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If you haven’t read our research on the point-by-point comparison of identical problems caused by Jesuits at Moody’s schools in Northfield Mount Hermon and in Chicago @ Moody Bible Institute, see link below. The second important article there shows who C. S. Lewis Study Center and Catholic Thomas Aquinas College represent in Jesuit discussions.

Point-by-point comparison of identical problems at NMH and MBI


Short Northfield property report


Thorough Northfield Property Report


Bios of Jesuit faculty at Moody Bible Institute/Theological Seminary




1. Jesuits: Please try to grasp how destructive to faith each of these persons are. They studied at evil colleges and they promote evil programs. See our introductory explanations in either of the MBI-Jesuit-Faculty reports as to why these ecumenical and Jesuit partnerships are built into the education process of these individuals and why they chose to turn away from Christ and reject the Bible’s authority as the Word of God. The educational institutions are explained in our Concerns-on-academia report and many other reports, but we tried also to include some of those details along the way in this report. There are more details on many bios in the MBI-Jesuit-Faculty reports that we could not include here (too lengthy), but this retains the most offensive decisions and partnerships of Moody faculty and are fully backed by research that has taken right at six months. If the evidence is not provided in the links, search the key words – that is all that we did – besides our decades of listening/learning how these networks partner with Rome and the devil. We are calling for the removal of all of the faculty below and God will give wisdom to the Moody family to find faculty who do fear God and trust and obey His Word only.



Name [@ Jesuit education; ecumenical partners __ ecumenical partners]

- Education:

- Name: and Faculty Position at Moody

Jonathan Armstrong.jpg

Jonathan Armstrong [@ known Jesuit Fordham University; By his own admission is a leader in ecumenical Jesuit-led dialogue with leaders from 21 countries since 2011 for theological education __ Director of Moody’s Center for Global Theological Education (known as C-GATE) as a project of Vatican II Council Lausanne Consultation overthrow of Global Theological Education __ Director of Aqueduct Project through agreement between Moody’s Bryan O’Neal and several Lausanne interfaith directors (more in Bryan O’Neal bio) __ Armstrong was Research Assistant to Jesuit CIA agent Cardinal Avery Dulles S.J., who is nephew of CIA/OSS Director Allen Dulles who partnered with Harriman Brothers and Prescott Bush (George W.’s grandfather) in funding the Nazi war machine, stealing from Jewish families, hiding criminal activity, and smuggling out Nazis after World War 2 __ Besides the Ph.D., Avery Dulles helped Armstrong also get a special Grant from Fordham University to University of Erlanger-Nuremburg in the heart of Nazi history and a second special Grant for further study at Jesuit-led Oxford University Wycliffe Hall where Armstrong became a full-time theology faculty member in the year or two before coming to Moody Bible __ Possibly the connection that brought Jesuit C. S. Lewis Institute (partner of Ravi Zacharias’ program in Oxford Wycliffe Hall) and/or that brought Catholic Thomas Aquinas College to Moody’s Northfield, MA; Thomas Aquinas was the 13th Century Dominican Patristics scholar who wrote thick volumes of Catholic “church” history to assist cornering separatists and true Christians under Vatican authority permanently


__ Probably brought the Kern Foundation/Jesuit-founded Acton Institute/Oikonomia Network connections to Moody Chicago which are led by Sajan Mathews (see Mathews bio); we say this because Armstrong’s mentor Dulles was a known contributor in Acton Institute’s research/writings __ Personally mentored by World Council of Churches partner Wesley Granberg-Michaelson who is involved in Reformed-Catholic interfaith dialogue to conquer Protestant Evangelicals for Rome/Pope – which is what Reformed scholars like R. C. Sproul and John Gerstner used Thomas Aquinas doctrines for __ Armstrong’s education is identical to Jesuit agent Erwin Lutzer who obtained the level of doctorate at Loyola but avoided his dissertation so as to not get caught as a full Jesuit. But Lutzer’s partnerships with Franciscan Jesuit Father Dimitri Sala and other prominent Jesuits and the books he has written have fully completed him as one of the worst Jesuits in our country. Lutzer preaches “unity” with the Catholic Church as the escape from the anti-christ program which Lutzer and Armstrong both know is just an attempt to make true Christians complicit with all of the horrible oppressive murderous history of the Vatican power and Inquisitions and Crusades including the Nazis who were largely Jesuit and Catholic which Jesuit Lutzer cleverly avoids mentioning. This is why Armstrong is tasked with altering Moody’s international missions efforts through this Center for Global Theological Education project and his Aqueduct Project – to attempt to ensnare Moody’s missionaries into partnering with the Vatican for world dominance __ There is so much to say on Armstrong’s connections - see more in full bio]

- Education: Cornerstone University (current President is Jesuit Joseph Stowell), Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and M.A. and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) in “Church History” at openly Jesuit Fordham University (in New York – Jesuit usurper “President” Donald Trump is also an alumnus).

- Jonathan Armstrong is Moody Bible Institute Director of Center for Global Theological Education trying to spread his evil philosophy as far as possible. Armstrong is/was Associate Professor of Bible/Theology at MBI Spokane.





















James Spencer.jpg

James Spencer [@ Jesuit-led Harvard University and @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Vice President of MBI and a prominent spokesperson/cover-up agent for the Jesuit overthrow during the shutting down of Moody Spokane campus and cutting of 1/3 of Moody full-time faculty __ Spencer was Dean of Moody Distance Learning which was handed to Bryan O’Neal so O’Neal could partner both with James Spencer in his new Jesuit retreat Northfield Mission Center project and with Jonathan Armstrong in C-GATE and the Aqueduct Project for Vatican overthrow of Global Theological Education __ Spencer is now Moody Online Director of Strategic Development for new Northfield Mission Center project as an interfaith Jesuit “Body, Mind, and Spirit Retreat Center” which actually claims Catholic Thomas Aquinas College as its “Mind” (in The Moody Center promo for the new NMC project). This is important because Thomas Aquinas is the scholar used by Reformed Evangelical scholars to undo the Reformation to force us back under Rome/Vatican authorities. Jesuit Erwin Lutzer, former pastor of The Moody Church, calls this partnership with two Catholic-led Thomas Aquinas inspired institutions – C. S. Lewis Center and Catholic Thomas Aquinas College – “Standing Where D. L. Moody Stood and Reviving His Legacy”, which he knows is not even slightly true – but is spoken as a true Jesuit who “evangelizes” by forcing people back under the Pope


__ Spencer is a mentor with Tommy Lee’s Resource Global – a partner of Kern/ Acton Faith, Work, and Economics program (more in Sajan Mathews bio) __ Commission on Accreditation member with Bryan O’Neal for Association of Biblical Higher Education which is requiring Jesuit Spiritual Formation to be taught at MBI (more in William Thrasher bio) __ Spncer is adjunct faculty at Right on Mission led by Jesuit Harvard United Nations “global Change Agent” Sarah Sumner (that is what she calls herself) who is former staff at Bill Hybel’s Willow Creek __ Partner in the cover-up of sale of half of Moody’s Chicago property which includes Residence Halls – Spencer said that a shortage of residence dorms was the cause of so few students being selected to Moody Bible Institute (see more in Northfield Short Report point #9 or Moody NMH MBI Comparison point #1) __ There is so much more to say about Spencer’s partnerships as well as about the C. S. Lewis Distinguished Fellows – see more in full bio]

-  Education: Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-led Trinity International University, M.A. from Jesuit-led Wheaton College, a M.Div. from Moody Theological Seminary, and certificate from Jesuit-led Harvard Institute for Education Management.

- James Spencer was Vice-President and Dean of MBI Distance Learning (online and non-traditional learning) since 2012, then was Vice-President and Dean of Moody Bible Institute (2016). Spencer is now Online Director of Strategic Development for Northfield Mission Center.















Sajan Mathews.jpg

Sajan Mathews [@ ecumenical Prairie Graduate School and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School __ Elder in Brethren Church __ Moody Theological Seminary Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of Moody Bible’s Kern/Acton Institute Faith, Work, and Economics studies. Their partners include Oikonomia Network, Tommy Lee’s Resource Global for business mentoring, Bilderberg-think-tank American Enterprise Institute, Acton Institute founded by Jesuit Paulist Fathers, Billy Graham’s Christianity Today International, Lausanne-partner - The Gospel Coalition, most major evangelical seminaries and Seattle Pacific University who hosts the John Perkins’ Center (CCDA and Lausanne America founder), David Kotter who is Dean of Theology at Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute host of the Western Conservative Summit where Grace To You’s John MacArthur stumped for the Donald Trump campaign (Trump spoke also at this event), and finally Art Lindsley of the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics who previously was Director of C. S. Lewis Institute and R. C. Sproul’s Ligonier Valley Study Center which was an American L’Abri following Jesuit Kingdom-dominionism of Francis Schaeffer/Bill Bright/Loren Cunningham in the Swiss heart of United Nations power


__ The purpose of Oikonomia Network is to collect all Freemason/Jesuit-led Protestant power to control the four largest sectors of society on behalf of the Vatican – 1. all Church-life, 2. all Home-life, 3. all Business, and 4. all Government to be directed/guided by Vatican directives and Jesuit control grids __ That is a simplified program of Kingdom Dominionism built on seven mountains/spheres (notice the anti-christ reference there) that Schaeffer explained as 1. all Religion, 2. all Family, 3. all Education, 4. all Government, 5. all Media, 6. all Arts and Entertainment, 7. all Business __ This is why Mark Jobe promotes himself as helping God’s “Kingdom Come: Unleashing Heaven on Earth” and calls Christ “King Jesus” by which he approves the Pope’s purpose of forcing God’s Kingdom and then handing it off to the anti-christ and pretending that he is the return of Christ. They want our whole lives, our whole country and our whole future for the Pope and the Jesuit murderers/crusaders toward anti-christ new world order, so let’s learn this lesson well so we can kick out the infiltrators/usurpers and remain non-Catholic and pro-Bible __ more about Oikonomia Network and F,W,E in full bio]

- Education: prestigious, historic University of Madras in India, as well as ecumenical Prairie Graduate School, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity. Prairie Graduate school hosts Anglicans, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Evangelical Free Church, Anabaptist, Wesleyan, and Reformed leadership. Ralph Winter – President of the U.S. Center for World Missions (actually are being used as Catholic Crusades) – is a notably dangerous graduate of Prairie Graduate.

- Sajan Mathews is Professor of Systematic Theology at MBI/MTS as well as Program Director of the Faith, Work, and Economics (FW&E) Initiative with a grant from Kern Foundation (the Generac company owners).

-“Brother Mathews” is Evangelist and Elder of New Life Bible Chapel and his wife “Sister Grace Mathews” was Spiritual Integration Lab facilitator for women’s studies at Moody Theological Seminary and is now Coordinator for the Student Wives Fellowship at MBI since 2010. Both Sajan and Grace Mathews have spoken at the Indian Brethren Families Conference.





























Chris Brooks.jpg

Chris Brooks [@ Jesuit-led Biola University and @ Jesuit-led Harvard University; Brooks is an Acton Institute Fellow – founded by the Jesuit order of Catholic Paulist Fathers - which is a partner with Faith, Work, and Economics program at Moody Theological Seminary; To explain how powerful the Paulist Fathers are – they were the first Catholic community ever placed in America in the 1700s because they tried to sound Protestant and were in charge of interfaith relationships before the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity existed; even now they lead pro-life, theological, and interfaith dialogue constantly in religious settings and through their media wing The Broken Halo with Dave Dwyer; the goal of Acton Institute is to write apologetic arguments for the open partnerships between “free-market” global corporations and the networks of inter-religious dialogue to improve global “democracy” __ Brooks is Executive Pastor of Evangel Ministries/Woodside Bible Church after being mentored his whole life by Senior Pastors George Bogle/Doug Schmidt who are top Jesuit leadership in Detroit. Detroit is a powerful Jesuit hub with two Jesuit high-schools, one Jesuit college – University of Detroit-Mercy, a former Chief of Police/Deputy Mayor who is a Jesuit Father, and a special Jesuit church because they already infiltrated all of the others, so the extra Jesuits needed their own Jesuit church. In fact, the former Jesuit Provincial over Chicago-Detroit district of Jesuit command is now President of the entire U.S. Jesuit Conference (more in John Restum bio) __ Brooks is a ministry partner of Jesuit ecumenical Detroit ministry networks such as inner-city trouble youth ecumenical program and community action/prayer programs __ Faculty of Summit Ministries along with Josh McDowell and Moody’s Christopher Yuan, Winfred Neely, and Matt Heard (who was a Moody Pastor of Singles/Evangelism then founded Moody’s sister mega-weed “church” Park Community and now is Lead Pastor in place of Joel Hunter who is a partner and friend of John Fuder’s friend Noel Castellanos – see more in John Fuder bio) __ Lecturer for interfaith spokesperson Ravi Zacharias in his Urban Ministries & in the Centurions Program of Chuck Colson __ Co-director of Detroit Council of 50 and Evangelical Pastors Network (that is what they call it) with Doug Schmidt __ Possibly the connection that brought Jesuit C. S. Lewis Institute to Moody’s Northfield, MA and possibly is the connection that brought Kern Foundation/Acton Institute to Moody Chicago, since he is a fellow of the Acton Institute __ (Re)Founder of Detroit Bible College after collapse of William Tyndale College]

- Education: MA Biola (Bible Institute of Los Angeles) University (which is Moody Bible’s equivalent in L.A.), additional certificates from Jesuit Harvard Institute for Management and Leadership in Education and from Ravi Zacharias’ Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) at Wycliffe Hall (where Jonathan Armstrong was on theology faculty in 2007).

