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“Urgent prayer update! This young man, Daniel, needs your help. Daniel wants to stay in the USA and keep studying the Word of God and being active in evangelism here. But the evil Jesuit-led MBI leadership falsely accused and then wrongfully removed Daniel off of MBI campus. Now Daniel has no education-visa and will probably be shipped back to Korea soon. Daniel needs legal help and advice from someone(s). Can you help him find information on how to adjust/change paperwork so he can swap Bible schools? Would you be able to help him with advice on visa information? Unfortunately, we here at RestoreMBI do not know anything about how to help with visa troubles. We have never filed for a visa nor had a friend who had trouble with a visa, so we don’t know any of the rules, laws, or anything about the paperwork. If you can help, please do. You know God will bless you for helping a persecuted believer in Jesus, being mis-treated by false Christians in leadership positions at MBI.

Please read, share, and pray, and help as you can! Thank you!

servants of Christ, the INCPU and RestoreMBI teams


Intro notes: What you are about to read is the transcript of the unethical and wrongful removal of an honorable God-fearing Bible student from MBI by very corrupt Jesuit MBI infiltrators, and it goes all the way to the top, up to Jesuit-Lausanne trained Mark Jobe, good friends of Jesuit Erwin Lutzer. (If want to hear it for yourself, just ask us for the audio file, and we’ll be glad to send a link!)

The main voice here mistreating Daniel is a man by the name of Bruce Norquist. Bruce Norquist has a PhD from Loyola University Chicago, that is one of the highest openly Jesuit teaching-institutions. If you have been reading our reports and other people’s honest reporting on Jesuits, you know that the Jesuits are the evil secret mafia for the Roman Catholic “pope” to destroy anything that stands in Rome’s way, so that (they hope) the “pope” can become king of the church of Jesus Christ. This secret Roman Catholic mafia is also proven to be the intelligencia (intelligence/spy agency) behind all of the Nazi operations. So, what that means is that Bruce’s training is equal to Erwin Lutzer, Mark Jobe, and Jonathan Armstrong, and others of the highest level of evil Jesuit education.

Jesuit Bruce Norquist had no reason to kick Daniel off campus and admitted it in the conversation (as you are about to see). But facts didn’t stop Bruce from doing evil. Bruce unethically kicked Daniel off Moody Bible Institute Chicago campus with no stated reason, though he pretended to make one up. This behavior of Bruce can only be called “persecution” and a lawsuit could-be/should-be filed against the evil Jesuits who have infiltrated the MBI team. The lawsuit should also call for corrective action on the evil Jesuit leaders who called for this act of wrongful persecution against an honorable student, and other wrongful actions against honorable Christians on staff, and even illegal firing of whistle-blowers.

Accompanying Bruce was an MBI “officer”, whose name Daniel didn’t know. Lawfully speaking, this “officer” is an employee of MBI, to enforce MBI institutional rules or the evil commands of the corporate leadership ruling MBI. We put the word “officer” in quotes, because this man (who is a trained Chicago officer) is acting on commands from MBI staff, not enforcing Chicago city laws. What happened in this audio-clip was Bruce and this evil MBI “officer” were wrongfully carrying Daniel’s stuff out of a room and kicking Daniel off campus, despite the fact that Daniel has proven to be an active and honorable MBI student from South Korea. Daniel explained to us that before Bruce and this “officer” walked up, Daniel was trying to meet with a pastor on Moody campus, Christopher T. Adams, somewhere in Houghton Hall, and that was where Daniel was confronted by Bruce and this MBI “officer” and wrongfully removed from MBI campus.

If you want to hear the audio clip for yourself, send us an email and ask us for the audio link: info(at)RestoreMBI.com or reporter(at)incpu.org…”

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