Fresh off the presses (part of 6 part series, which we posted 3 of last night). The previous 3 articles reviewed the damage that the Jesuits did to shut down much of the Biblical influence at DL Moody’s Northfield campus, and it’s the same tactics they are using to destroy MBI – an active process. This set of 3 articles shows the identify-able Jesuits at Moody (MBI) and the proofs. We also have another article noting the problem of demonic psychology on Moody campus – which is closely tied to this Jesuit ring.

Part 5 of 6

Moody Jesuit Faculty – Part One
“… Many Christians have never studied the seriousness of shipwrecked faith, also called apostasy. We need to establish God’s righteous judgments before we give you lists of MBI leaders and their education. A five year old baby can’t be a leader; they have no idea what to do. As a person grows up they learn things that shape their direction; and what they learn moves them to make many choices and decisions. The best years of opportunity for God to reach someone is during the heart of a child. That is why the devil has overthrown the education in America; the devil knows how to ruin people. The devil and his demons have thousands of years of practice at ruining people.

The fall of a person starts with their conscience. Romans 1:18-32 (and many passages of Scripture) explains that God speaks to every person. The more they decide to do evil, the more God opposes their direction and they can’t get into the evil they want to do. At a certain point the rebel discovers that God is opposing their evil desires. That is the turning point in their life…”

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