Mark Jobe – Short Report


This appointment of Mark Jobe is a really big and stupid mistake by the MBI board of trustees who are all highly under question for covering the hostile Jesuit take-over of Moody Bible Institute starting around 1980 under Jesuit Erwin Lutzer’s directions and protection. This appointment of Mark Jobe shows that they do serve the Jesuits and must be removed. Three of the members of the Search Committee are known Jesuits or member of OFM (Franciscan) Father Dimitri Sala’s clergy network – these three are Greg Thornton, Mark Wagner, and James Meeks and their appointment Mark Jobe is also a member of OFM Father Dimitri Sala’s Jesuit network. At least four other members of the search committee were known by us to be covering up the Jesuit take-over and/or assisting the mentoring of people like Mark Jobe and his friends (John Palmieri for example) and co-pastors. But this decision by their committee and the board implicates all of the board members completely as complicit with the alteration of Moody campus by Jesuit operations toward a “peace” and “unity” future under the pope.


Mark Jobe has his doctorate in Transformational Leadership for the Global City from a University that is in direct partnership with the Lausanne Committee and the World Evangelical Alliance. Lausanne serves the purpose of the Vatican II council bringing all religious and government authority under the directorship of the Pope and Vatican. The Lausanne Movement is the Protestant branch of the 1966 Vatican II council established by Billy Graham under the disguise of world evangelism, but is actually proselytizing on behalf of the Catholic Church to rule over all religion including over genuine believers in Christ. World Evangelical Alliance is in direct alliance with the World Council of Churches and Pontifical (Pope’s) Council for Promoting Interreligious Dialogue which actually just means a one-world religious system led by the Pope for the future anti-christ (short-lived) kingdom. Global City is terminology being used for giant metro-plexes that represent all of the elements of the new world order (and far too many people in too small of a space) necessary for one world government “peace” and “unity”.


Mark Jobe is a long-time member (since before 2007) of OFM Father Dimitri Sala’s Chicago clergy network alongside Jesuit Erwin Lutzer, Bill Hybels, James MacDonald, and James Meeks (who is on the MBI board of trustees). Mark Jobe is a long-time friend of Ed Stetzer (since around 2008 or before) who is Regional Director for North America for the Lausanne Committee. And Ed Stetzer is Billy Graham Distinguished Chair at Wheaton College in place of Billy Graham (who has passed away last year) who was the founder of the Lausanne Committee starting in 1966 in Berlin, then with the Lausanne Movement in Switzerland in 1974. Mark Jobe is a long-time friend of Alderman Edward Burke who is a Jesuit trained since high school and through DePaul University College of Law and a member of Knights of Columbus (Jesuit founded organization). Mark Jobe is comfortable standing side-by-side with more than a dozen of the highest level Jesuits and prominent Catholics in Chicago in their pretend leadership of record-breaking pro-life movement in Chicago (March for Life 2015). And Mark Jobe both used and promoted the 2019 interreligious (literally pro-Islamic, pro-Buddhist, pro-Catholic) curriculum Explore God Chicago to fellow pastors and 800 Chicago churches. Mark Jobe is a prominent spokesperson for observing forty days of fasting (Lent) in Chicago churches leading up to Easter since at least 1994.


Mark Jobe was raised in Spain and Costa Rica as a missionary son. Spain claims to have two-thirds Catholic adherents and Costa Rica still has Catholicism as the official state religion. Mark Jobe is happy to be called “Father Mark” and for people to thank him for “Mass”. And he is trying to force Moody Bible Institute to get used to being considered almost identical to a joint monastery/convent except that students are allowed to get married their senior year (said in his Founder’s Week 2016 speech introduction). All of this inescapably shows him to be acting as a Jesuit. So the board of trustees has replaced Jesuit Greg Thornton with Jesuit Mark Jobe who has his doctorate in Transformational Leadership for the Global City with the intent of moving Chicago’s Christian community toward New World Order under the Pope. This was a very serious and damaging decision by the Board of Trustees. This is the Board of Trustees who chose Jesuit Greg Thornton to cover up the destruction done by his predecessors. Now this appointment shows that they know and understand the agenda of the Jesuits and they choose to appoint this type of leadership knowing that this is entirely against the work of Evangelist Dwight Moody who considered the Word of God as the authority for Christian life. Erwin Lutzer, Greg Thornton, Ed Stetzer, and Mark Jobe consider the Pope to be the final authority/power in the Christian life and to accomplish the kingdom of “god”, but they know that they serve the devil by assisting the Pope in gaining authority over the world evangelism/missions community of one of the last strong and bold hold-outs to Roman Catholic dominance – the Moody Bible Institute. This is not the kind of leadership that Moody Bible Institute needs to recover from the Jesuit attack being made. And this puts the rest of Chicago and the missions network of Moody Bible under dangerous leadership for trying to serve the One True God in very difficult places around the world, where the people are also being forced under Catholic and Free-mason run governments. We hope that those who love Moody Bible Institute and would hate to see it crumble under Vatican schemes and fall under Jesuit/Vatican control will hear our request for help in this struggle of information and truth versus deception and power-plays by Jesuits/Freemasons. Please take the time to read and consider carefully all of the research and statements and collaboration that is behind this move by the Board of Trustees. We hope you can find the patience to endure the painful reality that our research shows an evil intent behind much of the leadership of Moody Bible Institute and historic Church at this moment in history.


