This weekend is the NRB “Proclaim Conference”. Some of the bigger more well-known names have gotten caught partnering with false teachers and have withdrawn, but the whole agenda for this conference is spiritually dangerous – everything they are planning is to figure out how to better deceive the people (especially the genuine followers of Christ) better, and how to move us all toward one-world religion and one-world government… and making us think this is God’s plan, when it is satan’s plan and it’s during the “church age”, not the literal Tribulation. Please, please pray against all of the evil being planned this weekend across the nation at religious gatherings such as this. Pray that God exposes the lies and many levels of deceptions, all of the liars/wolves, and chases many away from the 501c3s more and more, and back to God’s model of the home-church.

~ Watching, Preaching, Praying,
the Restore MBI team