Ed Cannon, Steve Mogck, Mark Wagner
(The Past 3 MBI Executive Vice Presidents (VPs)/Chief Operating Officers (COOs) and their reference base that helped them get on MBI's board top leadership.)



These three men have held one of the most effective and hidden positions within the Moody Global team – that of Executive Vice President AND Chief Operating Officer. However, each of their names came to our attention for completely different reasons – here it is in short. Then we’ll look at the links and sources that explain the type of business being directed by these men. And we prove it by their own actions and (in a few sources) even in their own words.

When we looked for Jesuit influence on the board of directors at the beginning of our research several months ago, we quickly noticed Mark Wagner because he is on the board of industry advisors for Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania. They are entirely directed by Jesuit principles for business, which is among the many reasons that Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump are also considered to be Jesuits (besides Trump’s attending the annual D.C. Jesuit banquet and many other similar facts). In fact, Wagner did a promotion for charity with Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice. They think enough alike to be able to work together on “charitable” causes. How can two (or many Jesuits) walk together unless they are agreed.

> https://www.restorembi.com/problems-at-Moody-Jesuits.htm

> https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/the-secrets-of-jesuit-leadership

Ed Cannon’s profile came into question when we saw his international level of positions with British Petroleum, Amoco, Standard Oil - all of which are largely directed by the elite Free-masonry Rockefeller family interests since their beginning. In addition to that, we discovered Cannon’s own admissions in an interview about participating in the oil companies’ big corporate cutting and financial directives at a very high level globally over many refineries and many employees. These are principles that are not compatible with ministry - a complaint which he admits to receiving from many at Moody when he again applied these principles to Moody Bible’s staff and ministry. This is an important question to our honorable friends at Moody – Is this how we want to see ministry conducted? This is how the world does things – they over-expand and then use the blur of largess to make cuts against honorable people who will not help build the profits and corrupt agendas that are destroying our world quite literally. As many faculty at Moody have already noted (in their joint letter especially), these directors also reward themselves nicely after they use their bully tactics to rise to the top – sometimes with large salary, sometimes with more business connections to more opportunities to do the same. And that’s how Cannon went from BP/Amoco to Moody Bible to Far East Broadcasting and is building up to a similar situation there.

> https://togetherla.net/stepping-away-included-prayer

Steve Mogck is one of the three MBI directors who resigned or retired in the midst of the November 2017-January 2018 re-shuffle. His career at Carlson Hotels/Country Inn and Suites is impressive and there are no outstanding complaints as there are with the other two men. However, that is because his mentor is his pastor from Wooddale Church, Leith Anderson, who is more skilled at secrecy in destroying the truth than most people are. We found this out by locating “the Memo: for the employees and retirees of Moody Bible Institute February 2012 issue. So for people who do not know who Leith Anderson is, here are a few starting facts: Leith was among the spiritual advisors to Barack Obama alongside Joel Hunter, T. D. Jakes, Lynne Hybels (Bill Hybels’ wife), Jim Wallis, Josh Dubois, and others. Leith was among evangelical clergy like Joel Hunter, Galen Carey, and Lisa Sharon Harper to help welcome Pope Francis on his first visit to America. He is a signer on the Common Word of fellowship between Muslim clerics and “Christian” clergy. How can anyone get saved by a false gospel or how do they expect promoting false gospels to help the people? It doesn’t; it hurts only. Anderson is working alongside Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary and Craig Williford of Trinity International University to find common agreement with the Mormon leadership in Utah. Both Fuller and Trinity have a strong under-current of false Rockefeller gospel directing their leaders. Anderson is also President of the National Association of Evangelicals (under the WEA which negotiates with the Pontifical Council for Promoting “Christian” Unity) starting from 2006 when Ted Haggard resigned because of disgusting sins and Anderson is credited with keeping this network from collapsing. He has remained President of NAE even after “retiring” from his church. Anderson is also a graduate of Moody Bible (unfortunately) and of Fuller Theological and Denver Seminary which does not even try to keep doctrinal accuracy on anything at all. Anderson was also interim president of Denver Seminary in 1999.

