Romans 1 introduction
“Romans is one of the most life-changing Books in the New Testament. Romans 1:1-17 explains Paul’s close bondservant relationship with Jesus, and his apostolic authority, and that the devil kept opposing Paul’s travel to Rome. And the famous “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…” Then Romans 1:18-32 explains that God talks to everyone, including all unsaved rebels as they grow darker, into stages of sin, and the wrath of God increases in stages, against all pagan behavior everywhere in the world. Romans 2 condemns arrogant Jews who claim their heritage from Abraham as their salvation, while rejecting Jesus (their Jewish Messiah). Then chapter 3 proves that all Jews and all Gentiles are condemned by their own willful sins. Romans 3 stops every mouth from justifying themselves. And that there is no way for anyone to save themselves by good works, from God’s eternal judgment. Then in Romans chapters 4-8 & 10:9-13 Paul explains saving faith and spiritual growth. And there are many more messages we plan to study over the next few months as we work through Romans.

The devil built 7 world government empires from after the flood until the end of time on earth;

(1) the tower of Babel,

(2) Chaldean,

(3) Egyptian,

(4) Babylonian,

(5) Meade & Persians,

(6) Greek,

(7a) Roman empire,

and (7b) the revived Roman empire; “it is of the seven” in Revelation 17:11.

The devil worked so hard to build the 6 previous evil empires, but God had already ruined them. In the capital city of Rome, the devil planted in Rome, every false religion he could make, to keep Rome as a pagan nation. So also, the devil opposed Paul going to Rome to preach the gospel, because the devil knew God’s truth would ruin the false religions of Rome too…”

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