”, “communism”, “humanists”, “reincarnation”, “Teutonic Knights”, and “occult” for Hitler’s Nazi agendas. Lutzer is trying to reverse things to make Jesuit Nazis the victim and “Jews” the cause of World War 2. The reason we know that Lutzer as a Jesuit is saying this is based on Vatican propaganda during and after the world wars and during the Cold War conflicts saying these exact things. Catholics and Jesuits are known historically for hating the freedom of enlightenment and democracy (knowledge as power to escape the oppression of the Catholic hierarchies and monarchies) and calling it the system of the devil and atheism and far worse things. Additionally, we have heard and recognize a few of the trademarks of the lie that a Jewish cabal rules the world through the Rothschilds which is all over the internet – about stingy old Jewish bankers who make usury on everything and don’t work and have become trillionaires by this method which is a horrible lie.


It is Vatican gold and power that built the monarchies and the monarchies were forced to dissolve because they were always caught working with the Vatican, so the next wave become republics and democracies while the gold stayed in the Vatican’s hands – not drifting into Jewish hands or in some hidden Freemason bunker in America or Britain or whatever other lies they perpetuate. Notice that Britain is one of the last of the European monarchies for a reason. If they had lost their “Church”-State partnership in England, the Jesuits would have lost their attempt to reconquer all “Protestants”. This is the real reason behind some of the mega-“revivals” there also as Lutzer admits at one point. England was also the Vatican hand for colonialism and supporting Jesuit infiltration through Jesuit Anglican “missions” and through Jesuit-led Oxford which then transferred to America somewhere around the time of the International Bible Society and Wycliffe – which are all funded by Rockefellers, etc. And they all partner with the Pontifical Councils, but of course they pretend that Rome isn’t leading the show and that some rogue Jews stole the whole world’s resources in such a short span of a couple of centuries. Anyway, it takes time to unravel all of the Vatican’s “International Jew” myths written by Henry Ford for example, but you can also trace this exact belief against the Jews through Lutzer’s own words as follows.


There is a quote from a Chicago Catholic Archbishop that clearly tells us who is conquering the world through “democracy” and nation-building. In 1903, merely four years after the Chicago Jesuits killed Dwight Moody, this Chicago Jesuit boasted this way: “Within twenty years, this country is going to rule the world. Kings and Emperors will soon pass away and the democracy of the United States will take their place… When the United States rules the world, the Catholic Church will rule the world… Nothing can stand against the Church. I’d like to see the politician who would try to rule against the Church in Chicago. His reign would be short indeed.” That is what the Vatican planned to do. Americans need to see them clearly and know what their plans are.


(Hitler’s Cross Page 21); (Hitler’s Cross Page 31-32); (Hitler’s Cross Page 37); (Hitler’s Cross Page 38-39); (Hitler’s Cross Page 40); (Hitler’s Cross Page 41-42); (Hitler’s Cross Page 89-90); (Hitler’s Cross Page 91); (Hitler’s Cross Page 92); (Hitler’s Cross Page 120-121); (God’s Devil Page 214-217); (Hitler’s Cross Page 107)

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Argument #10: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer completely avoids mention of Jesuits in his books – he is bound by harsh blood-curdling curses/oaths that he chooses to submit to for remaining silent. His silence on the whole subject of Jesuits is proof of his Jesuit oath to them and that he obeys them. Lutzer lies in his book and pretends the Jesuit extreme-oath he took has no bearing on him since he pretends he belongs to Jesus. But he knows it is a lie, because he does not know Jesus at all and hates the idea of Jesus ruling in righteousness. And he is plotting to murder American Christians. And he knows his “masters” do not care about him speaking, but he also knows they don’t care about him either if he fails them; he actually says so. This is why we said what we said about no one being allowed to do harm to him, because judicially his crimes must be shown, not by secret disappearing or being “suicided” by the Jesuit masters. He actually mentions these type of evil tyrants in his book, and they appointed him for this cover-up knowing that he would be a clever deceiver and the best they have for the task because of his position at The Moody Church. They knew he would have to talk about them because they knew Lutzer would have to work that hard to pretend to be like us while being at a chief Jesuit and convincing us to just accept them murdering us. His three books are his Jesuit dissertation for his Loyola University doctoral degree, but really are for his Jesuit masters and the books show that he is an elite Jesuit apologist/lawyer. No one can serve two masters as God said very clearly – you cannot serve God and the structure of this world and especially not Freemasons, Jesuits, satanists, the Pope, the devil, demons, etc. Lutzer cannot serve the devil and God – both, and he knows this. Lutzer cannot have any covenant with God while having a covenant with the devil, and Lutzer knows he does not have a covenant with both. Lutzer makes a blur of factors to protect these real Nazis who created the Nazi scenario. Lutzer takes the Jesuit exercises training of the Nazis and makes it “It is not I who live, but the Fuhrer who lives in me.” In discussions about responding to Islam, Lutzer literally says we have to give up ourselves and become mind-slaves of God in this way – as if this were God’s design all along. Lutzer also knows that at some point the Jesuits will get caught for the Nazi conundrum, so he also says that “confusing the voice of God with the voice of the devil is not difficult”. Lutzer tries to make all sins and crimes equal because they are committed against “the character of an infinite Being”. You can hear how Lutzer tries not to believe in God for a minute there. By this, Lutzer makes the worst crimes imaginable as no worse than eating a piece of fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Lutzer shows that he knows the minds of the Jesuit Nazis and will do anything to cover for the Jesuits crimes. Lutzer quotes a man saying that revival comes by “desperation or devastation” as a justification for the recreation of the Nazi conundrum in America with Islam. Lutzer says that God only gets a “slap on the wrist” compared to all of the crimes Lutzer wants to believe that God commits. Jesuit Nazi Lutzer completely avoids Lutzer even blames God saying that God “knew the evil we would do; and He covered it all”. No! Not true. Holy God will judge every sin that ever happened – either on the soul of the individual who chose that sin, or one Jesus’ cross with Jesus’ Spirit given to us to make us like Himself. Lutzer is an evil liar that falsely accuses Holy God. Lutzer doesn’t know there is an eternal standard of right and wrong. God will judge evil people, and they will try to judge Holy God. God will allow all of those conversations in His court. Paul tells us, “That You may be justified in Your judgments and may overcome when You are judged” Romans 3:4, because God warns all sinners against choosing sin by the work of His Holy Spirit and the conscience. So if sinners choose it, God will not be to blame. God will be proven Holy, and God’s only vulnerability will be shown to be that God stretched Himself in order to save sinners, and let them learn to see sin and hate it. Praise God for his mercy on us. And God will help us escape the seemingly inescapable trap of the Jesuits.
The Extreme Oath of the Jesuits

"I, ..........., now, in the presence of Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed Michael the Archangel, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the holy Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul and all the saints and sacred hosts of heaven, and to you, my ghostly father, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in the Pontificate of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear, that his holiness the Pope is Christ's Vice-regent and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by virtue of the keys of binding and loosing, given to his Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical kings, princes, states, commonwealths and governments, all being illegal without his sacred confirmation and that they may safely be destroyed."

"Therefore, to the utmost of my power I shall and will defend this doctrine of his Holiness' right and custom against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority whatever, especially the Lutheran of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the now pretended authority and churches of England and Scotland, and branches of the same now established in Ireland and on the Continent of America and elsewhere; and all adherents in regard that they be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother Church of Rome. I do now renounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince or state named Protestants or Liberals, or obedience to any of the laws, magistrates or officers."

"I do further declare that the doctrine of the churches of England and Scotland, of the Calvinists, Huguenots and others of the name Protestants or Liberals to be damnable and they themselves damned who will not forsake the same."

"I do further declare, that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of his Holiness' agents in any place wherever I shall be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland or America, or in any other Kingdom or territory I shall come to, and do my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants or Liberals' doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, legal or otherwise."

"I do further promise and declare, that notwithstanding I am dispensed with, to assume my religion heretical, for the propaganda of the Mother Church's interest, to keep secret and private all her agents' counsels from time to time, as they may entrust me and not to divulge, directly or indirectly, by word, writing or circumstance whatever; but to execute all that shall be proposed, given in charge or discovered unto me, by you, my ghostly father, or any of this sacred covenant."

"I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ."

"That I may go to any part of the world withersoever I may be sent, to the frozen regions of the North, the burning sands of the desert of Africa, or the jungles of India, to the centers of civilization of Europe, or to the wild haunts of the barbarous savages of America, without murmuring or repining, and will be submissive in all things whatsoever communicated to me."

"I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus."

"In confirmation of which, I hereby dedicate my life, my soul and all my corporal powers, and with this dagger which I now receive, I will subscribe my name written in my own blood, in testimony thereof; and should I prove false or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the Militia of the Pope cut off my hands and my feet, and my throat from ear to ear, my belly opened and sulphur burned therein, with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth and my soul be tortured by demons in an eternal hell forever!"

"All of which, I, .........., do swear by the Blessed Trinity and blessed Sacraments, which I am now to receive, to perform and on my part to keep inviolable; and do call all the heavenly and glorious host of heaven to witness the blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, and witness the same further with my name written and with the point of this dagger dipped in my own blood and sealed in the face of this holy covenant."

(He receives the wafer from the Superior and writes his name with the point of his dagger dipped in his own blood taken from over his heart.)


"You will now rise to your feet and I will instruct you in the Catechism necessary to make yourself known to any member of the Society of Jesus belonging to this rank."

"In the first place, you, as a Brother Jesuit, will with another mutually make the ordinary sign of the cross as any ordinary Roman Catholic would; then one cross his wrists, the palms of his hands open, and the other in answer crosses his feet, one above the other; the first points with forefinger of the right hand to the center of the palm of the left, the other with the forefinger of the left hand points to the center of the palm of the right; the first then with his right hand makes a circle around his head, touching it; the other then with the forefinger of his left hand touches the left side of his body just below his heart; the first then with his right hand draws it across the throat of the other, and the latter then with a dagger down the stomach and abdomen of the first. The first then says Iustum; and the other answers Necar; the first Reges. The other answers Impious." (The meaning of which has already been explained.) "The first will then present a small piece of paper folded in a peculiar manner, four times, which the other will cut longitudinally and on opening the name Jesu will be found written upon the head and arms of a cross three times. You will then give and receive with him the following questions and answers:-"
Question:- From whither do you come?
Answer:- The Holy faith.
Q.:- Whom do you serve?
A.:- The Holy Father at Rome, the Pope, and the Roman Catholic Church Universal throughout the world.
Q.:- Who commands you?
A.:- The Successor of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Soldiers of Jesus Christ.
Q.:- Who received you?
A.:- A venerable man in white hair.
Q.:- How?
A.:- With a naked dagger, I kneeling upon the cross beneath the banners of the Pope and of our sacred order.
Q.:- Did you take an oath?
A.:- I did, to destroy heretics and their governments and rulers, and to spare neither age, sex nor condition. To be as a corpse without any opinion or will of my own, but to implicitly obey my Superiors in all things without hesitation of murmuring.
Q.:- Will you do that?
A.:- I will.
Q.:- How do you travel?
A.:- In the bark of Peter the fisherman.
Q.:- Whither do you travel?
A.:- To the four quarters of the globe.
Q.:- For what purpose?
A.:- To obey the orders of my general and Superiors and execute the will of the Pope and faithfully fulfill the conditions of my oaths.
Q.:- Go ye, then, into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Vice-regent on earth, let him be accursed and exterminated.