> https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=35965275&privcapId=4527552

Below we provide links and clips of articles and you can see what we are saying. But the very serious question involves their commonly held position of Chief Operating Officer at Moody Global Ministries.

* Ed Cannon was Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President from 2002- February 2011

* Steve Mogck was Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President from January 17,2012-January 10, 2018

* Mark Wagner began as interim Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Jan. 10, 2018
Wagner is a member of the board of trustees from February 2010 until the present and is currently in the Assistant Secretary position on the board and he is also on the presidential search committee.
This same thing happened in June 2008 as Michael Easley resigned with health complications (back injury), less than three years after he was appointed as president and Ed Cannon assumed the business affairs of President until 2009 when they found Paul Nyquist. Jerry Jenkins was chairman of the board of trustees at the time, and all of this transition was done while Jenkins took a large group of MBI employees to Israel, so that they were away during this transition.  https://www.identitynetwork.org/apps/articles/default.asp?articleid=46513&columnid

There have been a long sequence of these sneaky transitions. Here are several more of them:

Within a year of Cannon becoming COO/Exec. VP (this was six years before he took over the affairs of the office of president when Easley resigned; Stowell was still president at this point in time), they were shutting down Moody magazine, changing their aviation program to be a collaboration with several other organizations, shutting down bookstores, and other similar cuts.
Source: https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2003/februaryweb-only/2-24-21.0.html


Joseph Stowell announces his resignation in August 2004 from Presidency to be more involved in preaching and local church ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel. James MacDonald (pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel where Stowell’s two sons were already active) and Joseph Stowell  and Erwin Lutzer also all joined together with the local ecumenical pastors network starting in 2004 or 2005.
Source: https://graceconnect.us/stowell-resigns-moody-presidency/


Michael Easley chosen to be President a year after Stowell left. He was out of the country for a few weeks at the start of his tenure March 2005.
Source: https://www.christianpost.com/news/dr-easley-steps-in-as-new-president-of-moody-bible-institute-7414/


Paul Nyquist is selected to be president based on wanting to expand the borders of Moody’s influence and involvement in planting churches etc.

Source: https://articles.chicagotribune.com/2009-04-16/news/0904150448_1_christian-nation-christian-higher-education-9th


Jerry Jenkins is caught lying about his gambling and trying to secretly change employee policy in his favor by subtle bully tactics which eventually forced him to step down from being chairman of the board of trustees and then within the last month to step down from the board of trustees entirely. Many are still calling for Randy Fairfax to step down from the board also because of all of his extended efforts to hide the board of trustee decisions that were being made to cover for Jerry and other faculty and also for his lying and pretending that everything is happy and productive while he knows that there were major problems going on within the leadership teams.
Source: https://thewartburgwatch.com/2013/11/08/jerry-jenkins-apologizes-for-gambling-in-casinos/

Source: https://thebrokentwig.wixsite.com/snap/single-post/2018/05/14/Jerry-Jenkins-Resigns-from-Board


And most recently, the resignations of not just a president, but multiple people (including Paul Nyquist) from complications with the Chapman Center project and cutting faculty and shutting down the Spokane campus and ending the extension studies in Pasadena and dishonesty regarding the changes of rules and wandering atmosphere on campus and the failure to repay a significant loan and other mishandling of finances and self-interests and serious questions of sneaky professors introducing lies and contention at Moody campus and a whole bunch of other divisive tactics being employed at Moody, such as firing someone who is asking questions about such serious mishandling of the ministry.
Source: https://pulpitandpen.org/2018/01/10/moody-bible-institute-president-resigns-amidst-scandal/

Do you understand why Moody is able to have three Executive VP/COO’s like these three men? It’s because there is a powerful network at Moody Church and within the Moody Bible Institute fellowship that secretly directs decisions and knows that these men are willing to be the visible face to the new directives that will change/ruin Moody Bible Institute slowly to become corrupted in partnership with the network of Jesuits and Freemasons as most all of the other “Christian” seminaries, universities, and colleges already do.

