There were three fires that the Jesuit/Catholic-cult team started against DL Moody and his God-fearing teaching and ministry in Chicago, within several years. The one that is most remembered is the “Great Chicago Fire” of 1871, and at the same time they lit the “Peshtigo Fire”, which is still listed as one of the top 5 worst fires in US history, part of the Jesuit/mason “Northwestern Conspiracy Plot”. And then there’s the small fire that burned down Moody’s YMCA “Farwell Hall” the first time, 1868, lit by the same invisible team. And also the small fire that burned down Moody’s house in 1863, which was the same year that Moody was threatened/warned about the “Northwestern Conspiracy Plot” by the Jesuits and masons.

That same team that now hides behind “scholarship” and the name “Loyala” and works directly with Rome and the Jesuit network and the Catholic cult’s invisible team against God and His work through honest preachers of the Bible and righteousness.

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