(Hitler’s Cross Page 87); (Hitler’s Cross Page 116); (Hitler’s Cross Pages 114-118); (Hitler’s Cross Page 114); (Hitler’s Cross Page 114-115); (Hitler’s Cross 116-117); (God’s Devil Page 39-40); (God’s Devil Page 17); (God’s Devil Page 61-62); (God’s Devil Page 76); (God’s Devil Page 77; (God’s Devil Page 117); (God’s Devil 199-200); (God’s Devil Page 140); (Shadow Crescent Page 168); (God’s Devil Page 163); (God’s Devil Page 179); (God’s Devil Page 183); (God’s Devil Page 218); (God’s Devil Page 237); (God’s Devil Page 203); (God’s Devil Page 59); (God’s Devil Page 235-236); (Shadow Crescent Page 212); (God’s Devil Page 81); (God’s Devil 116-117)

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Important religious history and use of language

Jesuit Nazis partner with Islam: Lutzer is reduplicating the Nazi conundrum this time with Islam as the main protagonist. This is why Lutzer is doing this book about Islam destroying American “Christianity” unless “Protestants” (whose leadership are largely Freemason and Jesuit) submit to Catholic 7 mountain Kingdom Dominionism. Islam was created by a turmoil of arguments and factors arranged in Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Carthage Pontificates largely with the help of Saint Augustine. Then at least two Vatican priests mentored Muhammad to design Islam using the native religions reshaped into a mono-theistic form mimicking and “replacing” Israel. They respect Mary, use prayer beads, pray to heroes (Muslim saints), have a giant idol in the center of a court that their pilgrims meet at, During World War 2, Hitler personally communicated with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who was causing riots and turmoil to keep his dominance over Jerusalem. They also personally met and made agreements (which documents and conversations Britain has records of), and Hitler helped conquer the territories necessary to assist the Mufti’s strategies toward Muslim Caliphates and control over Africa to torment them and eventually toward a Middle East Union under the United Nations. This Grand Mufti had to leave Israel and began operating from Syria keeping the hostility going and sending bands of Muslims and other peoples into Israel to control how Israel was reformed. They literally reduplicated the territories and conflicts demographics of various phases of Israeli history just to make sure Israel had as many problems as possible. We really recommend that you read Joan Peter’s book From Time Immemorial. It explains so much history.


Jesuit Nazis control Britain:

At the same time, Britain had taken control of the Ottoman Empire and its lands, including Israel during World War 1. This was pre-planned design of the Jesuits to continue controlling Israel through Britain’s minions now. Britain pretended they wanted to give all of the land to Israel, but that the Muslims had a strong case for ownership of the land which was a lie created by the Ottoman Empire and Britain hiding information. Then British Jesuits worked with sabotage agents operating as “Israeli” secret militia and intelligence operatives to commit crimes to further the drama between Britain and Israel and make Israelis seem to be terrorists who are unworkable with any authority. This was a planned trick. Britain government and Jesuits worked ferociously to inhibit Israelis from leaving Europe through the channels of escape that Jesuit Zionists made to control and block Israelis from getting to Israel. And Britain and American Jesuits worked through the Red Cross to separate families and divide Israelis – many sent to Russia because they want to blame Communism on Jews – many sent to America because they want to blame Jesuit operations on the Jews – many corrupt and ignorant Israelis sent to Israel to start the nation on the worst foot possible and so they could not hinder or be prepared for the Jesuit war games and plots that followed right up to the present. The British also partner with Muslim terrorists who are trained by Jesuit operatives in the CIA and Mossad and MI6 to keep Israel looking like unworkable people and to keep divides and hostility to hinder friendship with Arabs and Syrians and Jordanians and Lebanese and Iraqis and American Christians and anybody who could assist pulling them out of the confusing tricks.


Lutzer repeating the Nazi Conundrum on America through Islam: Because the Nazi strategy worked in Germany, they are using Islam this time in America against the Jews, but with a stronger reversible “victimhood” plan in place. As the devil played both sides of the conflict in Europe (both the Christian and the devil sides), the real Christians who were unfamiliar with this tactic did not know how to stand. There was a prearranged opera drama with prearranged actors on both sides and the Christians did not understand that they were not being represented and should stand on their own and not follow the strong “Christian” leadership on either side of any of the issues. They were not fully aware that all German clergy were overtaken by Jesuits and Freemasons to play a conflict between “god” and the devil. This drama made it where the vast majority of Israelis and followers of Christ were tortured and massacred or else chased out of Europe in one way or another. The Vatican needed this in order to silence the Christian voice in the world that was calling for the renewing of the Israelis to their land and pointed at the Vatican as being a cause of much of the oppression and tricks to keep Israel out of their land for all of these centuries. Their tricks had caused long separation between the Israelis and Christians, hindering many who should have been friends and partially blocking the work of the gospel reaching the Hebrews. Lutzer is speaking on behalf of the Jesuits to prepare their agents while also misguiding the Christians through the same piece of propaganda. All of our quotes come from three of Lutzer’s books that serve as his Jesuit dissertation that he avoided completing in 1979 at Loyola University in Chicago. The next year, Lutzer became senior pastor suddenly at The Moody Church which was the plan, and they could not have him known to be a Jesuit for their plan to work at overthrowing The Moody Bible Institute with Jesuits and overthrowing The Moody Church with Muslims. As an aside – the church and school should be called Illinois Street Church and Chicago Bible Institute as Moody called them before sectarian leadership rewrote the story. Those three books are Hitler’s Cross: How the Cross Was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda, God’s Devil: The Incredible Story of How Satan’s Rebellion Serves God’s Purposes, and The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent: An Informed Response to Islam’s War with Christianity.


The Jesuit’s Final Solution: And this is where the two plans dove-tail – silence Israelis and Christians, then the only “Christian” voice in the world would be the Vatican again. They literally admit in the Road Map to Peace that they will split Jerusalem in three and the Vatican is always active as the director of negotiations wanting to be the overseer of all activity in Jerusalem, even wanting to allow Saudi Arabia to control the temple mount as fellow Jesuit (trained at Fordham and Wharton School) Donald Trump recently “offered” to Israel. They think this would open the way toward forced one-world religious unity creating a new “god” for all nations. This is being done and almost readied by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the Vatican already has “Protestant” representatives who will just go in sounding like Catholics. If you do not know the history of international crimes committed by the Vatican through most of its existence then you might not know that this “unity” makes all of the Vatican’s partners complicit in the devil’s worst evils. Obviously God is not even slightly interested in letting this happen under Islam, nor are we; but now you see that the “fight” is not a carnal war but rather a discussion of authority and power to show who is the Only True God as Elijah did. As you can also see, it is extremely necessary that we clarify God’s role in these processes, because Lutzer wants to pretend that God wants the devil to do all of the evil that God allows him to do – rather than admit that God chooses to work through humans to whom he gives authority and dominion over the earth.



Divide and Conquer Israel: Their plan to divide Israel is evil and their plan to hand the temple mount into Saudi control through Donald Trump’s partnership with Saudi Arabia is evil. And their plan to divide Jerusalem into three parts is evil. And their plan to have American “Christians” partner with their Israeli Freemasons and Kabbalists rather than the honest God-honoring Israelis around the world is evil. Their work to force Israel into a reenactment of 10th century B.C. conflicts with Philistines, Canaanites, Egypt, Syria etc. is evil. Their plan to force Israel into a one-state or two-state solution as a weird mis-representation of an entire history of world politics is evil. Their pretending that Israelis run the world banking, world media, and global corporations who exploit the peoples of all countries toward world government under the anti-christ is evil. This list is endless, because there literally is just not enough paper to list in one place all of the crimes committed. And they have no intention of stopping which is how God can predict centuries before what the devil and his people will do, because God knows they will stop at nothing until they get their goal and it will be proven how much evil they had to do to get their goal of the devil ruling the world. Then a swift judgment from God will solve the problems in three and a half years and give everyone world-wide every possible chance to repent before God judges those who hunt Israel with intent to wipe them out (as Hitler’s “Final Solution” was to initiate).


Islam acts on behalf of the Vatican: Lutzer spends most of his book preaching doom on the “church” as Islam takes over. Lutzer says martyrdom is the only way out following Jesus example as if we could die for sins of the world again. And this time, the Jesuits are disguising themselves as Muslims to conquer Protestant America back under Rome. It was the Catholic “church” that helped Muhammad make up Islam, not Gabriel. At least two Catholic priests mentored Muhammad. And it was St. Augustine who arranged all of the pieces in the Middle East and Africa through Pontifical Councils for the rise of an opposition to Rome that could oppress the Hebrews where Rome could not reach. And Muslims revere visions of “Gabriel” (supposedly gave the Quran “revelations”) and “Mary” (through Fatima whose prophecy was a Catholic attack on Russia). They have prayer beads. They “worship” around an idol in the center of their courtyard (Vatican City). They include many satanic mystery religion ideas much the same as Catholics and Kabbalah. They are a counterfeit “kingdom of God”. They oppress and attack Israelis (Holy Wars). They conquer land and impose their empire as a political ideology hiding behind religion to protect them (Holy Roman Empire). They have a “conservative” side and a “mystic/satanic” side (like Catholics versus Jesuits). They alter the Scriptures given to us by God (Quran and Catholic Vatinus B and Sinaticus A manuscripts among so many). They hide truth from common people by means of foreign language (Arabic and Latin). They have priests (Imams) who control the politics/laws. They infiltrate by stealth satanic planning into Christian and Israeli networks to divide and conquer as well as to destroy from within. They respect the Pope and will not conquer cathedrals or territory they are not allowed to. They had a dhimma pact with Catholics wherever their territory existed. There are so many similarities we have not even touched. But you get the point.


God preaching the gospel through Israel: Lutzer intentionally mis-represents the Muslim take-over of all seven churches in Asia Minor to which Jesus wrote prophetically about the stages of the church age (age of the Gentiles) before His authority turns to work through Israel again with us serving Israel as adopted sons and daughters. Paul explained this thoroughly in Romans chapters 9 through 11 that Israel will be grafted in again as they are being faithful to His Word and finding trust in Jesus alone. They are the olive tree into which we Gentile believers are grafted by faith, but they are the fruitful family that God knew He could work with. And He is already in process of redirecting His leadership through Israel again in the near future, though right now that seems impossible because Israel is ruled by Jesuits and Kabbalist Freemasons. But God will correct the few remaining questions and obstacles and Israel will be far more capable of reaching the world for the gospel during the Tribulation than any Gentile nation ever could. God will have his two Israeli witnesses (we believe this will be Elijah and Enoch – God’s two olive trees prophesied about through Zechariah) preach and lead diligently. And by the time of the first year or two into the seven year Tribulation, God will have 144,000 well-taught Scriptural and mature young men who will literally travel the whole world just preaching the gospel to every tribe and nation and language and tongue.


