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Founder’s Week – Francis Chan
[Transcribed from the video found on the Youtube of MBI’s Founder’s Week, February 4-7, 2020, Francis Chan is introduced, then speaks.]

“Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

As you are about to see, Francis Chan’s speech at Founder’s Week proves that Chan belongs to the Charismatics and Catholics, not God. Francis Chan’s speech was so interesting that we transcribed his speech. You can find the complete transcript below, which is the second half of this article.

Founders Week with Francis Chan. Some of the MBI family know that Francis Chan is a favorite preacher among the Charismatic Movement, but he is mostly unknown among conservative Christians. We saw Francis Chan when he came to Orlando for The Send in 2018. The Send is the next goofy Charismatic movement after the The Call and IHOP (International House of Prayer). Most Christians know how off-based those movement were. All three movements have a severe lack of Biblical truth. If anyone really wants to be a false teacher with all their heart, they will find it. At The Send Orlando, Francis Chan spoke on the same stage with criminal false-teacher Benny Hinn and his son-in-law Michal Koulianos, with demonic “prayer” incantation leader Lou Engle and son Jesse of The Call, with 7-mountain-satanism founder Loren Cunningham of Youth With a Mission (YWAM), with false prophet Bill Johnson of Bethel Church and Jesus Culture, fake-resurrector “faith-healer” Reinhard Bonnke’s appointed successor Daniel Kolenda (with headquarters in south Orlando), and extreme occultist and so-called “healer” Todd White (who got his “anointing” and mentoring from Benny Hinn), and many other similar witches and wizards. We saw Chan with them and he really does belong with them.

Back before many of our readers were born, Benny Hinn had a very profitable “church” business in Orlando, he was pretending healings and lying wonders, and making false prophecies. Benny Hinn also stole large amounts of money from people who did contract work for his building projects. Hinn’s son-in-law Michael Koulianos was with Francis Chan again at Brazil’s The Send in February 8, 2020, quite literally just over 1 day after he spoke at Moody Bible Institute Founder’s Week on the night of February 6, 2020…”


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