Mark Jobe – Extended Report


This appointment of Mark Jobe is a really big and stupid mistake by the MBI board of trustees who are all highly under question for covering the hostile Jesuit take-over of Moody Bible Institute starting around 1980 under Jesuit Erwin Lutzer’s directions and protection. This appointment of Mark Jobe shows that they do serve the Jesuits and must be removed. Three of the members of the Search Committee are known Jesuits or member of OFM (Franciscan) Father Dimitri Sala’s clergy network – these three are Greg Thornton, Mark Wagner, and James Meeks and their appointment Mark Jobe is also a member of OFM Father Dimitri Sala’s Jesuit network. At least four other members of the search committee were known by us to be covering up the Jesuit take-over and/or assisting the mentoring of people like Mark Jobe and his friends (John Palmieri for example) and co-pastors. But this decision by their committee and the board implicates all of the board members completely as complicit with the alteration of Moody campus by Jesuit operations toward a “peace” and “unity” future under the pope.


Mark Jobe has his doctorate in Transformational Leadership for the Global City from a University that is in direct partnership with the Lausanne Committee and the World Evangelical Alliance. Lausanne serves the purpose of the Vatican II council bringing all religious and government authority under the directorship of the Pope and Vatican. The Lausanne Movement is the Protestant branch of the 1966 Vatican II council established by Billy Graham under the disguise of world evangelism, but is actually proselytizing on behalf of the Catholic Church to rule over all religion including over genuine believers in Christ. World Evangelical Alliance is in direct alliance with the World Council of Churches and Pontifical (Pope’s) Council for Promoting Interreligious Dialogue which actually just means a one-world religious system led by the Pope for the future anti-christ (short-lived) kingdom. Global City is terminology being used for giant metro-plexes that represent all of the elements of the new world order (and far too many people in too small of a space) necessary for one world government “peace” and “unity”. Jobe’s partners in founding his New Life Centers were Chuck McWherter, Ray Bakke, and John Fuder. John Fuder was Professor of Urban Studies at Moody Theological (still adjunct professor) and now is Director of City Engagement for Matt Heard’s church Park Community Church (founded by Moody Church). This is where our knowledge enters the story from Orlando, because Matt Heard was The Moody Church Pastor of Singles and Evangelism before founding Park Community. But now he is in Orlando as Lead Pastor of Northland Church whose senior pastor Jesuit Joel Hunter resigned after partnering with and welcoming the homosexual community from the aftermath of the Pulse night club shooting/false flag. Joel Hunter has led the spiritual mafia in Orlando to change all of the churches toward this Global City new world order “community”. He is one of the largest spokespeople in the Interfaith Networks in Orlando and he has reached the highest levels of spiritual leadership around the world - United Nations (Alliance of Civilizations), World Evangelical Alliance (board of directors), Global Islamic Forum (Doha, Qatar with the U.S. Central Command), and more than a dozen others. Joel was also spiritual advisor to Barack Obama alongside Jesuit Rick Warren and T. D. Jakes. This is a deeply evil network that your board of directors has chosen to partner with in appointing Mark Jobe.


Mark Jobe is a long-time member (since before 2007) of Franciscan (Jesuit) Father Dimitri Sala’s Chicago clergy network alongside Jesuit Erwin Lutzer, Bill Hybels, James MacDonald, and James Meeks (who is on the MBI board of trustees). Mark Jobe is a long-time friend of Ed Stetzer (since around 2008 or before) who is Regional Director for North America for the Lausanne Committee. And Ed Stetzer is Billy Graham Distinguished Chair at Wheaton College in place of Billy Graham (who has passed away last year) who was the founder of the Lausanne Committee starting in 1966 in Berlin, then with the Lausanne Movement in Switzerland in 1974. Mark Jobe is a long-time friend of Alderman Edward Burke who is Jesuit trained since high school and through DePaul University College of Law and a member of Knights of Columbus (Jesuit founded organization). Mark Jobe is comfortable standing side-by-side with more than a dozen of the highest level Jesuits and prominent Catholics in Chicago in their pretend leadership of record-breaking pro-life movement in Chicago (March for Life 2015). And Mark Jobe both used and promoted the 2019 interreligious (literally pro-Islamic, pro-Buddhist, pro-Catholic) curriculum Explore God Chicago to fellow pastors and 800 Chicago churches. Mark Jobe is a prominent spokesperson for observing forty days of fasting (Lent) in Chicago churches leading up to Easter since at least 1994.


Mark Jobe was raised in Spain and Costa Rica as a missionary son. Spain claims to have two-thirds Catholic adherents and Costa Rica still has Catholicism as the official state religion. Mark Jobe is happy to be called “Father Mark” and for people to thank him for “Mass”. And he is trying to force Moody Bible Institute to get used to being considered almost identical to a joint monastery/convent except that students are allowed to get married their senior year (said in his Founder’s Week 2016 speech introduction). All of this inescapably shows him to be acting as a Jesuit. So the board of trustees has replaced Jesuit Greg Thornton with Jesuit Mark Jobe who has his doctorate in Transformational Leadership for the Global City with the intent of moving Chicago’s Christian community toward New World Order under the Pope. This was a very serious and damaging decision by the Board of Trustees. This is the Board of Trustees who chose Jesuit Greg Thornton to cover up the destruction done by his predecessors. Now this appointment shows that they know and understand the agenda of the Jesuits and they choose to appoint this type of leadership knowing that this is entirely against the work of Evangelist Dwight Moody who considered the Word of God as the authority for Christian life. Erwin Lutzer, Greg Thornton, Ed Stetzer, and Mark Jobe consider the Pope to be the final authority/power in the Christian life and to accomplish the kingdom of “god”, but they know that they serve the devil by assisting the Pope in gaining authority over the world evangelism/missions community of one of the last strong and bold hold-outs to Roman Catholic dominance – the Moody Bible Institute. This is not the kind of leadership that Moody Bible Institute needs to recover from the Jesuit attack being made. And this puts the rest of Chicago and the missions network of Moody Bible under dangerous leadership for trying to serve the One True God in very difficult places around the world, where the people are also being forced under Catholic and Free-mason run governments. We hope that those who love Moody Bible Institute and would hate to see it crumble under Vatican schemes and fall under Jesuit/Vatican control will hear our request for help in this struggle of information and truth versus deception and power-plays by Jesuits/Freemasons. Please take the time to read and consider carefully all of the research and statements and collaboration that is behind this move by the Board of Trustees. We hope you can find the patience to endure the painful reality that our research shows an evil intent behind much of the leadership of Moody Bible Institute and historic Church at this moment in history.


Let's Talk with Mark Elfstrand - October 19, 2018

Moody Bible Institute has been praying for months about a new president. They found him in their virtual back yard. Pastor Mark Jobe discusses his new role. Ed Stetzer offers cautions on what is okay and not okay for social media posts.


What we are about to prove with tall stacks of evidence is that Mark Jobe has been built for this task since at least the year 2000 by Franciscan Dimitri Sala’s/Erwin Lutzer’s Jesuit network in partnership with Chuck McWherter and Ray Bakke’s Vatican II Lausanne network and Ed Stetzer, Dave Ferguson and their Leadership Network friends. In every article or conference program that we quote below, we have made emphasis of the names of their friends (bold and larger letters for these names). Here is the list of names to be watching for: Ray Bakke, Ed Stetzer, Dave Ferguson, Chuck McWherter, Joseph Stowell, John Fuder, Charlie Dates, Wilfredo (Chaco) DeJesus, Bill Hybels, James Meeks, James Ford, and many others. These are proven members of the ecumenical OFM Father Dimitri Sala/Dr. Erwin Lutzer Vatican 2 Lausanne network in Chicago. If you are still hoping there will be transparency and integrity with the new leadership, notice what is being discussed regarding The Moody Standard just a month after Mark Jobe became the new President.


MAY 8, 2019


Moody Bible Institute to Stop Publishing Student Paper

CHICAGO (RNS) — After 84 years, Moody Bible Institute no longer will publish a student newspaper.


This serves two purposes: first, shutting down information to honorable donors who would not support the wrecking of their beloved Moody Bible Institute; second, shutting down an avenue to acquire new honorable donors who would keep an atmosphere of accountability on the leadership and board of trustees who are doing this to Moody Bible Institute under the disguise of financial hardship. The truth is that the Jesuits have caused the financial crisis at Moody in order to reshape it how they want to reshape it. They create the chaos and they provide the solution. It’s a classic method of Jesuit take-overs.


Short clippings from the full article:
Moody Bible Institute Names Megachurch Pastor Mark Jobe New President Following Controversy


By Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter


Mark Jobe, the founding pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago, has been named the new president of Moody Bible Institute, more than half a year following major controversy.

“With the appointment of Mark, the Search Committee and Board of Trustees firmly believe the Lord answered our prayers and those of everyone who have faithfully stood with us these last six months,” said in a press release on Tuesday Randy Fairfax, the Board of Trustees chair.

“His clarity of vision, humble nature, passion, and strong track record of ministry growth will bring a palpable energy to the Moody family. Coupled with his commitment to the Scriptures, personal integrity and prayerful approach, he will foster unity, trust and drive us forward in our mission to equip people in the truth of God’s Word to impact the world for Christ,” he added.


As the press release points out, Jobe is an alum of Moody Bible Institute, and has international missions field experience. He founded New Life Community Church in Chicago when he was only 21, and has seen the church grow to include more than 5,000 members and 27 locations, reaching eight cities outside the U.S. as well.


Notice Elfstrand’s and Fairfax’s comments that the Search Committee and Board of Trustees seemed to find Mark Jobe by accident in their own backyard. We intend to prove thoroughly and soundly that Mark Jobe has been mentored and trained by Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala/ Jesuit Dr. Erwin Lutzer and by Vatican 2 Lausanne Committee network and The Leadership Network specifically for this very purpose, though it seems that the need for his type of leadership came faster than they had hoped. What type of leadership is that? Mark Jobe’s doctorate at Bakke Graduate University is in Transformational Leadership for the Global City, while his dissertation topic is:

Restarting Sacred Spaces: A Development of an Approach to Restarting Sacred Spaces in Urban Centers

Jobe, Mark E.




Chancellor Ray Bakke and his school are direct partners with Vatican II Lausanne Committee and with World Evangelical Alliance. His brother Dennis Bakke (Board of Directors and former faculty) is CEO Emeritus of AES Corp in Arlington, VA, a past leader in global energy before the Enron scandal. Dennis Bakke’s co-founder and Mormon friend Roger Sant has attended Bilderberg Group (1991 and 2006) and many other secret think-tanks in the global corporate take-over of the world’s economy such as the Energy Productivity Center, Smithsonian Institution, World Wildlife Fund, Marriott International, and a post in President Ford’s government for the Federal Energy Administration. Dennis has also held government positions (working with Colin Powell) in the Federal Energy Administration, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and Office of Management and Budget, as well as with the Energy Productivity Center for Mellon Institute. Dennis Bakke is also a member of the C-Street satanic Fellowship in Washington D.C. that educates top government criminals how to act “Christian” and partners with literal dictators around the world for the purpose of blaming the abuses of world government on American “Christianity”. Their brother Lowell Bakke is Professor of Pastoral Studies at BGU. So this tells you the level of leadership we are talking about here, unless you are unfamiliar with the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s usurping of all authority around the world through their economic sabotage.


Bakke Graduate University  Financial Update – April 2019

April 30, 2019

BGU has had an amazing year with new students, new courses, and unprecedented involvement by graduates leading significant initiatives in the largest evangelical networks in the world - The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization and the World Evangelical Alliance.

BGU now has over 65% of its students outside of North America.


This Lausanne group was founded to control all Protestant evangelism world-wide to fit Roman Catholic criteria. It was started in Berlin, Germany in 1966 in conjunction with Vatican II council completion and implementation the same year (completed Dec. 08, 1965) whose purpose was stated to be the “restoration of unity among all Christians” – in order to begin to merge all activities of “Christians” world-wide under the same guidelines and (secretly) under the Vatican Jesuit mafia directorship. Because of that, Lausanne’s own documents admit that together they were able to control or influence all evangelism activities world-wide in the last quarter of the 20th century and afterward.


Lausanne III - Cape Town 2010 held in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)



WEA, WCC and Vatican launch historic joint document on ethics of Christian Mission

June 28, 2011

World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Vatican’s Pontifical Council on Inter-religious Dialogue (PCID) have released an historic document on the ethics of Christian mission – Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct.

The document was launched on June 28, 2011, by Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Secretary General of the WEA, Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary of the WCC, and Cardinal Tauran of the PCID, at the headquarters of the WCC in Geneva, Switzerland.