Lutzer wants friendship with Muslims, not with Israel: Lutzer avoids mentioning any partnership with Israelis in his book about Islam and instead promotes partnership and friendship with Muslim neighbors first. That is backwards – as Jesus pointed out that the gospel is to the Hebrews first and then to the Gentiles. Where is Lutzer’s book promoting friendship and partnership with Israeli neighbors? And in Hitler’s Cross and The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent, Lutzer pretends that Israel will always be in despair and just on the verge of complete annihilation until the start of the Millennial reign of Christ. In short, he pretends they are a non-subject while subtly accusing them of being on the devil’s side and therefore under “God’s discipline.” Lutzer literally paints the Holocaust and the Anti-christ kingdom as God’s judgment against the Hebrews after “correcting” Martin Luther and others for this exact evil propaganda from the Vatican. Lutzer says most of Israel will be annihilated even about most of those Israelis fleeing into the wilderness (when the Temple is desecrated at mid-point of the treaty) but that Jesus saves them at the last second. Lutzer also spends a great deal of time in Hitler’s Cross accusing the Israelis (who remain unnamed) of globalism, enlightenment, partnership with and faith in the state, and causing the world-wide economic depression of 1929 that brought Hitler his chance to make a weird Messianic program. These are the very reason the Vatican supported and built and protected (as if by “Providence” and “Fate”) Hitler and his Nazi Reich – to blame the Israelis for genocide, world war, weapons of mass destruction, atheistic propaganda, overthrow of nations (as is suggested about Russia for example), and a whole long list of other crimes. It is a sadistic reversal, knowing that their Jesuits would later use these tools to blame Hebrews for all of it. They knew that a Dr. Erwin Lutzer type of Jesuit would be able to rewrite this story later and find a way to blame the Israelis rather than the Vatican. It is the Vatican pretending to be the victim in spite of the overwhelming evidence of them being the mafia. There is no network large enough to pull off this kind of lies except the Vatican who is in every country and operates the world governments since the period of colonialism through their wealth and business networks and religious networks and records of all of human history kept in their vaults. Of course, it would be a Vatican Jesuit doing this cover-up.


Argument #11: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer makes Israelis non-existent in righteous leadership in the world even during the Tribulation. He does this to disguise the fact that he blames them for all of the problems of the world and none of the good as we show in Argument #9. Lutzer blames the Jews for the evil deeds of Jesuits knowing that he is shaping such a horrible lie and hopes you don’t know it. Lutzer begrudgingly thanks Israel for Jesus and the Bible since that is all he could think of. Even that was an insult only when you see what he actually says. Lutzer attempts to even re-make the Nazi Holocaust, Nazi ghettos, Nazi economics, and Nazi religion in Israel during the Tribulation as if “God” is trying to wipe out the Hebrew nation, because of the empire “democracy” state-building or intermythological dialogue leading to forced one-world religious “unity” under an Antichrist in Jerusalem. This is such a distorted way of looking at and altering the facts God has given us about the Antichrist. Lutzer pretends that God will even allow the devil to kill the ones who become Christian during the Tribulation. The camp of the believers being killed in the Tribulation is not going to be Israel; it is the Gentile believers that God allows to be overcome because of the necessary transition back to Israel and they were worldly and not alert to God’s work so they were unsheltered. How does Lutzer manage to write an entire book about friendship with Muslims with barely a positive mention about Israel other than to Daniel’s friends in Babylon – in exile… under a foreign empire?


Do you see what we’re seeing? Lutzer believes the Vatican has a right to rule over Israel in exile as if like it’s a mandate given by God that empires should do this. And in so doing, Lutzer seeks to further sever the real friendships that should be built right now – between God’s faithful Philadelphia Church leaders and the God-fearing Israelis. But Lutzer rewrites God’s open door to the faithful Philadelphia church age to instead be an old promise of an open door which became a Muslim shut door in Jesus’ face. Lutzer does this about all seven churches since they are in Turkey, Asia Minor which is under Muslim rule. But the real reason Lutzer does this is because he knows Asia Minor had a large Israeli population – as even Acts 2:9-11 names several cities there. So the implication is that Israelis were a problem that corrupted the churches and that God had to wipe out those churches after making promises to them. Lutzer knows Premillennial doctrine that these are seven phases of the Gentile church age more than they were about those individual church locations that are now largely Muslim.


Lutzer knows that the Roman Catholic Pope was responsible for killing those churches. Lutzer is intentionally rewriting the Scriptures against Jesus and Israel as a Nazi would do to cover the centuries of crimes of the Vatican using her Muslim opposition to wipe out or conquer all Jewish territories that the Pope himself could not get under his control. Lutzer says God has the devil punish the disobedient, but Lutzer really is just lying to cover for the Catholic Church using Muslims. Lutzer recommends friendship and dialogue with Muslims repeatedly, but where is his book heartily recommending friendship and dialogue with our Jewish friends. We talk about this in Argument #14. The gospel is for Israel first and then for the world and God was merciful to invite us Gentiles in through such a wide open door. Lutzer pathetically adds that he believes God will still fulfill His prophecies to Israel during the Millennial reign but implies a joint partnership with Gentiles rather than Israel as the leading moral compass.

(God’s Devil Page 216-217); (Hitler’s Cross Page 108-109); Romans 9:1-5; Romans 3:1-4  ; (Hitler’s Cross Page 110); John 15:18-25; (Hitler’s Cross Page 120-121); (Hitler’s Cross Page 122); (Hitler’s Cross Page 123); (God’s Devil Page 228); Matthew 24:14-27; (Shadow Crescent Page 25-26); (God’s Devil Page 136); (Hitler’s Cross Page 122-123)

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Argument #12: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer makes the devil a “God” (which he capitalizes), explaining “theology of the devil”, making God the real “devil”/ ”enemy”/ ”tormentor”/ ”accuser”/ ”enslaver”/ ”temptor”/ etc. Lutzer’s “god” is the devil, so of course he reverses and confuses them. Lutzer says “that is why we must never see Satan without seeing God” (God’s Devil Page 24) as if to say when you see Satan you are really seeing God. Lutzer says Antichrist will actually achieve world unity, but God can’t tolerate it and has Christians and Jesus break it up. Lutzer even makes pleading a case for insanity on behalf of the devil and for himself at the end of his book God’s Devil (by which title Lutzer meant to say that God’s evil). We explain this in our final Argument #18.


Lutzer does trade good for “evil” and calls evil “good”. Lutzer has God guilty of sending demons to possess children (even Christian children), guilty of genocide in several places, guilty of forcing everyone to be saved or unsaved by His arbitrary uncaring “choosing” (which is based on foreknowledge, not on random selection and deselection), guilty of the worst deceptions and tricks, guilty of handing people over to satan because of jealousy, guilty of harassing/ disciplining Christians who are not in sin, guilty of tempting people with the worse temptations possible, guilty of backing the Roman Empire/ Vatican’s every move, guilty of closing people off to the gospel and causing spiritual blindness. Lutzer tries to make it possible to reflect God and the devil equally. Lutzer uses Jeremiah to say that only God can know how deceitful our hearts are and that we cannot even understand our own heart, because God is the one who supposedly made it like that. Lutzer says “even if Satan and his demons did not exist”, “we would still have such [sexual] temptations”. Lutzer says the devil “has never found it easy to act on what he knows” about God’s supposedly hidden “dark side”. Lutzer says God is accountable to no one, but in reality God will allow justice and eternal rules of righteousness and all human accusations to work themselves out in His courtroom by which every human will admit that He has always been just and good and has the right to be Lord over all. There is an eternal standard of righteousness that our Lord has always followed. Romans 3:4 shows that God will be judged by many and will allow all of those discussions and perspectives in His court and the result will completely prove God’s reputation of righteousness and also His plan for earth as both being perfectly good while allowing opposite decision-making by others. See our report on God’s Holy Mountain and how God’s ability to allow choice is not a bad thing.

(God’s Devil Page 115); (God’s Devil Page 129); (God’s Devil Page 55); (Hitler’s Cross Page 66); (God’s Devil Page 75); (God’s Devil Page 129); (God’s Devil Page 59); (God’s Devil Page 46); (God’s Devil Page 58); (God’s Devil Page 57); (God’s Devil Page 120); (God’s Devil Page 37); (God’s Devil Page 55); (God’s Devil Page 53); (Hitler’s Cross Page 86); (God’s Devil Page 28); (God’s Devil Page 31); (God’s Devil Page 19); (God’s Devil Page 149); (God’s Devil Page 50) Page 235 of God’s Devil; (God’s Devil Page 37; 41; 58; 61; 84; 92; 235; 43); (God’s Devil Page 76-77); (God’s Devil Page 21); (God’s Devil Page 205-206); 2 Peter 3:4,9; (God’s Devil Page 80); (God’s Devil Page 45-46); (God’s Devil Page 102); (God’s Devil Page 210); (God’s Devil Page 96); (God’s Devil Pages 85-96); (God’s Devil Page 101-102); (Shadow Crescent Page 155); (Shadow Crescent Page 193-194); (God’s Devil Page 163); (God’s Devil Page 133); (God’s Devil Page 132); (Shadow Crescent Page 85)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 86-87); (Shadow Crescent Page 89); (Shadow Crescent Page 91); (God’s Devil Page 185); (God’s Devil Page 197); (God’s Devil Page 93-94); (God’s Devil Page 171); (God’s Devil Page 144); (Hitler’s Cross Page 66)

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Church Replacement Doctrine (should be called Israel Replacement doctrine): Of course, the Vatican and the “Vicar of Rome” (Representative in the place of Christ) want to pretend that they are God’s appointed church. They want to pretend that they are the replacement to both Israel and Christ – funny… that is exactly what Islam is doing. But the Vatican’s obsession with destroying Israelis and keeping them out of their land – even using Muslims through the centuries to do – so is incontrovertible evidence that they are not Jesus’ Church. Their partnerships with dictators and evil false religions are irrefutable evidence. Their storage of wealth that they refuse to use for helping the world’s problems and instead are helping sustain all of the world’s problems that they can create in order to then come in as the “savior” of the world on behalf of the anti-christ is irrefutable evidence against them. Their Crusades and Inquisitions and Jesuits are irrefutable evidence of their working for the devil. Their constant creation of new false doctrines to control the peoples of the world and their working with their Freemasons (the construction guilds from their Vatican Cathedrals around the world) is evil. Their using the Freemasons to divide and conquer Christians by creating hundreds of denominations and then bring the bullies who run these denominations all back together again with the added secret of being under Vatican authority is evil. The threats and mafia tactics they use to force Christians under their control is evil. Their control of information over the centuries to keep secrets hidden that would help the common people be free from their oppression is evil. Their control of the Bible (by only allowing Latin Bibles) and murdering of those who translated it and their telling people not to read the Bible because they wouldn’t know how to interpret it (even until at least the 1960s) is evil. Their arranging of all of the pieces of world propaganda in the last century to blame literally every evil the world has ever experienced as if the Israelis and God are to blame is evil. Their arranging of war or else disgusting partnership (mafia tactics to keep hostility or to create evil partnership for more evil) between Islam and “Christianity” and Israel is evil. But there is one more trick involved in Church Replacement Theology, since the Vatican is the one who wants to replace Israel as the one-world kingdom for 1,000 years. But they cannot do so as the bully who is oppressing true believers in Christ. So they have to switch the roles sometimes – try to make British and American “Protestants” the world-conquering bullies and pretend that they are just representing the true Jesus. They want their Protestant agents to pretend to be the replacement of the replacement of Israel. But even more than that, they really just wish that all real Christians could be killed, so they could be the only replacement of Israel. You know they WISH that could happen, but you know God will not allow that. And instead God is returning the authority to the Israeli people. So when you hear the term/doctrine about Church Replacement, it often means Protestants replacing “the true church” kingdom (Catholics) who they want to think replaced the Israeli kingdom centuries ago. So it should be called Israel Replacement Theology and then it would be obvious that the Reformed camp who believes this is attempting to replace the Catholic program in replacing Israel.


