Who are the Jesuits?
[a modern reminder of a centuries old thread, problem, and nightmare]
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Hello brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow prayer partners, (and friends),

In this article, we (RestoreMBI team) see a strong need to remind as many of the American (and international) audience as we can reach to remind them of a threat that many millions ignore – the Holy Roman Empire/Church and her agents. That ruthless tyrant is a threat that we have all ignored for far too long, and that needs to change, ASAP. They have been banned in over 80 countries, cities, city-states & provinces for a very real reason.

You already know some Jesuits, but you probably didn’t realize you do. Donald Trump (Jesuit “president” of the United States – not elected, but usurped), Jorge Bergoglio (aka “pope” Francis), Teilhard de Chardin (Jesuit “priest” and promoter of the lying religion of evolution, and the “missing links”). But others that aren’t as noticed are Billy Graham (Jesuit “evangelist for the pope” “crusader” and 33rd degree freemason), Francis Schaeffer (high-level Jesuit one-world-society leader and trainer in Jesuit Lausanne Switzerland), Loren Cunningham (founder/leader of YWAM), RC Sproul (expert in “reversing” the Reformation by quoting Catholic-Jesuit scholars such as “St. Augustine” and “Thomas Aquinas” as “scholars” on the Bible and theology), Erwin Lutzer (skillful highly-trained Jesuit, also nazi expert), Luis Palau (trained by Jesuit Billy Graham), Bill Bright (partner with Jesuit Billy Graham in global tactics to control deceive Christians), and Kirk Cameron (trained by Jesuit Billy Graham), Bill and Hillary Clinton (yes they are both Jesuits, and yes some ladies are LJs – Lady Jesuits, but they try to keep that top-secret from us), the Dulles family (nazi co-partners with the Rockefellers, Fords, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Warburgs, Schiffs, etc), and even the infamous “atheist” Richard Dawkins, but there are lot more than that.

Then there are music artists and some Jesuit agents that joined the “pope” for one-world unity for the “Reset2016” and the “Together 2018” – including Jesuit partners such as Matt Maher, Michael W. Smith, and Casting Crowns (just to name a few), as well as speakers such as Josh McDowell, Tony Evans, and Francis Chan. Those can be proven by their Jesuit training, associations, and/or the scholars they quoted.

Even more are some really shocking ones – like John MacArthur who was trained with/by Jesuit Billy Graham and his network from Lausanne Switzerland, as well as being trained by high-level Jesuit-Kabbalist teacher Charles Feinberg, in addition to being the 5th generation mason clergy. Other Jesuits? Would it surprise you about Adolf Hitler? Many people realize (or ought to) that Benito Mussolini was a Jesuit (trained to be a Jesuit “priest”) that is why he was the chosen to be Vatican’s dictator, to make the Vatican City a global city-state, and to help conquer areas in Africa and worked to silence opposition to Rome. What many people don’t realize is that Hitler and his leaders were also Jesuits (Jesuit training) and got the direct blessing of the “pope” and did the bidding of the Vatican. You see, WWI and WWII were a two-part Vatican “inquisition”, meant to try to murder or exile/remove all of the honest Jews and Christians from Europe – which they seemed to get pretty close to. And (among other things including a one-world Bible translation-controlling Society, IBS/UBS), they and the Vatican “Ustashi” created an “ethnically pure” Catholic state for the Vatican, called Croatia. There is a lot more on this topic, and it’s pretty easy info to find when you look up the real history of the “Holocaust”. You can find it in books like the series done by Avro Manhattan, or found in the resources of “Chick Tracts” and “Vatican Assassins”. One key book that is only 40 pages but helps you catch up a lot on actual history, is a book by Sydney Hunter called “Is Alberto For Real?”. In that little book, the writer and his team reference 40 to 50 books that show the long-running murderous history of the Jesuits and the Vatican. You and I have a lot more Jesuits and Jesuit agents around us than we know. As you can see, honest followers of Christ need to catch up on who the Jesuits are, what they are trained for, and how to identify a Jesuit, Jesuit agent, and/or a Jesuit project or scheme…”

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