This historic document is the result of a five-year collaboration of the
WEA, WCC and the Vatican who together represent over 90 percent of the world’s total Christian population. This is the first document of its kind in the history of the Church.


It is false to suggest that Christians are represented by these organizations who use Catholic bully tactics to control everything for their own selfish gain and for the Pope. But now you can see the type of leadership that directs Bakke Graduate University where Mark Jobe obtained his Global City Transformation doctorate. In other words, Mark Jobe’s task is to complete what Dr. Erwin Lutzer and Father Dimitri Sala OFM started in the 1970’s of trying to collect a strong “conservative” ecumenical, multireligious authority or collection of “community” (Sacred Space) in Chicago that will reshape how world communities work. That new approach is intended to be a more secular humanistic approach to religion that encourages all beliefs to merge into a one-world religion with one “god” – the Roman Catholic Church and its “higher power”, the devil. Some would want to see this unity under one “god” as an attempt to bring everyone to belief in the One True God, but that would be deception. If you look at our report on Erwin Lutzer’s friendship with Dimitri Sala OFM and our report on the Explore God Chicago 2019 project (promoted by The Moody Church and by Mark Jobe and New Life Community Church and Billy Graham’s Vatican 2 networks), you will see that they intend to invite Skepticism (Atheists), Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism (a merge of Hinduism with Islam – fastest growing religion in the world), Buddhism, Mormonism, and most importantly Catholicism into the spectrum of “diversity” (as Mark Jobe refers to it).


Father Dimitri Sala OFM and Dr. Erwin Lutzer (both are Jesuits) and their partners lead the venture, just as similar Jesuits like Joel Hunter, Bishop John Noonan and Bishop Thomas Wenski, Reverend Bryan Fulwider, lawyers John and Ultima Morgan, and their friends are leading the effort in Orlando. We have seen this process first hand. The Interfaith Networks and Jesuits and Freemasons run almost all of the churches in Orlando and Chicago at this point, as evidenced, for example, by the fact that the “Explore God” project was participated in by more than 800 churches in Chicago.



If right now, you are not preparing someone, then by default, you have set yourself up for failure. -Mark Jobe


Erwin Lutzer’s Jesuit Lausanne network did not fail to prepare someone for the next phase – Mark Jobe. We want to show this on four levels.


Level one: After graduating from Moody Bible Institute in 1984 with a diploma in Communications, Mark Jobe was convinced by a pastor to stay and reach the city of Chicago. In 1986, after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies from Columbia International University, he became senior pastor of New Life Community Church. Mark completed his Master’s of Arts in Ministry at Moody Theological Seminary in 1998. Mark Jobe’s fellow pastors (Fifteeen of 28 pastors) have been trained by Moody Bible Institute and Bakke Graduate and similar education to partner with him in this project. As the time got closer to putting Mark Jobe in as President of MBI, The Moody Church and Moody Bible Institute both had Mark Jobe speak at their biggest conferences in 2013, 2016 or 2018, and 2019. Jobe’s driving strategy is the advice given him by that pastor who convinced him to stay in Chicago – “The nations have come to the cities. If you reach the cities, you reach the nations.” In other words, assist the new world order kingdom of “god” in controlling the unruly, ungodly nations of the world by spreading American “democracy” with Catholic (Universal) “Christian” authority. 


Level two: Mark Jobe has been mentored by Chuck McWherter since the year 2000, which is significant because McWherter has been involved in Chicago’s ecumenical networks with Ray Bakke and the (Vatican II) Lausanne Committee with since at least 1976. Ray Bakke became Chancellor of Bakke Graduate University (BGU) where Mark Jobe would obtain his doctorate (2012) in Transformational Leadership for the Global City (meaning Chicago). Ray Bakke was the Senior Associate for Large Cities of the Lausanne Committee from 1979 until 1995. Ray Bakke, Chuck McWherter, and the Lausanne Network helped Mark Jobe establish his New Life Centers in 2005. Mark Jobe in his dissertation names Ray Bakke as his mentor, which we know also because of Bakke’s relationship with McWherter and because of the 2005 mutual partnership in John Fuder’s A Heart for the City simultaneous to Mark Jobe founding his New Life Centers in 2005. A brief look at Dr. John Fuder’s fellowship of friends from MBI/MTS and the ecumenical networks makes the whole picture make sense. John Fuder is former Professor of Urban Studies at Moody Theological Seminary (still is adjunct faculty) and now is Director of City Engagement for Park Community Church founded by Matt Heard who served under Jesuit Dr. Erwin Lutzer as The Moody Church pastor for Singles and Evangelism. Erwin Lutzer has maintained close association with daughter church Park Community. This is where our knowledge comes into the story, because Matt Heard took over as lead pastor of Northland Community Church (now Northland Church) in Orlando from Jesuit Dr. Joel Hunter after more than three decades of Joel ruling over the spiritual mafia in Orlando/Central Florida which he still does quietly. Joel Hunter was spiritual advisor to Barack Obama alongside Jesuit Rick Warren and T. D. Jakes among others, and Joel reaches every level of leadership of the spiritual mafia all the way to the level of United Nations (Alliance of Civilizations), World Evangelical Alliance (board of directors), Global Islamic Forum (Doha, Qatar with the U.S. Central Command), and more than a dozen others. These all partner with the Vatican leadership and/or Pontifical Councils in many ways.


Level three: Dave Ferguson, Tony Danhelka, Erwin Lutzer, and Mark Jobe have been members and leaders of ecumenical Chicago Pastor’s Networks built by Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala and Tony Danhelka and continued by Phil Miglioratti. Tony Danhelka and Dimitri Sala built this network in Chicago after Tony had learned how the interfaith/ecumenical networks operate in Argentina working in 1997 with Ed Silvoso brother-in-law of Luis Palau who partners closely with Erwin Lutzer and Moody friends on a lot of “revival” partnerships. Luis Palau is intimate friend of the current openly Jesuit Pope Francis as both of them grew up in Argentina are in top leadership of religion in Argentina which is heavily Jesuit controlled and harbored/hides the Nazi networks and knowledge (even Adolf Eichmann hid there) from the European experiment between World Wars.


Phil Miglioratti has directed Dimitri Sala and Erwin Lutzer’s Pastors Network since around 2008 as he was Lausanne Committee National Coordinator for the Loving our Communities to Christ (LC2C) initiative and also founder/director of the National Pastor’s Prayer Network. And within a year or two, he became Chief Operating Officer of the Lausanne Committee’s Mission America Council now called The Table Coalition. Mark Jobe was educated by the Lausanne network at Bakke Graduate University mentored by Ray Bakke himself, and Ed Stetzer (perhaps through Phil Miglioratti’s contacts) became International Lausanne Committee’s North America Regional Director. This is important history, because of the long friendship between Dave Ferguson, Mark Jobe, and Ed Stetzer, though Stetzer was not a member of the Chicago Pastor’s network but was in Tennessee working for LifeWay Research. Also in 2008, Stetzer was teaching at Reformed Theological Seminary with Dr. Joel Hunter and has known Joel Hunter since when Stetzer was in seminary. It is interesting to see how these multiple networks began to partner as early as 2007 or before. The President of Bakke Graduate University is Brad Smith who is former President of the Leadership Network (inspired by Peter Drucker) and carried out by Jesuit Rick Warren and Lutzer’s friend Bill Hybels.


Dave Ferguson has served the leadership and board of directors of The Leadership Network since around 2009 and partnered in a conference (2008) and contributed in writing leadership materials and conversations and promotions of the organization before that (2003-2006). Also remember that Mark Jobe’s mentor Chuck McWherter had partnered with Ray Bakke since 1976. Dave Ferguson is a long-time friend of both Ed Stetzer and Mark Jobe since around 2007/2008 or before, and in 2007, it was Mark Jobe who invited Dave Ferguson to join OFM Father Dimitri Sala’s network, which means Jobe was already a member by that point. Mark Jobe has spoken at Leadership Network Conferences (2011, 2014) and contributed to their training literature in 2011. And Ed Stetzer wrote a comprehensive study on Church growth in America in partnership with The Leadership Network and Warren Bird in 2007.


Level four: Mark Jobe has spoken at or is scheduled to speak in more than 20 Conferences and Radio talk shows with Ed Stetzer, Dave Ferguson, and others from this network in Chicago since 2008. Mark Jobe contributed to a book in 2005 with Ray Bakke, Joseph Stowell, James Ford, John Fudor, and Michael Rydelnik. And Mark Jobe has endorsed or been endorsed by this network dozens of times since then in books and radio and has been consulted as an expert in religious social discussions with the Catholic and Jesuit ecumenical networks many times alongside Ed Stetzer, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, James Ford, Charlie Dates, John Fudor, Wilfredo DeJesus, Dave Ferguson, Bill Hybels, Dr. Bill Thrasher, and others. Mark Jobe is proud to sound like a Catholic and he is willing to partner with the highest level of Chicago Jesuits and Catholics as they grant him a position of authority in their pretend game of controlling the Protestants (which they call “protecting” the faith and “proselytizing”).


Mark Jobe is a long-time friend of Alderman Edward Burke who is Jesuit lawyer and friend of Jesuit Donald Trump as well as Knights of Columbus (powerful Jesuit financial organization that rules over many cities including Chicago). The other interesting aspect of this relationship with an Alderman is the fact that Aldermans have the direct influence of zoning and a powerful access to the ear of the Mayor Rahm Emmanuel who also has freely discussed the future of Chicago and “community” with Mark Jobe as a friend. Do not expect changes in that regard with Lori Lightfoot as mayor. Politicians are all talk and they owe their power to these powerful networks; they always act like they serve the actual citizens of the city, but their friends are the Freemasons and Jesuits who run the city. That is the only way to become a mayor of an influential city, even more true if you become mayor of a giant sprawling mega-plex shaping toward becoming a Global City. Mark Jobe also had the ear of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel because of these relationships.





Mark Jobe speaks at Founder’s Week 2013 (February 8)

Speakers including Tony Evans, John MacArthur, Janet Parshall and David Platt, along with students and faculty of Moody will focus on the theme, "Knowing Christ."


Mark Jobe speaks at Founder’s Week 2016 (February 2)

Ravi Zacharias, Mark Jobe, Joseph Stowell, Alistair Begg, and Paul Nyquist.


Mark Jobe speaks at Founder’s Week 2019 (February 8) as the new President-elect

On Friday, February 8, Dr. Mark Jobe, Moody’s 10th president, will close out Founder’s Week 2019. Award-winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman will lead us in music that evening.


Come Out of Your Man Cave

Speakers: Mark Jobe

Men's Conference - 2013


April 13, 2019 Men’s Conference at The Moody Church


Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church


Lead & Founding Pastor of New Life Church

President of Moody Bible Institute


Senior Pastor of Christ Bible Church


2018 Walk Worthy Conference March 3, 2018

Walk Worthy is a one-day men’s conference, come to hear powerful Bible teaching by Mike Fabarez, Mark Jobe, Sanj Kalra, and Chris Brooks.


Enjoy inspiring worship and Bible teaching from Ed StetzerJames Meeks, and Mark Jobe.



Fellow pastors at New Life who are graduates of Moody Bible Institute and Theological Seminary

Luke Dudenhofer

John Palmieri (’85 and ‘06 – fellow classmate and friend of Mark Jobe in the early 80’s who also went to Bakke Graduate University for his doctorate in 2012 also.)

Daniel Gute ‘75

John LaTorre

Bobby Moss

Paco Amador ‘94

Joshua Holec ‘05

Asa App ’86 and ’91 and his wife Elizabeth ‘87

Matt Demateo ‘03

Dwayne Eslick ‘98


For the past 32 years, Dr. Jobe has served as the founding pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago. The church has grown from a handful of people to approximately 7,000 meeting at 27 locations throughout the Chicagoland area and in eight cities internationally. He is also the founder of New Life Centers, an organization focused on helping youth in underserved areas of Chicago. He and his wife, Dee, have three adult children.

Dr. Jobe holds a diploma in Communications from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (1984), a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from Columbia International University, a Master of Arts in Ministry from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago (1998), and a doctorate in Transformational Leadership for the Global City from Bakke Graduate University.





The next seven items show an interesting history behind the relationship between Mark Jobe, Ray Bakke (former Chancellor of Bakke Graduate University), and Chuck McWherter (elder pastor in New Life Community Church), and John Palmieri who credits Dr. William Thrasher (Professor of Spiritual Formation at Moody Theological Seminary) as his mentor. The other name Mike Berry is also a senior pastor at New Life and has been a member specifically in Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala’s network with Erwin Lutzer. The reason all of these relationships are interesting together is that Mark Jobe founded a young contemporary church with separate campuses to fit the various sectors of Chicago’s population and has managed to adapt this method of church growth to fit even old spiritually lifeless churches to make them seem full of the Holy Spirit again. That’s where Chuck McWherter and John Palmieri come in using the vibrance of New Life (notice the subliminal messaging in the name) Community Church to prop up their old fading churches while they also act as mentors to Mark Jobe in how to corrupt as many Chicago churches toward secular humanism and ecumenical multi-religion without being too noticeable in lacking the Holy Spirit in this “new” direction.


