Fresh off the presses, here is the extended report on #MBI (#Moody #Bible #Institute) new #President, #Mark #Jobe – secret #Jesuit, but well-trained by the #Vatican’s #Lausanne Jesuit network in #Switzerland.
~ Watching, Preaching, Praying, the #RestoreMBI team


Short clip:
“This appointment of Mark Jobe is a really big and stupid mistake by the MBI board of trustees who are all highly under question for covering the hostile Jesuit take-over of Moody Bible Institute starting around 1980 under Jesuit Erwin Lutzer’s directions and protection. This appointment of Mark Jobe shows that they do serve the Jesuits and must be removed. Three of the members of the Search Committee are known Jesuits or member of OFM (Franciscan) Father Dimitri Sala’s clergy network – these three are Greg Thornton, Mark Wagner, and James Meeks and their appointment Mark Jobe is also a member of OFM Father Dimitri Sala’s Jesuit network. At least four other members of the search committee were known by us to be covering up the Jesuit take-over and/or assisting the mentoring of people like Mark Jobe and his friends (John Palmieri for example) and co-pastors. But this decision by their committee and the board implicates all of the board members completely as complicit with the alteration of Moody campus by Jesuit operations toward a “peace” and “unity” future under the pope.

Mark Jobe has his doctorate in Transformational Leadership for the Global City from a University that is in direct partnership with the Lausanne Committee and the World Evangelical Alliance. Lausanne serves the purpose of the Vatican II council bringing all religious and government authority under the directorship of the Pope and Vatican. The Lausanne Movement is the Protestant branch of the 1966 Vatican II council established by Billy Graham under the disguise of world evangelism, but is actually proselytizing on behalf of the Catholic Church to rule over all religion including over genuine believers in Christ. World Evangelical Alliance is in direct alliance with the World Council of Churches and Pontifical (Pope’s) Council for Promoting Interreligious Dialogue which actually just means a one-world religious system led by the Pope for the future anti-christ (short-lived) kingdom. Global City is terminology being used for giant metro-plexes that represent all of the elements of the new world order (and far too many people in too small of a space) necessary for one world government “peace” and “unity”. Jobe’s partners in founding his New Life Centers were Chuck McWherter, Ray Bakke, and John Fuder…”

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