Julie Roys is Wrong

Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, fellow prayer partners, and RestoreMBI team, December 2022

>> In this report, we have to talk about sexual topics that Julie is promoting wrongly. <<
>> Parents and adults only <<

Our team needs to correct the record publicly and clearly. We fell for a trick acted out by a lady Jesuit. We started watching Julie Roys and her team several years ago when she was fired by Moody Bible Institute (MBI) in 2018. We believed her story that she was trying to restore Moody Bible Institute with leadership and professors who believe in Biblical inerrancy and honest financial and social practices. But she abandoned MBI and does not want to restore it. Now we know that this was a trick of a lady Jesuit playing a dual role to continue the work of destroying the work of the gospel from the inside, pretending to be one of our “Protestant leaders”. And yet, she is working against the gospel of Jesus and against those who oppose the Roman Catholic Empire (aka, Catholic cult). Julie’s fellow “whistleblower” partner in early 2018 at MBI was Rich Weber who has a PhD at the openly Jesuit Marquette University. We just hoped that wasn’t a sign of a secret agenda that we now know it is…

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