Argument #13: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer – in switching good for evil and God for the devil – wants American “Christians” to compete against Islam by accepting Oikonomia Network and other forms of 7-mountain dominionism, to make the Protestants to blame for Kingdom Dominionism which should be known as 7-Mountain satanism from Revelation 17:9. In other words, not only does Lutzer blame Protestants for Hitler, but also for Antichrist. Doesn’t that sound like a Jesuit agent of the Pope? Lutzer believes Islam was designed by “god” by which he means Roman Catholic Pope to destroy the previous two Catholic attempts at world domination combined together in America under the name “Judeo-Christianity” – Kabbalah (started in 12th century in Jesuit Spain who led the Inquisitions) and Protestantism (assisted in becoming a Church-State power in England and Germany for the sake of controlling all other non-Catholics, after which Britain literally went world-wide attempting to dominate the world – including America – with its Jesuit “missions”. Lutzer says all three “monotheistic” biggest religions have Abraham as their “father”. They pretend that these two – 7 Mountain Kingdom Dominionism and Catholic-designed Kabbalah (which replaced Old Testament Judaism) – are what make up what is called American “Judeo-Christianity”. The elites have secretly used the conflict between Communism (which they say was founded by Jews) and Fascism (which Lutzer and his Catholics blamed on Lutheranism so as to cast blame on all “Protestants”) to create the one-world empire already.


The International Mafia (Monetary) Fund, the United Nations and its non-governmental organizations, and the global corporations have already built the framework for world dominance through United States military ops with the Council on Foreign Relations and the nation-rebuilding and coup-de-tats and psychological operations world-wide. But they founded the United Nations and did these operations through America to blame “Judeo-Christianity” for the abuses and evils of the program. This was the design all along since the 1940s which is why they brought Nazis criminals to America, worked plenty of the banking through America, had the American satanists rehabilitate German authorities and learn the secrets, and coordinated a 1960’s pact with Russia “against” America as the two powers to force demilitarization of all of the rest of the world. (That coordination is described in the Report from Iron Mountain.) They also used Russia and America to create the conflict world-wide between Communism and Fascism (disguised as Democratic Oligarchies or similar).


Lutzer quotes a man as saying that “the Christian cross demanded the blood of Christ, the swastika demanded the blood of the Jewish nation”, and Lutzer at another time says that his “calling” is to “prepare the next generation of the American “church” for martyrdom” as we showed in Argument #4 and #10. Israel and followers of Israel’s Christ (real Christians) cannot die for the world’s sins – that is just a mafia death threat as shown in Argument #10 and #12. Lutzer does this because he knows that Jesus’ church will provide the shielding protection and supporting role to the strength of the nation of Israel in international discussions. This we show in Argument #11. So here is how they arrange the sequence of philosophical conflicts – arranged by “least to greatest” (using the lesser-greater symbol “<”) with Catholics being the ultimate winners, of course. First, we point out that Lutzer labels all of the following as from the devil – Islam, Protestantism, Communism, Anarchy, Statism, Democracy, Nazism/Fascism, Dictators. So how does that not make these books highly political? Of course the one left out is theocracy, which should be called Popecrazy, since God is not at all ruling through the Vatican. Not all of the “least” are conquered by wars, some are just ideologically conquered in Rome’s opinion. Jesus < Jews < Protestants (Lutzer says they are more to blame than Nazis) < Islam < Nazism-Vikings/ Communism/ Atheism < Kabbalah/ Jesuits/ Freemasons < Catholicism.


That is an approximate order of conquering they thought up even before 1913 Central Banking overthrow of America’s government to attempt global “Corporate government” disguised as “democracy” in its place – followed immediately by World War 1 in 1914 to impose as much of that program on the world as quickly as possible. But they want to blame all of this on “Protestants” and “Jews” in America. In case it is unclear who is to blame for this global corporate overthrow and World Wars to impose it, we now quote Jesuit Archbishop over Chicago in 1903, merely four years after the Chicago Jesuits killed Dwight Moody and hoped they had stopped American Christians long enough to put their plan on full-speed: “Within twenty years, this country is going to rule the world. Kings and Emperors will soon pass away and the democracy of the United States will take their place… When the United States rules the world, the Catholic Church will rule the world… Nothing can stand against the Church. I’d like to see the politician who would try to rule against the Church in Chicago. His reign would be short indeed.” The current Jesuit over the United States is the Provincial Jesuit from the Chicago area.


Apparently, Moody’s friends were strong in faith enough to scare the Jesuits that they may not accomplish their goal unless they kept their program running faster. Jesuits and the Vatican deceive themselves into believing they could replace Jesus’ 1,000 year reign, but Lutzer also pretends that God has cheated to stop the devil from establishing his kingdom as we showed in Argument #12. It is not God who is breaking Satan’s attempts at ruling. Satan has had almost 6,000 years to try but it is literally impossible to build a kingdom on lying, murder, hostility, distrust, immorality and selfish non-marriages, assault/abuse, hypocrisy, reverse psychology, pride, drunkenness, cowardness, instability, traitors and treachery, power-struggles, greed, abandonment and disloyalty, fear and threats, demonic possession, cruel dictatorships, pyramid schemes and hierarchies lording over each other, satanic mysteries given only to those who pledge to hide and oppose the truth, every kind of idolatry and covetousness, false gods and myths, slander against God and the servants of God, blasphemy, and denying God’s right to say what is right. If that doesn’t help you understand why it hasn’t happened yet, then perhaps you’ve been putting God and the devil as equals like Lutzer does. Lutzer says that God doesn’t care about “freedom of conscience” in America in his explanation of why Islam will take over, but that would suggest that our freedoms came from Freemasons and Deists (who are really Jesuits) when they founded this country with a Constitution. Lutzer says the Constitution and “democracy” are too slow and only work when times are good, but that dictatorship is preferable when times are bad. But Freemasons and Jesuits refuse to obey laws and avoid using proper legislative channels and blame honorable people for not approving their constant abuses. Lutzer says the exact same thing about Jesus’ kingdom as if Jesus failed and isn’t going to finish.


God is the one who forced the European Jesuits and Freemasons to submit to rule by the people, because righteousness showed their evils for what it was and they had to go into hiding even deeper by allowing near-freedom. We believe God educated European Christians to understand that the Vatican used Viking and Muslim raids, economics, monarchies, and so many other methods to constantly oppress Israelis in Europe and so we believe Christians were pressing for rights for Israel to return to their land, since they were not allowed citizenship in Europe until the 1800s in many countries. Even in America, these abuses and lies can only function in conditions of ignorance, which the Vatican was consistently known for – hindering people from reading the Bible much for many centuries. Knowledge breaks their control over the people who don’t want to be evil. This is especially true if you are allowed to collect honorable communities as Dwight Moody did. The Jesuits are the ones who set fire TWICE to Moody’s community in Chicago (causing the Great Fire of Chicago), scared Moody himself across the sea and then to his hometown in Massachusetts to get away from whatever it was that was chasing him, then poisoned Moody to death (secret poison cup is in the Jesuit oath), then took over Moody Church by the 1920s and Moody Bible Institute and destroyed Moody’s Northfield hometown schools. Moody didn’t know about the Jesuits until much later in his life.


When the current Moody Church (should be Illinois Street Church or North Ave Church as it was before sectarianism took over) was built in 1925, the design was based on the Hagia Sophia (Church of Wisdom) in Istanbul, Turkey. Lutzer tells this story in The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent for an very important reason. Lutzer explains the principle of Muslim “ownership” of territory that they will never let go of until they occupy it again. They captured the Hagia Sophia in 1453. Lutzer explains Muslim projection of ownership through the Cordoba House on the site of the World Trade Towers by which to project their authority over the site. With this principle, you can see that the Jesuits who built The Moody Church were predicting Muslim take-over of Dwight Moody’s community. But we believe God is not going to allow that, since Moody and his friends were faithful to the gospel and since there are many who identify with his faith in Jesus for godly community. But The Moody Church is already being infiltrated by Muslims and Christians who partner with Muslims under Ed Stetzer and Erwin Lutzer’s guidance to fulfill this prediction of crushing the Moody Church under the “power” of Islam, who are really acting directly on behalf of the Vatican Jesuits as they often have throughout history. This is also part of the drama between fellow Jesuits Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarrett, James Meeks, and many other Chicago top politicians. This is also the hidden work behind the false flag “terrorism” events.

(Shadow Crescent Page 34-35); (Shadow Crescent Page 229)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 228-229); (Shadow Crescent Page 154); (Shadow Crescent Page 175); (Shadow Crescent Page 220); (Hitler’s Cross Page 243); (Hitler’s Cross Page 192); (Shadow Crescent Page 144); (Shadow Crescent 179-180); (Shadow Crescent Page 154); (Shadow Crescent Page 220-221); (Shadow Crescent Page 56); (Shadow Crescent Page 68); (Shadow Crescent Page 94)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 83); (Hitler’s Cross Page 243)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 30); (Shadow Crescent Page 67-68)  ; (God’s Devil Page 215-216); (God’s Devil Page 41); (God’s Devil Page 173); (Hitler’s Cross Page 44)  ; (Hitler’s Cross Page 128); (Hitler’s Cross Page 258)  ; (When A Nation Forgets God Page 40); (Hitler’s Cross Page 21); (Hitler’s Cross Page 95); (God’s Devil Page 80); (God’s Devil Page 106); (Shadow Crescent Page 142); (Hitler’s Cross Page 118); (Hitler’s Cross Page 172)  ; (Hitler’s Cross Page 232); (Shadow Cross page 168)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 147)  ; (God’s Devil Page 216)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 129); (Hitler’s Cross Page 88); (Shadow Crescent Page 141); (God’s Devil Page 23) (God’s Devil Page 34); (God’s Devil Page 51-52); (God’s Devil Page 124); (God’s Devil Page 218); (God’s Devil Page 229); 2 Timothy 3:1-5; (Shadow Crescent Page 71-72)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 72); (Shadow Crescent Page 27); (Shadow Crescent Page 77); (Hitler’s Cross Page 21); (Page 37, 41-42); (Shadow Crescent Page 43); (Shadow Crescent Page 44)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 45); (Shadow Crescent in reference to Lutzer’s Page 51); (Shadow Crescent Page 226); (Shadow Crescent Page 211); (Shadow Crescent Page 158); (Shadow Crescent Page 123-124); (Shadow Crescent Page 217)

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Argument #14: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer uses Church Replacement doctrine (should be called Israel Replacement doctrine) to make the Catholic Church appear to be God’s “Church”. Lutzer uses “ancient Israel” to make the Catholic Church sound the same. Lutzer complains at God by using Israeli prophets. Lutzer makes non-Catholics sound like “divisive” and rebellious sects/cults. But since Lutzer doesn’t have Scripture to back his lies and threats, he resorts to lengthy analogies about pine trees in America since he knows that America is a Roman Catholic project to divert attention from the counterfeit “kingdom of God”. Lutzer makes complicated highly cryptic arguments from King Saul and King David to King Ahab to Peter and Jesus and Satan – hoping to draw some form of synthetic argument from Scripture to support his Jesuit cause for the Pope and Jesuit General.  Lutzer says Bonhoeffer and Niemoller are our examples. Lutzer promotes Niemoller and Bonhoeffer as the solution to the Nazi and Antichrist plans – because Bonhoeffer helped shape what became the United Nations and the World Evangelical Alliance and Niemoller became President of the World Council of Churches and helped build the Lausanne Committee under Vatican 2 principles toward “unity” under the Roman Catholic Pope. We show how the Jesuit Lausanne program is identical to Muslim Brotherhood plans to take over America – showing that the Vatican needs a tension and eventual cooperative between these two programs to be the dangerous opposition to itself. Muslim Brotherhood are the Jesuit members working among Islam. Otherwise, Rome would be caught coordinating all the dots which God will do for us, to preserve His Church and Israel. Lutzer wants Islam taught in “every Bible college and seminary” saying that we should “consider it both a privilege and a duty to know about Islam”. He also comments that Saudi Arabia “generously” donated “many millions of dollars” to fund these university Islamic studies. Lutzer pushes for Jesuit-controlled interfaith dialogue to keep it under the purposes of the Vatican, knowing that they want to turn it into war at some point in the world.