Excerpt from the acknowledgments Mark Jobe made in his dissertation:

My band of brothers -the New Life Pastoral Team: I cannot think of any group I would rather be a part of. You have fought by my side, sacrificed with joy, dreamed big dreams together and loved Jesus and his mission passionately. My friend Dr. Julius Wong Loi Sing: Your insights, global perspective and enthusiasm for this project gave me the push that I needed. Thank you for giving me time during your busiest season. My Friend Chuck McWherter: You restored my confidence in an older godly generation. You have have done more to help New Life restart churches than anyone I know. I want to be like you when I am 80. My friend John Palmieri: Your example and camaraderie gave me the extra motivation needed to complete this dissertation. We have been studying and learning together since we were roommates in 1502 Culbertson Hall. My assistants Linda Wasso and Michelle Chambers: You patiently and persistently helped with the interview process. My mentor Dr. Ray Bakke: You have taught me to look with new eyes at history, to be grateful for influences that have shaped me and to embrace the city with new wonder and resolve. My New Life Coaching Pastors Kevin Buursema, Mike Berry and John Palmieri: You are truly gifted and equipped to be coaches of pastors. Your willingness to invest in the lives of leaders has made me want to give you better tools to work with.




Fired up about what's been torn down February 2008

I added two more churches to my non-comprehensive list of churches that have closed since 1995 in the Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Logan Square, Wicker Park, North Center and Humboldt Park community areas of Chicago

One closed church came up in a conversation with Chuck McWherter, a long-time leader at our Lakeview/North Center church location (he's been ministering there since 1946!).  Chuck was sharing with me about the founding of an organization to reach the emerging Spanish-speaking residents of Chicago back in 1976.  The meeting involved Ray Bakke and bunch of other Chicago pastors.


From 1959 through 1979 Dr. Bakke pastored inner-city churches in Seattle and Chicago. During that time he also co-founded the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE), and taught Bible at Trinity College and Church History at McCormick Theological Seminary. 

Between 1979 and 1989 he served as Professor of Ministry at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago.

He served as Senior Associate for Large Cities with the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism from 1979 to 1995. It was in this capacity that Dr. Bakke had the opportunity to either lead or serve as a major resource leader for urban ministry consultations in hundreds of large cities around the world.


So we see that Ray Bakke was involved in 1976 with Chuck McWherter in ecumenical networks to resolve church problems in Spanish-speaking areas of Chicago and three years later was Senior Associate for Large Cities with Lausanne Committee and travelled to “hundreds of large cities around the world” from 1983 to later 1990’s working in these networks under the disguise of gathering data for World Vision. World Vision is one of only FIVE organizations in the United Nations with full consultative status on ALL topics pertaining to the United Nations worldwide, along with World Health Organization, UNICEF, and U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, and International Labor Organization of the United Nations. World Vision has acted as a mass data-gatherer for the world government since its beginning starting with the Korean split and following. Lausanne Committee assisted in all of those efforts toward world government. Here is their tribute to Ray Bakke’s years of service in their operations, followed by Chuck McWherter’s story and John Palmieri’s story:


Christianity was first and foremost an urban movement. However, for much of the history of the Church that has not always been true (Conn and Ortiz: 39-43). In June 1980, a fresh missiological movement with the large cities of the world was born in Pattaya, Thailand during the Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelization. The Lausanne Occasional Paper that documented the launching of this fresh movement and the subsequent consultations undertaken by Ray Bakke under the auspices of World Vision are witness to those initiatives. That 1981 Occasional Paper dealt with the urbanization of the world at that time. It looked briefly at some biblical material, but gave the majority of space to effective, emerging strategies in the major urban regions. In reflecting on those initiatives, Samuel Escobar later wrote, “Bakke contributed more than anyone else to create this (present) awareness.” (1990:24)


New Life For Dying Churches

By Bob Smietana F or years, Galilee Baptist Church was a vibrant evangelical presence on Chicago’s North Side. The 500-member strong congregation had one of the largest Sunday schools in the city and a thriving missionary program overseas. Then, a little at a time, the church slowly declined. New people stopped showing up. Old members died off or moved away. By the late 1990s, Galilee was a church full of empty pews, with a handful of people hanging on. “We tried to reach the neighborhood,” says longtime member Chuck McWherter, “and we just couldn’t do it.” But then the church merged in 2000 with New Life Community Church, a multisite congregation that specializes in church restarts, and the people started coming back. Today, about 200 people worship at the church on Sundays, including young families and a stream of visitors. The music is different—an eclectic mix of guitar, drum, and cello that McWherter describes as “lively”—and the name has changed, to New Life West Lakeview. But the mission remains the same. McWherter spends Sundays as a greeter, shaking hands with newcomers. It’s the best job in the world, he says. “I am thrilled to see what God is doing,” says McWherter. New Life West Lakeview is one of a small but growing number of churches around the country that have experienced new life after years of decline. Some are joining up with church plants or with larger congregations. Some have found new life after rediscovering the stories of past ministry. Others have been jump-started by denominational revitalization programs. All, says Mark Jobe, senior pastor of New Life, have discovered that God loves to breathe new life into old things. “God has a fondness for restoring things He has used in the past,” says Jobe.


Shall We Hold 'em or Fold 'em?

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On June 15, 2014, the Park Place Baptist Church in Montgomery, IL was a 147 year-old American Baptist congregation with a dwindling membership, insufficient resources, a pastoral vacancy, a baptismal filled with church records instead of water, and a tired remnant of dedicated members.


In October 2015, after months of prayerful deliberation, the Park Place Baptist Church settled on this option: they would become a legacy church. In other words, they would hand over their facility, properties, and all assets to another congregation. That decision eventually led them to New Life Community Church of Chicago, a thriving ministry led by Pastor Mark Jobe. New Life employs a “One Church – Multiple Congregations” model. At that point, New Life had twenty congregations scattered across Chicagoland.

Pastor Jobe was invited to meet with the group, accepted the invitation, and the two groups began a conversation. On Wednesday, November 5, the same twenty Christ-followers who began the discernment process unanimously agreed to ask New Life Community Church to enfold them as their newest congregation. If New Life would accept their invitation, Park Place would turn over the keys and all assets to New Life Church.

On Sunday, March 15, 2015, Park Place Baptist Church opened its doors as New Life Community Church – Montgomery, with Pastor John Palmieri as pastor.


John Palmieri’s Dissertation for his Doctorate at Bakke Graduate University (2012)  in which he acknowledges Dr. William Thrasher as his mentor. John Palmieri and Mark Jobe were dorm-mates at Culbertson Hall and obtained their doctorate at Bakke the same years – and both completed in 2012.


WILLIAM D. THRASHER (B.S., Auburn University; Th.M., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary) has served on the faculty of Moody Bible Institute since 1980 and on the graduate school faculty since 1990, where he oversees the Master’s Program in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship.


It is possibly this relationship with John Palmieri and Dr. Bill Thrasher that got Mark Jobe the chance to do a Missions and Evangelism Lectureship at Thrasher’s alma mater – Dallas Theological Seminary in 2009.

November 3-6, 2009

Mark Jobe

Missions and Evangelism Lectureship

Nov 3

Mark Jobe, lead pastor of New Life Community Church of Chicago, IL, reminds us that as we get closer to our call from God he demands more of a consecrated heart toward Him.

Nov 4

Lead pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago, IL, Mark Jobe, teaches on how to reach the cities, looking at Paul's preaching to the city of Athens.

Nov 5

Mark Jobe, lead pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago, reminds us of the urgency of the call of God.

Nov 6

Mark Jobe, lead pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago, reminds us that to wrestle with our calling in life.


This next part is an interesting set of relationships for the inspiration in Mark Jobe founding his New Life Centers that shows what the end-game is for their type of community. We know this first-hand because we live in Orlando with Walt Disney World’s false “community” paradigm that has swept up the leadership of all of the churches here through the efforts of Jesuit Dr. Joel Hunter and his network. If you were still hoping that Mark Jobe’s network of friends is not inviting the LGBT community and Catholics and Atheists and Buddhists and Muslims to fellowship with Mark Jobe in his new Christian community Sacred Space, then you really need to see the partnerships with the Orlando Jesuits and understand what has happened here in Orlando. Level three continues to show Mark Jobe’s partnership with John Fuder. And how was this guy ever allowed to be a Professor in Urban Studies at Moody Theological Seminary? Because of Jesuit Erwin Lutzer’s “spiritual guidance” and oversight of the operations at Moody to fall under the Vatican powers. John Fuder has dragged the Moody family into the largest remaining unidentified-as-being-interfaith networks that exist in the United States. The following links are from John Fuder’s own page, but if you don’t know how the ecumenical network exists and maintains, then you will not be able to understand why these names and organizations are significant. We have shown a small amount of who Ray Bakke is, and we intend to show who (CCDA) Noel Castellanos and John Perkins are in brief. But you will have to look up and do your own research on the U.S. Center of World Missions and Perspectives course and their relationships with the Council for National Policy, Campus Crusade for Christ, Wycliffe Translators/Rockefeller Summer Institute of Linguistics, Los Angeles Theosophical Cult and James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, and literally the highest levels of strategizing and controlling interests in almost all of the world’s missions agencies on behalf of the Lausanne Committee and Vatican II council.




Roy Patterson, station manager for Moody Radio in Chicago

President Dr. Paul Nyquist

Erwin Lutzer (The Moody Church)

Mark Jobe (New Life Community Church)

James Ford (Christ Bible Church)

Pray Chicago is being organized by Heart for the City, a Chicago-based ministry founded by Dr. John FuderMoody Theological Seminary (MTS) adjunct professor.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dr. John Fuder leaves 17-year legacy of urban evangelism at Moody Bible Institute

With a vision for outreach and a zeal for equipping the saints, John Fuder, Moody Theological Seminary (MTS) professor of urban studies, leaves a legacy of 17 years.

Serving with Moody since 1994, Fuder initiated the urban studies program on the graduate level. It evolved as he connected graduate students with ministry internships in the city.

Dr. John Fuder is the Founder and Director of Heart for the City (H4TC).

Mission is no longer about crossing the oceans, jungles and deserts, but about crossing the streets of the world’s cities.

Ray Bakke, Center for Global Urban Leadership

Come explore first-hand the rich diversity and ministries that God is using to advance his Kingdom in Chicago.

-Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer - The Moody Church

-Joe Stowell - Cornerstone University

-Noel Castellanos CEO, Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)

-Steve Roa Director of Strategic Partnerships - US Center of World Missions


Dr. John Fuder is the director of Justice and Compassion Ministries of resource global, and the director of city engagement for Park Community Church in Chicago.

Dr. Fuder served in urban ministry for 15 years in California, and was the professor of urban studies at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago for 17 years.


When I first moved to Chicago over nine years ago the first person many told me I needed to meet with was John Fuder. I was told over and over again what an insightful and compassionate man he is. After meeting with him many times over the years I can only say—those were understatements. John loves the city and sees the city through a compassionate, hospitable, and gospel grid. He has been able to make alliances when others have not. He is trusted where many others are seen with a cautious eye. He wades in where many are hesitant.

Jackson Crum, Lead Pastor, Park Community Church


Matt Heard

Lead Pastor

Previously he was pastor of single adults and evangelism at Moody Church in Chicago, the founding pastor of Park Community Church in Chicago

LGBT Heresy Infiltrates Orlando Northland Community Church

Jun 1, 2017

ORLANDO, FL – Northland Community Church and Pastor Joel Hunter hosted the Orlando LGBT event…

June 7, 2018


Earlier this month, Northland’s governing elder board announced that Matt Heard has accepted a call as our Lead Pastor and that Pastor Vernon Rainwater is transitioning to a new role of Pastor Emeritus.

These past months have been a valuable time of adjusting to a new day, assessing the amazing legacy of Northland under Pastor Joel Hunter’s leadership over the years…


In the links below (too much to post here), you can see Noel Castellanos and Joel Hunter working closely together in many initiatives for nine years or more. But what should also be noted are the Franciscans, World Vision, National Association of Evangelicals(NAE), Pax Christi International, Billy Graham’s organizations, Emergent Pastors, National Council of Churches, Jesuits and highest level American Catholics (which are secret Jesuits), Interfaith leaders, leaders in the homosexual “Christian” community and the widest ecumenical (all denominations of “Christianity”) partnerships available in the United States covering initiatives which the Vatican controls the highest interests in and dominates the discussion.


