Coming soon (Oct 2023) – 2 false teaching conferences, in Chicago. Remember, no false teacher gets *everything* wrong, but they always twist the truth or leave out essential truths. There is some clear evidence to show that lady-Jesuit Julie Roys (and team) are working with Jesuit Mark Jobe to sabotage the history and testimony and teachings at MBI even further than Jesuit-nazi Erwin Lutzer did. You can find out more in the report links below.

>>> And a special request: Friends and fellow laborers, please go to these conferences or listen online to one or both, and call out and expose the false teaching you see. Please also consider sharing what you found with us too. Remember, it takes a team, especially when exposing false teachers, Vatican Jesuits, and demonic psychologists, and they predators they protect and partner with. Thank you! #WatchAndPray

~ The RestoreMBI team


Article links:
> Julie is Wrong (and some of why)

> Mark Jobe, Extended Report

> Who is Mark Jobe

Also, for extra help in understanding why the Jesuits are attacking the foundations at Moody Bible Institute, and some of what they are doing, and some of who is caught as Jesuit saboteurs

> Billy Graham, Jesuit “evangelist” with a false gospel

> Written Proof, Jesuit threats and actions to destroy America and the honest Jews and followers of Jesus in America – for over 200 years, direct quotes from Vatican and other Jesuit leaders

> Jesuit colleges who are sabotaging Moody

> The Jesuit faculty (most are still at Moody)
Part 1

Part 2

> Problems at Moody: Jesuit Psychology and Jesuit Psychologists