Problems @MoodyPublishers – Jerry B. #Jenkins (#LeftBehind author)
Part 7 series

Problems at Moody – #Jenkins (#LeftBehind author)

This report is Part 7 of the “Project to Restore Moody Bible Institute to its Roots and Foundation”. This seventh part looks at several leaders and seeks to inform the Moody family, alumni, faculty, donors and prayer partners and to warn them about leaders who show by pattern as not believing the Bible and working against it. If you missed the previous parts, you can find them here:

Many years ago, this FEDBP team started to notice key errors and false teachings in the “Left Behind Series”, but back then – it was just odd, seemingly like slight contradictions but for the purpose of light fiction to “teach”. God’s Word is 100% true and yet many religious men are just liars and thieves – pretending to be “pastors” and yet peddling a twisted version of God’s Word for profit. That group would very much include both Jerry B Jenkins and Tim Lahaye. We’ve heard they can be wonderful people in person… but as we have noted in other reports, just because someone appears nice doesn’t mean that God approves of them, or even that they are telling the truth. The only way to tell if they are telling the truth according to the Bible or not is to test their words against God’s Word. So, that’s what we endeavor to do in this study/report, as well as give resources to help people catch up to speed and hopefully stand up to and rebuke Mr. Jenkins as an apostate and the false teaching he teaches as well as the scandals and corruption he is both a part of and that he is helping to cover up.

“1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1st John 4:1)

“8 But even if we, or an angel from Heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. 9 As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8-9)

So, first off who is Mr. Jenkins? That is a question that will have to remain partially a mystery, because he has such a good PR machine (cover-ups and “public relations”) that we couldn’t find any of his history, his education, or even much about his family and upbringing. All we could find so far is information about his prolific writing career – most of it in the supposed “Christian” fiction category. And probably the most well-known series of that is his “Left Behind” series, which we intend to look at in just a minute.

But let us first look at something more current – the scandals he is a part of concern Moody Bible Institute (MBI).
> a little public info about Jenkins –

* Before 2006
As of 2006, it came to light (Thanks to Julie Roys and others) that Mr. Jerry B. Jenkins had an exclusive suite for him and his family on top of the Jenkin’s Hall. In 1999, Mr. Jenkins had donated an undisclosed amount to help build this building, and also requested the board remodel the top 2 rooms to be a livable suite for him and his family to use on occasion. The key issue was that he and his family had exclusive use of it, and used it more as a second home, rather than just a “when we’re in town” as he had originally said and was agreed upon (details of which are still questionable). When enough pressure spoke up in concern, he finally had to give up exclusive use of it… but many questions are left unanswered. What all happened in that suite that only Mr. Jenkins and his family and a two to three maintenance people had access to, above one of the teaching halls? With the level of corruption involved here, there are serious concerns here for anyone in youth and college ministry background. Serious issues. Was there sexual misconduct going on? Was there sexual sins going on? Who all was involved? We need a thorough investigation of this one for sure. Maybe the professors who teach on abuse at the Chicago campus can conduct an investigation. If not them, then someone needs to. Sins don’t just harm a few – they harm many. And some sins harm deeper. And sins covered allow abuse to continue – if/when it is going on.…/…/…/0608280093_1_senior-te…

And Karen Huber explains some things others have missed about Mr. Jenkins and his gambling habits:
“… My uncomfortableness rests in three things:
“1) The double standard Moody seems to place on its students, staff and trustees, setting forth strict codes of conduct based on (or implied by) biblical principles for students and staff (gambling, for one, is strictly prohibited; other activities such as drinking, smoking and movie-going are also prohibited for students) while the trustees enjoy no such prohibition.
“2) In the World article, Jenkins admits an attempt to hide his poker playing from the Chicago-area Christian community.
““It’s too close to Chicago. I serve on the board of Moody, so I wouldn’t want to cause any embarrassment to anybody if they had a problem with that. … I live in Colorado, so if I play it’s outside the Midwest.”
— Jerry Jenkins
“3) The most troubling aspect of the article was the perceived posture of Jenkins, who refers to himself as being “flush,” refers to the money he’s gambled, lost and won as “pocket change,” and states that playing in a casino where his son is a dealer is the only way he’s able to interact with non-believers.
““Frankly, were it not for poker, we would hardly ever rub shoulders with unsaved people.” — Jerry Jenkins”
You can read her full article, here:…/doing-math-thoughts-on-jenkins…

