Maybe we were too busy to notice, but we are very glad to see that the “Broken Twig” team is back 🙂 [I mean, we are working 7 days a week right now… so apparently that’s how we missed it, but I do wish I could have seen this sooner, though we have been praying for them!]~ So, they are back and asking good questions, I should say. Praying for this team and others to keep asking questions until Moody is on a much better track… Please keep praying for MBI – the top-leaders are still trying to do shadow changes – including deleting info that helps catch and expose their lies.

Here is what the “Broken Twig” team said about why they are back –
“Why have we returned? That’s a great question, and one that TBT team had to ask ourselves many times before we turned the site back on. Is it even worth it? Why try? What’s the point?
We have returned for one reason: we have a few questions to ask to the Moody Family and also to The Church globally.
We are asked daily to support MBI and its work and, as donors and alumni, we have a right to know how that money is being spent. This includes the general choice of faculty and staff, what they believe and what they will teach our students as the future leaders of the church. We will ask these questions and not apologize for it. If the leadership and faculty at Moody want our money and support, then they need to be able to answer our questions, without condescension, and with transparency…”