- Chris Brooks is Moody Theological Seminary Dean of Michigan campus.




































John Fuder.jpg

John Fuder [@ ecumenical Prairie Graduate School and @ Pepperdine University and @ Jesuit-led Biola University; Fuder is Dean of Global Cohorts for Tommy Lee’s business mentorship program called Resource Global. Lee is a partner with Moody’s Kern Foundation Faith, Work, & Economics which is a Roman Catholic attempt to conquer American Protestant freedoms through Jesuit leadership over all aspects of human life; Fuder is a top interfaith community organizer in Chicago with Vatican II Council’s program called Lausanne Movement; Fuder’s Jesuit co-authors and partners are Phil Miglioratti, Tony Danhelka, Joseph Stowell, Gene Crum, John Perkins’ Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) leaders, Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade leaders, and World Vision Canada __ Miglioratti was director of Erwin Lutzer and Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala’s Pastor Network called G11 Gatekeepers and has served as Chief Operating Officer of Lausanne’s Mission America Council (now called Table Coalition under Nick Hall – see more in Winfred Neely bio) as well as Co-Chair of the interfaith program called Chicago Explore God 2019 that was used in more than 800 churches (see more in our Chicago-Explore-God-report or in our Northfield-Short-Report point #1) __  John Perkins and Bill Bright were co-founders of the Lausanne Mission America Council with Billy Graham in 1995; Perkins also founded the Christian Community Development Association which is a sister organization to Mark Jobe’s New Life Centers (see more in our Mark Jobe report)


__ Fuder’s books and networking is endorsed by Steve Roa of U. S. Center for World Missions whose founder Ralph Winters is also a graduate of Prairie Graduate as is Moody’s Sajan Mathews who leads Moody’s Faith Work and Economics __ Fuder’s students who are fans call him the modern D. L. Moody based only on Fuder’s community networking and social programs though he does not preach against sin or organize events to share the gospel or equip others to understand and teach the Bible on practical every-day life __ Fuder attended (and his book was a resource for) the 2010 Lausanne III Cape Town Commitment which was the third Lausanne covenant since the original in 1974 (the second was in Manila, Philippines 1989) __ Fuder has co-authored two books with Obama advisor Noel Castellanos, a close friend of Obama’s spiritual advisor Joel Hunter who was disgraced by welcoming LGBTQ into Northland Church and then appointed as the new lead pastor his long-time friend in the Orlando spiritual mafia Matt Heard, who is a former Moody Church Singles/Evangelism Pastor; Castellanos was a long-time board member and then President of John Perkins’ Christian Community Development Association to control inner-city social ministries with Vatican Lausanne agendas; this is exactly the same work that John Fuder does __ Fuder is founder of Pray Chicago and Together Chicago which are two ecumenical and interfaith religious programs to assist the Catholics and Jesuits in controlling all of Chicago’s churches also through Miglioratti’s Pastors Network and Tommy Lee’s Resource Global and World Vision, which holds the highest status of United Nations consultation world-wide __ With all of these notably ecumenical and interfaith partners, how is John Fuder still a professor at Moody, much less being called a modern D. L. Moody?]

- Education: Prairie Bible College (more in Sajan Mathews bio), MA in Religion from Pepperdine U., and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Biola University.

- John Fuder was Professor of Urban Evangelism Studies at Moody Theological Seminary and now is adjunct Professor.

























































See more in Mark Jobe Report




Ashish Varma.jpg

Ashish Varma [M.A. and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Varma’s assistant Amar Peterman attended Interfaith Youth Core’s Leadership Institute with his approval __ Peterman learned that all of the world’s religions were already working together to solve the world’s problems and was surprised that Evangelical Christians had the audacity to avoid “helping” by choosing to boycott interfaith work. Obviously Peterman is ignoring the fact that false religions were created to allow sins and evils that Creator God was not condoning. So this “togetherness” is really just avoidance of real truths that would solve problems and instead they double the contradictions and evil power-struggles __ Varma teaching at Moody and having his assistant involved in Interfaith Dialogue carries out Erwin Lutzer’s purpose started in Parliament of World Religions 1993 “Unite or Perish” to try to force the Moody Christian family into interfaith partnerships led by Catholics/Jesuits to save the world from global problems that are caused/maintained by the Catholics/Jesuits who then want to be the solution to the very problems they forced


__ Varma was raised Hindu and is still very likely a closet Henotheistic Hindu based on his life and teaching – we thought this even before we knew about Amar Peterman __ Ashish Varma views his teaching to his students as interfaith dialogue based on his own words in his introduction to his students where he says “What really excites me about training the next generation of ministry leaders is the opportunity to creatively wrestle while being faithful with where the church has come from as we engage in new possibilities in the world” – by which he means training interfaith “community” leaders over a new world order __ This also makes sense with why Varma initially said he could not sign the Chicago Biblical inerrancy statement and did not agree with a “correspondence view of truth” until an unnamed Jesuit faculty friend such as Bryan O’Neal explained to him a way of thinking about it that allowed him to say he could agree to sign it (see more in Bryan O’Neal bio and John Jelinek bio) __ Varma is also possibly the unnamed Moody Distance Learning Professor who personally believes that Adam and Eve had soul-less brutish ape-like predecessors whom Cain married – otherwise perhaps it was David Rim who was caught and removed already __ David Rim and Ashish Varma were the two professors that Julie Roys and Rich Weber named in the original questions about faculty who did not believe the Bible]

- Education: Two M.A.’s in Theological Studies and History of Christianity and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Jesuit-led Wheaton College.

- Ashish Varma is Moody Professor of Theology (Philosophy, Systematic Theology, and Apologetics) at Moody Bible Institute with Amar Peterman as his assistant. Timothy Heyward and Amar Peterman are the Moody students who  connected with Interfaith Student Council and are hoping to raise awareness of the need for Interfaith cooperation to solve the world’s problems caused by the abuses and lack of moral truth of the very same networks with Jesuit and Roman Catholic guidance world-wide since the 1500’s. This is following Jesuit Erwin Lutzer’s example in attending the 1993 Parliament of World Religions whose theme was “Unite or Perish”, because satanists increase/maintain the world’s problems to discredit God as being unwilling or unable to help (pretending that God does not exist or else is the source of evil – something that Jesuit Lutzer also promotes in his expose about Hitler) until the world agrees that God seems as bankrupt as all of man’s false religions.















Rosalie De Rosset.jpg

Rosalie De Rosset [@ ecumenical Bryan College where her parents were on faculty/staff and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical and M.A. in English at Northeastern Illinois University and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy of Language, Literacy, and Rhetoric from University of Illinois at Chicago; Rosalie De Rosset is a bigger problem than the Christians think she is – like a queen hornet trying to establish a hive – Rosset has the longest term as faculty member @ Moody Bible Institute – since 1969, which shows that she is the most consistent partner in Erwin Lutzer’s Jesuit take-over at Moody. Rosset has seen all of the steps along the way since back when Lutzer was still going through Jesuit philosophy training at Loyola University and before he was a pastor at The Moody Church. And Rosset knows all the secrets of MBI/MTS faculty/ leadership/ students through the decades and she hides the truth of the Jesuit attacks and sins and crimes with the skills of European royalty/ Jesuit Mothers like the satanist Queen Elizabeth II does for her Anglican Jesuit kingdom that has partnered for centuries in the Vatican’s modern Crusades (Jesuit operations through colonialism and sharing Freemason enlightenment only to the leaders who will partner with them) until the sun never set on Britain’s “kingdom” which it has ruled on behalf of Rome – a kingdom which secretly still includes America. For example, Queen Elizabeth’s personal Jesuit Chaplain John Stott was co-founder of Lausanne International with Billy Graham to control international missions under the Vatican operatives. On a local scale in the Moody Bible family, Rosalie’s role has been to weave stories and social networks on campus that make the Catholic Jesuit attack seem like unintended consequences or even just coincidences which has somehow worked since the Jesuits were never really caught and removed by the alumni and friends of the Moody evangelical community until now it is just starting to come to light.


__ This is the truth behind why Lutzer stepped down from The Moody Church – his Jesuits are now getting caught (which he must avoid at all costs) and he is pledged to serve a higher international Jesuit role in the threats they are making against the United States and our Christian missionary work if we refuse to submit to Roman Catholic authority in control of our government. Rosset has served the Jesuits almost perfectly in guarding all of Erwin Lutzer’s friends around campus __ Now Pamela MacRae is being personally mentored this year by Jill Briscoe – who is a 40-year Jesuit partner of Billy Graham on his trustee boards etc – in order to take Rosset’s role when it comes time that she must retire __ Rosset is a Gifted For Leadership writer and Editorial Advisor for Billy Graham’s Christianity Today


__ If it wasn’t clear that Rosset has top-level Jesuit social/public relations director status at Moody based on her education alone, it is certainly clear when you see all of the Jesuits and Jesuit-partners that she recommends and reprints __ Rosset is Senior Editor for Moody Classics which includes her re-prints of Jesuit Catholic priest Henri Nouwen and pre-Jesuit Catholic Fathers Thomas A. Kempis and St. Augustine. Thomas Kempis laid the groundwork for the Spiritual Exercises so that Jesuit order’s founder Ignatius Loyola studied his writings consistently in designing his governing and philosophies which then inspired Heinrich Himmler (nephew of a prominent Jesuit Canon at the Court of Bavaria) to found the Nazi Gestapo based on these principles of the Jesuit order __ St. Augustine laid the ground-work for Islam to take over in Africa and the Middle East by spreading hostility against the Jewish people and by organizing international Catholic councils to argue which doctrines would best control the regions. Muhammad, the founder of Islam 180 years later, studied St. Augustine’s writings and was personally mentored by Catholic priests and married the wealthy merchant cousin of one of those priests __ Henri Nouwen was trained by Jesuits in the Hague (Netherlands seat of government which now houses the International Criminal Court), then became scholar-in-residence at the Pope’s Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy, and was a Fellow at the Ecumenical Institute and served as professor also at Notre Dame and at Jesuit-led Universities Yale and Harvard. Nouwen is lauded for his frequent speaking to Anglican and Evangelical audiences evangelizing for the Pope, which is exactly what Jesuits do in peace-time in any Protestant country __ Rosset also recommends works by other prominent Jesuit spokespeople such as Eric Metaxas, C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, J. I. Packer, Os Guinness, James Dobson, and Chuck Colson. In summation, Rosalie De Rosset is an expert spokesperson for the Jesuit take-over of Moody and America and she is skilled as a cover-up agent and United Nations Change Agent]

- Education: ecumenical (William Jennings) Bryan College, Northeastern Illinois State University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

- Rosalie De Rosset has just celebrated 50 years at Moody Bible Institute since 1969 as Professor of Literature, English, and Homiletics. Literature is a broad path to every evil fiction and teaching in world history.


















Brian Kammerzelt.jpg

Brian Kammerzelt [@ Jesuit-led Trinity International University; Former Professor of Media and Society at known Jesuit Loyola University __ Self-proclaimed “Romance” expert who allows all types of sexual sins and talk other than assault __ Chair of Communications at MBI and a dangerously skilled Jesuit Psychologist who diligently avoids calling anything sin and promotes human-centered philosophy for success/self-preservation as the focus of most of his work __ Believes in interfaith cooperation for a nation built on shared morality since he says religion is the foundation of morality – meaning new world order. The plan for the new order is to reject separation of personal and public life in attempt to make an openly religious bully system to enforce “morality” except that each religion has its own “morality” to enforce in its segregated region or group. Those groups are led by interfaith leaders who can partner with other faiths in implementing new religious rules/ social changes/ carbon-tax rules/ health-eugenics rules/ segregating rules/ digital data and security rules/ police abuses/ and so many other United Nations-appointed hypocritical rules they intend to keep making and imposing worse still until they control literally everything about a person’s life __ Legacy Chicago Minister with specialty emphasis on his Jesuit theology of communications and interfaith culture __ Contributing author to Charisma Magazine’s younger partner Relevant Magazine __ Signer on at least one ecumenical statement on the Clean Air Act and Mercury air pollution __ Spoke at Chapel at Jesuit-run Judson University


__ Kammerzelt says in his articles that he has always been a confidante to many friends after they have been in immoral situations, but mostly only admits to knowing stories involving friends who were assaulted. Kammerzelt also says he was the friend of a popular guy in school who assaulted other youth and was sentenced to juvenile detention. Kammerzelt says he didn’t know that was happening but that he and the friend always went together places to meet girls and that people questioned him because of it. We assume that Kammerzelt’s telling of these stories is his way of inviting victims of assault and remorseful students who were involved in immoral activity as well as “snitches” to come talk to him, because he will know how to cover-up sins and protect the rebellion and minimize the information to “help” them and be a “friend” to them. This is an interesting choice of leadership positioning on campus since there has been an undercurrent/ underground network (doing their worst activities off-campus mostly) of homosexuality and immoral activities present at Moody campus since at least the early 1980’s with a secret approval from the leadership. There are also clear testimonies of Moody students who are offended by the crude joking and conversations etc that are happening around campus frequently. We are convinced that Kammerzelt knows these activities and “helps” hide them as a “friend” to those who confess to him or tell him their concerns. This is the true work of a old-school Jesuit confessor (in Europe or among royalty) – who receives confessions on behalf of the Catholic Church and then doles out methods of penance and absolution; they are known from history to be very disgusting. Kammerzelt’s promoting/enticing students into sexual sins is a strong tool of the devil to ruin Moody Bible institute; sexually perverted Bible teachers are strongly condemned in 2 Peter 2 and Jude __ Kammerzelt is a second-tier Jesuit partner to collect data for Rosset, and there are definitely other professors who fill this role also]

- Education: Computer Information Systems B.S. from Bradley University, M.A. from Trinity International University.

