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*Who* Is Lying?

You need to know the top leaders at MBI are clever manipulators (board of trustees, Jesuits, psychologists, etc). When anyone points out their evil deeds, they deny it or, even worse, they falsely accuse the whistle blower. Then they secretly… Continue Reading →

From the Mailbag: Question on Jesuits

From the mailbag: Question about Jesuits? [From (not named)] “Look, I’m going to be as kind as possible, but I couldn’t even get through the full article on who the Jesuits are because I think it’s demonstrated for multiple reasons… Continue Reading →

Test Your Spiritual Eyesight

Test Your Spiritual Eyesight“Many people enjoyed Mark Jobe’s keynote speech at ‘Founder’s Week’, his speech pretended to be positive, strong and exciting. Americans love messages that flatter God without requiring our response of obedience. Mark did an interesting job of… Continue Reading →

God's Holy Mount

Holy God, angels, demons “A dear brother recently asked me about the older and newer angels. Pastors never talk about Lucifer’s fall, or demons. God’s Word tells us God made all of the angels perfect, and God tells us why… Continue Reading →

What about myths?

“… What are “myths”? They are simply repeats of old lifeless mythologies about lesser “gods” and “goddesses” that have never existed and never will, but they have 2 levels to them. The first level is that they are a demonic… Continue Reading →

New Lutzer Report (Short and Extended)

Lutzer Report (Short and Extended)“Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot… Continue Reading →

Proving God true

Proving God right [and “scholars” as liars] Have you ever wondered just how much we can trust the Bible? If you have ever heard a professor or teacher teach about history or science, you have heard them cast doubt and… Continue Reading →

Written Proof (Vatican/Jesuit conspiracy)

Hello fellow followers of Christ and prayer partners, This is a #RedAlert. What you are about to see is #written #proof from #Catholic #quotes of a very large #conspiracy. The #Vatican has planned to take over the #United #States of… Continue Reading →

A Jesuit "evangelist"

Do you know what a #Jesuit means when he says he’s “sharing the #gospel“? One Jesuit explains it this way – you ask them if they know about the “#God” or “#Jesus” of their so-called “#holy #book“. Yep. That’s not the gospel is it?… Continue Reading →

Jesuit takedown of MBI underway ~ will you help?

[posted as a collection by requests]Jesuit takedown of MBI from within – secret activities, pretending it’s a “financial” problem, and that they have not schemed this, but are only “reacting” to a “unforeseen” issues or events. The truth is, it’s… Continue Reading →

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