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Great #DLMoody biography!

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Quick review of the end of Moody’s life (pulled from the book)“… Jesuits burned the Farwell Hall (YMCA) in 1967 Jesuits paid a known criminal and thief to start the Chicago Fire in 1871 (With God’s leading) Moody led evangelism… Continue Reading →

Intro to “Silas Wrote Hebrews”

A Brief Summary Of This Study: “Silas Wrote Hebrews” Hello friends, brethren and fellow Bible students, (September 2021) We wrote a quick list of 130 important facts about Silas wrote Hebrews and the history surrounding Hebrews, for those who are… Continue Reading →

Warning: Coming Famine. Read more 4 info

[Picture caption: God allowed a dust bowl/famine in 1930s, and He is sending this coming famine on the US now. This is the church age (Revelation 2 and 3), not the literal Tribulation. This is a direct rebuke from God…. Continue Reading →

Open Reply to Warren Smith’s article on Z-radio

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow laborers, May 2021 Our team is very happy to see citizens reporting more and people speaking up more about abusive leaders, and especially crimes, scandals, and immoral activities. We know that those… Continue Reading →

#MBI staff caught again

In wake of a sex abuse scandal, @Moody_Bible Pres @markjobechicago this week presented a seminar on successful crisis leadership. MBI abuse survivor Megan Johnston calls seminar “tone deaf.” @mbisurvivors urging MBI to release results of investigation.

Rome and the Black Plague – a peculiar history

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow prayer partners, and friends, Here is some odd history you don’t hear much… many roads still lead back to Rome – caution and double-checking is always a good thing

Daniel (MBI student) being mistreated on MBI campus by evil MBI Jesuit leadership

#FreshOffThePresses #MBI #Jesuit #wrongful #expelling of #honorable #student #RemoveJesuits from #MoodyBibleInstitute #ExposeJesuits #RestoreMBI “Urgent prayer update! This young man, Daniel, needs your help. Daniel wants to stay in the USA and keep studying the Word of God and being active… Continue Reading →

#Serious #Prayer #Update!

#Serious #Prayer #Concern Please join us in praying that God stop the #Jesuits from selling #property that God gave to #DLMoody and the #Moody family. The #Vatican‘s agents have no right to sell what doesn’t belong to them… like they… Continue Reading →

Are all sins equal?

Project: RestoreMBI – where it starts, history, covenant, Bible.

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and friends, This is an interesting new endeavor (and I believe an important one) for us here at the INCPU and FEDBP ministry teams. We are seeking to restore a college that is… Continue Reading →

GTY Shepherd Conference Update

This came to our attention… and it has our concern… if you read it carefully, I think it will have you concern too. If 5th generation mason JMacArthur writes another false translation, it will bring more wrath from God against… Continue Reading →

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