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Daniel (MBI student) being mistreated on MBI campus by evil MBI Jesuit leadership

#FreshOffThePresses #MBI #Jesuit #wrongful #expelling of #honorable #student #RemoveJesuits from #MoodyBibleInstitute #ExposeJesuits #RestoreMBI “Urgent prayer update! This young man, Daniel, needs your help. Daniel wants to stay in the USA and keep studying the Word of God and being active… Continue Reading →

#Serious #Prayer #Update!

#Serious #Prayer #Concern Please join us in praying that God stop the #Jesuits from selling #property that God gave to #DLMoody and the #Moody family. The #Vatican‘s agents have no right to sell what doesn’t belong to them… like they… Continue Reading →

Are all sins equal?

Project: RestoreMBI – where it starts, history, covenant, Bible.

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and friends, This is an interesting new endeavor (and I believe an important one) for us here at the INCPU and FEDBP ministry teams. We are seeking to restore a college that is… Continue Reading →

GTY Shepherd Conference Update

This came to our attention… and it has our concern… if you read it carefully, I think it will have you concern too. If 5th generation mason JMacArthur writes another false translation, it will bring more wrath from God against… Continue Reading →

Greetings! Need news updates?

Greetings! Do you keep up with the news to pray? If so, then we think you’ll find these links helpful. So, there is a bunch to keep up with. Not sure what kind of things you’re looking for, but I’ll… Continue Reading →

CV, Rockefellers, and “International Development”

Hey Folks, this is a #RedAlert, yes that means please share #everywhere. As many of you know, from citizen journalists and the tidbits that the fakestream “news” doesn’t lie about, this CV “epidemic” is less than the normal annual flu… Continue Reading →

Romans 1 – intro

Romans 1 introduction“Romans is one of the most life-changing Books in the New Testament. Romans 1:1-17 explains Paul’s close bondservant relationship with Jesus, and his apostolic authority, and that the devil kept opposing Paul’s travel to Rome. And the famous… Continue Reading →


#Founder’sWeek – #Francis #Chan Founder’s Week – Francis Chan[Transcribed from the video found on the Youtube of MBI’s Founder’s Week, February 4-7, 2020, Francis Chan is introduced, then speaks.] “Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, As you are about to… Continue Reading →

*Who* Is Lying?

You need to know the top leaders at MBI are clever manipulators (board of trustees, Jesuits, psychologists, etc). When anyone points out their evil deeds, they deny it or, even worse, they falsely accuse the whistle blower. Then they secretly… Continue Reading →

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