- Brian Kammerzelt is Chair and Assistant Professor of Communications at MBI.













http://www.nerc.com/files/2011LTRA Final.pdf



Gregg Quiggle.jpg

Gregg Quiggle [Jesuit myth-maker and “Official Historian” for Moody Bible Institute on the Life of Dwight Lyman Moody; Quiggle is B.A. Jesuit Psychologist from Jesuit-led Wheaton, also has M.A. from both Jesuit-led Wheaton and openly Jesuit Marquette University in Church/Theological History __ Quiggle believes that Vatican II and the Jesuit-led Charismatic movement (founded in Rome in 1906) were helpful for dialogue between Catholic and Protestant leaders. It works for them that both movements confuse God’s truth __ Quiggle promotes/lauds Billy Graham’s and John Stott’s Lausanne movement as if it were based on Dwight Moody’s example of ministering in England/Scotland with Anglican ministers. But actually Stott was personal Anglican Jesuit Chaplain to the highest satanist in Britain – Queen Elizabeth II and Billy Graham was personal friend of Pope John Paul II (who called him sincerely his “brother”) since 1977 when Bill Bright and Billy Graham partnered in Krakow with then Archbishop Karol Wojtyla and Graham filled his pulpit on the day that Wojtyla was appointed Pope John Paul II


__ Quiggle likes to serve as fake Protestant opposition in media and debates with Jesuits/Catholic “evangelists” in order to give them a voice on Protestant Evangelical platforms to open the door to interfaith dialogue as Erwin Lutzer is doing. “Evangelists” from the Roman Catholic religion are just preaching forced submission to the Pope. One example of this is with Julie Roys’ former show at Moody called Up For Debate in which she welcomed Devin Rose of St. Joseph’s Vanguard one time where Quiggle and Roys hesitantly agreed that his speech sounds almost Evangelical “born-again” __ Jesuit Quiggle pretends – just as Jesuit Erwin Lutzer is also doing – that St. Thomas Aquinas-inspired C. S. Lewis Institute (which is led by Roman Catholics and many Jesuits, Anglicans, and partners of Lausanne, Rockefellers, and satanic Fellowship Foundation in D.C.) on Moody property restores Moody’s Biblical foundation there __ Considers Carl F. H. Henry to be a hero and was glad to meet his son Congressman Paul Henry who recommended that Quiggle teach an apologetics course at Moody open to the public


__ In Quiggle’s Ph.D., he makes a word-smith’s effort to reshape Moody’s work as a social program rather than just gospel preaching for example he states that Moody “never fully embraced the Calvanistic goal of a righteous republic” and “Thus from Moody’s perspective, political or structural reforms divorced from evangelism were ultimately doomed to fail”. In another example, rather than recognize that Moody got his theology from the Bible and talking with God, Quiggle suggest Moody’s theology came from personal circumstances, experiences, and temperament. Quiggle also quotes authors who frame Moody’s social views as if discussions about industrialization, immigration, and urbanization were against the gospel and that Moody’s purpose of ministry was reactionary to socio-economics. We are absolutely confident that Moody’s focus was on the gospel and ministry perhaps to a neglect of some social topics, but to frame him as reactionary or pridefully self-centered or ignorant is quite hurtful. And certainly, Moody was not agreeable to building a false kingdom on earth as if it were for God – as the Catholics and Jesuits like Quiggle pretend it is.]

- Education: Jesuit Psychology (BA) Wheaton College and an MA from both Wheaton College and openly-Jesuit Marquette University in Church and Theological History. Quiggle earned a PhD at Open University in U.K. with a Doctoral Thesis on the subject of Dwight Moody’s Urban Social Vision which he sees closer to Mark Jobe’s and Lausanne’s vision which is nothing like D. L. Moody’s actual gospel work.

- Gregg Quiggle is Professor of Theology and Dean of Moody Study Abroad program. Quiggle has taught at Moody Bible for 32 years.

- Gregg Quiggle is the Official Historian and spokesperson on the life of D. L. Moody for MBI for example in the book A Legacy of Preaching which includes Catholic “Fathers” - St, Augustine and St. Francis of Assisi, Jesuit founder of the first attempt at World Council of Churches Deitrich Bonhoeffer, Four Square Pentecostal founder Aimee Semple McPherson, Catholic-led Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell, and Jesuit 33 degree Freemason “Evangelist” Billy Graham and Anglican Chaplain/advisor to Queen Elizabeth II Mr. John Stott CBE who are both founders of the Jesuit Lausanne Movement for Vatican II Council partnership (Moody’s Jonathan Armstrong also contributed a chapter on the life of Ephrem the Syrian Deacon and mystic hymnographer who wrote against heresies).




















Bryan O'Neal.jpg

Bryan O’Neal [M.A., Ph.D. @ Purdue University; Associate Provost which is a role that puts him in charge of the spiritual foundation and Biblical accuracy of the entire of Moody Bible Institute teaching, but as we show here, he does not believe God’s Word and even defends Muslim’s beliefs as an equal voice to historic Christian theology on knowledge of God’s thinking __ Replaced James Spencer as Dean of Moody Distance Learning so that Spencer could work on the Northfield Mission project; nominated Jonathan Armstrong to be future Director of Aqueduct Project in the planning (Dallas Gathering) conversations with Brad Smith of Bakke Graduate University (Ray Bakke mentors Mark Jobe) and Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological and Manfred Kohl who is a leader of Lausanne Movement since before the 1966 Berlin event started the international project __ Debater with prominent Atheist Dan Barker at Loyola University and Unitarian Universalist platforms in Chicago and Florida


 __ Debates also with Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn articles – in which O’Neal particularly stated in 2014 discussion that the flood could be “figurative or mythical”. The primary reasons O’Neal gave for why he couldn’t agree that it is mythical is that it would raise the question of why would Christians tell stories to scare people into good behavior and secondly because he says Jesus and New Testament writers “seem to regard it as historical”. At a late point in the email exchanges, O’Neal answers Zorn’s question about whether God knew “that his first iteration of mankind would go so wrong that he’d have to summarily destroy… life on earth?” O’Neal’s response is “Yes. At least I think so. I think the large majority of historic and contemporary Christian theology agrees with me, but I recognize that there is a minority voice in opposition. And of course, I don’t speak for Jews and Muslims who also confess the accuracy of the Biblical text.” This was still touted by Moody staff as a strong defense of the Bible being the inerrant, inspired Word of God


__ O’Neal does not believe the Word of God to be infallible and given and preserved to us by God, and he covers for so many other faculty who think similarly saying that the accusations about MBI allowing faculty members who deny the authority of the Word of God are “false. All of our faculty affirm inerrancy annually when they sign their annual contract. It’s explicit… There is no drift. It is always possible that an individual within an institution does drift or lean, and then that has to be examined and corrected.” __ So O’Neal gets all faculty to sign the inerrancy statement by which all faculty who do not believe in God’s Word are found lying to the Holy Spirit __ But then just to be sure this lie sounds believable, O’Neal co-wrote Standing Firm: The Doctrinal Commitments of Moody Bible Institute with John Jelinek who is Interim Provost __ They also added an additional factor to confuse everything by now requiring faculty to sign onto the ecumenical Jesuit-written Chicago Biblical inerrancy statement which O’Neal said is only one definition of inerrancy which is an admission that he is allowing faculty their personal loopholes __ It is very telling that O’Neal could consider Muslims as defenders of the “accuracy of the Biblical text”. That tells us everything we need to know, since the Quran actually rewrites the flood account and also the creation account in at least three ways (besides many other passages of Scripture that it rewrites). The Quran says that God told Noah to take more than the eight named. And regarding Creation, the Quran says God used a sexual element in the making of Adam; the Quran created a lie about God requiring all the angels to bow before Adam and that the angel “Iblis” disobeyed (a lie which was adopted by Kabbalah Judaism), and that God creates all souls and introduces Himself to them up there and makes them swear that they know who He is and that they understand that He will judge them in the after-life before He places them into a body on earth. Furthermore, in dozens of places, the Quran accuses the Jews and Christians (meaning Catholics) of changing the Scriptures to serve their own interests (and so the Quran retells the story with their alteration from the True God-given Scriptures), thereby repudiating the accuracy of the Biblical Text – contrary to what O’Neal has said. If that doesn’t do enough to show O’Neal to be an interfaith spiritual overseer (provost), there’s probably plenty more to see or hear


__ Former Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Evangelical Theological Society Midwest and has networked in ecumenical conversations with Jesuits such as from Loyola __ Presbyterian Church planter and friend of Mid-America Reformed Seminary staff Alan Strange __ Member of 2019-2023 Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education, nominated by James Spencer (more in James Spencer bio) – this is the accreditation program requiring Jesuit Spiritual Formation to be taught at Moody Bible Institute __ There is actually far more on all of this in the full bio with the quotes from the very long conversations etc.]

- Education: Master and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Purdue University.

- Bryan O’Neal is former Moody Professor of Philosophy then Vice President/Dean of Moody Distance Learning, and is now Vice President and Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Assessment as well as faculty development and educational innovation.

























Bryan Litfin.jpg

Bryan Litfin [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological and @ University of Virginia; Son of Duane Litfin, a popular former President of Wheaton College who is a close partner with Moody in conferences and community events. Duane has Jesuit Doctorates from Purdue University (where we got Bryan O’Neal from) and Jesuit-led Oxford University in Britain. Duane was previously a Professor at Free-mason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary after being a student there in classes with Jesuit Erwin Lutzer who mentored him in Homiletics class of Dr. Haddon Robinson. Both Duane and Bryan Litfin were contributors to Proclaiming Jesus: Essays on the Centrality of Christ in the Church in Honor of Joseph M. Stowell (who was also a student at the time of Lutzer and Litfin at DTS and knew them a little and Stowell has also served on the Board of Trustees for Wheaton College)


__ Bryan Litfin is a “Protestant Patristics Scholar” which is the study of almost entirely Catholic Church Fathers. Litfin is author of Getting To Know The Church Fathers 2007 book for Evangelicals to accept and get used to the “authority” of Catholic Church Fathers, though he avoids the history that shows all of the deadly threats and torture, Inquisitions and heresy hunts, and constant oppression. By doing this, Litfin joins his hand in the interfaith dialogue that the Roman Catholic Church is leading as he tries to convince Protestants that most of our beliefs from the Bible are held in common with the Vatican authorities. But he knows quite well that the Vatican adjusts/adapts to whatever religion it is trying to infiltrate and control for worse plans of the devil. The Scripture clearly says that it should be no surprise that the devil’s worst partners pretend to be the best angels of light/truth/honesty, since that is what the devil himself does. In this book Litfin says (for example) “We are small figures inevitably carried forward by the weight of the holy catholic church, whose sails are filled by the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit”


__ Litfin was the professional host of the “Evangelical and Catholic Ecumenical Dialogue” on Moody Bible campus in 2013 with Erwin Lutzer’s close friend John Armstrong from Wheaton College and Jesuit Father Robert Barron – a Thomas Aquinas Catholic scholar __ Litfin is a member of The Gospel Coalition which is a Lausanne Vatican II partner __ Litfin was inspired to write religious fiction by Catholic J. R. R. Tolkien (among other similar Jesuit inspirations) who is one of the most subtly anti-semitic and anti-christ voices speaking for satan that has ever been accepted by “Christians” as harmless fiction as he entirely rewrote the prophecies of Ezekiel and Revelation to make the anti-christ a hero]

- Education: Dallas Theological Seminary and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) in ancient church history at University of Virginia.

