Greetings fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and friends,

This is an interesting new endeavor (and I believe an important one) for us here at the INCPU and FEDBP ministry teams. We are seeking to restore a college that is being destroyed from the inside – from the top, by those who are listening to #Rockefeller commands, including Rockefeller-controlled/funded #ATS secret commands, instead of to God’s Word. This needs to be corrected, and the more we can work together on this, we have the opportunity and hope of saving one of the most faithful of the Bible teaching schools in the US – right in the heart of the mafia-controlled city known as both “the Windy City” and “the machine” by those who have lived and do live there. One of the reasons I’m writing in addition to my team’s own concern is because I also know (from experience) that some of our research reports and posts reach Moody staff, Moody alumni, Moody donors, and Moody friends. I seek to work with all of you as we work together to restore, for those who are willing and whom God leads.

A little history about Moody Bible Institute might be needed here to help some catch up, so we’re all on the same page and can pray together for this restoring. DL Moody (Dwight Lyman Moody) started Moody Bible Institute in the home of a faithful friend – teaching Bible studies. That was back in 1870. DL Moody was both a Bible teacher and a well-known evangelist, and though he was not perfect (as none of God’s honest leaders are), he stood and taught the Word of God as boldly as he could – turning many from sin to Jesus. God used him – mightily. So the Bible school started with a small dream of a Bible-teaching university to train laymen – common people, to study and teach the Word of God wherever they went and in whatever occupation they found. The Moody Bible Institute (as we know it today) started in 1883. The history is fascinating and I read the history back when I was in grade school. MBI’s online history seems to do a decent job, but there is much more if you can find an old DL Moody biography.

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