2 articles fresh off the presses today – here’s a clip the first one, titled: “#Jesuits: Their “#Exercises” and #Demonic #Psychology and #Superhero #Mythology – It’s the Same False #Gospel, just #Different Names.”

“… Now that you’re back, let’s continue. What we’d like to do next is to take a deeper look into the clever and crafty (dare we say enticing or enchanting?) false teachings of the Vatican and her Jesuits. The Jesuits are the keepers of mythologies, so they are constantly trying to overthrow the faith of everyone, in subtle ways so as not to get caught. And their main tactic is to use clever generalizations and allegorize (or myth-ologize) God’s teachings in the His Word (the Bible). The best way to catch their lies is to compare their lies (including the nuances and conclusions) with the whole counsel of the literal Word of God (the Bible) in context. That will help destroy the grip of those lies on you – and the truth, shown in the Bible, usually makes that very simply. Because, although they deny it, God has answered all of the lies of satan in His Word.

Before we move to our first section in this 3-topic article, let us review the method of the madness of satan (chief demon) and his fellow conspiring demons and the humans foolish enough to join their evil rebellion against the Holy and Good God. As many of you already know (and may have forgotten), satan has nothing to offer anyone. Literally – nothing. You see, he lost everything the day he puffed himself up with pride…”

You can read more here:
http://www.RestoreMBI.com/SJ-exercise-psych-hero-myth.htm http://www.RestoreMBI.com/SJ-exercise-psych-hero-myth.pdf