An Open Letter
by Anonymous

November 29, 2017 The Moody Standard

An Open Letter to the President, senior leadership, and Board of Trustees of the Moody Bible Institute,
only three weeks ago, Dr. Nyquist and his executive team, with approval from the board of trustees,
enacted the first wave of widespread cost-cutting measures at Moody Bible Institute.
Here on the Chicago campus, we are still grieving the loss of our colleagues, friends, and beloved

Christianity Today was told that cuts will amount to under 10% of staff. What this doesn’t reveal is that
34 of 112 full-time faculty have been cut – just under one-third. The majority of these cuts come from
the Chicago campus. If not for three Spokane faculty members who have been invited to join the
remaining faculty in Chicago, this number would amount to exactly one third of all full-time faculty.
The news releases have hedged their bets admirably, spinning these numbers as only the best marketing
copy can. The details are misleading and a significant number of us are alarmed at the lack of
transparency from our leadership.

Employee and student trust has never been high at Moody. The most recent employee survey placed
trust at squarely below the average. The majority stated that they didn’t believe anything would change
as a result of the survey. After what we’ve experienced this month, we don’t feel that the administration
is willing to listen or respond in wise ways. The authors of this letter wish to share jargon-free facts and
numbers and to ask several key questions that we hope will illuminate more clearly where the
administration is taking us. We have asked that our names be withheld, since we truly don’t know if we
would be fired for publishing this.

In his presentation to the faculty, staff, and students, backed by a PowerPoint image of waves beating
against a lighthouse, Dr. Nyquist stated that there was no way to predict the “storm” we are in now. He
then accused, primarily, the upcoming enrollment bubble, continued secularization of our culture, and
young Christian people’s disinterest in biblical higher education.

College enrollment trends are calculated when the upcoming graduating class is in kindergarten. In
essences, this enrollment bubble has been on the horizon for 12 years. How could the administration
possibly have missed this?

Furthermore, was this trend under consideration…

[You can find the rest of this anonymous letter from the MBI staff below. They need your help. Please read and share. Thank you!]