Holy God, angels, demons

“A dear brother recently asked me about the older and newer angels. Pastors never talk about Lucifer’s fall, or demons. God’s Word tells us God made all of the angels perfect, and God tells us why the devil decided to become evil. God also gave us many details about His home we call Heaven. So those are the topics of this Bible study. We Christians know we must stand strong against the devil, even if we don’t understand all of it. But there is great value for our faith to know and understand what started all of those problems. Please allow me to prove all of these things with Scripture.

Heaven, let’s talk about Heaven for a few minutes. I capitalize Heaven because it’s an actual place, as compared to the heavens which are millions of stars and planets. For many years I wondered what God did for millions of years before He made earth 6,000 years ago. That answer is hidden in Isaiah 14:13 in one of the five “I will” boasts of Lucifer as he started his rebellion; “I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north.” You can find all of these phrases in the two paragraphs called Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 a little farther down in this Bible study.
What we call Heaven is the top half of “the holy mountain of God” It is made of “fiery stones”. That mountain has a lower half and a higher half, and the middle is covered in “clouds”. The “clouds” form a social barrier and privacy barrier. The top half of the mountain is called “the mount of the congregation” God has two thrones on the top half. God’s highest throne and large court yard is at the top of the “mount of the congregation”. And God has a throne among the “mount of the congregation”, among the older angels. But who is that “congregation”? And why did Lucifer want to sit up there? It can’t be Adam and Eve because they live on the earth. It can’t be the new angels because Lucifer and the new angels live below the “cloud” barrier. The “congregation” are the older angels. We get to know those older angels in Revelation, during the 7 year tribulation/great tribulation, when God takes the earth back from the devil, because the devil tried to steal the earth. Those older angels are so powerful that they can deliver God’s judgments to destroy everything the devil built, and the devil can’t stop them. They will deliver God’s judgments to destroy the devil’s last and final government.

God has a loving and beautiful personality; “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control.” How could anyone think that God remained alone floating in space for millions of years, by Himself until He made earth? He did not. God was not alone. God made a “congregation” of strong angels living very close to Him near the top of the “mount of the congregation”. Their social friendship has continued for millions of years…”

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