At this point we would just like to provide links and allow you to do your own looking at the evidence for yourself. If you want our thorough research in the extended report on Mark Jobe, click the following link.


If right now, you are not preparing someone, then by default, you have set yourself up for failure. -Mark Jobe

Our report exposing Jesuits at Moody – particularly of note for this article – Erwin Lutzer, Greg Thornton, Mark Wagner, and James Meeks. The first article also explains Father Dimitri Sala’s network with Erwin Lutzer and area pastors called Gatekeepers which includes Mark Jobe and Dave Ferguson since 2007 or before.

A couple years ago Tony Danhelka pulled together a group of eight key spiritual leaders in Chicago and called them Gatekeepers.  In the group was Bill HybelsErwin Lutzer,James Meeks

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Mark Jobe’s doctorate at Bakke Graduate University in Transformational Leadership for the Global City

Restarting Sacred Spaces: A Development of an Approach to Restarting Sacred Spaces in Urban Centers Jobe, Mark E.

Bakke Graduate University  Financial Update – April 2019

BGU The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization and the World Evangelical Alliance.

This Lausanne group was founded to control all Protestant evangelism world-wide to fit Roman Catholic criteria. It was started in Berlin, Germany in 1966 in conjunction with Vatican II council completion and implementation the same year (completed Dec. 08, 1965) whose purpose was stated to be the “restoration of unity among all Christians” – in order to begin to merge all activities of “Christians” world-wide under the same guidelines and (secretly) under the Vatican Jesuit mafia directorship. Because of that, Lausanne’s own documents admit that together they were able to control or influence all evangelism activities world-wide in the last quarter of the 20th century and afterward.

Short clip from: MacArthur Vatican II Full Report

Lausanne III - Cape Town 2010 held in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Vatican’s Pontifical (Pope) Council on Inter-religious Dialogue (PCID)

MULTIPLY 2017 and 2018    Mark Jobe   RAY BAKKE(1OF4)   ED STETZER(1OF3)

Explore God (XG) Chicago 2019 questions and/or blames God on every topic it touches. However, it also promotes Islam, demands “unity” under Catholic Vatican, diminishes the Word of God and welcomes scoffers “skeptics” into these 800 churches in Chicago. So why is this a “church” program? Because they need an interfaith network in Chicago that is accepted by evangelicals. Look at their resources for “pastors”. Look at their seven week series on how to question God in an acceptable way. Look at their 40 day skeptics challenge (Lent for scoffers). Give attention to the program’s organizations, “pastors”, and corporate leaders that they admit are new world order “change agents”. Christians need to preach the truth and pray for Chicago believers who do not bow at every altar as Freemasons and Jesuits do. Speak up about these change agents (who will pretend to be innocent) so they can’t lie. If you ask them directly, they have promised to tell lies or play ignorance of that purpose to protect the big plan.

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Ed Stetzer, Dave Ferguson and Mark Jobe friendship together and with The Leadership Network:

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Ed Stetzer published 11 Innovations in the Local Church: How Today's Leaders Can Learn, Discern and Move into the Future Paperback – June 5, 2007 with Warren Bird (Research Director at The Leadership Network and also for the ECFA). The next year (2008), Stetzer interviewed Warren Bird on his dissertation for his doctorate at Jesuit Fordham University which education indicates that Warren is definitely a Jesuit like Erwin Lutzer who has his doctorate from Jesuit Loyola University.

The Nines – A Leadership Network Online Experience Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mark Jobe, Ed Stetzer, Rick Warren (PurposeDriven), Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson

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The Moody Church and Moody Bible Institute both had Mark Jobe speak at their biggest conferences in 2013, 2016 or 2018, and 2019

“Father Mark” Jobe teaching Mass, Lent, ExploreGod 2019, and partnership with top Jesuits in 2015

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