Now let’s talk briefly about John Fuder’s partnership with Noel Castellanos. Noel Castellanos who is long-time Board member and then President of John Perkins’ (CCDA) Christian Community Development Association served on Barack Obama’s faith-based council starting in 2009, the same year Noel Castellanos partnered with Professor Dr. John Fuder to write their A Heart for the Community: New Models for Urban and Suburban Ministry – Moody Publishers, May 1, 2009. Castellanos was also a contributor to John Fuder’s book in 2005 A Heart For The City: Effective Ministries To The Urban Community, which we will discuss in a minute after we talk about Mark Jobe’s New Life Centers.




Mark Jobe created New Life Centers in 2005 and Little Village Urban Life Skills (ULS) in partnership with New Life Community Church to help assist the surrounding community toward becoming his ideal community, while also assisting really challenging problems that are costly and harmful to community. It is easy to respect the fact that they are helping real people toward a better temporal earthly life, but we must not forget who is directing this effort and where they are directing it. Notice the similarities to Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) founded by John Perkins in 1989 in partnership with Lawndale Community Church in Chicago. There is a reason for the similarities, which we will demonstrate in a minute (open partnership since 2009). John Perkins, Billy Graham, and Bill Bright were co-chairs of the 1995 founding of Vatican II Lausanne Committee Mission America Council now called The Table Coalition. Perkins is also a long-time friend of John MacArthur at Grace Community Church in California since the days of civil rights protests and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Perkins was mentored by MacArthur’s father Jack MacArthur as well as by Billy Graham. Also notice the fact that all of these churches are named “Community” Churches as part of the wave of seeker-friendly movement founded by Peter Drucker and carried on by Bill Hybels (The Global Leadership Summit) and Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Community) and many others. The intent all along was to create a false “Christian” community led by the idea of “unity” between the American “church”-led society tolerating the sinful evil works of darkness (within the church rather than outside the church where it should remain) where American “Christian” democracy is ruled by the Vatican and extends their “god’s” “freedom” and “liberty” and “justice” to all. And the followers of Jesus are lulled to sleep thinking that this partnership is good and safe and is God-given authority (it is usurped authority, not God-given) mass-producing “salvation” and bringing God’s kingdom. It is actually just building the devil’s kingdom for one world government under the anti-christ in partnership with the harlot of the Roman Catholic church and her “higher power” – the devil who is full of lies.


To this day, New Life Centers continues in its culture of creating programs that address expressed neighborhood need and empower neighborhood involvement, rather than the normal social service pattern of initiating programs based on funding availability.

Since 2009, ULS has been invited to lead workshops on gang intervention mentoring by CCDA, JDAI, and other cities across the country

Participants in this year’s Immersion enjoyed in-depth training in the Christian Community Development philosophy, combined with opportunities to visit CCD ministries such as Pui TakBreakthroughGrace and Peace Community ChurchLawndale Christian Legal CenterRiver City Community ChurchLittle Village Urban Life Skills, and Lawndale Christian Health Center.

Look For Our Arise Creations Booth at CCDA Conference!


Little Village is the home neighborhood of CCDA President Noel Castellanos, Pastor Victor Rodriguez, and many other CCD leaders. Come and see the neighborhood and experience one of the Restorative Justice Hubs: New Life Centers of Chicagoland’s Urban Life Skills Program. 


In partnership with Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) and the English Avenue/Vine City Ministerial Alliance (EAVCMA) the New Life Social Justice Center for Reconcilitation and Restoration hosted the Atlanta Reel Justice Film Festival on mass incarceration.

In 25 years of studying efforts to stem youth violence, I know of no more important and comprehensive intervention work to gang members than that of the Urban Life Skills program. This faith-based organization is setting a new standard for how sacred-secular partnerships should work together in addressing and transforming individuals and communities.

– Byron R. Johnson, Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences, Baylor University

CCDA carries on a rich biblically based approach to doing ministry that can be found in the Gospel and the ministry and teachings of St John Chrysostom, St. Francis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Dorthy Day, Dr Martin Luther King, Gustav Gutierrez, Archbishop Romero, The Salvation Army, John Wesley, Wilberforce, Desmond Tutu, the African American Church, Azuza Street revival & William Seymour, and the abolitionist movement to name just a few places where CCDA practices can be found even before it’s founding.

Incoming Moody president hopes to give historic Christian school a ‘restart’

October 17, 2018

Jobe, who founded New Life Community Church as well as New Life Centers of Chicagoland, is no stranger to Moody.

He hosts “Straight Talk” daily on Moody Radio Chicago, authored “Unstuck: Out of Your Cave Into Your Call” with Moody Publishers, studied communications at Moody Bible Institute at age 17 and earned his master’s degree from Moody Theological Seminary.

He came to Moody Bible Institute from a small agricultural town in Spain, where his parents were missionaries. He was overwhelmed by the city, he said, but not long after he arrived as a student, he received some advice that has stuck with him: “The nations have come to the cities. You reach the cities, you reach the nations.”

He plans to bring that same approach back with him to Moody.

Jobe spoke with RNS on Monday (Oct. 15) about what drew him back to Moody, how American evangelical institutions have struggled with diversity and how his experience has prepared him for this role. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Who is CreatePossible?

We are a team of solutions-focused advocates that champion your cause. Through creative solutions, shared services, peer-to-peer coaching, and a networked community, CreatePossible provides the resources necessary to help you help others.

Our advocates have served with influencers like International Justice Mission, HOPE International, New Life Centers, Biola University, The Lausanne Movement, Peoria City Dance, Los Angeles Church Planting Network, charity:water, and The Global Leadership Summit.

Partners of John M. Perkins Chicago Christian Community Development Association founded in 1989:
Habitat for Humanity
(UN-NGO), International Teams, Luis Palau Assoc, Salvation Army (UN-NGO), Wheaton College, World Vision (UN-NGO) and dozens more.

Rev. Dr. Wayne L. Gordon is the founding Pastor of Lawndale Community Church and Chairman of the Christian Community Development Association (C.C.D.A)



This 2005 John Fuder book (mentioned above) is one of the most interesting collaborations to look at, considering the relationship between Moody Professors and Joe Stowell and influential graduates of Moody Bible Institute (we didn’t highlight those who are just graduates of Moody and not also a professor), Ray Bakke and his Lausanne Committee friends, three top leaders of John Perkin’s Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), and two future leaders of Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala’s Pastors Network in Chicago – Joe Stowell and Mark Jobe. This partnership goes back to 2005, the same year that Mark Jobe (who is one of the contributors) founded his New Life Centers and the year in which Joseph Stowell left the Presidency of Moody Bible Institute to join another member of Father Sala’s network James MacDonald. This is one solid piece of evidence of the Pope’s power over the Chicago ecumenical network which includes far too many of Moody Bible Institute’s friends and leaders. This group also includes Connie Mead who is Jesuit-Loyola educated like Jesuit Erwin Lutzer is. Many of the contributors were speakers at the 1998 Moody Founder’s Week – the year that Mark Jobe graduated with his Master’s of Arts in Ministry from Moody Theological Seminary. A plan was already in place at this point, we believe, for Mark Jobe’s future leadership at Moody after some alterations were made to its structures to be ready for his Transformational Leadership for the Global City.



A Heart For The City: Effective Ministries To The Urban Community

By John Fuder

Published November 2005

About the Contributors 9

Foreword by Ray Bakke 17 Preface by Joseph Stowell 21 Acknowledgments 23 PART 1: CONTEXT AND HISTORY 1. Chicago’s Place in World Evangelization 27 Ray Bakke PART 2: BIBLICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATIONS 2. Called to Christ, Called to Compassion 41 Joseph Stowell 3. A Case for Wholistic Urban Ministry 55 Glen Kehrein 4. A Philosophy of Urban Ministry 73 Wayne L. Gordon 5. Promoting Racial Reconciliation in the City 87 Milton Massie and Marc Henkel PART 3: EDUCATION AND TRAINING 6. Becoming an “Insider” 109 John E. Fuder 7. Training College Students for Urban Ministry 125 Robert C. Smith 8. Ministerial Formation in the African-American Church 141 Dwight Perry 9. The Role of Preaching in the African-American Church 155 James Ford Jr. PART 4: LOCAL CHURCH MODELS 10. Multiplying Churches to Take Cities for Christ 171 Tom Maluga 11. The Use of Arts in Urban Evangelism and Discipleship 187 Brian Bakke 12. Rethinking the Church to Reach the City 203 Mark Jobe

13. New Wineskin—Same Vintage Wine 215 Michael N. Allen 14. The Church Behind Bars 229 Len Maselli PART 5: ETHNIC COMMUNITIES 15. Incarnational Ministry in the Latino Community 245 Noel Castellanos 16. Reaching the Chinese Community 261 David Wu and Michael Tsang 17. Outreach to the Jewish Community 275 Michael Rydelnik 18. Bridging the Gap to Islam 295 Raouf Boulos 19. Missions in Reverse 309 Sunday Bwanhot PART 6: DISENFRANCHISED SUBCULTURES 20. Restoring Dignity to the Homeless 327 Arloa Sutter 21. An Old Lighthouse for a New World 347 Phil Kwiatkowski 22. Who Is My Neighbor? 359 Chad Erlenborn 23. Reaching the Homosexual Community 371 Brad Grammer 24. Ministering in the Projects 385 David C. Brown and Dana Thomas PART 7: CHILDREN AND YOUTH 25. Reaching the Next Generation for Christ 405 William Paul Dillon 26. Children of Promise 419 Lonni Kehrein 27. Reaching Youth Involved in Gangs 435 Tom Locke 28. Kids . . . with Kids 449 Connie Mead 29. The Home as a Ministry Base 463 Russ Knight Notes 481 Index 503


Moody icon stepping down to join his sons in new job

May 25, 2005

Next month, an era comes to an end when Stowell, 60, will resign from his presidential post and become teaching pastor at northwest suburban Harvest Bible Chapel, a church of 7,000 parishioners where his two sons also serve.

Chaplain Len Maselli with his bible outside the Contra Costa County jail in Martinez, Calif. on Tuesday, July 29, 2008. Maselli is the senior chaplain with the Contra Costa County Detention Facilities. Maselli works with inmates doing time for a range of crimes - from death penalty cases to small charges at Richmond's medium-security facility, Martinez's maximum-security and Clayton's minimum-security jail. (Sherry LaVars/Contra Costa Times)

After a few years living abroad and working in religious education and English instruction, Maselli and his family returned to the United States, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in missions and evangelism from Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute in 1995.

Milton Massie
Executive Director, Cru Inner City

Marc Henkel
City Co-Director

In 1982, Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ®, was burdened by the lack of the ministry's involvement in the inner cities of America.

So, with this mandate, Here's Life Inner City® (HLIC) was born in 1983 in New York City. Branches of the ministry opened in Los Angeles in 1989 and Chicago in 1990. The Orlando ministry opened in 2000. Today there are ministries in 26 cities — 12 with full-time Cru staff teams and 14 operated by affiliate partners. Milton Massie serves as the Executive Director.

Pastor James Ford Jr.

Pastor James Ford Jr. has been the senior pastor of Christ Bible Church of Chicago, located on the south side of Chicago, Ill., for over 35 years. He also serves as the president of Impact Ministries, an outreach ministry committed to strengthening families in the South Shore community of Chicago.

Michael Allen is a Co-Founder of Together Chicago and serves as the Chief Operating Officer.

Michael served as Assistant Pastor of Urban Outreach and Evangelism at The Moody Church in Chicago, IL . 

Michael currently serves as the Senior Pastor at Uptown Baptist Church. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the board of the Pacific Garden Mission.

Dr. Michael Rydelnik is Professor of Jewish Studies and Bible at Moody Bible Institute.

Adjunct Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX
• Adjunct Professor of Jewish Studies, Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, CA
• Adjunct Professor of Jewish Studies, Trinity International University, Deerfield IL

Prior to joining NPTS, Rev. Dr. Perry served as regional president/executive minister of Converge Great Lakes where he was known for his straight-talk approach to ministry. He also served as a professor of pastoral studies at the Moody Bible Institute, as a denominational executive with the Baptist General Conference, and as a senior pastor and associate pastor in several churches in Illinois.

Our hearts are saddened by the loss of our friend

Glen Kehrein

Executive Director of Circle Urban Ministries located in the Austin Community of Chicago, Il. and CCDA Founding Board Member.