- Bryan Litfin is Professor of Theology at MBI







Marcus Johnson.jpg

Marcus Johnson [@ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ Jesuit-partnered University of Toronto; Deacon of The Episcopal Church of the Church of England __ Apologist for Roman Catholic dogmas/emphases, Catholic Catechism, Vatican II Council rewrites, and for using historical narrative to shape most disagreements between the Pope and true Christians as old and unnecessary __ Laying the ground-work for interfaith dialogue __ Writes arguments to shape future interfaith dialogue with Vatican __ Johnson liberally quotes from Thomas Torrance who was an organizer for World Council of Churches and Reformed-Catholic dialogue __ Theologian friend with many people who are artificially changing the conversation for Jesuit Roman Catholic benefit to sneak in among us pretending that the Catholic “Church” really did change their heart of unbelief and antagonism toward Christians __ Marcus was raised Roman Catholic, then transitioned to Lutheran then settled in The Episcopal Church – of The Church of England and is a Episcopal Deacon etc. __ Johnson has spoken at events alongside Episcopal scholars including his church’s Rector Amy Peeler who is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Jesuit-led Wheaton College


__ Marcus Johnson writing on behalf of the Calvin Theological Journal wrote a review of the book Is The Reformation Over? By Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom in which they argue that the theological differences have reduced between the Catholic Church and Reformed Protestants and no longer involve discussions of how to be saved, but only relate to how the church functions. In Johnson’s review, he says, “Noll and Nystrom have provided a clear, cogent, and evenhanded presentation of their topic, particularly to be commended for its attention to the historical circumstances that shape religious antagonism… This book is recommended as an admirable example of a well-balanced, reasonable, historically sensitive, and sympathetic call for ecumenical engagement and appreciation.” In other words, Johnson believes it is time to figure out how to reverse the Reformation, as we will show through his other writings and endorsements and partnerships.


__ Johnson and Clark begin their book with their inspiration from John Williamson Nevin. John Nevin is the close colleague and defender of Philip Schaff in their Mercersburg Theology who agreed with Roman Catholic doctrines such as infant baptism (as a step toward salvation), “spiritual real participation” presence of Christ consumed with the sacraments (as taught by St. Augustine and Martin Luther, though not a belief in substance change of the sacraments), the principle of church authority given to Peter to be expressed through a Federal or Confederate Union of “Christian” denominations (though he didn’t quite agree to Papal succession from Peter), and a mystic union between Christ and all His followers toward a Catholic human kingdom (though he supposedly didn’t believe that flesh and blood could inherit the kingdom of God). Philip Schaff spoke at the 1893 Parliament of World Religions promoting these teachings from a Protestant Presbyterian point of view in hopes of reuniting with the Catholic Church if Pope Leo XIII would reverse papal infallibility. In fact, Schaff was an early endorser promoting voice for the Parliament of World Religions which General Committee was Chaired by fellow Presbyterian John Henry Barrows of First Presbyterian Church in Chicago.


__ There are many interesting aspects of this Parliament. First of all, D. L. Moody refused to attend the Parliament because to do so would suggest that all religions are approximately the same and can walk together toward world solutions because they are agreed. Dwight Moody instead acquired as many preachers of the gospel as he could find to preach to the guests of the World’s Columbian Exhibition (Chicago World’s Fair), among which the Parliament of World Religions was included as one of many congresses/events. So Moody saw all of this false religion being preached to Chicago and saw the need to preach the true gospel. But Schaff not only attended and spoke at the Parliament but was also a promoter of the event and spent time with the Catholic delegates etc. ]

- Education: Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-partnered U. Toronto School of Theology (University of St. Michael’s College) whose partner graduate school Regis College is the theological study center for Society of Jesuits in Canada. Moody Professor John Clark also graduated along with Marcus Johnson at University of St. Michael’s College.

- Marcus Johnson is MBI Assistant Professor of Theology whose Teaching Assistant in 2009-2010 Paul C. Maxwell (who was also teaching assistant to Brian Kammerzelt) made the September 2018 statement/prediction to pave the way for Dr. Mark Jobe being presented as the champion to rescue Moody Bible Institute.
















John Jelinek.jpg

John Jelinek [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary; Provost which is a role that puts him in charge of the spiritual foundation and Biblical accuracy of the entire of Moody Bible Institute teaching, but as we show here, he does not believe God’s Word __ President of Michigan Theological Seminary before its merger with Moody Theological Seminary in 2011 __ His assistant Randall Dattoli is a Jesuit __ Member of three ecumenical societies – International Society of Christian Apologetics founded by Jesuit Norman Geisler, Evangelical Theological Society (of course), and Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics __ Jelinek has written on Catholic-Orthodox ecumenical dialogue __ Partner since the beginning in Moody’s Kern Foundation/Acton Institute Faith, Work, and Economics program and partnered with Barnabas Group strategy session on how to “improve” the program run by Sajan Mathews (see Mathew bio) __ Former faculty of Alaska Bible College, a partner of the Intnl. Society of Christian Apologetics of which Jelinek is a member __ Friend of and spokesperson for every new incoming Jesuit at Moody Bible such as Deborah Gorton and Chris Brooks __ Spokesperson in the cover-up of scandals and questions, having recently said “there is no corruption or illegal or unethical activity”, but then co-wrote Standing Firm: The Doctrinal Commitments of Moody Bible Institute with Bryan O’Neal; Son Micah Jelinek is a pastor and is Branch Librarian at Moody Theological Seminary campus in Michigan]

- Education: is graduate of William Tyndale College (now Detroit Bible College), Theological Seminary, and Grace Theological Seminary.

- John Jelinek is Interim Provost and Dean of Moody Theological Seminary and Professor of Theology and was ten year President of Michigan Theological Seminary before the merger with Moody Theological Seminary in 2011.





















Jack Lewis.jpg

Jack Lewis [Spokane campus teacher before it was a Moody campus – when it was Inland Empire School of the Bible __ Lewis serves as Dean for the Spokane Moody campus __ Lewis is a Jesuit with a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosphy from and is a long-time partner of known Jesuit Gonzaga University located only a few blocks from campus __ Lewis is also a graduate of Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary. Inland Empire School of the Bible founded by Greater Spokane Association of Evangelicals in partnership with Multnomah School of the Bible __ Lewis is likely the contact or is close friends with the contact that brought about a library partnership between openly Jesuit Gonzaga University and Whitworth University and Moody – Spokane as still listed on Moody’s website under Other Library Catalogs __ Other programs at Spokane campus over which Lewis is Dean include partnership with National Association of Evangelicals’ World Relief and Red Cross __ Lewis was three-year Dean of The Global Proclamation Academy in concert with Freemason-led Dallas Theological Seminary for Global Theological Education which led to the partnership between Jonathan Armstrong and Bryan O’Neal in Aqueduct Project with DTS and Lausanne leaders (more in Jonathan Armstrong bio and Bryan O’Neal bio). There is a lot more to be said about Lewis’ friends and connections in Spokane and their effect on Moody.]

- Education: ThM Dallas Theol., Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit Gonzaga U.

- Jack Lewis is Moody Bible Institute Campus Dean in Spokane and Professor of Biblical Studies.






Daniel and Amy Koehler [Representatives at Moody to the ecumenical Jesuit-led Chicago Area Theological Library Association; Moody Archives Researchers __ Amy is Moody Distance Learning Librarian]

They are also both involved in the Moody partnership of Crowell Library with the Chicago Area Theological Library Association (CATLA) which you can see on Moody Bible Institute Other Library Catalogues. There are likely other librarians doing this networking, since there are One of the Koehler’s specific tasks (that they are allowed to tell us about) is working with Jesuit Billy Graham Center Archives to digitalize all of D. L. Moody’s history for online readability. But the purpose/founding of this program is an ecumenical library sharing program for students to access wide sources of information. It is one of the major programs set by Carl F. H. Henry and Harold Ockenga for establishing secret leadership partnerships with top Jesuit networks toward rejoining all American Protestant education under the Roman Catholic Vatican propaganda pathways. The Members of the CATLA are (Jesuit-led) Wheaton College and (Jesuit) Billy Graham Center, (Jesuit) DePaul University, (Rockefeller) University of Chicago, (Jesuit) Loyola University, (Rockefeller) Northwestern University/United Library, Roosevelt University (all six of these first ones are Jesuit-led and/or Rockefeller built/funded), Chicago Public Library, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Harold Washington College, McCormick Theological Seminary (Presbyterian partner with Jesuit DePaul U. and Lutheran Seminary and Rockefeller University of Chicago), (Jesuit-led) Trinity International University, University of Illinois Chicago, North Park University (John Fuder’s friend and former Moody Professor of Bible Dwight Perry is President), and Newberry Library. Moody also partners with the British Library which is the largest national library in the world. Moody partners with the UNESCO-tasked ecumenical association of European national Theological Library organizations (BETH).


Now let’s come back to Chicago and talk specifically about the founding of the Chicago Area Theological Library Association (CATLA). CATLA started with planning in 1960’s and three other programs, the Association of Chicago Theological Schools and the Librarians’ Council of the Chicago Cluster of Theological Schools established in 1970  and the Chicago Theological Institute established 1969 partnering secretly together attempting to connect Roman Catholic, Jewish, Catholic Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant Christian networks of sharing information. This program was sponsored by the Lilly Endowment which is known for funding research in dangerous psychological experiments and utopian societies like the Shakertown Pleasant Hill Kentucky and their psych drug experimenting and New Harmony/State of Indiana program and inter-faith hospitality partnerships of United Way as well as ecumenical forced programs such as the Association of Theological Schools and other Rockefeller Brothers partnerships since 1964. In 1980-1981, the Association of Theological Schools (Rockefeller built agency which accredits Moody Theological Seminary and is requiring Jesuit Spiritual Formation which is written/taught by William Thrasher) used their accreditation visit to partner with Chicago Cluster of Theological Schools study to figure out how to require the schools to work together. This same year, the Chicago Jesuit School of Theology dissolved to give way to strengthening Loyola U. and the Jesuits refocused on St. Louis University (an official Jesuit institution founded in 1818) and partnered more closely with the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley as well as Jesuit Loyola University and their Arrupe House Jesuit Community (Retreat House) which in May of this year (2019) graduated its inaugural class (from 2015 with four year degrees) of the world’s first Jesuit Community College for a less-expensive Jesuit education to entice a broader audience to participate in Jesuit games against Chicago (since non-Catholics and even uninitiated poorer Catholics are not aware of how evil and cruel and hidden the global conquer tactics of Jesuits are and just tend to follow what they are told). The result of all of this is intended to slant information (by hiding past aggressions/abuses against true Christians and divisive splits to conquer all churches and forcing/mass-distribution of new groups of blatant and intentional false doctrines rather than repenting of them) toward ecumenical agreements by intentionally ignoring false doctrines and focusing on similarity of doctrines only. (see one more paragraph of details on partnership with University of Tubingen in Full Jesuit Faculty bio)





Doug Hastings.jpg

Doug Hastings [not faculty – Moody Radio Vice-President __ Serving at least two terms as Board of Directors at National Religious Broadcasters (notice admittedly ecumenical Religious and not Christian Broadcasters, because there are so many large cults and Freemason voices in the mix). NRB is recently caught having lied about their financial condition and using the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA was founded by Billy Graham’s network of friends) to hide its dishonesty and corruption. It was such a scandal that it required ECFA President Dan Busby to resign just a few days ago __ The 75th Anniversary of NRB held in 2019 in Anaheim, CA was an ecumenical interfaith party which welcomed such strange speakers together as John MacArthur (Grace To You and Master’s Seminary), Rick and Kay Warren (Purpose Driven false gospel), Roma Downey and Mark Burnett (Roman Catholic mystics who wrote the Bible Miniseries and are in leadership of the Roman Catholic Shrine in Washington D.C. called the Museum of the Bible), Bobby Schuller (grandson of Robert Schuller), Greg Laurie (Harvest International who is trying to revive the Jesus Movement), Kirk Cameron (Left Behind and Saving Christmas), Alex Kendrick (Sherwood films like Fireproof), Tony Evans and his daughter Priscilla Shirer, Charles Stanley (In Touch), Mike Huckabee (Arkansas Baptist Governor assisting the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership with Mexico and Canada) – needless to say some of these people would have serious credibility issues with their followers if it were known they were all working together (which they are, but they can’t let you understand that), so some changed plans (such as John MacArthur of course). But Hastings has no problem supporting the Jesuits’ conglomerate of religious broadcasters and giving and receiving awards at their event.]

- Education: graduate of Columbia College

- Doug Hastings is Vice President of Moody Radio after serving as General Manager assisting the move to the newly built Chapman Global Media Center. 