* Then, August 2013
Under Mr. Nyquist, Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Lutzer, and the top-leadership changed the rules for the MBI staff that they could now engage in alcohol and tobacco. The ban was finally lifted. Mr. Greg Thornton told Mrs. Julie Roys that the gambling ban had not been lifted, as per request of her and others. Mrs. Roys investigated and found Mr. Thornton’s words to be dishonest – the top-leadership had snuck the change through without informing anyone outside their little circle.…/moody-bible-institute-drops-alc…/#…/moody-bible-institute-dr……/

So, as you can see so far, 2006 (and before) Mr. Jenkins (and family) have been almost caught doing something secretive with the once-exclusive rooms at the top of MBI’s Jenkin’s Hall… but that something was covered up and no action against Mr. Jenkins was taken. Then in 2013, Mr. Jenkins and family were again caught in a scandal – this time, the Jenkins family (or we should say, at very least Jerry and his son Dallas, along with their good friend James MacDonald) were gambling at casinos in Colorado, Nevada (Lost Vegas), and Illinois. But again, the Jenkins family has not yet been caught or corrected, and the top-leaders at MBI covered it up… and then went further, into illegal activity. They fired Julie Roys and Rich Weber (and we don’t yet know how many more) for asking questions and asking for the corruption and scandal to be corrected and fixed. And as for Jenkins being honest? Nope, just the slightest bit of a few right-sounding words, and that’s it.…/world-magazin…/comment-page-1/…/170960-are-evangelical-attitude……/moody-bible-institute-dr……/jerry-jenkins-apologizes-for…/

Julie Roys gives very good details in these 4 articles, which thankfully others have picked up on as well.…/…/…/…/

A reminder, this issue is not yet resolved, but Mr. Greg Thornton (the man who orchestrated for Mrs. Julie Roys to be wrongfully fired) is now acting president of MBI. At least 3 key questions remain unanswered.
— If Jerry B. Jenkins has nothing to hide – then why is the amount of his donation still kept a secret?
— Why is there secrecy and a coverup on the Jenkins family’s use of that room?
— And why was Julie fired for asking questions, and fact-checking MBI’s corrupt “official story”?

Yes, as you can see, the top-leadership is trying to cover up sins, instead of questioning and leading the guilty parties to confess and walk in repentance and holiness, if they can. To get to that stage, it’s clearly going to take a team. Let’s work on getting this resolved properly and Biblically. You can read more about the huge concerns of Mr. Thornton including Greg’s role in firing Julie to cover up these scandals, as well as his background and his activities, here:

An additional clarification here: the level of corruption among the top-leaders of MBI, as shown in just these 3 events mentioned above – that level of corruption, coverup, and suppressing the truth is what has led to a downturn in enrollments and the lack of trust. Corruption and coverup have led to that – not a supposed lack of wanting Biblical education, as Mr. Nyquist made up to try to cover the corruption he was involved in. Mr. Nyquist lied, and he knows it. So, yes there is corruption, but if we work together, in prayer and with God’s Word, we are sure that we all can get this resolved and see Moody Bible Institute restored to the Biblical foundation that DL Moody built on, and the covenant with God that it was based on.

You can find the timeline of scandals that are taking Moody down right now, here:

Section 2 – Jerry’s writings and false teachings – (The “Left Behind” Series and it’s false teachings mixed with Biblical teachings)

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