“Gary Chapman vs. the Bible”
This is a Biblical look at Gary’s message, psychology and false teachings, including his lies about “love” languages.

This is a book review of the national and world famous pagan psychology books and “ministry” of Gary Chapman, including the covetousness foundation of his “Five Love Languages”. That may sound like a harsh review, until you see how little he esteems God and His Word. Stick around and you’ll see a lot of things in his books and message that the Bible says are wrong and false teaching, as well as some things you cannot support in his non-Biblical teaching on “love”. In this review, we look at several of his books, including: “Five Love Languages” (original), “Five Love Languages for Children”, “Five Love Languages for Teens”, “Five Love Languages for Singles”, “Five Love Languages” (Men’s Edition), as well as “Five Signs of a Loving Family”, “Covenant Marriage”, and “Desperate Marriages”. Sadly his lies repeat themselves regularly. Please allow us to be clear: his message has some things to glean from (as all teaching true or false does), but his foundation is against the Bible. For instance, in two of Gary’s books, “Covenant Marriage” and “Desperate Marriages”, Gary has many wonderful things to glean from and learn from. Gary even, several times, talks about some of the symptoms of abuse and some ideas, as well as “secular” reasons to avoid divorce. But, the problem is that God’s foundation is removed. Also, Gary avoids quoting much of God’s Word and he also avoids correcting the sins that are the root cause of the conflict –minimally addressing those sins, if at all. In the books and speeches Gary writes, he replaces the Bible with pagan and worldly psychology, and that is as sure a foundation as sand (Matthew 7:24-27).We explain in the following pages. Let’s start by showing some one starting quote that is very sad…


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