Winfred Neely.jpg

Winfred Neely [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and in progress of an advanced Research Ph.D. at the old Jesuit-hub at University of Bristol __ Neely served as Teaching Pastor at Lawndale Community which is the church that co-founded the Christian Community Development Association with John Perkins – a sister organization to Mark Jobe’s New Life Centers (see more in our Mark Jobe report). Perkins is also co-founder of the Vatican’s Lausanne Movement Mission America Council with Bill Bright and Billy Graham – all three were mentored personally by Jack MacArthur and Henrietta Mears who co-founded the Hollywood Christian Club that made Billy Graham famous. John Perkins was actually mentored and funded by John MacArthur’s (of Grace To You and Master’s Seminary) dad Jack MacArthur as well as by Billy Graham in the civil rights’ leadership and in Freemason lodges which is where John MacArthur admits he and Perkins were on the night that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated (in the NAACP office located there). Billy Graham was a 33 degree Mason according to an old printed edition of the Free-mason Bible and Graham was personal friend to Pope John Paul II since when Bill Bright and Graham worked together in Krakow where Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) was resident Cardinal. Graham even filled Wojtyla’s pulpit the week that he became Pope. And John MacArthur is proud fifth generation “pastor” and boasts of his great grandfather Fullerton who was a Rosicrucian Grand Master Mason in Prince Edward Island. MacArthur also boasts of being a cousin of General Douglas MacArthur who was also a 33 degree Mason and Shriner. Even after all of Billy Graham’s talk about people just following the best light they have in their false religion and still getting into heaven without knowing Christ, John MacArthur still defended his family friend saying, “He preaches the true gospel”


__ Neely was invited to speak or did speak at the Lausanne Conference in the National Mall, D.C. called Together 2016 __ Neely has spoken at conferences recently alongside John MacArthur, Al Mohler (MacArthur’s Baptist friend), Charlie Dates, Paul Nyquist (Moody President), Jack Hayford (life-long friend of John MacArthur who is a Four-Square Gospel preacher), and at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and also in their Distinguished Ockenga Preaching Series __ Neely wrote a book called How To Overcome Worry which he promoted on the official Jesuit-order Paulist Fathers media called The Broken Halo with Father Dave Dwyer __ Neely commented on one of Julie Roys blogs about scandals of leadership and decided to cover for Paul Nyquist and COO Steve Mogck during the “financial crisis” which really is just the visible effects of the Jesuit take-over __ Neely is now a leader in professional media training with Theovision International and HCJB Global and Wycliffe Translators in several countries]

- Education: Trinity College, Wheaton College Graduate School, D.Min. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity and working toward an advanced research Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Bristol.

- Winfred Neely is Professor of Pastoral Studies at MBI.







(Neely comments) https://julieroys.com/moody-bible-institute-facing-unprecedented-crisis-please-pray/comment-page-2/




























Samuel Naaman.jpg

Samuel Naaman [@ ecumenical Jesuit Chongshin University and Bachelor in Social Work (Psychology) from University of Sind and @ Asbury Theological Seminary and @ ecumenical Asian Center for Theology; Worked for Franklin Graham’s Operation Christmas Child in Pakistan __ Graham’s Pakistan network saw interfaith potential in Naaman and sent him to South Korea for theological training then for a Doctorate in Missions. However, most missions leadership at the doctoral level are focused not on gospel work, but on interfaith dialogue which almost sounds the same except that it focuses on AGREEMENT with LEADERS of other faiths rather than sharing the gospel to the actual people in other religions/countries who have not had the chance to hear the gospel) __ Naaman was Professor of World Missions and Evangelism which title has now been changed to Professor of Intercultural Studies – do you see the difference? Now they are being more honest about what he really does.


__ As further solid evidence of Naaman’s interfaith work, we noticed the partnerships and activities of his leaders in the South Asian Friendship Center (SAFC). Naaman is President of SAFC – a community organization that besides its “Christian” format to reach the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh (combination of Hindu/Muslim) neighbors is also being used for shaping Chicago’s interfaith leaders __ Chris Castaldo, Naaman’s friend who spoke at the 2016 SAFC annual banquet has for seventeen years led at College Church on Wheaton College campus and as director of Wheaton College Ministry of Gospel Renewal at the Billy Graham Center devoted to “equipping evangelicals for constructive engagement with Catholic friends and loved ones” as a former Catholic himself. Castaldo has authored in three books about Catholics completing the Reformation and reuniting as One Catholic Church, as well as many writings in popular publications like Billy Graham’s Chrsitianity Today and Lausanne-partner The Gospel Coalition. Castaldo also co-authored in a book with Francis Beckwith (Catholic former President of Evangelical Theological Society), Brad S. Gregory (Roman Catholic), Lyle Dorsett (Anglican), Wilbur Ellsworth (Eastern Orthodox), and Dr. Robert Plummer from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The book was endorsed by Bryan Litfin (who led the Catholic dialogue on Moody campus) and Mark Noll (friend of Marcus Johnson who believes the disagreements between Protestants and Catholics are not on salvation issues, but only on right of authority in the church – see more in Marcus Johnson bio). Another book written about what divides and united Catholics with Protestants was endorsed by Ed Stetzer (Pastor at Moody Church), Gerald Hiestand (CPT Fellowships – see more in Eric Redmond bio), and Bryan Litfin. Castaldo’s book called Holy Ground: Walking With Jesus As a Former Catholic was endorsed by even more prominent voices including Norm Geisler, J. I. Packer, Lon Allison, Kevin DeYoung, and Philip Ryken (Wheaton President).


Further into leadership of Interfaith partnerships, Naaman’s SAFC Director of Hindu Ministries since 2007 is Anil Yesudas who has been organizing interfaith dialogue networks between Hindus and Christians since well before 2004, and has performed regular (weekly or bi-weekly or even more often sometimes) dialogue at Kalamazoo Hindu Temple and Vivekananda Retreat Center at least as recently as 2010. It is pretty much impossible that he didn’t know something of the problems Yesudas was creating since Yesudas refers to Christ as Lord Shri Jesus which is the Hindu sacred word for receiving purity and power from deities and denotes their connection to the Mother Goddess. It is doubtful that Naaman never bothered to know what activities Yesudas was leading especially since he was born in Pakistan with a sizeable Hindu population


__ Additionally, there is clear testimony from someone who was frequently involved (or worked) at the center that Naaman has shut down much of the regular activities and has moved the center and is just using his new center actitivities as a fund-raising gimick. There is no open-daily Christian hospitality center anymore like the coffee-house used to be and now the only events are scheduled meetups at the new location. They reduced the tutoring from 45 children to 6 or 7, and Naaman moved to a new home away from the community. Obviously, with any gospel preacher there would be a possibility that he was loudly rejected and chased away by the people of false religions. But that is not what is happening here, since Naaman was attracting and training interfaith leaders and even the activities before sound like worldly parties to attract the people of the world and not so much about gospel or ministry. But at least there was apparently ministry before. Naaman has either gotten caught by the Christians in his interfaith networking or else was getting caught for something else and decided to scale back. __ Naaman partners with Jesuit-led Wheaton campus College Church and Lon Allison’s Wheaton Bible Church (more in Andrew Schmutzer bio)]

- Education: University of Sind, ecumenical Chongshin University, Asbury (Methodist) Theological Seminary. Master of Divinity (M.Div.) graduate of ecumenical Asian Center for Theological Studies (Asia United Theological University). Chongshin University (Pyongyang Theological Seminary) was involved in the Korean Federal Council of Churches ecumenical leadership and the coercing pastors and Christians to bow to Shinto temples in Korea under Japanese occupation pre-World War II.

- Samuel Naaman is MBI Professor of Intercultural Studies and previously was Professor of World Missions and Evangelism.





















Sanjay Merchant.jpg

Sanjay Merchant [@ Jesuit-led Biola University and @ Biola’s Jesuit-led Talbot School of Theology and @ Jesuit-led Claremont Graduage University; Merchant has taught at least one class on Understanding (Jesuit) Spiritual Formation in a church __ Merchant has written on and participated/taught in many Interfaith discussions with Mormons, Buddhists, Muslims, Roman Catholics at the University of Southern California Muslim Student Association, at Brigham Young University (top Mormon school in Utah), the 2011 Interfaith Series at Grand Canyon University, the 2010 Dialogue between Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism, as well as two of the annual meetings of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology __ One of Merchant’s specialty topics of study is Thomas Aquinas doctrines (see more in Jonathan Armstrong bio) __ Merchant is a member of four ecumenical societies – Evangelical Theological Society, Evangelical Philosophical Society, College Theology Society, Canadian Evangelical Theological Association and also member of the interfaith American Academy of Religion]

- Education: Biola University and Talbot School of Theology as well as a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University School of Religion. Claremont hosts the Peter Drucker School of Management. Drucker was a leader of the Mega-church and Community Church movements which was carried on by Rick Warren and Leadership Network etc.

- Sanjay Merchant is Associate Professor of Theology at MBI






Tim Sigler.jpg

Tim Sigler [former faculty; Education @ Jesuit-led Trinity International University; Taught at John MacArthur’s Masters College IBEX program __ Scholar-in-Residence of Christian Jew Foundation Ministries __ Member/Partner with Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). Sigler’s Church – where Sigler is an Elder – hosted the LCJE Conference in 2014 at Billy Graham Center in Wheaton. Sigler was a contributor with this same network of Lausanne on Randall Price’s What Should We Think About Israel?: Separating Fact From Fiction in the Middle East Conflict. Contributors included Walter Kaiser (former President of Rockefeller-built Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), David Brickner (graduate of Fuller Theological School of World Missions and founder of Jews for Jesus), Michael Brown (Brownsville Revival leader and visiting professor at Fuller Theological School of World Missions), Mitch Glaser (Chosen People Ministries, a partner of Charles Feinberg), Meno Kalisher (Friends of Israel Institute of Biblical Studies), Justin Kron (founding coordinator of the Kesher Forum), Michael Vlach (Jesuit John MacArthur’s Master’s Seminary), Paul Wilkinson (International School of Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem), John Piper (Desiring God and Bethlehem College and Seminary), Randall Price (Research Professor of Biblical and Judaic Studies at Liberty University, board of Friends of Israel, 20 year archeologist in Israel), Jim Melnick (President of Friends of Russian Jewry and former U.S. Department of Defense Russian Affairs analyst), and Tuvya Zeretsky (founding member of Jews for Jesus and President of the International Coordinating Committee of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism)


__ Sigler is speaking partner with Jesuit Erwin Lutzer at various events including this year at Sigler’s new home as Dean of Shepherd’s Theological Seminary in Raleigh, NC for the Shepherds 360 Conference 2019 and the Summer Series at Colonial Baptist Church which founded Shepherd’s Theological Seminary with John MacArthur’s network of friends (more about MacArthur in Sajan Mathews and Winfred Neely bio) __ Member of four ecumenical societies – the Evangelical Theological Society (of course), the Society of Biblical Literature, the Near East Archeological Society, and the American Schools of Oriental Research (of which John MacArthur’s mentor Charles Feinberg was member)]

- Education: Triple graduate of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary, earned a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Jesuit-led Trinity International University, and a M.S. in Higher Education from Grace College and Seminary.

- Tim Sigler was Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Studies and is new Provost and Dean of Shepherd’s Theological Seminary.










Michael Wechsler.jpg

Michael Wechsler [@ Rutgers University and @ Jesuit-led Trinity International University and Ph.D. @ Rockefeller-built University of Chicago with F. M. Cross Doctoral Fellowship __ Member of Society for Judaeo-Arabic Studies __ Member of advisory board for Mormon BYU initiative __ Partner in interfaith history research, particularly with Kabbalah Judaism]

- Education: prestigious Rutgers University, Trinity International University, and with a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) in Near Eastern Judaica/Judaeo-Arabic literature cum laude from Rockefeller-built Jesuit-led University of Chicago with a F. M. Cross Doctoral Fellowship.

- Michael Wechsler also briefly was Adjunct Instructor of Old Testament studies at Jesuit-led Trinity International University. Then in 2001, Wechsler became Professor of Bible at MBI.












Eric Redmond.jpg

Eric Redmond [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Interfaith Jesuit-led Liberty University __ Ten-year Council member of The Gospel Coalition which is a Lausanne partner __ Calvary Memorial Church Pastor __ Signed onto Reforming Catholic Confession __ Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) member __ Center For Pastor Theologians (CPT) Fellowship and contributor to Becoming A Pastor Theologian written by Calvary Memorial Senior Pastors (one former, one current) Todd Wilson and Gerald Hiestand __ Calvary Memorial Church had Louis Talbot as its first pastor who was Youth For Christ leadership that built Billy Graham’s national network and founder of Talbot Theological Seminary. Billy Graham spoke the commencement address of Calvary’s new church and Ray Pritchard (sixteen year pastor at Calvary) is calling for a new Billy Graham to rise up]

- Education: Washington Bible College, Dallas Theological, and Ph.D. from Ecumenical Jesuit Liberty University.

- Eric Redmond is Association Professor of Bible at Moody Theological Seminary.









Kirk Baker.jpg

Kirk Baker [Doctorate in Jesuit Spiritual Formation from Jesuit-led Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary __ Pastor at The Moody Church after being an Elder at Calvary Memorial Church and leader in ADELPHOI young-adults ministry (more in Eric Redmond bio)]

- Education: University of New Brunswick, MABS from Moody, and Doctorate in Jesuit Spiritual Formation from Jesuit-led Gordon-Conwell Theological.

- Kirk Baker is Moody Bible Institute Professor of Applied Theology and Church Ministry for nineteen years and has taught in India, Vietnam, Middle East, and Canada.

- Baker now serves Pastoral Staff at Moody Church since a year ago (July 2018).










