What Did God Do For Millions Of Years, Before He
Made Earth & The Cherubim Angels? (2023 update)

(a deeper study by David Henry, feedback requested)

Our God, the real God is eternal; God has always existed, forever. But God created His angel friends called “congregation angels” millions of years ago. Then, when it was the right time, God made 5 or 6 billion cherubim angels and the Earth 6,000 years ago. The assignment of the cherubim angels is to protect humans and guard the Earth. Does the Bible prove the cherubim angels and the Earth are just 6,000 years old? Don’t you wish a Bible teacher would gather the Bible verses together describing Heaven, and put them in one Bible study? We found those answers, and those verses in God’s Word.

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This Introduction Tells What Bible Topics God Gave Us To Be Included In This Bible Study.

– God is eternal, before congregation angels. Earth & cherubim angels are 6,000 yrs old

– When God created angels and humans, God had to decide between free-will or robots.

– God is smart enough to plan both types of angels & humans before He created anything

– Revelation describes 40 congregation angels much stronger than the devil & all demons.

– Why did God create older angels, newer angels, humans? God wants a large loving family.

– What is wrong with the religions who say God predestined them to sin? They blame God.

– Who invented righteousness & evil? If God didn’t invent evil – then how did evil get here?

– We found a close look into cherubim angels & how many God made, & what do they do?

– Do cherubim and seraphim angels look alike, are they all the same?

– We also found 18 cherubim angels greater than the devil & more powerful than the devil

– Who are the congregation angels? Answer. We look closer at them all through Revelation.

– What happened to Lucifer? Why did he fall and take so many angels with him?

– Isaiah 14 tells the devil’s 5 ” I will” boasts, and gives a few details of congregation angels.

– Ezekiel 28 tells of Lucifer’s beauty before he sinned & his scorched look after his fall.

– List 19 times the devil lost because of the Spiritual Law Of Unintended Consequences.

– We described 6 interesting places to see on God’s Holy Mountain.

– Where did the Rome church get the ideas they used to invent purgatory?

– Why do some Christians die early, and what would have happened if they stayed longer?

– Jesus requires 20 different promises from Christians to complete their salvation covenant.

– What happens to a Christian who died before finishing their salvation covenant?

– There are 12 openly visible Bible Passages telling saints to finish their salvation covenant.

– We show Bible verses describing Christians finishing their salvation covenant after death.

– Did Jesus explain that place by those who died & came back to tell the Jews their story

– What’s different for Church people who aren’t ready before the rapture? Announcement

– Who wrote Hebrews, Paul or Silas? How Barnabas became Paul’s friend again 1 Cor.9:3-6

– Did Jesus offer a billion worker demons a reduced sentence in Rev.9:1-11 & 9:12-19?

– Jesus’ Parable of Soils shows the heart difference of those who are happy about Heaven but don’t make a salvation covenant, and those who do make a salvation covenant. Can you discern which type they are by their attitude about repentance? Yes.

Those are important and interesting subjects. We hope you will look into this Bible study and see the Bible verses explaining those subjects. Maybe this can be your evening Bible study for a few days, or maybe this Bible study can be your morning devotions for a few days…

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