Fresh off the presses (part of 6 part series, which we posted 3 of last night). The previous 3 articles reviewed the damage that the Jesuits did to shut down much of the Biblical influence at DL Moody’s Northfield campus, and it’s the same tactics they are using to destroy MBI – an active process. This set of 3 articles shows the identify-able Jesuits at Moody (MBI) and the proofs. We also have another article noting the problem of demonic psychology on Moody campus – which is closely tied to this Jesuit ring.

Part 4 of 6

Moody Jesuit Faculty – Part Two
“… We have spent many hours doing a thorough study on each of the professors and faculty at MBI. You already know that the education of a young person has a strong influence on the direction of that person’s life: their philosophy, their life’s message, and the things they try to accomplish. Jesus warned very strongly about false teachers, and Jesus’ holy apostles spoke strongly against false teachers. Our research looks closely at the college education of the professors and staff. Many decades ago the Roman Catholic church had meetings about how to destroy MBI and Dwight Moody’s Northfield hometown schools. They were able to destroy Northfield-Mount Hermon a long time ago. They killed someone who seems to have been an honorable Dean at Mount Hermon in 1934 and infiltrated the staff and leadership until they started a complete overthrow of it in 1970 by removing Chapel services and joining the boys and girls on one campus which led to lots more changes. Now Northfield is a shameful enemy of God. The Roman Catholic church had to destroy MBI Chicago at a slower pace for several reasons which should be discussed at another time. We have written a thorough report about their destruction of Northfield-Mount Hermon…”

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