Michael Milco.jpg

Michael Milco [@ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and MSW and PhD from known Jesuit Loyola University; 13-year Pastor at The Moody Church __ Business partner with Jesuit Jenny Conviser as Staff Therapist]

- Education: Trinity College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity, Wheaton, and double graduate with Master in (Jesuit) Social Work (MSW) and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) in Social Work from openly Jesuit Loyola University.

- Michael Milco was pastor at The Moody Church since before he was a Professor at MBI – thirteen years as Pastor of Families and Small Groups under protection of Loyola Jesuit Pastor Erwin Lutzer who perhaps is the one recommending that Milco go to Loyola.

- Milco is MBI Professor of Human Services and Pre-Counseling.

- Milco is a licensed relational (Jesuit) Psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical (Jesuit) Social Worker.














Daniel Cameron.jpg

Daniel Cameron [@ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Ph.D. @ University of Aberdeen; Ordained by and pastoral resident and Youth Leader at The Moody Church __ Writer/ Representative/ Proponent for Thomas Torrance Theological Fellowship whose leader was an organizer for World Council of Churches and Reformed-Catholic dialogue as R. C. Sproul laid the pieces for using Thomas Aquinas doctrine to reverse the Reformation and unite all under the Catholic “Church” __ Cameron wrote Flesh and Blood with foreword by Dr. Myk Habets, dean of faculty at Carey Graduate School who is also member of at least seven ecumenical societies including the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship of which Cameron is a member.]

- Education: Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Ph.D. graduate (Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy) of Systematic Theology at Scottish Anglican University of Aberdeen.

- Daniel Cameron is Adjunct Professor of Theology at MBI.

- Cameron is ordained by and is Youth Minister at The Moody Church.







Tim Sisk.jpg

Tim Sisk [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Fuller Theological Seminary; developed curriculum with Interfaith Professors from Liberty University and Calvin Theological Seminary __ One of those professors Michael Goheen teaches on Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism as part of the course along with how to properly study world religions.]

- Education: graduate of Tennessee Temple University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-led Fuller Theological Seminary.

- Tim Sisk is Chair and Professor of World Missions and Evangelism and Intercultural Studies Professor at Moody Bible Institute. In this capacity, Sisk partnered with the Global Proclamation Congress that led to Dallas Theological Partnership with Jonathan Armstrong and Bryan O’Neal on Aqueduct Project and C-Gate (more in their bios).






Dennis Fledderjohann.jpg

Dennis Fledderjohann [@ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ known Jesuit Loyola University; Director of General Education at MBI through eyes of Doctor of Jesuit Curriculum and Instruction __ ABHE member __ Fledderjohann co-authored a thesis on the life of Herman Harrell Horne with Purushotham Burgula, a graduate student at Talbot Theological who was also studying Christian Education and Jesuit Spiritual Formation.]

- Education: Toccoa Falls College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity, McCormick Theological, and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from openly Jesuit Loyola University.

- Dennis Fledderjohann is Professor of Educational Ministries at MBI and his Doctorate of Jesuit Philosophy from Jesuit Loyola U. is in the subjects of Curriculum and Instruction – so he really is acting as a Jesuit in this capacity for sure.

















John Clark.jpg

John Clark [@ Free-mason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-partnered University of Toronto and is a Presidents’ Circle donor to University of Toronto __ Co-author with Marcus Johnson on The Incarnation of God attempting to redefine Catholic and Protestant doctrines as nearly the same __ Signer on the Reforming Catholic Confession]

- Education: Spring Arbor University, ThM Dallas Theological Seminary, Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-partner Toronto School of Theology University of St. Michaels.

- John Clark is Assocate Professor of Theology







Michael Vanlaningham.jpg

Michael Vanlaningham [former faculty; M.Div. @ Jesuit-led Talbot Theological Seminary and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Theologian in Residence at James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel trying to cover for the G11 Pastor friend of Erwin Lutzer, Joseph Stowell, Mark Jobe, and Jerry Jenkins  Vanlaningham is on staff at James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel as Theologian in Residence. Vanlaningham recently preached a sermon at Harvest Bible Chapel where he taught that forgiveness requires four promises: “I promise I will not dwell on this incident”, “I promise I will not bring up this incident and use it against you”, “I promise I will not talk to others about this incident”, and “I promise I will not allow this incident to destroy our relationship” __ Vanlaningham has written articles for John MacArthur’s The Master’s Seminary Journal __ Co-editor of The Moody Bible Commentary with Michael Rydelnik and chose to include Catholic and U.N. leader John Hart to write the Gospel of John and Letter from James commentaries]

- Education: M.Div. in Systematic Theology from Jesuit-partnered Talbot Theological Seminary, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

- Michael Vanlaningham was Professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute.





Michael Rydelnik 2.jpg

Michael Rydelnik [@ Free-mason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ Azusa Pacific University; Adjunct faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary and at Pasche Institute of Freemason Criswell College and at Talbot School of Theology, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School __ Director of Jewish Studies department at Moody for twenty-five years and has now been shown to be Director in the attempted dismantling of that department __ Rydelnik is a member of the organizing committee of the Alliance For The Peace Of Jerusalem alongside Jesuit Joel Rosenberg (known for predictions of 9/11 six months before it happened presumably because he is friends with those who planned it), Jason Elam (current liaison of Illuminations – think Illuminati – at the Vatican Shrine called the Museum of the Bible), Samuel Rodriguez of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (influential interfaith leader), Helene Dallaire (Director of Messianic Judaism Programs at emergent and ecumenical Denver Seminary), Dr. Darrell Bock (executive director of Jesuit Howard Hendricks’ Center Cultural Engagement and Jonathan Armstrong’s partner in C-GATE), and several others affiliated with Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological. Rydelnik has also spoken at conferences alongside Joel Rosenberg, Dr. John Feinberg (son of Charles Feinberg who personally mentored John MacArthur), Dr. Mitch Glaser (Chosen People Ministries), Dr. Barry Leventhal (of Jesuit Norman Geisler’s Southern Evangelical Seminary) and others __ Rydelnik was a founding member of Olive Tree Congregation and ten-year member of Chosen People Ministries]

- Education: Azusa Pacific University, Dallas Theological, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

- Michael Rydelnik was Professor of Jewish Studies and is now MBI Professor of Intercultural Studies.























Eugene Mayhew.jpg

Eugene Mayhew [@ Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit University of Detroit; member of Evangelical Theological Society __ Contributor to Jesuit Luis Palau Study Bible. Luis Palau is intimate friend of the current Jesuit Pope Jorge Bergoglio – both are from Argentina __ Mayhew was a partner in Jesuit-led Qumran Excavation with University of North Carolina (Colleagues of famous Moody-atheist-grad Bart Ehrman) and Tel Qasile finding Philistine temples __ Missionary with ecumenical SEND International and an instructor at Alaska Bible College (more in John Jelinek bio) and on Board of Directors for Encouragement Inc. __ Author for Swindoll Leadership Library at the request of Jesuit Swindoll __ Co-authored with Gary Habermas of University of Detroit alumnus who is Professor at Interfaith Liberty University]

- Education: Detroit Bible College (William Tyndale College), Dallas Theological Seminary, Grace Theological Seminary, and has done post-graduate study at Jesuit University of Detroit, and American Institute in Jerusalem.

- Eugene Mayhew is Professor of Old Testament and Semitic (Hebrew, Aramaic, Jewish etc.) Languages at MTS.




Laurie Norris.jpg

Laurie Norris [@ Cedarville University and @ Free-mason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Chair at Evangelical Theological Society Midwest as ecumenical networker with Jesuits __ Member of ecumenical CPT Fellowship]

- Education: Cedarville University and Dallas Theological and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Wheaton College.

- Laurie Norris teaches Spiritual Formation and Homiletics at MBI.





Ernest Dwight Gray at Moody Bible Institute

Ernest Gray Jr. [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor __ Member of Evangelical Theological Society and Center for Pastor Theologians Fellowship (more in Eric Redmond bio)]

- Education: Jesuit-led Wheaton and McMaster Divinity College.

- Ernest Gray is Assistant Professor of Bible at MBI.






Junias Venugopal.jpg

Junias Venugopal [former Provost of MTS; Education @ Free-mason and @ Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity International University; Associate Dean and Professor of Evangelism and Leadership at Jesuit-led Wheaton College __ Former Dean of Asia Graduate School of Theology founded by Campus Crusade staff in Philippines; Former VP of Educational Affairs @ Columbia International University]

- Education: Birla Institute in India, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Trinity International University.

- Junias Venugopal former Provost and Dean of Education at MTS.










Randall Dattoli.jpg

Randall Dattoli [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and @ known Jesuit Loyola University; wrote history of Wheaton College]

- Randall Dattoli is Assistant to John Jelinek - Interim Provost and Dean of Moody Theological Seminary.




Ron Sauer.jpg

Ron Sauer [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ known Jesuit U. of Manchester]

- Education: Mississippi College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit University of Manchester (their chaplains are entirely Jesuit).

- Ron Sauer is Professor of Bible at MBI.







Mary Martin [@ Jesuit-led Judson University; Author for Wheaton Academy Press __ Promotes a John Maxwell team-member (from which Team Mark Jobe received the 2018 Top 10 Transformational Leadership Award)]

- Education: Baptist Bible College, Philadelphia Biblical University, and Jesuit-run Judson University (who hosts the annual World Leaders Forum – speakers have included George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Condoleeza Rice, Newt Gingrich, Eric Metaxas, Caroline Kennedy). (more in Brian Kammerzelt bio)

- Mary Martin is newly appointed Chair of Education and Counseling; Professor of Christian School Education; and Program Head of Educational Ministries at MBI





Chris Rappazini, ThM

Chris Rappazini [@ Jesuit-led Rockefeller-built Gordon-Conwell and PhD @ known Jesuit Gonzaga University near Moody Spokane campus in Washington state __ Wrote his doctorate on Dr. Haddon Robinson __ On Board of Directors for ecumenical – Evangelical Homiletics Society]

- Education: University of Edinburgh, Jesuit-led Rockefeller-built Gordon Conwell Theological, and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy at openly Jesuit Gonzaga University who partners with Moody Bible Institute’s library. Rappazini’s doctorate at Gonzaga is on Dr. Haddon Robinson who was nineteen year professor at Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary, twelve year President of very ecumenical and emergent Denver Seminary as well as Harold Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Rockefeller-built Gordon-Conwell Seminary in Boston who partners with openly Jesuit Boston College.

- Chris Rappazini is Assistant Professor of Applied Theology and Church Ministries and Program Head of 5-year BA/MA Pastoral Studies at MBI/MTS







Larry Davidhizar.jpg

Larry Davidhizar [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ known Jesuit Loyola University; Association of Biblical Higher Education member and is Consultant, Evaluator, and trained Team Chair of the Higher Learning Commission]

- Education: University of Houston, Dallas Theological and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from openly Jesuit Loyola University.

- Larry Davidhizar is Vice-President and Associate Provost of Faculty at MBI









David Tae Kyung Rim.jpg

David Tae-kyung Rim [@ former faculty and @ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and @ known Jesuit Loyola University; Rim is also possibly the unnamed Moody Distance Learning Professor who personally believes that Adam and Eve had soul-less brutish ape-like predecessors whom Cain married – otherwise perhaps it was Ashish Varma who is still on faculty __ David Rim and Ashish Varma were the two professors that Julie Roys and Rich Weber named in the original questions about faculty who did not believe the Bible]

- Education: Carnegie-Mellon University, Dallas Theological, and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity and was working on his MA in Jesuit Philosophy at openly Jesuit Loyola University.

- David Rim was Professor of Theology and Philosophy and Apologetics for fifteen years at MBI.












Michael McDuffee.jpg

Michael McDuffee [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and M.A. & Ph.D. from Kabbalist/Jesuit-led Brandeis University]

- Education: University of New Hampshire, M.A. from Wheaton and M.A. and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Kabbalistic Jesuit-led Brandeis University.

- Michael McDuffee is former Professor of Theology at Moody Bible Institute and Theological Seminary since 1994 (retired May 2018).








Christopher Yuan.jpg

Christopher Yuan [@ ecumenical Bethel Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Has spoken at Jesuit-led Yale University __ Faculty at Summit Ministries (more in Chris Brooks bio) __ Legacy Chicago Minister – as is Brian Kammerzelt]

- Education: Wheaton College, and Bethel Seminary which is the Baptist Seminary founded as the Swedish Baptist Theological studies at Rockefeller-founded University of Chicago.

- Christopher Yuan is Bible Professor at MBI.








Benjamin Wilson.jpg

Benjamin Wilson [@ Jesuit-led Cambridge University and @ Jesuit-led Biola Talbot School of Theology; member of two societies – Evangelical Theological Society (and has presented at ETS) and Society of Biblical Literature and has written for Catholic Biblical Quarterly]

- Education: Ph.D. graduate (Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy) of Cambridge University who partners closely with both Anglican and Roman Catholic institutions and keeper of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Jesuits. Wilson has his Master’s degrees from Talbot Theological.

- Benjamin Wilson is MBI Assistant Professor of Bible.