So with our links below, we go in order of succession to that position of Exec VP/COO – Ed Cannon, then Steve Mogck, then Mark Wagner. So here are the visible leaders who appear to be making decisions for the future of our friends at Moody Bible Institute. Eventually, we are going to have to figure out who is secretly directing these decisions alongside these men. And until God’s people find who hired those evil men and put them in powerful leadership positions, they will do it again and again to MBI staff and MBI family seemingly without remedy. But there is a remedy if we follow God’s guidance and catch thieves and liars and scoffers like these men.



>> Ed Cannon

Ed Cannon’s bio from Far East Broadcasting Company

"Prior to joining FEBC, Ed spent 9 years at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago

as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and over 25 years within the oil industry, including progressive leadership positions with British Petroleum, Amoco and Standard Oil Company.

"Currently Ed serves on the Board of Directors for the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), Hands of Hope (an African Evangelical Relief Organization) and Revive Our Hearts."

Source: https://www.febc.org/about-us/leadership


This next interview (in two parts) is shocking, as it is literally Cannon in his own words explaining how he used Rockefeller oil industry business practices on Moody Bible Institute employees and now Far East Broadcasting Company employees.


Interview PART 1 (an excerpt from)

"Cannon explained that part of his job included finding overlap and discovering which organizations could be shut down, finding “efficiencies in operation and therefore fire people.”

It is at the height of this duty that his awakening came.

“I remember one time that I was in Germany, we had just announced a refinery there that we were consolidating (the careful word we were using),” he said. “About one-half of the refinery was going to be shut down and so a whole bunch of people were going to lose there jobs. After work that day I took a walk and I ended up stumbling across this soccer field out in the Black Forest and there were a bunch of little kids playing soccer, and I was watching and I realized that most of the people in the stands had these uniforms from the refinery.”

As Cannon watched the game and saw the parents in the stand he realized that “a bunch of them were going to lose their jobs and they were going to come home that night and tell a bunch of those cute little kids that night, ‘Well, mommy and daddy lost their jobs today.’”

That realization led to the following prayer, he said, “Lord, is this what you really want to do with my life? Is this really what you want me to do, is make a bunch of wealthy investors in New York and in London real wealthy because I’m increasing the profitability of this company? I don’t understand, if this is your will for my life I don’t get it, but whatever it is you want me to do, Lord, I am available, but I don’t want to have to guess. I really want you to hit me over the head with a baseball bat so hard that I know for sure that I am doing your will.”

Cannon continued, “I kinda heard from the Lord: be faithful in the small things I’m giving you and someday I’ll let you know what I’m going to do. So, I continued to be honest in trying to be a Christian in a difficult workplace.”

He said that during this same time period, he was living in Chicago and commuting around the world.

“My wife and I had been significantly impacted by the radio ministry of the Moody Bible Institute. She had actually become a believer some 25 years earlier by listening to a program on Moody Radio. I love Moody Radio, I was listening constantly.

At a board event he attended he was asked about his opinion on how money was being raised.

“Little did I know that the board was actually looking for sort of a business leader like me,” he said. “I didn’t realize they were sort of interviewing me for this position and I was just offering my input.”

After he was offered a job at Moody, which meant he would have to quit his job with BP, he said he went back to the prayer he prayed in Germany, telling God that “whatever you want me to do I’m happy to do, but I want you to hit me over the head with a baseball bat. I don’t want to have to guess.”

“So, here’s an organization that is essentially responsible for my wife hearing the gospel for the first time and for a significant portion of my spiritual growth, and they were asking me to help them,” he said.

Cannon added, “The Lord may never knock on your door again and ask you to do something. You can’t say ‘no’ to the Lord and expect Him to come back to you. I realized this is exactly the way I prayed and so I had to quit my job.”

He said he was probably a year away from retirement, vesting of stock options and guaranteed health benefits for life.

