To Whom It May Concern:
As a recent Moody alumna, I feel compelled to express my deep concern with the
atmosphere, education, and direction of Moody Bible Institute. Throughout the last four
years of classes, both online and on Chicago’s campus, I have been profoundly
disappointed in my experience. I believe many on Moody’s campus, students and
professors alike, share my experience—though often these concerns are not expressed for
fear of retaliation by fellow students, fellow professors, and the administration itself. My
main concern for Moody Bible Institute is that it has begun trading the sure foundation of
God’s Word and the mission of training men and women to know and teach the Gospel
for the fragile foundation of the cultural tides of the day.

I am desirous to share my concerns in the hope that Moody will evaluate its
students, programs, and values carefully so that it may remain faithful to train young men
and women to present themselves “to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to
be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15).

I would first like to discuss the issue of students within Moody’s undergraduate
program. Though I understand that students have varying experiences while enrolled, I
wish to call attention to the lack of maturity, knowledge of and love for the Lord, and
therefore the lack of strength of character that I have found to be true of many Moody
undergraduate students. As a recent Moody student, the atmosphere I was told to expect
was nothing like the one I entered into. I quickly realized that the students around campus
and on my floor were not acting in ways that showed their desire to love and know the
Lord fully. When I inquired about their lack of desire to study the Word, several replies
were given that Moody was simply an inexpensive way to get a degree, their parents had
attended and therefore their own attendance was expected, or they were told that anyone
who applies for youth ministry would get accepted automatically. I am well aware of the
intensive process of application to Moody. I am thankful for the careful and prayerful
thought that I am told goes into accepting each student. However, based on the
atmosphere created by the lack of interest in the Word of God and living lives consistent
with it, I believe there needs to be a more rigorous process in order to ensure Moody is
training men and women who are truly desirous to learn. The amount of perverse speech
—swearing, coarse joking—and sinful habits gone unchecked—pornography, sexual sin,
drunkenness—is known somewhat by administration, but often goes unchallenged on a
practical level. I am aware of the inability administration has in controlling its students
personal lives. This is why I believe these problems would be far less common if
admissions sought to know the students before their acceptance through interviews and
further careful deliberation. I have talked with and challenged students living inconsistent
Christian lives. I often heard inappropriate conversations on dorm floors and in the dining
room between brother-sister floors and elsewhere. I was frustrated by…

[you can read more of this helpful letter (6 pages) that describes serious concerns and topics that the MBI leadership need to be held accountable for, below]