Why is Evolution taught at MBI? How many teach it?

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Earlier this year, we came across this letter from a student in the Moody extension courses and his online professor. We cannot find it online anymore, but it still shows a concern – why is at least one professor at Moody teaching the lying religion of evolution in contradiction to the Bible? And why was Gregg Quiggle defending whoever this professor was?

See for yourself, below.

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[question from student]

Hello Professor XXXX

This is XXX, I am a student in your MDL TH110 class. I really enjoyed our dialogue last week, it made me think about what and why I believe what I believe! I know the week’s topic has past, but I was wondering. if you could tell me more specifically what your views are on macro-evolution, and if you believe that Adam was a literal, historical person. I’m always interested in hearing the view’s of other believer’s. I learn best by hearing how other’s came to their conclusions on makers of Theology.

Anyways, I am very much enjoying the class so far! Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!


[Professor’s Reply]

Hi XXX, nice to hear from you. It’s great that you want to dialogue some more. I definitely believe in a real, historical Adam and Eve made by God in the garden of Eden. I think that is an important doctrine because Scripture presents them as real people who talk and act. Also, Adam is treated as historical in

the NT. Those are the first human beings that God interacts with – people with souls who go to heaven or hell.

“What about other humans? Two difficult things come along here, one scientific, the other biblical. Scientifically, from what I understand, genetics and paleo-anthropology both strongly suggest that all living humans today do not trace back to a primal pair, but from diverse ancestors in east Africa around 200,000 years ago. Biblically, we see in Genesis 4 that Cain took a wife from another people group in their own land called Nod, east of Eden, and they did not know who Cain was, nor he them. These are not his brothers and sisters because Scripture clearly says in Genesis 4:25 that his next sibling was Seth; but these people are already adults. So then, who were they?

“I have a theory, which is just a hypothesis that might be faithful to Scripture and science, that those other “people” were homo sapiens without a soul that God allowed to populate the earth to make it ready for when he was ready to interact spiritually with Man. We would picture them as brutish and unspiritual and non-moral—basically animals, like sophisticated apes. Then God made Adam and Eve with souls at the right time. At that time also, he gave souls to these other homo sapiens on earth, who now became true human beings. That would explain why Cain is aware of other people (and marries one of them and can have children with her), and it would also explain why people today appear to be genetically descended from more than one original pair – because we are! Those early homo sapiens were anatomically able to reproduce. They fathered some of us today. However, Adam’s line of descendants is the one cited in Luke 3. He is the forefather of Jesus.

“I am aware that this means Adam was the first man, yet he was not the physical forefather of the whole human race. However, Scripture does not say that, to my knowledge. (Can you think of any verses?) It only says he is the one who brought sin into the human race, but not necessarily by genetic descent. I do not think we “lose” anything in this view, Biblically or scientifically. Instead, we integrate both fields of knowledge.



Short notes: in case you didn’t catch it, this professor rejects the Bible as true and believes the false religion of evolution, even going so far as to pretend that Cain married an ape-woman (oh the lies!). This professor also pretends that Adam and Eve were the first creatures to evolve to be the first humans, and evolved enough for God to talk to them. The way this professor handles this question even shows that this man is quite possibly an unbeliever pretending to be a Christian professor. Time will show that for sure. So, the next question is – who is this pagan-thinking professor? Whoever he is, he needs to be fired immediately. Genesis doesn’t name everyone who lived and all of the children. In Genesis 5, we see that there were other sons and daughters but Scripture doesn’t fill it out. To add to Scripture and say that Cain got his wife from outside Adam’s family is to add to and alter God’s Word. When God tells how He made Adam and Eve, how can this professor imply that God lied? That professor is evil.

So, we are posting this to ask you all to share this with every Moody student, graduate, faculty, board member, and trustee you know, and maybe we can work together to find out who this is and correct him or (if he rejects correction) fire him. Pronto.

So, the question that needs to be asked by alumni and donors and prayer partners and students is this:

Which professor teaches that we evolved from apes, contradictory to God’s clear literal Word?

Ashish Varma

Bryan O’Neal

Gregg Quiggle

David Tae-Kyung Rim

Alin Vrancila

So, please help honest professors and faculty keep their jobs (or get back their jobs) at Moody and help fire this false professor – Please share wherever you can. Thank you.

~ Watching, Preaching, Praying,
– The team at RestoreMBI.com

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