(Shadow Crescent Page 94); (Shadow Crescent Page 142)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 143); (Shadow Crescent Page 128); (Shadow Crescent Page 130-131); (Hitler’s Cross Page 249); Revelation 2:14-15; (Hitler’s Cross Page 100); (Shadow Crescent Page 131-134); (God’s Devil Page 135); (God’s Devil Page 135-136); (God’s Devil Page 136-137); (God’s Devil Page 138); (God’s Devil Page 139-143); (Hitler’s Cross Page 118); (Shadow Crescent Page 175); (Shadow Crescent Page 15-16); (Hitler’s Cross Page 259-260); (Shadow Crescent Page 32-33); (Quote from Greg Forster’s OIKONOMIA Network Presentation); (Shadow Crescent Page 180); (Shadow Crescent Page 190); (Shadow Crescent Page 210); (Shadow Crescent Page 220); (Shadow Crescent Page 209); (Shadow Crescent Page 226-227); (Shadow Crescent Page 230-231); (Shadow Crescent Page 208)

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Argument #15: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer preaches Islam in just about every way imaginable. Lutzer says Islam is Jesus’ “sword of my mouth” against the true believers and Israel. Lutzer says God’s purpose for some of us is martyrdom and that God even has a count of how many people will die as if God planned it that way. Lutzer believes it is his “call” to prepare American Christians for martyrdom because he knows we won’t participate in leadership-level Interfaith Dialogue with Islam. So Lutzer is preaching the second half of the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions (which he attended) theme “Unite or Perish”. Lutzer changes Jesus’ words of seeking friends who will hear and listen to His counsel rather than follow the world into sin – to instead a pre-Jesuit hidden message calling for followers with a “martyrs’ complex”. Lutzer echoes the words of Chicago Archbishop Francis George saying that they anticipate being caught and put to death for treason but hope to end up being the victors afterward. Lutzer says that the discussions on earth and the people that die are illusions of the mind suggesting reincarnation and reinterpreting everything in gnostic terms about who wins or loses on “the other side”. Lutzer says it was “Christians” who mass-“converted” to Islam and we explain how conversion is a deceptive term to use. Lutzer compares Mahdi and Jesus creating strange reversible analogies about competition between the two of them over who will be the Antichrist and false prophet or else the two witnesses or some strange contortion. Lutzer preaches at least a dozen points of the Muslim false “gospel”, some from quoting Muslims and some speaking for himself in opposition to Jesus’ gospel. Lutzer solidly proves himself to be a Jesuit false teacher and that he absolutely rejects Christ. Lutzer makes the case that Jesus did not die on the cross but swapped with someone “God made to look like Jesus” and has Jesus bow to the devil in the wilderness giving worship to the devil and in return receiving “the kingdoms of this world” thereby establishing the Roman Catholic “church” according to Lutzer’s inventions. Lutzer has Jesus and Peter arguing about their secret plot. Lutzer preaches “Allah” as the same as God rather than being the devil. Lutzer preaches Reincarnation. Lutzer preaches German mythologies. Lutzer preaches Esau (Arabs) reversing the selling of the birthright to Jacob and thereby creates arguments for Rome to steal the kingdom from God. Lutzer preaches the use of actual cross symbols to ward of Muslims. Lutzer uses the most tactful of textual criticism arguments in text-book perfect form to make the credibility of the Muslim version of Jesus’ avoidance of crucifixion to sound like the accurate story straight from “Allah” (by which Lutzer means God) and makes the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ death sound less credible. Lutzer preaches the death of Christians under Islam as a giant fear campaign. In short, Lutzer preaches Islam. Lutzer preaches that God is cruel, and that God caused this to happen. And Lutzer explains that terrorism is just a distraction from the real problem – infiltration. That infiltration is of course Catholic Jesuit infiltration under Lutzer, carefully designed to collapse American Christianity philosophically for international propaganda needs of the Vatican.

(Shadow Crescent Page 120); (Shadow Crescent Page 168); (Shadow Crescent Page 164); (Shadow Crescent Page 116); (Shadow Crescent Page 145); (Shadow Crescent Page 143-144); (Shadow Crescent Page 153); (Shadow Crescent Page 169-171); (Shadow Crescent Page 165); (Shadow Crescent Page 69); (Shadow Crescent Page 147); (Shadow Crescent Page 163)  ; The following is a similar expression by a Chicago Archbishop leader of Lutzer’s Chicago Jesuit network – the same Jesuit network whose Archbishop in 1903 boasted over the death of Dwight Moody and that Chicago would be at the center of complete Catholic world domination through American democracy by 1923.

‘Cardinal George confirm that he said it, and also adds that the quote has most frequently been used without his important follow-up sentence.

Here's the salient section from the Cardinal's column. "Speaking a few years ago to a group of priests, entirely outside of the current political debate, I was trying to express in overly dramatic fashion what the complete secularization of our society could bring," writes the Cardinal. "I was responding to a question and I never wrote down what I said, but the words were captured on somebody’s smart phone and have now gone viral on Wikipedia and elsewhere in the electronic communications world. I am (correctly) quoted as saying that I expected to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. What is omitted from the reports is a final phrase I added about the bishop who follows a possibly martyred bishop: 'His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.' What I said is not 'prophetic' but a way to force people to think outside of the usual categories that limit and sometimes poison both private and public discourse."’ (Quote from National Catholic Register article:; (Shadow Crescent Page 148-150); (God’s Devil Page 102); (God’s Devil Page 113); (Shadow Crescent Page 106-108); (Hitler’s Cross Page 66); (Shadow Crescent Page 26); (God’s Devil Pages 156-158); (Shadow Crescent Page 25-26); (Shadow Crescent Page 35, 38); (God’s Devil Page 215); (Hitler’s Cross Page 92); (Hitler’s Cross Page 117); (God’s Devil Page 235-236); (Shadow Crescent Page 67); (Shadow Crescent Page 70); (Shadow Crescent Page 97-106); (Shadow Crescent Page 99); (Shadow Crescent Page 99); (Page 99); (Page 100); (Shadow Crescent Page 100-101); (Shadow Crescent Page 138); (Shadow Crescent Page 141)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 143-144); (Shadow Crescent Page 153-154)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 160-161)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 161-162)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 37); (God’s Devil Page 138)

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Argument #16: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer wants to use tension in America between Islam and “Judeo-Christianity” to complete the case against “Judeo-Christianity” as the cause of the world’s empire-building. The purpose is the Vatican’s last option to escape the case being built strongly against her as the Babylon the Great and Mother of Idolatry of the 7-mountain satanism described in Revelation 17:9. This program was drawn up by Jesuit satanists Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ), Loren Cunningham (Youth With a Mission), and Francis Schaeffer (L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland). But as we showed by the list of evils in the devil’s program, it literally is impossible even though the devil still insists on proceeding. In this last option, Lutzer wants “Judeo-Christianity” to match the Muslim Brotherhood tactics for controlling American government. The Vatican has distorted glasses that cause weird double-vision when they look at “Judeo-Christianity” in America – they see Judaism but they really want to see Freemason Kabbalah which is their satanic remake from the 12th century; and they see followers of Christ, but they really want to see their Jesuit Protestant Lausanne program for 7-mountain Kingdom Dominionism from Revelation 17:9 which should be called 7-mountain satanism. We’ll show you why. This would confirm Islam and Judeo-Christianity as secret equal aggressors who are covering for their “extremism” within themselves.


Lutzer hopes this tension will send their carefully brainwashed Millennials and Gen Z young people out of America for safety to assist the engineering of New World Order in the rest of the world. The Jesuit Nazis hope the outcome would actually even create secret agreement and “moral leadership” partnership in America between “Judeo-Christianity” and Islam against the “devil’s” secularism. If this were possible, which it is not, it would attempt to confirm to the world that it was “Protestantism” rather than Catholicism who has been infiltrating and overthrowing governments of the world with oligarchic “democracy.” Lutzer tries in every way possible to create the arguments for the Vatican to be the “peace-maker” over the world’s religious arguments. Lutzer mocks the devil’s inability to unify the world for more than twelve years under Hitler as if an Antichrist is impossible while knowing full well that it will come under a “trusted” leadership of the Catholics worldwide – not from small occult groups or extreme partnerships between dangerous religions but rather in reaction to these. The Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue already has this process ready. The elite “intelligence” and psychological operations experts planned this super-majority block Jesuit-Kabbalah-Islam since the three pretend to represent almost half (or maybe more than) of the world’s population through their various sects. You can see how that would be a serious problem for all people if the 3 largest bully evil religions partner to dominate and scare the world into the Vatican’s one-world religious program. This attempt to blame God for the international crimes of all three false religions – as atheists are known to do by saying that all of the world’s wars are caused by religion – is really just a Vatican strategy to be the ruler over all of the world’s religions.


Lutzer’s portrayal of Islam is the Nazi conundrum all over again – the two options are 1. Join the Catholic counterfeit “kingdom of God” toward one-world religious “peace” or 2. Stay with American Jesuit “Christianity” poised against Islam and Kabbalah and prepare to die in “martyrdom” for your beliefs and “kingdom of God” – which is not at all what we are about as servants of Christ. You either join the historically Antichrist program of the Vatican or else being blamed for devilish opposition Jesuit-Muslim-Kabbalah that creates the final Antichrist. Either way, death and death are the only two options the real mafia of the Jesuits and Vatican ever give us who follow Christ, but God has other plans. These are the real Nazis – the coordinators of the attacks that set arguments for world war as we showed in Argument #1 are the Jesuits. Lutzer blames this Catholic versus Christian conundrum as God’s plan. They want to blame God for not getting the gospel to all nations by force as the Jesuits want to do but they “preach” their false “gospel” of humanistic “morality” which follow quite literally the rules of European/American satanism.


Lutzer was being caught and that is why he had to leave The Moody Church, because he has a higher role to play in the timing of the Nazi attack to blame “Judeo-Christianity”. Otherwise the Gen Z and NextGen children in America that they are training to help engineer New World Order will catch on that the Vatican is the mind behind so much bloodshed and totalitarian dominance. The Vatican wants these American children to lead the program world-wide so they do not want to frighten or kill them about Roman Catholic leadership before they can convince the majority of these inter-faith minded children out of America. Make no mistake, the elites and Jesuits are all too willing to use detention camps and secret mass-murder to target obstinate individuals if they think they could get away with it. They already do individual targeted murder quite tactfully. This is the program of the Inquisitions from the Medieval Ages in its “advanced” modern form. We wish their followers understood that their rulers only see them as expendable “human resources” for empire building and hopefully many will repent and refuse to participate. Lutzer says that God will kill off the churches who do not cooperate with this evil partnership saying that if Lutzer were on staff he would consider the church alive, “yet Jesus pronounced this church as dead”.


To those who understand that some false flags are not a murder scene, we say: if they can fake people’s deaths that well in false flags, they can also actually kill and make it look like fake. It is our understanding that some people usually do die in relation to the false flag situations. The reason Lutzer and Nazi Jesuits do all of this is to express to American “Christians” that we need to judge our own extremism within the “church”, by which Lutzer means himself – quite literally. That might sound like a joke but it is not; he knows full well that the only extremism is the world domination games of the Catholic Pope and his Jesuits. And he is actually having to convince his followers to stick with the program even if it means being “Christian” martyrs in America for the cause of world “peace” by creating world “terror” through the three big religions. Lutzer and the CIA and DHS need Kamikaze pilots who will dress in Arabic outfits, flying Arabic planes while actually just being Jesuit Nazis trying to create world war – and of course they will possibly die in the process, so he has to convince these Jesuits that it is a worthy cause and that heaven will be waiting on the other side either philosophically (if they survive) or spiritually (if they believed hard enough that they were doing this for the “kingdom of God”). Lutzer has to convince the rest of the world that “Things Are Not What They Appear To Be” (Lutzer’s chapter title)  – since he is protector and para-military of the Pope to guard his power.

“Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me, ‘Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the win of her fornication.’ So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement. But the angel said to me, ‘Why did you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and the ten horns. The beast that you saw was, and is not, and will ascend out of the bottomless pit and go to perdition. And those who dwell on the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they see the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. Here is the mind which has wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits.” Revelation 17:1-9


Here are parts of our description from the Who is Mark Jobe? Jesuit “Change Agent” article and our profile on Sajan Mathews who heads up the Moody Bible Institute Faith, Work, and Economics with Oikonomia Network. What are its core teachings? To train up a body of religion-looking people to set up a one-world “dominion” that conquers the seven imaginary/allegorical “mountains”: Government, Family, Economy, Religion, Education, Media, and Entertainment. They learned how to summarize the every day life of humans to figure out how to control our every action through multiple world governments – seven of them. Simply put, if you want to know who ultimately runs things – look at Rome/Vatican and her Jesuit partners who are the revived Roman Empire – the eighth empire that is of the seven. Those seven empires starting from the beginning of time (about 6000 years ago) until now are these: 1) Nimrod/Tower of Babel, 2) Egyptian, 3) Assyrian, 4) Babylonian/Chaldean, 5) Medo-Persian, 6) Greek, 7) Roman, 8) and the Revived Roman empire (of which the antichrist will lead himself).


The purpose of Oikonomia Network is to collect all Freemason/Jesuit-led Protestant power to control the four largest sectors of society on behalf of the Vatican – 1. all Church-life, 2. all Home-life, 3. all Business, and 4. all Government to be directed/guided by Vatican directives and Jesuit control grids. That is a simplified program of Kingdom Dominionism built on seven mountains/spheres that Francis Schaeffer explained as 1. all Religion, 2. all Family, 3. all Education, 4. all Government, 5. all Media, 6. all Arts and Entertainment, 7. all Business. This is why Mark Jobe promotes himself as helping God’s “Kingdom Come: Unleashing Heaven on Earth” and calls Christ “King Jesus” by which he approves the Pope’s purpose of forcing God’s Kingdom and then handing it off to the anti-christ and pretending that he is the return of Christ. They want our whole lives, our whole country and our whole future for the Pope and the Jesuit murderers/crusaders toward anti-christ new world order, so let’s learn this lesson well so we can kick out the infiltrators/usurpers and remain non-Catholic and pro-Bible.

(Shadow Crescent Page 181) ; (Shadow Crescent Page 184-185)  ; (Shadow Crescent Page 192)    ; (Shadow Crescent Page 84); (Hitler’s Cross Page 218-219); (Shadow Crescent Page 38); (Shadow Crescent Page 72); (Shadow Crescent Page 68);  (Shadow Crescent Page 220); (Shadow Crescent Page 122); (Shadow Crescent Page 78); (Shadow Crescent Page 29); (Shadow Crescent Page 137-138); (Shadow Crescent Page 140); (Shadow Crescent Page 143); (Shadow Crescent Page 144-145); (Shadow Crescent Page 148); (God’s Devil Page 45-46); (Shadow Crescent Page 143); (God’s Devil Page 212-213); (God’s Devil Page 100)

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Argument #17:  Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer is definitely FEMA-clergy to control the “masses” during the crisis with Islam as a repeat of the Nazi conundrum as the Emperor did that Lutzer describe in Constantinople. Lutzer is a partner with Billy Graham’s leadership and in FEMA disaster programs. FEMA clergy use the Quran, Talmud, and Bible to silence the masses of people under their usurper global Corporation masters who use “govern-mental” oppression to force New World Order. Lutzer calls Israel cursed by being chosen and says that the rest of the world appears more blessed by God. The devil created the lies of other occupants of Israel’s land with the very intent of making the world hate Israel when Israel actually acquires its land and Jerusalem. We really recommend everyone who cares about Israel to read Joan Peter’s well-documented research on the history of the land of Eretz Israel and on the people of Israel themselves in the last several centuries. Her book is titled “From Time Immemorial: The origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine. We believe the Vatican and Britain and Germany and Islam saw World War 1 and 2 as a scenario that would make the world despise Israel even though Israel is finally receiving what is rightfully theirs. Lutzer hates Israel and wants partnership with Islam to create the intended program of Jesuit-Muslim-Kabbalah splitting Jerusalem to sound like the devil’s Antichrist program. They want a mass of problems in Israel until God “miraculously” saves “all of Israel” after supposedly most of them are dead having been hunted down because the “whole world” hates them for what the Vatican is doing there. We made this case in Argument #9.


This is the process of the New World Order – segregated society ruled by their own bullies who already work together through the Freemason organizations who will then be (already are secretly) under the authority of the Vatican. Lutzer and the Jesuits know that intermyth dialogue will fail between Islam, Protestant Christianity, and Jewish Kabbalah. The Jesuits want this to escalate into an American civil war and Middle East conflict to eradicate the “extremists” out of each religion. That has long been predicted – most recently in a 2017 speech with Saudi Arabia King Salman and Jesuit Donald Trump (and fifty other Muslim states) when they signed their $110 Billion military contract to fund the psychological operations that they hope could bring this about. They promised together to eradicate “extremists” from communities, then cities, then regions, then the earth. And Trump is now trying to promise the Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock mosque on it to the Saudis, as if Trump owned it or spoke on behalf of Israel. Actually, it is because they believe that the Antichrist will be Muslim as Lutzer says, that they think they should hand Jerusalem to Islam. This eradication of “extremists” was predicted as part of the Road Map to Peace document and by General Albert Pike (Jesuit designer of Ku Klux Klan and chief apologist for Freemasonry Morals and Dogma who admitted they serve Lucifer, not God). It was predicted by Nazi rocket-scientist Werner Von Braun who helped build NASA to fight aliens (by which they mean God and His angels) that spawned the new 2020 space military branch and satellite surveillance programs.


Lutzer attempts to make Muslims and Nazis as victims of “Judeo-Christian” oppression setting rhetoric for a Middle East fight between the sides as if it is the battle of Armageddon in Ezekiel 28, 29 which Lutzer seems willing to place in the immediate future without a rapture first – as his friend Joel Rosenberg also teaches (also Gordon Robertson preached through Jerusalem - In Our Hands). Lutzer has a lengthy assembly of descriptions of “fundamentalists” which he and others carefully arranged to describe Muslim extremists that sound a lot like an attempt to make real Christians sound equally dominant and strict in our beliefs (which we might be dominant and strict on ourselves, but we are not forcing it on the world). God did not force the secular nations of the world to come to the Temple Mount for sacrifices or follow Israel’s laws or impose death penalty on the crimes that God does. God ONLY required it of the nation of Israel that made a covenant with God that they would follow everything He told them to. That is also why non-Catholics in America are not imposing our Kingdom of God relationship on the rest of our country, and certainly not on the rest of the world. But chief Jesuits John MacArthur and Erwin Lutzer and Donald Trump would like to pretend that Christians do this world domination game when it is just Jesuits like themselves who serve the Catholic powers. Lutzer and MacArthur are identical operatives in the Jesuit program. We have also written 42 indictments against John MacArthur for similar reasons.


The current deceptive “peace” is not likely to be successful in America, but they will clearly retry it on a world scale at the time of the Tribulation Antichrist treaty for seven years. But it will be a Catholic taqiyya (to use Lutzer’s explanation of Muslim tactics learned from the Vatican), that will then give way to forced Anti-christ religion in the second half after he breaks the treaty with Israel three and a half years into the New World Order program. So basically, the fact that Lutzer is promoting the idea that Christians should match tactic for tactic with Muslims and actually provides Muslim Brotherhood’s and other lists of tactics shows Lutzer’s real intent as we showed in the last Argument #16. In fact, this suggests another scenario instead where America becomes a giant debate class for intermyth dialogue of those who want to defend their beliefs. That could be extremely stressful but it would be better than what the Jesuits are planning. Another scenario would involve that intermyth dialogue mostly attracts the “extremists” to America, in which case the United Nations would move out to its second largest headquarters in Switzerland presumably and carry on the interreligious dialogue there. Another scenario could involve Jews being kicked out of America to resettle their land with more of the Trans-Jordan territory being given back to Israel and Islam is proven to have stolen the territory on behalf of the Vatican games so that Jerusalem is given back to Israel and Islam’s headquarters remain in Saudi Arabia instead of Jerusalem. If Lutzer cared at all about Israel, he would try to get Transjordan back for Israel as well as help reconcile the history and differences with facts that he no doubt has access to. By supporting the Jesuits, Lutzer attempts to keep permanent divide between Christians and Israel by supporting the Catholic saboteurs that he knows are ruining and plotting Israel’s destruction. Lutzer promotes giving the Vatican authority over Jerusalem. Lutzer wants Islam to attack America in response to the “Judeo-Christian” assaults in Afghanistan, Iraq, Judea and Samaria, Egypt, Libya, Iran… you get the point – as if these were religious wars to conquer Muslims. That is exactly how George W. Bush and Donald Trump (who both pretend to represent Evangelicals but were not put into office by us at all – but rather by their Freemason and Jesuit friends and terror cells throughout the country) have tried to frame the wars. It’s all Jesuit international propaganda games to make the world hate the “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth ”Popecrazy” march which isn’t being done by Christians at all, but rather by the counterfeit “kingdom of God” in Rome as they have always done. Lutzer then wants the Freemason Kabbalists and 7-Mountain satanism Lausanne of “Judeo-Christianity” to then use reversed victim-hood while the Jesuits disappear again as they always do since the 1700’s – read their history. It’s that or else they turn into chameleons and they switch to the winning side.


Lutzer says that no “False Christs” could require the ultimate (human) sacrifice, but that Jesus Christ requires the ultimate (human) sacrifice. Lutzer says that when faced with death, Peter slept knowing that for him, death would be gain as a way of saying “rest in peace”. Lutzer adds that Jesus handed Himself over to his arrestors suggesting that we do the same! Lutzer really hates non-Catholics. And so Lutzer tells us to prepare to die under Islam with the Jesuits, but as you can see, he is nervous that his followers are not ready. This perhaps shows that we have the ability to reach many souls for truth and Jesus out of the young people they thought would follow them to death. But the Jesuit Nazis should be aware that God does require criminal justice even if the Jesuits don’t want Him to. At least in the Tribulation, God will judge those who led into captivity by sending them into captivity and those who killed with the sword by killing them with the sword. We must warn anyone who would serve the untrustworthy system of the devil that it does not work and that they are vulnerable to God’s judgments. To our friends who love Jesus, we say – Preach the gospel! Be ready in season and out of season. Rebuke, exhort, and teach with all longsuffering. To our friends who do not have a relationship covenant with Jesus, we have written a gospel presentation at the end of this document that may interest you. It is there for you, if you know about God and want to see why we love God and why we trust Him alone for everything. This is the only actual third-party option. It is the only party not controlled by the devil – as the powerful “illusion of choice” options are.