“It was pretty clear to me that the Lord was saying, ‘Ed, this is not about your retirement. You said you were willing to serve me and when I ask people to serve me, it’s not will you serve me with part of yourself,’ Cannon said.

“I realized that I had asked the Lord how I can help Him and He said this is how. You can’t say okay, well, I’m willing to do that on my terms. It has got to be on His terms.”

Interview by Alex Murashko "

Source: https://resourceglobal.org/blogs/interview-ed-cannon


Editor’s comment: God would not ask Ed Cannon to dedicate his life to restructuring and cutting ministry in the same way that corporate businesses operate, which ruins so many lives and the credibility of the church. Our conclusion is that the evil spirits he calls “Lord” convinced him to try to ruin a ministry that helps many people get saved and grow spiritually. In the next part of the interview, you see that his intention (and what he was invited on by Joseph Stowell to do) was to cut staff because he says that 85 percent of costs at Moody are salaries. Well, as the November faculty letter points out, they don’t cut much from their $200,000+ (and $300,000 now) salaries; they cut from the rest of the faculty and employees.


>> Interview PART 2 (an excerpt from)

"Corp Takeovers to Ministry Layoffs: Lord, Why Are You Asking Me To Do This (Again)?

After leaving a high-ranking job inside the oil industry, Ed Cannon thought he would never again have to be a part of facilitating massive employee layoffs as the result of corporate takeovers and mergers.

However, God had a different plan, said Cannon, who after working for British Petroleum went into full time ministry with the Moody Bible Institute before becoming the president and CEO of Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC).

“It was a really, really difficult time at Moody, mostly because the investment world changed after September 11 (terror attacks 2001), where the stock market basically cratered,” Cannon explained. “It cost a lot of non-profit organizations a lot of money and a lot of them were in real financial trouble.”

Moody specifically hired him for his business experience which led to his evaluation that the ministry was “woefully overspending” due primarily to the fact that 85 percent of its budget was tied into people’s salaries.

“You’ve got to keeps the lights on. You can’t shut the power off to the radio station because then you are out of business,” he said. “We laid off hundreds of people, and for me that’s what I was trying to avoid. You remember the soccer field story [Note: Read Part One of Cannon’s story].”

After his personal revelation, Cannon said he prayed: “Lord, why are you asking me to do this? I mean this is exactly what I didn’t want to do. And it’s interesting how the Lord said to me: ‘What do you think I was training you for? If you are going to serve me, you are going to have faith that I will train you in the things I wanted you to do. It’s not about you enjoying yourself, Ed. This is not about you going to Moody and having a great time hanging out with these pastors and preachers and radio celebrities. I expect you to work for me. I expect you to do hard work.’ That’s what I had to do.”

During the cuts, he said he received hate mail from people who said, “You’re an evil business guy for laying all these people off. This is a ministry, not a business. In ministry you don’t do these kinds of thing.”

In their eyes he was seen as “this evil, mean business guy, but we were losing $18 million a year.”  

After a difficult time for a couple of years, finances were righted and the organization was “back on solid footing.”

“We wrote some new strategies,” he said. “We were basically in the business of education, radio, and publishing. If you look at those three things today,  … they are all changing and in massive transition. We were sitting in an ocean with 40-foot waves all around us.”

He maintained his passion for international work which began to grow with BP. Then, he received a phone call that would lead to transitioning from Moody to FEBC."