Rev. Dr. Castellanos is [former] CEO and president of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)

Noel Castellanos joined CCDA in 2004 with the launch of the CCDA Institute, an initiative to provide deeper theological training around the gospel core of its community development work. With a background in Latino urban ministry, he served on President Obama’s Council for Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships`

Rev. Dr. Wayne L. Gordon is the founding Pastor of Lawndale Community Church and Chairman of the Christian Community Development Association (C.C.D.A)





Definition of a “Gatekeeper” given by people who seem to be gatekeepers themselves. Whereas Clark’s definition (the first of the three comments below) is accurate up to the last point, in truth, these gatekeepers serve the highest levels of power and money in religion who are controlled by the highest religious organization of power and money – the Roman Catholic Church. We know this about gatekeepers/ Freemasons/ Jesuits first-hand having met and studied many of them and their networks and hidden “knowledge”:

Secular humanists gatekeepers may be statist apologists controlling information or propaganda aired on radio, television, or within public schools and universities. There are also religious gatekeepers. Some of these are leaders of various churches, denominations, Bible studies, or owners of radio stations, television stations or Christian publications.

Religious gatekeepers are most dangerous because they have a form of godliness yet stand against the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives.

A gatekeeper is one that controls access into a territory or stands guard at the entrance of a city. As already said these gatekeepers fight against the truth of the gospel of Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Often these gatekeepers carry a religious spirit with visible traits. When we talk about gatekeepers with religious spirits we are not talking about religious denominations or institutions such as the Catholic Church because religious spirits can be in any organization.

I once followed the faith of the 5%[The Nation of Gods & Earths]& they believe that 85% of the worlds population are ignorant of the truth of their existance, That the 10% who are in power know the truth & actively hide it from the masses,& that they are the 5% who know there is a higher truth out there & actively seek knowledge. In their view FreeMasons are the “gatekeepers” those who you must “go thru” to aquire higher knowledge.”

GateKeeper (Door) Guides are like protector guides, but for the Spirit World. These guides offer physical and psychic protection to all spirit communicators - only allowing higher vibrational energies and the most appropriate spirits to work with you.


Note the names in this list of “Gatekeepers”, because many of them are close friends of Moody Bible Institute and Mark Jobe and Erwin Lutzer. Right away in 2007, after being introduced to Dave Ferguson, they began to meet at his church CCC – Community Christian Church. Dave Ferguson was invited by Mark Jobe – a founding member. This group began in 2004, one year before Mark Jobe joined John Fuder’s network of friends and founded his New Life Centers on the Lausanne model for Global Cities outreach and “community”. Tony Danhelka might be Baptist, but he also seems to be Pentecostal based on his membership in Rick Joyner’s organization. Tony founded the networks with the guidance of Jesuit Franciscan Father Dimitri Sala after partnering in Argentina with Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism. Silvoso is the brother-in-law of Luis Palau who partners with Moody leadership and particularly Erwin Lutzer on many partnerships for “revival” and “evangelism”. The reason this training for Tony Danhelka is so important to notice is that Argentina is entirely ruled by Jesuits and is the network that harbored the Nazi networks away from prosecution (including Adolf Eichmann) after World War 2. This is the same Jesuit network who brought us the current openly Jesuit Pope Francis who is a life-long friend of Luis Palau as both are native-born Argentinian and top leadership of religion in Argentina.


A couple years ago Tony Danhelka pulled together a group of eight key spiritual leaders in Chicago and called them Gatekeepers.  In the group was Bill HybelsErwin Lutzer,James MeeksJames McDonaldMark JobeJohn EckhardtCarlton Arthurs andWilfredo DeJesus.


Friday was the first time I met with these guys.  We met at Crusaders Church and will continue to meet once a quarter with the next meeting at CCC.  I don’t feel at liberty to say everything that we talked about.  They probably don’t know I have a blog and would kick me out if I started publishing minutes from our meetings!


Phil Miglioratti is the man who took over the leadership of these groups after Tony Danhelka and Fr. Dimitri Sala founded them (seemingly around 2008). They all partner together right up to the present – 2018 at least. Phil is an educator on Prayer and City and Community Transformation – the same education that Mark Jobe has. Since around 2007 or before, Phil Miglioratti is National Facilitator for Cities and Communities for the Lausanne Committee Mission America Council now called The Table Coalition. He also became Chief Operating Officer for Lausanne MAC/The Table and was a U.S. delegate to the 2010 Lausanne III CapeTown in partnership with World Evangelical Alliance. Phil Miglioratti also is co-chair of the interfaith program ExploreGod Chicago, curator of Also, we note the fact that Dimitri Sala lies when he says he started ecumenical leadership networks in 2006, since these groups were founded starting in 2004 under his inspiration and nudging.


Prayer and Community Transformation[CD] by Phil Miglioratti

Empowered 2007

Loving Our Communities to Christ

Phil serves nationally as a National Facilitator with the Cities and Communities ministry of the Mission America Coalition, coordinates the 17 Loving Our Communities to Christ partner cities and has been national convener for the City Impact Roundtable ( In his hometown, he networks community transformation ministries at One Great City)

National Pastors' Prayer Network (

Church Prayer Leaders Network (

Praying Pastor (http://

October 2007

Phil Miglioratti, national coordinator of LC2C pilot cities, said the climate of those meetings was charged.

NavPress, as part of their restructuring, is transferring ownership of Pray! Network to Phil Miglioratti’s Prayer and City Transformation ministry.

Phil has served as the coordinator/manager of the network since it’s launch in 2010.

Pastors & City Transformation

·         Phil Miglioratti National Pastor's Prayer Network


The Table Coalition The Table Coalition


We have a new name and a renewed vision, but our focus remains

the same: share Jesus with America.

Mary Schaller serves as Co-chair of Explore God Chicago, a citywide gospel initiative taking place in January & February, 2019 in Chicagoland. She is formerly the President of Q Place and the author of How to Start a Q Place and co-author of The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations.

Phil Miglioratti is National Facilitator for cities and communities with the Mission America Coalition and as a lifelong Chicagoan, he curates EngageChicago.netand serves as Co-chair of Explore God Chicago.


A New Equation for Collaboration in Mission

The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

JUNE 8, 2018


(GC + GC + GC) X GC = GC

The Great Commission plus the Great Commandment added to a Great Commitment, multiplied by Great Collaborations results in Great Communities


It is also interesting to notice that Tony Danhelka’s church was a member of Rick Joyner’s Morningstar Ministries Fellowship. Joyner is one of those who believes in manifestations of the “Holy Spirit” that involve violent and bizarre demonic behaviors at church as well as lying prophecies and false healings and a long list of other problems.


Love Family Leaders Luncheon 2018

60 Thought leaders from Chicagoland



Dr. Michael J. Love   CEO

Phil Miglioratti – Mission America now The Table Coalition

Dr. Gene Crume – President  Judson U.

Tony Danhelka – President Emeritus Fox Valley Christian Action

Dr. John Fuder – Pray Chicago


Also notice John H. Armstrong’s friendship with Phil Miglioratti. Armstrong Adjunct Professor of Evangelism at Wheaton College is a long-time friend of both Franciscan Dimitri Sala and of Dr. Erwin Lutzer.


Another key leader in the MAC is Pastor Phil Miglioratti. Phil lives nearby and spends a fair share of time hanging out with me as his brother. I support his ministry personally and believe he is the finest facilitator of prayer I have ever met. I heartily endorse his mission and work. Because of my love for men like Paul [Cedar] and Phil , for the work of MAC and a number of other leaders in this movement, I wanted to share in the recent Orlando meeting.

The Orlando meeting was structured something like the Cape Town meeting.


We noted this information on our report on Erwin Lutzer – the group includes Bill Hybels (resigned Pastor of Willow Creek Church), James Meeks (who is on the board of trustees at MBI), James MacDonald (trouble-making friend of Joseph Stowell and Jerry Jenkins), Mark Jobe (who speaks at conferences at MBI and is now President), Joseph Stowell (former President of MBI), Wilfredo DeJesus (interreligious leader with NHCLC) and several other influential “Christian” leaders in Chicagoland as they call it. This group of G11 “pastors” was built based on Father Dimitri Sala’s suggestions to Tony Danhelka. The organizing partner writing this blog (and actively involved in organizing after Tony Danhelka handed it over somewhere around 2008) is Phil Miglioratti COO of Lausanne Committee Mission America Council (now called The Table Coalition) whose co-chairs were Billy Graham, Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ), and John Perkins (founder of Christian Community Development Association in Chicago). So if you haven’t read our report on Erwin Lutzer, you really should. But even just this one piece of information should show you that Erwin Lutzer is not a friend of the Christians at Moody Bible Institute and Church. He is literally partnered with a Franciscan monk and a Vatican II Lausanne agent (COO of Lausanne Mission America Council) in conquering and trapping the Christians under Rome’s fourth reich. Erwin Lutzer did a brilliant job attempting to rephrase Adolf Hitler’s third reich as something other than a complete conquering of Europe by the Jesuits and Vatican for the one-world government and one-world religion of the anti-christ. It was entirely a Jesuit operation. Why would he do that? Oh, right, because he is a Jesuit who has a MASTER’s in PHILOSOPHY from the JESUITS at LOYOLA U. (the school is literally named after the founder of the Jesuits – Ignatius Loyola) and a completed Doctorate from them as well except that he didn’t complete his dissertation in hopes of avoiding being known all these years as being a Jesuit through and through. That is how he can partner with Franciscans and Vatican II change agents. Read Edmond Paris’ book The Secret History of the Jesuits or do your own research and you will see the power struggles of the Catholic Church to make every attempt at destroying a Jewish one-world government that is not in the process of being built. The current fake Jews-rule-the-world farce has been created by the Fords and Rockefellers and Rothschilds and Vatican to divide and conquer the Jewish people and keep them away from sincere conversations with servants of Christ who together effect the only remaining hindrance to a totalitarian anti-christ kingdom of the future. The Vatican (remember the “Holy Office” of the Inquisitions and the “Crusades” (“Holy War”). Yeah, well, that was taken over in the 1500’s by the Jesuits. You literally are looking at the network that just hasn’t quite been able to conquer the whole world on behalf of the pope and anti-christ just yet. But they already possess all of the technological tools at hand to make the entire world suffer (Inquisitions) when not in compliance which they will do as predicted by God and to which God will powerfully respond in the second half of the Tribulation buying time for the rest of mankind who haven’t decided whether they will love God and Jesus and love their neighbor or whether they will serve their own fleshly desires and the world’s system of the devil.

The Stained Glass Curtain: Crossing The Evangelical-Catholic Divide To Find Our Common Heritage

By Dimitri Sala

"The Stained Glass Curtain is an effort by a dedicated bridge-builder to show evangelicals how much of the Catholic faith as defined by its official teachings is fully compatible with a very great deal of standard Reformation fare, why he feels a special burden to preach such a faith to his fellow Catholics (along with anyone else who will listen), and what sticking points remain between faithful evangelical Protestants and faithful Roman Catholics."


John Eckhardt

Bill McCartney – Promise Keepers

Fr. James Loughran SA – director, Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute

Prof. Matteo Calisi – former member of the Pontifical Council of the Laity (Vatican City)

John Robb – International Prayer Council

David Cole – Chair, Christian Unity Commission (Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America)

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa OFMCap, Preacher to the Pontifical Household


This seems to be an excellent and careful reply to Father Dimitri Sala’s attempted retelling of Catholic history to sound like our faith in Jesus for the purpose of swindling Protestants into joining their Vatican 2 Lausanne movement and thus reverse the Reformation and become obsolete in the world discussions.


Note the names Mike Berry, Tony Danhelka, and Erwin Lutzer below in Tony Danhelka’s group Chicagoland Quarterly Pastor’s Prayer Summit. In Mark Jobe’s 2012 Dissertation at Bakke Graduate University, he credits Mike Berry and Chuck McWherter as his mentors in the pastoral staff at New Life Community Church. Tony Danhelka and Erwin Lutzer have been involved in these networks since at least 1997 with about 60 Chicago pastors. Much of the information is missing from the internet, having been deleted as they became noticed too much. So it is difficult to prove which part of the network involved the Gatekeepers versus the Quarterly Pastor’s Prayer Summit versus The Summit Leadership Team. But Erwin Lutzer’s name appears in all of the above groups. And Tony Danhelka was involved in the founding and leadership of all of the above on behalf of Father Dimitri Sala. This is the real leadership team behind John Fuder’s Pray Chicago. Again, why would Moody Bible family so involved in this type of network? Danhelka organizes ecumenical Pastor’s Networks like this around the country, as you can see if you look at this link.


