Fresh off the Presses… Mark Jobe – #Jesuit #Change #Agent. Here’s just some of the proof. Below is a few clips from this research article. Also proof the Jesuits burned down Chicago in an attempt to stop Moody.


Even though the top Jesuit leadership at MBI had picked Mark Jobe to be the 10th president of Moody… they kept it low-key with minimal fanfare up for a whole 8 months, until about 1 month before the year’s graduates would be graduating, April 5, 2019, and they all had pressure from writing research papers and prep for final exams. Sadly, most of the alumni and prayer partners of MBI don’t know who Mark is (yet), but we’re praying that changes soon, and these articles should help with that. To help sound the alarm, we have written 2 articles…

Review: Jesuits burned YMCA Farwell Hall (1867), started Great Chicago Fire (1871)
You see, the truth is that the Jesuits burned down DL Moody’s YMCA Farwell Hall in 1967. Then when Moody didn’t get the hint and obey their deadly threat, the Jesuits started the Chicago fire in the summer of 1871 (just 4 years later), with the public lie that it was started in the barn of an Irish-Catholic farmer (O’Leary), but blamed on the cow accidentally knocking over a lamp. Burke’s newest version of the lie is that it was started by the known thief and criminal next door to that Irish-Catholic family, because he supposedly “hated Catholics”. The “how” he did it, according to Burke’s newest lie, and here is the most laughable/outrageous part of the lie – the criminal was in the next-door neighbor’s barn to get some milk, and accidentally knocked over an oil lamp with the pipe in his mouth, that then started the fire. Not possible – it’s a lie… and not a very clever one either. But, what Jesuit Burke is attempting to do is change the public record to play up sympathy for the Jesuits, and try to cover up the distraction to cover up previous Vatican/Jesuit scandals in Chicago (see Chiniquy’s “50 Years in the Church of Rome”, 1809 to 1899). Chiniquy and Moody would have known each other (DL Moody – 1837-1899). We have written evidence that Moody was trying to get proof that the Vatican and Jesuits burned Chicago to stop the Christian movement, and to launch the Jesuit+Vatican agendas at the Chicago’s World Fair.  

· >>> Quick review of key last dates and history in DL Moody’s life:

  • Jesuits burned the Farwell Hall (YMCA) in 1967
  • Jesuits paid a known criminal and thief to start the Chicago Fire in 1971
  • (With God’s leading) Moody led evangelism meetings all over England, Ireland and Scotland. Dates: 1872-1875
  • Moody came back to America and led evangelism meetings and revival here in the US, in such cities as: Baltimore, Burlington, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Hartford, Manchester, New Haven, Providence, St. Louis, Denver, San Francisco, Richmond, and Springfield. Dates: 1875-1879
  • Moody was then back and forth between the English Isles (Britain, Ireland, Scotland) and America. Dates: 1880
  • Annual Bible-training meetings (a conference of sorts) at Northfield. Dates: 1881-1890s (at least).
  • Along the way, Moody started to figure out that the Jesuits and Masons were his silent enemy, thanks to those exposing the lies of Rome and her Jesuits, including Chiniquy, a former Chicago Catholic priest whose main influence and renown was in the Chicago area. Chiniquy was known for preaching against the ills and destructiveness to health and families due to alcohol and drunkenness, and lives were radically changed because people (even priests) abandoned the bottles, in America and Canada.
  • Spurgeon (a friend and correspondent of Moody) dies, and Moody grieves. Date: February 1892.
  • God gives him a brief time of rest – about 2 months in the Holy Land and Europe. Moody joins friends and family to see the Holy Land. Moody also preaches in quite a few places in those areas. Date: 1892
  • Moody was considering slowing down on his work, but God argues with Moody to do evangelism at the World Fair and to continue the work God has led him to (steamboat incident). Date: 1892.
  • Moody trusted God and prays and plans for how to reach the many international people coming to Chicago for the World’s Fair. Date: 1893.
  • These notes are reasons to believe that Moody and Chiniquy were poisoned by a Jesuit doctor, as described in the Jesuit oath – “poison cup”.
  • Moody stayed faithful to God’s call on his life until he died a very exhausted, but honorable servant of Christ in 1899.

The dates and info you just read are drawn from the most honest biography we have found on Moody. And there is much more to read about Moody’s life and God’s work through him, and you can find it in the biography written by his son, Will, in a book called: “The Life of DL Moody by his son” (Will Moody), with subtitles “Built schools for thousands” and “Preached to Millions”.

ISBN-13: 978-1-935923-12-1, Conjurske Publications…”

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