Fresh off the presses – one of 3 articles showing the #history of what the #Jesuits have already done to DL Moody’s #Northfield, and what they are trying to repeat at #Moody (#MBI). ~ Watch and pray. And please consider sharing with everyone related to Moody. Thank you!
“This is one of the most messed up stories ever about Jesuits destroying Dwight Moody’s evangelistic community. We have been trying to thoroughly document the Jesuit’s operations at Moody Bible Institute, but now we have come across another avenue of Jesuit attack in Northfield, MA which has progressed almost to completion. The Jesuits have pretty much crushed the Christian community at Moody’s hometown Northfield Mount Hermon school and have replaced it with every form of worldly influence that could possibly be used to chase away the Christian families. Among the student clubs for “spirituality” are the Muslim Student Association, (Jesuit) St. Edmund Campion Catholic League, Mindfulness Meditation, New-Age Nature-Centered Belief Group, Atheist/Secular Humanist Student Group, and a literal student Interfaith Council. The school partners with the Gender Sexuality (Gay Straight) Alliance for a “safe space” for the LGBTQ community to develop there.
This report uncovers one of the most painful effects of the Jesuits overthrowing some of Dwight Moody’s evangelistic community – the false doctrine and spiritual abuse of the Vatican being taught to children at Moody’s Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) school. We need to diligently pray for the children and pray that God will bring to light the deeds done in secret by those who have changed Moody’s school. Moody established two inexpensive Biblical schools for poor and disadvantaged boys and girls to get a good education. In 1934, the hidden hand…”

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