Source: https://resourceglobal.org/blogs/2017/12/11/interview-with-ed-cannon-part-2

And this is Ed Cannon in 2011 after his tactics were being questioned and caught as being part of a bully culture to disallow honest believers from having positions of influence at Moody Bible. He was forced to resign so that Nyquist wouldn’t get caught in the middle of it also. Well, as of January this year, it caught up to Nyquist also. Notice that all of these evil people are trying to sound Christian while their lips practice deceit to destroy God’s work.
Source: https://www.moodyglobal.org/news/education/2011/leadership-transition/https://moodyaudio.com/person/ed-cannon




>> Steve Mogck


This is a Memo for the employees and retirees of Moody Bible Institute

issue February 2012

"... Get to know the new Chief Operating Officer Mogck previously served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Midscale Hotel Division for Carlson Hotels in Minnetonka, Minn.
Moody’s new Chief Operating Officer, Steve Mogck, has always been actively involved in serving at his church, but the Lord had bigger plans for him and his family. “The Lord put it on my heart and my wife’s heart for some time that we were eventually going to end up in some form of gospel ministry, but about a year ago we felt a clear calling to start seeking that opportunity in earnest. We prayed fervently about this and the Lord’s answer was Moody,” said Mogck. Thanks to his pastors, Fred McCormick and recently retired Moody Alum Leith Anderson, Steve’s home congregation in Minnesota is well aware of Moody’s storied history and strong reputation. >>>>>> Continued on page 4..."

"As he becomes familiar with Moody’s ministries, he is eager to apply his skills to spread the gospel. “With the recent completion of the strategic plan for Moody, it is a very exciting time to join the organization and be a part of the team that turns the vision into a reality,” Mogck added. One of the aspects of his role that he enjoys most is leading teams in the development and execution of plans to accomplish goals. “Moody’s vision and strategic direction inspires me, and I am encouraged to see the high engagement and devotion of Moody’s current executive leadership and their teams. Engagement is a cornerstone to accomplishing major objectives, so the organization is in a good place to start the hard work of bringing the strategy to life,” said Mogck. In 2012, Mogck’s connection with Moody will become even closer as his son has decided to pursue fulltime ministry and will be attending Moody in the fall. Mogck’s two younger daughters and his wife will make their official move to the Chicagoland area after the school year ends and they sell their home in Minnesota...

Source: https://portal.moody.edu/globalassets/portal-assets/portal/files/thememo/2012/thememo_february20121.pdf


This next quote is a short bio on Leith Anderson from the National Association of Evangelicals – an organization built to push faithful believers under leadership of evangelical organizations and then run those organizations toward reuniting with Vatican demands under the direction of the World Evangelical Alliance (formerly World Evangelical Fellowship):
Leith Anderson has been president of the National Association of Evangelicals since 2006, and was the senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, for 35 years. He regularly teaches in seminaries, addresses evangelical concerns with elected officials, and provides theological and cultural commentary to leading news outlets. He has been published in many periodicals and has written over 20 books. Anderson has a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Bradley University and Denver Seminary."

Source: https://www.nae.net/about-nae/leadership/

Anderson is a signer on the “Christian” side of the "Common Word Between Us" (Muslim and Christian supposed unity) along with Fuller Theological as an institution(where he got his doctorate) and with Richard Mouw and 13 influential faculty from Fuller Theological. Remember that Fuller Theological Seminary is directly Rockefeller funded to push their false gospel toward one-world religion and overthrow initiatives against honest believers and ministries.
Source: https://faith.yale.edu/common-word/common-word-christian-response

Source: https://archive.constantcontact.com/fs018/1102797716062/archive/1105420196806.html

Anderson, Mouw, and Williford meeting with representatives of the Mormon church looking for common interests.

Source: https://www.christianpost.com/news/evangelicals-mormon-search-for-common-ground-in-utah-49351/


Anderson, Hunter, Carey, Harper welcoming Pope Francis to America. If you study Revelation 17, you know that the devil is actively bringing all of the world’s religions under the Vatican directives as they can. The events of the last 70 years also shows enormous progress toward that end goal.
Source: https://feasite.org/node/2288


Leith Anderson’s partnership with Emergent Church and various other leaders of corrupt American “Christianity”

Source: https://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/wooddale.htm




>> Mark Wagner


"Trustees | Moody Bible Institute

T. Randall Fairfax (Chairman) Richard E. Warren (Vice ChairmanThomas S. Fortson (Secretary) Mark A. Wagner (Assistant Secretary) J. Paul Nyquist (President) Christopher (Kit) W. Denison. Orbelina Eguizabal E. Professor of Christian Education, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. Manuel J. Gutierrez..."
Source: https://www.moody.edu/about/our-leadership/trustees


Wagner also serves on the Industry Advisory Board for the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, the Moody Bible Institute Board of Trustees and the Ravinia Board of Trustees.
Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/mark-a-wagner


Mark Wagner - President of Business Operations, Walgreen Co. 