“… It was Monday February 16, 2004. My wife Donna had just left to run an errand. I hung up the phone at about 11:55AM. It had been an encouraging “Spirit led” conversation about God’s heart for Spiritual awakening over Chicagoland. I had been talking with Father Dimitri Sala who is an charismatic itinerate Catholic priest and Evangelist in Chicago. He, Donna and I previously had some good conversations about prayer, evangelism and revival for Chicago. Today he had challenged me to try to set up a meeting with Apostle John Eckhardt of Crusaders ministries to discuss a strategic prayer strategy for Chicagoland.”


The Summit Leadership Team:

Chris Barnes, Phillita Carney, Mike Berry,

Cheryl Dorsey,  Kirk Brantner,  Claudia Dunne,

Tony Danhelka, Susanne Marder, Lou Diaz,

Sheila Straka,  John Ericson,  Felecia Thompson,

Dallas Gordon, Vicky Wauterlek, Doug Harsch,

Erwin Lutzer,  Phil Miglioratti, Roger Thomas…”


We believe Phil Miglioratti to be the contact that chose Ed Stetzer to replace Erwin Lutzer. Miglioratti was directing They planned Lutzer retirement – Erwin had been looking forward to it since the anniversary celebration in 2013. In 2015, Wheaton h


Ed Stetzer published 11 Innovations in the Local Church: How Today's Leaders Can Learn, Discern and Move into the Future Paperback – June 5, 2007 with Elmer Towns (of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University who also tapped Erwin Lutzer in the late 1960’s for higher training at Dallas Theological Seminary which is run by Freemasons like Jerry Falwell’s network) and Warren Bird (Research Director at The Leadership Network and also for the ECFA). The next year (2008), Stetzer interviewed Warren Bird on his dissertation for his doctorate at Jesuit Fordham University which education indicates that Warren is definitely a Jesuit like Erwin Lutzer who has his doctorate from Jesuit Loyola University.


Dave Ferguson has served the leadership and board of directors of The Leadership Network since around 2009 and partnered in a conference (2008) and contributed in writing leadership materials and conversations and promotions of the organization before that (2003-2006). Dave Ferguson more recently (2016) contributed to The Leadership Network’s Complete 17-Volume Innovation Series alongside his brother Jon Ferguson (who co-pastors Community Christian Church with Dave and the leadership of their Exponential Network and NewThing), Jesuit Warren Bird(Research Director at The Leadership Network), and several others. In 2008, Ed Stetzer of LifeWay Research, Dave and Jon Ferguson of Community Christian Church (who hosted the event), and Greg Ligon and Todd Rhodes of The Leadership Foundation, partnered together in a Conference called Multi-Site Exposed explaining the structure of multi-site church leadership methods.



Posted on August 31, 2008

Multi-site EXPOSED Conference 2008

On September 15/16 at New Life Church in Chicago several of us from COMMUNITY will be part of the Multi-Site Exposed ConferenceFor anyone who is wanting to catch a vision for reproducing sites or get insights into multi-site ministry, this conference is a must.  Last week Mark Jobe, Jim Downing and I did a a thirty minute webinar to give you a preview of what to expect at Multi-Site Exposed.  If you missed the webinar, now you can now listen to it by clicking HERE.




Posted on August 29, 2008

I feel a little like Sally Field, “You like me, you like me!”  Not really.  But it was kind of cool to read Ed Stetzer’s complimentary post Inside The Yellow Box after he visited our COMMUNITY-Yellow Box location.

Ed Stetzer is one of the foremost experts on church life in North America.  He writes, speaks, leads a church and loves the church.  We share a passion for the reproducing church and that give us plenty to talk about.  Ed has got a couple gigs that will be bringing him to Chicago on a regular basis – which is awesome.  I bought him lunch when he was here so I could pick his brain and hangout.  I’m hoping to do more of that when he shows up in Chi-Town.


Brad Smith serves as President of Bakke Graduate University of Ministry (BGU). Prior to joining BGU, he served in various roles with the Leadership Network, a private foundation focused on church health and innovation…

He holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree from BGU and a Master of Theology Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.



This Leadership Network collection of studies shows the level of knowledge that Mark Jobe has in their end-game for global cities and the destruction of churches and hindering of attempts at rebuilding Christian community.


The Nines – A Leadership Network Online Experience

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Mark Jobe Lead Pastor New Life Community Church Chicago, Illinois

Dave Ferguson Senior Pastor Community Christian Church Naperville, Illinois

Eric Bramlett Creative Arts Director Community Christian Church Naperville, Illinois

Jon Ferguson Founding Pastor Community Christian Church Naperville, Illinois

Ed Stetser Vice President of Research & Ministry Dev. Lifeway Christian Resources President of Lifeway Research Nashville, Tennessee

Lizette Beard Project Manager Lifeway Research Nashville, Tennessee

Phillip Nation Ministry Development Director Lifeway Research Nashville, Tennessee

Thom Rainer President and CEO Lifeway Christian Resources Nashville, Tennessee

Kay Warren Founder of HIV & Aids Initiative Saddleback Church Lake Forest, California

Rick Warren Senior Pastor Saddleback Community Church Lake Forest, California

Geoff Surratt Pastor of Church Planting Saddleback Church Lake Forest, California

Reggie McNeal Missional Leadership Specialist Leadership Network Dallas, Texas

Eric Swanson Leadership Community Director Leadership Network Louisville, Colorado



Small Focus, Large Impact

Mark Jobe

Created By: Leadership Network: The Nines

Released: 2016

In this session from the 2011 Leadership Network The Nines Conference, Mark Jobe, founding and Lead Pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago, Illinois, advocates for intense focus in the pastorate in order to disciple others well.



Mega City "Flow" in Diverse Churches

Mark Jobe

Created By: Leadership Network: Conversations

Released: 2016

In this session from the 2014 Leadership Network Conversations Conference, Mark Jobe, Lead Pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago, Illinois shares how his church has embraced the challenge of ministering in the "mega city" context.


Drucker’s Impact On Leadership Network

By Leadership NetworkNovember 14, 2005No Comments

Leadership Network would not be the same–in fact, might not exist at all-were it not for Peter Drucker.

Before Bob Buford and Fred Smith Jr. co-founded Leadership Network in 1984, Buford consulted Drucker for advice. As a testimony to Drucker’s profound influence on Leadership Network, Buford has observed, “Peter Drucker is the ‘intellectual father’ of most all that guides my approach to philanthropy. I’ve long since ceased trying to determine what thoughts are mine and which come from Peter.”

Article notes Drucker’s impact on Bill Hybels and Rick Warren which together effectively produced the seeker-friendly movement and mega-church plans that overthrew almost all of the honorable pastors who remained in churches in the United States and is now being implemented around the world to do the same to the Christian communities everywhere to prepare for an anti-christ one-world religion. Warren also helped spear-head the merger of Islam and Christianity alongside men like Joel Hunter from Orlando, FL.


Some notable names from among the -


John FuderAuthor

John Perkins, Founder, Christian Community Development Association

Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church (Naperville, IL)

Joel Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland, A Church Distributed (Longwood, FL)

Bill and Lynne Hybels, Founders, Willow Creek Community Church (South Barrington, IL)

Wilfredo de Jesus, Senior Pastor, New Life Covenant Church (Chicago, IL)

Joseph Stowell, President, Cornerstone University

Ed Stetzer, President, Lifeway Research

Russell D. Moore, President, Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Leith Anderson, President, National Association of Evangelicals

Mark Jobe, Lead Pastor, New Life Community Church (Chicago, IL)


The John Maxwell Team TALK 


Top 10 John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award 2018


Mark Jobe

by Adrian | Dec 18, 2016








Plant the Church-- Better: A Conversation with Some Friends in Outreach Magazine



Iwas recently interviewed along with eight other leaders for a roundtable-type discussion for Outreach magazine. Our focus was the "American church planting movement: what we're doing right and what we must do better." The discussion included:

Dave Ferguson--lead pastor, Community Christian Church, Chicago, and movement leader, NewThing.



Join 90.1 FM Moody Radio as we welcome James Ford of Christ Bible Church of Chicago, Mark Jobe of New Life Community Church and Colin Smith of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church for a night of worship and teaching to celebrate the diverse nature of the people of God's church and the powerful force of the one Gospel that unites us all.

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 7:00 pm



THE EXCHANGE with Ed Stetzer

December 6, 2014

Saturday is for Seminars: NewThing and The Moody Church Whitefield Lecture

Next week I'll be in Chicago for a couple of days for the NewThing Gathering and at Moody Church!


Last week, I spent a couple of days in Texas at Dallas Theological Seminary. We had a great time together, but now I'm sick, and I think it's their fault (I'm looking at you, Darrell Bock).

Anyway, I'm home recovering today so I can be ready to bring the message at Grace Churchtomorrow.

This coming week, I've got my last trip of the year: Chicagoland (again).

Tuesday, December 9

On Tuesday, I'll be at the NewThing Gathering. In my time with them I'll be speaking on church movements, and I'll be interviewed by my friend Dave Ferguson. I'll also have the opportunity to interview Dave, Mark Jobe, and Wilfredo De Jesus (Pastor Choco) for upcoming episodes of The Exchange.

I am thankful for the work of NewThing, and I am excited to spend some time with them next week.

Wednesday, December 10

On Wednesday, I'll head over to The Moody Church. I get to speak at their Whitfield Lunch and corresponding Q&A session. I'll be speaking about "Everyone," engaging all God's people, taken from Colossians 1:28. I'm thankful for the ministry of Dr. Erwin Lutzer and everyone there at The Moody Church.



Mark Jobe – Multi-Site and Urban Church Planting

FEBRUARY 24, 2015

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer:

Mark Jobe, Lead Pastor of New Life Community Church, talks about leading a multi-site, inner-city ministry and his book Unstuck




How We’re Encouraging Chicago Church Planters This Fall

Join us this month at Progressive Baptist Church in downtown Chicago.


Dr. Charlie Dates is senior pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago and is our gracious host for this CCPA gathering.

Mark Jobe is founder and lead pastor of New Life Community Church and is probably the godfather of church planting in Chicago, if there is one.



I'm an Evangelical Ecumenist? What Does That Even Mean?

Working with other believers on common issues


Iconsider myself an Evangelical ecumenist. Big ‘E’ for Evangelical, little ‘e’ for ecumenist, because I don’t follow the classic approach to ecumenism.

To put it another way, I don’t believe in searching for the lowest common theological denominator in a general statement like “Jesus is Lord.” Actually, Jesus is much more than that. For example, he is “the Son of God,” “the One born of a virgin,” he suffered, died, was buried, and rose again, ascended into heaven, and is coming to judge the living and dead. He is the head of the church, which has pastor/elders and deacons, calls people into covenant membership, and baptizes believers.

That’s too specific for many big ‘E’ Ecumenists.

But I am more of an ecumenist than are many Evangelicals. I’ve spoken at the national meetings of 50 different denominations and I train pastors, evangelists, lay leaders, professionals, and church planters from all different denominations.

Some don’t like my ecumenism. I was actually accused by one leader in my denomination of being an “Evangelical Ecumenist.” He explained I was “the most dangerous person” in the denomination because I was, well, an Evangelical ecumenist.



Church Planting

I think it’s good for us to do things together, and I think there are good things we can do when it comes to church planting. For example, I created the Chicagoland Church Planting Alliance, which meets quarterly to talk about church planting and guide and facilitate conversation for church planters. I lead these meetings and gather different denominations in order to pray together, train together, and learn from guests like Mark Jobe, Charlie Dates, and Ron Edmondson.



Lifeway Pipeline 2017 Digital Downloads –

Last week, hundreds of church leaders joined us in Nashville for Pipeline Conference with another 2,000+ watching online. We are encouraged to see so many leaders investing in their churches and focusing on developing leaders.

We have released all the videos from the main stage at the conference. For just $59.00, you can get video and audio downloads to learn from John Piper, Bob Russell, H.B. Charles, Thom Rainer, Eric Geiger, Léonce Crump, Tami Heim, Mark Jobe, Todd Adkins, and Daniel Im.



November 15, 2018

LIFT: Engaging Gospel Movements Across Chicago is a free one-day pastor's conference with A.R. Bernard, Mark Jobe, Wilfredo De Jesus, Charlie Dates, Jackson Crum, Jon Ferguson, Adron Robinson, Daniel Yang, Jon Dennis and Ron Zappia along with hundreds of Chicago area Church leaders.

Keynote speakers include Rev. A.R. Bernard, Founding Pastor of a small Brooklyn parish that has grown into the largest house of worship in New York City, Christian Cultural Center, with over 45,000 members; and Pastor Mark Jobe, Founding Pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago that grew from a handful of people to thousands at over 25 campuses throughout Chicagoland and 7 cities internationally.


