List of History Books on various subjects pertaining to understanding world societies and world government (satan’s plan vs God’s plan)

Bibliography: This list is not in any order. But this collection is a list of books that are very helpful in pulling some of the hidden facts back into history to get an honest account of history (as the Bible would say & approve of) instead of the Jesuit and Masonic re-written history. The parenthesis notes what viewpoint the book is coming from – please note foundational gaps with any and/or all history books, including these. When they contradict foundational teachings of the Bible, glean where you can, but note that they are contradicting God to some extent. If it’s written by an satanist or a mason or a jesuit, realize that they are twisting facts, but you can still find some history there. I have read at and glanced at many books and rejected many. These are some that I think have some merit – at very least… [continued in article…]