Source: https://bakerretail.wharton.upenn.edu/industry-advisory-board/


The Jesuit Business secrets used by Wharton – from their own website
Source: https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/the-secrets-of-jesuit-leadership/


Trump and Wagner

Source: https://news.walgreens.com/press-releases/general-news/walgreens-and-the-celebrity-apprentice-shine-national-spotlight-on-walking-program-and-its-health-benefits.htm


Articles showing Wagner’s other business principles:

Source: https://wyomingmemory.org/free-essays/walgreens-strategic-analysis-116/


We included this link, but Walgreens has then deleted the information from the page, so we’ll just share it from our copy  -

> Beginning the Next Chapter

"Going global presents great opportunities for all of us, and we’re already seeing the benefits of the partnership. We’ll have an unparalleled portfolio of retail and business brands, including the legendary Boots No7 line of beauty products, which customers at select stores and online already love. Together, we will have a network of more than 11,000* stores in 10* countries, giving us a tremendous opportunity to extend our best in health and wellbeing services to our customers across our network. We’ve forged the world’s largest pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution network with more than 370* distribution centers, which means we can expand the supply and address the rising cost of prescription drugs in America and worldwide.

To continue to drive profitable growth, we are launching our Next Chapter plan to maximize the scope and scale of our new combined company to drive long-term value for our customers, employees and shareholders. Through the plan, we will accelerate core business performance by providing:




A differentiated retail experience that transforms the retail model for health and wellness and changes the way women shop for beauty


Integrated pharmacy and health care that advance the role of pharmacists and provide access to innovative healthcare services




Global pharmaceutical services that reinvent the pharmaceutical value chain and deliver a seamless specialty pharmacy model

With the plan, the combined company is establishing goals for fiscal 2016 to generate revenue of between $126 billion and $130 billion and adjusted earnings per share of $4.25 to $4.60. The combined company also anticipates exceeding the previously established $1 billion synergy goal.

As we launch our global plan, we are more focused than ever on what it will take to compete and succeed in the U.S. Consumers have more choices. Healthcare customers and clients are focused on lowering the costs of care, while improving the quality of delivery, making reimbursement an ongoing challenge. We are uniquely positioned to be a leader and a champion for accessible, affordable health care and wellbeing, and that means continuing to innovate, to find new ways to be as efficient as possible and more agile and nimble, as we compete both here and in the worldwide market.

So today we’re accelerating a multi-faceted, companywide cost-reduction initiative aimed at achieving $1 billion in efficiencies over three years. The effort will include corporate, field and store-level cost reductions in addition to the benefits of cost synergies from consolidation across Walgreens, Alliance Healthcare and Boots.

I have asked Alex Gourlay and Mark Wagner to lead this initiative for Walgreens, and as we make these important decisions you have my promise we will communicate openly and as completely as possible about the impact of these changes.

Finally, the board also approved a new capital allocation policy designed to ensure a balanced and disciplined approach to capital intended to drive business growth and generate strong returns, while returning cash to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases over the long term and ensuring investment grade credit ratings. The plan targets a 30 to 35 percent long-term dividend payout ratio and a new $3 billion share repurchase authorization though fiscal 2016.

