Hello brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow prayer partners,
We got some feedback and a question from a Moody donor and prayer partner who was concerned about the spiritual activity Moody and concerned about their future. This was our reply to this brother in Christ.


Hello Gary,
Thanks for writing. I think you left this comment on our website too – sorry, we get so much spam on there that I think we accidentally deleted it.

In a school that size, we have seen a variety of religious persuasions – it’s a mix. We have also found several contenders for Romans Catholicism (we call it “Vaticanism”) as well asatheists and mockers among the students and faculty. We found some sincere Bible students that are trying to grow in the Lord, but we also found a lot of worldliness and sinful lifestyles not dealt with, and God is still working in the lives of people at MBI. And we know DL Moody still holds a covenant with God for that property. We are convinced that God is in motion to take it back from the “isms” that tried to ruin it.
And on the doctrines of Calvinism and Arminianism, we take a Biblical point of view. We try to avoid the pride games from both groups, so we just stick with the Scriptures. 

We believe the Bible verses that both groups quote, but God is more complex than most people understand. We find that many in both groups pick and choose verses – hiding from verses that tell them to walk in a sincere level of obedience from the heart. Both groups pretend their select Bible verses are superior to the Bible verses quoted by the other group – no, God is more complex than they have figured out yet. Both groups create theology that would make it seem like there are contradictions in Scripture – but there are not. So, what “spirit” is stirring the two groups to compete against each other? We know from Scripture that pride games are not of God. We also find that both doctrines intentionally leave loopholes to allow worldliness and sins they think are harmless in the body of Christ. As best as we can tell from history and what we’ve encountered, we believe that both religious views are maintained by leaders who want to to build up the pride of the students, creating disciples after themselves.

We encourage you to learn the verses from both groups and find where God really is. That will enrich your walk with God. But watch out for the pride of both groups – man’s pride and the wrath of man won’t help you spiritually.

Do you believe God answers prayer? Please keep supporting and praying for Moody Bible Institute and Moody Church to be restored to DL Moody’s oath and covenant to God.

Thanks again for writing and praying!
servants of Christ,the team at RestoreMBI.com