After the emperor visited the church, he rode back to his palace to say goodbye to his household. Then he rode away into battle, and was never seen again.” (Shadow Crescent Page 45) That’s Lutzer. The Jesuits do the same thing, except that you’re probably assuming that the “was never seen again” meant he died. Actually, that’s often not how that works – they just abandon you and disappear. They might even fake their death; this happens constantly in America and around the world with top leaders – you would be shocked. But outwardly they pretend to be in our predicament or else pretend to be forced to make leadership decisions that are “so difficult for them” when in reality, they rigged the situation to control us – “Persecution always divides the sheep from the goats; it either drives people into the arms of God or abandons them to their just fate. God was doing more in Nazi Germany than we will ever realize.“ (Hitler’s Cross Page 65) The “arms of God” is Lutzer’s euphemism for the Catholic Church. FEMA clergy regularly use other religious material to identify with their victims before they are herded in whatever direction the rulers see fit. Lutzer shows himself quite capable in this regard. “Muhammad himself taught that Abraham was actually a Muslim rather than a Jew (Sura 3:67). In the Quran, it is said the disciples identified themselves as Muslims (Sura 3:52; 5:111). Because Islam would ultimately triumph over all other religions (Sura 48:28)” (Shadow Crescent Page 68) And since Israel is the primary target, they just try to curse them in any way possible. Like for example, right now they are trying to force Saudi rule over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. ”Talk to Jewish people today, and many of them will tell you that there are no advantages to being chosen. The non-chosen, for all of their trials, have appeared to be more blessed. The chosen appear to be the cursed. With the honor of being singled out by God for blessing has come centuries of tears and persecution. And, as we shall see, there is more to come.” (Hitler’s Cross Page 100) “SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT        Let’s back up for a moment and get some historical context: In the seventh century, Muslim invaders entered the Holy Land unprovoked to capture Christian lands. First they conquered Syria. Then, because the Holy Land was largely unprotected, the Muslim forces were able to capture it without much resistance.” (Shadow Crescent Page 101) Nope! If Lutzer were trying to give some historical context, he would show Israel in their land. Catholics do the same thing we showed the Muslims are doing – claiming all territory as theirs under “God”. So instead of helping Israelis, Lutzer is trying to have the Catholics replace Israel in their own land as if the kingdom belongs to Rome – leading Israel into serious traps. This shows very clearly that Lutzer approves of the ideas of fellow Jesuit Donald Trump trying to place Vatican authority over a divided Jerusalem. Furthermore, Lutzer defends the reputation of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR and CRUSADERS!! We humbly confess that those soldiers who, under the banner of the cross, violated the principles that were to be upheld by the Crusaders ended up besmirching the name of Christ. Today rightly or wrongly, Muslims still point to their wanton behavior as the reason for modern-day terrorist acts against ‘Christian’ Westerners. (Shadow Crescent Page 102); (Shadow Crescent Page 144); (Hitler’s Cross Page 122-123); (Hitler’s Cross Page 70); (God’s Devil Page 228-229); (Shadow Crescent Page 120); (Hitler’s Cross Page 24); (Shadow Crescent Page 51); (God’s Devil Page 209); (God’s Devil Page 14); (Hitler’s Cross Page 203); (Hitler’s Cross Page 110); (God’s Devil Page 92); (God’s Devil Page 91); (God’s Devil Page 89-90); (Hitler’s Cross Page 174); (God’s Devil Page 213-214); (God’s Devil Page 60); Daniel 2:45; Revelation 6:12-17; (God’s Devil Pg 99); (God’s Devil Page 93); (God’s Devil Page 103); (God’s Devil Page 82); (God’s Devil Page 102); (Shadow Crescent Page 164); (God’s Devil Page 113-117); (Hitler’s Cross Page 257); (God’s Devil Page 188); (Hitler’s Cross Page 22); (Hitler’s Cross page 169); (Hitler’s Cross Page 256); (Shadow Crescent Page 72); (God’s Devil Page 167); (God’s Devil Page 132)

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Argument #18: Jesuit Law/Philosophy Doctor Erwin Lutzer explains his plan to 1. exploit “loopholes” in election of saints to have the people of God commit the worst crimes in all of history and 2. plead partial ignorance/ partial insanity for the devil and his followers and accuse God of misusing His omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence for His own selfish pride instead of helping solve evil. Lutzer says the only reasons Lucifer cannot repent is God chose not to provide atonement and will not work on Lucifer’s heart to lead him to repentance. Lutzer hopes this will alert all of the top angels and Michael – whom Lutzer believes to be the top angel – to fight God to keep Him from becoming the Celestial Dictator that Lutzer wants to see Him as. Lutzifer speaks several times about Satan’s chances to “topple Christ from His Throne and throw His crown to the ground” saying that the “war is winnable”. Lutzer says that it is only because Satan is locked up and cannot tell his side of the story that Jesus could rule at all. Lutzer quotes Lausanne Jesuit leader Os Guiness saying that all of the problems of the world are in the “church” first. Lutzer says a “fight” is inseparable from “faith” as if to say that all wars are caused by religion as all “atheist”/satanists use to accuse God. Lutzer looks forward to the “Gotterdammerung – twilight of the gods” in which he teases that “Christ will set the record straight” and that Krishna and Muhammad will rewrite their religion to say that “Jesus is Lord”. They were evil and rebellious – not ignorant – so they will not repent. But really Lutzer thinks that everyone will see God demanding “worship” that He didn’t earn and thinks everyone will hate Him and attack Jerusalem to stop Jesus whom Lutzer thinks will reign as “Antichrist” as a “Muslim” against His Jewish brothers. Lutzer says the devil’s role in God’s book of Revelation is a charade, so Lutzer implies that the devil will abandon that plan. And Lutzer implies that it is really the humans who are “covered” under the cross that can overthrow God by doing the worst evil in the world as if on behalf of God. Lutzer then believes God would be forced to acquit everyone – even the devil – to save face.


Lutzer says the devil will actually “succeed“ in creating religious unity, and blames Christians for creating havoc and then blames God for not allowing anyone but Jesus to rule and therefore shattering the peace by Middle East conflict. This is why Lutzer wants Armageddon before rather than after the rapture. This is how Lutzer explains the abomination of desolation in the temple – Jesus as a Muslim ruling in there and chasing the Jews out of Israel and sending the devil to hunt them down almost to extinction but then leaves a small remnant protected. And Lutzer believes this forces many Jews to become Catholics during the Tribulation – to which he attributes most of the “conversions” during the Tribulation, but believes they must die for Christ after being saved. Lutzer avoids noticing any internal conflicts in the devil’s system of rule. Lutzer believes the devil will obtain religious unity by the same miraculous powers that Jesus had – making the Antichrist sound like it is actually Jesus. Lutzer proposes assassinating the Antichrist to force God to protect him thereby blaming God for the Antichrist and acquitting the devil of blame since Lutzer believes the devil is just forced by God to do His bidding. Lutzer makes God responsible for all “self-will”, choice, free-will, and pride which he says is the root of all evil and of all sins of the flesh and of the devil’s and Adam and Eve’s falls into sin. Lutzer says that God wanted it this way so the devil and humans would make their “futile” attempts at being “god” and trying to rule ourselves, and then crush all actual “success” like the devil’s supposed “success” in the first half of the Tribulation. Then God will prove that He alone is fit to “rule in the affairs of men”. Lutzer plays victim while being the abuser and tries to say that anyone who questions his authority or Catholic “church” authority is in rebellion against God and doing the work of the devil.


Lutzer makes right and wrong a “sickness” of the mind – making Jesus the worst mind-virus of all as Jesuit Loren Cunningham of 7-mountain satanism says about Jesus. Therefore Lutzer says that all sins would still exist even if the devil were locked in Hell as he will be during Christ’s reign on earth. And Lutzer says God will use that to verify that humans are incapable of good without God, which Lutzer sees as built-in obsolescence. Lutzer says Satan gets blamed for not just his own decisions but for every evil that came afterward.  Lutzer says that both sides are recruiting and that “whether we choose the winner or the loser will determine our destiny. For we will get to spend eternity with the God we love and serve”. Lutzer follows that with “The drama has only begun” as saying that the battle is shaping up and it is difficult to say which humans or “gods” will win. But Lutzer repeatedly says that God will have all eternity to set the record straight, presumably Lutzer believes that will only be to his small band of followers, since Lutzer says he gives the Kingdom to the “little flock”. Lutzer preaches the Muslim concept that each person should be responsible for his own good and bad. And Lutzer preaches the concept of every individual being his own redeemer and judge. Lutzer also preaches the idea of being judged only for one’s own deeds and not any of the after effects and implies that the Muslim belief of each man’s individual deeds being weighed good and bad by the devil’s system/ standard is more fair than God’s justice.


We start by quoting another prominent FEMA clergy, Lausanne Vatican director, and Jesuit “evangelist” for the Pope by the name of Billy Graham. Graham was Lutzer’s hero and Lutzer imitated his preaching since Lutzer was a child, so this is an appropriate segway into our final case. Graham said, “You’re born. You suffer. You die. Fortunately there’s a loophole.”

(God’s Devil Page 218); (God’s Devil Page 183); (Hitler’s Cross Page 66); (God’s Devil Page 28); (Hitler’s Cross Page 21); (God’s Devil Page 24); (God’s Devil Page 125); (God’s Devil Page 203); (Shadow Crescent Page 147); (God’s Devil Page 148); (God’s Devil Page 215); (God’s Devil Page 168-169); (Shadow Crescent Page 227); (God’s Devil Page 218); (God’s Devil Page 223); (God’s Devil Page 107-108); Proverbs 28:10; Proverbs 16:7; 2 Timothy 3:8-9; Philippians 1:27-30; Psalm 34:7; Proverbs 3:25; (God’s Devil Pages 178-182); (God’s Devil Page 189); (God’s Devil Page 191-192); (Hitler’s Cross Page 238); (Hitler’s Cross Page 222-223); (Shadow Crescent Page 219); (Shadow Crescent Page 133); (Shadow Crescent Page 187); (God’s Devil Page 223-224); (God’s Devil Page 219); Hitler’s Page 232); (Hitler’s Cross Page 70); (God’s Devil Page 34); (Shadow Crescent Page 38); (Shadow Crescent Page 217); (Shadow Crescent Page 228); (God’s Devil Page 235-236); (God’s Devil Page 237-238); (God’s Devil Page 113); (God’s Devil Page 209); (God’s Devil Page 228-229); (Hitler’s Cross Page 196 – quoting Helmut Thielicke); (God’s Devil Page 230); (God’s Devil Page 154); (God’s Devil Page 61); (Shadow Crescent Page 52); (Shadow Crescent Page 37); (Shadow Crescent Page 221); (Shadow Crescent Page 106-108); (God’s Devil Page 56); (God’s Devil Page 35)

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Lutzer hopes there might be a possibility that judgment is not inevitable. He even says at one point that God postponed the inevitable judgment implying that maybe it’s not real. So he hopes the “devilish” side of politics can accomplish what the “religious” side of politics has not. But he also knows that it is all excuses for why he chose to side with the actual devil in accusing God and creating enough chaos to force his version of “god” to become the “devil” that Lutzer imagines is worse than his own plans. And both are merely charades for now. But if Lutzer helps the devil “succeed” in establishing totalitarian control over the world hidden by the disguise of “democracy” and “self-will”, then he will unfortunately see what his rulers in the Vatican really are like and how the devil really acts when he thinks he can replace “God” by murder and put himself as the lawless dictator leading an evil “oligarchy” disguised as “what the people really want.” The desires of the people will not be an excuse for Erwin Lutzer when he stands before God to account for the murders of Israelis and Christians that he has planned the Jesuit motive-laundering scheme for.