John Goodrich [@ Jesuit-led Biola Talbot School of Theology and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led University of Durham; member of four ecumenical societies – Evangelical Theological Society, Society of Biblical Literature, Institute for Biblical Research and Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research]

- Education: Talbot School of Theology and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Anglican/Jesuit-led University of Durham.

- John Goodrich is Associate Professor of Bible; Program Head at MBI









2. Jesuit Psychologists:

Name [Jesuit education; ecumenical partnerships]

- Education:

- Name: and Faculty Position at Moody


James Wood.jpg 

James M. Wood [M.S., Psy.S., and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-partnered University of Detroit; Member of four societies - American Association of Christian Counselors, Christian Association for Psychological Studies, American Psychological Association, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists __ Former staff psychologist at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Hospital – a Reformed Church in America network where Moody Center for Global Theological Education Director Jonathan Armstrong’s father is Vice President and Chief Medical Officer]

- Education: Wayne State University and a triple graduate (MS, PsyS, PhD) with a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy and Specialist Degree in Jesuit Psychology from Jesuit-led University of Detroit.

- James Wood is Associate Professor of (Jesuit) Psychology at MTS.

- Wood is a Licensed Jesuit Psychologist.





John Restum.jpg

John Restum [M.A. and Psy.D. in Jesuit Psychology from Jesuit-partner George Fox University and @ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary __ Partner in mental health and clinical consultation for the staffs of Detroit Police and Wayne County Sheriff Departments who are Jesuit-led (more in Chris Brooks bio). This partnership is also part of the interfaith chaplaincy initiatives being pushed in the prison reform __ Advisor to Amazing Grace Counseling Outreach since when they were his students; they openly support LGBTQIA+ community and are involved in the LGBTQ Center of South Bend. ]

- Education: Western Michigan University, William Tyndale College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Master (MA) and Doctorate (PsyD) in Jesuit Psychology from ecumenical and Jesuit-partner George Fox University.

- Restum is Associate Academic Dean at Moody Theological Seminary Michigan campus under Moody Academic Dean Chris Brooks.

- Restum is a Licensed Clinical (Jesuit) Psychologist.















Scott Robinowitz

Scott Robinowitz

- Education: Master of Social Work (MSW) from known Jesuit Loyola University.

- Scott Robinson is Moody Head Coach for Men’s Basketball

- Robinowitz is a (Jesuit) Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist. Robinowitz utilizes narrative approach as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance Commitment, mindfulness and positive psychology. Robinowitz led a Young Life basketball ministry for three years.






Nancy Kane 2.jpg

Nancy Kane

- Education: University of Illinois and Jesuit-led Gestalt Institute of Chicago.

- Nancy Kane wrote the (Jesuit) Christian Spiritual Formation curriculum for the Moody Bible Institute.

- Kane is a Licensed Clinical Practical Counselor.







Roslyn Jordan

- Education: Jesuit-led Trinity International University and a Jesuit Spiritual Formation and Discipleship degree from Moody Theological Seminary taught by William Thrasher and Eric Moore.

- Roslyn Jordan is a counselor at the MTS Counseling Center and before that worked in Moody Publishers Marketing Department. Roslyn Jordan is the sister of Michael Jordan (professional basketball player).








John Trent [Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry at MTS; inventor of “Christian” stereotypes by which to psychologize people; Professor at Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary; member of three societies - American Association of Christian Counselors, the Christian Association for (Jesuit) Psychological Studies, and the American Marriage and Family Ministry __ Tent has been a speaker at Promise Keepers and to corporate leaders of Walt Disney Corp, Universal Studios, Interstate Battery, Chick-fil-a, 2005 Young Presidents’ Organization Conference in D.C., West Point Military Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Restaurant Leadership Conference, and many others.]

- Education: Texas Christian University, Freemason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary, and North Central Texas Federation of Colleges and Universities, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Texas Women’s University.

- John Trent was the First Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy at the Moody Theological Seminary before Deborah Gorton.












Deborah Gorton.jpg

Deborah Gorton [M.A., Ph.D. in Jesuit Psychology from Rockefeller-funded Jesuit-led Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of (Jesuit) Psychology; Very full list of psychological specialties to control people with __ Mentor with Tommy Lee’s Resource Global (more in John Fuder bio and Sajan Mathews bio)]

- Education: Master of Arts and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (M.A. and Ph.D.) specifically on the topic of Jesuit Psychology from Rockefeller-funded Jesuit/Freemason ecumenical Fuller Theological Graduate School of (Jesuit) Psychology.

- Deborah Gorton is the newly appointed Gary Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy following John Trent. Gorton is also Associate Professor and Program Head for the M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) at Moody Theological Seminary and is director of Moody’s Counseling Center. Her variety of specialties also cover pretty much every topic. 









Rick Manabat.jpg

Rick Manabat [@Jesuit-led Trinity International University and in Mental Health and Psychology @ Jesuit DePaul University; Manager at MTS Counseling Center __ Sex-addiction therapist __ Member of one society – American Association for Christian Counselors __ Manabat was a Therapist on staff at ecumenical and Jesuit-led Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago. ]

- Education: Trinity International University in Mental Health Counseling, and Jesuit Psychology from Jesuit DePaul University (whose founding is by a secret Jesuit order from Paris where Jesuits got started, and is designed on the rules of the Jesuits).

- Rick Manabat is Moody Theological Seminary Counseling Center Manager under Dr. Deborah Gorton.

- Manabat is a certified sex-addiction therapist mentored under Patrick Carnes, is certified in Prepare and Enrich marital counseling and Level One Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Manabat is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.


Andrew Schmutzer.jpg

Andrew Schmutzer [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Ph.D. from Jesuit-led Trinity International University; Writer and contributor to a number of articles, thesis, and journals on Jesuit Spiritual Formation and included Paul Maxwell as a contributor. Paul Maxwell gave the prediction of needing what Mark Jobe was then appointed to fulfill as a self-fulfilling prophecy for the Jesuits __ Member of five ecumenical societies __ Speaker on MK, PK abuse topics with Wm. Paul Young (author of books - The Shack, Eve, and Lies We believe about God) and Boz Tchividjian (grandson of Billy Graham who is Professor of Law at Interfaith Liberty University and Executive Director of GRACE which is pretending to be a Jesuit champion dealing with church sex-abuse scandals) as well as other prominent Jesuits like Elaine Heath of John Perkins Center at Seattle Pacific University __ Attends Wheaton Bible Church whose pastor is Lon Allison who is Honorary Director of Billy Graham Center at Wheaton and long-time board member at National Association of Evangelicals and Billy Graham’s Christianity Today International __ Co-edited ecumenical Psalms edition with prominent ecumenical contributors __ Led panel discussion at Evangelical Theological Society where he is a member – with Jesuit Loyola Professor of Philosphy Dr. Moser]

- Education: Dallas Theological and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Trinity International University.

- Andrew Schmutzer is Professor of Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute.














Andrew and Ashley Schmutzer

Ashley Schmutzer [Jesuit-led Wheaton College]

- Education: Wheaton Graduate School

- Schmutzer is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.


Jill White.jpg

Jill White [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College in Jesuit Psychology and @ Jesuit DePaul University; Staff advisor to The Moody Standard which is the Student Newspaper that was recently shut down. Since Jill was faculty advisor to The Moody Standard we have strong reasons to believe (Jesuit DePaul Juris-Doctor Janet Stiven as Moody’s General Counsel of the legal team at MBI, for one example) that Jill is playing the controlled opposition to shutting it down knowing that it is her role to pretend to help the students while really just helping implement the decision of the higher Jesuits. ]

- Education: Wheaton College BA in Jesuit Psychology and Jesuit DePaul University whose founding is by a Jesuit order from Paris where the Jesuits got started and is designed on the rules of the Jesuits.




Mary Hendrickson.jpg

Mary Hendrickson

- Mary Hendrickson is Assistant Professor of Pre-Counseling and Human Services at Moody under Jesuit Michael Milco.

- Hendrickson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.


Steve Brasel.jpg

Steve Brasel [Jesuit-led Wheaton in Clinical Psychology; leader of ReNew Partnerships’ Ethnic Diversity Survey to force Moody to accept a broader scope of individuals (these programs are not for expanding ethnic diversity – they are for expanding ideological and religious diversity) not for spiritual education but for cultural appropriateness and destroying the spiritual foundations of D. L. Moody’s education strategies.]

- Education: Wheaton College in Clinical (Jesuit) Psychology.

- Steve Brasel is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and teaches Introduction to (Jesuit) Psychology Specialties.





Holly Porter.jpg

Holly (Hart) Porter

- Education: Adler School of Professional Psychology.

- Holly Porter specializes in Jesuit Spiritual Formation and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and teaches Jesuit Psychology and Counseling.



Valencia Wiggins [Walden University and Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Counselor at Wheaton College; Board of Directors for ecumenical and Jesuit-led Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago; Active member of three societies - American (Jesuit) Psychology Association, American Counseling Assocation, and American Association of Christian Counselors __ Wiggins spoke at the Christian Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland 2018 August Member brunch.]

- Education: Walden University and Wheaton Graduate School.

- Valencia Wiggins is a clinical Jesuit Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor at Jesuit-led Wheaton College.








Elizabeth Smith

- Education: Indiana University and Jesuit-led Trinity International U.

- Elizabeth Smith is Program Head and Associate Professor of Children and Family Ministry at Moody Bible Institute.

- Smith is Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.






Amy Baker.jpg

Amy Baker

- Education: ecumenical Taylor (Methodist) University and Asbury (Methodist) Theological Seminary.

- Amy Baker is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

Dr. Freddy Tung

- Education: Jesuit-partner University of Wisconsin – Madison, and has a doctorate in Jesuit Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

- Freddy Tung is a Licensed Clinical (Jesuit) Psychologist.


Patty Vander Sande.jpg

Patty Vander Sande

- Education: is a graduate of Jesuit-led Wheaton Graduate School.

- Patty Vander Sande is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Wheaton Graduate School Collquium Instructor.


Rosana Sierra-Sweich

Rosanna Sierra-Sweich

- Education: Northeastern Illinois University in Family Community Counseling and gained additional Complex Trauma certification from Divine Mercy University, a Catholic Jesuit-led psychology university in Arlington, VA. Sierra-Sweich is certified in Couples and Family Counseling and in Level One Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.

- Rosanna Sierra-Sweich is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.







Barbara Hill

- Education: (Baptist) Luther Rice University. Hill has worked with Christine Caine’s A21 Campaign and Naomi’s House (Human Trafficking victims program of Moody Church). Hill also shares articles to Relevant Magazine and Christine Caine’s Propel Women. Hill is trained in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Didactical Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.

- Barbara Hill is editorial advisor to Moody Theological Counseling Center.

Hill is a Nationally Certified Counselor.








Debralyn Bryant

- Debralyn Bryant is Editorial Advisor to Moody Theological Counseling Center.



3. Jesuits in Spiritual Formation:

Name [Jesuit education; ecumenical partnerships]

- Education:

- Name: and Faculty Position at Moody


William Thrasher.jpg

William Thrasher [@ Freemason-founded Auburn University and @ Free-mason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary; Professor of Jesuit Spiritual Formation at Moody Theological Seminary __ Thrasher is mentor to Mark Jobe’s best pastor friend John Palmieri since when Jobe and Palmieri were in Culbertson Hall together


__ Thrasher is endorsed by a long list of high Ecumenical and Jesuit influencers such as Jesuit G11 Gatekeeper Joseph Stowell, Nancy Leigh DeMoss (close friend of Moody leaders whose brother Mark DeMoss was 11-year Chief of Staff to Jesuit Jerry Falwell as well as 25-year Board of Directors for Interfaith Liberty University and then served as spokesperson for the Billy Graham library and Evangelistic Association), John Palmieri (Mark Jobe’s pastor/partner/friend), Vicki Anderson (assistant to John Piper who is leading everyone back to Rome and is on U.S. Council of Lausanne Movement), both Heather and Stephen Olford (Billy Graham’s personal confidant of whom Graham said “the man who most influenced my ministry”), Luis Bush (coined the 10/40 Window of evangelistic efforts, Fuller Theol School of World Missions partner with U. S. Center for World Missions, former International Director of AD2000 and Beyond, a sister organization with Lausanne Movement and World Evangelical Alliance and is now facilitator of Transform World Connections with its international headquarters three miles from Wycliffe Global Associates headquarters in the miniature country of Singapore), J. I. Packer (Anglican Lausanne member Theologian and Executive Editor of Billy Graham’s Christianity Today), Lyle Dorsett (Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism at Rockefeller-funded Beeson Divinity), Paul House (Beeson Divinity), Don Currin (Paul Washer’s HeartCry Missionary Society Eastern European Coordinator), Kevin Howells (Park Community Church Pastor of Small Groups), Peter Grant (Alumni Board at MBI and Charter member of American Association of Christian Counselors and grant recipient of Lilly Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program), and Moody leaders  Paul Nyquist (former President), Wayne Hopkins (Dean and Professor Emeritus), Charlie Dyer (Bible Professor at Large), Paul Enns (author of Moody Handbook of Theology), Chris Fabry (award-winning Moody Radio host), Richard Yook (Board of Trustees), Paul H. Johnson (Chairman Emeritus of Board), John Jelinek (VP, Academic Dean and Provost at MTS), John Fuder (Urban Studies and Dean of Global Cohorts for Tommy Lee’s Resource Global), Bryan Litfin (Jesuit Catholic Fathers scholar), Dan Green (Master of Divinity Program MTS), George Mosher (Registrar at MBI), Brian Tucker (former Professor of New Testament). ]

- Education: Mason-founded Auburn University, and two degrees from Free-mason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary.