Notice the Moody family involved with this conference – The Gospel and Our Cities 2018. It was sponsored by

Acts 29 Network led by Matt Chandler

Billy Graham’s magazine Christianity Today

John MacArthur’s friends at The Gospel Coalition led by D. A. Carson of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

John Fuder’s and Roy Patterson’s and Ray Carter’s (former Park Community Senior Pastor) and Michael N. Allen’s Together Chicago (former Assistant Pastor of Urban Outreach and Evangelism at The Moody Church

ESV publishers

Holy Trinity Church and ecumenical leadership of

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Tommy Lee’s, John Fuder’s, and Donna Crum’s (Park Community Church)

John Fuder’s Pray Chicago

Holy Trinity Church’s ecumenical network at

D.L. Moody and Fleming H. Revell founded

Chicago’s Ecumenical Radio network

Wheaton College Graduate School

Moody Radio

Wheaton College Center for Urban Engagement

Ed Stetzer’s Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College

Holy Trinity Church’s

Jesuit C. S. Lewis’s Institute

Ray Carter’s (former Park Community Church senior pastor) Chicago Fellowship

The make-sure-everyone-believes-in-a-god program

PresbyterianChurchAmerica missions fund

Ecumenical power-play-slanted research

Interfaith church program



The Gospel and Our Cities Conference 2018 Chicago 2018

Main sessions feature a keynote speaker and include worship, video testimonies, panel discussions and Bible expositions. There are approximately 50 breakout sessions, covering a multitude of topics during this 3-day conference. All the sessions are based on our vision to reach the cities of North America with a side emphasis on our host city of Chicago. The host committee and speakers have collectively come together to inspire attendees to share in this vision.



Author, Speaker, Founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Chairman and Co-founder of Redeemer City to City


Director of Community Outreach, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission


Speaker, Professor, Senior Pastor of Progressive Baptist Church


Assistant to the Chancellor, Senior Fellow of the African American Leadership Initiative, and Provost’s Professor of Theology and Culture at Reformed Theological Seminary


Professor of Urban Studies and Politics & International Relations, Director of the Center for Urban Engagement, Wheaton College


Professor and Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College


Director of the Send Institute at North American Mission Board (NAMB)


President, Moody Bible Institute 


Owner, Dillon Kane Group and Co-founder, Together Chicago


Interim President, Moody Bible Institute


Director of Moody Counseling Center, Moody Theological Seminary

Jackson Crum

Lead Pastor, Park Community Church

Donna Crum

Park Community Church

Bill Bertsche

Executive Pastor, Moody Church

Roy Patterson

Community Relations Director, Moody Bible Institute

Vance Henry

Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Faith Based Initiatives, City of Chicago

John Fuder            

Executive Director, Heart for the City & PrayChicago

Dr. James Spencer

Vice President and Dean, Moody Bible Institute

Ashanti Pettaway

Director of Training, Chicago Partnership for Church Planting




November 6-7, 2018

Mark Jobe, Ed Stetzer, Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson and many more!

Hero Maker Theme


Hero Maker is the theme for Exponential 2018. The theme focuses on the shift from being the hero to coming alongside others for them to become the heroes in our church’s unfolding story. Marked by a sense of holy and humble tenacity, leaders of a Level 5 multiplying church shift from being the hero and instead leverage their power and influence to become hero makers that lift up and support others.


Aspen Group Alignment Conference 2017

Mark Jobe, lead pastor of New Life Churches in Chicago, will share his strategy on church mergers, and his vision for reclaiming sacred space in our cities.

He’ll also be part of a panel discussion with other influential pastors who will share their lessons learned on church expansion. You won’t want to miss this candid conversation about the challenges and opportunities some of today’s well-known pastors have encountered on the way to launching their next church.


Aspen Group Alignment Conference 2018

Date: Tuesday, 16th October 2018

City: Plainfield, IL

Conference Name: Alignment Conference

Address: Community Christian Church, 24035 Riverwalk Court

Country: US

Notes: Ways to create ministry space for community impact. David Kinnaman, Evan McBroom, Julie Bullock, Mark Jobe, Dave Ferguson, Katie Robichaud, Greg Snider, Brian Zehr, Jeff Beachum, Darrin Yount, Kurt Andre, Mike Martin, Matt DeMateo, Dave Davis, Lynn Pickard.








Cadres 2014


SESSION 1  |  NOVEMBER 5, 2014


SESSION 2  |  NOVEMBER 5, 2014


SESSION 3  |  NOVEMBER 5, 2014


SESSION 4  |  NOVEMBER 5, 2014



SESSION 1  |  NOVEMBER 5, 2014


SESSION 2  |  NOVEMBER 5, 2014


SESSION 3  |  NOVEMBER 5, 2014


Multiply Conference 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

Ed Stetzer

Mark Jobe



WEEK TWO JUNE 29-JULY 6 , 2019

MARK JOBE Dr. Mark Jobe, recently named as Moody Bible Institute’s tenth President, is the founding pastor of New Life Community Church, a multiple-campus ministry in Chicago. In 2005, Dr. Jobe founded New Life Centers that provide programs for such issues as gang violence, unemployment and teen pregnancy. He is also the author of Unstuck: Out of Your Cave into Your Call and is host of the daily program “Straight Talk” on Moody Radio.

GERALD PETERMAN Dr. Gerald W. Peterman is a Professor of Bible and Director of the Master of Arts, Biblical and Theological Studies program at Moody Bible Institute. Prior to coming to Moody, Dr. Peterman was a college professor, church planter, and Air National Guard chaplain. With Dr. Schmutzer, he co-wrote Joy and Tears: The Emotional Life of the Christian.

ANDREW SCHMUTZER Dr. Andrew Schmutzer is a Professor of Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute and has authored numerous articles on the Old Testament, an exegetical theology Be Fruitful and Multiply, forthcoming commentaries on Ruth and Esther, and a book, Between Pain and Grace: A Biblical Theology of Suffering, which he co-authored with Dr. Peterman.


May 18, 2019

Leading and Growing at Moody

In January, Moody Bible Institute welcomed its 10th president, Dr. Mark Jobe.  He joins Moody with a passion for reaching the unreached both in Chicago and throughout the world.  Ed Stetzer talks with Dr. Jobe about his hopes for Moody and plans for the future.



Stand Firm 2019 | Las Vegas

Join us this fall for the 2019 Stand Firm Conference. Featuring 3 days of keynote presentations from some of the nations leading pastors, authors, and speakers. With dozens of workshop offerings to equip you to…

Vance Pitman

Charlie Dates

Daniel Henderson

Mark Jobe

Crawford Loritts

John Onwucheckwa

Robbie Symons




Mark Jobe

Ed Stetzer

James Meeks



Mark Jobe’s Book published in 2014

Unstuck – Out of your cave and into your call

Book Endorsements

Erwin W. Lutzer

Dave Ferguson

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Dr. Philip G. Ryken

Dr. George Verwer

Dr. Joseph M. Stowell

Pete Greig

Dr. Mike Pocock

James T. Meeks

Rev. Wilfredo “Choco” DeJesus



Chicago Neighborhood Prayer Guide: Seeking God's Peace For the City Paperback – May 1, 2014

by John Fuder (Author), Elizabeth Koenig (Contributor)


Editorial Reviews

 “John Fuder and his team have created a great tool to help us pray more strategically for Chicago. I would encourage everyone who cares about the spiritual condition of our city to get ahold of a Chicago Neighborhood Prayer Guide and start praying. We should never underestimate the transformative power of persistent and united prayer for a city.”

Mark Jobe, pastor of New Life Community Church, Chicago,

“This is an extremely valuable resource to aid one in praying for the needs of this great city that is in desperate need of the touch of God upon it. I appreciate this labor of love in Dr. Fuder providing this help for God’s people to pray!”

Dr. Bill Thrasherprofessor, Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School, author of A Journey to Victorious Praying,

This book is a welcome resource for all who love the city of Chicago! John Fuder and those who helped compile all this valuable information have given us useful information about every neighborhood in Chicago. This is just what all of us need as we pray and plan to grow our witness to the city and for reaching our own neighborhood. I can hardly wait until it is available for all of us!

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago, Illinois


Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church Field Guide

Copyright © 2015 by Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson with Alan Hirsch

Todd Wilson // Dave Ferguson Founders of Exponential With Alan Hirsch Foreword by Ed Stetzer





Other Conferences Mark Jobe is being invited to speak at because of his friendships with this network and/or because of his new prominent position as President of The Moody Bible Institute:


Christian Legal Society

National Conference Chicago

Westin Michigan Avenue

October 31-November 3, 2019


Chosen People Ministries Conference 2019

Israel’s Glorious Future

Featured speakers:
Dr. Mitch Glaser

Dr. Michael Rydelnik

Dr. Mark Jobe



ECPA Leadership Summit 2012

Mark Jobe
Lead Pastor
New Life Community Church


ECPA Leadership Summit 2019

April 30 – May 1 Chicago



The 5 Love Languages® series


Editor in Chief, Christianity Today


Assistant Professor of Communication, Wheaton College


President, Moody Bible Institute


Former CEO of Christianity Today


President, Wheaton College



2019 U.S. FCA Convention

Convention Theme: Rev’d Up! (Galatians 6:9)
Speakers: Brett Hollis, 
Mark Jobe, Nate and Gail Mullen, Phil Baker, Gary Zarlengo, Gabe Carlson and others.
Location: Orland Hills, IL (Chicago suburb).



Short clippings from articles which show Mark Jobe being referenced as an expert in Church Planting and Church Growth alongside Ed Stetzer and several influential pastors in the country:


How to Plant a Church in Chicago

 “[Chicago] is a cluster of tribes,” said Mark Jobe, who restarted the non-denominational New Life Community Church 30 years ago and has since planted 23 congregations. From the young white professionals in Lincoln Park to the Mexican migrants of Little Village to the black grandma in Roseland, each of the 77 neighborhoods is distinct.

Jobe believes neighborhoods are distinct enough to warrant different church plants, even when they’re nearby. New Life has congregations in bordering Lincoln Park and Lakeview, less than two miles apart. Different demographics and population density mean both can thrive.

He advises going a step further, and matching church planters with a neighborhood that fits them.

“I get a lot of wide-eyed, idealistic guys right out of Bible college who want to plant in a black neighborhood,” he said. “I love that missionary heart.”

But Jobe is clear: tossing a white, middle-class kid who didn’t grow up in Chicago into an African-American neighborhood introduces barriers to church planting…



Another new initiative, the Chicago Church Planting Alliance, will meet for the first time in March, said Ed Stetzer, interim teaching pastor of Moody Church and executive director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College.

“Church planters need one another in a challenging field like this,” he said. “Our intent is to connect different evangelical denominations and networks and find ways to encourage and equip one another.”

Just like anywhere else, planters in Chicago need support.    


Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra is senior writer for The Gospel Coalition. She earned her master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.



JANUARY 21, 2019 BY 

Finding the Right Church Planting Model Part 6: The Multi-Site/Satellite Model


So, now we are talking about planting churches and planting campuses.

The Multi-Site Satellite model is an emerging model. According Multi-Site Solutions—founded by Mr. Multi-Site himself, Jim Tomberlin—15% of Protestant church goers attend a multi-site church (though that does not mean they are AT a site). Many well-known pastors such as Andy Stanley, Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, Mark Jobe, and J.D. Greear, utilize this model. I used to pastor at Grace Church and taught regularly at Christ Fellowship—and both are multi-site.

Although there are many churches that implement a Multi-Site/Satellite model (over 5,000—many of them not being classified as mega-churches), there are still those who disagree with its practice. So, it’s not without critics, but it has also become a new normal.



Now here is where the interfaith part can start to be seen a little more clearly in Mark Jobe’s thoughts and plans. Notice how he appreciates sounding Catholic. For example, if you listen to his 2016 Founder’s week address, he comments about how Moody Bible Institute is like a bunch of monks and nuns housed in the same building studying the Bible together, except that they are allowed to get married their senior year. In one of the articles below, you will notice that he appreciates being told that people like his Mass and call him Father Mark. Also notice the majority of leaders and speakers at the March to Life are Catholic, including Rep. Dan Lipinski, Coach Pat McCaskey (also a Jesuit), Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League (a secret Jesuit organization based on the Action Leagues used to disguise Jesuit strategy during World War 2), Reverend Erwin Lutzer (Jesuit though he does not openly admit to serving the Catholics yet), Emily Zender Troscinski who is Chairwoman of March for Life and Executive Director of Illinois Right to Life, Mary Louise Hengesbaugh and 1999 Miss Wisconsin Elyzabeth Lee Pham who emceed the event, and Abby Johnson about whom the movie Unplanned was made. Peter Roskam is Anglican/Episcopal which is essentially identical to Catholic and is run by Jesuits. Of course the Right Reverends of the Orthodox Churches are Catholic. And the retired Catholic Archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Francis George (called the American Ratzinger because of his rank and influence) is a Jesuit in the Missionary Oblates of worshipping the Mary Immaculate founded by a Jesuit student to be a disguised order. Cardinal George is the man who accidentally admitted that their agenda is so harsh and evil that while he would die peaceably in his bed (which he did pass away in 2015 shortly after this rally), however his Jesuit “son”/student would die imprisoned and his “son”/student after him would be put to death as a martyr in the open square, but then his “son”/student will pick up the “shards of a ruined society” and slowly help rebuild and would then be considered a hero.


