From the mailbag: Question about Jesuits?

[From (not named)]

Look, I’m going to be as kind as possible, but I couldn’t even get through the full article on who the Jesuits are because I think it’s demonstrated for multiple reasons that this is just conspiratorial nonsense. St. Augustine was never a Jesuit because they didn’t even exist till like the 1600s or so. It started with Ignatius Loyola. Also, I don’t think John MacArthur or Kirk Cameron were every taught by Billy Graham. That’s a straight up lie and I think points to the lack of credibility this stuff has. Please focus on Christ rather than Conspiracy theories. I use to love looking into conspiracies like the Illuminati and such but it messes up your brain and makes you unnecessarily fearful. That’s what it’s like for you guys with the Jesuits. It’s almost as if everyone today is a Jesuit besides you guys. If you don’t know what post I’m talking about, it’s this one:


To which we replied:

Hello sir, I know the levels of evil of satan’s plan are deep and complicated, but we pray in time you will see that God is right and satan’s team really does infiltrate and take over things – and they get louder with their lies when they are getting caught or losing. If you look at our clearly written article called “Written Proof” you will see many powerful Catholic and Jesuit leaders saying the same thing we said here in this article. Which, if you read this article, you also saw that Inigi (“Ignatius”) Loyola also said these very same things.

If you stick with Scriptures, you will see that the satanic and murderous Vatican and her Jesuits continue right up until Revelation 17, during the literal 7-year Tribulation. So their evil is not going to go away any time soon, we just need to do what Scripture says – resist it, oppose it, expose it (James 4:7, Ephesians 5:11-13)

As you might have already seen, the meanest evil plots and tricks don’t just fall over, unless we who fear the Lord and uphold righteousness oppose it and throw it out – just as Scripture says. “Cast out the scoffer, and contention will leave; Yes, strife and reproach will cease.” (Proverbs 22:10) and when evil is not swiftly dealt with or stood up to, it encourages others to join the rebellion against God and see if they too can get away with it.
Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” (Ecclesiastes 8:11)

May we also note that if you think that most “conspiracies” are just “conspiracy theories”, please consider that the conspiracies that have facts to prove them… aren’t theories, they are conspiracy fact. And, if you only think satan came to steal your joy, you are listening to the wrong people – satan wants to do a lot more than that to you and everyone you love, and he is always conspiring against God and those who love God and the Bible and holiness, purity and truth. And all conspiracies against righteousness and holiness and purity come from the top-conspiracy-leader, satan himself. The devil has been conspiring against God from shortly after being created. Jesus said of satan that he was a “murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44) and that he is the father of lies/lying “he is a liar and the father of it.”(John 8:44), and that he (the devil) only comes to “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I [Jesus speaking] have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10). If you want to know what’s going on, you truly can follow the money trail and watch for clues of which satanic plot it’s working on. Those are the clues you are looking for.

We pray you keep growing in righteousness as God continues to raise up a team to stand up to the ruthless tyrants (Jesuits) who have infiltrated Moody and are now trying to destroy it from within, as they did with DL Moody’s Northfield school.

~ Watching, Preaching, Praying,
The RestoreMBI team