Source: https://investor.walgreensbootsalliance.com/secfiling.cfm?filingid=1193125-14-298542&cik=104207


If you read the entire post, you will see that Mr. Tamarit thought that Wagner would be among those who would have a solution and that he would not keep facilitating the bully culture and corrupt business practices that were being employed.
Source: https://www.change.org/p/everyone-hold-walgreens-accountable-for-unethical-business-decisions


But as you can see here, Mark was recognized as operations executive of the year in January 2013 in the middle of all of this stuff that Mr. Tamarit and others are pointing out about Walgreens:

Source: https://www.chaindrugreview.com/walgreens-wagner-named-operations-exec-of-year/


"Mark A. Wagner

President – Business Operations

Mark Wagner is president of operations and community management for Walgreens, based in Deerfield, Ill. In this position he is responsible for bringing together all Walgreens services in markets and communities across the country. He also oversees Walgreens real estate, construction and facilities as well as the company’s supply chain and distribution.

Wagner joined Walgreens in 1977 as a service clerk and, after managing several stores, was promoted to district manager in 1993. He was operational vice president and served as company treasurer before being named senior vice president of store operations in 2002 and executive vice president of store operations in 2006. In September 2010, he was named to his current position.

Wagner serves on the board of directors for Junior Achievement of Chicago, Inc. He is also a board member for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce's disability works initiative, which aims to have companies hire more people with disabilities. Wagner also serves on the Industry Advisory Board for the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, the Moody Bible Institute Board of Trustees and the Ravinia Board of Trustees.

Wagner earned a B.S. in marketing from Northern Kentucky University in 1985 and an M.B.A. from Western New England College, Springfield, Mass., in 1993."

Source: https://investor.walgreensbootsalliance.com/leadership-team/mark-wagner


As we see in Jude, 2 Peter, 2 Timothy 3, God’s Word teaches that false teachers use ministry as a means to gain wealth. These evil men hope they can change Moody into a money machine for them. God’s Word calls them idolaters. The love of money is an abomination to God. An evil tree cannot produce good fruit. Mark Wagner is using his business interests to help the team that is in charge of choosing the next president, who – if things keep progressing as they have been for the last forty or more years – will just be another voice for the corrupt bosses behind the scenes. This is why Moody Bible trustees would be willing to use a corporate-minded executive search company, like The Dingman Company.


Part of Dingman Company’s description of their success involves working with Fortune 500 GLOBAL companies:

"... More than 200 organizations, from regional to global Fortune 500 companies, have benefited from The Dingman Company’s focused personal attention and proven matchmaking process..."


Their staff also includes David Gyertson. If you read his bio and have any knowledge of those “Christian” organizations for which he has been founding team-member, president, associate provost, dean, headmaster, senior fellow, board of trustees, then you can understand why we have no trust for this organization at all. Tim Bernstein and Bruce Dingman have their credibility from hanging around big corporate bosses in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and helping shuffle the money opportunities around to those in their corporate-based network. Donna White also represents Fuller Theological ideological interests to the firm. Why are we trusting this firm to locate something different from what we’ve already been having to deal with? Those who love money keep chasing money and looking at that as the priority. We need someone who focuses on ministry and knows how to focus on money only as it is useful for ministry. Otherwise, ministry at Moody gets overinflated with money which allows them to cut things that they want to cut that are of no interest to them in their agendas toward false religion.


-- Now for the concluding point. Why does MBI’s board of trustees keep selecting corporate business officers instead of Bible-guided leaders to direct business decisions at Moody?



Moody Bible Institute has formed a Presidential Search Committee to identify its next president and has appointed The Dingman Company as search consultants. The Moody Trustees are firmly committed to finding a proven leader who embraces Moody’s foundation in God’s Word, as well as our mission to take the gospel across the globe, cultures, and generations.


Pam MacRae, Faculty

William Thrasher, Faculty

David Lee, Alumni Board

Randy Fairfax, Trustee Board Chair

Rick Warren, Trustee Board Vice Chair

Tom Fortson, Trustee

James Meeks, Trustee

Juli Slattery, Trustee

Mark Wagner, Trustee"

Source https://www.moodyglobal.org/presidentialsearch/


Notice these names -many of them are part of the problem and are in position at this very moment to do more damage to Moody again.


Thank you for watching and praying.


The team at www.RestoreMBI.com