Notice Mark Jobe helping lead the relatively new initiative to observe Lent in a Protestant form to get followers of Christ used to the idea that we are all going to be (attempted to be) forced to come under the Catholic authorities in the future for the sake of one-world religious unity. Instead we are going to need to carve a third party who does not join the one world religion powers and does not want to join the anarchists who seek a different type of freedom than we seek. Mark Jobe has been leading this effort since at least 1994 to move toward Catholicism and liberalism and secular humanism. The Chicago Tribune article references all sorts of religions and their traditions regarding fasting to make all sound the same – as man’s attempt to appease the same unknowable “god”, which they are in the process of inventing. This approach by Mark Jobe also makes sense as to why he supported and promoted the Explore God Chicago project 2019 earlier this year to fellow pastors and churches. In fact one part of the Explore God initiative was a fast leading up to Easter. Mark Jobe treats pagan Christmas traditions as sacred in the same way as Lent.



First Steps

New Life consecrates its first 40 days of fasting and prayer and begins mentoring people to baptism using the "First Steps" booklets.



Fasting to Begin the Year


My church and I are in the second day of a 21-day period of fasting and prayer. Since 1995 we have engaged in an all-church season of prayer and fasting each year. For years our pattern was to fast during the days leading up to Easter. Over the last four years we have called a season of fasting at the beginning of the year and discovered that it is an amazing way to begin the year and consecrate the remaining twelve months to God. Father Augustine (354-430 A.D) said; "Fasting cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one’s flesh to the spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble, scatters the clouds of concupiscence, quenches the fire of lust, and kindles the true light of chastity."


Andrew Murray described fasting as “reaching out after the unseen…”


“Fasting is reaching out after the unseen: fasting is letting go of all that is seen and temporal. Fasting helps express, deepen, confirm the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything, even ourselves to attain what we seek for the kingdom of God.”  


For more resources on Fasting go to


Mark Jobe 8:09 AM




Steve Kloehn, Tribune Religion WriterCHICAGO TRIBUNE

Feb 13, 1997

Frank T. Griswold III, Episcopal bishop of Chicago, had just delivered his Ash Wednesday sermon on the spiritual freedom found through fasting and other Lenten disciplines.


Among Christians, Roman Catholics have perhaps the most clearly defined requirements for Lenten fasting: partial fasts (just one full meal) on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, with no meat on Fridays in between.

Episcopalians and some other Protestants recommend the same days as special days of discipline, and suggest fasting as one of the options individuals can choose for their Lenten observation.

Those denominations and others may also call members to simply deny themselves everyday luxuries, whether it's coffee and ice cream or racquetball. Many Christians include the idea of avoiding gossip, being judgmental or other selfish behavior.

And while some Protestant traditions do not highlight Lent or fasting at all, there has been a revival of interest in fasting among Evangelical Christians in recent years, including a prominent national movement for annual prayer and fasting periods.


Fasting, of course, is not original to Christianity. The Old Testament refers frequently to fasting, and Jews still fast on Yom Kippur, among other times. Fasting is central to American Indian religions, as well as eastern religions.

Muslims, meanwhile, have just completed their annual month of daytime fasting, Ramadan. The sunup-to-sundown discipline is not only mandatory for Muslims, but one of the five pillars of Islam.

In virtually all these traditions, fasting is linked to prayer. Those who fast say that it lends a certain intensity to praying that they don't normally feel.

"There's a sense of heightened awareness," said Campbell. "Experiences are somewhat rarefied."

"At times you do lack energy, but your mind becomes incredibly alert," said Pastor Mark Jobe, of the non-denominational New Life Community Church on Chicago's South Side. "It is an intense time of seeking God."

Though New Life's evangelical tradition does not call for any special days of communal fasting, Jobe challenged his congregation last year to join him on an extended fast before Easter.

He and 18 members of the church went 40 days without solid food, drinking only water and fruit juice. With medical advice and one another's support, he said, the fast was a success.

"There were quite a few people who had major spiritual breakthroughs during that period," said Jobe. "But whether I see any immediate results or not, I think it's important. You are continually aware, because of your hunger, that this is a special season. It's a constant reminder of what you are praying for."

Jobe said he was inspired to fast by evangelical leader Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade, who has organized national fasts involving thousands of people for each of the last three years. Jobe said he expects it will only grow.


After the Second Vatican Council, ending in 1965, Catholicism downplayed fasting as well, removing numerous mandatory fast days, and shaving the mandatory fast before receiving communion to a single hour.



Mark Jobe promoting ExploreGod to his church first and then to other pastors:


We all have questions. Does life have a purpose? Is the Bible reliable? Why does God allow pain and suffering? Join us for a 7 week series January 27 to March 10 as we explore life’s biggest questions. We will also have small groups that you can join to discuss the series each week. This is a great opportunity to invite a friend to join you! Learn more at and come explore with us!


Evangelical churches such as suburban Willow Creek will close on Christmas so members can focus on family

Manya A. Brachear, Tribune staff reporterCHICAGO TRIBUNE

"At first glance it does sound contrarian," said Rev. Gene Appel, senior pastor of Willow Creek. "We don't see it as not having church on Christmas. We see it as decentralizing the church on Christmas--hundreds of thousands of experiences going on around Christmas trees. The best way to honor the birth of Jesus is for families to have a more personal experience on that day."


For example, New Life Community Church, with at least 11 locations in the Chicago area, and northwest suburban Harvest Bible Chapel will hold services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

"Every family has their little tradition," said Rev. Mark Jobe, senior pastor of New Life Community Church. "For some of them, it's a sacred time to get up in the morning and do their breakfast, share a little bit and open presents. That may be their main Christmas celebration. It may be Christmas Eve. ... God created church. He also created family. We need to be enjoying both of those."



Rev. Wilfredo De'Jesus of New Life Covenant Assemblies of God, a largely Latino megachurch in Humboldt Park, said he canceled Christmas Eve services so members could have time with their families. But he also is asking them to "adopt" children from a nearby school.



Catholic comments:
January 13th, 2012

05:56 PM ET

As number of Latino evangelicals grows, it's not politics as usual

By Rafael Romo, Senior Latin American Affairs Editor

(CNN) - It’s a greeting that always makes Mark Jobe smile: “I really loved today’s Mass, Father Mark.”

Jobe is the senior pastor of New Life Community Church, which has 14 campuses across Chicago and its suburbs. He said he hears those words at least once a month, usually from newcomers - Hispanics raised in the Catholic faith who’ve started attending his non-denominational Christian church.


An estimated crowd of over 4,000 people marched through Chicago’s Loop on Sunday, January 18, proclaiming the sanctity of human life and calling for the overturn of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States. The 10th annual March for Life Chicago drew pro-life citizens of all ages to participate in the rallies at Federal Plaza and the James R. Thompson Center. Participants heard from Archbishop Blase Cupich, Congressmen Dan Lipinski (D-IL) and Peter Roskam (R-IL), Bears co-owner Pat McCaskey, former Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson and others.



At each of the two rally points, the enthusiastic crowd was addressed by multi-generational families of pro-life activists.  Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League, spoke with his father Joe Scheidler (known as the Godfather of the pro-life movement) and his son, pro-life blogger Sam Scheidler. Sandy Hiltebrand addressed the gathering, thanking them for their faithfulness, along with her daughter Julie Cooper, and granddaughter, Mary Cooper.

Mary-Louise Hengesbaugh, former Respect Life Director of the Archdiocese of Chicago and 1999 Miss Wisconsin, emceed the event which drew huge Catholic participation from across the Midwest.  The crowd, however, was decidedly multi-denominational, and addressed by Orthodox church leaders, the Right Reverend Anthony, Bishop of Toledo, and the Right Reverend Paul, Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest, as well as Pastor Mark Jobe, founder of New Life Centers.


There was representation from numerous faith traditions in the crowd, including Orthodox church leaders, such as the Right Reverend Anthony, Bishop of Toledo for the Antiochian Orthodox Church, and the Right Reverend Paul, Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest for the Orthodox Church in America, as well as Pastor Mark Jobe, founder of New Life Centers, and Reverend Erwin Lutzer, senior pastor of Chicago’s historic Moody Church.


Mark Jobe is welcomed by Alderman Edward Burke who calls him a “long-time friend”. This is interesting to us because Burke is a Knights of Columbus member (a Jesuit-founded and led organization) and longest-standing alderman (since 1969) second in power only to the Mayer Rahm Emmanuel (now Lori Lightfoot as of yesterday) in the politics of Chicago. Burke’s wife is Justice Anne Burke of the Supreme Court of Illinois. Both Edward and Anne Burke are alumni of Jesuit DePaul University College of Law, so Edward knows his way around the loopholes quite well and understands exactly what is happening to Moody Bible Institute as it is taken over by Jesuits. He is also in question for a lot of various self-dealings – same as the leadership of Moody, so they make good companions. Edward went to a Catholic Seminary instead of high-school – Quigley Preparatory Seminary founded by Archbishop James Edward Quigley of Chicago who said in 1903 that America would rule the world within twenty years (through the International Monetary Fund and League of Nations founded by Woodrow Wilson which became the precursor to the United Nations which is also hosted in the United States) and that this would mean that the Catholic Church will rule the world through American democracy being pushed around the world. So you can clearly see that this man is a Jesuit both by position as Archbishop in largely Catholic city of Chicago and in knowledge of how to conquer the world for the Catholic Pope – that is the sworn oath of the Jesuits. That is the “high school”/seminary that Edward Burke went to before going to Jesuit DePaul University and before joining the Knights of Columbus. Alderman Burke contributes large amounts of money to Catholic and Jesuit politicians and Catholic organizations and special events. So if Edward considers Mark Jobe a long-time friend and member of his community, (along with all of the other evidence we have shown about Lausanne, Stetzer, March for Life, and Mark’s own words sounding like a Catholic) you can see why we have to assume that Mark Jobe is a secret Jesuit.


Local Pastor Mark Jobe Named 10th President of the Moody Bible Institute


October 9, 2018



Congratulations are in order for Pastor Jobe – a longtime friend and community member – as he takes on a new role. Join me in congratulating the new president of the Moody Bible Institute, Pastor Mark Jobe!

Thank you for doing what God has called you to do, Pastor. I know you will lead this great institution to do more good works for Chicago and the world.


“Within twenty years this country is going to rule the world. Kings and Emperors will soon pass away and the democracy of the United States will thake their place… When the United States rules the world, the Catholic Church will rule the world… Nothing can stand against the Church.  I’d like to see the politician who would try to rule against the Church in Chicago.  His reign would be short indeed.”
— Catholic Archbishop James Quigley, Chicago Daily Tribune, May 5, 1903.)



To Be A Kingdom Building Pastor Today — You MUST…

By Ron EdmondsonSeptember 2, 2014ChurchInnovationLeadership

Mark Jobe Rahm Emmanuel.jpg

I love this picture.

I saw it on Mark Jobe’s Facebook page. Mark is a pastor of a church I greatly admire in Chicago. Actually, as a church planter and revitalizer, I’ve probably referred people to New Life (and a video of their work I keep bookmarked) as much as any other church.

New Life is doing what I believe is some of the best, hardest and most needed work in church growth today. They come along side an older, declining, established church and breathe “new life” into them helping them reach the community again. There are many other churches doing similar work, but I have been to New Life and had the opportunity to talk with Mark a few times, so he’s one doing this type ministry I’m familiar with most. I don’t know Mark well — but we are close enough to be Facebook friends J

In this picture, Pastor Mark is walking with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. According to the caption, Mark was “Discussing the challenges of providing a safer environment and better role models for Chicago school children with the Mayor”

I love it!

Yea Mark! Yea New Life! Yea God!

The thought that struck me with this picture is that it provides further proof of something I’ve believed for some time. Something I’ve been living and preaching.

It’s how I’m trying to do church growth today.

To be a kingdom building pastor you MUST be a community building pastor.


Ron Edmondson

I am CEO of Leadership Network.