When Jesus returns, is this really what Lutzer imagines it will be like? No. He knows God is good. Lutzer just wishes he could still commit sin in God’s Kingdom. Lutzer doesn’t know the gospel. The gospel does not allow us to go on sinning after we decide to die to sin and live in spiritual life and anticipating of future physical resurrection from the dead to be alive with Christ forever. The gospel is actually very good; as good and perfect as God’s original creation design was; as good and perfect as God is. God will again recreate the Heavens and the earth in which righteousness ONLY will dwell. And God will live among us and we will be His people and never have to experience the turmoil of this world again. And then the peace and rest that we all long for will be good. Even now, God give us rest in our heart knowing what we look forward to and knowing what should be. And it does not require war as a prerequisite to accomplish it. It is humans whom God has allowed to rule the earth, who will require rebellion and war against God, which will only go so far. And Jesus will start its downfall by judging very precisely the kings and rulers who are causing the worst oppression against human ability to decide which kingdom they want to serve. God very carefully works those details and responses through specific judgments to shut down all false gods and to allow the gospel to go to the ends of the earth. And as evil-doers become worse and worse during that short 3 1/2 year span, God will judge them more harshly until they determined whether they will choose sin in spite of its consequences or if they will repent. As Jesus said, And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14


So let’s figure out how we can do that, rather than how we could potentially die under Islam. Let’s figure out how to get ministers of the gospel to reach out to and love our friends in Israel and the whole world. Let’s make sure we are not assisting the counterfeit kingdom-of-god-building that most missions organizations are doing. Let’s figure out together how to not hand our authority to Rome in any way out there in the mission field, so that there is a clear distinction between the two opposing kingdoms. God’s kingdom, He said is in our hearts. And the reason it needs to be in our hearts is because we chose sin and wanted to be ruled by it, thinking it would be freedom. But God talks to every sinner and warns us about what we are doing that is sinful and hurts others and destroys the earth slowly (sometimes rapidly). Every lie has more consequences than Erwin Lutzer would rather admit. Every disregard of God in our decisions has far-reaching effects on the people around us. Each sinner’s spiritual inertia that causes them to keep pursuing sin until it hurts too much. Obviously murder, immorality, theft, and idolatry have created some of the biggest oppressive empires, but they also hurt us when we choose to do even the lesser forms of these sins – hostility, crude jokes, deceptive financial dealings, and creating false ideas of what we want God to be in our mind rather than on stone or metal. And our heart decisions are far more important than this – the anger behind the hostility, the lustful thoughts behind the crude comments, the covetous and greedy heart that wants to steal, and the heart that wants to sin and get away with sin with no consequences.


Every human has disregarded God and righteousness in many ways. We have all desired to do our own thing and choose what we want without interest to what God says is right and wrong. That is the condition of having to learn the knowledge of good and evil, a path we did not have to choose, but chose anyway. God teaches us, and that would have been a better way to avoid evil. But God wanted to give us real freedom to be what we choose with enough restraints to make sure that if we go toward sin, it is our own choice and not an accidental fall as Lutzer pretends. God hinders our sin at each major step in our thinking. He knows our thoughts and does try to arrange circumstances to persuade us to think and make better decisions. But at literally every turn as often as God’s hindrances are the demons’ (corrupt angels by their own choice) advices to be introduced to more evil. And people do this to us also. Sometimes children are born into families that do their worst attempt to force the children into evil. There are also “moral” families trying to look like good people, but if the parents are not persistent in learning what is right – if they are too passive and self-centered - the children have to learn through suffering under the hypocrisy to decide whether they will outgrow it. And there are actual godly families who do strictly teach their children what is right, so that when they see evil, they know to stay away from it. Eventually, we grow up with enough common sense and knowledge of right and wrong – having had to make our own decisions in the face of many temptations – to know what we choose and to know why we choose it. That determination to turn away from sin is the transition to either obeying the gospel or turning against it. Every time we encounter life decisions that would lead us into more or (preferably) less sin, we are choosing which direction our heart will go. God can interact all along the way and communicates amazingly with each human on an individual level right where we need to be considering things. Eventually, we must decide whether we will repent – turn away from – all of our sins and turn to Christ for salvation alone, since our own hearts would continue to lead us into sin. When we make that decision, God makes us choose to die to sin and be alive with a new spirit which is actually God dwelling in us. God will not dwell in someone who is not sure they want that. God does dwell in those who commit permanently – whatever the temporary cost or troubles may seem to be – to walk away from sin and be alive in Christ for all eternity through the power of Jesus’ substitute, so we do not have to die for our own sins. And that is what would otherwise happen. Every sin brings death, even the “lesser” ones. God cannot have sinful hearts in Heaven. Heaven would become corrupted like earth and the whole cycle would be worse than before. So God limited the sin to earth and limited our lives to a maximum of 120 years (after the flood this was announced) to choose whether we will love and serve Christ and His righteousness first, or if we will always want what we want as Lutzer has done. Each person gets to make that choice with plenty of room to decide for themselves – other than when children die. God rescues the children because many were too young to have made those decisions yet and God knows which ones chose evil and which ones did not. God is fair and just and is absolutely the best Judge to have on the case. And it is that healthy fear of knowing that we must be judged rightly for our decisions that should lead us to repentance. Because God is patient – long-suffering – not willing that any would perish but that all should come to repentance.


There is only ONE way to be saved – there are many ways that lead to destruction. The Scriptures say that a man thinks he knows his own way, but in the end it brings death. And after death comes judgment. We rightfully deserve that judgment in hell forever after we have pursued our own designs for sin. We can never be holy or good ever again by our own ability. It literally is impossible. There is no ability to throw “good” deeds up to Heaven onto the “good” side of God’s balanced scales as Lutzer tried to preach from the Quran. When you commit a sin, it cannot never be revoked again. That action is not reversible in time, as everyone knows in spite of all of the comedy about time-travel and imagination. Doing a good deed afterward is good, and helpful if it reconciles with the people who were affected by the sins. But it still doesn’t undo anything from the past. That is in the realm of eternal judgment at that point since these are all sins against God who is good – and God sees and knows the secondary offenses that were caused by all of our decisions. We chose to commit those sins knowing that they were wrong, and only God can forgive them, because He is the only One who is righteous against whom we will be judged. We will not be judged by any man or woman or by any human standard of thinking. Only God sees and knows all of the secret sins we choose that we thought were no big deal. And there are SO many of those in each of our lives. If you could only see the long-range effects of sin, it is actually an interesting science. Some people love giving approval to others to commit the same sins they do. Some just commit all kinds of sins and don’t care about it, which causes others to pretend they don’t have to care either. Some people commit sins and try to lie to hide all of them and pretend to force God to accept them as “good”. Actually that describes most people. Some people commit sins openly as if it were a God-given right to do whatever they want or feel because they reject Christ. Some people, like Lutzer, make as many reasons for why sins can be committed as humanly possible. And some humans desire to think and love like Christ does and put an end to sins. Jesus said that when His Holy Spirit would come – after He went back to Heaven – that Spirit would convict the world of sin, or righteousness, and of judgment. Of sin, because those who keep committing sins show they do not know Jesus and do not care about what is right. Of righteousness, because Jesus had to go back to Heaven to prepare a place for His brothers and sisters who would choose to love righteousness also. And of judgment, because the devil is judged and it will be shown in time after all of the court case against him is completed.


So you may wonder why death itself isn’t the completion of sin. We have a soul that is inside our physical body – the invisible given by God and explained by the visible. Because the soul is eternal when God made it in His likeness, we will live forever in one of two places – both are in God’s kingdom. And by natural consequence of sin-choices, we cannot go where God dwells, because we would defile His home and it would become as corrupt as earth is. The opposite of God’s goodness would be the best way to describe Hell – if we choose the opposite of fellowship with God, we get the accumulation of all of those things – fear, darkness, torment, burning destruction that never ends because it responds to our corruption, agitated punishment, hate, abuse, and nothing but the memory of all that we chose that led to all of this. But if we choose eternal life in fellowship with God before we die, can give us a do-over in eternity – a new soul that loves God and can hear Him perfectly and humbly follow what is good as God Himself already does. God can put to death the old soul which chose sin and give us a new life by the power of His Holy Spirit. If we died, it would be just the consequences of the sin and death that we chose. Our heart is the problem, not the flesh. Our heart needs to be made new and cleansed by some spiritual means and we must be nourished by spiritual means. Physical death cannot do that. Nor can any other physical act. It requires a spiritual act – which Jesus did by taking sin on Himself in the flesh so that our spirit could be cleansed and washed by His death instead of ours.


Neither that death nor the sins of the world which He took on Himself could affect His Soul in any way since He is Righteous and He is God. God/Jesus cannot – or more accurately, will not – sin. So Jesus could not be conquered by all of the sin in the world and instead just proved His right to purchase us back from death by adoption covenant with Him so that He will redeem us from our sins. And He already has the right to rule the world by His virtue which was evidenced solidly by how He chose to live without sin (that is not an imaginary or mythical attribute that came along later). The people who saw and lived with Jesus will testify in God’s court about Jesus’ life and it will be shown that everything He did was perfect – that is how we should choose to live. But we literally cannot live righteous once our heart has chosen sin, we inherit the sinful nature of our parents and those around us all too easily. It’s a natural aspect of social community. So the only way to live right and do good is to be “saved” from our sin by Jesus taking away our sinful heart and giving us a new heart to desire truth. He does not do this without us deciding that we want to make that permanent decision. And by covenant, God deals with us as sons and daughters afterward. So he will discipline us and correct us and put us in scenarios and places to learn. God will also allow us to see more accurately what other people are doing to press us to decide between what is right and what is wrong. That requires the Word of God and diligent asking questions while reading God’s Word to see what God says about life and about us and about Who He is and how we can be like Him. Then one step at a time, one decision at a time our mind is renewed with better thinking and good thoughts. One progress at a time, we stop being sinful and are new people in Christ living like Christ – at least that’s what should be happening.


That is why the gospel is already reaching the furthest corners of the earth, because we now are able to love because Christ loved us first and taught us how. But of course the devil wants to mislabel it as empire-building since he does not want to see God as the rightful ruler over His creation. It takes a godly community to solve problems – no matter what the problem may be. That is something that the elite rulers fear because they will be caught for so many crimes if that ever comes together. The elites actually have tried to form lawless community to dominate the godly community that they know would naturally form around Christians. They have managed to keep us isolated and conditioned to not find each other. And there are so many false “Christians” who love to assert their own rightness and tell people what to do as if they are the standard. So the church has gotten confused and distracted. And almost all of the American “church” buildings are occupied by Freemason and Jesuit leadership. And many Christians who live in worldly passively controlled conditions are too comfortable to assist dealing with too many problems outside of their own. And people are mean to one another, so communication is broken down. And with technology and constant brainwashing from the abusers, it is hard to recognize where the problems are specifically. But even in the midst of all of the confusion, God still speaks with his quiet voice to us. And when necessary, as God will do during the Tribulation – God will do things to discredit the false gods that man makes both in thoughts and in forms or in worshiping existing created forms. God has ways of making clear that they are not gods and cannot help. And God has ways of showing which humans do not belong to God and cannot help. That is what we need desperately in the world. Honest, if difficult, conversations that slowly work out the most dangerous differences until an understanding appears as to where problems are coming from and why they are perpetuated. That will lead to righteousness, and some will leave the conversation along the way, but many will desire to hear more and seek God and seek truth alongside us. Let’s have those kinds of truthful conversations, friends. And if you can reach any of the cruel rulers on top and pressure them to concede guilt and find a way to repent and leave the evil program – do so. As Jesus said – on some have compassion – and on others snatch them out of the fire if they are willing so that they do not perish spiritually even if the sins they chose require physical consequences. That is how God gets the glory – saving sinners. And that is why Jesus came to earth to save sinners – not those who want to pretend to be right, but those who admit they need answers and need forgiveness and new life from God.


In much prayer

– the Team