Fresh off the presses – article 3 of 3. This one focuses on what the #Jesuits have done to try to destroy the #Biblical #atmosphere at DL Moody’s #Northfield campus, and showing that it’s the #same #exact #pattern that the Jesuits are doing to try to #destroy #Moody (#MBI). Watch and #Pray. Please consider sharing this with everyone connected to Moody. Thank you!
“Point-by-point comparison of identical problems caused by Jesuits at Dwight Moody’s Schools in Northfield Mount Hermon, Massachusetts compared to Moody’s Chicago Bible Institute.
Dwight Moody worked diligently to build Schools to teach the Bible and life-principles and gospel work. The spiritual vandalism that the Jesuits did to Northfield and Mount Hermon is being repeated against the Chicago Moody Bible Institute and Seminary. This is a comparison of identical results of assaults made by Jesuits against the schools in Massachusetts first starting in the 1930’s and now being duplicated in Chicago starting in the 1980’s. If we don’t learn and understand the lessons of this Jesuit attack at Northfield, it is set to duplicate identically in Chicago. All of the pieces and subcultures and corrupt leadership and Jesuits are already in place at Moody Bible Institute, which we intend to show by this report and the related reports on individual Jesuit Faculty bios and the Short Report on Northfield problems. A thorough knowledge of this partial demolition of Dwight Moody’s gospel work in Northfield will allow us to fully catch the operations of these Jesuits who have invaded and are destroying Moody Bible Institute and Theological Seminary. This is what Jesuits do to Protestant evangelistic work – they replace it with Aquinas and C. S. Lewis and other scoffers/atheists who sound like Christian scholars but who are leading students toward following the United Nations agendas.
Northfield/Mount Hermon School (NMH) after 140 years is almost empty of gospel interests…”

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