A clip from our report on our visit to the Green family of Hobby-Lobby and their “Museum of the Bible”

“… 5th Floor – This floor has is a collection of things. The first gallery is a Prussian dynasty family – the Stolbergs – that eventually intermarried with all of the evil royal families of Europe including the evil Stuart family who supposedly “protected” the Bible. If you read much of the plaques on the wall about these 7 “Noblewomen”, you find out that it is just a powerful family who were Countesses in the Roman Empire who promoted the Vatican false teachings from the 1504 to 1955. Then there’s another gallery where they pretend that the Vatican through the Renaissance in Florence has been the best at presenting the life of Jesus on stages for centuries… nope. Also in that section, they have some supposed paintings of Jesus and angels, etc. They really don’t say much about the pictures, but they do have one picture of a naked lady with wings (supposedly an angel, but Biblical angels are male, not female), and the other one is a naked guy with wings. The pictures are slightly shaded and lightly drawn so you don’t immediately notice that it is blatantly obscene.

The other main section on this floor is the section of Israeli Antiquities. That is a cool section – but only because of the artifacts. They have pieces of what they say is one of the temples, a few oil lamp artifacts, some Caananite and Babylonian artifacts, as well as some from Philistia, Phoenicia, Tyre, etc. The main problem on this section is all of the rewritten history. They spend most of the space hinting that the Canaanites were the primary and long-term inhabitants of the land. They greatly assist a prominent agenda of the Vatican to promote the Palestinians as the legitimate owners of the land as supposed descendants of the original Canaanites. Notice that this is in cooperation with the Israeli Antiquities Authority, who also regularly promote these agendas (by requirement of the Vatican and Rothschild oppressive regulations) to people who visit Israel. The Vatican uses this exaggeration against the Jewish people to gain power over part of the land of Israel along with helping the Palestinians to steal more of it for themselves. Israel – descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob – are the only people with a title deed to a piece of land given them by God.

Along with focusing on Canaanites, this gallery in the museum emphasizes the suggestion that Jewish people were less intelligent than the other peoples around them and just copied culture from the other peoples – especially Canaanites. When this gallery does mention God – they said that the “house of the Israelite god was built”. They emphasized El, Baal, Asherah, and others with proper names to show their respect to all of the false religions and their disrespect of the True God. They repeatedly pretended that God didn’t create the Jewish people – that they kind of “created” themselves from Egyptian and Canaanite families, and supposedly borrowed their Hebrew language from these other peoples. This gallery also regularly mocks the Jewish Temple practices that God set up for Israel, pretending that Israel was all secretly worshipping the same pagan idols of the nations around them – they just pretended to be different. A few plaques also pretend that Israel was just war-hungry and rebellious against noble empires – not acknowledging that the Caananite people had become so wicked (similar to the violence and vile sexual perversion and witchcraft/sorcery of Sodom and Gomorrah) that God raised up various means to stop the wickedness of Caanan from spreading elsewhere. All of the nations were opposed to and warred against the Canaanite cruelty and oppression in various ways and God also used Israel specifically to put an end to the demonic obsession and perversion with God Himself doing miracles to protect Israel while God blessed Israel as the new owners of the historic Salem and land of Abraham, as examples of honorable living to the nations. That was an act of God’s love to keep the whole human race from falling to such base lifestyles of sin, but satan always portrays God as wrong and vengeful or as though He doesn’t care and is not involved. This section of the museum pretends God was not involved – Israel and the Jewish people just happened…”

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