Greetings! Do you keep up with the news to pray? If so, then we think you’ll find these links helpful.

So, there is a bunch to keep up with. Not sure what kind of things you’re looking for, but I’ll give you some links.

If you want to see our archive of older Bible studies and news reports, you can find them at our older website:

If you’d like to know more about Rome’s Italian mafia and how they take down things that stand in the way of the Vatican’s satanic one-world govt plans, you can find that at our new site 

If you’d like to keep up with our INCPU news short reports (which are typically posted at least a couple of times a week, you can find that at our Facebook page – INCPU FB page:

If you’d like to keep track of 60 news feeds that we keep up with several times a week, there’s ours at our INCPU page, or another one that we recommend glancing through: Ours – INCPU RSS news feed page has 60 RSS feeds, most of which are updated daily – automatically. No ads on our page. It’s free. –

NewsDeck is the former NewsBlok web-tech and his page has 100 RSS news feeds, most of which updates daily – automatically. Minimal ads on his page. NewsDeck –

 And if you’re looking for books that you can glean from for accurate history, you’ll find some of that in our articles and reports and Bible studies, but more at this link: