Fresh off the presses (part of 6 part series, which we posted 3 of last night). The previous 3 articles reviewed the damage that the Jesuits did to shut down much of the Biblical influence at DL Moody’s Northfield campus, and it’s the same tactics they are using to destroy MBI – an active process. This set of 3 articles shows the identify-able Jesuits at Moody (MBI) and the proofs. We also have another article noting the problem of demonic psychology on Moody campus – which is closely tied to this Jesuit ring.

Part 6 of 6

“… If you haven’t read our research on the point-by-point comparison of identical problems caused by Jesuits at Moody’s schools in Northfield Mount Hermon and in Chicago @ Moody Bible Institute, see link below. The second important article there shows who C. S. Lewis Study Center and Catholic Thomas Aquinas College represent in Jesuit discussions….”

“1. Jesuits: Please try to grasp how destructive to faith each of these persons are. They studied at evil colleges and they promote evil programs. See our introductory explanations in either of the MBI-Jesuit-Faculty reports as to why these ecumenical and Jesuit partnerships are built into the education process of these individuals and why they chose to turn away from Christ and reject the Bible’s authority as the Word of God. The educational institutions are explained in our Concerns-on-academia report and many other reports, but we tried also to include some of those details along the way in this report. There are more details on many bios in the MBI-Jesuit-Faculty reports that we could not include here (too lengthy), but this retains the most offensive decisions and partnerships of Moody faculty and are fully backed by research that has taken right at six months. If the evidence is not provided in the links, search the key words – that is all that we did – besides our decades of listening/learning how these networks partner with Rome and the devil. We are calling for the removal of all of the faculty below and God will give wisdom to the Moody family to find faculty who do fear God and trust and obey His Word only…”

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