- William Thrasher is Professor of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship for Moody Theological and on faculty since 1980.













Tim Arens.jpg

Tim Arens [@ Azusa Pacific University; Consultant Evaluator for 25 years for Association of Biblical Higher Education where Assoc. Provost Bryan O’Neal and Northfield Jesuit Mission Center’s James Spencer are both on the Commission on Accreditation. This is one of the two Moody Accreditors that require the Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree so Arens and Spencer should have warned Moody to get out of ABHE, but they aren’t, so they are responsible for walking Moody into that trap and are complicit with teaching students to be Jesuits __ Executive member of Association for Christians in Student Development __ In 2011, Arens had Moody students observe the National Day of Prayer which now is accompanied by anti-christ psychologist Shirley Dobson’s Task Force (led by Ronnie Floyd of Donald Trump’s spiritual advisory board) to give initiatives and national prayer networks directives through the program.]

- Education: Grace College, Ball State University, and Azusa Pacific University.

- Tim Arens is MBI/MTS Vice-President and Dean of Student Life at Moody Bible Institute in charge of student development, counseling, etc. Arens is member of the Moody campus Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment Team (BETA).
















John Koessler.jpg

John Koessler [former faculty; Education @ Jesuit-led Trinity International University; follower of Catholic Thomas Aquinas and Catholic Josef Pieper doctrines; partner with Billy Graham network leaders; has spoken at C. S. Lewis Institute __ Follower of Jesuit spirituality in Thomas Aquinas (Catholic scholar of “Church” Fathers) and Josef Pieper (German Catholic philosopher) and longs for a rejoining of the Catholic Church “sacred mysteries” and “scent of holiness” in unity with the Protestant Church “consistently positive” “hope of the cross” and “chipper” “business”-like approach to ministry __ In 2000, Koessler co-authored How To Preach A Sermon/Biblical Preaching with Haddon Robinson (former twelve-year president of ecumenical and emergent Denver Seminary and nineteen year faculty at Dallas Theological and ecumenicist Harold John Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Biblical Preaching at Billy-Graham-built Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) and Steven Albrecht (Jesuit-trained at openly Jesuit Creighton University and a web team leader at Moody Bible Institute) __ Koessler has spoken for the C. S. Lewis Institute in 2018 at Delta Farm; the same institution that is setting up a Study Center on Moody Northfield campus. ]

- Education: Wayne State University, two degrees from Biblical Seminary, and a doctorate from Jesuit-led Trinity International University.

- John Koessler was Chair and Professor of Pastoral Studies Department at Moody Bible Institute (retired May 2018).






















Bob MacRae.jpg

Bob MacRae [@ ecumenical Bethel Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Teacher of Jesuit Spiritual Formation to Youth Ministry graduates __ Promotes Jesuit Catholic Henri Nouwen (more in Rosalie De Rosset bio) and Jesuit-founder Howard Hendricks at Dallas Theological Seminary and Contemplative Prayer Jesuit Larry Crabb and several other Jesuit spiritualists]

- Education: Bethel Theological Seminary and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity. Bethel Seminary is the Baptist Seminary founded as the Swedish Baptist Theological studies at Rockefeller-founded University of Chicago.

- Bob MacRae was Professor in Educational Ministries and is now MBI Professor of Youth Ministry Program Head.














Pamela MacRae.jpg

Pamela MacRae [@ ecumenical Bethel Theological Seminary and @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Mentored by Jill Briscoe who is prominent Billy Graham partner since his Crusade there in 1979 and spent twenty years on Board of Directors for Billy Graham’s CT as well as NAE World Relief and WEC Intnl. and a regular speaker at Graham’s Cove Retreat Center __ This mentorship is so MacRae can take on Rosalie De Rosset’s role as the Jesuit queen hornet over the hive on campus whenever Rosset has to retire (more in Rosset bio)]

- Education: Bethel Theological Seminary and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity. Bethel Seminary is the Baptist Seminary founded as the Swedish Baptist Theological studies at Rockefeller-founded University of Chicago.

- Pamela MacRae is MBI Professor of Ministry to Women – Program Head and Professor of Ministry to Victims of Sexual Exploitation.















Timothy Downey [Jesuit Master of Arts in Religious Education; PACT Certified Coach, writer for LeaderTreks Youth Ministry]

- Education: University of Memphis and Mid-America Baptist Seminary with a Master of Religious Education – a relatively new degree given by Jesuit schools U of Toronto, Loyola, Liberty U., Newman Theological College, Unification Theological Seminary (Unification Church), etc.

- Timothy Downey is MBI Associate Professor of Youth Ministry under Bob MacRae with focus on discipleship and leadership.


















Eric Moore [@ Free-mason and Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and @ ecumenical and emergent Western Seminary; assistant to Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree with William Thrasher __ Council Member of SEND International and member of Evangelical Theological Society]

- Education: Michigan State, University of Michigan, Dallas Theological, and Western Seminary.

- Eric Moore is MTS Assistant Professor to William Thrasher in the Jesuit Spiritual Formation degree.

Moore serves on the U.S. Council of SEND International. Moore is pastor and co-founder of Tree of Life Bible Fellowship Church. Moore is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society.









Daniel Green.jpg

Daniel Green [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Doctorate from Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Green is Moody’s Master of Divinity Program Professor and focuses on Jesuit Spiritual Formation __ Member of two ecumenical societies – Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Homiletics Society]

- Education: Michigan State University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and a doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

- Daniel Green is Professor of Master of Divinity Program at MTS and focuses on homiletics, biblical theology and Jesuit spiritual formation.











4. Ecumenical, Maybe Jesuit:

Name [Jesuit education; ecumenical partnerships]

- Education:

- Name: and Faculty Position at Moody


Three generations in a Spokane family are going to be graduating June 16 from Eastern Washington University. Carol Anderson, right, is getting a master’s in teaching English as second language. Her daughter Heather Edwards, center, is getting an EWU master’s in communication, and Heather’s son Grant Edwards is graduating with a bachelor’s in computer science. (Dan Pelle/THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW)

Carol Anderson [Wycliffe executive director of personnel in Papau New Guinea – Wycliffe controls ALL MISSIONS regulations world-wide in partnership with State Department, National Security Agency, and Department of Homeland Security at their facilities and overseas __ Faculty of Great Northern University made up of faculty from the old Moody Spokane campus that got shut down]

- Education: Azusa Pacific University and Eastern Washington University.

- Carol Anderson is Intercultural Studies Professor at Moody Spokane.




Kyong Sook Park.jpg

Kyeong Sook Park [@ Jesuit-led Wheaton College and Jesuit-led Biola University and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity edited by ecumenical leader Robert Priest]

- Education: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea, MA Wheaton Graduate School, Doctorate in Missiology from Jesuit-led Biola University, and Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (PhD) from Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity edited by Robert J. Priest (President of Evangelical Missiological Society and and American Society of Missiology, a member of the American Anthropological Association, and graduate of UC Berkeley and University of Chicago).

- Kyeong Sook Park is Professor of World Missions and Evangelism at MBI and is now Professor of Intercultural Studies.










Mary Cloutier.jpg

Mary Cloutier [PhD @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Twenty-year missionary worker with Christian and Missionary Alliance and taught at L’Institute Biblique de Bethel __ Member of American Society of Missiology __ Board Member of TEAM]

- Education: University of Wisconsin-Stout; M.Div. at Alliance Theological Seminary; Trinity Evangelical Divinity with a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy.

- Mary Cloutier is Professor of Intercultural Studies at MBI













Pastor Craig at the church

Craig Hendrickson [Th.M., PhD and is Adjunct faculty @ Rockefeller-funded Jesuit-led Fuller Theological Seminary and is faculty at North Park University __ Coach with Arrow Leadership Program founded by Moody alum and National Association of Evangelicals President Leith Anderson]

- Education: Master in Theology and a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Rockefeller-funded ecumenical Fuller Theological Seminary where he also serves as adjunct faculty.

- Craig Hendrickson is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies at MBI and Evangelism and Discipleship Program Head. Hendrickson and his wife also serve on faculty at North Park University where John Fuder partner and former Moody Professor Dwight Perry is President.












Tim Stafford.jpg

Tim Stafford [@ Rockefeller-built Northwestern University; producer with musicians who are partners with Billy Graham, Willow Creek Church, Word of Life, and Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School]

- Education: Northwestern University.

- Tim Stafford is on Music Ministry Staff at The Moody Church since 2001.

- Stafford is Professor of Music Ministries since 2008 and adjunct faculty in MBI Sacred Music Department.











Andy Pflederer.jpg

Andy Pflederer [@ Freemason/Jesuit-led Dallas Theological Seminary and Ph.D. @ Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; member of two ecumenical societies – Evangelical Theological Society and Evangelical Missiological Society __ Speaker for Frontier Ventures Perspectives Course in IL, which is Frontier Ventures in Point Loma (theosophical headquarters), CA – formerly called the U.S. Center For World Mission (see more in William Thrasher bio) __ Fellowship of Evangelical Churches International Ministries partner and missionary __ Attended and spoke at the Dallas Gathering planning session for the Lausanne-project Moody’s Global Center for Theological Education led by Jonathan Armstrong and Bryan O’Neal (more in their bios)]

- Education: Dallas Theological and has a Doctorate in Jesuit Philosophy from Jesuit-led Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

- Andy Pflederer is Chair and Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies at MTS.
















Desiree Hassler.jpg

Desiree Hassler [Bynam Fellow at Jesuit-partner Gordon College; full-time opera singer]

- Education: University of Illinois and has served on the faculty of University of Illinois and Eastern Illinois University in addition to being a Bynam Fellow at Gordon College (partner of Jesuit Boston College).

- Desiree Hassler is Adjunct Instructor in Voice at MBI. Hassler also joined in the leading of the ecumenical gathering for giving a Tunisian scroll to Moody Bible Institute through Paul Nyquist.

- Hassler sings full-time chorus for the Lyric Opera of Chicago.











Heather Shalley.jpg

Heather Shalley [@ Olivet Nazarene University; former Finance Director at Valley Forge Military Academy and Assembly of God-affiliated Valley Forge Christian College; committee member for Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators for Pennsylvania and Illinois]

- Education: Cappella U. and Olivet Nazarene University.

- Heather Shalley is Vice President and Dean of Student Enrollment Services; Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Moody Bible Institute.







Ryan  Cook

Ryan Cook [@ Asbury Theological Seminary and Member of Evangelical Theological Society]

- Education: Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and Asbury (Methodist) Theological Seminary.

- Ryan Cook is Assistant Professor of Bible at MBI; Program Head MA Biblical Studies







Jim Conrad

- Education: Ohio University and Moody Aviation Spokane to which he was directed by Campus Crusade.

- Jim Conrad is newly appointed Moody Aviation Program Manager








Clive Craigen.jpg

Clive Craigen [former faculty; professor of Intercultural Studies as described anonymously in complaint letter by graduate which was posted on BrokenTwig about the chaos of leadership at Moody]

- Education: Grace College and Northeast Illinois University and has served as a career missionary in Chicago for the Grace Brethren North American Missions.

- Clive Craigen was Associate Professor of World Missions in Urban Ministry and Program Head until May 2019.























Myron C. Kauk

Myron Kauk [former faculty; Education @ Jesuit-led Biola Talbot School of Theology and Westminster Seminary; faculty at interfaith Liberty University __ Member of three ecumenical Societies – Evangelical Theological Society, Society of Biblical Literature, and World Bible Translation Center]

- Education: Talbot School of Theology and Westminster Seminary.

- Myron Kauk was involved in distance-learning at Moody Bible Institute, as well as for Liberty University and Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary.












Video Thumbnail

Stephen Clark [former faculty; Education @ Jesuit-led Wheaton College; Teaches Summer Institute of Linguistics Applied Language Skills __ Stephen and Dawn are partners with Rockefeller-built Summer Institute of Linguistics work in Papau New Guinea which is literally a focused Rockefeller project on how to control Aborigines people and how to convince other people that they might be less-evolved ancestors – which is disgusting horrible ideology. The Clarks should be exposing that criminal evil of the Rockefellers rather than partnering with it __ Members/staff of College Church on campus at Wheaton University]

- Education: Wheaton College and Universities of Kansas and North Dakota.

- Before retiring in 2019, Stephen Clark taught applied linguistics in the Missions Department at MBI since 1996.










Wesley McClure [former faculty; Education @ interfaith Liberty University and Signer on Reforming Catholic Confession]     

- Education: Liberty University

- Wesley McClure served as Dean of Students at MTS and now is Admissions Director at Hargrave Military Academy.